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03/25/2023 07:56 PM 


Dominick Jensen(father): Harlow’s father is a busy man. At 46, he runs one of the largest architectural firms in New York. Dominick is an intelligent and hardworking man. He wouldn’t hesitate to help a person in need. He’s a go getter and won’t take no for an answer. Harlow hasn’t always had a great relationship with her father. And even though things are better now, their relationship is still rocky at times. Part of Harlow is always going to resent him for leaving her and her mother and for not being there to protect her as a child. Harlow loves him though and is happy to have him in her life now. Richard Bourdeaux(stepfather): Richard is 52 years old and is the CEO of Treasury Bank Financial. He’s well known throughout many social circles. Ask anyone who knows him and they will say he’s smart, very charming, handsome, and a great businessman. To Harlow, he’s a manipulative phony who stole her childhood. She hates everything about him and if she could she’d never speak with him again or kill him if she thought she could get away with it. Her sister is the only reason she has any communication with him at all. And even then she keeps her distance. Harlow used to fear the man when she was younger but she’s not afraid to stand up to him now that she’s older. Vanessa Bourdeaux(mother): Harlow’s mother is a stay-at-home mother. She’s 45 years old but she looks younger. She’s selfish, tough, and won’t back down from a fight. She’s got a face and personality that can charm anyone. Harlow’s relationship with her mother is complicated. A part of her loathes her mother for allowing her stepfather to abuse her as a child but there’s a part of her that still loves her despite it. The two don’t talk unless it involves Ellianna. Harlow does everything she can to keep her mother out of her life. And just like her stepfather, she only communicates with her because of her sister. Ellianna Bourdeaux (Sister/daughter): At just 11 years old, Ellianna is wise beyond her years. She is smart, kind, and has a loving heart. Watching her grow up has been one of the few highlights of Harlow’s life. The two have a bond that can never be broken. When Harlow is having a bad day, is stressed out, or needs advice she turns to Ellianna. Harlow does her best to spend as much time as possible with Ellianna and to make sure she knows just how much she loves her. Nicholas Jensen Jr.: (half brother) Nick is 21 years old and like most 21 year old's he’s a bit of an a**hole but he’s a good guy. He’s funny, athletic, and very competitive. Harlow and Nick haven’t always been close. In fact, Harlow hated him when she was first introduced to him. It was nothing he did wrong, it was just that he got to grow up and spend his life with her father and he walked out on Harlow and her mom. She was also jealous that he got to grow up with two loving parents and didn’t have to go through the things she did. Nick always thought Harlow was the lucky one growing up, but he didn’t know what happened behind closed doors. Ava Jensen(half-sister): At 18, Ava is a brat. She’s a smart young woman but she’s spoiled and a bit of a party girl. Harlow sees a lot of herself in Ava though. As different as the two women are, the two just click. She doesn’t spend a lot of time with Ava due to the age difference and things like work, but the time they do spend together means a lot to Harlow. Ava is Harlow’s confidant and one of the few people Harlow trusts. She is the only person in her family who knows about the abuse she endured as a child.  

π•Ίπ–šπ–— π•·π–†π–‰π–ž πŸ’™β™‘πŸ”₯β™‘

03/25/2023 05:54 PM 

𝕲 𝖗 𝖔 π–š 𝖕

Click to enter the Group, blessings.


03/25/2023 05:16 PM 

Check in for 3/25

List A1)Last week's task2) Comment on 10​​​​​List B2) Share the RPG3)


