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February 06, 2019


12/21/2020 11:44 PM 


Dear Avery, 
               This is our first Christmas together and I am extremely excited to spend it with you. For most of my life I have always felt like something had been missing, and now that you are in my life the gap in my heart is starting to fill a little. I can't wait to see what the New Year holds for us, I hope in 2021 we can make many more memories together. I adore you with all my heart, and I just know we are going to have a wonderful day this festive period. This is going to be the best Christmas ever.

Dear Benjamin,
You have been my friend for the longest time, and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I think I have found the perfect Christmas gift for you this year, and I can't wait to see your reaction when you unwrap it. You better believe you are coming over to my place this Christmas, because no way in hell am I letting you spend it alone. You're too important to me, to be spending it alone. I also cannot wait to make more memories with you next year, because, I know our friendship will last forever. I love you Benny! We will have a wonderful hoiday season this year, heck I may even save a kiss for you under the mistletoe. 


12/20/2020 12:02 PM 


1.) Who are you spending Christmas with? Her sister Avery, and whoever turns up at her door on the day.

2.) What’s the best – or worst – Christmas present you’ve ever received? Best = pink roller skates as a kid. Worst = a chewed piece of gum from her crush, as a kid.

3.) Describe a Christmas present you wanted badly as a kid, but never received? A small animal with feathers, brightly coloured and often repeats what it hears.

4.) Name something about Christmas that most people like, but you dislike? Carol singing.

5.) If you could only have one type of Christmas candy this year, what would it be? Candy canes.

6.) What holiday movie or special do you watch over and over again? Elf and Home Alone.

7.) What was Christmas like when you were growing up? Manic with family around playing games, eating and laughing. 

8.) Who is the toughest person you have to buy for this Christmas? Avery.

9.) What one thing are you most grateful for this holiday season? Having my sister in my life. 

10.) Share one vivid Christmas memory, good or bad? The Christmas tree caught fire after grandpa fell asleep with a cigar and dropped it.

11.) If you could travel anywhere for Christmas, where would you go? Lapland.

12.) What’s your least favorite item on your Christmas to-do list? Cleaning up.

13.) If you were offered a gift card to any store, which one would you want? Amazon.

14.) What’s your favorite character from a Christmas-themed movie or TV show? Buddy.

15.) What’s the best gift you’ve ever given someone? A flight ticket to go see their family

16.) If you were Santa Claus, what type of cookie would you want to be left out for you on Christmas Eve? A big round sugar cookie.

17.) Name three words that best describe Christmas for you? Happy, Cosy, Loving.

18.) Would you rather build a snowman, go sledding, have a snowball fight, or stay inside drinking hot cocoa? Sledding.

19.) What is your favorite food or treat for Christmas? Candy canes.

20.) What is the true meaning of Christmas is? Spending time with the people you love.

12/19/2020 11:01 PM 


Bowie had not known her sister Avery for all that long. So she had come up with the idea to enact some childhood things that children would do during the Christmas period, in order to do some things they never got to do together as children. Yeah, maybe it was a little silly for two grown adults to be doing childhood things, but Bowie did not care. It was all about having fun with her sister, and spending time together. They had already gone ice skating together, built gingerbread houses, had a mini Christmas movie marathon, sang carols together, had a snowball fight out of crushed ice… which turned out to be a very bad idea. Then Bowie came up with the idea that each would write a letter to Santa Clause of things they wanted this Christmas, and on Christmas day they’d look at each other’s and see how many things they got. Whatever was left on the list, they’d go out and buy each other in the new year. It was a silly idea, but definitely something that would take them back to childhood.

