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Ooc: Please Read Before we Start

This is the "version" of Alucard taken from and inspired by the TV Show Castelvania
And if I say "inspired by" - I mean "inspired by", meaning I take my freedom to choose which bits and pieces of the the original lore I´ll adopt with "my" Alucard... and which I leave out.
Starting with "leaving out": as I abhore overpowered characters I will simply ignore and leave out "lore"-given abilities of his.
What he can and what he cannot do you can find in the section "Skills and Abilities". No less and no more.

Don´t like the concept, or the way I portrait him?
Well, have a good life then, there are probably plenty of others more to your liking somewhere

– Also: to be more flexible with the RP universe I can put him in I kept the description and biography as general as possible.
- I will add and leave out things if necessary for the individual SL and in the way I imagined them to fit him best.

If you want a RP entirely in the TV-Show-Castlevania-Universe according to canon, great… but then I assume you know the general setting anyway and no further explanation is needed.
For all others, I am totally ok with putting Alucard into all kind of different verses:
Whether classical High Fantasy or Urban Fantasy set in modern times, Dystopian, Apocalypse verse, Mythology inspired, Contemporary and Historical verses involving the Supernatural... name it and let´s see what we can make of it
- if necessary the bio can and will be adjusted

half human -
- half Vampire
Full Name: Adrian Tepes
Aliases: Alucard
Date Of Birth: Mid 1450ies
Place Of Birth: Transylvania
Current Residence: where-ever he is needed
Ethnicity: Dhampir

Hair Color: blond
Eye Color: gold
Height: 6'3" (193 cm)
Built: slender & athletic
Scars: one large scar reaching across his ribcage and belly
Mother: Lisa Tepes - human
Father: Vlad Tepes, Dracula - Vampire
Sister(S): none
Brother(S): none
Other Family: none

Education taught by his parents
Occupation: Vampire-/Monsterhunter, Scholar
Sexual Orientation: straight
Alcuard - the name

Alucard is nothing else than “Dracula” in reverse.
Originally the name was a moniker, a nickname by the people of Transylvania and Wallachia which expressed the fact that for them he was everything his father wasn´t: kind, compassionate, gentle - the very image of his mother in terms of appearance and character.
Initially he did not like this name, even less his mother, claiming that he should not be defined by his father or anyone else, but was a person of his own right.
Only after his mother´s death, and upon his father´s attempt to wipe out all living beings as his plot of revenge, Adrian actively started to call himself Alucard officially - his way to renounce any bond with his father and express his rejection of the Vampire´s deeds.

Skills and Abilities

Alucard as a Dhampir, a hybrid half human half half vampire holds the strengths of both species. As a result of his vampire heritage, Alucard displays traits such as superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, senses, stamina and endurance.

He also has an above human standards pain tolerance and accelerated healing factor – latter allows him to recover from blows absolutely fatal to mere humans, though severely wounded he would need some time to recover.

Like Vampires he stopped aging reaching adulthood and can be described as "semi-immortal" meaning he does not age further, thus cannot die from old age neither from sickness or disease but yet still can be killed.
Severe dismemberment, disembowling, beheading or burning would most certainly be his final demise. Also piercing his heart would kill him the same way as it would make his vampire brethren perish.

As a Dhampir he can eat normal human food, but it has little to no nourishing effect on him.
Therefore, much to his own disgust, he still has to drink blood (human or non-human/animal blood) in order to keep up his strength.
If starved of blood for a prolonged time he´d fall into a coma like state much like Vampires.

Also due to his vampire heritage Alucard is able to levitate, a skill he mostly uses in combat combined with his exceptional speed in order to dodge, for surprise-attacks and to outplay opponents.

Further Alucard has the natural ability to transform into a huge white wolf with glowing, golden eyes. While in this form he still maintains his human mind, though is unable to speak.

His human heritage enables him to walk in daylight – However, though UV light generally is not lethal for him it still makes him feel uncomfortable therefore he mostly prefers shade over broad sunlight if possible.

