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Deck the Balls.

12/04/2020 05:41 PM 

Content blog.

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12/04/2020 03:47 PM 

Current mood:  aggravated

President of Devils Amy

12/04/2020 02:12 PM 

Devils and Demons Report.
Current mood:  focused

From most of the stats, I read over. I was very pleased to not see everyone fighting over one thing or the other. Though I saw Gusion is still calling out people by their out character names. And posting about his fights with this person and that person. Gusion please reframe from all that. At least the referring to others by their birth given names. One for the respect of that person's privacy. Two so that it does not confuse others on who you are talking about. Its something you really need to work on. I get the most complaints on you. And I am thinking that is why. I so will never forget when Lucifer found out I begged God to take me back.Cause earth so sucks compared to Heaven. It's nearly impossible to put intowords. But when you are in Heaven. You feel nothing but all the goodness. Thatyou only seem to be able to feel here briefly at times. I never had been to Edenwas not fast enough to get past the Flamed sword one who guards it. And he's likeone those guards outside of Buckingham Palace. He refuses to speak to you andtell you his name. Urg was so annoying.But before getting off on a tangent. Back in those days, Gusion was such a kissass. Even Lucifer noticed it. Nor had he appreciated it. If anything it justannoyed him. What most do not realize after the Fall Lucifer run off and left therest of us.  Too and Fore all about the earth. He claims he was gone for so longdue to creating insects to plague and torment mankind. Once he had them kickedout of the Garden.I never forget the way Eden had lite up the night sky around it. Or when you gotclose enough how sweet it smelled. I've yet to ever come across any other place onearth. That gave off the scent it had. One Day Gusion had a spat with Andrus whokept turning into Raven to peck his eyes out. And then back to his Heavenly form tolaugh as Gusion moaned and groaned as they formed back. Then Barbatos  stepped in finally put a stop too it. Afterwards, Gusion just keeps going on and on.About how he was going to get back at Andrus. Then Flauros walks up and shiftsout of his Leopard form. And says well you know he was trying to always pleaseLucifer since he left. Now he always tries to please Belial. Since he seems toonly know how to lick ass and plot behind other's backs. He likely will get hisrevenge. By now Gusion has caused such a scene. Trying to convince Flaurosthat he had it all wrong. Even in those days he often wasted his time. Trying toconvince those who knew him best. That he was not the Angel they assumed hewas. Then Azael walks up and starts asking Gusion of the things to come. I don'tknow if it was just to get him to stop whining or if he truly wanted to know. So Gusion becomes like a ball of light and starts speaking in the Angelic tongue.Tells him how the daughters of Eve will be pleasing to thine eyes. And many ofthe Angels shall plant their seeds. In them, And the renowned shall rise and walkthe earth. and others choose the Beast, Fish and fowl from Eden. To createcreatures that shall bestow great fear into the seeds of Adam and Eve. Once Godopens its gates and throws them out. And how the earth would one day be of ourown creation. And the pure seeds of Adam and Eve shall be no more. Then aftergoing on and on. With this fantastic story of the future to come. He goes andAmy will beg God to take her back. And so will many others once he bounds many of us.So let us just say after that I had to flee from the Choir I once had been the second incommand too. And many centuries later Lucifer makes me be the one to manageHell and all the devils and demons in it. Not as an award but a torment for theday surely did come. I pleaded with God to forgive me. For my error injudgement. In following Lucifer and not Micheal.  But when it comes to usperfect beings he created with little to no flaws. There are no second chances.The point being Gusion has always been the way he is. Even back ions ago. Sosome Angels just can't change. Though I have no idea how the other higher upsfeel about him now. I can only imagine the same as I do. 



12/04/2020 01:21 PM 

Bi Weekly Task: The First Snowfall.

The First Snowfall.  “I wish you were here, Mom,” Tatiana whispered, tears in her eyes as she held Sofia on her lap. Christmas time was a hard time of the year for her as it was. She missed her mother and every single day she wished that she was there, but this year would be by far the hardest. It would be Sofia’s first Christmas and she should have been happy. Her sister was back in town and she had Delilah; her life was looking pretty good, but yet she felt like a part of her was missing. Her mother wasn’t there to see her daughter’s first Christmas. Glancing down at her baby, Tatiana kissed her daughter’s head, which was covered by a hat to keep her from getting too cold,  and ran a thumb over the back of her hand before she looked back at the gravestone. “You’d love her, Mom. Delilah. She is everything you would have wished for me and so much more. And Sofia. Your grandbaby. God, she looks so much like you and has our temper.”  Growing up, Tatiana had been told by everyone that had known her mother that she took after her. ‘You have your mother’s eyes and your mother’s temper.’ That was a sentence Tatiana had heard at least a hundred times throughout her teenage years and although Sofia wasn’t even one yet if she wanted something, Tatiana certainly knew about it. The thought brought a small grin to her lips and she shifted to look at the infant who was bouncing up and down on her lap. She could see so much of her mother in her daughter and although it was something that she was grateful for, it also made the pain that much closer. “Come on, we should get you back to the car before you get sick,” the brunette whispered as she slowly got to her feet, holding Sofia in her arm.  “I love you,” Tatiana whispered, wiping the tear that fell from her cheek before she placed a hand on top of the gravestone and then turned, making her way back to the car. It was cold, but it was yet to start snowing. That was her favorite thing about being in New York. She loved the snow but in New Mexico, it very rarely ever snowed. After unlocking the car, she opened the door and placed her daughter into the car seat, bucking her up correctly before closing the car doo, though as the door closed, a snowflake landed on her jacket. Smiling, the brunette opened the front door to her car and slipped inside, placing on her seatbelt before she looked over her shoulder. “Look, baby. It’s snowing,” she whispered and although it wasn’t snowing heavily yet, a few more snowflakes had fallen onto the windshield of her car.   