Bowie sat at the table with her sister opposite her, with a pen and piece of paper in front of her, just as Avery had. Bowie picked up her mug of hot chocolate and took a sip, as she thought about the things she would add to her list. They had agreed to create a list of ten items, and they had to be things that could actually be purchased, so nothing like ‘world peace’. Bowie wrote ‘Dear Santa’ in the corner of the piece of paper, but then did not write anything else. She twisted the pen around in her fingers as she tried to think of items to add to her list. After a few moments of pondering she began writing her letter to Santa, and once she was finished she checked it over.
Dear Santa,
                   I haven’t wrote to you in a while, I am sorry about that. I guess as you get older you forget to do certain things, as your world becomes encompassed by other things that seem far more important. But I think it is never too late to write to someone and reach out to them. So here I am writing to you. I have been good… or at least I think I have. I always try and be the best person I can be, and I am always kind to everyone I meet. I am not sure what else to say, so I guess I should just get to the list.
So this Christmas I would like the following items:
  1. A Swarovski figurine bear with my birthstone Virgo on it.
  2. Some lavender scented candles.
  3. An owl diffuser and essential oils.
  4. A brush hair straightener.
  5. A 2021 diary or journal.
  6. Rose quartz crystals.
  7. Temperature control smart mug.
  8. Shiatsu back and neck massager.
  9. Shower steamers and bath bombs.
  10. A pet portrait of Baxter.
Well, that’s it thank you.
Xoxoxo Bowie.

Once she had finished writing she folded it up and placed it into a small wooden box. She noticed Avery was done too and allowed her to fold hers up and place it inside. Bowie placed the lid on top of the box and both of them walked over to the tree in the living room, and Bowie placed it under the tree. “I guess we will just have to wait and see” she smiled. She knew Christmas was not just about gifts, it was about spending time with the people you loved, and that was exactly what Bowie intended to do.


12/16/2020 11:54 PM 


12/09/2020 11:38 PM 


SUSHI HEAVEN is the epitome of the perfect Japanese cuisine. The décor is a combination of old school Japanese and modern day items, makes for a beautiful combination. Bowie frequents here whenever she needs her sushi fix, and she is a big sushi lover and sometimes just craves it.

CRYSTAL VISION is a beautiful store to visit. The beautiful aromas fill your nostrils immediately, and the crystals and jewellery sparkle and create beautiful colours when the lights hit them. It’s a wonderful store to visit. Bowie visits here when she is looking for new crystals for her collection, and when she needs some new oils.

LADIES FIRST FITNESS is the perfect place to go if you’re a female and are fed up with men hitting on you and eyeing you up. It’s a beautiful place, that is decorated in lovely colours and has all the best equipment. Bowie goes here when she doesn’t want to encounter men during her workout.

MUTTS ‘N’ CUTS is a lovely dog parlour, that is colourful and filled with friendly staff. A fun place to take your furbaby, and Bowie goes here when Baxter needs a haircut or his nails trimmed and he loves going to the groomers.

PURE HARMONY SPA is peaceful, serene, smells lovely, and is so relaxing. The ultimate place to go to, in order to unwind. Bowie goes here to have a massage or a facial when she needs to relax and unwind from the craziness of day to day life.

OF RICE AND MEN delivers delicious and perfect Chinese food every time.  A lovely eatery that is charming, and beautiful. Bowie visits here whenever she desires Chinese food, because she knows she will get a perfect meal every time.

HALLOWS EVE’S CANDY STORE is every child’s dream. As soon as you enter you feel like a kid in a candy store, even if you are an adult. It’s a wondrous place, and Bowie goes here when she wants something sweet… and definitely buys a little too much every time she goes.

FORBIDDEN APPLE is a sexy place, with chic displays. A naughtier place than others, that offers a wide variety of products. Bowie visits here whenever she fancies some new lingerie and maybe a sex toy or two.

FLYNN’S TAVERN AN ARCADE BAR is a great date place, and a great place to go to have a lot of fun and drink. The games are old school games to relieve your childhood, and a fully stocked bar. It’s a win, win situation. Bowie often visits here with friends in order to play the games and drink.

