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May 21st, 2024

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February 06, 2019



04/19/2024 12:43 PM 

Vegas Task 3

7am - Wake up, meditate, shower and get ready.


8am - Breakfast at Mr. Mamas.


9am - Red Rock Canyon, take some photos.


10am - Explore The Mob Museum.


11am - Explore Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens


12.30pm - Lunch at Tacos El Gordo.


1.30pm - Hoover Dam to take photos.


2pm - Springs Preserve to look around and maybe take some photos of the experience.


3pm - Hot air balloon ride. So fun!


4pm - Explore The National Atomic Testing Museum.


5pm - Back to the hotel for a Power Nap to recharge.


6pm - Shower and get ready for a night of fun.


6.30pm - Dinner at Edge Steakhouse.


7.30pm - Shin Lin magic show.


9.30pm - RuPaul’s Drag Race Live


11pm - Oak & Ivy for cocktails.


1am - After the bar closes return to the hotel. Get on my pj’s, take makeup off and throw hair up into a messy bun.


1.30am - Catch some zzzzz’s


04/18/2024 12:10 PM 

Vegas Task 2


04/17/2024 12:41 PM 

Vegas Task #1

1.) Who are you rooming with while in Vegas? Nobody, I have a room to myself.
2.) What do you plan on doing during the Vegas vacation? Relaxing, partying, gambling, sightseeing and seeing shows.
3.) What's 1 thing on your Vegas to-do list? Win something on the slots. 
4.) What drink do you plan on having in your hand at all times? Margarita. 
5.) What's your favorite Vegas activity? Sightseeing of course. 
6.) Do you prefer to play the slots or sit at a poker table? Do you count cards? Slot machines for me.
7.) What 1 celebrity would you like to run into while at the casino? Taylor Swift. 
8.) What are your top 5 Vegas essentials? Sun screen, shades, hat, camera, and guide book to sightsee. 
9.) What's the craziest moment you ever experienced in Vegas? Everyday is crazy what kind of question is that?
10.) Would you ever elope in Vegas? If so with who? No, never!
11.) If you hit a jackpot would you give Zach any money? If so how much? Maybe a 1/3
12.) If you owned a casino in Vegas what would you name it? That's Your Slot!
13.) What is your Vegas lucky charm? I need to find one.
14.) How many hours straight will you stay up in Vegas? I'll let you know when I find out.
15.) What sin do you plan on committing in Sin City? Gambling and drinking that counts as greed and gluttony right?
16.) Would you streak the strip if you could get away with it? Absolutely not.
17.) If you could live in one Vegas hotel which would you choose? Caesar's Palace duh!
18.) What is a Vegas guilty pleasure you have? Drag shows for sure.
19.) Are you brave enough to ride the Stratosphere roller coaster? Absolutely I would. 
20.) You lost all of your money gambling what do you do?  Is crying an option?

01/22/2024 12:21 PM 


Would you rather.

