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03/29/2017 10:42 PM 

Connections that I want. MORE COMING

***the videos are just a way i like to do things, don't mind them. I either ❤️ the story in it or the song fits.**

* I want a connection that is like a love/hate, they like each other but they also despise one one another. Even at the worst of times they will be there for each other, and at other times they can't stand to be around the other as well. Sort of like a Damon/Caroline, without the vampire stuff. At times, he will use her and Abby might be the bossy person he can't stand.

*Abby needs someone that will bring out the side she likes to hate, to balance her out. She is so afraid of many things. She does not think she is anything and will not amount to anything. I want her to have that ex that gets in her head, likes to play with her mind a bit. The one that she can't just get out of her mind or want to get them out of her head. The two of them know that things never are going to be end game with the two of them; seeing that timing is never on their side. Though they are those people that just can't not be in each other lives.

* I want a friend/enemy. I want there to be tension, I want there to be a point were they do become friends, but up until then its like two cats fighting with each other. 

* I want someone that Abby can get crazy with. I want this person to be the one she goes to to let her hair down, go to a  party or cause trouble. With Abby's life being so carefree, I want her to get into some trouble that she has has to find her way out of. 

* An ex girlfriend || One that knows the truth about Abby, and the one that got her to come out of her shell before. The one that Abby needs to not be afraid of her life, to be adventurous. Abby needs her a bit in her life, but that does not mean she wants to be with her. She's the one that first showed Abby that it was ok to be different, and that different is not wrong.



♚ωonder ωoman

03/29/2017 05:43 PM 

Shadow Kissed Anna

Drabble. Title will be changed later. 


❝ᴅevil ℳay care

03/29/2017 03:41 PM 

Vampire Academy | Writing Sample

Drabble/Writing Sample and cool stuff and things here. Coming soon. 



03/29/2017 03:15 PM 

Kalika II's children

Kalika II has a son with Peter Pan that she sent to The Land of Untold Stories. He has two children, a boy and a girl.

After she returned from Neverland, Kalika II had a second child with her first husband. She was a little girl named Laia who returned with her. She and her husband parted ways, as Kalika was too young to be his wife outside of Fairy Tale Land. They had a son who was born before she left to go to Neverland. She also had a daughter who was born a few years later with her main husband. Her daughter became an extremely strong witch and her son left Fairy Tale Land to live in the Land Without Magic.


family, grandchildren,Kalika


03/29/2017 03:05 PM 

Blood Oath

Rules are coming soon 



03/29/2017 01:20 PM 



Atticus Lane.
Emery Jones.
Rory Rivera.
Steven Queen.
Teddy Mckinney.
Theodore Atkins.

Rion Jones. 


Jack Gilinsky
Jeremy McKinnon.
Neil Westfall.
Frank Iero.
Travis Mills.
William Beckett.

Stella Hudgens.


The Gotham Guardian

03/29/2017 12:34 PM 

The Bat Cave Rules.

[You are not required to sign. Signing my rules has been disabled. Just read.]


1. I'm not Ben Affleck. I don't claim to be Ben Affleck. I am not David Mazouz. I don't claim to be David Mazouz. I am not Batman. I don't claim to be Batman. Ben Affleck and David Mazouz are real life actors who I never met nor do I know anyone who's associated with them. Batman is fictional and owned by DC Comics. Who am I? A roleplayer. Like you. Hi folks! -waves-

2. Now I know not everyone is warming to what DC is doing with their films so far. For me personally consider myself a freak but I actually enjoyed Man of Steel,  Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.  Could they have been better? Well yes..but then that can be said of almost every film ever made. I will not tolerate bullying or mocking of my liking the films or the fact I am using Ben Affleck as my face choice. If you don't like rp it by all means rp with someone else who agrees with how you feel about it.

3. OOC wise. My life is stressful as it is for every adult out there I am sure. Full disclosure I care for my parents both of which have serious diseases. I am also dealing with my own personal problems. There will be times I don't feel like rping. Hell lately they are days I don't want to get out of bed.  There will times I need to take breaks from the site. Please bear with me if they are days come up a lot. Forcing me to write  to fill a time table doesn't work for me.

4. I like to keep up the allure of rp. So for the most part I stay in character. However I will share some  real life information.  I'm a dude. I'm in my 30s. I've been into roleplaying since I was 18. So about half of my life I've been a roleplayer.  I will also share I am involved with a lucky lady who knows who she is and since I'm off the market no I am not here to find a new girlfriend. Now due to bad experiences I will not share my real name. If I get to know you as I do like to make new friends I'll share my real name. Until then, it's Bruce or Batman to you.

5. I will not tolerate OOC crap of any kind. So trouble starters, drama queens or people who like to stir the sh it for no God forsaken reason need to keep off my page. Drama is for the RP and for the rp only.


6. I'm a multi-para to novella writer. I write anything from 3 paras to  6 paras. Lately it's in the 4-5 para range. I will rp in comments or messages and will leave that choice up to you.

7. I do not like to be godmoded. If you want to move the storyline along fine. But I control my character.

8. I discuss all storylines prior to roleplaying. In fact no discussion. No roleplay. It's really that simple. An unwillingness to plot or brainstorm will probably get you deleted.    

