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12/08/2023 07:35 AM 

MM - Frigga

The Best Memory

I remember it like it was yesterday. Perhaps in a way it was. I was in my study going through some business for Asgard while Odin was away. It was a long campaign against the Frost Giants. As I recall, my husband was quite a bloody fighter in those days. He was defending Asgard against all threats as a wise king should. I didn't expect him back for days yet, however he arrived early this time with a splendid reason as to why he cut things short.


The parchment in front of me had details about the general regards of Asgard’s populace. It had been handed to me as I sat upon Asgard's throne. It was my duty to do that while Odin was away. Thor was but a mere child at the time. When I tended to the realms business, several of my sisters from Vanaheim came to care for Thor pledging fealty to me and to Odin's house. I was in the throne room when the party returned.

The commotion of the return of Asgard's King brought a smile to my face. Despite those who would speak ill of him, Odin was a loving husband when he was with me. I was a gift from Vanaheim to stabilize the bond between Realms. This however is a story I shall go over another time. On this day, I descended the steps without losing my breath and ran to him.

Odin still wore his helm as he had just left a mighty battle where he'd faced Laufey, the monarch of the Frost Giants in Jotunheim. He was in full battle armor including a cloak wrapped around himself. He was as happy to see me as I was him. When I got closer, I noticed that his eye was missing. “My Lord, your eye.” I reached for his face.

Before my fingers could touch his haggard brow he leaned back from me. “It's nothing, My Queen.” He nudged his shoulders through the cloak to show me what or who he had in his arms. It was an infant that had fallen asleep in his arms. The warmth and safety of the arms of Asgard's King had lulled the Jutun babe into a peaceful sleep. The babe's skin was just as cobalt as others I had witnessed in my lifetime. I did not focus on my injured husband. I looked to the sleeping child. “Laufey left the child to die. I couldn't let the child die.”


I stepped closer to examine the child. I extended my right hand to cast a minor spell to assess his health. My magic discerned the child to be an unusually small Jutun. He would get to be the size of an Asgardian as he grew. “Wise choice Husband.” I extended my arms to take the babe in my arms.

The transfer of the child into my arms, jostled him slightly. A tiny sigh left perfect little lips. Eyes fluttered open to behold me. Not a frown to be had on those perfect features. There was a hint of mischief in those eyes as I met him for the first time. I watched the baby as he changed his own skin tone to match mine. That's when I fell in love. He was my son now. His Jutun blood mattered not to me. He essentially became a Prince of Asgard that day. “I shall call him Loki.”

Odin was pleased with the reception I had given the child. He no more wanted the abandoned child of Laufey to die than I did. “Let the record of Asgard show that the house of Odin has a new heir to grow alongside Prince Thor. The new Prince is to be called Loki, son of Odin and Frigga.” The court scribe documented this day as the day Loki was born. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

After the declaration and the entry into the records of the reign of Odin, I hurried with infant Loki to the nursery where my sisters kept watch over Thor. They bowed in respect to me. “This is my new son, Loki, Prince of Asgard.” They bent the knee to acknowledge his status was what I declared. Thor peeked around the corner to look at me.

I sat down in the nearest chair with Loki in my arms. “Thor, come here boy.” One of my sisters ushered Thor toward me. “I have something to show you.” I spoke in soft tones so as to not agitate Loki into crying. All this time that it took for me to arrive in the nursery, he was making the most darling little contentedly baby noises.

It was obvious that Thor was quite curious. He crept toward me with his arms close to his body. He had the sweetest little grin on his face that I'd ever seen. He inched toward me holding Loki. His tiny hand barely touched Loki's swaddled arm. Loki didn't cry once. Thor, however, was giggling like the godling he was. He did it a second time. It was almost as though he didn't believe that Loki was real.

The whole exchange was precious to me. I held it in my heart for years to come. “This is your new brother, Loki.” I told Thor. Thor came close again and kissed the top of Loki's swaddled head. Thus began the relationship between my sons many many years ago. It was my most favorite memory of all time. I shall hold it as well as my sons in my heart for all eternity.


