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12/05/2021 01:54 PM 

Dec 5

I wanted to be able to show my big sister just how much she means to me. Though a card hardly means anything. I know that I am truly blessed beyond anything to have her in my life. I love that you were chosen to be her little brother. She is the best sister i could wish for, She is an amazing aunt to my daughter. She truly is one of my bigest blessings and my cheerleader.

𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐝𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐝

12/05/2021 01:36 PM 

ᴅᴇʙᴛ ʟɪꜱᴛ

i am in á´…ᴇʙᴛ to you: i have ᴘᴀɪᴅ you:last updated:- never

Time Lord

12/06/2021 04:50 AM 

Random Adventures

After traveling on his own for so long, the Doctor decided to go on some random adventures throughout the universe, not knowing where he would go and who he would meet.  Maybe decide to take on a new travel companion or even bump into an old travel companion


12/05/2021 01:50 PM 

crybaby, 2.

continued from here. “He can’t keep getting in trouble like this, he’s gonna get ‘imself expelled.” William is remarkably unfazed by the whole thing, sipping coffee like it isn’t happening, meanwhile Jean can’t seem to calm herself down. It’s only been a few months since they agreed to take Casey into their care and she’s already handled a dozen phone calls and even more meetings with teachers — that’s apparently not including the notes he’d failed to give her. She can’t handle another incident; she can’t handle seeing him explode like that again. Part of her feels sorry for the other kid, but a larger part of her knows Casey wouldn’t have done it if it was a minor situation. She’s not so much appalled at Casey as she is his teachers for opting to contact her over every failed assignment, but never the kid who’d been picking on him. Jean glances over her shoulder into the living room where Casey’s been asleep on the couch, cradling his injured hand to his chest still. He didn’t say a word to her on the drive home, nor William as he’d tended to the injury. Hadn’t leaned his head on her shoulder and apologized the way he used to when he was little and had an outburst. He just isn’t that kid anymore. He looks frigid even in his sleep, curled up and closed off, his eyebrows still slightly furrowed. The pain in his face isn’t just about the kid at school, she knows it can’t be. “I’m worried about him, Will.” “He just needs time to adjust,” William insists, leaning back in his chair. “But that’s never gonna happen if he doesn’t focus. We just gotta keep him in line and keep him focused on his schoolwork. He can’t just be allowed to do whatever ‘e wants like he did in Pahrump.” Jean shakes her head slowly, not satisfied. Not convinced pushing him will do anything but hurt him more. And that’s the dynamic she and William have always had, the one that’s served them all their years of parenting and now grand-parenting; William Hadley is harsh, to the point, no nonsense. And Jean is softness, empathy, kindness. She thinks Casey’s had enough harshness. “He doesn’t need someone to push him, honey. He needs someone to hold him.”  


