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08/22/2025 03:34 PM 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

After a rather nasty encounter with some rather distasteful individuals, Buffy Summers got herself killed, but luckily she still had some loyalty in Spike Pratt, who had found a way to bring her back from the other side, with the help of a young girl who has lived with a curse inside the town of Gatlin, Nebraska.

02/27/2021 02:59 PM 

Frozen 1 & 2

Basic Info:

When the FROZEN world of Arindell is sucked into the real world via the Storybrooke curse, the residents of this chilly ice cap, find themselves within a town in Canada, the very town that holds the enchanting school of Belgrave, University (from The Order), where Anna is already attending classes. Join her, and the rest of us as we explore sides to Frozen that we never thought existed... You may use OUAT play-bys or alternate play-bys for the characters (not both), and of course Sven and Olaf may have a human counter part as well. Also note we do know this is not all the characters from Frozen 1 & 2, should you desire a character not listed, contact us and let us know.

02/26/2021 10:01 PM 


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02/26/2021 09:21 PM 

On My Block

Basic Info:

No one is really ready for life after high school, especially when everything you ever knew even before you got into high school was complete and utter chaos. Moving the crew of On My Block to Charming, California, they have a few more issues than just each other. As they will no doubt encounter The Sons of Anarchy, and if they're as unfortunate as them.... Some of the walking dead. Intrigued? Great, grab a role before they end up on the dinner menu or check out all of our other open roles to see what works for you, and don't forget to ask questions if you have any.

02/22/2021 02:58 PM 


Basic Info:

Most everyone knows the story of Underland, the dreams of a young Alice Kingsleigh crafted into a wild and crazy universe of chaotic creatures and pure mischief. Well that may be how it's viewed, but like all the stories of Storybrooke, this one is truly it's own world indeed, and the stories of what took place here, are far darker than the children's book's entail. As you can see, the beloved Caterpillar is dead, but don't fret, he was darker than he appeared. Cheshire is female and the Queen of Hearts.... Well, she lost her head.  Have we caught your attention? You desire to learn more, we certainly offer up some spins to this universe that you haven't seen before.


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