03/25/2023 03:37 PM 

another testing,

caroline's speech:Hiiii, everyone. For those who don’t know me, I’m Caroline Tesfaye and I’ve been so lucky and honored to be Birdie’s matron of honor and best friend for almost a decade now. It’s about to get real sappy up in here, so this is your fair warning before I continue. So, not to be dramatic, but Birdie Shepard, soon to be Birdie Styles, is the very reason that I even know what the word best friend truly means. I’m fully convinced that if I hadn’t met Birdie when I moved to New York that I would be a completely different, and worse person. I would personally like to thank hot cheeto guy for that night in the club that brought the infamous Birdoline together. If you know, you know. I’ve spent the wildest time in my life earning the title of “the party girls” with her by my side. From fake ID’s, dirty slut muffin martinis, broken hearts and for every single night that we can’t remember, there’s three more that we do that I’d never trade for anything in this entire world.We’ve celebrated so much together, every success, or everything I’m proud of, I’ve done with Birdie by my side. She has cheered me on, supported me, dried my tears, made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurt, and she’s my soul sister. When I met my husband, this handsome chimkin, Birdie was the first person I told. I remember calling her and saying, “Birdie, uh, I think I might be in love with The Weeknd and I just met him last night.” and while, I’m sure she thought I was nuts, she knew that I had met the love of my life because she knows me better than anyone else. So, when I got the same call, and I listened to my best friend talk about good ol Patchy Mc Cowprint, I knew that she had also found her other human, and I could look at her and tell this was different. We joke all the time that who would’ve thought that Birdie and I would be married, that we’d hang up our party girl titles for successful careers, successful relationships and most of all; for happiness.I wouldn’t have let just anyone marry my best friend. I know that you’re probably thinking, “well, it doesn’t matter, it’s not your choice, not your marriage, blah blah blah” well, if you’re thinking that, you don’t know Birdoline very well. Birdoline is a unit. We’re a packaged deal. We’ve always come together as a set, and anyone who would want to split that up, they’d simply be kicked to the curb. But Harry? Harry loves Birdie with such intensity that anyone can see it, his eyes have always only been on her. It’s like watching magnets and I knew he’d love her and take care of her. I knew that he’d take her heart and keep it safe, that he’d cherish the woman that she is, because the woman that she is? She’s incredible. She’s smart and talented. She’s funny, and she’s the reason I am who I am today.We’re lucky because not only is Harry great for Birdie, but he’s become one of my best friends in the whole world. And I don’t need to talk about the whole #habel thing, because the boyfriends can speak for themselves, but I’m so grateful for this little happy family that we’ve made, I can’t even thank these two for being in our lives. I am so proud of them and I wish them nothing but all the happiness in the world, and all the love as they get married. I love you so much, cheers!  abel's speech:Thank you, Caroline, for the most perfect speech for Birdie. I don’t know how I’m supposed to top that but uh.. I’m not the best with words or speeches. You know wouldn’t know it but I’m quite shy… And her speech was a lot more sentimental than I think I’m capable of being... but the bromance between me and Harry is real. That’s a fact.Anyone who knows Harry knows that he’s the most kind, sweet, and sensitive man. He’s genuine and real, never one to offend, and always down for a good time. He’s the voice of reason and is a friend to everyone even if he doesn’t know someone that well. He’s heard me out on several occasions and never once judged me through every hard conversations we’ve had together.Now, whenever I met Harry, I wasn’t sure if we would vibe the way that we do. He’s much kinder than I am and truly inspires me every day to continue to be a better man, to strive to be the best I can be for Caroline. He has an undying love for Birdie and it’s clear by how respectful and caring he is towards her. I truly could not ask for a better man to call my best friend. He’s the ideal man for Birdie.I, like Caroline, knew from the moment I met them both that they were supposed to be together. There’s not a more perfect fit for either of them. Harry balances Birdie out and vice versa. It’s such a beautiful relationship to see unfold. I’m grateful to call these two humans my best friends even if Birdoline likes to refer to us as boyfriends. Just ‘cause we lay in our giant California King sized bed, get high, and vibe to music together… Well, when I put it like that.. Nah, I’m playin, but honestly, it’s a couple like Harry and Birdie that reassures you that you’re not crazy and there’s such a thing as pure, undying, passionate love. I would know because I feel that way about Caroline. It’s clear that their souls are meant to be together. Anyone who is ever lucky enough to cross paths with them and experience their love is truly fortunate. It’s inspiring.Harry, Birdie, I genuinely love you both so much and I’m forever grateful to both of you for allowing me into your lives. I wish all of the love and happiness to come in this life time and for however how many lifetimes are to come. Love like yours is not easily broken. You will always find your way back to each other, I’m confident. I’m so happy for y’all. I can’t wait for y’all to enjoy married life. It really is the best. { MUSIC P L A Y E R } .music { bottom:10px; right:-32px; width:32px; height:30px; position:fixed!important; -webkit-transition: all .3s linear; -moz-transition: all .3s linear; -o-transition: all .3s linear;} .music:hover { right:10px; } .ghost { width:32px; height:30px; overflow:hidden; } .player { margin-left:-10px; margin-top:-11px; }   β™«


03/25/2023 12:26 PM 

Just a mad world.

