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02/23/2023 12:12 PM 

Drabble: The Little Things

// Just some random headcanon drabble//

Hours of pouring rain had turned the road into a muddy slide, clinging to his horse’s hoofs, wearing out the already tired animal even more. Both of them, man and beast, at that point were drenched to the bone and done with the day. The darkening twilight of an early, quickly advancing dusk didn´t help neither to increase mood or motivation.
Even though exhaustion, darkness and cold didn´t concern the Dhampir by nature too much, this was not holding true for his faithful 4-legged companion. And despite all hardiness by now also Alcuard did long for a dry and warm spot and maybe a good stiff or at least tasty drink.

“Come on, just a little bit further – if my memory saves me right there should be a tavern not too far ahead.”, whether the murmured encouragement was meant for the heavily breathing steed or his own increasingly gloomy thoughts remained open for debate.
His memory did serve him right – of course it did. Being a Dhampir also meant to never forget, nothing, ever – a blessing and a curse. To him mostly a curse lately.
Another approximately 20minutes later a dim light started to appear in the distance, in the beginning appearing and vanishing between gust of winds and rain it grew stronger with each step of the horse until the steady, dirty yellowish gleam emitting from a lantern and leaded windows revealed a narrow, crooked building along the way.
Nothing fancy, nothing breathtaking at all, instead another epitome of the gloom and melancholy which held these lands in their grip ever since Alucard could remember.

After having handed over his trusty steed to the care of a gaunt yet astonishingly friendly stable-boy Alucard stepped over the threshold to the guest room through a doorway so narrow that the tall Human-Vampire-Hybrid had to duck his head.
Inside, for a moment, his hand lingered mid-air before he chose not to pull back the soaked hood which long lost its purpose to shield him from rain and elements. Here now, however, it instantly gained another objective, despite as uncomfortable the cold and wet piece of cloth clinging to his wet heir felt. A brief glance around told him that the better option probably was to keep it on, this way hiding the mass of long golden locks, and even more important provided cover in form of lingering shadows to obscure his noble, pale features and bright, golden eyes. Especially latter often enough source of stares and whispers, in an establishment like this though most certainly reason for even more animosities.
The long, simple greyish-black coat also served well to hide his trademark sword and rather worn yet upper-class attire; thus, further preventing unwanted attention towards his person.

His quick assessment of the place concluded that an ominous, cloaked stranger would draw less attention here than glowing eyes, wet yet well-groomed hair and obvious noble lineage. The reaction of the few present guests confirmed this deduction as all he got were some fleeting glances which swiftly returned to their original source of attention, mostly the bottom of a mug or glass.

Long strides carried him over to the counter where a stocky, slightly greasy looking man with receding hairline and a belly clearly in open rivalry with the present beer barrels in terms of circumference size greeted him with a curd nod and a noise possible meant to pass as welcoming grunt.
“Sh*te night, ain´t it? Someth´n to warm yr belly and clear yr throat, master?” the inquiry was delivered by a voice seemingly treated with a daily dose of rusty nails and sharp liquids, if one thought about it, a rather fitting addition to the rest of the Inn-keeps appearance.
Alucard nodded his agreement to the former yet declined the offered food, and when he spoke, taking care that his fangs remained hidden behind his lips all the time,  his dark, velvet voice stood in stark contrast to the host´s gravely rasp.
“Something to wash down the toils of the road would be welcome – some of your better and stronger beverages, if you wouldn’t mind.” And with that a pure coin of silver was slid across the worn wood.
For a moment it seemed as if the reflection of dim light of the tallow lamps fixed to the narrow ceiling jumped over into the in-keeps greyish pale eyes, “Oi, ´cours´ master – the house´s finest.”
A clay mug appeared from under the counter together with a huge bottle announcing “Ogg´s Scrumble”.  The cork came loose with a reluctant pop as if something was trying to hold it down from inside and upon opening the sweet smell of fermented apples and jolly brain-death followed.  
Having lowered his expectations to stale beer or sour wine this discovery came as pleasant surprise to Alucard.
“If you do not mind, I take the bottle – that and a room for the night, good Sir. – will these suffice?” – that said two more silver coins were pushed across the counter.
“Oh... Oi, and how they´ll, master – that´s bleed´n generous…”
“You are welcome, just make sure that I remain undisturbed, will you?”
“Sure, master…”
With that Alucard took mug and bottle and made his way over to one empty table which was located the furthest from the other guests in a rather dark corner with good view towards door and guestroom. A few decades of hunting but also frequently being the hunted – the world´s vampires still were not too happy about the murder of one of their oldest and highest ranking Elder – left him wary even when trying to wind down and get some rest. 
With a slight growly sight the hybrid got down, stretched is long legs underneath the table and helped himself to a first long sip of the golden and surprisingly tasty liquid.
- The little things, cherish the little things – it was exactly what he did just now. After three days on the road, spent in stormy and rainy weather, their only shelter the one or other ramshackle barn to wait out the worst downpours, this smoky, gritty place  frequented by dodgy looking figures indeed currently for him held a lot of those little things to cherish.