𝕎𝕖𝕤𝕜𝕖𝕣 『𝕎-𝟙𝟛』

12/03/2020 10:46 PM 

Moonlight Sonata [Companion to A Family Dinner]

This was the break Albert Wesker had been waiting for.  He held the very invitation in his hand. Signed in doctor’s handwriting O.S., Oswell Spencer. The man who for all intents and purposes was their father. Perhaps not biologically, but he had raised them, him and Alex, the other eleven. In and out of their lives periodically during their childhoods.  He had made them. Now, his little monsters were coming home to roost, and better, they had been invited. Albert wouldn’t waste this opportunity. He’d been seeking his revenge for far too long and Earl Spencer had always managed to slip just out of his grasp. They had been played with, puppetted, manufactured. There was little Albert despised more than the loss of his own control. A quirk reflected in his pristine outward appearance, his managerial style, even his mannerisms, and expressions often demonstrated a certain restraint. Were he someone else, the Tyrant inside would have overtaken him. Heightened senses, heightened emotions, everything inside him was boiling threatening to escape. His eyes, once blue, were full of red hot rage visible behind the shades that masked his features.  Umbrella was dead. He was sure his dear Christopher had taken credit, but he’d been the one to give the final blow. All pertinent data on the Red Queen collected and handed over. Spencer, Marcus, they were the old regime and it was time for it to be snuffed out once and for all. To make way for a King and his Queen. From Umbrella’s ashes, they would start over. Build it better, smarter, impenetrable.  Perhaps, in the end, Spencer would get exactly what he wanted at the start of his eugenics project. Worthy heirs to the Umbrella throne. A breeding pair to populate the new world. Then again, Lord Spencer had realized his error several years ago as he separated them. Sought to correct the damage he’d done. To keep them apart and docile. He’d committed Alex, convinced her she was crazy and he had convinced Albert that she wanted nothing to do with him. For years they had dwelled in this state of emptiness, loneliness.All because of Oswell Spencer.  Albert’s devotion to Alex was now unwavering. If she had said burn it all, he would have struck the match. Even now, while his dearest sat on that piano bench subjugated to a feeble old man playing like a puppet to his bidding, The Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor Albert would fulfill her melodic decree. Free them both from their gilded cage dressed in big business and high society. The Moonlight Sonata that Spencer loved so dearly.  Albert couldn’t help but remember the Arklay Mansion, how one could hear it echoing through the halls as his remaining team solved each puzzle, one by one, the security measures unlocking. The night he’d died by his own creation. Poetic really.  He hated that song. The crescendoing notes a reminder of all the hurt, the horrors they experienced draped in the guise of a taciturn lake.  Dark as the shadows that danced about the room, Albert entered dressed in black from neck to toe. Blood splattered onto the expensive stationery of the invitation in his hand. The bodies of Spencer’s security team scattered throughout his estate, their childhood home. There would be no interruptions.  Despite the rage building in him, Albert’s face remained neutral as he silently moved towards his target. The old man sitting at the piano. His hand resting on Alex’s arm as if she were some beloved thing. A falsehood. Their whole lives had been a falsehood. “Don’t touch her. You are not to touch her ever again.” The words escaped with cold and quiet passion.  The bastard wouldn’t. Albert would see to that. 