MEGAPLEX is a sporty place to fulfil your sporting needs. With a mixture of things to do you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy. Bowie visits here for the gym and the pools, occasionally the tennis and basketball courts. During the wintery months she visits the ice rink.

HARTSVILLE PHARMACY is where you go for your medical needs, in regards to treatment. Just a simple pharmacy, stocked full of different medicinal items. Bowie visits here when she needs some pain medication, or has a prescription after visiting the doctors.

BEYOND COMMUNICATIONS has a spiritual aesthetic, which is no surprise given what it is. It’s a lovely place, and Bowie visits here from time to time to get her palm read, to try and find out what her future may hold.

SCENTED SOUTHERN is filled with lots of smells that invade your nostrils the moment you enter the establishment. It’s sometimes hard to find which smell you like best and you can spend hours roaming the store, smelling everything. Bowie loves her candles and is a frequent visitor here, to buy more and more candles.

BIG HEAVY’S BBQ is a bbq lover’s dream. The smell of bbq is constant in the bar, and although the menu is simple it is absolutely perfect. A simple woody décor, and a stocked bar, it’s a great place to go to. Bowie often visits here when she wants a large portion, and some delicious bbq food.

BLACK GARDEN TATTOO is a heavily decorated tattoo parlour, that has incredible artwork on the wall, a couch to relax whilst you wait. Bowie visits here when she wants to get some more ink for the small collection.

RECKLESS RECORDS is the go to place for vinyl records, and it has that old record smell resonating around the store. Bowie visits here to buy vinyl records as she loves them, and forever adds to the ever growing collection.

JENEVIEVE’S JEWELRY STORE is a quaint little shop filled with delicate and beautiful jewellery. Bowie visits here to see her best friend, and to buy some beautiful pieces created by her friend.

COUNTRY STRONG WESTERN CLUB is an incredible western club filled with music, live bands, and a mechanical bull. What’s not to like? The atmosphere is always incredible. Bowie visits here to see her best friend Hanna, and to drink and listen to the live bands.

SUNFLOWER RECORDS is a recording studio right here in Hartsville. Records adorn the walls, along with posters of the artists there and concert posters. Bowie rarely visits this place, but when she does it’s only to listen in on her sister Avery’s recording sessions.

A HELPING PAW is a lovely animal shelter, filled with so many animals that need loving homes. It’s always clean, filled with animals, and families looking for new furbaby family members. Bowie visits here frequently as she volunteers here.

DARLING BUDS is a floral shop that has flowers already arranged for you to buy, flowers for you to pick up to have arranged, and you can order arrangements for special occasions. Floral scents surround the entire establishment. Bowie visits here frequently as she is the owner, and currently the only staff member.


12/07/2020 11:51 PM 


1.) What is their approach to group projects? Do they hate them? Love them? Take the lead, go with the flow, or do nothing at all?  Neutral on group projects and usually takes the lead.
2.) Do they have any weird habits or quirks? Ex: pacing the floor when they talk, needing things in even numbers, having to eat food in a certain way. Eats her food systematically and likes things in even numbers. 
3.) Are they the “I need to shake my leg” type or the “stop shaking your leg, it’s distracting” type? Depends on the situation she can be both.
4.) How do they text? Do they use excessive punctuation? No punctuation at all? Correct grammar and spelling? Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, however, will occasionally use lol
5.) What would be their favorite memory? Baking with grandma as a kid.
6.) How do they cope with tragedy? Do they retreat and isolate themselves? Reach out to their friends? Use humor? Isolate and self-destruct.
7.) What are the phrases/slang that they use way too often? Dude, girl, you’ve got to be kidding me.
8.) What ridiculous grudges do they hold? A girl broke her favourite pencil in kindergarten, she hasn’t forgotten it.