01/22/2023 01:34 PM 

Dhampirs - Between worlds

Dhampir – a word primarily found in myths, legends, scarcely used and most certainly not part of the every-day-vocabulary of man or other beings.
Dhampirs – beings found so rarely that hardly anyone believed in their existences –part of two worlds and none, half human half vampire – products of an unlikely match, unnatural as some might claim and with good reason.
Dhampir – a word also standing for a life mainly spend in solitude, a life in between.

Humans feared and hated them for what their were. For their non-human legacy that clearly showed almost always. The glowing eyes, the fangs – as soon as people noticed them things tended to take a turn towards the unpleasant even bad.
Sure, there were those who respected them for what they were able to do, for what they did – to utilize their special abilities for the protection of humankind. To stand between them and those Vampires considering humans nothing more than easy prey.
Still, those willing and able to muster enough trust to stick around for long enough to form something like camaraderie or friendship were few.

Vampires feared and hated them for what they were, what they did. Tainted, impure blood and to make things worse utilizing their skill-set and traits made up from both, their human and vampire legacy against them.
Then there were those who envied them the benefits their human legacy brought with it – mostly the ability to walk during daylight like any ordinary man did. Even despite their otherwise unmatched superiority to not having to hide and cower down in dark places like a pathetic beast when the sun was out.
Only few did not consider them unnatural, abnormal, broken beings which needed to be erased from the surface of the earth. Those however mostly were outcasts of the Vampire-society, too.

And so they stood and held the line between two species. Beings in their own right; loners, hunters, scholars, guardians.


11/04/2021 11:13 PM 

// drabble based on promt "No, wait!"

Drabble based on prompt “No, wait!” given to me by Nightshade https://www.roleplayer.me/1615059

// alright, as it was not defined who said that chosen sentence to whom I eventually came up with this drabble – also, I know that you are solely RP Varga in the Underworld universe, which is ok with me – however I tend to mix up stuff or create entire new verses out of blends and additional own ideas for my SLs – so, as this is just a drabble and nothing to pursue SL-wise I took the freedom to blend both verses, Castelvania and Underworld //


