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08/04/2022 12:04 PM 

additional task #107

 "Maybe some things last forever after all"


The best day of her life
Mackenzie has been throough a lot of things in her life and a lot of people have let her down, but the day that Avery agreed to be her wife and the day that they got married, was the moment that she realised happily ever afters do exist, and that some things last forever, after all. 

06/05/2022 10:13 PM 

task #324

01. Mackenzie's hanging with her dog, Benny Boo. 
02. Harry Potter is her obsession and she watches at least one HP movie a month. 
03. Her newley renovated kitchen
04. Her jewelery box. It was the last birthday present that she got from her younger sister before she died. 
05. Mackenzie plays the guitar in a band and she often rehearses at home. 
06. Her shoe collection. 
07. The swinging seat in the back yard. 
08. The music room in her house where all of her guitars are stored. 
09. Her bedroom that she shares with her wife. 

03/30/2022 09:31 PM 

additional task: cs. Music Edition.

Bold what applies to your muse. 

 pop. rock. hip-hop. jazz. country. heavy metal. disco. techno. electro. classical. dubstep. r&b. edm. musical. k-pop. lo-fi. opera. blues. reggae. alternative. punk. dance. house. celtic. indie. rap. soul. folk. soundtrack. ambient. Christmas songs. kids music.

DEVICES / ATTRIBUTES. radio. cd. cassette. phone. turntable. tv. walkman. gramophone. laptop/computer. earphones. headphones. speakers. mp3 player. alarm clock. AirPods.

REASONS TO LISTEN. to calm down. for dancing. for the lyrics. to focus. to study. nostalgia. out of boredom. to annoy other people. to battle silence. to sing along. to fall asleep. 

LOCATIONS / OCCASIONS TO LISTEN. concerts. bars. clubs. pubs. car. at home. at work. at school. on public transport. festivals. parties. karaoke bar. street. theatre. while reading. in the morning. in the night. during exercise. while traveling

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. piano. electric/acoustic guitar. bass guitar. cello. violin. flute. lute. harmonica. bagpipes. harp. drums. ukelele. saxophone. trumpet. keyboard. recorder. clarinet. accordion. horn. banjo. chimes. contrabass. pan flute. organ. oboe. mandoline. maracas. piccolo. trombone. tuba. whistle. xylophone.

MISC.          can sing/sings. writes their own music. plays an instrument. is part of a band or group. is the manager of a band/group/artist. has met their favourite band/group/artist. plays in musicals. cries while listening to emotional songs. has a spotify playlist with over 1000 songs. has a very broad taste in music. has a very narrow taste in music. enjoys karaoke. collects records/cds/cassettes. rarely listens to music. listens to music when they’re sad. listens to music when they’re happy. hates silence. frequents concerts. frequents festivals. frequents the theatre.

02/06/2022 03:41 PM 

optional task: 288

Bella Thorne GIF - Bella Thorne - Discover & Share GIFs

Mackenzie sat there in complete silence. She didn’t know what to say but all she could think about was Lara and the night her friend had disappeared. Sitting in the sheriff’s station brought back all of those memories and like then, once again, she found herself unable to remember every single detail of what had happened; only this time, she also didn’t know the victim. "I was there that night, I saw everything but I don't know who she is!" Mackenzie insisted, biting down on the corner of her mouth as she eyed the detective. All she could think about was that poor woman and her family. Someone had lost a loved one and Mackenzie had been unable to help identify who she was. It should have been the wake-up call that Mackenzie needed. She’d been struggling with the urge to drink for a few weeks now, but even when she was faced with something like this, all she could think about was when she would be able to get her next taste of alcohol. “Well, Miss Winters, how would you explain the blood on your clothes?! It would seem like you no more about the death of Jane Doe than you are letting on.”

Mackenzie shook her head but flashes seemed to be coming back to her. She’d been in Spring Rock the night before, she knew that much and she recognized the deceased woman. She’d been there and she knew it but she knew nothing else. When she’d woken, there had been specs of blood droplets on her clothing and she’d been in her car with a bottle of tequila still in her hand, but no memory of how she’d gotten there. The last thing she remembered completely had been being in a bar. Her memory was fuzzy and it didn’t make sense, but she knew that she hadn’t done this. There had to be something that she was missing, she just couldn’t figure out what it was. Swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat, the redhead slowly sat up and swallowed hard as she made eye contact with the officer. “I don’t know anything. I didn’t do anything.” Mackenzie really didn’t know all that much, but that was one thing that she was very confident about. She didn’t do this and had no idea who did. 