@import url(''); @import ''; @import url(''); @import url(''); @font-face { font-family: "BebasNeueVE"; src: url("");} @font-face { font-family: "BenguiatStdVE"; src: url("");} @import url(''); betty β™” cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins navilink violent delightswith violent ends Betty was going through a lot of emotional turmoil as a result of the fact that a serial murderer was calling her and she was also attempting to solve a mystery. Everything was a little excessive. The single bright spot in her life, the guy wearing a knit cap, was the one thing that helped her maintain her sanity. Whenever he was in the vicinity, you could count on him to grasp her hand and see that she had relaxed her grip on her hands. On occasion, he would comprehend the strain that was exerted by her mother. He reminded her that this was a significant improvement over the background noise that was all around her. Yet, now that he was living on the southside, things were not the same. Things were going in a new direction things were altering. She wanted to tell him a lot of things, but she couldn't since she was concerned about keeping him safe at the same time. She was driven nuts by her constant worry about losing him while another individual was being murdered. Betty wanted to go just as they had said she could if it was that simple. After some time, she came to the conclusion that being around the serpents and being around them was something what she wanted. Initially, she believed that they had extremely interesting ideas, and she enjoyed seeing Jughead play the part of the leader. He was maturing into his own unique personality. assuming responsibility for the situation, the point was that she wanted to demonstrate that she was capable of handling things just as much as everyone else. She was capable of handling things on her own regardless of what circumstances arose. He did not have to go to the point of protecting her by just preventing her from being excluded from the situation. She has no intention of just becoming one of the serpents for the sake of Jughead. She wanted to be of assistance. Yet, it was also to demonstrate to him that they were, in a way, a team despite the circumstances. despite the fact that she knew, somewhere in her heart, that he wouldn't like the dancing in front of everyone, Betty couldn't help but do it nonetheless. This was a decision that she was making for herself and not in consultation with anybody else. This was the option that she went with.While she worked on undoing and retying the knot she had created in the front of her light denim blue shirt, her eyes darted between the diamanté jewels that adorned the collar and the top two buttons. She'd wasted much too much time mulling over whether or not she should show some flesh by tying the scarf in a knot or tuck it inside her skirt instead. In the end, she decided to go with the second choice. She studied her evening attire, which she was aware was supposed to make her feel courageous and confident, but she couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't quite right. She cocked her head to the side. When she gazed at herself in the full-length mirror once again, this time focusing on her pink skirt that was shorter than normal, her attention was immediately pulled to her hair. The most annoying feature has had to be the ponytail.Her hand reached up and grabbed the blonde hairband, which she then tugged off of her head. Betty Cooper was ready with only the hint of a grin, an upward movement of her lips, and the glide of her fingers through her hair.With the exception of Polly, the women of the Cooper household made their grand appearance. Almost immediately upon their entrance, there seemed to be an absolute hush fall over everyone in the room. These were the main topic of discussion for everyone there. Betty was unable to recollect the precise amount of time that had elapsed since Alice's last visit to this bar; yet, it seemed that a significant portion of time had been consumed during that absence. Betty focused her concentration on the one and only person in the world who mattered to her at that precise instant in time.As the music was suddenly cut off, Betty had no clue what was going on, and she watched as Veronica and Archie sprinted off the stage in opposite directions. Veronica and Archie both fled the stage at the same time. Betty's natural singing ability began to emerge as she walked out onto the stage, grabbed the mirophone, and began to perform " All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces " It was either going to happen for her now, when it was her turn to dance, or it wasn't going to happen at all. During the time that she was performing, she was on stage. It seemed as if she was constantly proceeding at a slower pace throughout the whole of the circumstance. When she seized the microphone and began singing the song, she slowly began to remove her blowse and then her skirt. Her fingertips delicately traced the curve of her neck as she pushed one hand through her hair. Although she was moving back a little bit and grabbing on to the pole while spinning and leaning back, she was doing everything and anything that came naturally to her at the time. As she turned around, her back was against the pole, and she carefully looked at Jughead. She grasped the pole and started making slow, deliberate spins around it until she was entirely encompassed by it. She did this until she was totally encased by it. She was just dancing gently when she reached up to her face, stroked her cheek, and then kept dancing thereafter. The period of time in which she had the impression that she was existing entirely inside her own universe.Betty It was the fact that she wasn't only dancing for him but also for other reasons that contributed to the one-of-a-kind experience that she had throughout the dance. As time went on, she saw that she was beginning to take a greater interest in herself. She was developing her independence by choosing to make decisions for herself and deciding that she did not care what other people thought or said about the choices that she made. She often found herself considering how much she cared for the serpents, which spurred her desire to assist them in some manner. It is possible that the Jughead and Serpents had a part in her decision as well. This is something that should be considered.When Betty made her way up to the microphone and sung the last word of "mad world," she couldn't help but see something off in the distance in one of the room's corners. Despite her composure, Betty made her way closer to the microphone. After that, she turned her attention to concentrate on Jughead and FP. Betty was left clueless when the song abruptly came to a stop; she had no idea what was going on. Betty was experiencing a full-blown panic attack and going through all of its stages. When she learned that Jughead felt negatively toward her, it came as a complete surprise to her. If he had even the slightest suspicion that she intended to go through with this, he would never let it to happen. It was necessary for him to come to the understanding that he did not have to watch over her at all times. They did the task as a unit, and she demonstrated that she is more than capable of looking for herself.Before FP could even begin to get a handle on what was going on, she had already started to make her way off the stage. She left before FP could even begin to understand what was happening. He seemed to be wearing his Serpent jacket at the moment, and he offered it to Betty so that she might wrap herself in it. Betty's attention moved to concentrate on Jughead as the new center of attention. Even the low lighting in the bar was insufficient to hide his agitation and nervousness. He was furious. When some time had passed, he saw her standing outside wearing a blue blouse and a pink skirt. waiting for the conflict to begin. Everything came tumbling down at the same time. Therefore love moderately; long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slowToo swift arrives as tardy as too slow

