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09/20/2021 01:20 PM 

Task: This Or That.

1.) Flip flops or Bare feet
2.) Cocktails or Smoothies 
3.) Sunrise or Sunset 
4.) Ocean or Pool
5.) Atv or Bicycle
6.) Pineapple or Coconut
7.) Vacation or Staycation
8.) Party or Relax
9.) Ice cream or Iced Coffee
10.) Snorkel or Surf 
11.) Cool air or Poolside
12.) Cruise ship or Flight
13.) Bonfire or Barbecue
14.) Sunnies or Hat
15.) Watermelon or Strawberry
16.) Lemonade or Sweet tea
17.) Beach or Mountains 
18.) Sleep in late or Get up early
19.) Airbnb or Hotel
20.) Local street food or Fancy restaurant
21.) Backpackers or Resort
22.) Oceanfront villa or Cozy cabin
23.) Hot air balloon or Helicopter ride 
24.) Have a plan or Go with the flow
25.) Rooftop party or Beach party
26.) Stargazing or Movie night
27.) Warm Summer night or Early Summer morning
28.) Dolphins or Sharks
29.) Facial massage or Back massage
30.) Nude beach or Clothed beach 

09/20/2021 01:03 PM 

task: beach themed drink



4 oz coconut rum 
2 oz Banana Rum
1 oz blue Curacao 
8 oz pineapple juice
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
lime slices, for garnish
ice cubes

1. To a pitcher, add the coconut rum and banana rum, pineapple juice, and lime juice. 
2. Stir to combine.
3. Top with Blue Curacao stir lightly 
4. Fill serving glasses with ice cubes and a few lime slices.
5. Top with mermaid cocktail mixture.
6. Garnish glasses with a slice of lime.

09/19/2021 11:03 PM 

spirit week task: stranded island moodboard

09/02/2021 07:53 PM 

Journal Entry One.


September 2nd, 7.54 p.m

Yesterday would have been her 21st birthday if it wasn’t for him. I’ve tried to forgive him, I mean, that’s what we are meant to do, right? Christians I mean. We are meant to forgive those who have wronged us, but every single time I think I am close to forgiving him for what he did to Makenna and me, I can’t. I get so angry. I hate him with every single bone in my body and I don’t know how to cope with that. I want to talk to Kayla, or even Eve and Aves, but I can’t. What if they don’t look at me the same again? I think about killing him, y’ know. He is locked away, so I don’t know how I’d even get to him, but the thought is there. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help how I feel. 

Maybe something is wrong with me, maybe I’m broken. I really don’t know, but what I do know is that I feel like crying. If she was here we would be on a 24-hour bender, but instead, I’m sitting in my room, listening to Britney Spears, and completely sober. I know if I drink again I will only go on another three-day bender, and things are not back to normal with Avery since my last. I need a drink of water, I’ll be right back. Okay, back. I guess, I just miss her. I miss her smile and her laugh, I even miss her stealing my clothes! I wish things were different, but I know they will never be how they were again, so for now, I’m going to just try and live my life the best way I know how and try to keep her memory alive. 

I’ll never forget her. Not ever.


08/25/2021 06:32 PM 

drabble marathon five

Bella Thorne News — Bella Thorne in Liam Payne's “Bedroom Floor” Music...

“Hang on, I’m coming,” the redhead mumbled as she scrambled for the phone. Her head was still pounding from the night before and the loud noise of the phone ringing did not do anything to help matters. Reaching for the phone, she held it to her ear and glanced down at her watch to check the time. It was just after 7 am, “Ya?! She mumbled grumpily. She had no idea who the heck would be ringing her so early and on a Sunday morning?! “Excuse me, Mackenzie?!” The redhead swallowed harshly when she heard her grandmother’s voice, of course, it was her grandmother. Who else would call her at such an early time on a Sunday morning? Even her girlfriend wouldn’t call her until at least 8 am. “Sorry Meemaw,” she mumbled quietly. She really couldn’t be bothered listening to a lecture about how to answer the phone correctly, but she knew she would get one anyway. “Did you only just wake up?!” Mackenzie ignored her grandmother’s question, knowing that she would only be given another lecture. “What’s u[? Are you okay? Is grandpa okay?”

Silence lingered between the two Winter’s women for several minutes and it worried the redhead. Her grandmother wasn’t usually quiet and at least not for this long; she was getting ready to drop a bombshell on Mackenzie but the redhead didn’t know what. “Is it Magnolia?” she finally asked, breaking the silence between them. “No, it’s not your mother. I know you don’t get along with her right now, but she is still your mother.” Mackenzie rolled her eyes at her grandmother’s comment. “It takes more than giving birth to be a mother. I don’t want to talk about her. What’s wrong?” Mackenzie’s stomach muscles tightened and she was riddled with anxiety as she waited for her grandmother to tell her what was going on and what had been so important that she’d needed to wake a very hungover Mackenzie. “Your grandfather and I are selling the house. The one you’re living in. We were offered well over market value for it and we couldn’t turn it down. I’m sorry. Mackenzie? Mackenzie are you there? Hello?” Mackenzie was completely silent for several minutes as the news sunk in. “Yeah, sorry I’m here.” 