With a snarl plastered across his even features causing his most prominent traits of his vampire heritage, his fangs, to show while his golden eyes were sending an angry blazing warning towards the other Alucard pulled his right hand away from the holster at his belt, away from the loaded gun and also away from the sheathed sword fastened to his left.
To wake such kind of anger within the usually so level-headed and calm Dhampir a lot was needed. Yet tearing up old mental wounds he never had asked for but obtained by trying to do some good, to follow his heart and principles, eventually did break this shell of adamant composure.
“When you are done insulting me, excuse me, as I am not willing to pursue this line of conversation one step further…”
With that he brusquely turned in an attempt to leave…
“No, wait!”, calm yet with a hint of urgency the request came from behind, even more surprisingly ending with a slightly belated and hesitant yet exactly because of that genuine sounding “- Please!”
As a matter of fact this reaction of the Vampire surprised Alucard enough to stop right in his tracks and at least turn halfway back to the other man leaning against the banister overlooking the nightly banks and a river bathing, glittering in the silvery light of an almost full moon.
“Why? I came to offer my help and yet all you can muster are doubts and insults… - Indeed I am very much aware who I am…  what I am … what I am in your and your brethren´s eyes: a patricide and vampire slayer… - still, I am here; this time offering to side with you as it is you who are the once who are hunted and ill-treated. – Anyhow, a simple `thank you, but no` would have been perfectly enough to send me on my way…  however, here I am, leaving, what else do you want me to do? – I´ll not fight you, despite all what was said, if that is what you are after.”

06/15/2021 04:29 PM 

Headcanon - The Vasile Parvan Institute

// This is mostly, almost 100% my very own headcanon for modern times (past the 17th century) what Alucard might have made of his promise to become the Guardian and keeper of the collection of knowledge of the Belmonts and his father //

Professor!“ – Alucard, currently heading down one of the arcades of the venerable neo-romantic building home of one of the oldest Institutes of Romania and Central to Eastern Europe, if not even the world – the Vasile Parvan Institute, stopped in his vigorous steps and turned to face the person belonging to the female voice calling after him.
Katerina, how can I help you?”, he gave back, a faint, patient smile playing round lips kept shut carefully to not reveal his non-human nature to the young female freshman and her two friends. She was one of 100 new students who managed to gain one of the highly coveted places at the renowned Institute.
The new semester
did start only three weeks ago and especially among the new students the buzz of excitement about basically everything here still resounded strongly.
Gaining his attention seemed to suddenly leave her rather abashed, even though she had been calling for it in the first place. Yet, especially among the new ones, and especially the female students his appearance and the announcement that he was Professor and lecturer for classes in Ancient languages always caused a bit of... well, those classes
 seemed never to be lacking in attendance numbers.
“I… uhm… - we, we just found a plaque outside in the yard that said that one of your forefathers founded this Institute… - and that, well, - that there are connections to the Castle?” -
The Castle, was nothing less than “
The Castle Dracula” as it was called by the locals, and located just on the other side of a small forest.
mm, did you not?” the Dhampire who officially was holding the function of a part-time lecturing professor and lead-researcher smiled back while confirming her inquiry with a little nod.
“Yes, indeed the
tablet is telling the truth” – sort of, he added in thoughts – “the Institute was founded in the early 16th century by one of my great, great, great,… a lot of greats... forefathers, Adrian Tepes… as you surely already noticed he also is my namesake. - And, yes, again – as you easily will find out, Count Dracula, as he was know so infamously, who went under the real name of Vlad III Dracul Tepes was a nobleman residing in this castle in the 15th century and can also be counted to one of my – very distant – forefathers” sweet little lies…. “So, yes, Castle and Institute are connected in some way. However the Castle has long been handed over to the State and turned into a museum. That way it will be preserved and professionally taken care of.”
Awe and excitement were written all over the three faces.
“That is awesome, Dr. Tepes… you must be proud of being able to trace back your family such a long way, and that they were such wonderful Philanthropists who left the world such a tremendous gift like the Institute and the Castle…” the brunette young woman going under the name Adriana if his memory didn´t betray him – and it never betrayed him, curse of being a Dhmapir – gave back enthusiastically.
Enthusiasm which was met with
a, for them, probably strange melancholic even slightly sarcastic expression.
mmm, it is a long family line to trace back; most certainly it is… but... I´d not go as far and call them Philanthropists, at least not all of them… dig a little deeper and you´ll surely find his not so very philanthropic nature being source of all the myths about the most famous, or rather infamous ancestors of mine, Dracula”… my dear, murderous, mad father, he silently added suppressing an ironic, sad huff as well as a wave of till this day unprocessed emotions.
Not really willing to discuss his family history further, always treacherous waters for him anyway, he gave them an asking and slightly urging look.
“Don´t you have a bus to catch to the boarding house? Or are you three planning on sleeping on one of the tables in the library tonight?” - the sun hanging low above the Carpathian Mountains in the distance, casting long shadows through the
leaded windows lining the outer wall of the arcade posed as a reminder that late afternoon was about to advance into evening.
Awe and excitement gave way to surprise and slight panic followed by hastily expressed gratitude and an equally hasty farewell. -
Moments later the most erratic movement filling the old hallway was the silent dancing of dust grains in the golden rays of evening light while hurried footsteps faded away in the distance.