Albert Wesker, Angst, Oswell Spencer, Alex Wesker


12/03/2020 07:31 PM 

Mal and Bella meet

"Why the f*** am I here?" Mal asked herself. Mal turned into a mermaid recently and she has gotten the hang of her powers. A portal had taken her to the moon pool on mako island and she didn't understand why. A girl with blonde hair just arrived in the moon pool in tears. Mal heard them and was wondering why this person was crying. "I can't do it. I am too afraid." The girl said. This is Bella a mermaid and her boyfriend noticed that Cleo and rikki were ignoring Bella since Emma has returned.Mal kept listening to Bella and her eyes glowed she felt her power. Mal walked out and Bella hid immediately. "Relax I am not going to hurt you unless you are a threat." Mal said. Her four dragons and werewolf followed her and she knew it. Bella surfaced tears still running down her face. "You want to talk?" Mal asked.Bella nodded and got out of the water. After she dried off the two of them were sitting on the ground. Mal's companions appeared and placed themselves near their master. "So what's your name?" Mal asked. "Bella." Bella said. "As in one of the original mako mermaids?" Mal asked. Bella blinked and asked, "You have heard of me?" "Yeah everybody knows about the mermaids." Mal said. "Um are you like me?" Bella asked. "Meaning a mermaid yes I am. Let's not talk about that. Why the f*** were you crying?" Mal said.Bella took a breath and said, "my friends Cleo and Rikki have been hanging out with Emma and ignoring me. I feel like they don't care for me anymore." "What makes you think they don't care for you?" Mal asked. "They are ignoring me." Bella said. "Oh for f***s sake just because they are ignoring you doesn't mean they don't care. Let me tell you a story." Mal said. Bella waited and Mal's dragons surrounded her. "I am from a another world where magic exists and fairy tale characters have children. The king at the time was my ex and he treated me like sh*t. I started a war turning it into a massacre and afterwards my friends reminded while I went back to the isle. After sometime my friends returned to the isle. I avoided them and when I finally got the courage to talk to them they all ignored me." "Didn't you feel offended or that they don't care?" Bella asked.  "Nope not really I expected them to react that way." 

Aubry *Timeless Mage*

12/03/2020 07:47 PM 


“Sire?”   “do not call me that”   “but you are”   “it is just a meaningless word” Jackson Aubry said as he looked up from the old dusty tome bound in leather on his desk.  His fingers moved over the runes burned into the binding.  The runes that were burned into the man while he was still alive before his skin was used to bind the secrets this book now holds.   “it holds meaning to us” Chloe spoke up her soft voice somehow hushed in the room before it reached his ears.  She was the tallest of the three girls who stood before him.  Her skin was a light milk chocolate in color.  Her dark hair coming out of her head in all directions curled wild and free.   “…” Jackson was about to say something in response to her but his eyes dropped from the three of them back to his book   “what is that?  what is it about?”  Ines asked quickly not allowing to much silence to grow between them.  She was the youngest of the three girls having just turned sixteen the week before.  She stepped forward placing her hands on the desk leaning into the candle light to peer over at the book.   Her amber hair was cut short cropped just below the ears in the style of the times.   “It is just some stupid book” It was Sofia speaking this time.  She was the oldest but by only a month.  Her nineteenth birthday was not until the fall.  Her raven black hair cascading down her shoulders in perfect ringlets was in sharp contrast to her porcelain white skin.  Of the three she was the one who made a considerable effort to be as beautiful as she could.  she wore a perfect silken red dress, her fingers sparkled with jewels.  Sparkling stones hung from her ears, and a necklace of rubies resembling droplets of blood seemed to spill down her neck.  The statement was not lost on Jackson.   Ines scowled at Sofia about to rebuke her for interrupting but Jackson reached out his hand placing it on hers letting her know it was not needed.   “she is right.  it is a stupid book.   Those who made it put so much effort into making it look the part of importance and dread but forgot to include anything of substance between the cover.   I pity the mortal whose flesh binds this book.  To be the sorrowful thing your lasting legacy “  Jackson sneered slightly at the book   “just full of ramblings of someone who wanted everyone to think they were more important then they were” he sighed   “sounds like something you would write” Sofia said with a cluck of her tongue   “you have never read anything I have written”  his eyes met hers   “I have “Ines said quickly.  Jackson looked over to her confused “Chloe showed me a letter you wrote to her mother when she was young. . . it was…pretty...” She said but quickly looked down as she saw the look on his face.  Jackson looked over to Chloe she was looking down with her arms held tight to her body crossed over her chest     “Well now this is adorable” Sofia said clapping her hands together “you really were human once.   I never would have thought it.  You never looked twice at any of us, Are you sure you do not want to look now?”  Sofia said leaning in.  He could feel her using her powers to try and charm him.  She was learning quickly.  His blood helped, all three of them were more powerful then most vampires a thousand years old   “stop” Jackson said sternly as he looked up locking eyes with Sofia.  The shadows in the room creeped in and she could hear the chattering of teeth coming from the darkness.  Flashing of yellow eyes cold be seen in the dark corners of the room.  Sofia took a step back and put her hands up releasing the slight grasp she had o him.  The shadows faded and the chittering stopped   “that is enough the three of you.  Go to the Shop.  Mrs Tebolt may have some studies for you”  He said glancing to each of them.  Chloe and Ines looked down and started walking out “I am not going to the smelly witch and her shop.  I am going to the brothel “ Sofia said   “You do not have to work there anymore” he replied “we never had to” she sneered “I wanted to and I was good at it and you took it from me”Sofia clenched her fist “that is not fair” Ines said.  placing a hand on Sofias shoulder “I was not ready to die.  None of us were.  He saved us” Ines said again and walked u tugging Sofia by the hand until she left and the door shut behind them leaving him in the room     “Well she is very spirited” a voice came from a door way in the far corner of the room the one that lead to a spiral staircase “the other two adore you” the female voice said   “It has not sunk in for them yet” he said looking to the woman standing in the stair way.  She was tall and slender with long black hair pulled back in a loose braid.  Her olive skin gave way her greek heritage.   “now i know why you won’t create any others.  I admit I had wanted to use any children you made to cause strife and panic in the streets for kin and kine alike. Now.  no.  There is no reason for that anymore.  “  he turned his body leaning back against his desk looking to her   “I have been hunted for a very long time.   The children I had have been killed, just being of my blood puts a price on them.   I would not create any more just to have them not last  year.  Though I have been alone for a long time”  She said   “Chloe, Sofia, and Ines could use you to help guide them in this.   I never wanted this for them, but when faced with loosing them.  I knew there would be a price to pay for the things I have been doing for the things I have made pacts with.  I just thought I would have to pay it not them” he said softly   “that was just naive of you my dear.  You dabble in the black abyss that taint radiates out from you and affects all around you.  You atlast respect the power your friends well”  she said with a laugh and turned walking down the staircase     ((outside))   “You are just being a brat Sofia” Ines said to her “We are gods now Ines.   you know the power we have.  you can feel it.   We are no longer their play things.  We are the hunters now.  Jackson Aubery never cared for us.  We were only ever his food and his little whores.” Sofia said with a flick of her wrist and click of her tongue   “he brought us here.  Would you rather have stayed in New Orleans with Madam Aubry?   In the dirt and filth.  He took us here things were nice.  The men were clean we were clean” Chloe said “He did not bring the building down.   we would have died.  you were as scared as I was” Ines chimed in “You do not have to be mean” she said   “He dose not want to be around us now” Sofia finally said. “He feels guilty and he looks at us with guilt.  I do not like it.   Now we are his equals I do not know.  it just makes me think we were just pets to him before”  Sofia said whiting a red tear from her eye   “My sire left me in the woods never to be seen again.” Lamia the ancient greek woman said as she walked out from around the side of the building. “Come you three let us hunt tonight.  Let us impose our will on the world of men”  she said reaching out her hands to the three young girls who followed.((inside))Jackson went over the books for the brothel and casino.  He had been sent to the city to help with setting up some business with Vampires connected to the mob.  He was only suppose to watch after the girls and make sure his cut of the money got back to New Orelans.  Things were actually going good for the group for a while.  He and his partners were able to take over some territory and expand rather quickly.That was until the bombing at the brothel.  It was a small bomb more of a warning really but three girls were hurt badly.  Rather than let them die he turned them.  After that Jackson stepped back from the business.   His partners were still going strong having rebuilt what was destroyed quickly.     He now spent his time in his brownstone in the city.  He read and studied his books looking for some answer to a question he could not ask.


