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09/25/2023 02:06 PM 

Optional task 453

Part 1: 

Fall quote match-up. Who would say which quote?

Names are below the quotes and you may use each name 1 time. 


1.) Apple Cider, Nothing Nicer - Zachary

2.) Always Look on the Bright Cider Life - Summer

3.) Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice - Alice

4.) Pumpkin is the Spice of Life - Melanie

5.) My Blood Type is Pumpkin Spice - Naomi

6.) Sit Down and Breathe a Chai of Relief - Ryker

7.) Happy Pumpkin Spice Season - Ursula

8.) The Leaves are Falling and my Coffee is Calling - Damien

9.) It's Not Fall without Football - Catherine

10.) It's a Touchdown Kind of Day - Rhett

11.) Football is My Favorite Season - Jonathan

12.) Fall, Family, Football - Finn

13.) Football and Fall Y'all - Brantley

14.) TGIF: Thank God It's Fall - Vanessa

15.) Oh Autumn, Please Don't Ever Leaf Me Again - Francesca

16.) If Only Alexa Could Rake the Leaves - Maverick

17.) I Only Have Pies for You - Hunter

18.) Life is Gourd - Bowie

19.) You're the Apple of My Eye - Nate

20.) Thanks Fall, My Muffin Top is Now a Pumpkin Roll - Presley

21.) Fall, the Beautiful Time of Year Between Heat Stroke and Frost Bite - Liam

22.) I'm Just Here for the Pumpkin Pie - Taylor

23.) Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please - Hendrix

24.) Leaves Are Falling, Autumn is Calling - Juniper

25.) Oh My Gourd, I Love Fall - Peyton

26.) I Love Fall Most of All - Emilia

27.) So Long Summer, Hello Fall - Harlow

28.) Let's Get Cozy - Andrew

29.) I'm Just Here for the Candy - Beau

30.) 'Tis the Season to Be Spooky - Daphne

31.) Home Is Where You Hang Your Broom - Teagan

32.) Trick-or-Treat Yo Self - Chase

33.) Broom Parking Only - Aurora

34.) Gone Trick or Treating, Be Back When My Bag is Full - Elizabeth

35.) If You've Got It, Haunt It - Briar Jo

36.) Witches Get Stitches - Alexis







image host

09/23/2023 11:01 PM 

Optional task 452

Part 1 -

A - Apple Orchard
B - Bounce House
C - Corn Maze
D - Deer
E - Earthly Tones
F - Face Painting
G - Games
H - Hay Rides
I - Insects
J - Jack O Lantern
K - Kettle Corn
L - Leaves
M - Mittens
N - Nest
O - Owl
P - Pumpkins
Q - Quilt
R - Rain Coat
S - Scarecrow
T - Turkey Legs
U - Umbrella
V - Vegetables
W - Wine Tasting
X - Xeric Shrubs
Y - Yams
Z - Zucchini 

Part 2

image host

07/24/2023 06:19 PM 

Optional task 447

1. “Help me out, I swear I’ll pay you back.”

2. “Come oh please, I’m freaking desperate right now.”

3. “I don’t usually ask for help, so this is a big deal. Please help me.”

4. “I really need your help right now, don’t ask questions.”

5. “For the love of God will you just help me?”

6. “What do you want me to do? Hold up a flashing neon sign that says help me? Just get over here.”

7. “Could I get some help with this?”

8. “Lend me a hand, would ya?”

9. “Instead of sitting on your a$$, get over here and help.”

10. Screaming “f*cking help me.”

07/09/2023 06:17 PM 


How does your character show their emotions? 
Answer 1 through 16.

1.) How does your character show annoyance?
~ (Bowie huffs & puffs, taps her nails on whatever surface is in front of her and rolls her eyes)

2.) How does your character show hurt?
~ (Bowie pouts and cries)

3.) How does your character show anger?
~ (Bowie furrows her brows, throws things or storms out)

4.) How does your character show excitement?
~ (Bowie has a beaming smile, jumps up and down and giggles)

5.) How does your character show boredom?
~ (Bowie yawns, taps her fingers, taps her feet on the ground, huffs and pouts)

6.) How does your character show happiness?
~ (Bowie has a big bright smile, her eyes light up)

7.) How does your character show sadness?
~ (Bowie cries, shuts herself away, closes off her body language)

8.) How does your character show disgust?
~ (Bowie curls her lip, scoffs and sometimes makes a vomiting sound)

9.) How does your character show fear?
~ (Bowie’s eyes go wide, she shakes or freezes in place like a statue, screams depending on what scares her)

10.) How does your character show surprise?
~ (Bowie has a shocked face [wide eyes, wide open mouth], sometimes covers her mouth, gaps)

11.)How does your character show frustration?
~ (Bowie will slam her hands against something, grunt/snarl or scream)

12.) How does your character show disappointment?
~ (Bowie will sigh, have a sad facial expression, she won’t look people in the eye)

13.) How does your character show relief?
~ (Bowie will sigh loudly and smile softly)

14.) How does your character show desire?
~ (Bowie will have a devilish smirk on her face and a twinkle in her eye)

