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Gender: Female
Age: 30
Sign: Virgo
Country: United States

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February 06, 2019


02/21/2019 06:30 PM 



Alexis McQuillen - [BASED ON HER PLOT]: Muse B goes on a paranormal hunting tour with Alexis. During which they encounter actual ghosts when they get seperated from the group. More can be added when it gets discussed further.

Ryker Anders - Help and Danger: Ryker's unoccupied family residence contains expensive items, some locked up and some on display for anyone to take. Ryker gets a call stating that people are trespassing on the property and he calls Bowie for help. It's Bowie's job to pretend the car has broken down in order to distract the guys whilst Ryker goes inside. The trespassers figure it out and Bowie and Ryker find themselves in danger.

Alice Williams - Why did you do it? Tell me: Alice sent a starter based on this sentence starter. The starter involves Bowie telling Alice's brother something she didn't want him to know, because she was concerned about her.

Catherine Byrne - Tutor To Friends: In high school Catherine used to tutor Bowie for one of her classes. They were more aquaintances in school rather than friends, since the only time they spent together was for tutoring. Now the two are both adults, they became friends and now the two hang out a lot. 

Melanie Buchanan - Folklore: Melanie and Bowie go around town exploring the local folklore, to try and find out if any of the stories are true. 

Damien Fitzroy - The morning air was cooler than usual: As the weather is getting cooler the air matches the changing times. Snow falls upon Hartsville and Damien and Bowie enjoy the cooler weather.

Vanessa Jameson - Forced Friends: Bowie dislikes Vanessa as she believes she is vain and self-centered due to the people she hangs around with. Bowie goes to the salon and is the last customer of the day with Vanessa cutting her hair. A gunman comes in looking for cash and ties them up and forces them into the storeroom. The two are then forced to spend time together and as they get to know each other, Bowie realises she got Vanessa all wrong.

Aurora - Killer Kids: a plague turns into killer monsters. How will they survive?



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