1.) Would you rather live where it is always warm and sunny or always cold and snowy? Always warm and sunny of course. 
2.) Would you rather wear a winter coat at the beach or a swimsuit in the snow? Swimsuit in the snow, let’s get crazy. 
3.) Would you rather have a pet penguin or a pet polar bear? Pet polar bear would be awesome.
4.) Would you rather have ice cream every day for breakfast or hot cocoa with marshmallows for dinner? Hot cocoa with marshmallows for dinner.
5.) Would you rather be an Olympian figure skater or snowboarder? Snowboarder for sure. 
6.) Would you rather have icicles for hair or a carrot for a nose? Icicles for hair. 
7.) Would you rather see a giant snowman or a tiny yeti? Giant snowman. 
8.) Would you rather build a snowman or a make a snow angel? Build a snowman. 
9.) Would you rather go back in time to the ice age or go 100 years into the future? I wanna see what the future is like.
10.) Would you rather go snowmobiling or snowboarding? Snowboarding I think.
11.) Would you rather play in the snow all day or stay inside by the fire all day? Play in the snow, let’s have fun. 
12.) Would you rather eat dirty snow or a worm? Eat a worm.
13.) Would you rather wear a snowsuit inside at school or try to do your schoolwork wearing mittens? Wear a snowsuit. 
14.) Would you rather have the winters or summers off from school? Summer but it always goes by so quick. 
15.) Would you rather make a family of snowmen or a family of snow angels? Family of snowmen.
16.) Would you rather spend a week inside of an ice castle or skiing at a ski lodge? Skiing at a ski lodge.
17.) Would you rather spend a day mowing lawns or shoveling snow? Mowing lawns. Fresh cut grass smells amazing. 
18.) Would you rather read by the fire or have a winter movie marathon night?
19.) Would you rather hoot like a snow owl after every sentence when you talk or growl like a polar bear? Hoot hoot, I pick the owl. 
20.) Would you rather build a giant snow fort or have a big snowball fight? Snow fort, let’s go. 
21.) Would you rather play in the snow with shorts on or swim in a pool with a snowsuit on? Shorts, I’d just run to warm up.
22.) Would you rather sled down a giant hill once or spend all day sledding down a small hill? Small hill Moreno times isn’t more fun.
23.) Would you rather spend a winter vacation in a cabin in the mountains or a summer vacation at the beach? Summer at the beach.
24.) Would you rather have a narwhal’s tusk or reindeer antlers? Reindeer antlers would be kinda cute I guess.
25.) Would you rather have a pillow fight or a snowball fight? Snowball fight, it’s war. 
26.) Would you rather go the whole winter without TV or without your favorite food? Without my favourite food.
27.) Would you rather it snows every day in the winter or rain every day in the summer? Snow everyday in winter.
28.) Would you rather have an ice rink in your backyard or a swimming pool? Swimming pool. 
29.) Would you rather sled down a giant hill or go down a giant waterslide? Water slide for the win. 
30.) Would you rather have fur like a polar bear or feet like a penguin? Feet like a penguin. 
31.) Would you rather always be cold or always be hot? Cold, I hate being too hot.
32.) Would you rather hibernate like a bear or never sleep again? Hibernate like a bear, I could do with the sleep. 
33.) Would you rather build 100 snowmen or shovel 50 driveways? Build 100 snowmen.
34.) Would you rather play in the snow for 4 hours or play your favorite sport? Play my favourite sport.
35.) Would you rather wear 3 sweaters or 5 socks on your feet? 3 sweaters seems more comfortable. 
36.) Would you rather have skis for feet or mittens for hands? Ummm mittens I guess.
37.) Would you rather take a family vacation to the North Pole or the South Pole? North Pole here I come. 
38.) Would you rather have the superpower to melt snow or stop raining? Stop raining. 
39.) Would you rather have a super cold winter or a super hot summer? Super cold winter. 
40.) Would you rather skate on a frozen lake or see the Northern Lights? See the Northern Lights. 
41.) Would you rather it be so cold your nostrils freeze in the morning or so hot you sweat all day? Nostrils freeze.
42.) Would you rather make paper snowflakes or catch snowflakes on your tongue? Catch snowflakes. 
43.) Would you rather go ice fishing or ice skating? Ice skating. 
44.) Would you rather only be able to wear a swimsuit for the rest of your life or only be able to wear a snowsuit? Swimsuit. 
45.) Would you rather have a week of snow days in the winter or an extra week of vacation in the summer? Extra in the summer. 

01/21/2024 01:03 PM 


Get to know me, ski trip style! Location - Sun Valley, Idaho!

This is a questionnaire that will need to be answered IC.
(The answers do not need to be in complete sentences.)

1.) Who are you rooming with while in Sun Valley, Idaho? All by myself.
2.) What are your 3 ski trip necessities? Scarf, Hat and gloves | Winter warmers | Survival kit
3.) What is the first thing you are planning on doing during your trip? Go skiing
4.) What is your favorite thing about being in the mountains? The peace and quiet
5.) What is your least favorite thing about being in the mountains? Fear of an avalanche 
6.) What wild animal do you not want to come into contact with on your trip? Mountain lion
7.) Are you a pro skier or an amateur? In between the two
8.) Do you prefer to ski or snowboard? A little bit of both 
9.) Are you scared to ride on the ski lift? Not at all
10.) Do you love the snow or hate it? Absolutely love it
11.) Is there a left and right ski? This is only designated on some designs, most of the time it doesn’t matter
12.) Is the abominable snowman real? If he is I don’t wanna meet him
13.) How many layers of clothes are you wearing? Are you warm yet? A lot, and yes I’m warm
14.) Do you have mittens or gloves? Gloves 
15.) Do you like penguins or polar bears? Polar bears
16.) How cold is too cold? When I can no longer feel my face
17.) Are you making a tiny snowman or a big snowman? A big one
18.) Would you get on the Polar Express and go to the North Pole? Of course
19.) Would you go to the top of Mount Crumpit to spy on the Grinch? Yes, I wanna be his best friend
20.) Would you trust Zach to drive you on a snowmobile? Maybe if I was drunk or high 
21.) If I double-dog dared you would you stick your tongue to a metal pole? Absolutely not
22.) At what point does getting hit with snowballs stop being physically painful and start becoming cute? It doesn’t 
23.) Is it really fun to stand on two sticks and throw yourself down a side of a mountain? It’s thrilling 
24.) What are you planning on doing extra since the Mayor has the bill? Private lesson maybe
25.) How would you entertain yourself if you were snowed in? Netflix on my phone, or reading a book

