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11/04/2021 11:13 PM 

// drabble based on promt "No, wait!"
Category: Stories

Drabble based on prompt “No, wait!” given to me by Nightshade https://www.roleplayer.me/1615059

// alright, as it was not defined who said that chosen sentence to whom I eventually came up with this drabble – also, I know that you are solely RP Varga in the Underworld universe, which is ok with me – however I tend to mix up stuff or create entire new verses out of blends and additional own ideas for my SLs – so, as this is just a drabble and nothing to pursue SL-wise I took the freedom to blend both verses, Castelvania and Underworld //


With a snarl plastered across his even features causing his most prominent traits of his vampire heritage, his fangs, to show while his golden eyes were sending an angry blazing warning towards the other Alucard pulled his right hand away from the holster at his belt, away from the loaded gun and also away from the sheathed sword fastened to his left.
To wake such kind of anger within the usually so level-headed and calm Dhampir a lot was needed. Yet tearing up old mental wounds he never had asked for but obtained by trying to do some good, to follow his heart and principles, eventually did break this shell of adamant composure.
“When you are done insulting me, excuse me, as I am not willing to pursue this line of conversation one step further…”
With that he brusquely turned in an attempt to leave…
“No, wait!”, calm yet with a hint of urgency the request came from behind, even more surprisingly ending with a slightly belated and hesitant yet exactly because of that genuine sounding “- Please!”
As a matter of fact this reaction of the Vampire surprised Alucard enough to stop right in his tracks and at least turn halfway back to the other man leaning against the banister overlooking the nightly banks and a river bathing, glittering in the silvery light of an almost full moon.
“Why? I came to offer my help and yet all you can muster are doubts and insults… - Indeed I am very much aware who I am…  what I am … what I am in your and your brethren´s eyes: a patricide and vampire slayer… - still, I am here; this time offering to side with you as it is you who are the once who are hunted and ill-treated. – Anyhow, a simple `thank you, but no` would have been perfectly enough to send me on my way…  however, here I am, leaving, what else do you want me to do? – I´ll not fight you, despite all what was said, if that is what you are after.”


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