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08/29/2018 02:42 PM 


Basic Information:


Timeline: End of the Series (senior year)
Character Changes: Jason Blossom was resurrected. Tom Keller & Principle Weatherbee are both dead. FP Jones is Sheriff. Toni Topaz, FP Jones and Jughead Jones are are Culebra. Veronica Lodge is actually her alias, as she's an alien from another planet. Hiram's biological daughter, and real wife are dead, with a fake wife taking her place, known to only Veronica.
Recent Story Developments: Riverdale is not the town, as the verse is in Mystic Falls. Riverdale High is actually a boarding school. Tom Keller died in 2019, during an attack from The Mist. FP Jones is actually Billie Loomis from Scream, brought back from the dead and turned into a Culebra. Cheryl Blossom and her friends recently went on The Visit to see Cheryl's 'grandparents' where they gained more than they had anticipated.
Overall Connection

Riverdale has a large number of crossovers, as Mystic Falls, unintentianally has become our central hub for a lot of things we have going on. So let's start with the school it's self. Replacing Salvtore Boarding School as the boarding school, Alaric Saltzman is the dean of the school. FP is not only Billie Loomis, but with his ex Sidney Prescott, who also, happens to be the biological mother to Jughead Jones. Which naturally involves crossovers with Scream verse.

The Vampire Diaries and Legacies, for obvious reasons that we're in Mystic Falls. Penny Dreadful as FP Jones and Dorian Gray are involved with one another. Mystic Falls also home to Bobby and Karen Singer due to their original character daughter attending Riverdale, is also a connection. As is Chilling Adventures due to Kevin dating Ambrose, and Teen Wolf due to them sharing the adventure of Blair Witch Camp. Characters such as MG have also been sucked into Hell On Earth, so there is also that connection.

Origianl character Naomi Grave, from the verse Gargoyles, dating MG, also links to this world, and of course the Culebra angle connects From Dusk Til Dawn. With a new story developing, there is also the link to the verse The Babysitter, which will be put into more detail either when you join us, or once the story is completed.

07/30/2018 05:28 PM 

Hemlock Grove

Basic Information:


Timeline: End of series, with serious revamping.
Character Changes: Letha didn't die or birth Roman's kid. Roman is not dead, Oliva is dead.
Recent Story Developments:
Overall Connection

Hemlock Grove was moved from Pennsylvania to Maine, so that it's a hop, skip and a jump away from the primary verse that it crosses over with. Yep, you guessed it. IT. Roman and Shelley Godfrey are the younger siblings of the original character Destiny Godfrey, who actually took on the original Pennywise, when she was a kid. This verse is also linked to Penny Dreadful via Roman Godfrey's engagement to Dorian Gray's late daughter, naturally an oc. Which in turn links him to Legacies, The Vampire Diaries, and Riverdale, due to Dorian Gray now living within Mystic Falls.

07/28/2018 01:54 PM 

Teen Wolf

Basic Information:


Timeline: Middle (senior year)
Character Changes: Raf, Demon Wolf, Erica Reyes & Malia Tate are all dead. Melissa McCall is single, with three kids. Derek is married, Peter Hale is ALpha of Alphas, and Allison is a hunter/werewolf hybrid.
Recent Story Developments: Peter Hale moved to New York where he killed the alpha of alphas and took over his pack. Stiles recently hooked up with Lizzie, and Allison is adjusting to her abilities as a wolf.
Overall Connection

Scott McCall is with Red Riding Hood, which links in The fairy tale world, but more so than that, it turns out that Peter Hale, is also The Big Bad Wolf, so double link. Stiles Stilinski is dating Lizzie Saltzman from Legaies, which ties in all of that area. Deerk is married to Rebekah Mikaelson, and Allison's older half sister is Hayley Marshall from The Originals. Also Melissa's original character daughter Dakota, is life mated to the Carpathian Amir Dubrinsky.

06/29/2018 05:49 PM 

Wynonna Earp

Basic Information:


Timeline: Season 2
Character Changes: Dolls has been revived.
Recent Story Developments: The group is taking on Ghosts, the lovely demon that posessed Waverly, and is facing some new challenges with the Charmed Ones.
Overall Connection

This lot is a little trickier to get connections for as characters like Wynonna Earp, can't leave the Ghost River Triangle. However, we do have a couple.... Dolls is Black Badge, so he leaves, and has other things that he does. He's connected to Vanet, an original character, ancient dragoness, who does in fact end up bringing him back to life after he dies, and that of course leads to American Horror Story's Tristan Duffy, his sister Molly Samuels (After) and his kids, who are all dragons.

06/27/2018 01:34 PM 

The Original Vampire Legacies

Basic Information:


Timeline: Sparatic
Character Changes: A Lot, check links below to know who is dead, image below is available roles, if they're dead in the show, and still on our list, then they're still alive for us.
Recent Story Developments: Kol was recently re-daggered, Klaus & Elijah woke from being daggered, Stefan got married, Bonnie & Kai recently had a daughter. Kai helped his twin sister revive his mother and her boyfriend.
Overall Connection

ALright, this one I may miss some things, if I do, and someone catches it, do feel free to let me know. Though naturally this goes with all of them. The original verse of Silent Torture is connected via Stefan being married to Torture's resident Tiffany Delacruz, who also happens to be the biological daughter of Freya Mikaelson, and Witches of East End character Killian Gardiner. Other links to that verse include Lorenzo St. John being with the pack's Alpha, Mekila Walker, as well as being the father of her child, Enya Walker.

Malachai Parker is not a Parker at all, in fact he is the twin brother of Torili Mikaelson and the son of Ben Harmon (AHS) and Norma Bates (Bates Motel), he got being a siphon from his sister as a way to protect himself, and passed it onto the twins when he killed their mother. He is also the father to Tristan Duffy's three kids, after turning Tristan into a female via magic. Elena and Jeremy are the younger siblings of Melody Fitzgerald, who is an original character linked to the Ginger Snap verse. Katherine is our resident Kenny, so any event that involves deaths, she does attend.

Tyler Lockwood is with Jasmine Morningstar, who is a part of Teen Wolf verse, as well as being linked to every verse that involves Lucifer, and he is associated with Melissa McCall. Hayley Marshall is the half sister of Allison Argent, which once more ties into Teen WOlf verse. Camille has Killian Gardiner from The Witches of East End working for her. The Witches no longer do sacrifices to the ancestors, but instead to Mother Earth, who is a highly AU Freya Beauchamp from Witches of East End, that is married to the prince of the Carpathians.

MG is with Naomi, who is an original character within the Gargoyle verse, and he is also friends with Erika Singer, original daughter for the Singer's within the Supernatural verse. Rafeal is of course with Allison Argent, and Lizzie is with Stiles, so two more ties into Teen Wolf. They have also gone on a couple of adventures together here and there, and shall continue to do, just that. Then last, but certainly not least, Kol Mikaelson before being put down, was married to Santanico Pandemonium, tying them in to From Dusk Til Dawn.

Mikaelson Family (filled)
The Vampire Diaries
The Originals

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