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Jobs Bowie Would Love To Do If She Was Not A Florist

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Bowie had received a call from Mayor Edwards who had called in a bit of a panic. Someone had trashed the flowers Bowie had previously made for him. He thought maybe someone who had it out for him and did not want him to go ahead with the business he was conducting. He was a little distraught by it all, and was questioning whether or not he should go ahead with his party that would seal in the merger he was planning with some other business people. He was not sure what to do, but after talking it out with his fellow business men he agreed to proceed with everything. This is why he needed Bowie’s help… Urgenlty! He had asked Bowie if she could make the same floral centre pieces by 8pm that night. It gave Bowie six hours. It had been a lot of work before and taken a lot of time.

“I am not sure I can fulfil that deadline” Bowie apologetically said. “Please Bowie, I will pay you again. Double this time. Please make it happen” he begged her. Bowie felt bad. Bowie was always quick to help people, but she was not sure she could do this and she did not want to let anyone down. Sighing to herself she finally agreed. “Okay I will do it. But I am not going to promise a full order as I don’t know if I have the time to complete it” she firmly stated. “That’s fine, just do what you can. Thank you Bowie. Now I have to go” he said before hanging up. Placing her phone down Bowie screamed into her hands, feeling extremely frustrated. She went to the sign on the door and turned it around so it now said closed, before locking the door.

She no longer had time for customers, since she had to focus all her time and attention of the flowers for Mayor Edwards. Bowie then immediately got to work. Since she was stressed out she was making a lot more mistakes than usual, and was pricking her fingers on the thorns of the roses. She had to keep stopping to put band aids on her fingers due to the blood. She was extremely frustrated but tried to remain as focused as possible. She kept watching the clock as the time kept ticking down. She now wished she had not agreed to this, but it also made more determined that ever.

After a few hours she had finally finished. Glancing at the clock she saw it read 7.30pm. She still had time to make it to the town hall before the event. She got into her car and drove straight there and unloaded the flowers. Some people helped her place the flowers on the tables so it got done quickly. “Thank you so much Bowie, I really appreciate this. The flowers look amazing. I have sent payment to you, it should be in your bank soon. I must go the caterer just arrived” the Mayor said before leaving Bowie. “No problem” she called after him. She then got back into her car and drove home, and then walked her dog Baxter. After the walk she fed him before cracking open a bottle of wine and sitting on the couch and sipping from her glass. Now she really needed to try and relax.

01/03/2022 10:34 PM 



The weather woman on the television had predicted sunshine the previous day, so Bowie had planned to go to the lake with her sister Avery to do some swimming. But as Bowie opened her bedroom curtains she was greeted by the sight of snow. A thick blanket covering the ground and large snowflakes falling down. Bowie showered before getting dressed in a pair of jeans and a thick sweater. She looked around her room for her B letter necklace but could not find it. She was not sure how something could just vanish from the spot where she always left her jewellery, but alas it was not there. She spent a little while looking for it but could not find it, she then remembered the last time she wore it so she checked the laundry basket. There it was stuck to her orange sweater, the chain broke and hooked into the wool. She sighed and unhooked it and placed the broken necklace on her dresser so she could fix it later. She added different jewellery and put on a pair of boots before going into the kitchen and preparing a pot of coffee.

She went to her sisters bedroom and knocked on the door before opening it. “Good morning sis. So we have a bit of a problem” she stated. Avery sat up and rubbed her eyes “what’s up?” she questioned. “Well it snowed overnight and the ground is covered in snow, and it is still snowing heavily now. So swimming at the lake is off the cards” she stated. “What you’re lying” Avery replied before jumping out of bed. She yanked her curtains open and then saw the snow “oh you weren’t lying” she said. Bowie chuckled as she shook her head “no” she said. “But I was thinking we could go sledding, build a snowman, come home and I will make soup and fresh bread and then we can sit by the fire toast some marshmallows and make s’mores and drink hot chocolate and watch some movies” she said as she threw some suggestions out there for things they could do. “Sounds perfect” Avery smiled. “Great, I am making a pot of coffee. Do you want pancakes or waffles?” Bowie asked. “Waffles please. I’ll just shower and get ready and then be out” she said. Bowie nodded before exiting the room.

She went back into the kitchen and started preparing some waffles. Once finished she stacked them up on a plate and put them on the counter so the two females could help themselves. She placed a bottle of syrup, and a bowl of mixed fresh fruit on the table too. Once the pot of coffee had finished preparing she fixed them both a cup before sitting down and waiting for her sister. Soon enough Avery wandered into the kitchen. “Sorry I am so dysfunctional in the morning. I couldn’t find my sweater, despite staring at it for like five minutes” she said with a laugh. Bowie chuckled “yeah you definitely are not a morning person” she teased. “Hey we can’t all be morning people like you Bow” she laughed. Bowie nodded and placed some pancakes and fruit on her plate. The two sat and ate their breakfast and drank their coffee. Once they had both finished Bowie threw on her coat, scarf, gloves and hat. She grabbed the sleds and the two of them headed out to the hills to do some sledding. Bowie was glad she could spend the day with her sister and have fun. Even with plans changing she knew they would have a blast.

