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2 Years Ago.... February 3rd

The words played over and over in Bowie’s head. “Ryan is missing in action, we can only assume he’s dead. I’m really sorry for your loss. If you need anything don’t hesitate to contact us” the marine officer said to her before leaving. He entered her life and ruined it within a split second. Her entire world had been flipped upside down. The love of her life, her high school sweetheart was gone and wasn’t coming back. The grief surged with every expelled breath, always reaching higher peaks, never sufficiently soothed by her long intakes of the damp spring air. Tears began to spill from her helpless eyes onto the rug beneath her feet. It was hard to accept what she had been told. “He promised me he would come home, he said nothing would tear us apart” she said to the silent abyss around her. It felt as though he had told her a million lies, and hadn’t kept a promise. Her heart hurt, it felt like it had been smashed into a million tiny pieces.

Looking around the living room she saw the pictures of the two of them scattered around. Picking up the gold frame she looked at the photo behind the glass. It was when he proposed to her. It had been a beautiful night, one of the greatest moments in her life, and now she felt like she would never have a happy life again. She threw the frame against the wall and the glass smashed over the wooden floor, the shards of glass resembled her heart. Baxter hid in the corner, looking scared. Bowie was in a state of despair, and shock. What was she supposed to do now? Looking around the home it no longer felt like home. It was supposed to be their home, a place for the two of them to be happy together but that was not meant to be anymore.

After a few days she went to the realtor and put the house up for sale before buying another home in Mountain Falls. She was starting over, all over again. It was hard to settle in. As she moved around it didn’t feel like a home yet. She still had Baxter though, he was the only constant in her life. He hadn’t left her side. Eventually the house felt like a home, but the pain she felt was still as strong as ever. It was a pain that just wouldn’t leave her. She missed Ryan every single day, and hoped that he would walk through the door, but deep down she knew it wouldn’t happen.

Holding a funeral ceremony for him without a body was peculiar, but she felt somewhat pressured into doing it. Her friends kept telling her it would help her move on… it hadn’t. She scattered his ashes in his favourite place, which was difficult. She was sure her body would run out of water from the amount of tears that had fallen from her eyes. Scattering the ashes didn’t mean she would forget, or that she had moved on. There was no time frame for grieving.

Two years on and the house has changed a little. A lot of redecorating had taken place and it really felt like home now. Her depression and anxiety was always up and down, and she struggled to deal with it. Despite living with her sister now, she still felt lonely. There was a gap in her heart that would never be truly filled, because Bowie would never forget her first love.

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Pumpkin Picking | Hayrides | Apple Picking

Sweaters | Changing Nature | Halloween

​​​​​​​Bonfires | Picnics | Pumpkin Carving


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It was currently 8pm and Bowie was still at Darling Buds working away on a wedding order. The closed sign was present and the door was locked, so she knew so customers would be entering the store whilst she was outback working. Getting lost in her own floral world she hadn’t realised the time. When she finally finished it was 9pm. Bowie stood up and stretched her limbs before packaging the flowers, so they could be sent off in the morning. She grabbed her coat and placed it on her body before grabbing her bag and heading out the back door down the alley. Closing the fire door firmly behind it she made her way down the alley. It was a little dark, but some light illuminated the alley and the street in front of her. Once out of the alley it took a few seconds for her blue hues to adjust to the new light that was invading. She was feeling a little hungry so decided to head to the Chinese to grab a takeout.

Heading towards the Chinese she noticed Henry Tarron, the owner of Cigar Pointe. She was fairly familiar with him and gave him a small wave, and he responded with an acknowledging nod. She entered the Chinese Restaurant and the beautiful smells wafted to her nostrils and she smiled to herself. She headed to the counter and gave her order and took a seat and waited until her number was called. Once it was called she grabbed the bag and thanked them before heading out of the restaurant, leaving the happy diners to enjoy their delicious food. The cool air hit her skin, removing the warmth that the restaurant had provided. In front of her she noticed Henry again, and a young girl just in front of him. She shrugged it off. A lot of people headed the same way in this town, it wasn’t unusual to be going in the same direction, plus there was some distance between the two so she didn’t really think much of it.

