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Alexis McQuillen - [BASED ON HER PLOT]: Muse B goes on a paranormal hunting tour with Alexis. During which they encounter actual ghosts when they get seperated from the group. More can be added when it gets discussed further.

Melanie Buchanan - Hired Help/Friends: Melanie hires Bowie to help fix up her mother's garden that has been left to grow and it has become a wild mess. Bowie agrees and helps restore the garden and includes Melanie's mother's favourite flowers, and creates a nice space for her to feel close to her mother. As Bowie works on the garden the two females bond over shared live experiences and become friends.
Roxanne Matthews - Volunteering Friends: Bowie began volunteering at Roxanne's animal shelter and that's how the two met. The two bonded over their love of animals and became very good friends.

Ryker Anders - Help and Danger: Ryker's unoccupied family residence contains expensive items, some locked up and some on display for anyone to take. Ryker gets a call stating that people are trespassing on the property and he calls Bowie for help. It's Bowie's job to pretend the car has broken down in order to distract the guys whilst Ryker goes inside. The trespassers figure it out and Bowie and Ryker find themselves in danger.

Sarah Mcaden - Friends/Enemies: Bowie catches Sarah flirting with Alexander in a bar and Bowie gets mad at her, because, anyone who is anyone in town knows the situation between him and Bowie and wouldn't cross that line. Sarah is oblivious to it though. This causes the two to fight. It happens a few times, until the two girls sit down and talk with each other, and realise it was a mistake on both their parts, then they try to build up a friendship.

Benjamin Kopus - Best Friends: Benjamin and Bowie grew up together, and became best friends. They always have each other's backs no matter what, and will drop everything they are doing to help each other out.

Thea Davies - Friends/Partners: Bowie and Thea became partners as they planned for weddings, with Bowie taking care of the flowers and Thea the alcohol infused desserts. The two then built up a friendship.

Aubrey Novak - Childhood friends: Bowie and Aubrey knew each other from school, and spent a lot of time together. The two remained friends into adulthood. After Aubrey's tragic loss, Bowie suggested she go to therapy with her, so the two go to sessions together in the hopes of both getting help.

Kaseigh Prescott - Therapy Aquaintance: Bowie and Kaseigh meet in therapy. Kaseigh and Bowie get to talking after the therapy session and Kaseigh reveals the reason why she is there, and Bowie discovers Kasiegh was the one who killed her friend in a car accident. Bowie can see how remorseful she is and forgives her, and the two try and build up a friendship.

Mackenzie McCoy - Wrongfully Accused: Bowie and Muse have been friends for years, and as they are driving to a little weekend spa getaway they are pulled over and arrested. Both mistaken for two serial killers that have killed over 100 men between them. Bowie and Muse plead their innocents, but both get locked up. Luckily in a cell together. Can they work together to get out of jail? 

Sadie Montgomery - Jigsaw: Muse A and Muse B get kidnapped and locked in a room with ten other people. A voice over the intercom asks them if they want to play a game. Muse A and Muse B then have to complete different tasks in order to make it out alive.  

Sidney Tell - Friends: Bowie and Sidney met in high school when they both joined the yearbook committee. The two were friends up until Sidney went to New York in search for her dad. Bowie travelled to see her but she was told by security that Sidney refused to see her. Bowie was hurt. Now Sidney wants to speak to Bowie and she's surprised. Why now?

Nathaniel Ward - Client: Nate frequents Bowie's flower shop Darling Buds and always gets the same flowers each time. Every Monday he buys daisies, and every Thursday he buys white lilies. Like clockwork. So Bowie always knows what to expect. The two don't really speak much though. One day he comes into the shelter looking for his lost pup. Bowie notices how distraught he is and offers to buy him a drink at the bar. The two get to talking and bond over the demons they have.

Ziggy Novak - Life Long Friends: Bowie and Ziggy have been friends since children, and have always supported each other. Ziggy would stay at Bowie's when his mother was sick, and she supported him after his mother's death. They remained friends throughout there life, and have a brother/sister type relationship.

