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05/25/2021 04:49 PM 

Drabble: How?
Category: Stories

Make it your home - not your grave. Be its last defender… – the words echoed inside his mind much like his slow footsteps echoed down the hollow, empty hallway. He had nodded his agreement to those words, had shown himself brought around, consented to drop his original plan.
The plan to lay himself to rest in eternal slumber,
that way ridding the world of the cursed blood of the Tepes´ family.
Instead he
´d agreed to become the guardian of the combined knowledge of the Belmont Family and that of his father. - To utilize it for the benefit of the world, for humankind, the people of his mother.

But how does one go on after committing such an act like patricide, even if it was done in the name of the Greater Good. Even as it was done after every word from his side fell on deaf ears, was spoken in vain. Even after the act of killing had been the very last option and indeed done almost as an act of self-defense.
The gruesome, reddish scar ripping through the porcelain skin of his chest still was lingering, perpetual proof of how far his own begetter had been willing to go in his senseless, endlessly boiling rage.

How does one go on facing the wreckage of his family – in every possible way – of all he once loved.
How does one go on? – Alone.

Protect it, make something out of it…something better than a pile of ruins and a symbol of terror… - a silent nod had been his promise to do his best to fulfill this request, and as to his nature, given a promise, even a silent one, he would do all in his power to make this wish come true. To cop out, leaving his post, going against his words, that was not who he was.

So how did one go on? – By not backing down, by
moving on, keeping going - by doing the next step and the next,… and the next.
By pulling oneself together, by reminding oneself that there were bigger and more important matters in this world than what your
own bleeding heart desired: To lay down, rest, to not care, to give oneself up to eternal slumber...
His mother would not have approved of such selfish actions, always putting others before herself: Him, his father, other people. That was why she became a doctor, why she utilized all her knowledge for the sake and wellbeing of others… even if it cost her life in the end.

Did he not manage to do the hardest thing he possibly could imagine – to kill his own father, a man he had loved and he had not been prepared to face in such manner.
So this next step should be a much easier one, not one to destroy but one to rebuild – to make the best out of his heritage, to not allow it to go to waste just because he decided he was too tired to even try.
This was not the way he was raised, this was not him… - he took his next step, echoes resounding, whispering of encouragement and defiance.




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