“If you’re not arresting me, then I’m leaving. I know my rights,” the redhead stated as she slowly got up, biting down on the corner of her mouth as she did. She was attempting to sound confident, but she was sure that she was completely failing because she wasn’t confident at all. She was terrified of being arrested for something that she didn’t do, but she also knew that she wouldn’t have been the first wrongfully convicted. “I wouldn’t leave town, Miss Winters. When we get the DNA results back I suspect your DNA will be all over the victim and we will have some more questions for you.” Rolling her chocolate-colored hues, Mackenzie walked out of the interrogation room. “You’re wasting your time,” she told him firmly before exiting the station as quickly as she could. She needed an alibi and she needed one quickly.


01/09/2022 01:01 PM 

task 277

The year had not ended as Mackenzie had predicted. Her sister had left town and the redhead had gotten engaged to the love of her life. On one hand, she was ecstatic. She couldn’t wait to marry Avery and although she had never planned on settling down with someone before, Avery was different. She was the person that Mackenzie wanted to spend the rest of her life with, but on the other hand, her sister was gone and Mackenzie really wasn’t coping with it. She was the only family that Kenzie had left if you didn’t count her mother and grandparents, and most of the time, Mackenzie didn’t. The redhead had told her sister that she supported her completely and she did, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t miss her older sister or that her heart wasn’t slightly broken over the departure. She just hoped that her sister would come home soon and that McKayla would walk her down the aisle; she couldn’t get married without her sister by her side, that just wasn’t an option. 

Pulling out her phone, she unlocked it and scrolled down to her sister’s name. She’d already tried to call her sister half a dozen times, wanting to share the news with her older sister that she had proposed to Avery, but she still hadn’t heard back. She knew her sister must have been busy, but it was very unlike McKayla not to call back and Mackenzie was started to get worried. She told herself not to, but she really couldn’t help it. It was her sister and she hadn’t heard anything from her. Biting down on the corner of her mouth, the redhead decided to give her sister one last call and if she didn’t answer, she’d send her a message and maybe even go out to New York to visit. Maybe there was something wrong with McKayla’s phone and she hadn’t been getting any of Mackenzie’s messages, or maybe there was something more sinister at play. It was as if her sister had just decided to vanish into thin air, but after all, they had been through, she couldn’t believe that her sister would ever do that. 

“Kay..” She bit ran her tongue along the inside of her mouth as she thought about what she wanted to say to her sister, or how she was going to say it. At least with a text, it meant that Mackenzie had time to think about how she wanted to phrase what she had to say. “Please call me back. I’m really worried about you. I know that we have had our problems in the past but I thought we were over all of that. Please call me! If I don't hear from you by tomorrow morning then I am calling the police.” She read over the message and shook her head as tears formed in her eyes. She knew that their family was a dysfunctional one, but McKayla was her sister regardless and she would always put that above anything else. She’d already lost one sister and she really wasn’t prepared to lose another. “I love you. I hope you’re okay.” She sent the text and wiped the tear that had fallen down her cheek as she waited and hoped that her sister would call her back.

01/04/2022 03:46 PM 

Plot/Connection Ideas

Connection Ideas

12/21/2021 04:08 PM 

christmas spirit week: favorite movie moodboard


12/08/2021 04:01 PM 

December Marathon. Day. 3

Wow. I still can't believe that this year brought her back into my life. So much sh*t has happened over the last twelve months; some good and some not so good, but the best thing has to be that my sister is back in my life. I don't even know how I have managed to survive the last year without her. I am so thankful to have McKayla back in my life, and with that, I have a new brother too. I'm so excited for McKayla and I am really happy that she has found the person that she wants to spend the rest of her life with, but I can't help but be a little jealous too. She is getting married and I'm...well, I'm not. I have the ring and everything, I just haven't been able to work up the courage to actually pop the question. I don't know, maybe one day it will happen. I'm just excited that I get the chance to be there and watch my sister start her life. I'm glad that we have managed to make up, I just hope that I don't loose her again. 

12/02/2021 04:49 PM 

Dacember Marathon Day 2.

The day that I walked out and left Hartsville behind, I never thought I would ever get another chance to be happy here. I didn't just leave this small town in the rearview mirror, but I left my girlfriend too. I left the chance at a happy ending, so when I came back to town, having screwed up my life in New York, I didn't think Avery would give me the time of day. She was angry and I completely understand why. I broke her heart and completely destroyed the trust that she'd had in me, but it's been five months (nearly), since she took me back and since we made up and I couldn't be happier. I am so excited to go into 2021 with Avery by my side. I won't screw this up again. I can't screw this up again.  

11/29/2021 04:36 PM 

fall scavenger hunt


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