9.) What are their misconceptions about themselves? What do they see as their strengths vs. what is actually their strengths? How do they think people view them vs. how do people actually view them? Caring and friendly | I hope it’s the same.
10.) What media (TV shows, music, books) did they grow up with? Sister Sister, Drake & Josh and other good shows.
11.) What are their guilty pleasures? Old school shows/music.
12.) Are they religious/spiritual? Do they believe in ghosts, an afterlife, or aliens? Atheist but open to people’s biews  Brlives in ghosts and aliens. She hopes there is an afterlife that is good.
13.) What weird conspiracy theories do they believe in? Lee Harvey Oswald couldn’t have killed JFK, it would be impossible with that type of gun.
14.) What seemingly small things do they get worked up about? People who don’t listen/ignore her.
15.) What three words would others use to describe them? What three words would they use to describe themselves? Others: lovely, kind, caring. Themselves: caring, headstrong, sarcastic.
16.) Are they an optimist, pessimist, or realist? Realist
17.) What social media sites do they use? Do they get involved in a lot of fights online, or avoid drama? Instagram and Twitter, and sometimes fights.
18.) Are they generally happy with where their life is right now? No.
19.) Where would they bury hidden treasure if you had some? In her parents graves.


12/02/2020 10:13 PM 


  • Pick out a Christmas tree
  • Go Ice Skating
  • Create Winter themed flower arrangements
  • Play in the snow
  • Make Gingerbread cookies
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Buy or make an ugly Christmas sweater
  • Have a Christmas movie marathon
  • Put up Christmas decorations


11/30/2020 11:41 PM 



“Last call” came Hanna’s voice over the country music that was playing loudly in the bar. Bowie was unable to sleep so she had headed to the bar to drink and talk to Hanna. The time sure did fly when you were having fun, Bowie had lost track of time all together. Glancing at her watch she noticed it was 1:30am, and the bar would be closing at 2:00am. Bowie ordered a round of shots, not for a group of people but for herself. She figured if she was going to go home soon, she might as well make the most of the time she had left in the bar. The band that was playing announced their last song, and thanked everyone for coming out. The band were good, Hanna always had a knack for booking the best bands to play at the bar, not surprising since she had such a good taste in music. “Come on take a shot with me” Bowie called over to Hanna who agreed. The two took a shot and Hanna went off and finished serving other people, and Bowie finished up her shots. Then finished her beer.

Closing time came and everyone filed out of the club stumbling, pushing and shoving as they did so. Bowie decided to help Hanna clean up a little, before going outside. The air was cool, not cold, but cool. She leant against the brick wall and took out her pack of cigarettes before pulling a single white stick from the box. She then closed the box and placed it back in her bag before grabbing her lighter and lighting up the tip of the cigarette. Taking a long drag she allowed the smoke to travel down her throat. It felt good as it did so. She watched as strangers passed her in the night, as they tried to drunkenly make their way home, or to wherever it may be. Bowie finished her cigarette and discarded it appropriately just as Hanna came out of the bar. “Need a ride?” Hanna asked. Bowie shook her head “no thanks, I’m going to walk around a little bit then get a cab” Bowie said. Bowie walked with Hanna to her car before saying goodbye to her.

Bowie walked through Downtown, the shops all closed and blacked out with no lights on. The entire town shutdown, at least for the rest of the morning anyway. The street lights illuminated the streets, and there was something slightly magical about it. Glancing up at the night sky she smiled to herself as she examined the stars. Walking past her shop she decided to head into Darling Buds and decided to do a little work before heading home. There was always something so therapeutic about working with nature, and she hoped it would calm her down enough so she would be able to sleep. She moved around the shop throwing any dead or dying flowers into a bucket, and then replacing them with new ones. She threw the old flowers into the trash receptacle before going over her order list. She pinned up the orders in order of what needed to be completed first, so she had a clear idea of what she was doing.

