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09/28/2020 10:53 PM 


September 16th 2020:

Dear Diary,
So today is my birthday, yet another year without my parents. Why do they say happy birthday? My birthday isn't happy. I feel lost. I am still missing a piece of myself, and I don't think it will ever be whole again. Yes, this birthday is different. I have a sister with me this time to celebrate, but that doesn't fix the sister I lost. It's all very complicated, and strange, but it definitely isn't happy. I don't even know what I am going to do today. Probably just go to work, and grab a takeaway, and drink... just like any other day. Birthday's really f*cking suck the older you get, maybe next year I won't even bother celebrating. I'll just strike September 16th from my calender.

September 28th 2020:
Dear Diary,
October is drawing closer and I can't wait to celebrate Halloween. I am loving the fall weather, I feel calmer than usual maybe that has something to do with the weather? Who knows. Things are a little calmer at the shop too, as I've sent most of my orders out already and only have a few left to do. I think weddings seem to simmer down a little during fall, but I know it will pick up again during winter. It's just so much nicer in fall, and people's personalities have changed too. For the first time in a long time I feel happy, and look forward to waking up tomorrow. I've started decorating my home for fall and it's getting me in the spirit. I just freaking love it.

09/28/2020 10:53 PM 


09/28/2020 10:53 PM 


09/26/2020 11:47 PM 




Keep warm on Bonfire Night the most delicious way possible, with a hot, steaming cup of gorgeously spiced cider. Flavoured with cinnamon, cloves and star anise, this cosy cocktail takes just 15 mins to make and is a great Bonfire Night party idea.


  1. Heat the vintage cider, cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise in a large pan for a few mins, then add the ginger syrup, the orange juice and slices and the sugar.
  2. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 5 mins. To serve, ladle into glasses and add an extra cinnamon stick stirrer, orange slice and star anise to each, if you like.

  1. 1½ ltr vintage cider
  2. 2 cinnamon sticks
  3. 4 cloves
  4. 2 star anise
  5. 4 tbsp ginger syrup (from a jar of stem ginger)
  6. 1 orange, ½ juiced and ½ sliced
  7. 3 tbsp light soft brown sugar


09/25/2020 11:56 PM 


"Oh hey there Pumpkin" Bowie said with a soft laugh, to her sister Avery as she approached her in the pumpkin patch. The two had agreed to meet up to pick pumpkins together for the home they were currently sharing. Bowie owned it but she was letting her sister stay with her until she got back on her feet. The two spent an hour walking through the field of pumpkins picking up the best ones and placing them in the wagon Bowie had bought with her. The two then made the walk home which didn't take too long since they were at a pumpkin farm near where their home was.

As Bowie stepped up the porch she picked up one side of the wagon whilst Avery grabbed the other side and they lifted it up the steps. Bowie stood at the door and smiled at the doormat that said hello Autumn that she had recently placed down, in order to get into the fall spirit of things. She unlocked the door and the two and the wagon entered the home. Bowie covered the table in a tablecloth and grabbed the carving equipment and some paint and paintbrushes as they'd be painting and carving pumpkins together. Bowie began painting whilst Avery carved, and then eventually the two would switch. Hours passed but the two hadn't really noticed as they were lost in the pumpkins and decorating. Once everything was done Bowie made some pumpkin spice lattes for the both of them whilst the painted pumpkins finished drying. Bowie turned on the tv before putting on Hocus Pocus, a film the two of them loved to watch.

"I love decorating the home to match the seasons" Bowie said. "Me too, Christmas decorations are always so cute" Avery responded. Bowie nodded "yeah I enjoy decorating for Christmas, Winter is a nice season..." she said before pausing briefly "but I think I love Fall most of all" she stated. "The colours are just so lovely and compliment each other so well" she smiled. "Plus nature looks gorgeous with the oranges, yellow and red hues adorning the world" she said. Avery nodded her head "I totally agree with you" she said.

The two settled down on the sofa sinking into the cushions and draping a large blanket across them, and turned their attention to the television, to enjoy the movie.

