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Alexis McQuillen - [BASED ON HER PLOT]: Muse B goes on a paranormal hunting tour with Alexis. During which they encounter actual ghosts when they get seperated from the group. More can be added when it gets discussed further.

Ryker Anders - Help and Danger: Ryker's unoccupied family residence contains expensive items, some locked up and some on display for anyone to take. Ryker gets a call stating that people are trespassing on the property and he calls Bowie for help. It's Bowie's job to pretend the car has broken down in order to distract the guys whilst Ryker goes inside. The trespassers figure it out and Bowie and Ryker find themselves in danger.

Kaseigh Prescott - Therapy Aquaintance: Bowie and Kaseigh meet in therapy. Kaseigh and Bowie get to talking after the therapy session and Kaseigh reveals the reason why she is there, and Bowie discovers Kasiegh was the one who killed her friend in a car accident. Bowie can see how remorseful she is and forgives her, and the two try and build up a friendship.

Mackenzie McCoy - Wrongfully Accused: Bowie and Muse have been friends for years, and as they are driving to a little weekend spa getaway they are pulled over and arrested. Both mistaken for two serial killers that have killed over 100 men between them. Bowie and Muse plead their innocents, but both get locked up. Luckily in a cell together. Can they work together to get out of jail? 

Avery Davis - Long Lost Half Sisters: Avery shows up at Bowie's door as she has been looking for her father for most of her life. She reveals herself to be Bowie's half-sister, and the two get to talking and Bowie learns her story and offers her a place to stay whilst she gets back on her feet. Plus it allows the two to get to know each other better.

Hanna Hamilton - Best Friends: Bowie and Hanna are best friends and have been for a long time. The two share a love of all things horror which is how they bonded in the first place. The two have each other's backs, and will always look out for each other. Hanna has a way of bringing out a more fun side in Bowie.

Levi Nash - Task: Starter sent as part of optional task 171, based on the drabble

Bailey Hart - Need Someone To Talk To?: Muse A is sitting at a table alone at a cafe, Muse B sees them crying and approaches them. Muse B asks if Muse A is okay and if they need someone to talk too. Muse A is grateful for someone wanting to listen and tells them what is wrong. Muse B listens and offers advice to Muse A. 

Everly Bennett - Under Fire: Muse A and Muse B are at a restaurant, dining separately. A gunshots sound and screams can be heard. There is a stampede of people trying to escape or hide. Muse A and Muse B end up hiding together in a broom closet. The two are scared and just hug each other without saying a word, only breaking the silence to ask questions about what happened. After a while of being stuck in there, they are rescued by a police officer. After the event occurred, they meet again by chance. 

Maia Collins - Home at the range: Bowie is at the shooting range for the first time, and has no idea what she’s isn’t doing. Muse sees her and offers guidance and helps her out. The two become friends by bonding over things they have in common. 

Alice Williams - Why did you do it? Tell me: Alice sent a starter based on this sentence starter. The starter involves Bowie telling Alice's brother something she didn't want him to know, because she was concerned about her.

Olivia O’Connell - Cult Sacrifice: Muse A and Muse B are walking in the woods, minding their own business. They soon stumble upon a group of cloaked figures, and notice a female strapped to a table. Before they can run away they are grabbed and knocked out before being tied up. When they awake they are forced to watch the female be sacrificed. What will happen to the two muses?

Conall Kincaid - Canoeing Chaos: Muse A and Muse B head to the lakes to do some canoeing together. The water isn’t too rough so it’s a nice little float across the water, and both out having fun. This changes when the bottom of Muse A’s boat hits a rock below the waters surface and flips over. They struggle to free themselves from the canoe and Muse B gets out of their own canoe and dives under the water to try and save Muse A. 

Bellamy Fox - Close Friends: Bellamy used to be a delivery driver to Darling Buds when Bowie needed it, and when Bellamy needed some extra cash. Now the two are close friends.
Bowie used to be best friends with Thea before she died, so maybe the two grew a lot closer after that with Bellamy supporting Bowie through her grief. 

Penn O'Sullivan - Dog Days: Penn begins volunteering at the same animal shelter Bowie volunteers at, which is how the two meet. Penn decides to volunteer to see if getting a dog is right for him. Bowie shows him the ropes and the two end up becoming friends.

Trinity Pierce - Snake Scenario: There's a rattle snake in Trinity's house and she call's Bowie to some help but they end up stuck on the kitchen counter eating snacks until someone else comes to help. Turns out it was a simple non-venomous snake with something tangled around it that made it sound like a rattle snake. Bowie has her ipad in her bag so the two sit and watch a movie on the ipad whilst they are eating snacks and what not. After the person leaves with the snake more snakes show up, and it turns out there is a nest of snakes in her garden, and then they have to call the guy back.