She then did a spot of cleaning before closing up the shop again. She knew the town would be bustling again in the morning once everything opened again, but right now it seemed a little dead with all the closed shops and food places. It always felt strange walking through the town so late at night/early in the morning, as it was a stark contrast to what it was like during the day. It was almost ghostly at night when everything was closed. No random people walking passed the shops looking through the window, no store owners doing their trade… just nothing. She sighed to herself, and saw a cab and waved it down. She got inside and gave the driver her address and he drove her home. She handed him some cash before getting out and going into her home. She went upstairs and took off her makeup and changed into her pjs before getting into bed and going to sleep, ready for the rest of the day ahead.


11/25/2020 11:01 PM 


"Don't do this right now” came a voice from the other side of her bedroom door. It was her concerned partner Ryan who had come to check on her after receiving a distressing voice mail from her. She knew he would be at work and left him a voice mail that said ‘I can’t go on, this pain is too much. I will always love you Ryan, but I just can’t do this anymore. Don’t come over, just tell the police and paramedics to come to my home’. Her voice croaky from crying. Now he was at her door trying to prevent her from doing something terrible, that she would not be able to take back. Bowie sat with her back pressed against the locked door, sitting rigid as she stared at the pill bottles, alcohol bottles and the razor blade placed on the floor in front of her. She had recently lost her parents, and the pain was all too much for her. An emptiness filled her heart, the numbness pounding in her brain, and the salt tears flowed unchecked from her eyes were all signs of her grief. A shear nothingness now took hold of her soul and was beginning to engulf her entirely. The grief was eating her up and trying to destroy her.

Her blue hues stared at the razor in front of her. The metallic silver glistened under the sunlight that was streaming in from the window. It was sharp. It could effortlessly cut through the soft flesh of her wrists, and she was sure if she pressed hard enough she could sever and artery or two. She wasn’t sure what her method would be. Maybe swallow the pills down with alcohol and then cut her wrists, maybe that would be the devastating combination she was after. The depressive thoughts in her head were swirling around and tormenting her. She just wanted the pain to go away and in the melancholia state she was in, she believed the only way to escape the pain was to be dead. Being dead would mean she would be with her parents and would not have to face the cruel world alone. Although she had Ryan and her friends she still felt so alone. She felt like she had nothing else to live for, so what was the point in living.

“Come on Bowie, please don’t do this” Ryan said, his voice briefly pulling her away from her thoughts. “I know you are hurting right now, but please don’t do this. I love you. You can get through this Bow, I will help you through this. I love you. Please, just open the door” he said. She could hear the sorrowfulness in his tone, which made her feel bad. She could tell she was hurting him, but she still felt like she had to do this. “No” she softly responded, and moved away from the door dragging the items with her. “Bowie, please” Ryan called out to her. He looked through the small gap in the keyhole and could see she had moved away from the door. With a couple of hard kicks the door swung off its hinges allowing him into the room. He rushed over to her and embraced her in a hug. Bowie tried to push him off but his grip was too tight. “I’m not going to let you hurt yourself. I can’t lose you Bowie, I love you” he said.

11/25/2020 10:38 PM 



All the fun has been had on the trip and there is nothing else to do but to sit back and relax, and enjoy the flight home. Music makes the time pass faster, so hit the shuffle button and enjoy the music.

1.)  Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey - Forget Me Too :

2.) Juliet Simms - All American :

3.) Black Veil Brides - Scarlett Cross :

4.) McFly - Happiness :

5.) Harry Styles - Golden :

6.) Little Mix - Sweet Melody :

7.) Pan!c At The Disco - High Hopes :

8.) Jonas Blue ft. Dakota - Fast Car :

9.) Kane Brown - Worship You :

10.) Morgan Wallen - More Than My Hometown :

11.) Dan + Shay ft. Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours :

12.) Clay Walker - Makes Me Want To Stay :

13.) Sam Hunt - Hard To Forget :

14.)  Luke Combs - Forever After All :

15.) Miranda Lambert - Settling Down :

16.) Sam Hunt - Body Like A Back Road :

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