12/05/2021 01:13 AM 

Optional Task 262

In   Time Optional Task 262 Business was slow at the Black Garden today. Cade Baxter had a broom in hand and was sweeping the floor. He always liked to keep busy even when the client load was light. It was an amazing day out there in the city of Hartsville. Cade admired it from behind closed doors. The temperature was relatively warm and not necessarily too cold despite it being December. That's the way things were in the south. You never know what sort of mixed bag would be laid out before you on any given day.The amount of traffic right outside the Black Garden was heavier than normal. With Christmas coming up, it wasn't a surprise to see all the people making their way into town to get ready for the holidays. Cade himself was planning on ideas of what to get for his sister Caroline and his brother Colton as he was sweeping the floor. His mind started to drift. There was so much that he could get for both of them he had no idea where to start. He knew however if he had gotten something with animals on it no matter what what it was, Carrie would absolutely love it. Colton was a little bit harder to buy for. Cade was going to have to think on that one.His thoughts were violently interrupted by the sound of screeching tires and crunching metal. Cade knew that sound very well. He immediately looked up to see two cars had collided out in front of the Black Garden. He immediately dropped his broom and ran outside. The smell of gasoline was the first thing that hit him as soon as he opened the door. This was about to be really bad really fast. Cade stood over the twisted metal of what used to be a four-door sedan. "Is there anybody in there? Can you hear me?" Cade's heart was beating rapidly. "Please let the person inside be safe." He whispered.He could hear a moan and a bit of a muffled cry. "Help me! Please!" It was a woman's voice. He did not recognize the woman, but that didn't matter. If he didn't get her out of that car she was going to die. He moved without hesitation and started to dig through the wreckage. The sound of an agonizing cry of pain made him move faster.Cade had no idea what was going on with the other car. He was completely focused on this car. He kept digging until he found a woman that was wedged between the steering wheel with its driver safety bag and the front seat. The person had hit her from behind going at a high rate of speed. The impact was devastating. The young man made eye contact with the woman that had fiery red hair and bright green eyes. "I'll get you out of here, I promise." That was when he noticed that she looked to be about 8 months pregnant. His heart fell into his stomach.Outside of the vehicles there was a steady dripping of where the gas tank of the woman's car had been ruptured. Sparks were still dancing through the car moments after the collision. The stream of gasoline on the road was growing. The problem was getting worse. One spark did the damage. The flame started off small and began to move in two directions. One was heading for Cade who was trying to rescue the pregnant driver.His nostril flared slightly. He could smell the gasoline. He could also feel the heat of the oncoming flame. He had no time to waste. He began to look at the woman who was wedged in the car. He surmised that if he was able to cut away the seatbelt he would be able to pull her free from the wreckage with relative ease. It was a good thing he was carrying his favorite pocket knife on him that day. He was always carrying that pocket knife.There was a crowd forming that was getting a little too close. Cade pulled out his pocket knife and it flipped it open with a flick of his thumb. He started to cut away at the seat belt as quickly as he could. The look on the woman's face was priceless. She had a gash on her forehead that was dripping a steady stream of blood into her eyes. Her heart was pounding rapidly. At least she could still feel the baby moving.The man in the car behind her that had caused the accident was free from his car and taken to the sidewalk free and clear from all danger. People outside were shouting at Cade because the flames were rushing closer to them. It would be easy to walk away and let this woman die. But that was just not how Cade was. This was a woman carrying a child that deserved a right to live; both of them did. He kept cutting as fast as he could with that knife he had trusted with him to do so many different tasks both at home and at the shop. Now it was trusted with perhaps the biggest task of all, the saving of two human lives.It seemed as though time stood still. Cade finally made it through the last bit of the barrier holding the woman in the car. He immediately reached his hand under her neck and another under her legs. He pulled them out of the car and ran as fast as they could to the storefront of the Black Garden. She held onto him for dear life. She buried her face in his neck. When the flames caught up to her car, the fireball erupted skyward at least 50 ft into the air.Cade didn't care that he was covered in blood from saving this woman and her unborn child. All that mattered was that she was safe. When the paramedics arrived, they wanted to check him out briefly to make sure that he had not suffered any ill effects himself. Cade was fine. He didn't have a scratch on him. Some higher power had put him through a test today. He passed it with flying colors. He stood there watching as the ambulance headed for the hospital. This was a day he would surely never forget.    credit: james kriet


12/05/2021 12:59 PM 


  Moving back home, back to Hartsville was one of the biggest changes in my life over the last twelve months, not that I had much of a choice really. If Vincent and Valentino hadn’t shown up and forced me to come back here then I probably wouldn’t have. It doesn’t feel like home anymore; I guess it hasn’t since my mom died. She was my best friend and the day she died broke my heart. It hasn’t been the same since and Hartsville hasn’t felt like home since she left and now that he is in town too, I just feel like running away again. I love him, I never stopped, but I can’t let my guard down. I can’t let him hurt me again and more importantly, I can’t let him hurt Jossy. Maybe I should run again; leave this town behind me for good, but then again, what kind of life would that be for baby girl? I don’t know. I feel stuck. I feel lost. I just...I don’t know. The only thing I do know is that I love Silas and Joss needs her dad. I just don’t know how to make any of that happen. I don’t know how to be okay again.   


12/05/2021 12:23 PM 

Audition form.