Suddenly, suspicious arose in her when he seemed to be taking the exact same turns as the female. Bowie was following, because it was her way home, and she knew Henry lived in the other direction because she dropped flowers off at his place one time. It was all very odd. Bowie didn’t care that her food was getting cold, she could easily warm it up at home. Right now she was more concerned with what was going on. As the female cut through the dark park Henry followed, and so did Bowie. She noticed the girl stop and turn around and Henry approach her to talk. The girl seemed uncomfortable. Bowie walked up to them “hey girl” she said before embracing the girl in a hug. She wasn’t familiar with the girl but that didn’t matter. “I guess you were working late like me, wanna come to my place. I have Chinese food” she said as she held up the bag. “Oh hey Henry” she said. “Are you two together?” she asked. The female shook her head, and Henry didn’t say anything. He ran off in the direction that he had come from. “Are you okay?” Bowie questioned the female.


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Owl | Velma | Raven
Butterfly | Lioness | Lisa Simpson
Daria | Belle | Elephant

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1.) What is Crystal Vision?  Crystal Vision is an occult shop. 

2.) Who is the range master at Ammu-Nation? Jae Lee is the range master.

3.) What hours is the Hartsville Zoo open? Open 9am-6pm

4.) What is the name of our soft pretzel bakery? The soft pretzel bakery is called Super Twisted

5.) What is Piratesville Slashpad? It’s a children’s water park

6.) Who worked for the AMC Classic Theater before she went missing? Samantha Davidson worked there

7.) Who owns the Sweet Pea BnB? Peyton Morris does 

8.) What is Reckless Records?  It’s a record shop

9.) Where can you get a spa treatment and massage? At the Pure Harmony Spa

10.) Who owns The Creaky Shed? Beaufort Parker does

11.) What is Big Heavy's? It’s a Barbeque Restuarant

12.) What business does Bowie own? I own a florist shop called Darling Bud

13.) Who owns Wings of Liberty? Fun buck O’HAre does

14.) Where can you find Chinese food? It’s called Of Rice And Men

15.) If you want to buy a car where would you go and who would you talk to? You’d go to New And Used Car Sale, where you’d talk to Ezra Hamilton

16.) What is Dope Essential? It’s a Medical Dispensary Shop

17.) Who is the manager of Movie's N Chill? Mackenzie Winters is

18.) Who works at the Green Olive? Caroline Cooper does

19.) What does Scented Southern sell? It sells candle

20.) What does Create With Me have to offer? It sells DIY/Craft Supplies

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_ 1.) Pennywise the clown    - H. It
___ 2.) Darth Vader   - L. Star Wars
___ 3.) Hannibal Lector     - F. Silence of the Lambs
___ 4.) Freddy Kruger   - D. Nightmare on Elm Street
___ 5.) Norman Bates      - A. American Psycho
___ 6.) Michael Meyers    - O. Halloween
___ 7.) Jason Voorhees    - J. Friday the 13th
___ 8.) Jigsaw     - B. Saw
___ 9.) Maleficent  - K. Sleeping Beauty
___ 10.) Dr. Evil      - N. Austin Powers
___ 11.) Scar - E. The Lion King
___ 12.) Pinhead    - M. Hellraiser
___ 13.) Ursula   - I. The Little Mermaid
___ 14.) Lord Voldemort   - G. Harry Potter
___ 15.) Headless Horseman     - C. Sleepy Hollow

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Confidante Charm

A potion charm to be used on oneself.

  • Eye of newt.
  • Dragons tail.
  • 4 bat wings.
  • 3 strands of a Prince's hair.
  • 6 snakes fangs.
  • 2 cats whiskers.
  • Two drops of blood of the person that will drink the potion.
  • 1 gram of ground gold.
  • 5 four leaf clovers.
  • 1 toad stool.

What will it do: This condifence charm will give the drinker of said potion a large amount of confidence that will last for 48 hours only.

  • Grind up 1 gram of gold into a fine powder.
  • Place water into a pot and boil.
  • Drop in the eye of newt and dragons tail and allow to boil for 5 minutes.
  • Add two bat wings and allow to boil for a further 3 minutes.
  • Turn the heat down to a simmer.
  • Add the remaining two bat wings.
  • Add in the 6 snakes fangs and 2 cats whiskers.
  • Add in two drops of blood.
  • Turn up the heat and allow to boil for 8 minutes.
  • Stir in the 5 four leaf clovers and the single toad stool.
  • Turn off the heat and allow to cool.
  • Fill up the viles with your potion.
  • Drink the potion as and when required.


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