Before turning back to his original task Alucard allowed his gaze to wander outside and across the swaying treetops to where the distinct silhouette of Castle Dracula, his former family and childhood home, was painted all colorful by the sinking sun.
It changed drastically over the centuries – the extravagant, almost out of this world shape
was replaced with a more traditional medieval appearance, that way attracting less attention. These days it indeed was mostly a museum – at least the upper, publicly visible and accessible levels.
However as much as with the Institute there were those parts closed to public or students, those underground libraries, laboratories and training areas.

A vast area of vaults and basements – yet not the gloomy ones one might expect underneath such old walls and buildings, not those kind which sent a pleasant or frightful shiver down ones spine, filled with old coffins and whatever creatures shying the light.
No, these underground spaces, developed, expanded and modernized over the centuries were the place housing the unofficial purpose of what those working and training there just called “The Institute”.
A place filled with ancient wisdom and knowledge about the supernatural, non-humans, magic, forgotten languages,
forbidden sciences but also stuffed with modern high-tech equipment, fit to meet the challenges of a Monster and Vampire Hunter of the modern world.
This was the true purpose of this establishment, had been ever since he was left with the task to take care of both, the Belmont-holt and Dracula´s, his father
´s, collections.
It was the home of the biggest and oldest Vampire and Monster Hunter Academy in Central and Eastern Europe. Surely a big achievement – one that had not been planned or been foreseeable at all; one that started with the feeling of forlornness and despair mostly.
He still remembered the moment when
his original plan to lay himself to rest eternally inside the Castle and thus rid the world of the Tepes was foiled and instead he agreed to honor the claim of becoming the Guardian of those two treasure hoards of wisdom… and to use them to build something good.
Initial excitement soon gave way to a wave of feeling overwhelmed, overwhelmed by the sheer task, by loneliness, by … everything.
The first attempts were meek and mostly futile and it needed several months before things really got in motion – not at least thanks to a group of local refugees, stripped off their homes and belongings and often enough even their loved on
es by the dark forces evoked by his father and his deadly rampage.
Looking for a place to
be, to settle down again they found a grieving Dhampir in despair, torn between the urge to hide himself away and on the other side craving for company. Originally it was a pact based on shared loss and yet mutual determination to rebuilt. -
The foundation of something great –

The creation of The Institute and the first squad of scholars and Vampire- and Monster-Hunters under his, Alcuard´s, tutelage.

Over the centuries the place grew, changed – got an official facade as it quickly became clear that the ordinary purpose was not something the general human world was fit to know.
the foundation of The Institute soon was followed by the official foundation of the Wallchaian Institute of Arceology in the early 17th century when science, human curiosity and the craving for knowledge became more and more prominent.
Later in the late 19th Century it was named after one of its famous offsprings, the Romanian Archaeologist and Historian Vasile Parvan who started his successful career in the Institute and headed it for almost two decades.