12/03/2020 07:27 PM 

Precursors (An Introductory Solo)

  The world always seemed to pass me by, as I lazily sat out on the somewhat newly remodeled deck attached to my modest home in the Olympic National Forest of Washington state. The house sat right on the edge of the serpentine river leading into Lake Quinault, aptly named the Quinault River, and as I sat outside, I could hear all the sounds of the forest sweep down the river, along with the rushing water. I had lived in this house for the better part of the last century.   Early on, it had become difficult, once the Quinault people realized that I wasn’t aging. They began to think of me as some sort of a demon. Tales began to be woven about me and my past and the whole reservation learned to fear me. It was difficult for me to be on the receiving end of someone else’s terror. It reminded me of a time when I was just a young nymph and I was living in Greece. I had accidentally collapsed part of a favorite landmark in a small, oceanside town. I had just been learning the scope of what I could do, at the time. The whole town, of which just days before had revered me as a goddess, abruptly turned against me and burned down my home, while I was still inside. I don’t remember much of the incident, other than my ability to manipulate the earth saved me by putting out enough of the fire to aid in my escape.   It took me many years to learn to trust people again, and even to this day, I am still somewhat weary of new people. Over the years, I have developed a pattern of finding places to live in remote settings and living a quiet life for as long as possible. The Olympic National Forest had become a favorite. So, when the Quinault people began to fear me, I was afraid I had worn out my welcome and would have find refuge elsewhere. However, not long after things started to get bad, a woman and her young daughter were out collecting materials for their baskets, when the daughter got separated and fell into the river. I managed to weave the vines of an overhanging tree around her leg and pulled her from the rushing water. It turned out she was the daughter of the chief at the time. Once again, I became accepted and have been living life, happily, on the outskirts of the Quinault Reservation, ever since.   Early evenings had become my favorite time of the day to be out on the deck. There was a distinctive tranquility that could be felt in the air at that time. This particular evening, however, things seemed extraordinarily different. There was an electricity to the air unlike anything I’d ever sensed before. It was somewhat similar to the precursor to a lightning strike, yet at the same time, vastly different. Not to mention, there was not a cloud in the sky, proving no indication of a storm.   Standing up, I walked down the steps of the deck, planted my bare feet firmly on the mossy ground, and closed my eyes, allowing the energy of the Earth to flow freely through my body. I could feel the wisdom of the Quinault people that have lived in the region for thousands of years; I was infused with the power of the forest that had been here long before them; and I could sense the spirit of the animals that roamed the area. All of it told me, something was definitely coming. I couldn’t be sure what, or when, but something was surely about to change the course of my life.   #Precursors


ιитσ тнε мαzε RPG.

