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10/16/2020 03:59 PM 

Bumps in the night (teaser, drabble)

Happy Samhein from SOS
Torili Mikaelson owner/founder of Sea of Sin RPG /SeaofSinRPG
H ave you ever wondered what happens when you're asleep? When the lights go out, and there's seemingly no sounds what so ever to be heard? Ever stay awake just to see if you can catch something.... Other worldly? I was just a kid when I first decided to stay up past my bedtime. My parents were sitting in the living room, watching tv, and the clock on the VCR told them it was past my bedtime. So, mom stood from the couch and ushered me up to my room.

I brushed my teeth, went into my room, where I changed into my pjs. My favorite pair, they are so cool, and comfortable, then I climbed under my covers. Just about then, both my parents came into the room. Mom kissed my forehead, and told me she loved me, before she tucked my blankets up more under my chin, and then dad patted my hand, and the two left. The light beside my bed was turned off, and the door to my room was open just a crack. I could see the hall light, shining some in my room, and downstairs, I could hear my parents talking, though they were quite muffled.

I rolled onto my side, I was going to go to sleep, honest I was. My eyes closed, and I had started to drift off to sleep, and then I heard this slight shuffling in my room. My eyes opened, and I looked around. Moving only my eyes as the rest of me kept very, very still, as to not risk being seen, or heard from whoever.... Or whatever was in my bedroom. After a few moments, the sounds stopped, and my nerves began to settle once again. Once more, my eyes closed, and then I heard the ringing of the front door bell.

Instantly I shot up into a sitting position, now who in the world, could that be? I thought. Why would they be here this late at night. So I slid from my covers, as I heard more muffled sounds. Shushing from my mom. 'You'll wake the little one.' I could hear her say, and then I heard the front door close, and silence. Pure, and utter silence. I stayed by my bedroom door, just in case, but nothing. Where was mom, were was dad? Where did they go, why were they quiet?

Naturally, like all young kids, my mind wandered to all of the possibilities. The person who rang the doorbell, were my parents spies? Were they kidnapped? Were they tied and gagged downstairs? Was I going to be next? Fearful of my own thoughts I made my way quickly back onto my bed. Maybe if I was asleep, they wouldn't hurt me. My eyes closed tightly, and I snuggled under my covers, listening. Nothing happened however, nothing at all. While I just laid there, anticipating what was coming next.

Opening my eyes, I saw that it was an hour later, and now, I had to pee. I slid from my bed, and I made my way from my room, towards the bathroom. Passing my parents room on the way, so I figured I would just take a peek. Sure they were in there, so nothing to worry about, and yet, when I opened the door, I found their bed, still made. Seeing it from the street light that was outside their window. Now more nervous than ever, I rushed to the bathroom to take care of business.

After washing my hands, I made my way towards the railing of the stairs. "Mom.... Dad?" I questioned in a softer, more scared tone. Not sure just what I was going to find. As I got to the base of the stairs however, there was nothing to be seen. No parents, no, mystery visitor late at night, nobody. What was going on? They couldn't have just disappeared, could they? My gaze then shifted to the door, and I drew in a deep breath. Their car, I had to see if their car was here, but to do that... I had to go into the garage, late at night.... By myself?"

Created by Patriot

09/27/2020 02:33 PM 

The Babysitter

Basic Information:


Timeline: After The Babysitteer 2
Character Changes: Location move
Recent Story Developments: Cole & Phoebe moved locations. Archie found his half brother, oh and.... Someone found the book....
Overall Connection

Everyone who knows this verse knows the basic story, and as we just started it, not a lot of crossovers, but two that need to be mentioned. Cole & Phoebe are attending their senior year, in Beacon Hills, so yes, Teen Wolf crossover, and.... Cheryl and her crew found the book, and woke the dead, so Riverdale crossover on the other side, good times ahead.

05/01/2020 09:41 PM 

The Secret Circle

Basic Information:


Timeline: Senior Year
Character Changes: Faye is happily married, Diana is with an OC.
Recent Story Developments: Diana Meade was recently kidnapped, and her boyfriend is trying to save her. The circle is on a trip to California, where they're going to get caught in a demon battle.
Overall Connection

Faye Chamberlain is with a non member, but an original character, so obviously there is that cross over. Diana Meade is exes with Niklaus Mikaelson's oldest, before he was murdered, so they are connected to The Originals area, and Diana's original character Jayden, is friends with Teen Wolf original character Layla Whittmore, as well as Allison Argent. He is also the brother of Archie Andrews, as well as being Ally Andrews brother, so this links him with not only Riverdale but The Silence, though the link to Ally is a bit more complicated. And of course, Diana and Jayden have found themselves trapped within Hell on Earth, so there is that connection, and finally... Jayden Andrews is a member of Peter Hale's pack, so yet anotehr link, wrapped right around, to Teen Wolf.

04/12/2020 07:22 PM 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Basic Information:


Timeline: Start of Series
Character Changes: Sabrina is not Lucifer's daughter.
Recent Story Developments: Lucifer's daughter has learned about Sabrina having her magic. Ambrose is trying to help save Sabrina from Nicolas while Nicolas is trying to win over Sabrina.
Overall Connection

Obviously primary place for this verse is Greendale, New York. Crossovers do include Riverdale, Legacy, and Teen Wolf characters. Characters that Sabrina has met through group trips. One being Blair Witch Camp, where Ambrose was introduced to his boyfriend, Kevin Keller. Also with the Lucifer angle, there are connections to Supernatural, Salem, and a multitude of others. Including a secondary link to Teen Wolf via the original character Jasmine, who is part of that verse, but the true daughter of Lucifer.

