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July 25th, 2024

Gender: Female
Age: 30
Sign: Virgo
Country: United States

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February 06, 2019


12/29/2020 11:24 PM 


12/28/2020 11:55 PM 


1.) What advice would you like to give yourself as you begin the New Year? Stop stressing about the things you cannot control.
2.) What would you most like to change about yourself? How much of a perfectionist I am, although I'm not sure I can change that.
3.) What brings you the most joy and how are you going to do more of that? Spending time with friends and family, so I will make more plans with them.
4.) What is one change you could make that would give you more peace? Stop stressing about things that are out of my control.
5.) What important relationship would you like to improve the most this year? The relationship with my sister Avery. I hope we can get to know each other better, spend more time together and make some lasting memories.
6.) How can you deeply improve your relationship with yourself this year? Take more self-care days, meditate, go to counselling.
7.) Who are three people you would like to spend more time with? All of my friends and family, more so Avery.
8.) Is there any relationship in your life that would benefit from forgiveness? Not a single one.
9.) If you had one more hour during the day, what would you do with it? Sleep, relax, take a long bath or read.
10.) What’s one way you could have more fun in your life? Spend more time with the people I care about, and spending more time doing the activities I enjoy.
11.) Where would you like to go on vacation this year? Australia - Gold Coast, Queensland and Sydney, New South Wales.
12.) Is there something you've been meaning to get closure about that you haven't? Talking to the guys that raped me.
13.) What can you never seem to find the time to do? Everything.
14.) What time-waster are you willing to let go of? Worry and stress.
15.) What activities would you like to add to your routine to help you manage your stress this year? Meditation, reading, more self love.

12/28/2020 11:09 PM 


Coco | Ratatouille | Onward
Little Mermaid | Sleeping Beauty | The Lion King
Snow White | Cinderella | Beauty & The Beast

12/27/2020 12:09 PM 


12/26/2020 10:42 PM 



1.) Mickey & Minnie or Donald & Daffy
2.) Disneyland or Disney World
3.) Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse
4.) Splash mountain or Space mountain
5.) Tower of Terror or Rock N Roller coaster
6.) Magic Kingdon or Animal Kingdom
7.) Goofy or Tinkerbell
8.) Maleficient or Cruella de Vil
9.) Hook for a hand or Dumbo's giant ears
10.) Evil stepsisters or Rapunzel's mother
11.) Raised by fairies or Raised by wolves
12.) Talking furniture or Talking snowman
13.) Fairy Godmother or Magic Genie
14.) Stuck as a llama or Stuck as a beast
15.) Take advice from a talking dragon or talking tree
16.) Classic Disney movie or New Disney movie
17.) Explore the sea with Ariel or Explore the sea with Moana
18.) In the sky with Aladdin or In the sky with Peter Pan
19.) Believe in true love or No such thing
20.) Do you have a friend in me or Will you wish upon a star
21.) Update the owes list for 12/26 or 12/27 and I'll give you an extra 10 points!

12/25/2020 12:27 PM 


12/24/2020 12:11 PM 


1.) Christmas music or Christmas movies
2.) Store-bought gifts or Handmade gifts - Either it's always the thought that counts.
3.) Eggnog or Spiced cider
4.) Gingerbread or Sugar cookies 
5.) Real tree or Fake tree - Either
6.) The Grinch or A Christmas Story
7.) Elves or Snowmen
8.) White or Colored lights
9.) Charlie Brown tree or 12 ft tree
10.) Peppermint or Caramel
11.) White elephant or Secret Santa
12.) Snow or Sun
13.) Black Friday or Cyber Monday
14.) Garland or Wreaths
15.) Eating treats or Baking treats -Both, what's good in baking if you don't get to eat too?
16.) Ugly sweaters or Matching PJs - Both are just as fun.
17.) Christmas Eve or Christmas Day
18.) White Christmas or Tropical Christmas 
19.) Elf or The Polar Express
20.) Turkey or Ham
21.) Receive Christmas cards or Send Christmas cards
22.) Wrap presents or Open presents
23.) Wrapping paper or Gift bags
24.) Angel topper or Star topper
25.) Snow angels or Snowmen building

12/23/2020 10:48 PM 


Shower steamers | Massager | Crystals
Lavender candles | Heated brush straightener | Mug warmer
2021 journal | Owl diffuser | Swarovski Virgo bear figure.