12/31/2021 05:56 PM 

December 31st - Day Thirty-One Marathon

New Years Resolution 5 - Volunteer More

Bowie currently volunteers at the local animal shelter but she wants to do more volunteering in 2022. She wants to help a lore more people and put more good out into the world. She is thinking of volunteering at Haven for Horses as she knows they need more volunteers to take care of the horses. She is also thinking about volunteering at the local library and helping Alexis with the kids. She is also thinking of volunteering at the old folks home. She wants to do as much as she possibly can. She is going to get involved with more charities both local and worldwide. She wants to be a better person, and helping others is a great thing to do.

12/30/2021 05:54 PM 

December 30 - Day Thirty Marathon

New Years Resolution 4 - Read More

Bowie loves to read but she has not done a lot of reading in 2021. So in 2022 she wants to do a lot more reading. She aims to read a book a month, books from different genres and from different authors. If she doesn't manage to read a book a month she isn't going to be too hard on herself. Her goal is to read at least five books throughout the year. She has not even finished one book this year as she has been neglecting her reading and kept forgetting to make time for it. So five books is a real challenge, but she is determined to achieve it. But she is going for one book a month. Let's see what happens. She is just going to go with a flow.

12/29/2021 11:11 PM 



12/29/2021 05:50 PM 

December 29th - Day Twenty-Nine Marathon

Gift For Catherine - Retro Record Player On Legs

For Christmas I am gifting Catherine a Retro Record Player On Legs. What better gift than the gift of music? I know Catherine likes vintage things and loves music so I feel like this is a perfect gift. She can play her records easily, and fill her home with lovely music. It is also portable so she can move it around easily. I know she has a lot of records and her record player that she currently has keeps skipping and scratching some of the records. She is long overdue for a new one, and I saw this at the store and could not resist. I know she is going to love it.

12/28/2021 05:43 PM 

December 28th - Day Twenty-Eight Marathon

Gift For Amethyst - Sterling Silver Lotus Bracelet

This Christmas I am gifting Amethyst a Sterling Silver Lotus Bracelet. The lotus plant sprouts from muddy waters. Yet, as it emerges, the waters above it cleanses it. Then, its petals open up and the lotus plant blossoms into an exquisite flower that blooms above the surface of the water. Amethyst has been through a lot but she always comes out on top. Her and the lotus flower go together perfectly, and the spirituality of the flower fits her perfectly. She is an amazing person and I hope she likes this gift.

12/27/2021 11:10 PM 


Bowie parked up in the parking lot before exiting her vehicle. She then walked up to the Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Standing at the entrance of the door a soft sigh escaped her lips. Her mind wandered to Lara Donovan, who had been murdered and hung on the door. Lara and Bowie had been really good friends up until her death, and it still brought Bowie a lot of sadness. Bowie wiped a small tear from her eye before pushing the heavy door open. It shrieked as if in pain, echoing through the quiet church. Bowie closed the door behind her. Her heels clanked against the floor which also echoed through the church. Reaching the alter she made a cross sign with her hands before moving to the side where the candles where.

She lit one candle “this is for you mother” she said. She lit another “this is for you father” she said. She then lit a candle for Cara “this is for you sister” she exclaimed. She lit another two “this is for you grandmother and grandfather” she said. She then lit two more “this is for you Harley and Lara” she said. Bowie had experienced a lot of loss in her life, and every year she had to light more and more candles which broke her heart. People around her seemed to die for no good reason. Maybe she was cursed and everyone should just stay away from her. She placed the lighter back on the table before taking a seat at the front. As she sat down she heard the door shriek again. Glancing back she saw Henry Tarron enter. She nodded at him after he nodded at her, showing acknowledgment to each other. She watched as he lit a candle before leaving.

She bowed her head and placed her hands together for prayer. She took a few moments to pray silently, thanking God for what he had done for her, and asked for her friends and family to be protected and some other things. Once she was finished she finally spoke. “Amen. In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. Amen” she said whilst making a cross over her body with her hands. She slowly stood up and made her way back to the door and opened it up before closing it behind her. When she got to her car she noticed a bouquet of pink roses resting upon it. She picked it up and read the tag ‘I am still watching you’. Her skin ran cold. She thought she was over all this, but clearly not.

Throwing the flowers onto the ground she got into her car and locked the door behind her before driving off. She glanced back at the flowers on the ground via her mirror. She shook her head before looking away and focusing on the road.

12/27/2021 05:41 PM 

December 27th - Day Twenty-Seven Marathon

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