Claire Redfield

03/25/2023 11:42 PM 

Claire Redfield

Claire here! Well I'm gonna keep things short, I'm an open AU I have a bio of my character with a little twist. So if you feel like connecting please let me know I don't bite. 

Adeline Dinozzo

03/25/2023 09:24 PM 

my bestie abby
Current mood:  adored

Abby is a ball of energy. Abby and I get into all sorts of trouble together. She is the closest thing I have to a sister, I don't have one. I need coffee and she needs her calf-pow. I thought it only came in one flavor, I think it does. Tony is off on some date with some chick, He always is. Most of the time I do not like her. There is something different bout this one, But he is in love with Ziva David, I can see it all over his face and the chemistry. A lot of the time I just wish he would listen to me and Abby I read people and she is the person who can find answers. She can make a death look like an accident. It is a little scary. but thats why i love her. 


03/25/2023 03:29 PM 

task: star sign.

Asher's star sign is....PERSONALITY TRAITS Compassionate artistic, deeply emotional especially empathic sensitive and moody clingy overthinkers lazy secretive forgiving  Although Asher does have some of the characteristics of those born within the Pisces zodiac, such as being secretive and forgiving, he really doesn't have many other characteristics that are said to belong to those that were born between February 19th and March 20th. This is possibly because he only just makes it into the Pisces zodiac. He does have an extremely forgiving nature and will forgive almost anything when it comes to those he cares for but he isn't clingy or lazy. He is an extremely hard worker and very clean; he is also extremely independent and has been since he can remember. Asher can be rather emotional at times, but this is not a personality trait he would ever say he actually possesses. Like many other personality traits, for Asher, there is a time and a place for this one. It is seldom and very between emotional meltdowns.  


03/24/2023 03:26 PM 

Optional Task #429

                                                                  "Bittersweet Goodbye"- DrabbleThey say that when something is meant to be, it will happen regardless. It was something that Catherine believed in as she is a hopeless romantic. Ever since she could remember, she has always been a dreamer. Being the middle child is hard to be put on the spotlight. She had two younger sisters and an older brother. She loved her siblings but she was the dreamer of the bunch for sure. She had known Raleigh since they were kids, she remembered her brother teasing her about him and her sisters as well. Even her parents thought that the two of them would end up together. Catherine thought that Raleigh was cute but she always saw him as a friend and someone she could count on. It wasn't until they were in their teens that they started to date. Their romance was unique and wonderful, he was everything that she ever wanted. Even when she moved to New York, they still continued their relationship. When she was in New York, he went into the military. They made it through all of that, and she respected his decision to be in the Army and being part of the military. She admired his courage for doing that and through it all, she stood by his side as he did when she told him that she wanted to become a doctor. Most people wouldn't think about going to medical school or becoming a doctor because of the time and length of school and all of the process. Catherine did not mind, she knew that she wanted to become a doctor. After a few years, she was afraid that she wouldn't pass the MCAT but she did. She passed it and moved back to Hartsville to complete her residency at the Harstville Medical Center. Through it all she had the support of her boyfriend, Raleigh. He was going through a few things himself and as time passed, he eventually proposed to Catherine, she was happy and couldn't stop smiling. She knew that it was going to be amazing to spend the rest of her life with her now husband. The resident at the time, she was still busy being a wife and finishing her residency but she eventually did it. She was now Dr. Catherine Byrne, taking her husband's last name. A few years passed and they filed for divorce because of him leaving due to a special operation mission he had to leave. She didn't know specifically the details but she understood and let him go. She decided to keep his name and continue on with her life, focusing on her work and her career. Little did she know that he was going to come back into her life. A few years later, she bumped into him at a bar and she couldn't believe it. Her heart was beating fast when their eyes met. It was as if time stood still. All the feelings for him came back and when they sat down to talk about things, she knew that perhaps there was a second chance for them. She was a hopeless romantic and someone who believed in second chances. Catherine and Raleigh gave their relationship another try and this time things were different. She felt happy and so in love. They had spent so much time together and had traveled together and things seemed to be going well. When the pair went to Paris, Raleigh proposed to Catherine and they were engaged. For the doctor it seemed that things were going well. She was busy at both the clinic and the hospital and she was busy wedding planning. Things seemed to going well until recently when she woke up next to a note. Catherine was about to get ready for the day when she found a note on his pillow. She was concerned as she was not sure what the note could be. The note was from Raleigh. Opening the note she read it, "Dear Catherine...." it started it. As she continue reading it, she could feel the tears in her eyes forming and running down her cheeks. He had yet again left her, and this time she did  not think that he was coming back. She felt heartbroken and sad, upset, because she did not know what she did to deserve this, what she did to have leave again. She began to cry alone, as she heard  her dog walking inside of her room. "Come here baby" she said as she was crying and cuddled with her dog. Her dog was her comfort at this moment. After drying her tears, she took a deep breathe. "Come on got this, you are stronger than this and even though it hurts you will move on..." she said to herself. She was frustrated that she had giving in for a second chance and that she trusted him and believed in him. She knew that it was better this way, there was no way of turning back. This was truly a bittersweet goodbye, a goodbye without no return. 