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11/27/2023 05:21 PM 

MMM - Keiko Yoshida [OC]


1323 AD
Spring time

The smell of the sakura was everywhere. The wind carried the fragrance all throughout the various modest little buildings marking the return to life after the long season of winter. The child loved the smell of the sakura. She would simply just stand there and let the smell engulf her.

The warbling sound of an unusual meow came from beside her right leg. With her long ebony hair flowing free jostling slightly with the wind, she tilted her head downward to behold the cat. “Nekochan.” She spoke to the cat. “Dō sh*ta no?” [Kitty, what's wrong?] She knelt beside the cat.

The feline had longish gray fur with tabby markings. Her lower half was wet. She had just had kittens. “Īe!” [No!] Immediately the 9 year old child started her hunt.

Desperation began to set in after she could not find any newborn kittens in the house that she shared with her uncle. The thought of those innocent kittens with nobody to protect them made her mahogany hues start to glisten. Her cries were not helped by the new mother cat who seemed aloof and uncaring for the litter of kittens she had just abandoned.

“Keiko!” The voice of her uncle was low and grumbling. He was a good man who did not have to raise her, but he did. He loved the girl as a father and even took into account her bizarre habits that made her different from the other children. “Keiko!” He called again with a tone more agitated than before.

Keiko followed the sound of Uncle's voice into the Forge where he created some of the most beautiful swords not only in Kyushu, but in all of Japan. She found him standing near the Forge itself that was not fired up at the moment. His smile was somewhat crooked. He moved one of the boxes that contained chunks of iron to show a pile of five newborn kittens mewling and crying for the mother cat that birthed them there and walked away.

“Ojisan, hontōni gomen'nasai. Ima sugu taiō sa sete itadakimasu!” [I'm so sorry Uncle. I'll take care of this right now!] Keiko took a nearby basket and scuttled toward the kittens. She scooped them all up one by one and took them away from the Forge. She took them all into her bedroom and made a home for the kittens there. Once she sat the box down, Momma Cat joined her babies and immediately started to care for them.

Current day
Greenwich Village

The wood block print of a cat playing was perfect. By her estimation it was at least 200 years old. Various Edo period artists were her favorites over the years. What would her current client say if they knew that the woman selling these fantastic pieces had walked the earth at that time? “This is a remarkable piece. It will be a splendid addition to any home.” She told her prospective client.

The woman standing there had long brown hair that was perfectly styled. She had an elegance about her that left the Japanese woman honored by her presence. She smiled warmly. “It is marvelous. I'll take it.” She was unusually tall but most fashion models usually were.


Keiko Yoshida bowed in respect to the woman and her agreement to purchase this piece from her. “I will have this packaged and sent to you immediately.” Keiko handed the piece to one of her employees who also bowed and carried the piece off to be properly prepared for shipment.

The client was always pleased when it came to the quality of the art that Ms Yoshida had on display. “You have all the information you need to charge me as well as ship it to my Florida residence.” She stopped to bow to Keiko in respect.

Keiko bowed back with a pleasant smile on her face. She was very fond of this particular client. She was respectful, intelligent and utterly beautiful. Just as the client was about to leave, a young Japanese man entered the shop. He made eye contact with Keiko before heading to the back. Keiko's brow furrowed with annoyance because of the recognition of the man. The client did not pick up on the silent exchange. She left content in knowing her newest purchase would soon arrive in her Florida home.

Once the client left, Keiko nodded. Two of the employees at the shop immediately began to close down the doors and pull the blinds around the shop to close down early for the afternoon. She didn't wait for them to finish. She was already halfway to the back room to meet the man who had intruded on her and her client. “Kono shin'nyū ni wa seitōnariyū ga atta hō ga yoideshou!” [You had better have a good reason for this intrusion!]

The man bowed deeply at the waist. “Hai, gurandomasutādesu! Chūdan o yurush*tekudasai. Himura kyōdai no nyūsudesu.” [Yes I do Grandmaster! Forgive the interruption. I have news of the Himura Brothers.]

Keiko's brows rose. She had loved Seto Himura deeply over 100 years ago. She had failed to save so many in her long life. When she wasn't able to save Seto and Taka from being turned to stone, she considered that perhaps her greatest failure. Rumors reached her however that the brothers had been rescued from their stone prison. She had to find them. “Tsudzukeru.” [Go on.]