Alucard himself always took great care that especially with the official part of the place his name did not pop out too obviously, never taking on one official leading role
s, mostly remaining in the background, explaining his constant presence with his family ties located there, and with a more passive role as a researcher and only part-time lecturer.
Every few decades he even took a long vacation from the place, utilizing one of the Institute´s many outposts all across Europe to hide away, to fake his absence to not raise suspicion with his ever so young-looking appearance which never changed.
This secrecy of course was not only to keep his identity and unusual nature away from the normal students and teachers, but also to remain as unnoticed as possible among the non-human society – especially among the Vampire society.
Although founder and 1st man of The Institute also the below board branch was not officially lead by him but always by one trusted right hand man acting as a proxy so that his too well known name for most outsiders only was part of myths and legends and mentioned in mostly forgotten books.
Well aware that his very nature, being a Dhampir, was enough for many among the blood-sucking guild to feel a strong desire to rid the world of what they considered an abomination of soiled blood and also the fact that he was the one to end one of their most famous leading figures still even more than 500 years later caused a lot of them to harbor a certain craving of ripping his heart out in order to parade his head around on a stake.
Alucard - this name hardly ever went public, was only used by the few handful of humans and non-humans occupying the unofficial part of the place, researching, working and training to be Scholars and Guardians of two worlds, to stand between good and evil – no matter which form it took.
This was one of the highest principles he tried to convey to those training
alongside him and learning under his tutelage: there were those needing their help and protection on both sides, human and non-humans.
Evil came in many forms and with many faces and they would
not deny to help any innocent being no matter its nature.

Only when the lights above him light up Alucard noticed that he´d been standing there for rather a while, taken by the view, pondering, watching the sun go down while twilight crept into the valley and fog rose between the trees.
A spectacular
sight, and sometimes while he took time to take in such beauty he felt a brief understanding why his non-human brethren envied him his life between the worlds and his ability as a Daywalker so much.
Yet with his mind back to the here and now he noticed that he´d dawdled
long enough already. Before having been interrupted by the students he indeed had been on the way to take care of some official unofficial business. - While his Institute was rather well known among the European continent and also kept close bonds with similar Institutions in Russia and Asia up to these days the contact with their American brothers in arms had been rather distant, sparsely and sporadic.
However just recently, two days ago they received some rather promising sounding correspondence from accross the ocean. A matter of such official importance however was calling for him to tend to it personally, not at least to offer the necessary respect and attention in order to hopefully pave the way for a closer and more permanent interaction.
Casting a last glance through the arched leaded windows he eventually took up his way again, long, elegant strides carrying him to his private rooms – a little house located remotely in the far end of the vast, park-like garden of the area. Formerly the gardeners house he moved in there, a place much lighter, much cozier and more welcoming than the huge halls and endless corridors of his family castle.
However as it was with almost everything here also this place held a second face, a very modern, high-tech one at that – and it did not stop with the fact that his apparently slightly cluttered and old fashioned
looking office held access to the most modem digital tech but also that in the back a well disguised elevator was installed to bring him down into the Institute labs and training grounds, and to grand access to his place for Hunters and Scholars whenever they needed it.

05/31/2021 02:37 PM 

Drabble: Morning musings

The cries of seagulls were echoing through the air while the crisp morning breeze carried the salty, tangy smell of the ocean over to the little hotel terrace where besides him only two other guests were enjoying the unmatched peace of the first early hours of the day. The sun had just left her resting place beyond the horizon and still faint, pastel orange and pink streaks were painting beautiful patterns to the sky and across a few flocks of cotton-wool clouds.