12/03/2020 07:13 PM 

Auditioning Form.

Who are you audition:Why do you want the character:Will you be active if accepted and if not will you tell owner:Have you seen ALL three movies (if not which one):How can you help us with getting members to join:What do you do [Para/Multi/Oneliner, Extra]; Are you okay if the other members are Gay/Straight or Lesbian:How often are you online:Please send us a starter on your character before we approve you:

𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐲

12/03/2020 06:32 PM 

Here I Go Again

Here I Go Again    1x1 with Paralyzed.  Mentions: Sardonic Savior and Aerophobia Spring 2005Stanford UniversityHe’d done this one thousand times before.  He’d posed as a college student and even a high school student too many times over the past 150 plus years.  Stefan Salvatore tried his best to blend in with the young people of the era ever since he’d gotten back from Italy during World War II.    It was easier in the 1950s because he’d been a war veteran and could bond with those kids that had just sacrificed their lives on foreign shores.   He was just another kid in a sea of kids that had a tormented past.   This didn’t last long.  Unfortunately those around him aged, so Stefan had to move on to the next town.Coming back to Mystic Falls in 1953, he had apparently just missed Damon.  He’d received an urgent telegram telling him to come back first.   One of the grandkids of their older half brother was already there and apparently needed help.  It was their grand nephew Joseph had done something that caused him to rip him to pieces in the process.   Once Joseph had been carted away by the ambulance, Stefan soon left town again.  Too many questions surrounding the Salvatore family were arising.  Questions that didn’t have believable answers meant that the vampire needed to disappear once more.   Who knew where Damon was now?  Joseph couldn’t answer those questions even though it was obvious that he’d been murdered by Damon for some reason.He’d ventured back to Mystic Falls forty years later in 1994.  Damon wouldn’t tell him what happened to him in 1953, so he left it alone.   Stefan noticed something different about him when they met again in the 1990s.  He seemed so distant.  He seemed even harder than before.  It was something that actually frightened Stefan.   After what happened to Zach’s girlfriend and his unborn daughter, Stefan decided to hit the road again.  All the compelling he had to do then to cover up Damon and his bloodlust had driven Stefan over the edge.   He needed space to breathe.He’d spent some time in Haight-Ashbury in 1967, so heading back to California was the best thing he could do right about now.   He’d seen in the New Millennium alone on the beach in Venice and it had been an experience of peace that encouraged him.  The young vampire who was barely over 100 years old had fought with bloodlust all his life.   He and Lexi Branson spent time in a commune in the 1960s that helped him learn the value of meditation and trying to use it to calm those cravings.   Being a Ripper was something that never went away.  It was something that he had to deal with every day he was still alive.  A steady diet of animal blood was what sustained him although the need for human blood was a spectre hanging over his head.He was walking across the campus at Stanford University with books in hand.  He was studying pre-med this go around because it was something that he had always wanted to do.  Ever since he was human he’d thought about becoming a doctor.  Something about those Civil War battlefields and soldiers like Damon never left his mind.   He headed toward the student union to take a study break.Stefan had noticed that two men seemed to always be lurking on the campus.  One was an older man with dark hair and dark eyes that looked much older than a typical student.  He had the look of a soldier in his eyes though.  He was always walking around with his hands in his jacket becoming acutely aware of his surroundings.  It was like he was either looking for something or someone.   As long as the man didn’t try to drive a stake through his heart, Stefan left well enough alone.   The other man that he’d seen on campus was a blonde man that looked like he could have been a student.  He was young enough.  He was not as seasoned as the older man, but he had the look of a few battles I his eyes even though he was likely barely 20 years old in his own right.  Just as with the older man, Stefan left the younger man to his own path so long as he wasn’t looking to eliminate any wandering vampires that crossed his path.Stefan found a table away from the main aisle of the student union where he could actually spread out some books and study.  He was fascinated by the workings of the human body.  Unfortunately as a Ripper, he’d seen the insides of the human body on the outside.   He’d often had flashbacks to the blood and body parts that he’d left behind in Monterey in 1917.  He sat there at the table with the anatomy book open and the flashbacks started once again.   The heart of one man, a lung of a woman, an eyeball staring back at him with an accusatory glare at the one who had ended their lives.   Stefan closed his eyes and tried to drink in a shaky breath.  Slowly he opened his eyes.   Standing in the middle of a sea of people was a man that met his own gaze.  He was a gaunt figure with hollow eyes wearing a bloody shirt.  Stefan closed his eyes again and the man was gone.   Being haunted by the ghosts of the ones he’d murdered in Monterey?  Was it even possible?  He’d not been back in this area since 1917.   Witches were real.  Vampires were real.  Why couldn’t ghosts be real too?  Moral Clarity ; Stefan Salvatore;  1607177 credit: james kriet