Adeline Dinozzo

03/24/2023 11:59 PM 

Tony's little sister tells embarrassing stories
Current mood:  embarrassed

my older brother, tony loves to tell embarrassing stories about me when I was little. I swear and it's so not funny. I was in Abby's lab one day we were working on finding the killer s DNA on a case. tony thought it would be funny to pull a prank on me and Abby, McGee walk into the lab with 2 calf pows and was a lifesaver. tony doesn't really like me drinking energy drinks he says they keep me up all night, which they don't. I swear they don't. I only drink them with Abby on nights when I have to be up late working on the case. this time Megee and I put glue on his keyboard well I did it was just Tony's idea. 


03/24/2023 10:39 PM 

Biweekly Task. "Open Your Eyes" Drabble. TW: Domestic Violence Mentioned.

                                    "Open Your Eyes" -Drabble (TW: Domestic Violence mentioned)There was no way of her knowing that the man she loved would turn into her worst nightmare. There was no way of seeing the signs because there was none at the beginning. Their relationship at the beginning was wonderful, Silas was sweet, loving and caring. The two had the best of times together, they had beautiful memories and he always knew how to make her smile and laugh. Whenever she was having a bad day, he was there to cheer her up. About a few months later, things started to change. He would start calling her non-stop and texting her non-stop as well. Asking her where she is when she is at work and even when she gets home, he starts yelling at her. It was a distinct-pattern, Eleanor felt as she was walking on egg shells when she was around him. Tonight was no different, she was arriving home and she could feel the tension in the air already. The heavy feeling pressing against her chest, she tried to take a deep breathe ready to find out what would happen. She started to cook dinner and he was calm which was unusual but she did not say anything. She served them dinner, and sat down to eat dinner. The tension could be cut with a knife, she tried to eat as fast as she could and trying to watch what she was saying. She could tell that he had been using drugs again, he had this look in his eyes. His pupils were dialated and there was redness in his eyes. She was about to stand up and take the plates when she felt his hand on her arm. "Where are you going?" she  heard him ask.  "I...I was getting up to take the plates....why?" she asked him. "I haven't told you that you can get up yet so sit down!" he said with an anger tone in his voice. Eleanor was shaking but she tried to keep her compusure. She took a seat back as she placed the plates back. She glanced over at him as she was shaking as she saw him get up and throw the plates to the floor. "Why are you shaking?! Are you scared?! Because I will try to do something that will scare you" he said. Eleanor stood up as she began to run as she saw him running after her and pinned her against the wall and started to scream at her, insulting her. She could feel her heart beating and her body freezing up. She snapped out of it as she heard his fist hit the wall. "You make me so are cheating on me aren't you! Aren't you?! That is why you do not answer my phone calls and texts, you are such a whore" he said as she began to cry. He punched her and she fell to the floor, she started to crawl away as he started to physically beat her. Eleanor laid there trying her best to be resilient and survive. Once he stopped, and left the house, she laid there. She was able to slowly get up and call her friend and her boss, Sandra from the marketing agency. "Sandra, I need help" she said crying. Her friend arrived to the house as she helped her to her car and took her to the hospital. Being asked questions and getting treated was not easy, she couldn't bring herself to say that her boyfriend had physically assaulted her, beating her on the floor. She lied to the doctors and said that she had fell, but the doctors understood and gave her space. While she was being treated and waiting in the hospital room, her friend Sandra never left her side. Besides being her boss, she was a friend to her. Sandra was a blonde tall lady, she glanced over at Elanor. "Ellie, why don't you tell the doctor's the truth?! I do not believe that you had a fall..." she said softly. Eleanor had only confided in Sandra because only a few months before, she had come to the office with black eye and used sunglasses to hide it and make up but Sandra could tell. "Because I can't....I can't because I am afraid...I am afraid of his retaliations" she said softly as the tears starting running down her cheeks. "Plus...I love him" she softly as she looked over at her friend. Sandra took a seat on the chair close to Eleanor. "How much pain do you have to go through before given up is okay? How many more insults and beatings Ellie? He does not love is not hurting the one you love is respecting them and trusting them" she said. Eleanor knew that her friend was right. She knew that this would continue and it was the fear and love that kept her from moving. "If you need help and need somewhere to stay for the time being, you can stay with me while you figure out what to do next" she said softly. "Please open your eyes and see that this is not okay" Sandra said. Eleanor nodded and looked over at her. "I will take you on that offer, thank you" she said softly. Once she was allowed to leave the hospital, she left with Sandra and they went with a police officer to pick up a bag with her clothes and things for the time being. He was not there at the moment, Sandra helped her pack a bag with her things for the time being. Eleanor knew that this was the final straw, she had enough and she needed to stand for herself. She was going to leave him and leave for good. She did not leave a note, she packed and left with her friend for the time being while she figure out what to do. She hadn't shared with anyone else besides Sandra and she eventually told her cousin, Gabriel who offered to help her to flee. Eleanor was scarred of taking this step but she knew that she had to do it. She had to stand up for herself and it was now or never. She had the opportunity and Silas wouldn't be able to find her or so she thought. This was the incident that truly opened her eyes to the mess of the relationship she had. She seeked out therapy and help to process all of the emotional and psychological abuse that she went through. She was learning to process it and heal from it all. It was still a fresh scar on her, but slowly she was healing from it. 