With a little content sigh the blond male leaned back and closed his eyes, savoring the prickly coolness of the sea air brushing over the fair, immaculate skin of his face.
“Mr Tep… Adrian! – What are you doing out here?” – a female voice interrupted this lazy moment. The wonder clinging to the words and the usage of his “official” name, especially the slight slip regarding
the appropriate form of address to use here caused a vague smile to appear on lips carefully kept shut.
It did not take long for the voice to obtain a face and a body in form of a brunette woman, well trained, slender and belying her real age of 46 of at least 6 years if not more.
“Hm, what does it look like to you?” he chuckled, nodding an invitation towards one of the empty chairs at his table while pushing the laptop back, instead reaching for a half empty pot of coffee.
“Uhm… working, I guess? Working and having a morning coffee?” came the answer hesitant yet with amusement replac
ing the wonder as she followed his bidding by taking the offered chair.
“Your gift of perception truly remains unmatched – no wonder you
made it that far in your line of work.”, Alucard deadpanned before swallowing down the last sip of his already cold black brew.
The woman called Elizabeth O’Malley was his leading contact for their section of southern Britain - officially she was Head of the Police Department of Portsmouth but below board working for “
Them” for over 10 years now. Up to now they mainly had been in contact in written form, however a row of unusual murder cases eventually brought him over to the island and they finally met in person.
“Yeah right… you know, I am still getting used to… well,…this….”, she gave back, laughing and proving that she indeed was able to take a good joke but also had a quick tongue and was anything from shy.
“This.. what? Me acting like a
boring normal being? – I apologize, next time I will make sure to bring my own coffin and black cape… and of course get myself a room in the basement… - or… no, wait - better, ask you to dig out one of those tombs of the local parish to appropriately store said coffin. Would that be more like what you pictured me to be?”
His grin widened into a broad highly amused smile, still making sure to keep his fangs hidden behind his lips though while he watched her literally squirm awkwardly in her chair.
“Yeah, yeah… I know, cliché and such… still,.. this… you here drinking coffee, typing away in that laptop… that is so totally anticlimactic in terms of trying to keep in mind that I am talking to an over
500 year old half-vampire….-“
“Oh, how very charming reminding me of my age…- and just keep talking a bit louder - there surely are some people around not yet in the picture regarding the weird nature of your boss. Probably also helps with the staring I receive already due to these anyway”, he gave back gesturing towards his unusually colored eyes, yet his tone and the slight wink which accompanied the words still giving away his genuine amusement regarding her endearingly naïve reaction and struggles while coping with this situation so new to her..
“We in fact look like I could be YOUR boss by the way… - however, why are you drinking coffee? – I thought it has no effect on you?” came the laughing retort accompanied by a
n asking nod towards his mug which was resting in slender hands.
“I like to enjoy a good cup for its taste for a start… in contrary to blood … and secondly, what would you assume might be the reaction if I´d order a cup of B-negative, slightly cool but not from the freezer?”
“Got it! – Just go on being this dashingly handsome, ordinary, boring, young Professor of Science, Mr Tepes…. - ” The human woman countered between amused chuckling when their little banter was interrupted by the waitress showing up to take orders.


05/25/2021 04:49 PM 

Drabble: How?

Make it your home - not your grave. Be its last defender… – the words echoed inside his mind much like his slow footsteps echoed down the hollow, empty hallway. He had nodded his agreement to those words, had shown himself brought around, consented to drop his original plan.
The plan to lay himself to rest in eternal slumber,
that way ridding the world of the cursed blood of the Tepes´ family.
Instead he
´d agreed to become the guardian of the combined knowledge of the Belmont Family and that of his father. - To utilize it for the benefit of the world, for humankind, the people of his mother.

But how does one go on after committing such an act like patricide, even if it was done in the name of the Greater Good. Even as it was done after every word from his side fell on deaf ears, was spoken in vain. Even after the act of killing had been the very last option and indeed done almost as an act of self-defense.
The gruesome, reddish scar ripping through the porcelain skin of his chest still was lingering, perpetual proof of how far his own begetter had been willing to go in his senseless, endlessly boiling rage.

How does one go on facing the wreckage of his family – in every possible way – of all he once loved.
How does one go on? – Alone.

Protect it, make something out of it…something better than a pile of ruins and a symbol of terror… - a silent nod had been his promise to do his best to fulfill this request, and as to his nature, given a promise, even a silent one, he would do all in his power to make this wish come true. To cop out, leaving his post, going against his words, that was not who he was.

So how did one go on? – By not backing down, by
moving on, keeping going - by doing the next step and the next,… and the next.
By pulling oneself together, by reminding oneself that there were bigger and more important matters in this world than what your
own bleeding heart desired: To lay down, rest, to not care, to give oneself up to eternal slumber...
His mother would not have approved of such selfish actions, always putting others before herself: Him, his father, other people. That was why she became a doctor, why she utilized all her knowledge for the sake and wellbeing of others… even if it cost her life in the end.