How could they do this? They were her grandparents and they were kicking her out? “You can come and stay here with us for a little while if you need? Until you find somewhere but..” Victoria paused and Mackenzie quickly interrupted. “I know, she is there. Listen, I appreciate the offer, but I am done with Magnolia. You may forgive her, but I don’t. If you really wanted to help me, you wouldn’t be selling this house right out from underneath me!” she snapped more than she’d intended before hanging up the phone. A tear trickled down her cheek as she placed her phone down on her bedside table and she slowly took a seat on the edge of her bed. What the hell am I gonna do? She didn’t even know how much longer she had left to find a place to live, but she knew she needed to find something and somewhere in town. She had only just gotten back with Avery and she was determined not to leave town again, at least not without her girlfriend.

08/24/2021 11:16 PM 

optional task; character survey

1.) Are there any recent/daily thoughts they have about death or dying? She thinks about death a lot because she hasn't gotten over losing her younger sister. She is still very broken up about it. 
2.) Do they believe for every darkness there is a lightness? If not, why? She really isn't sure because there have been times in her life where it was nothing but darkness. 
3.) Name one thing about the way their emotions work that they despise. Mackenzie hates how uncontrollable her emotions can be. 
4.) Would they ever wish upon a falling star? If so, what would they wish? No, she doesn't believe that wishing on a star ever works.
5.)  Describe how they would spend a stormy, overcast/rainy day. She would spend it dancing in the studio that she made her in basement or reading. 
6.) What do they most value in themselves? She most admires her strength. 
7.) What about nature do they find calming? What about nature do they find disagreeable? She finds nothing calming about nature. 
8.) List three or more people they would call out for during an emergency. McKayla, Avery, Everly, Roxy.
9.) What is their typical response to being given orders? Depends on who it is or what it is, but she doesn't usually do well when given orders. 
10.) Describe a thought or dream that would cause them to have a mental meltdown. Dreams about her sister
11.) Are there any reasons why they would ever think of self-harm? If so, what are they? Not anymore. She used to self harm but she would never do that again. 
12.) Describe a physical action that shows complete trust. Mackenzie believes that hugging demonstrates complete trust because she only allows those to hug her that she completely trusts. 
13.) Describe a verbal way they would express complete trust.Telling someone she loves them. She does not often express those kind of feelings, even if she feels it, not until she completely trusts someone. 
14.) Explain how they portray feelings of hostility or dislike. Mackenzie will cut someone off or ignore them as a way to show these emotions.
15.) What is something that causes them to question themselves?  People leaving. 
16.) On a sleepless night, what would they be found doing? Reading or calling Kayla, Eve, or Ave. 
17.) Anything about their health they are continuously on edge about? Something they disregard? Nope. She doesn't think too much about her health; if she did, she wouldn't drink anymore. 
18.) Name at least two people who can trust them with their life. McKayla, Avery, and Everly. 
19.) Describe a way that will earn affection (whether platonic or romantic) from them. Respecting Mackenzie will earn affection from her. 
20.) Describe a way to make them uneasy or apprehensive. Being too nice without any reason. 
21.) Are they prone to violent outbursts or thoughts? Not really, no.
22.) What are their creative outlets? Dancing and making TikToks. 
23.) Do they tend to rely on words or actions more? Actions. They are worth a lot more than words. 
24.) A certain scent that brings about nostalgia? If so, describe a memory the scent brings back. Britney Spears Fantasy perfume. It was her younger sister's favorite perfume so it always brings back memories of her. 
25.) Are there any inner demons they can never seem to get rid of? What are they? She has a lot of inner demons, but the biggest has always been about the way she looked. It has led to an eating disorder that she is still fighting. 

08/23/2021 05:11 PM 

Spirit Week: This Or That

1.) Organized playlists or Random bunch of songs
2.) Earbuds or Headphones
3.) Multiple day festivals or Single night show
4.) Pit or Seats
5.) Max volume or Way down low
6.) Slow songs or Upbeat songs
7.) Shuffle or Ordered songs
8.) Mixed genre playlists or Separate playlists for genres
9.) Music in the background or Music as the main event 
10.) Both headphones in or One in one out
11.) Singing in the shower or singing in the car
12.) Headphones/earbuds or Speaker
13.) Seats or Lawn
14.) Karaoke artist or Karaoke spectator
15.) Shows in a large group or just a few friends
16.) Daytime event or Nighttime event
17.) Sober at the show or Drunk at the show
18.) Sing along at the show or Wave your hand in the air
19.) Multiple stages or One main stage
20.) Oldies music or New music