03/24/2023 10:21 PM 


Keep the drama for your mama. We’re going to be honest here, in this first rule, and tell you that nobody here has time for your angsty teenage drama. So please, for the love of whatever deity you do or do not believe in, do not bring that here. You should be checking your baggage at the door when you join this group – if you have beef, just be an adult: do what you’re supposed to and move on. There are going to be twenty-eight other members in this group; you can get away with not talking any more than is necessary, we assure you.If drama does, for whatever reason, occur, we ask that you bring that to us as soon as possible so that we can try and help it from spreading and prevent it from becoming a larger issue.We will be working on a “three strikes and you’re out” policy, unless the situation requires more drastic intervention. However, please keep in mind that this will be on a case-by-case basis and we reserve the right to preserve our home however we deem necessary. We’re nice people who are usually fair in our judgements about stuff like this, since we understand that everyone makes mistakes, but don’t take advantage of that. Respect us and we’ll respect you, that’s a promise. Group Activity Requirements. Activity is the most important thing for every group to survive and thrive, right? Our activity will be broken down into the following three stages: general activity, weekly activity, and bi-weekly activity. We’ll go more in depth on each of these below.We believe that our general activity requirements look like most groups, but they are as follows: you must maintain four storylines at any time after you finish your second week here, you must login at least once every four days, and any writing needs to be taken care of within a month’s time. If you do not login in over four days, you will be removed unless you’ve asked and received permission for a hiatus. If you are found to be below four storylines or have an owe that is over a month old, you will be given five days to get that resolved; if it is not resolved by the end of those five days, you may be removed from the group.Our weekly activity isn’t going to be too difficult. You must update your owes list at least once in the seven days prior to our checks, have no overdue owes, and you must have posted at least three statuses that week. Simple, right? If you have an off week, you’ll get a warning, but you have to make it up the following week, so keep that in mind!Bi-weekly checks are probably our most important, to be honest. We will have a mandatory point system here, which is incredibly easy if you are doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, but every two weeks, you will need to earn forty points, ten of which need to be from writing. This may seem like a lot but we have a whole host of options that will get you to that threshold, so no need to worry! If you do not achieve 40 points, you will lose your spot here unless you’ve spoken to us before Thursday of that week and given us a good reason. (Please note, those on hiatus would have a fraction of that total to earn, depending on how long their hiatus was).Additionally, our week will end on Friday at midnight eastern. The weekly bulletin should be posted sometime on Saturday. You will be expected to respond to the bulletin within 72 hours of it being posted with whatever is asked, which will work on a three strikes policy. If you miss three within a month’s time, your role here will be at risk. We want our members to actually read what we post. The answer to the question in the audition form is “deeper than blood”. Kudos to you if you can tell us what it’s from, also! Developing a character. We are a normal, city-based group. What this means is that we will not be allowing any supernatural characters here (no matter how cool). Otherwise, this is a create-your-own character group. However, please be mindful that there will be a large range of writers here: some will be extremely vanilla, some will be more interested in dark storylines. You do not have to write with everyone specifically for this reason – we want you to follow your muse!Each writer will only be allowed to have one character within this group. Why? Our cap is thirty members and we want as much diversity in the pool here as possible.This group is a friend to diversity of all kinds. LGBTQ+ characters and POC characters are more than welcomed. However, we want to ask this: if you are writing a person of color, use a face that reflects that. We’ve seen groups where Megan Fox is being used to portray a Latinx woman or Adelaide Kane is being used as a princess of Spain and that won’t fly here. Respect that there are many wonderful faces that can fit into these roles that aren’t white and we’ll get along just fine.Other limitations we’d like to place are as follows: if you are using someone famous, do not just copy their life and try to pass it off as your character’s and, additionally, that you do not use characters from other media such as books or television shows. It’s boring, we’re sorry. Think outside the box, create your own character, that’s what makes this place fun!With as small a group as we have, we reserve the right to ask that an audition be changed if we believe there are too many of the same storylines already within our group. We encourage writers joining us to look through our tumblr and see what is already being done and to try and come up with something different and exciting! We love creativity here and are excited to see what you come up with. Social media and communication. Discord will be required for our group. We find that it is a useful tool for us to have a group chat where we can quickly answer member questions and post announcements for those that are mobile more often than not. You have to be in the group chat, yes, but you do not have to participate in the out of character chat – you just have to get notification announcements and use your members box to communicate with us and you’ll be fine!Communicating is key with us. It’s as simple as this: if we do not know what is going on, we cannot help you. Have an emergency? Need a hiatus? Struggling with your mental health? Nine times out of ten, we’re going to do our best to help you however we can, but you have to let us know what’s up with you or we can’t be of any assistance. Everything but the kitchen sink. The biggest things to remember and take away from these are as follows: Respect goes a long way, treat others the way you’d want to be treated, be creative, and have as much fun as possible! We want this to feel like a family, like a safe place that you cannot wait to log onto after a long day of responsibilities in the real world and just lose yourself to. We hope that we can be that for you and we look forward to seeing you join our family!If you’ve read all of this, sign below with a gif from the television show Lucifer and the face you intend to use. We reserve the right to change these or add to them as we see fit. This set was written and posted on DATE HERE.


