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Alexis McQuillen - [BASED ON HER PLOT]: Muse B goes on a paranormal hunting tour with Alexis. During which they encounter actual ghosts when they get seperated from the group. More can be added when it gets discussed further.

Ryker Anders - Help and Danger: Ryker's unoccupied family residence contains expensive items, some locked up and some on display for anyone to take. Ryker gets a call stating that people are trespassing on the property and he calls Bowie for help. It's Bowie's job to pretend the car has broken down in order to distract the guys whilst Ryker goes inside. The trespassers figure it out and Bowie and Ryker find themselves in danger.

Kaseigh Prescott - Therapy Aquaintance: Bowie and Kaseigh meet in therapy. Kaseigh and Bowie get to talking after the therapy session and Kaseigh reveals the reason why she is there, and Bowie discovers Kasiegh was the one who killed her friend in a car accident. Bowie can see how remorseful she is and forgives her, and the two try and build up a friendship.

Mackenzie McCoy - Wrongfully Accused: Bowie and Muse have been friends for years, and as they are driving to a little weekend spa getaway they are pulled over and arrested. Both mistaken for two serial killers that have killed over 100 men between them. Bowie and Muse plead their innocents, but both get locked up. Luckily in a cell together. Can they work together to get out of jail? 

Avery Davis - Long Lost Half Sisters: Avery shows up at Bowie's door as she has been looking for her father for most of her life. She reveals herself to be Bowie's half-sister, and the two get to talking and Bowie learns her story and offers her a place to stay whilst she gets back on her feet. Plus it allows the two to get to know each other better.

Hanna Hamilton - Best Friends: Bowie and Hanna are best friends and have been for a long time. The two share a love of all things horror which is how they bonded in the first place. The two have each other's backs, and will always look out for each other. Hanna has a way of bringing out a more fun side in Bowie.

Everly Bennett - Under Fire: Muse A and Muse B are at a restaurant, dining separately. A gunshots sound and screams can be heard. There is a stampede of people trying to escape or hide. Muse A and Muse B end up hiding together in a broom closet. The two are scared and just hug each other without saying a word, only breaking the silence to ask questions about what happened. After a while of being stuck in there, they are rescued by a police officer. After the event occurred, they meet again by chance.  (REDISCUSSING PARTS)

Alice Williams - Why did you do it? Tell me: Alice sent a starter based on this sentence starter. The starter involves Bowie telling Alice's brother something she didn't want him to know, because she was concerned about her.

Jade Barlowe - Close Friends: Jade used to be a delivery driver to Darling Buds when Bowie needed it, and when Jade needed some extra cash. Now the two are close friends. Bowie used to be best friends with Thea before she died, so maybe the two grew a lot closer after that with Bellamy supporting Bowie through her grief. 

Catherine Byrne - Tutor To Friends: In high school Catherine used to tutor Bowie for one of her classes. They were more aquaintances in school rather than friends, since the only time they spent together was for tutoring. Now the two are both adults, they became friends and now the two hang out a lot. 

Melanie Buchanan - Folklore: Melanie and Bowie go around town exploring the local folklore, to try and find out if any of the stories are true. 

Amethyst Taylor - Maze Madness: Amethyst and Bowie go out for their routine walk in nature. The two have a bonfire, but rather than it being a regular day in nature, something mysterious happens. The two find they cannot find their way out of the forest as if they are stuck in a never ending maze.

Benjamin Kopus - Best Friends: Bowie and Benjamin are best friends. When Benjamin first returned from being kidnapped Bowie went to see him. He had a violent outburst and then she stayed a way for a while. Once he got his head straight the two finally worked on their relationship.

Echo Lockhart - Cannibals: Despite warnings to stick to the trail. Muse A and Muse B stray off course and get lost in the woods and night fall is soon approaching. While the sun goes down the dark and the cold sets in. They discover that they are being stalked by crazy cannibals. Muse A and Muse B have to find a way out of the woods and outsmart the cannibals

Eleanor Miller - Friends: Eleanor and Bowie are really good friends, and when Bowie needs some extra help at Darling Buds with deliveries, Eleanor always offers to help her out. Eleanor also always goes to Bowie whenever she needs a bouquet of flowers. Given the fact that they are friends they spend a lot of time together.