The man bowed again afraid of her reaction to his report. “Hi-mura seto ga shinda. Kare no ani wa mada ikite ori, mada norowa re tsudzukete imasu.” [Seto Himura is dead. His brother still lives and still remains cursed.]

Keiko's eyes shut tightly. Tears squeezed out one after another to blaze a path down her cheeks. Another man she loved was dead. She brushed away the tears forcibly from her eyes with her hands. Damn the Shinigami’s curse! If she could learn not to give her heart to anyone, then perhaps it wouldn't always be broken. Over 700 years of heartbreak never changed. The pain was too much to bear for any sane individual let alone a woman such as her with such profound secrets.

She regained her composure enough to speak to the man who brought her news. “Hi-mura taka o sagase. Kare ni chikadzukanaide kudasai. Kare ga doko ni iru no ka oshietekudasai.” [Find Taka Himura. Do not approach him. Just tell me where he is.”

The man bowed again and nodded before leaving her. Keiko knew that both brothers were werewolves. Given that death was a part of the business of The Hand, Keiko did not want to send them to be slaughtered by Taka. She would take the chance herself if she could even find him in the first place.


11/20/2023 06:50 PM 

[MMM] Rurouni Kenshin

Whom the Gods Destroy


The sun was beautiful that day. The breeze was gentle. Clouds were floating overhead causing the sun's rays to be filtered as they traveled to the Earth below. The rolling waves of the ocean crashed against the shores of one particular section of the Islands of Japan. The snow was pristine and perfect. All around was peace.

The deeper into the interior your eyes traveled, the more the scene began to deteriorate. The noise pollution of sword play rattled through the air. The coppery smell of blood splashing upon the ground below tainted the innocence of this place. The screams of the dead and the dying would echo through the memories of those who would walk away when it was all finished. The question remained, would it ever truly be finished?


He was like a man possessed. The blade he wielded was coated with the blood of so many on this day, he lost count. He had taken so many lives, could he ever know the actual total? Hair the color of the oak tree was pulled behind him at one point. Hacking his way through the sea of humanity brought him less satisfaction as he went on through the line. Where was he going? He wasn't even sure at this point.

His hair that was midway down his back was disheveled. The blood and bodily fluids that came when he struck those in his path splattered against him mercilessly because he had none. Vermillion screams left their mark on the one called Battousai. His elegant digits gripped the handle of his katana. More men were coming. When would this all stop?

He first saw the banner out of the corner of his left eye. He knew that crest. They all knew. Some men were cheering. It told the Samurai all he needed to know. His vision was obstructed by errant strands that fell into his mysterious hues. He barely turned in the direction of the banner. It was truly over.

He knew he was being watched. The battle was over. He survived. The cost of his survival had been too great. The men lying dead around him told the story. Each one had marks on his body matching the blade in his hand. The greatest assassin who had achieved near god status glared through his blocked view at the man watching him.


His jaw twitched. Forearm muscles moved to execute a flawless roundhouse flourish with the blade in hand. His knees were bent slightly with his feet wide apart. He was bent just a bit at the waist. The sword that was painted with the blood of the dead and the dying was buried halfway in the earth beside him. The battle was over.

He was Kenshin Himura once again. That one act of burying his sword was his way to kill Battousai. He swore before the gods that he'd never take another life again without a word even spoken. Casting a side glance at the man watching without words being spoken was enough. He straightened to his full height and slowly walked away.

In his heart of hearts, he knew his status as Battousai was something that would haunt him. He couldn’t form attachments or stay in one place too long. His destiny was to be a wanderer. Would the gods allow it?


11/13/2023 08:26 PM 

MMM Selina Kyle [TW: multiple]


There was nothing more graceful than a cat. The breed was unimportant. All that was unimportant anyway. If one had to label her, she was a Shorthair. Her fur was as dark as the night. The lithe form of this feline gracefully moved along the furniture in this penthouse apartment. A delighted little warble left the feline's jaw with the faintest hint of her ivory fangs exposed. A twitch of her whiskers gave hint to the sudden leap from her precarious position on a ledge to the back of a sofa.