12/03/2020 06:07 PM 

Spring Morning

First Age – 129Spring was Thranduil’s favourite time of year. The promise of new life burst everywhere he looked. The fresh leaves on the trees had burst their buds a few days before. The first white flowers of the season poked through the frost hardened soil, bringing with them the promise of truly warmer days. Birds had brought him out of his meditative trance that morning but there was no irritation at it. Their song had changed, now they sang of the prospect of eggs and plenty of food.The morning had passed swiftly, spent as he always did, training with his bow and in martial pursuits. He’d been focusing on archery that particular morning. Using the war bow, rather than the short bow for hunting. It was a weapon he was growing used to. The pull was heavier but it no longer made his shoulder ache the way it had done the first time. He knew he was getting quicker too. Caseriel was absent this morning; he had recently spent more and more time patrolling outside Doriath that Thranduil was beginning to miss his taunts. Thranduil would be joining them with his father the next day. Every pull of the bow hit its mark, every arrow flew true. He dearly hoped that it would be so tomorrow. Of all the elves he wanted to impress, Oropher was top of the list. Thranduil admired his father more than anyone else and was eager to show that he was worth taking along. After hastily washing off the morning’s dirt, he grabbed a basket with some food in. He knew his mother was behind that action, though she was nowhere to be seen. He’d decided to head out into the forest to the spot by the spring. The stream would be coming to life, and that was something Thranduil enjoyed seeing. The watercress starting to multiply, the fish waking up and touching the sun-lit surface of the water. It wasn’t long before he was there. The scent of clean leaves touched the air, the music of the stream dancing over pebbles filled the space and birdsong echoed through the woodland. He spread a woven blanket onto the damp ground before settling down with his back against a tree.His gaze was drawn to the other side of the river and he smiled, “Well, come on then, there is enough food in here for both of us,”Ellerian stepped out from behind one of the trees, hopped over the stream and settled on the blanket beside him. “No insult for me today?” she asked.“Why ruin a perfect spring day?” he said. Digging into the basket, he pulled out an apple and handed it to her. She took it and bit into it.“Perfect?” she said.“Yes.” He pulled out some other bits of food – bread, some cheese and a few slices of dried meat. Placing some of the meat between two slices of bread, he nodded again.“Alright, so tell me why!” she said, “Or I’ll say something awful and ruin the day for you!”“I’m leaving tomorrow.”Her sweet face fell, the smile all but chased from her face. “Leaving?” she said. The hand that held the apple was paused half way between her mouth and knee where it had been resting. The smile sprang back moments later, “That’s good. Yes. That’s really good.”Thranduil frowned. “I’m going with my father to join the patrols.”“You’ve wanted to do that for so long,” she said, finally biting the apple, “I am pleased for you.”“But…” he said. He bit some more of the bread. “No, really. I am pleased for you, Thranduil.”“But…?”She turned her vibrant green eyes to him and sighed. “Sometimes, you are so dense,” she said. Thranduil searched her face, trying to see what she was getting at. She snorted, “We have spent time together nearly every day since I saw you looking all pathetic at that loom.”“I was not looking pathetic.”“Yes you were, you had thread everywhere, your finger was pricked until it was bleeding and the cloth was tenser than… well you,” she said. He conceded the point with a wave of his hand. “The point I am trying to make is that while I am pleased for you, I am sad for myself.”“Because I won’t be here to irritate you every day,” he said.She put her half-eaten apple down and took both his hands in hers. They were warm despite the mild chill in the air. He looked down at them, a softer smile touching his face. “Not irritate,” she said.“You tell me that every time we’re together.” His fingers closed around hers; they were small and delicate, and he worried he might break them if he held too tightly.“You are frustrating, irritating, unable to relax…” she said. “But you’re so many other things too and I’m going to miss all of them,” she said. He flicked his eyes to her face and a flood of understanding rushed through him. For a moment, he was unable to speak. “See, so slow. Have you caught up now?” she asked.“I think so.”She narrowed her eyes, “Think?”He brought the back of her hand up to his lips and pressed them against it. Her eyes brightened at the gesture, something he wanted to see again. “I know.”“Then promise me one thing,” she said.“What?”“Come back safe,” she said. “It’s dangerous out there and I want you to come back.”“I will.”“You swear it?”“I have to come back and annoy you some more, I’m not going to let that duty fall to anyone else am I?” he said. She laughed, and that lovely smile lit up her face once more. He leaned towards her, not hesitating and kissed her cheek. “You missed,” she said. “Try again.”He laughed. Ellerian tilted her head a little and this time, he caught her mouth. Her lips were soft, softer than her hand. Sparks danced through him, his chest fluttered. Time ceased to matter and his eyes closed. She touched his cheek and he broke the kiss, leaning his forehead against hers. “I’ll come back,” he whispered. “You better,” she said. She drew back and picked up the apple, “Who else is going to bring me such crisp apples?”Thranduil found himself laughing again and handed her another apple, “Keep this one for tomorrow, think of me while I am away.”“I always do,” she said, taking the apple. “No more talk of leaving until later, let’s enjoy the spring afternoon.” That was all Thranduil needed to hear, his attention focused on her and the beauty of the early spring day. 