09/24/2020 11:15 PM 


09/23/2020 10:46 PM 


Make Caramel Apples | Go To A Haunted House | Go Camping With Friends
Attend A Fall Festival | Go To A Pumpkin Patch & Pick Pumpkins | Make Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte's
Make Spice Carrot & Pumpkin Soup | Bake Halloween Cookies | Bonfire With Friends

09/22/2020 11:05 PM 


1.) October or November
2.) Pumpkin spice or Salted caramel
3.) Cardigans or Scarves
4.) Corn maze or Hayride
5.) Pumpkin pie or Apple pie
6.) Duck boots or Ugg boots
7.) Halloween or Thanksgiving
8.) Pumpkin reeses or Candy corn
9.) Carve pumpkin or Leaf pile
10.) Caramel apples or S'mores
11.) Outside or Inside
12.) Breakfast date or Dinner date
13.) Bonfires & books or Candles & Warm bath
14.) Spooky mood or Cozy mood
15.) Sweaters or Blankets
16.) Cold days or Rainy days
17.) Coffee or Hot chocolate
18.) Walk through the woods or Explore the city
19.) Autumn or Winter
20.) Daydreamer or Night thinker
21.) Jumping on crispy leaves or Jumping on rain puddles
22.) Scary movie or Haunted house
23.) Soup or Chili
24.) Pumpkin patch or Apple orchard
25.) Bake pie or Bake cookies
26.) Red leaves or Orange Leaves
27.) Indoor decor or Outdoor decor
28.) Sit by the fire or Take a scenic drive
29.) Hocus Pocus or Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
30.) Sweet or Salty


09/21/2020 11:33 PM 


Trauma caused people to do a number of things. Some sought professional help, others self-medicated. Bowie Zeppelin was a combination of the two… more so leaning towards the latter. She had turned to alcohol at a young age. Being gang raped, and then losing her parents, and sister really took a lot out of her. She didn’t want to feel a damn thing so drinking until she passed out helped block it all out. Of course there are other ways to clear the brain, to let the bad memories pass as a song on the radio one dislikes. To wait until there is enough space for the good stuff to grow like flowers blossoming in a flourishing garden. Bowie sometimes wished she had taken that route, steadying herself before the booze poisoned everything. She never had a sober day if she could help it. She did everything with alcohol in her system. Driving, working, socialising… everything! But since she had been drinking so long her body was kind of used to it now, so she was still able to function. Sometimes she didn’t even get drunk at all.

Maybe this was why she had recently turned to drugs to take the edge off. Nothing hard core, just some weed from time to time, but of course whenever someone started on drugs it always started off small before getting out of control. It was just another secret Bowie had to keep, luckily for her she was good at keeping secrets.

As she sat on the couch she saw her rose gold tin staring back at her from the table. In a way taunting her, letting her know she wasn’t strong. She was weak and needed the contents of the tin to carry on. Bowie grabbed the tin and opened it up and was greeted by nothing “f*ck” she exclaimed to an empty room. She grabbed her phone and texted Vincent Santero ‘are you at the shop today? I need a 4 tyre change’ she typed before hitting send. A 4 tyre change was their code for drugs, so if a text was ever read it would just look like a normal business inquiry. She soon received a text back ‘at the shop till 7, got what you need. Get the job done today’ the text read. A smile fell across Bowie’s lips. ‘Be their soon, thanks’ she typed back.

She grabbed her bag and got into her car and drove to his auto shop. She saw him in his office and knocked before entering. “I take it you wanted the usual?” Vincent asked calmly, so nonchalant that it almost seemed normal. Bowie nodded her head and slid some money across the desk. “You know something stronger will take the edge off a lot better” Vincent said as he tried to push the harder stuff onto her. Bowie shook her head “no thank you, weed is fine. Weed is all I need. Can I just get it and then I can go?” she asked. Vincent started to chuckle, a sinister chuckle that every movie villain laughed. “They always say they don’t need more but it happens eventually” he said. He opened up his top drawer and took out a small bag. He then stood up and walked over to her, waving the bag in front of her. “When you put on your big girl pants I’ll be here. I can get you whatever you need. I know the weed won’t last long and you’ll soon be back here begging me for something more” he smirked. Bowie grabbed the bag from him and quickly exited the shop and returned home. She ground the weed before rolling a cigarette. She lit it up and took a long drag and sank back into the sofa, allowing the drugs to take effect.
"Vincent had what she needed"

09/20/2020 11:19 PM 


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