15.) How does your character show tiredness?
~ (Bowie will yawn and stretch, her eyes will look heavy, she moves more slowly)

16.) How does your character show confidence?
~ (Bowie will walk with her head held high, smile brightly and hold eye contact with people)

06/17/2023 02:35 PM 

Optional task 441

06/15/2023 11:01 PM 

Additional task 148

Dear younger me,

Hey kid. It’s you here. I wanted to make a list of ten things I want you to know/remember for when you’re older.
  1. Never be afraid to be yourself. If someone doesn’t like the way you are then you don’t need them in your life.
  2. Dont start drinking to numb the pain.
  3. Get help with your mental health as soon as you realise their is a problem.
  4. Hug your parents tighter.
  5. Don’t go to any sleepovers at your friends homes.
  6. Never give up on yourself. You are more than good enough. 
  7. The loss of your loved ones will hurt, embrace the pain don’t try and run from it. 
  8. Don’t worry about not going to college. You don’t need to.
  9. Never give up on love. You’ll find it one day. 
  10. Make as many memories with your family and friends as possible.
Do these things and you’ll be find kid.

the future Bowie Zeppelin

06/07/2023 10:55 PM 


BOWIE IS... favourite animals.

B - Brown Bear
O - Otter
W - Weasel
I - Impala
E - Emu

Z - Zebra
E - Eagle
P - Panther
P - Penguin
E - Elephant
L - Lion
I - Ibex
N - Narwal

06/07/2023 10:49 PM 


1.) Embarrassment
blushing | fidgeting | sweating | hiding their face in their hands | wide eyes | crossing their arms around their body | stutters | stammering | shifting their weight from side to side  | exaggerated movements | nervous quirks appear such as picking at their nails, playing with their hair, and rocking on their heels  | avoiding eye contact  |  glancing or staring at random objects  | stiff smiles  | scratching the back of their head or neck | subject changing | forced laughter

2.) Anticipation
big smiles | wetting their lips  | energized | constant movement | grinning | can't concentrate | clumsiness | fidgeting | questions

3.) Awe
frozen | wide eyes | slack jaw | harsh or erratic breathing | grinning | staring 

4.) Surprise/Shock
gasping | open mouth | slack jaw | wide eyes | covering their mouth with their hands | raised eyebrows | frozen | staring | stepping back | stutters or stammers

5.) Triumph
tilting back head and yelling out | fist pumping in the air | jumping | roaring | whooping | laughter | bright smiles | grinning

6.) Anger/Threatening
shaking fist | pointing | crossed arms | glares | frowning | scowling | stabbing with finger | slamming fist against something | veins throbbing | jutting out their chin | clenched fist | clenched jaw | flushed face | eyebrows lowered or furrowed | squinting | teeth bared | wide stance | tight-lipped smile | rapid breathing | sweating | aggressive stance | flared nostrils | puffed chest | loud voice

7.) Nervous 
lip biting | biting nails | blinking | tears | stepping back | awkward laughter | clumsiness | dry lips | dry mouth | fidgeting | darting eyes | wrapping their arms around themselves | repeatedly folding and unfolding their arms | clutching at themselves, their hip/shoulder/stomach | drawn in/furrowed brows | avoiding eye contact | jittery | pitched voice | no appetite or nervous eating so a bigger appetite | pacing | toying with things | restless | bouncing leg | rubbing at their face | scratching | sweating | trembling

04/26/2023 11:12 PM 

Additional task 146

BOWIE IS... random words.

B - Beautiful
O - Orderly
W - Whimsical
I - Inspiring
E - Environmental

Z - Zany
E - Eager
P - Protective
P - Persuasive
E - Energetic
L - Loving
I - Insightful
N - Naughty

04/24/2023 11:48 PM 

Optional task 439

Bowie and Hunter went to an abandoned house just outside of town. The front lawn was overgrown and many wild flowers were growing. Looking at the house you could see broken windows and some windows boarded up. The door was open. Graffiti was scrawled across the door which said ‘stay out’. “Damn this looks creepy” Bowie exclaimed. “Sure does” Hunter replied, in an annoyingly enthusiastic tone. Bowie had a bad feeling about this place but she’d agreed to do it.

Once inside the wallpaper was ripped, satanic symbols were drawn on the wall, the furniture remained in exactly the same place only it wasn’t looking so good. It looked like the family had just disappeared leaving their life behind, without a second thought. They began exploring and eventually Hunter noticed a floorboard sticking slightly up. He pulled it up and removed a box that was inside.

Bowie noticed the writing on the box and recognised it as a cursed box. “Don’t open that. I’m out I don’t want any part of this. I’m going home” she said. She then left the house and got into her car and drove home. At 3am her phone started ringing. “Hello” she said. “Bow I opened it, there was so much cool stuff inside” Hunter said. “What did you expect was going to happen? You shouldn't have done that, it'll haunt you for the rest of your life. ” Bowie warned. “Don’t be dramatic Bow” he laughed. “Until you get rid of that box and cleanse yourself, I think it’s best we don’t see each other” she stated before hanging up.


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