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June 12, 2018



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12/24/2028 05:16 PM 

Lilo & Stitch

Basic Info:

Oh have we got a wild and crazy turn of events for you! Lilo & Stitch is part of the Disney Verse, so I bet you're figuring that this loveably lot is going to end up in Storybrooke, right? Well what if I told you, that's not the case at all? Let us venture to Hawaii, just after the 2023 alien attack that our superheroes are working through some wild and crazy things are happening. Yes, that's right, there was a release of 626 experiments upon the island of Hawaii.

Kids (LIlo, Mertle and possey are aged to teens)

Auli'i Cravalho [Lilo]
Kanoelehua Robinson [Nani]
Kuakamahao [David]

Yuki must be Asian, Cobra must be black, Tereasa must remain Hawaiian.

11/30/2028 07:14 PM 

Totally Spies

Basic Info:

Welcome once again to Los Angeles, California. These young college students have found themselves in the midst of some pretty wild and crazy adventures... Come join them as they cross paths with Murder House, The Halliwell sisters, and so much more!

Alex must be black
Mindy must be Asian

09/16/2028 10:41 PM 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Basic Info:

Let us take a trip back to 2003, visit an fan favorite.... The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.... In a world where the killer tends to run things, and everyone else just does their level best to survive... What better place is there for the man of a thousand faces.... Literally. We welcome Thomas and his whole motley crew, to see if we can't expand on their story, invite others into it, and just have ourselves a crazy time together. Are you up for the challenges?

07/01/2028 08:42 PM 

A Good Marriage

Basic Info:

A Good Marriage has a lot of potential within this rpg, due to the dark overhang of the verse in general, much like much of Stephan King's work, due to the limited gifs/images offered for the cast of this vverse, within this verse we will allow face changes, but to not alter the course of the story, we do ask that you keep within characters of the right age range.

06/27/2028 08:33 PM 


Basic Info:

This movie is from some time ago, and there's not a lot to offer on wiki far as images/gifs from this show for these characters, as a result we will allow you to change the face claim should you audition for this role, do make certain to let us know in your audition if the face claim is canon or oc. For information on how we desire to bring this verse in, do feel free to contact us.

06/27/2028 07:46 PM 

Pet Sematary

Basic Info:

We are going off the 2019 version of the movie, and do the the content of it we are wishing to link it into Dysphoria, yes our zombie infested world. The events would have taken place near the beginning of the break out which for us was two years ago, leaving of course backstory events, which also leaves room for things to be increasingly changed. As well as things such as the family being alive within other worlds, and even finding a curse so they are back alive in Dysphoria. For more information do feel free to contact us.

01/31/2028 01:01 AM 

Halloween Franchise

Basic Info:

Welcome to Haddonfield, Illinois... A small town, with a dark, story, the question is can they keep it contained? Can they bring it to an end, or will this nightmare extend beyond the borders? Come join us, and see what happens. We will of course accept additional characters within the verse... The killer is Michael and Michael alone within this franchise, remember this is AU.

01/27/2028 01:01 AM 

Friday The 13th Franchise

Basic Info:

Welcome to Crystal Lake, where the water is clear but the dense woods make the true motivation to keeping this place always recieving fresh blood a mystery... Welcome to the shores where Jason Vorhees calls his home, after a fatefilled end. We are accepting characters from each of the movies, despite them not all being listed, however, do note that Jason Vorhees is the killer, not his mother, or any copy cats.

01/01/2028 01:02 AM 

Jurassic Park

Basic Info:

See "Jurassic World" write up for details

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