Blake Tatum - 'Is That Blood' sentence starter: Going with a flow for the storyline, in order to allow creative juices to flow.

Avery Davis - Long Lost Half Sisters: Avery shows up at Bowie's door as she has been looking for her father for most of her life. She reveals herself to be Bowie's half-sister, and the two get to talking and Bowie learns her story and offers her a place to stay whilst she gets back on her feet. Plus it allows the two to get to know each other better.

Dallon Callahan - Exes & Friends: Dallon and Bowie started dating 2 months after her fiance disappeared/was thought to be dead. But Bowie wasn't feeling it because she was still hung up on her ex, so the two broke up. But Dallon understood where she was coming from so there are no hard feelings between them.

Fiona Sato - Complicated: Bowie and Fiona grew up together and were close friends. That all changed when Bowie caught Fiona in bed with her boyfriend's bed. It was completly innocent. Fiona had got drunk at the house party hosted by her boyfriend, and he placed her in his bed to keep her safe. The only reason why Fiona had gotten drunk was because she saw her own boyfriend showing Bowie a necklace and she thought the two were cheating behind her back, when really the necklace was for Fiona. Bowie didn't want to listen and neither did Fiona, and the two stopped talking to each other. Not years on the two find themselves volunteering at the same animal shelter and they have to work together. It's a little frosty, but after one shift the two go for a drink and talk and both realise they had been young and foolish.

Charlotte Mason - Under Fire: Muse A and Muse B are at a restaurant, dining separately. A gunshots sound and screams can be heard. There is a stampede of people trying to escape or hide. Muse A and Muse B end up hiding together in a broom closet. The two are scared and just hug each other without saying a word, only breaking the silence to ask questions about what happened. After a while of being stuck in there, they are rescued by a police officer. After the event occurred, they meet again by chance.

August Snowden - Hey, do I know you? You look familiar: Bowie recognises August from his music career. He is trying to get away from his 'Phoenix' persona and denies it's him, but Bowie pursues him because she knows it is.

Hanna Hamilton - Best Friends: Bowie and Hanna are best friends and have been for a long time. The two share a love of all things horror which is how they bonded in the first place. The two have each other's backs, and will always look out for each other. Hanna has a way of bringing out a more fun side in Bowie.

Sophie Monroe - Therapy: Bowie and Sophie meet in therapy. The two are suprised to see each other since they headed out of town for their session. The two promise to keep each other's secret and help support each other.

Jenevieve Collins - Best Friends: Jenevieve and Bowie started out as neighbours, and then developed a strong friendship that caused them to become best friends.

Mathias Sloan - Photography: Mathias approaches Bowie when he sees her taking photographs. He asks if he can see the photos she's taken and she says yes, and in return he shows her the pictures he has taken. The two become friends and often go out exploring and taking photos. Bowie then helps him set up a gallery.

Dominic Rosewood - Hunted: Muse A and Muse B have been friends for a while, as they are going on a late night hike they discover a dead body. After calling the police and waiting for them to arrive and take statements they return to their individual homes. The next morning both receive a note that has been slid under their doors saying 'I'm watching you'. The two don't think much of it until they again go on a late night walk and they pass the spot where the discovered their body. They see two dead bunnies and their names written in blood along with a message that says 'run'. The two run and realise a man with a machete is chasing them. The two need to work together to return home alive. 

Chesney Scout - Murder Mystery: Muse A and Muse B are dressed up in old 20s style clothes and go to a mansion. Neither know each other but get to talking when they meet at a murder mystery event. After dinner, the cook screams and says there has been a murder. There are ten people there, each been given a description for their character. Muse A is a rich bitch, that doesn't care for anyone else. Muse B is a cleaner, of the lower class, and speaks with a southern accent. Muse B and Muse A have a disagreement and try to get the group to believe the other is the murderer. In reality, it was person x.


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