Did he not manage to do the hardest thing he possibly could imagine – to kill his own father, a man he had loved and he had not been prepared to face in such manner.
So this next step should be a much easier one, not one to destroy but one to rebuild – to make the best out of his heritage, to not allow it to go to waste just because he decided he was too tired to even try.
This was not the way he was raised, this was not him… - he took his next step, echoes resounding, whispering of encouragement and defiance.



05/24/2021 02:51 PM 

Drabble: The Geiermeier

// This drabble was inspired by one of my all time favorite 80ties kids-TV show  - Der kleine Vampir (The little Vampire). Geiermeier there is a totally moronic, old, fat, self-proclaimed Vampire hunter who tries to wipe out The Vampire Family Schlotterstein (the family of the show´s main protagonist) - Looking at it as an adult the character Geiemeier totally is hilarious and so I did imagine a possible encounter with Alucard //

No further, undead, evil creature! This crucifix will be your judge and executioner! Resistance is futile, I got you cornered!”

Rolling his eyes, a deeply unnerved sigh escaping his lips Alucard turned round, just to face a very familiar figure:
A stocky male human, about one head smaller than the Dhampir, thinning grayish hair brushed across the head in a futile attempt to cover the balding patches and pasty, reddish cheeks puffed in fancied, righteous anger while small, palish gray, watery eyes attempted a scowl towards the avowed foe.

“YOU again?!”, the half-vampire groaned in abysmal disbelieve. “Please, would you possibly stop this farce?! – I told you, I am not dead, neither undead… and most certainly not evil in the way you imagine me to be.”
His tone was resembling the one used with slow-witted infants, slightly strained though while he tried to keep his clam. This was not his first run-in with this self-proclaimed and utterly useless Vampire-hunter. Over the past months the terrible man had been harassing him whenever he managed to track him down… or rather stumble across his feet.
By now Alucard noticed that whenever he showed himself in public in his hometown Gresit he´d started to develop the slightly paranoid tick to keep an eye out for the waddling figure and to mentally create possible escape plans to avoid situations like exactly this one.
He really did not wish to harm the man, it surely was not his fault that he had the intelligence of a demented donkey, apologies to the donkey here! However, the complete lack of brains combined with boundless self-confidence and overbearing religious conceitedness causing a severe case of pathologically lunatic fervor was starting to severely get on his nerves… not to mention that it was plain embarrassing.

“VAMPIRE! PERISH!” the human called out far too loud to not attract curious glances and Alucrad was unable to stop an impulsive facepalm and irritated growl.
“Please, lower you voice, will you! – This is embarrassing! I also told you about a dozen times already - I am NOT a Vampire! Again - I am NOT Undead or even DEAD…”, half groaning, half hissing, utilizing his full self-control to not simply cry out in anger Alucard gave back, clenching his hands into fists to keep himself from trying to shake some reason into the impossible man.
“PROVE IT!” came in response not one bit less noisy.
“Prove it?! Are you serious, man?! – Right now we are standing in the middle of the marketplace… entertaining half of the population of Gresit with this charade, in case you did not notice... - at noon! In bright sunshine! … - What else do you need?!”
A huff came in return, while the self-proclaimed Vampire-slayer looked around, seemingly noticing only now that they had indeed become the center of attention of a small crowd. – Giggles, grins and shook heads clearly showed how amusing this little scene obviously was to anyone else.
“I…. – I… will keep an eye on you, creature – You will not deceive me. This time I let you off the hook, yet beware, and tread carefully as the ever-vigilant Geiermeier is watching!”
Theatrically an index finger was thrust into the air and round features took on such an intense red that Alucard almost feared the moon-like face was about to explode.
Thankfully though before this happened the barrel-shaped lunatic turned and waddled away, head held high, not deigning a look at the crowd of unassuming ignorants which so urgently needed his protection from evil.


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