9. I will over look spelling and grammar errors. No one is perfect just try your best and don't be lazy with it. If you're one who suffers from reading and comprehension disorders or do not use English as your primary main language I will  cut some slack too.

10. For the most part I do prefer to keep RP 1 on 1. I may join a group or RPG but for now I am too old school and like to keep  RPs personal. If I feel the need urge to showcase what I can bring to the table I'll  join a group but for now 1 on 1 is what I'm doing.


11. My Batman is a mix of  DCEU Batman (Ben Affleck's Batman), the comic books and the Arkham videogames. I will also do storylines based from the popular TV show  Gotham. So if you wanted a Batman who won't strictly stick with the movies then you found the right guy.

12. My Batman is a crossover friendly account. I will interact with The Doctor, Luke Skywalker Buffy Summers, Iron Man, Rick Grimes, Selene, Lara Croft, Sherlock Holmes, Captain Jack Sparrow etc..

13. Despite the fact  that I do have pictures on my profile depicting him as being in Batman is not in a relationship. In fact I am not having my character pairing off. Batman is remaining on the market and playing his options open. Sorry ladies.

14. Expect the following content in my writing. Because my content is adult. I don't permit minors on my page. So be 18 years or older please.
  •  Violence: He's Batman of course he's going to be kicking some ass. So that should be expected. Hell if you were expecting a Batman that isn't going to throw down they you came to the wrong place. Batman ain't no pacifist. 
  •  Language: There will be words used that made your kid shouldn't say. I won't be cursing like a sailor but expect some swearing in my writing. I don't censor my language. We're all adults here so I am sure we dropped the F-bomb. 
  •  Mild Drinking:In Batman v. Superman, Bruce did have a mild drinking problem. I am gonna explore that in my writing as Bruce Wayne.  I am not going to have him be a flat out drunk but yes he will enjoy a glass of wine or alcohol every now and then.
  • Sex: Listen my Batman isn't a prude. Sex could or can come up in my writing. However it's not a reason why I rp. If sex does come up it is strictly with women only. I prefer to roleplay sex in messages or through AIM. Sex is 100 % consensual. Sex will not come up if we have a storyline where I'm playing the child version of Bruce.

15. I will interact with more then one person playing the same character. This is not a popularity contest. To make it even more so it's not a popular contest I am no longer doing mains. It's strictly adding connections  to my page. 

Now with that being said I want everyone to have fun. I am here to have fun and escape the sh it reality I am living in right now.  I look forward to roleplaying with you. 

- The Gotham Guardian



03/29/2017 01:03 PM 


Let's be honest, it's hard to get inspired anymore.

If you join a group, it feels like you can only fit in if you were there from the start, or you can weasel your way into their cliques. No one responds to your comments, no one ever wants to actually write, and it just seems pointless to stick around, even though you put your entire heart into this character.

It really sucks.

That's why this group was made, to not only make role play fun again, but to make it inspiring as well. You'll find that the rules here aren't at all like a normal RPG's. In fact, this place is more so a directory for band and music role players alike.


Everyone has a real life, we get it. We're not going to give you a certain requirement on how much you should be around. As long as you don't disappear for weeks on end, you're good. I think it's safe to say we all know what's acceptable and what isn't.


IC drama? Strongly encouraged, so long as it's pre-discussed. OOC? Absolutely not allowed. Keep role play and real life separate, don't ruin the fun for everyone.


We're asking for original characters, and offer our help if you need assistance coming up with something. 

Social Media.

We won't require you to go all out of your way to make a bunch of different things like twitter, ask, aim, whatever. Most of us do have aim, and use it, but that doesn't mean you have to as well. 


We're not going to tell you that you can't date or write with anyone outside of the group. We're not your mom, and this place is more like a directory to find other musicians anyways. You have absolutely no obligatory connection to this group, we do not own you. We want you to actually be able to have fun! 

Sign below with your favorite musician/band! 



03/29/2017 12:22 PM 





03/29/2017 12:05 PM 

The Draconian Empire

The Draconian Empire is a vast kingdom that got its size from the many areas that it conquered. It's primarily a desert kingdom, but also has a vast array of caves and mountains. Its people are all dragons and lizards, but a certain percentage of the population looks human. Either one parent is a humanoid race or human, period. They can make themselves look like people using illusions in order to trick their enemies.

Draconians have a clan-based culture for the most part. However,they're ruled over by a royal family that controls all the conquered areas. They value fighting, hunting, honor, tradition and family. To die in the heat of battle achieving glory is the greatest death one could possibly achieve. Punishment is severe and their sense of justice and mercy is extremely severe. A thief will have their hands chopped off or injured, depending on the severity of the case. Stonings, hangings and other various methods of execution are a source of entertainment to the public. Very little thought is given to prisoners and they can easily be tortured as a source of amusement to the guards.

Not all Draconians believe in maintaining honor, but none of them will tolerate being insulted. A slight demands that a duel be held so that the injured party can regain their honor and reputation. Challenging authority results in swift, brutal punishment and an example is set for all to see. Insulting someone's family or clan is a serious matter and can lead to a fight to the death. Insulting the people is practically a declaration of war. It's intolerable and leads to merciless slaughter of an entire village or even a town.



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