12/22/2020 10:48 PM 





  • STEP 1

    Melt the butter and chocolate in a medium bowl, either in a microwave – cooking for 1 min on High, then stirring and continuing to heat in 20-second blasts – or by setting the bowl over a pan of simmering water and stirring occasionally. Once melted, leave the mixture to cool.

  • STEP 2

    Heat the oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. Line the base of a shallow 20cm square tin with non-stick baking parchment. Sieve the flour and cocoa into a medium bowl. Whisk the eggs and sugar with an electric mixer on maximum speed until thick and creamy, about 3-8 mins, or when the mixture runs off the beaters and leaves a trail for a second or two.

  • STEP 3

    Pour in the cooled chocolate mixture, then fold together with a rubber spatula in a figure of eight, moving the bowl round until the mixture is a mottled dark brown. Be gentle so you don’t knock out the air.

  • STEP 4

    Sift in the cocoa and flour mixture and continue gently folding. The mixture will look dry and dusty, then fudgy. Stop just before you feel you should, as you don’t want to overmix it.

  • STEP 5

    Spoon a little mixture into the prepared tin, then add the mince pies, leaving them whole. Scrape over the rest of the mixture, gently easing it between and over the pies. Level the top. Put in the oven for 25 mins. If the brownie mixture is very wobbly in the middle, it’s not quite done, so bake for another 5 -10 mins, or until the top has a shiny, papery crust and the sides are just beginning to come away from the tin. Take out of the oven and leave to cool in the tin. Dust with icing sugar. Cut into quarters, then cut each quarter into four squares. Will keep in an airtight container for a week and in the freezer for up to a month.




12/22/2020 10:28 PM 


Bowie had taken an hour drive from Hartsville, SC to Rockingham, NC in order to personally deliver flower arrangements to a clients wedding. The roads were pretty clear so she made great time, and had completed it within the hour. Not that it mattered if it had taken longer, considering she had set off really early in order to ensure she arrived in time. As she had time to kill she stopped off for a bite to eat at a diner, and had a chicken salad and a coffee which helped her hunger pains. Glancing at her watch she decided she would head to the venue now so she could set up, and then she could be on her way home again in record time. She paid her bill and got back into her vehicle and drove to the venue.

Parking up in an empty space she then unloaded the boxes and took them inside, and set up the center pieces on each individual table. Having the wedding and reception in the same building made things so much easier. Once she was happy with each placement, she then went to the bride's room where she was changing and gave her, her bouquet and the bridesmaids ones too. The bride was delighted which made Bowie smile, and gave her a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It was always great seeing a happy client. Once she knew everything was sorted, and everything was accounted for she made her way back out to her vehicle.

Just before she got to her vehicle a car came speeding to a halt near her, she snapped her head around so fast she almost gave herself whiplash. She looked to see who would get out and noticed Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) step out of the vehicle in a gorgeous suit and tie. She felt a little flustered. She had been a fan of his for a while, and had always wanted to meet him. She saw him light up a cigarette and she pondered as to whether to not she should go over to him and ask for a photo or not. 'Come on Bowie, the worst he can say is no' she thought to herself. Taking a deep breath she headed over they "excuse me" she said softly. "I'd hate to bother you, but I was wondering if I could get a photo with you?" she asked nervously. She thought she might throw up any moment with how nervous she was feeling. " I'm a really big fan of yours, and as corny as it sounds I have always wanted to meet you" she said.

"For sure" Colson smiled. Bowie took out her phone and snapped a quick selfie with him, and he pulled her into a hug before she made her way back to her car. She noticed Colson had headed into the building so she did not feel so awkward now. "OMG" she said and started flailing around a little bit with excitment. She couldn't believe that had just happened. She wished she could have had a longer conversation with him, heck maybe some other time she would randomly run into him again... fingers crossed.

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