08/22/2021 12:55 PM 

Spirit Week Task; Quiz

1.) Let’s go way back: What year did the infamous Woodstock music festival take place? 
b. 1969

2.) No litterbugs allowed! What musical event is considered the cleanest festival in the world?
a. Japan’s Fuji Rock

3.) The largest rock festival in Colombia, entrance to this event in Bogotá is totally free – and there’s no alcohol or smoking allowed.

b. Rock Al Parque

4.) India is more known for its vibrant cultural and religious festivities than its musical events – with one big exception. What beloved EDM festival was held in Goa for 9 years before moving to Pune?

b. Sunburn Festival

5.) Chicago’s Lollapalooza is a major happening on the world music festival circuit. What does the word ‘lollapalooza’ mean?
a. A person or thing that is particularly impressive or attractive

6.) New Orleans’ premier music festival attracts nearly half a million people every spring to hear exclusively what genre of music?
a. Jazz

7.) Held in Somerset, England, Glastonbury is now one of the top music festivals on the planet. A far cry from today’s prices, a ticket to the first edition in 1970 cost £1 and included free…
c. Milk

8.) To say that the news of Glastonbury taking a hiatus in 2018 left fans dismayed is an understatement. Why did this wildly popular festival take a year off?
c. The farmlands where it is help needed to recover

9.) The land down under has its own lively festival scene – which of the following is one of the biggest and best festivals in Australia, blending famous acts and high production values with local arts, crafts, and cuisine?
a. Splendour in the Grass

10.) Not only is South by Southwest (SXSW) popular for its musical acts but it’s also known as the place where Twitter was introduced to the world. The event is hosted in what US city, whose slogan encourages residents to keep the city ‘weird’:
b. Austin, Texas

11.) If you can figure out which group member the credit should go to for putting together this task by unscrambling the letters below I'll give you 5 extra points! 


08/22/2021 12:41 PM 

Drabble Marathon: Four

bella thorne zendaya gif | WiffleGif

“Oh my god, don’t drink it all!” Mackenzie giggled as she reached for the bottle from Everly. They were meant to be at school but like most weeks, instead of turning up to their classes, they’d decided to get completely trashed in Mackenzie’s bedroom. “What do you take me for?” Everly asked, causing a small smirk to tug at Mackenzie’s lips as she reached for the bottle of tequila and brought it to her lips to take a generous swig from the already half-empty bottle. “On second thoughts, don’t answer that!” She added with a small chuckle, causing Mackenzie to laugh softly and give her best friend a gentle nudge as she handed her back the bottle. Scooting across her bed and shifting off of it, Mackenzie walked across her room and to her chest of drawers, pulling open the top one before quicking searching through it. “Mack, what are you looking for?” The redhead ignored the question until she found a small plastic bag. “Gotcha.” Turning her attention back to Everly, Mackenzie held up the small bag, a smirk tugging at her lips. 

“Where the fxck did you get those from?” Everly asked as she placed the bottle down on the bedside table and got up from where she’d been sitting on Mackenzie’s bed. “What are they?” She added, arching a small brow. “Ecstasy pills. I got them from Brandon. He is a friend of Kayla’s,” she shrugged. “One of the perks of having an older sister,” she giggled, moving over to her bedroom door just to make sure it was locked. She knew her grandparents would be furious if they discovered that she was skipping school and drinking alcohol, but drugs? They would completely lose it and Mackenzie would be grounded for life. “Aren’t you worried we will get caught? You know your grandmother will go mental if she walks in on us..” Everly pointed out. “She is lunching with some friends,” Mackenzie responded, putting on her version of a posh accent as she spoke, shrugging shortly after. “She won’t be home for ages, So how about it?” She questioned, grabbing out one of the small pills and holding it out to her best friend. “Besides,” she smirked as she took one of the pills herself. “If we get caught... We flee the country.” 

Shoving the bag in her pocket, Mackenzie looked down at the pill that she was holding between two fingers before she looked over at the other female. “Bottoms up,” she mused before opening her mouth and sticking the tablet on her tongue. She reached for the bottle of tequila, deciding to wash the pill down with some alcohol. Bringing the bottle to her mouth, she took a generous mouthful of the liquid and swallowed the pill at the same time, a smirk tugging at the corner of her lips. “Eve, I need to tell you something.” She knew that the effect of the drug hadn’t begun to take control of Mackenzie yet, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to be completely open and honest with the girl she’d known since birth. She was her longest friend, she was her best friend and she needed to tell her a secret she’d been trying to keep to herself. “Eve, I think I’m gay. Maybe bi since I still think your brother is hot,” she smirked, trying to make light of the situation and trying to make herself feel a little more comfortable. “Seriously, Kenz? I already know. Avery, right? I’ve seen the way you are around her.” Mackenzie simply nodded, a tear falling down her cheek. “Yeah. Avery.”

08/21/2021 12:45 PM 

spirit week task: summer festival playlist


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