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Hi, there! If you’ve stumbled across this blog, you’re looking for our current point system (which is also located on our discord server for easy access, as well!). Currently, our standard is this: 40 points must be achieved every two weeks; 10 of these need to be from writing.That can look like an extremely daunting number, we know, so below we’ll break down what everything is worth so you can plan ahead or even keep track of your own, if you so wish.Please also remember that most of this needs to be turned in via your member’s box. Owes – 10 points each Owes are considered replies and starters sent on site. These must be three paragraphs or more to count and proof must be sent to us via your box. Discord banter (1x1) – 2 points per paragraph These are 1x1 banters on discord in your own servers or the like and you must send proof. Every paragraph will be 2 points unless it is over 3, in which case it will actually count as a full reply and be worth 10 points. Discord banter (group) – 2 points per paragraph These are banters that happen in the group chat that we will count for you. Every paragraph will be 2 points unless it is over 3, in which case it will actually count as a full reply and be worth 10 points. Drabbles – start at 5 points Drabbles are usually done for some sort of prompt and it is a narrative of your character, usually a memory or even just a day in their life. These will start at 5 points but every additional paragraph after your third will give you an additional point. So for example, if you write 8 paragraphs, you would receive 10 points. You must send these in. Biweekly tasks – 5 points Every other week, we’ll post some kind of task that is geared toward character development. We usually give you several options of how you can respond in a bulletin, blog, or tumblr post. These must be sent in for points. Updated owes list – 2 points At the end of every week, we’ll check to see if your owes list was updated. As long as you have no overdue owes, you’ll receive 2 points. Since this is required, you should get easy points every week. These don’t need to be turned in unless they are hosted in a discord server. Cleared owes list – 4 points or # of connections When you clear your owes list, it means you owe nothing. You can only do this once every week (they need to be 7 days apart) and you will be rewarded by the number of storylines you currently have, with the minimum being 4. These must be turned in. Connections – 1 point When you make a new connection, if you want to receive a point, you have to write out a little blurb and send it in to receive that point. It needs to be at least two sentences to count. In-character status – 1 point per day Once a day, if you post a status that starts with your social handle, be it an “instagram” or “twitter” post, you will receive a point. If at the end of the week, you’ve posted every day, you’ll receive an extra 3, meaning you can earn up to 10 points for this a week. We will count these several times a week! Commenting the main page statuses – 1 point each Every time you comment on a status on the homepage, you will receive a point. We’ll keep track of these! Character study or headcanon – 3 points each A character study is something like a quiz you can find online that you fill out and post to a bulletin, your characters likes and dislikes, red flags, etc. You’ll need to send these in via the members box.A headcanon would be to someone else, typically, and involve something with both your characters (for example, they went to the beach today and were photographed by paparazzi). You’ll need to send these in via the members box. Sharing the group – 5 points On another page, post our share banner in a bulletin or repost our status and send a screenshot in for points! Recruiting a new member – 5 points One of the questions on our audition form is regarding if anybody recommended you. If someone puts your name down on that line, you will receive points for that! Sending a nice comment – 4 points each When we say a “nice comment”, we mean at least a paragraph long comment sent to someone else in the group that is meant to make their day. Tell them how great they are, how happy you are that they are here, etc. When you’ve sent it, take a shot of it in your sent comments and send it into your box! Picture comments – 2 points each Comment on people’s defaults and send those in for points! Drabble comments – 2 points each Comment on people’s drabbles and send those in for points! Giving gifts – 3 points each (dependent) This can be various things – for some, it’ll be as simple as sending someone else an edit. If that is the case, you will receive 3 points per edit sent (if you do 4, you get 12 points). For others, such as editing a layout for another member, you’ll get more, but those will be decided on a case-by-case basis! But remember to send them in to receive points for this. Special Circumstances Double Point Writing Day Every week, we will have a day where all writing will be worth double points. These will be randomized days each week in order to try and give everyone a chance to participate. (This is extremely similar to CJ’s point writing day so all credit for the idea will be given to Aubree Dawson.) You will have to turn these in as normal. Spirit Weeks Every month, we’ll attempt to have a spirit week. During these weeks, we’ll have special tasks and other ways to earn more points. During this, defaults will be worth 2 points, photo comments will be worth 4 points, and all tasks will be worth 5 points.


