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09/21/2021 04:11 PM 

Diary Entry 21 - 09/21

September 21st 2021.

Dear Diary,

I kept Darling Buds closed again today, I hope people aren’t too mad at me for it. I did intend on opening up but then I got a frantic call from the shelter asking if I could go in today and help, since a couple volunteers were off sick. I did not want to leave them high and dry so I agreed to go in. I stopped by the shop first to just check that everything was okay before heading to the shelter. It ended up just being me and two other volunteers. There was a lot of work today given how short staffed the shelter was. I really wish more people would come along and volunteer. Although it is a difficult job it is so rewarding. Plus you get to hang around with animals all day. Tell me the downside?

It was incredibly tiring. There are five sick dogs that needed quarantining away from the other dogs to try and limit the illness. I lost count at how many times I had to clean up doggy puke. The vet is supposed to come and visit tomorrow, so fingers crossed they can figure out what is wrong. Apparently there is an illness going around the animals, so everyone needs to be careful. Maybe they picked something up at the park? I just don’t know. But I am definitely going to keep a closer eye on Baxter when I get home. Anyway I digress from my thought pattern. Back to the shelter. Three new dogs came into the shelter today which sucked, but two got adopted which is amazing.

It is a constant up and down of emotions, but I love it. I spent most of my day taking care of the sick dogs. Giving them love and affection and lots of attention, and making sure they were okay. Two volunteers are going to stay overnight to keep an eye on them, just in case something happens throughout the night. We agreed that it would be best to have someone stay, so if there was an emergency they could call the vet or take them to the vet if needed. I really hope everything will be okay. I am going to pray for the dogs before I go to sleep tonight. I just hope there is a cure and the animals can be taken care of and get back to their healthy selves.

Anyway, I better get some sleep. I am exhausted.

09/20/2021 11:59 PM 


This was never part of the plan, how did you let this happen?!

As the spooky month of October was approaching rapidly, Bowie was really getting into the fall and Halloween spirit early. Bowie loved silly spooky pranks, as did her sister Avery. They both knew Everly was easy to scare so they used Avery’s spare key to let themselves into Everly’s home. They headed out into the garden and Bowie dressed up in a creepy clown mask and hid behind the couch she had out on the porch. Avery then set up a charcuterie board on the table along with some prosecco to make it seem like she had come over to set up a nice surprise as opposed to the surprise they really had in store. Avery then handed a fake knife covered in fake blood to Bowie, before she went to the front door to keep an eye out for Everly.

After what seemed like an eternity Bowie heard the front door open followed by her sisters voice “you’re home, I have a surprise for you”. She had exclaimed it rather loudly to ensure Bowie knew it was go time. There was a pause and Bowie could hear mumbled chatting, and then things seemed to go quiet. Bowie was crouched down wondering what was taking so damn long. But then heard footsteps approaching and Everly gasp at the food Avery had placed out. Unable to wait any longer Bowie jumped up from behind the couch and screamed. Putting their prank into motion.

Everly immediately freaked out and as she tried to turn and run away she fell down the porch steps. Bowie ripped off her mask and dropped the fake knife and ran over to her, as Avery ran to her too. “Oh my gosh, she is out cold” Bowie said. “This was never part of the plan, how did you let this happen?!” Avery asked Bowie. “This isn’t just my fault okay, I didn’t realise she was still on the steps” Bowie replied. Bowie rushed inside and got a cold compress and ran back out and placed it over her head. She checked for a pulse and it seemed fine. “Come on Ev wake up” Avery said. “Everly can you hear me?” Bowie called out. She lifted her legs to get the blood flowing, hoping it would help wake her up. Just then she sat bolt upright quickly “gotcha” she chuckled. Bowie and Avery both sighed with relief before they both laughed. “Damn it I was really worried about you” Avery said as she hit her in the arm. Everly laughed “I kinda figured something was up. I saw Bowie’s car down the street” she said. “Okay you really got us. Good job” she smiled. “Thanks” Everly smiled before standing up. “Now let’s eat” she added as she headed over to the table of food.

09/20/2021 01:11 PM 

Diary Entry 20 - 09/20

September 20th 2021.

Dear Diary,

Well I am back in Hartsville now. Home sweet home. I collected Baxter from the sitter, he seemed really happy to see me. I was nervous that he may have forgotten me, but he jumped up for hugs and kisses almost immediately. I am so glad he didn’t forget me. The two of us stopped off at the shop so I could get a couple bouquets of flowers. We then went on an extra-long walk to make up for lost time. We then stopped at the cemetery and I lay the flowers on my parents graves. I wished my dad a belated happy birthday since I could not be there yesterday due to being on the ship travelling home. I hope that made up for missing it.

It is the first time in a long time that I had missed being with him on his birthday. I know it could not be helped. It isn’t like I could just teleport from the ship to his grave and then back on the ship. But I still spent most of yesterday beating myself up because I wasn’t there. I felt like such a bad daughter, like I had failed him somehow. That probably sounds stupid doesn’t it? I guess I am just an idiot. A big dumb, dumb with idiotic thoughts running through my head.

Baxter and I then spent the day on the couch cuddling, snoozing and watching tv. It was nice. I needed a chill day with my canine companion. I really missed the lovable goofball. I was going to go into work, but I did not feel up to it. So a couch day it was, and I am glad I did it. I think Avery and I are going to order take out later since neither of us want to cook anything. I think we will watch a movie too, and have a chilled out night. I think we both need a vacation to recover from the cruise vacation.

09/19/2021 10:16 PM 


09/19/2021 03:38 PM 

Diary Entry 19 - 09/19

September 19th 2021.

Dear Diary,
It is the last day of the trip today. It is a day at sea. I am sitting on my balcony looking out at the water as I write this. I think I might check out the casino one last time, and the spa for some final relaxation. I am meeting up with Avery for some lunch; I don’t know who else is going to join us. But today should be a nice last day of the trip. Zachary is amazing for organising this trip for us; I don’t think we will ever be able to repay him. It has been a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I have really enjoyed my time on this trip. I really needed this trip to recharge my batteries, and escape my life for a little bit. I truly needed this.

But now as I sit in my cabin I cannot help but feel some sadness. It is my… it would have been my dad’s birthday. I normally visit his and my mother’s grave every year on this date to lay flowers. This time I am missing it. I feel bad for not being there. Am I a bad daughter for not being there for him today? I wish I could be there but I cannot cross an ocean in a split second. I will go and visit tomorrow. I hope that will make amends for it.

I am still thinking of him that counts right? It isn’t like I have just forgotten him completely. I purchased a candle and I am going to sit on my balcony and light it in honour of him, and say a little prayer for him. It is all I can do right now. I just hope it is enough. Despite everything I have learnt after his death I still miss him. I wish my parents could be on this trip with me, I know they would love it. I guess technically they are on this trip in spirit. But that isn’t the same.

I guess I better stop writing and get on with my day. Until next time…


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