Further it is impossible for other Vampires to mind-control him like Higher Vampire might be able to influence humans or lesser Vampires.

Besides those inherited abilities, Alucard has gained a wide skill-set in terms of combat and fighting through extensive training.
During more than one occasion he has proven to be an exceptional Martial Artist, capable of fighting against far more physically powerful opponents, humans and non-humans alike.
Besides his skills in plain hand-to-hand combat he also is a Master swordsman easily able to adapt to varying terrain, against all kind of other weapons and the most diverse and difficult circumstances.
He himself is able to utilize a rather unorthodox fighting style due to the ability to control his own sword by the use of telekinesis.
This enables him to make his sword lash out independently from his body while maintaining hand-to-hand combat himself.

Additional to his physical abilities and skills Alucard is exceptionally intelligent holding the close to genius intellect of both of his parents. Though he never visited a proper school he grew up learning about all kind of sciences, arts, and other fields of knowledge under the tutelage of his parents, both scientists in their own right, and thus became highly educated.

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About Dhampirs:

Dhampir – a word primarily found in myths, legends, scarcely used and most certainly not part of the every-day-vocabulary of man or other beings.

Dhampirs – beings found so rarely that hardly anyone believes in their existences – part of two worlds and none, half human half vampire – products of an unlikely match, unnatural as some might claim and with good reason.

Dhampir – a word also standing for a life mainly spend in solitude, a life in between.

Humans fear and hate them for what they are.
For their non-human legacy they are unable to hide.
The glowing eyes, the fangs which always give proof of the darks side of their nature – Mostly as soon as people notice them things tend to take a turn towards the unpleasant, even bad.
Sure, there are those who respected them for what they do – utilizing their special abilities for the protection of humankind.
To stand between feeble humans and those Vampires considering humans nothing more than easy prey.
Still, those willing and able to muster enough trust to stick around for long enough to form something like camaraderie or friendship are few.

Vampires fear and hate them for what they are, what they do.
Tainted, impure blood and to make things worse utilizing their skill-set and traits made up from both, their human and vampire legacy against them.
Then there are those who envy them the benefits their human legacy – mostly the ability to walk during daylight like any ordinary man does.
Envy them the abiliy to not having to hide and cower down in dark places like a pathetic beast when the sun is out.
Only few Vampires do not consider them unnatural, abnormal, broken beings which need to be erased from the surface of the earth just for the sake of existing. Those however mostly are outcasts of the Vampire-society, too.

And so they stand and hold the line between two species, between two worlds, between darkness and light.

Beings in their own right; Loners, Hunters, Scholars, Guardians.

I can´t save everyone
But at least I have to try.
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Fighting against Evil is Not a Choice.


Adrian Tepes as his name given by his parents goes was born a Dhampir, a being half human half vampire, in the mid 1450's to the Vampire Vlad Dracula Ţepeş and his wife the human woman Lisa Ţepeş.

He grew up under the influence of his father which molded him into a fighter and warrior but even more the gentle, compassionate ways of his mother and the shared curiosity of both of his parents regarding science, literature and many other fields.

About twenty years later, in 1475, his mother Lisa, by now a well-known physician was falsely accused of witchcraft due to using means of medicine she and Dracula developed and thus not accessible to and understandable for ordinary folks back then.

She was put on trial by the church and ultimately burned at the stake in the absence of her husband Dracula, yet begging her son Adrian to ensure that neither he nor his father took out their anger about her unjust death-sentence on humankind.

However, upon learning about her death and the circumstances Dracula was driven into a killing frenzy by rage and despair and began summoning an Army of Darkness, plotting revenge.

Upon being confronted by Alucard who tried to stop these doings, begging Darcula to not kill innocent people the enraged widower refused to listen. Their confrontation eventually escalated into a brutal fight during which Dracula almost killed his own son.

Near fatally struck Alucard managed to flee and sought retreat in the catacombs underneath the city of Gresit, where he lay himself to rest to heal and recover his strength.

