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01/22/2023 01:34 PM 

Dhampirs - Between worlds
Category: Resources

Dhampir – a word primarily found in myths, legends, scarcely used and most certainly not part of the every-day-vocabulary of man or other beings.
Dhampirs – beings found so rarely that hardly anyone believed in their existences –part of two worlds and none, half human half vampire – products of an unlikely match, unnatural as some might claim and with good reason.
Dhampir – a word also standing for a life mainly spend in solitude, a life in between.

Humans feared and hated them for what their were. For their non-human legacy that clearly showed almost always. The glowing eyes, the fangs – as soon as people noticed them things tended to take a turn towards the unpleasant even bad.
Sure, there were those who respected them for what they were able to do, for what they did – to utilize their special abilities for the protection of humankind. To stand between them and those Vampires considering humans nothing more than easy prey.
Still, those willing and able to muster enough trust to stick around for long enough to form something like camaraderie or friendship were few.

Vampires feared and hated them for what they were, what they did. Tainted, impure blood and to make things worse utilizing their skill-set and traits made up from both, their human and vampire legacy against them.
Then there were those who envied them the benefits their human legacy brought with it – mostly the ability to walk during daylight like any ordinary man did. Even despite their otherwise unmatched superiority to not having to hide and cower down in dark places like a pathetic beast when the sun was out.
Only few did not consider them unnatural, abnormal, broken beings which needed to be erased from the surface of the earth. Those however mostly were outcasts of the Vampire-society, too.

And so they stood and held the line between two species. Beings in their own right; loners, hunters, scholars, guardians.



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