Haisley Morgan - Fun Day: Muse A and Muse B decide to split up and buy three items, each one is from a different shop around Hartsville. It's a surprise and has to be something they think the other would like. Once Muse A and Muse B have completed the task, they meet at the pizza parlor A Slice Of Heaven Pizzeria to exchange their gifts and eat. Then they adventure off The Big Slope and then explore the devil's tramping ground to explore its strange mystery.

Catherine Byrne - Tutor To Friends: In high school Catherine used to tutor Bowie for one of her classes. They were more aquaintances in school rather than friends, since the only time they spent together was for tutoring. Now the two are both adults, they became friends and now the two hang out a lot. 

Kollyns Drew - Folklore: Kollyns and Bowie go around town exploring the local folklore, to try and find out if any of the stories are true. 

Amethyst Taylor - Maze Madness: Amethyst and Bowie go out for their routine walk in nature. The two have a bonfire, but rather than it being a regular day in nature, something mysterious happens. The two find they cannot find their way out of the forest as if they are stuck in a never ending maze.

Daphne Nixon - Bear Trap: Daphne and Bowie our hiking and think a wild animal is coming, they take off and one gets caught in a bear trap. They soon realise it’s only a deer. Then they hear a female scream and she comes running past them. They need to escape the trap before something bad happens.

Sebastian Blackwell - Hunted: Muse A and Muse B have been friends for a while, as they are going on a late night hike they discover a dead body. After calling the police and waiting for them to arrive and take statements they return to their individual homes. The next morning both receive a note that has been slid under their doors saying 'I'm watching you'. The two don't think much of it until they again go on a late night walk and they pass the spot where the discovered their body. They see two dead bunnies and their names written in blood along with a message that says 'run'. The two run and realise a man with a machete is chasing them. The two need to work together to return home alive. When they are hunted they end up splitting up by accident, and one of them gets hurt and the other has to search for them and helps them to the hospital and then home.

Benjamin Kopus - Best Friends: Bowie and Benjamin are best friends. When Benjamin first returned from being kidnapped Bowie went to see him. He had a violent outburst and then she stayed a way for a while. Once he got his head straight the two finally worked on their relationship.

Carson Hollis - Frenemy-ish: Carson and Bowie grew up together and were very frenemy-ish - Bowie always thought of Carson as a stuckup brat with a horrible attitude. Now that Carson is back in Hartsville from NY, they are reconnecting.

Stellina Drago - Computer Expert: Bowie is having issues with her computer and goes to her friend Stellina for help. Srellina discoveres she has been hacked and stalked. The girls head to a cabin in the woods but the stalker finds them and trouble ensues.

London Lockhart - Cannibals: Despite warnings to stick to the trail. Muse A and Muse B stray off course and get lost in the woods and night fall is soon approaching. While the sun goes down the dark and the cold sets in. They discover that they are being stalked by crazy cannibals. Muse A and Muse B have to find a way out of the woods and outsmart the cannibals

McKayla Winters - One shot, two shot, three shot, floor: Bowie has been drinking too much and Muse stops her from getting into trouble after guys start hitting on her, and Muse takes her back to their place to look after her. 

Daniel Cross - Friends: Bowie and Daniel met via Bailey. At first Daniel was a really good guy but then started getting paranoid about Bailey. Bowie told him he was being ridiculously, but then he yelled at her. Now he is arragont and Bowie calls him out on his actions. They lost touched for a while, but now are back to working on their friendship.

Eleanor Miller - Friends: Eleanor and Bowie are really good friends, and when Bowie needs some extra help at Darling Buds with deliveries, Eleanor always offers to help her out. Eleanor also always goes to Bowie whenever she needs a bouquet of flowers. Given the fact that they are friends they spend a lot of time together.

Raleigh Byrnes - Complicated Friendship: Raleigh and Bowie used to be close friends given their connection to Catherine. But that closeness stopped when Raleigh skipped town and hurt her best friend. Now that Raleigh is back there is some bad feelings there, and Bowie tries to make him see sense and that skipping town and leaving Catherine was the stupidest thing he did, and she tries to make him see his error. The two also try and work on their friendship, although they will probably never be as close as they once were.

Remington Castillo - Art Friends: Remington and Bowie meet in the forest when both look for a spot to draw. The two bond over art and build up a friendship.


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