01/20/2024 11:50 PM 


Winter This Or That!

1.) Peppermint Mocha or Gingerbread Latte
2.) Sledding or Skiing
3.) Egg Nog or Hot Cocoa
4.) Snow Angels or Snowmen
5.) Staying Fireside or Playing In Snow
6.) Cozy Socks or Warm Mittens
7.) Christmas or New Years
8.) Chili or Soup
9.) Warm Blanket or Warm Fire
10.) Ice Skate or Movie Marathon
11.) Cinnamon Rolls or Cookies 
12.) Pillow Fort or Blanket Fort
13.) Winter Olympics or Superbowl
14.) Gloves or Mittens
15.) Cold Hands or Cold Feet
16.) Winter Party Guest or Winter Party Host
17.) The Grinch or Santa Claus
18.) Hibernate or Migrate
19.) Chop Wood or Shovel Snow
20.) December or January
21.) Sweater or Scarf
22.) Fireside or Ski Slope
23.) Melt It All or Let It Snow
24.) Snowflakes or Snowball Fight 
25.) Snowboarding or Snow Tubing
26.) Meet A Yeti or Meet Bigfoot
27.) Fire Inside or Bonfire Outside
28.) Polar Bear or Penguin
29.) Coat or Hoodie
30.) Snow One Day or Snow Every Day
31.) Winter Baking or Winter Shopping
32.) Read Books or Watch Movies
33.) Cozy Cabin or Tropical Vacation
34.) Flannel or Turtleneck
35.) Ice Sculpting or Winter Scavenger Hunt

01/19/2024 12:29 PM 


Winter time match-up!
Who would say each quote below?
Names are below the quotes and you may use each name 1 time. 

1.) Hibernation mode: On. Scott
2.) Snow matter the weather, iced coffee still tastes better. Alice
3.) The temperature can only go up from here. Ursula
4.) Does shivering count as exercise? Liam
5.) I'm snow angel, but I try. Damien
6.) It’s only cold if you’re standing still. Melanie
7.) Chillin' with my mug and blanket, just like Baby Yoda. Naomi
8.) Sleigh all day. Alexis
9.) It's colder than my soul outside. Briar Jo
10.) Winter is like fall except you need five pairs of leggings instead of one. Frankie
11.) Winter: My new excuse for drinking more coffee. Andrew
12.) Every day I'm shovelin'. Zachary
13.) Q: How does a snowman get to work? A: By icicle. Juniper
14.) Q: What do you call a snowman with a six-pack? A: An abdominal snowman. Chelsea
15.) Tis the season to be freezin'. Emilia
16.) Up to snow good. Cassandra
17.) The snuggle is real. Bryce
18.) Home sleet home. Hunter
19.) Sugar and ice and everything nice. Grace
20.) Just remember: Every cold day is one step closer to summer. Finn
21.) Apologizing in advance for the things I say this winter. Chase
22.) Wake me up when it's summer. Kennedy
23.) Netfix and chill-y. Meredith
24.) Dreaming of iced coffee weather. Priscilla
25.) Don't let the smile fool you — I couldn't feel my toes when this was taken! Vanessa
26.) What, like it's cold? Peyton
27.) The mittens are coming off! Tyler
28.) This might be our chilliest adventure yet. Presley
29.) My favorite outdoor activity is going back inside. Ryker
30.) Time to ice skate like nobody's watching (hopefully nobody is actually watching). Catherine
31.) I only have ice for you. Brooke
32.) Totally sleigh-ed it. Hendrix
33.) Sleigh queen. Brooks
34.) I can't get out of bed on days when the temperature is less than my age. Harlow
35.) Alexa, play, Ice, Ice Baby. Bowie
36.) Too cold to be a hot mess. Ashley
37.) I changed out of sweatpants for this. Aurora
38.) So cold up north that the birds can't hardly fly. I'm going back south and let this winter pass on by. Beau


01/01/2024 02:01 PM 

Optional Task 476

Sentence starter drabble, 3+ para.