A legend began to spread, stating that a "Sleeping Soldier" was resting beneath Gresit who would be woken by a Hunter and a Scholar in times of need.

Thosey times of need came soon though – only one year later in 1476, this part of the legend should become reality when Alucard was indeed woken by a hunter, Trevor Belmont, and a scholar, Sypha Belnades.

Both were grasping for this last straw of hope provided by legend in their urgent and desperate quest do find a possible ally in their fight against Dracula and his army who by now were ravaging the country for almost a year, leaving death and destruction in their wake all across the country.

Aware about this legend as well and fueled with new hope to have found suitable allies to aid his own fight against his father Alucard agreed to team up with the two humans in order to put a stop to the genocide initiated by his father –

Their journey found a successful yet for Alucard also painful end when they indeed managed to track down Dracula, and Alucard, backed by his newfound friends and allies in fight eventually landed the deadly stroke to kill his father after once again all pleading and reasoning to stop his vendetta fell on deaf ears.

With Dracula dead, Alucard intended for Dracula's Castle to become his own tomb, a place to put himself away in infinite slumber in order to rid the world of what he calls “the curse of the Tepes bloodline”.

He was however convinced to drop this idea and instead become the guardian of the combined knowledge of Dracula and the Belmont family and to use it for the good of mankind.

A Guardian of Knowledge and Hunter of Evil, this is what Alucard found to be his reason for existing till this day.

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Personality and Appearance


Adrian "Alucard" Ţepeş is representing the best of both his parents.
Like his father, he is a most talented fighter and deadly in battle, yet he also holds his mother's compassion, class and open-mindedness. Like both of his parents he is highly intelligent.

In general Alcuard is a profoundly calm and composed person, slow to anger and utterly restrained when it comes to display emotions openly, even when in battle or an argument.
He emits as strong aura of dignity but also melancholia, sadness even.

When it comes to fullfilling what he considers to be his duties and tasks he dispalys an intense senes of responsibility.
And once Alucard has set his mind towards a goal he is driven by adamant determination and will make sure to leave nothing to chance and to do everything necessary to accomplish his task regardless his personal costs.

Alucard is a man of few, yet well-considered words and at large a rather aloof individual, attributes causing him to appear rather distant and farouche.

Still he always approaches everyone politely and forthcoming which, in contradiction to his rather reserved demeanor, often helps him to gain the trust and even camaraderie of others astonishingly quickly.

Also he has a marked, fine, rather dark and often sarcastic sense of humor and a tendency towards irony and wry quips.

The death of his mother by human hands left him with a certain kind of bitterness towards mankind as such and a generally pessimistic view of the world.
However, following the promise he gave his dying mother and also surely due to his deeply compassionate and selfless nature he still has dedicated his life to protecting humankind from evil, like malicious vampires or other creatures.

He does not take kindly to rude behavior and threats and deeply abhors dishonesty, disloyalty and unfairness in terms of fighting dirty or treating others unjust in general.

Yet a display of candor, strength, bravery and conviction will gain his respect and appreciation no matter if friend or foe.

Physical Appearance

Alucard is a man physically in his late twenties with long, thick, light blond hair.
He stands about 6´6´´ (1,98m) tall and is of slender yet muscular and very buff built.
He has even, soft, rather feminine features, resembling those of his mother a lot.

His most striking features visible on first glance are his eyes, shining with an unusual, bright golden color and which are framed by long lashes.
They are, as well as his fangs which always show, traits caused by his non-human, vampiric legacy.
Usually he tries to hide his fangs behind closed lips, especially among strangers – probably one reason for his rather stoic, almost plain features and chary utilization of facial expressions.
However when angered or annoyed beyond a certain level his vampire-nature pushes thru instinctively making him respond baring his teeth, often accompanied by a dark, warning, animally growl even.

He has very light skin, immaculate mostly except from one large, striking scar reaching all over his chest and belly.
A reminder of the brutal, near fatal wound from when his father, Dracula, tried to kill him.

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