Firstly, read and sign the THE RULES BLOG.Send us a message!Subject: (character name) audition.Sample: Include at least 3 paragraphs from your chosen character's perspective.Your writer's timezone.Favorite scene with the character yours is based on from the original show.

audition form, rpg, the oc, california, newport living,


12/04/2021 11:21 PM 

One Chance

One   Chance 1x1 with McKayla. He was feeling surrounded and utterly helpless the longer that the insults were hurled at him. There was a crowd now starting to form to see what was going on around him. The man insulting him was starting to get more bold in what he was saying, so he kept on with his diatribe. Cade did his best to tune the man out because there were so many that were still like him in this town. His hope was that whomever he was supposed to meet this day would find him. Honestly he whispered a silent prayer that this episode wouldn't cost him the possibility of a pretty nifty gig painting a mural for the airport.The barrage of words that attacked him with the intent to harm him had brought about intimidation on his part. Cade had learned to let people just talk. If he followed natural instincts, he would have lashed out to defend himself. This was not an option however, because any sort of self-defense would bring undue spotlight on an area of his life that he was trying to put behind him. He held his place and kept silent even as the man railed against him even more. The whole thing was causing a scene that was getting worse by the minute.He had not seen from which direction this girl came. She swooped in and put his tormentor in his place. Cade let the young woman take him by the arm and lead him away. She was very impressive in her actions. She had spirit and Cade admired that. She was a whirlwind and definitely protective of him. Cade didn't seem too disappointed when she eviscerated the man with verbal daggers taking him to safety from the jagged insults and the curious onlookers. She immediately pulled him in by asking him questions. His attention was diverted successfully and he focused on her.The crowd dispersed with the removal of Cade from the situation. The man that had harassed him stood there aghast that McKayla had flipped him off. He grumbled walking away thinking better to talk about all this later. With the safety of being away from people in general, Cade was happy to realize this young lady knew who he was and didn't care. "Yeah. I'm okay." He sighed somewhat defeated. "I'm Cade Baxter. I was just here because there was interest in my art. I didn't mean for any scene to break out like it did."He had a portfolio with him that was filled with various sketches he'd done of areas of Hartsville. He also had with him his full sketchbook and pencils so he could work up something on the spot if he was asked. He was blissfully awkward because he didn't go out in public all that much. Most people in Hartsville knew who he was so they either talked to him in a closed manner being forcefully polite, or they went out of their way to avoid him.Once they were safely away from the conflagration of people, Cade's tension was visibly relieved. He exhaled almost as though he was a balloon with its air released. He didn't make any signs of outwardly making noise as the tension was set free but it was obvious his change in demeanor. "I would be glad to share my portfolio with you or even sketch something different." He might have seemed a bit overeager at the moment but he found a sanctuary. That was always something few and far between for him. Even though it had been 13 years since he'd been released from jail, he was still having to prove himself to many of the citizens of Hartsville. All he needed was one chance.    credit: james kriet


12/04/2021 08:54 PM 

Dec 4

These two people mean the world to me. Alice and posie are my whole world. I was truly blessed when they came into my life. Alice was showing Posie her mother's music box, Which would have been her grandmother. I sometimes wonder What I would have been if my parents were still with us. I know it's not good to but I always wonder.


12/04/2021 07:09 PM 


Hi there!I'm Aurora Houserbut other's call me Rory.It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm the daughter of Anthony Houser, CEO of Houser Corperationas well as the Heiress to the company. Let me give you a few details about myself  Dog Mom Model / Instagram Influencer Victoria's Secrets Angel Lives between Greece & New York City New York Socialite Any who let's discuss something! 

sᴇᴀ ᴏғ sɪɴ ʀᴘɢ

12/04/2021 07:05 PM 

Bring it On

  Basic Info:Ready for a twist? Anyone who has watched Bring it On, knows that each movie is set in it's own little world, but we're going to bring these worlds together. We've got two high schools, a college, and a university that are all open to have a cheer squad. While we have not listed all six movies, we will accept cast from them. Ages obviously can vary if desired, but face claims must remain the same as canon. You have questions, feel free to drop us a line.  

𝒔𝒐𝒖𝒍 𝒔𝒖𝒓𝒗𝒊𝒗𝒐𝒓.

12/04/2021 05:54 PM 

drabble: saying nothing says everything.

fame, dramedy, uptown girls inspired

𝒔𝒐𝒖𝒍 𝒔𝒖𝒓𝒗𝒊𝒗𝒐𝒓.

12/04/2021 05:51 PM 


fame, dramedy, uptown girls inspired

𝒔𝒐𝒖𝒍 𝒔𝒖𝒓𝒗𝒊𝒗𝒐𝒓.

12/04/2021 05:37 PM 

who is Elisa Owens? npc character study.

fame, dramedy, uptown girls inspired


12/04/2021 02:55 PM 

Owes List

Updated : 12/4outgoingname datename dateincomingname datename date


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