Plant Magic (Arabella)

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Physical Description (Arabella)

Hair Color: BlondeEye Color: GreenEyebrows: a tad bushyLips: PlumpWhite ComplexionNails: Sometimes paintedTattoos: NoneScars: None visable, some emotional scarsFace: RoundishHair length: DependsClothes: Mostly conservativePlace of Birth: Salem, Massechusetts, Earth  


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Grammar 1: Run-on sentences

// Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I am not writing these pointers or tips as an attack on anyone’s writing. We are all here to have fun and improve our writing. They are meant to be a reference, or guide, rather than me telling you this is how you must write. That said, I am going to go through the grammatically accurate way of constructing sentences and paragraphsI am not going to give you the words to write with, I won’t insult your intelligence or ability by doing so. What I intend to do is give you the glue that holds the words together. See it like building a wall. The bricks are the words, and the grammar is the mortar – it holds the words together. How you set the mortar will affect the strength of the bricks. I plan on doing several of these via blog posts, each of them focusing on different aspects of writing.Run-on sentences.So, I am going to start with run on sentences.What is a run-on sentence I hear you ask?We’re all a bit guilty of this one, whether we know it or not. A run-on sentence is one that makes over use of conjunctions – words such as ‘and, but, because, if’. There are loads of them and I won’t list them all.Conjunctions are used to join independent clauses (complete sentences) together for ease of reading. For example.Legolas wore a green vest. He wore a brown cloak.It sounds better when you put them together:Legolas wore a green vest and a brown cloak. It still makes sense but is less ‘clumsy’ to read. Problem is, too many conjunctions has the opposite effect. When we get excited with our ideas and let them flow onto the page, we can get carried away. For example: Legolas was running from the spider and he drew his bow and he fired it at the spider and he shot it in the eye but it did not die it attacked him back so he drew his sword and stabbed it in the face until it died with a horrible squeal.Wow! There is a lot going on in that paragraph. I wrote it so it was only one sentence. I hope you’ll agree that it is difficult to read. We get the idea that Legolas is fighting a spider, but a lot of it is lost. Let’s break it down and make it easier for the reader shall we. Legolas was running from the spider. He drew his bow. He fired it at the spider. He shot it in the eye. It did not die. It attacked him back. He drew his sword. He stabbed it in the face. It died with a horrible squeal.Better?Not really is it. It’s easier to read, but it’s not exciting. This is where those conjunctions come in. Let’s try that again adding some in.Legolas ran from the spider and drew his bow. He fired at the spider and shot it in the eye. It didn’t die, instead it attacked him back. He drew his sword and stabbed it in the face. It died with a horrible squeal.I think you’ll agree that the third example is the best of the three. There are many things that we can do to improve it further, but I’ll look at that in another post further down the line.Key points to remember:Too many conjunctions = a terrible read.Full stops are your friend! 

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Sea Of Sin RPG

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Resident Evil

  Basic Information:POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEADTimeline: Obviously we're running our own timeline, as we do have all of the movies, and characters that did die at the end of their movie.Character Changes: Norma & Alex are alive.Recent Story Developments: What would you say if the world came to an end, and the Umbrella Corporation wasn't responsible? That's right no Dr. Isaacs making clones, no Project Alice, no gene pool splicing, and creating of new monsters within this devious organization because there's simply no time what so ever. Well, that's exactly what has gone down here. The world was taken over by zombies October 31, 2019, and Umbrella, is just as in danger as everyone else. This doesn't mean that some of their survivors aren't still dangerous of course they're just not as deadly, as all their facilities have been destroyed, and they're trapped on the surface just like, everyone else.   Overall ConnectionWelcome to the wild world of zombies within Sea of Sin rpg. The Umbrella Corp. is not responsible for this breakout. This means that we are going entirely au from the movies. Characters that were dead, are still able to be alive because the story has changed. Most everyone has divided up into settlements, though this is not the case for all, there are still loners out there. People just fighting to survive. So of course the primary connection is, The Walking Dead, we also incorporate all verses that are apocalyptic related, so these connections will be in existence as well. Then of course we have heavy crossovers from shows like Sons of Anarchy, Roswell (og), and odds and ends characters from the other verses that we offer.    