Raleigh Byrnes - Complicated Friendship: Raleigh and Bowie used to be close friends given their connection to Catherine. But that closeness stopped when Raleigh skipped town and hurt her best friend. Now that Raleigh is back there is some bad feelings there, and Bowie tries to make him see sense and that skipping town and leaving Catherine was the stupidest thing he did, and she tries to make him see his error. The two also try and work on their friendship, although they will probably never be as close as they once were.

Grace Anders - The smell of cinnamon danced through the air.: Fall is always filled with the smell of cinnamon, today as Bowie headed through town the smell danced through the air and attracted her to the cafe and she found herself in a baking class along with Grace.

Annabeth O'Sullivan - A haunted hayride sounds like fun: Bowie and Annabeth decide to go on a haunted hayride to see what all the hype is about. Just how scary could it possibly be?

Ava Dawson - Outbreak: When a disease similar to chicken pox breaks out in a local preschool, it leads to a quarantine of the whole town. Though it seems harmless at first, it turns out that its symptoms include violent outbreaks that cause the children to break loose and terrorise the town, the children kill anyone and anything in their path. Muse A and Muse B find themselves stuck in quarantine together, and both must venture out to get supplies. Can either one kill a child, even if it means saving everyone? 

Carter Ford - Hiking Problems: Carter and Bowie go for a hike together. It is all nice and well until Cater's stalker shows up and Bowie gets hurt.

Damien Fitzroy - The morning air was cooler than usual: As the weather is getting cooler the air matches the changing times. Snow falls upon Hartsville and Damien and Bowie enjoy the cooler weather.

Liddia Danes - Friends: The Mayor throws a party and Bowie is invited along as a thank you for helping with the flowers and she can bring someone along so she brings Liddia. It is filled with prissy, arrogant rich people and Bowie hates every second of it, but Liddia doesn't mind mixing with the rich and famous. Bowie is just over everyone there, but Liddia makes her stay and gets her to try and enjoy it

Caroline Baxter - Volunteering Foe: Caroline and Bowie volunteer together and get along great, the two quickly became friends. One day someone they both know comes in to adopt a dog but they refuse because they know what type of person they are, things quickly become violent.

Aiden Phoenix - Chivalry Is Not Dead - (FOR MALE TAKER): Bowie is in the park having lunch by herself. When she opens her can of soda it explodes, showering her in its stickiness. Muse A offers Bowihandkerchief/napkin and buys her another soda from the vendor. The two sit together and have lunch. 

Azarath Phoenix - One shot, two shot, three shot, floor: Bowie has been drinking too much and Muse stops her from getting into trouble after guys start hitting on her, and Muse takes her back to their place to look after her.

Emilia Davenport - Bank Heist: Bowie and Muse are standing in the crowded bank when armed robbers enter. Everyone must get on the ground whilst having guns pointed at them, shots go off as a warning. Police swarm the outside but everyone is trapped inside. Bowie and Muse try and work together to escape.

Katharina Schwartz - Friend/Co-Workers: Katharina works with Bowie at Darling Buds as her assistant and driver. The two have become very good friends after working together for a while.

Mario Lawrence - Friends/Business: Mario always goes to Bowie when he needs flowers for his restuarant. One day after Bowie has finished setting up flowers one of the waitresses is a huge b*tch and trashes the flowers because she doesn't like them. She claims to be the owner (maybe Mario is out for the day and left her in charge?), and Bowie knows she isn't but she lets her kick off. As the woman is kicking off Bowie texts Mario and he returns and witnesses the comotion that is going on.

Isabelle Demaro - Dog Walkers: Isabelle volunteers as a dog walker at the same animal shelter Bowie volunteers at. The two females often walk the dogs together, and it was through spending time together that the two became friends.

Harlow Jackson - Stranded: Stranded During a horrible storm, Person A gets stranded somewhere. {ie. Car broke down, stuck in a elevator, airport, it can be anyhwere} Person B comes along just in the nick of time to help Person A.  


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