"I'm not ready for the new year. I am still trying to finish..... (something here) from last year!"

Waking up on January first Bowie stretched out her arms and sighed to herself. She climbed out of bed and did some yoga and meditation. After an hour she went into the kitchen and made herself a coffee before sitting down at the table with her diary. She began writing a list of what she wanted to do this year. A plan for the week and some goals for the day as instructed by her therapist. She sighed to herself. “I’m not ready for a new year. I’m still trying to finish home renovations from last year!” she said aloud to herself.

Bowie had an extension built so she could have a sun room towards the back garden. She would be able to grow plants and relax. If she opened the sliding doors she would get a lovely breeze come through. In the winter when it was cooler she could put a heater in there so she could still enjoy it. The outer shell was complete thanks to builders but she hadn’t had the time to finish the interior. Every time she started something else would come up. December she never touched it at all since work kept her extremely busy what with it being the holiday season and all. Glancing back at her list she smiled to herself. “Okay today I am going to at least paint the walls with one coat of paint” she said to herself.

Bowie showered and threw on some clothes she didn’t mind getting paint on. She headed to a cafe and grabbed a coffee and a pastry before heading to the store. She glanced over the paint colours and settled on a sage green and then a slightly darker green. The sage would cover most of the walls, but the darker green would be an accent or feature wall where she would put some shelves. Paying for the paints she headed home and headed straight to the sub room. She opened up the sage paint and began painting the walls. It was going to take her a long time to get it all complete but she knew for certain this year it would be complete.

12/23/2023 11:25 PM 

Optional task 473


1.) I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. But if the white runs out, I’ll drink the red. Alice


2.) Christmas: the only time of year you can sit in front of a dead tree eating candy out of socks. Finn


3.) You know those commercials where the present is a brand new car with a big red bow? Yeah, I got you socks. Alexis


4.) ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…except for the people with kids who still believe in Santa. Ashley


5.) You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy hot chocolate, and that’s the same thing. Meredith


6.) Dear Santa, I’ve been good all year. Most of the time. Once in a while. Never mind, I’ll buy my own stuff. Chase


7.) Christmas comes just once a year, but it better bring good beer when it comes. Emilia


8.) Dear Santa, before I explain, how much do you know already? Tyler


9.) I’m only a morning person on December 25th. Beau


10.) Sleigh all day, then cabernet. Presley


11.) Sources say nice list negotiations are still ongoing. Hunter


12.) Sometimes naughty, but mostly nice. Ashley


13.) Merry whatever. Bryce


14.) Dear Santa…I can explain. Hendrix



15.) Holiday to-do list: Eat, Drink, Nap. Aurora


16.) What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe. Evangeline



17.) Resting Grinch face. Lacey


18.) It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Francesca


19.) Up to snow good. Catherine


20.) So elfin’ cute. Peyton


21.) Merry Christmas from the greatest gift our parents ever gave you. Juniper



22.) Just wanted you to know that you have no chance of ending up on Santa’s good list this year. Merry Christmas to you! Melanie


23.) Red wine pairs well with a crazy family. Liam


24.) I think you’re the reason why I’m always on the naughty list. Harlow


25.) I hope you like the present you told me to buy for you. Briar Jo


26.) Merry Christmas from your superior sibling. Chelsea


27.) You’re nice enough, I guess I’ll get you a gift. Ryker


28.) Christmas is a good excuse to send cards to all my favorite people. Congratulations on retaining your position on my list this year. Vanessa


29.) Santa told me you were very good this year, I told him it was just a lack of opportunity. Merry Christmas! Brooklyn


30.) I tried too hard to make Santa believe that you’ve been good throughout the year. Instead, I got my presents canceled for being your friend! Andrew


31.) Merry Christmas! All I got you was this card. Ursula


32.) Santa knows what you’ve been Googling…don’t expect anything this year. Damien


33.) Being my friend is the only gift you need! Naomi


34.) We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. Zachary



12/22/2023 12:20 PM 

Optional task 472

Due to computer issues I’m doing this slightly differently. 




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