felιz nανιnтreριd.™

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”Please Take Care of Our Daughter.” The further Elijah drove, the darker it was getting. It seemed as though days and nights didn’t mean much in this world. Hayley closed her eyes and rested her head against the rest behind her, biting her lip as she held onto Elijah’s hand, she could feel the warmth of his fingers wrapped around hers more, but this time it startled her.“I feel colder now..” She mumbled quietly after a few minutes and glanced over at Elijah who returned her stare for a second before returning his eyes back to the road. “Come here.” He said, letting go of her hand and held his arm out for her to scoot closer to him.Hayley immediately scooted herself closer to him and his arm wrapped around her shoulders, kissing the top of her head she rested her cheek against his chest and she closed her eyes again.“You’re freezing, Hayley. Hang on just a little longer okay? We’re almost there.” She nodded her head as she listened to the concern in his voice and he rubbed her arm soothingly in attempt to warm her up just a bit as they got closer to the address that Shelia had sent him. Elijah finally parked the car in front of a small cottage that was nestled in the trees around a little lake. Hayley’s eyes only opened when she noticed that he had stopped driving and she sat up a little bit, but Elijah kept his arm around her. “She’s way out here, isn’t she?” Hayley mumbled, Elijah laughed quietly before kissing her hair as he continued to hold onto her. “There isn’t much out here and it’s quite dangerous at night if you don’t have a place to stay.” Hayley turned to look at him and he shrugged his shoulders softly. “So it’s like a prison world?” She asked, Hayley’s heart sunk and Elijah bit his lip, reaching up to brush her hair behind her ear. “We’re going to get out of here okay? I promise.” He mumbled back in response to her question and in the moment after, Hayley felt his lips against hers. She closed her eyes and kissed him back just as deep and then took a deep breath when she felt him pull away. “I love you, Hayley.” He mumbled to her, his forehead rested against hers and she smiled softly. “I love you too, mister.” She mumbled back just as quietly and Elijah’s infamous crooked smile formed on his lips. “Come on, let’s go get you better; yeah?” Hayley nodded as their eyes met and she smiled back at him before pecking his lips once more before they both made their way out of the car. Once they were out, they walked hand in hand up to the front door of the cottage and Hayley instantly could sense the magic that was coming from inside. It was comforting to say the least. Even before they could knock on the door, it slowly opened and Hayley watched Shelia Bennett’s face light up when she noticed she and Elijah standing there. “Hello, you two. I’ve been expecting you.” She said in her small, southern drawn voice. Hayley smiled at her before resting her head against Elijah’s arm and squeezed his hand while she held it.Elijah cleared his throat before smiling at Shelia. “Thank you, for offering to help us. I think she may be sick.” Hayley shook her head just a bit but kept her head against his arm. “I’m not sick. I just want to go home. Clearly we don’t belong here and this world isn’t doing anything for my body.”Elijah sighed deeply and kissed her head before Shelia pulled the front door open a little more so the two of them could make their way inside. “Come on, child. You don’t want to be caught outside for too long, especially this late.” Elijah nodded slightly and thanked again her before leading Hayley inside, his arm never moving from being wrapped around her. “So this is a prison world.” Hayley said aloud, looking around the little cozy cottage that Shelia was using as a sort of bunker to shield herself from the evils that were lurking in the darkness around them. Shelia was pouring tea from the kettle that was rested on a rack in the fireplace and she walked over, handling a cup to her and to Elijah. “It’s not as dangerous as a prison world, but it’s close enough to it. Souls that have been stuck here that cannot move on for whatever reason become angry and they lash out on supernatural beings that they can sense don’t belong here.” Elijah listened closely to the conversation between sips from his tea. “So that’s why they don’t bother you.. because you’re supposed to be here?” He asked after a moment. Shelia smiled at him softly then shook her head. “Not necessarily, my dear.” She replied to him, sitting down in the big chair next to the couch and sipped her own tea. “I think it’s more along the lines of me being connected to the ancestors and I’ve been helping those souls to move on from this plane to crossover to the other where they’re supposed to be. I’m able to move in between planes with their help which is why I think I’ll be able to help you get back to where you’re supposed to be.” She smiled at the young girl sitting next to him as she sipped some more. “This plane doesn’t affect Elijah because he’s an Original, to answer your question that you’ve been wanting to ask.” Hayley looked over at Shelia before glancing back down and took another drink from the mug that seemed to be warming her up from the inside out. “How do we get home?” She asked her after a moment before her hazel green hues locked on her face. “It’ll take a few steps, and I’m going to need some ingredients for this spell, but I’m pretty sure I’m strong enough for it to be successful, as long as you’re aware of how powerful you are, dear.” She nodded her head in Hayley’s direction and she bit her lip, feeling her eyes water. “I don’t know how strong I am.” She shook her head and her voice cracked just slightly. Shelia smiled and nodded her head once again. “It’ll take some time, and Elijah’s help, it’ll be easier than you think, my love.” Shelia slowly got up and walked over to get herself some more tea before turning back to look at the pair. “We’ll be able to get you home. I promise.” Hayley nodded and sipped the rest of her tea before leaning into Elijah again. “We’ll begin in a few hours, I need to prepare a few things but for right now, please make yourselves at home, I’ll come and get you when I’m ready.” She smiled and walked out of the room, making her way down into the basement and shut the door behind.Hayley sighed deeply and drank the rest of her tea. It was already making her feel better. Elijah smiled down at her when he realized the color was coming back into her cheeks. “How do you feel?” He asked her anyway, reaching over and brushed his fingers through her dark locks and she smiled up at him. “Like I never want to leave your side again, and ready to go home.” She replied, Elijah grinned at her before pressing his lips to hers again, Hayley giggled softly and returned his kiss.They were closer than they thought they were. But in that moment nothing else mattered, and all they had to do right now was wait.


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