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Additional task 141

If you had the chance, would you want to be pain-free for the rest of your life? No. Pain is apart of being human. If you were a flower what flower would you be? Sunflower. If you were a season what season would you be? Fall. What would be your first reaction if you were told you had failed? Cry. Would you take something that removes your body's need for sleep if it was given to you? Yes absolutely. I could do so much. Would you rather have to say anything that comes to mind all the time or never have anything to say at all? Even though it would get me in trouble, I’d say what first comes to mind all the time. If you were a colour what colour would you be? Atrovirens and Celadon. Would you rather live in Harry Potter or Twilight? Harry Potter for sure. If you were a professional athlete what would be your sport? Track, volleyball or lacrosse. What three wild animals would you have as a pet? Fennec Fox, Sugar Glider and Hedgehog.

α΅‚α΅’αΆ°α΅ˆα΅‰Κ³αΆ€αΆ°α΅ Λ’α΅’α΅˜Λ‘

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Lost humanity drabble

England, June of 1630After six hundred and thirty years of living as a nomad, Gaia had found herself in England; a small home in the middle of a clearing surrounded by woods miles away from any village. She had been living there for almost three years, since the days she had found a small child clinging to the dead body of her mother. Soft whimpers and sobs had been what alerted Gaia that something was wrong before the smell of old drying blood was caught.Over the three years she had taken care of the little human child as if she was her own child, teaching her everything she knew and giving her a good life while also keeping her true self hidden. Once a week they would make the journey to the nearest village to gather supplies as so the child wouldn’t starve of freeze to death. The days were happy and full of what could be a normal life.July of 1633Mid-summer had brought back memories to Gaia, her mortal life back in Greece with her older brother and Mother, and her time in Florence Italy where she had turned her first human; Saving the young man whom she knew would do great things. As the memories crossed her mind Gaia couldn’t help but let a soft sigh leave her lips as she sat watching Ingrid pick wild flowers from the clearing that their home sat in the middle of.  Blocking the memories from her mind she smiled softly watching the small blonde-haired child, Ingrid reminded her so much of herself when she was that age.Humming softly, she looked back down at the dress she was sewing a small hole had been torn in it while she was out two nights before feeding. Her humming was cut short as a cry was heard from Ingrid before the smell of blood flooded Gaia’s nostrils. Before she could stop herself, she found herself in front of the child; the sight and smell of blood causing her to lose control over her thirst.By the time Gaia came to her senses, Ingrid laid at her feet dead the child's blood covering Gaia’s mouth, chin, and the top part of her dress. Soon the vampire found herself on her knees clutching to the dead child as dry sobs left her throat. Hours passed before she let the body go, she stood to her feet before picking Ingrid’s lifeless body up taking her to the small home before quickly cleaning herself up and setting fire to the home and body. Standing at the edge of the woods, one last sob left her lips before she took off running going back to her nomadic ways and losing touch with the little bit of humanity, she had left. Her next stop would be her home land of Greece where she hoped that she would finally find a way to end the monster she had truly become and be reunited with her brother, mother, and Ingrid. 


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