03/12/2020 09:47 PM 


Basic Information:


Timeline: Middle of series (major revamp)
Character Changes: Maria Deluca is dead, Michael was never with Maria, Tess is dead. Michael and Isabella are together.
Recent Story Developments: Michael's fiance died, Michael & Isabella recently got together. The lot are all in Hell on Earth
Overall Connection

Michael Guerin's ex fiance was the daughter of Elijah Mikaelson, so first highly notable crossover would obviously be with The Originals. After that, would no doubt follow Hell on Earth, as that is currently where the group is currently settled.

01/05/2020 11:28 PM 


Basic Information:


Timeline: Sparatic
Character Changes: Most the characters are after the show, while Castiel is early versions. Ruby is gender bent from another dimension. Lucifer can and does shape shift.
Recent Story Developments: Lucifer learned who his real daughter is. Karen just woke from her Coma, Sam & Dean are rescuing Erika from Amnityville.
Overall Connection

Crossover Heaven. Lucifer is the dark lord, so naturally he's connected everywhere. Chilling Adventures he's worshipped. Salem he's worshipped, then of course there is the actuall TV show, Lucifer. Bobby & Karen's daughter is Erika Singer who was a student at Riverdale, and is now a Shadowhunter. Sam has met Pennywise so the crossovers really just keep on coming.

12/03/2019 01:22 PM 


Basic Information
Open Roles

Welcome to the Apocalypse. This section of open roles is going to be slightly more chaotic than the others. The reason for this is, we're not just stopping at one zombie movie/tv show, in fact we're incorporating a large group of stories that talk about the end of the world, and we're dragging them into this single, nasty dimension filled with evolving zombies, and unexpected twists and turns, so you think you're ready for what's to come, do please read through the following information, before continuing forward into the open roles that we do indeed have available. Each and every verse, is going to be tweaked so that it fits within the Sea of Sin, so do please read your verse carefully, so that you are aware of these changes before you choose to enter it. Note that existing verses are able to be brought into Hell on Earth by means of time rips. This will be explained further within the group it's self.

Special Notes: The character of Jake, is in fact Kai Parker, from the primary dimension, using Jake as a cover, for any who may otherwise recognize him by name. The other residents of this show, have become separated by the outbreak, do note that if you so desire, you may switch out your settlements, depending on how full they are.
Resident Evil:

Special Notes: Project Alice, forget it, no such thing in this world, at least not yet. The world was not turned to crap, by the typical human means that the movies and video games otherwise lead you into, but in fact something far more sinister is at work.

Special Notes: Max and Michael are soldiers, so it's not all together a bad thing that they find themselves sucked into this world. While most of the other verses lose their supernatural abilities, these aliens have not, however, they will limit their use of them due to it causing them to be weakened following use.
Sons of Anarchy:

Special Notes: While we do have this verse in the main story-line we have found that bringing them into this one would allow them an angle that may otherwise have not been brought into play. So yes, the SOA bikers, are now victims of this crude new world, now, all they have to do, is stay alive until such time as they're able to escape once more.
The Walking Dead:

Passed Characters (see open roles for more details): Aaron, Abraham, Aiden, Andrea, Bob, Dale, Eugene, Gareth, Gregory, Glenn, Rhee, Jadis, Lori, Siddiq, Simon, Spencer, T-Dog, The Governor, Tobin, Tyrese, Yumiko Special Notes: We are following some of the show, but obviously not all of it, some characters you may not see in the list above, that if the show was here, you would, others may not be there in the show, but are there for us. We introduce the settlements from the beginning, Maggie is already running Hilltop, and Tara is in charge of Oceanside. All allies, and all enemies are the same, just added a few things to either side.
The Silence:

Special Notes: Ally and her parents had gotten the idea, to leave the city when the zombie invasion first began, and during their travels, they got picked off, one by one, eventually leaving Ally to fend for herself, luckily of course she managed to come across people who were actually willing to help her out.

Special Notes: Just when you thought that graboids were the worst of your problems, you find yourself venturing out of the good old home town, only to walk into the end of the world. Probably should have stayed home, yeah?
Apocalyptic Verse:

Special Notes:

11/11/2019 03:27 PM 


Basic Information:


Timeline: Beginning of the series
Character Changes: Andy hasn't died.
Recent Story Developments: Charmed Ones took on, Murder House. Currently taking on Purgatory (WE verse)
Overall Connection

Overall this verse stays within it's own territory, however we did move them from San Francisco to Los Angeles, so that they better mingle with American Horror Story Murder House & Hotel Cortez, as well as 13 Reasons Why. While we do not feature either of these groups now, at one time we did feature them both, and we do still have quite a few AHS characters still within the rpg. The lot has encountered Tate Langdon from American Horror Story Murder House, though they are unaware of it, and they do have some cross work going on with Wynonna Earp and her crew.

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08/22/2019 03:35 PM 

Apocalypse Settlements

Basic Information:


Timeline: Assorted
Character Changes: Too many too list
Recent Story Developments: Judith (4) meeting Pennywise, Roswell clan is adjusting, SOA crew is adjusting, and we're preparing for a kegger.
Overall Connection

Any and every verse can, does, and will connect to this lot, through one means or another. Currently we do only have the three settlements, we may at some point bring in Oceanside, and possibly even an original one, but that is still up in the air. For verse connections, check previous blog.

Deads (some may be brought in)

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