The distance was barely misjudged by the cat who sunk her claws into the sofa pulling herself up to the edge of the sofa once more. Previous failed attempts decorated the sofa with errant claw marks. Another warble came from the graceful cat. She moved her right front paw for the first step forward, the others followed in subsequent order. The object of the cat and her attention was the human female asleep on the sofa face down on the sofa itself.


At the first step, the woman stirred. “Isis!” The muffled sound of the woman calling out the cat's name. The cat continued to step until her owner finally sat up on the sofa. Selina Kyle was dressed in what was a sleek party dress. Her heels were scattered just inside the door to her penthouse. She grasped Isis gently and sat her on the floor.

Where had she been last night? She didn't remember even coming home. The massive hangover and her attire suggested she was at a party somewhere. She sat a while longer trying to focus on some sort of concentration that wouldn't make her brain throb. Emerald hues slowly darted around the room.

Isis sat next to her empty food dish patiently as Selina's gaze met hers. She erupted with a louder meow informing her human of the grave misjustice she'd been dealt. This was the human's chance to make it right.

Selina couldn't help but laugh at the mannerisms and reality of the queen waiting on her royal slave to comply with her royal decree. “Right away Your Majesty!” She carefully lifts herself from the sofa. After the world stopped spinning, Selina walked barefoot into the kitchen. The sounds of her footsteps rattled her brain. This wasn't just a hangover.

She stopped in the kitchen to witness a horrifying site. All the food in the cabinets was ripped open and strewn everywhere. There were tiny cat footprints in the flour where Isis had obviously inspected the damage later. Selina found a can of cat food unharmed. She slid a finger inside the ring to open the can. Tossing the lid in the garbage, she made her way back to Isis who was waiting patiently.

Selina dumped out the food in Isis’ dish. Something caught her eye. She reached under the pillows on which Isis often lounged. There was a tiny piece of jade fabric about the size of a quarter sticking out of the edge of her pillows. Selina examined it carefully. It was stained with a few drops of blood. Isis had left her mark on whomever it was that had done all this.

The more Selina tried to remember, the more foggy everything became. Curling the fabric in hand, she realized that something had happened to her. She'd been roofied. Her fingers closed in tighter on the fabric. She had to be sure of something else though. It was time to go see a friend.


Several hours later, Selina had just finished being examined by Leslie Tompkins. “Selina, you've been sodomized.” Leslie frowned. “I've documented everything. You should go to the police.”

Selina shook her head. “And tell them WHAT?” She pulled on her clothes. “They won't do anything! I've been roofied. What can they do?” A million thoughts were running through her head. “I can't…”

Leslie's heart was breaking. “What about Bruce?” She whispered. She wanted to help the younger woman but her hands were tied.

Bruce Wayne was just a friend that she worked with on occasion. Sure, he was handsome no matter what suit he was wearing. She couldn't tell him about this no matter what. She simply shook her head and left.

The only one she truly trusted was herself. Someone was looking for something at her penthouse but couldn't find it. Selina couldn't remember anything. She had to do a little detective work on her own. She'd picked up a few things from Batman along the way. It was time to put them to good use.


11/12/2023 11:13 PM 

You Belong to the City

You Belong to the City
𝓞𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻 /1849659

The poppy was a very deceitful plant here on the Earth. This fragrant flower found a home mostly in Asia but had recently been spotted in South America. Poison Ivy had been introduced to a doppelganger for the Earthrealm poppy thanks in large part to her husband Shang Tsung. This plant from Outworld was actually a bright blue instead of red. Ivy found that it was a potent narcotic when synthesized properly. This was the basis for the HZ drug that had been covering Gotham's streets. This was her creation that was making men kill themselves all at Shang Tsung's beck and call in Gotham.

Tsung had sent her word that the next batch could be delivered. Ivy's new protégé was about to get her next job. The exiled bastard princess of Markovia, Tara Markov had found sanctuary here. She liked the girl. Ivy thought very highly of Tara. She could relate to her given that she'd been an outcast from her own family after her mother had died. “Jiang, be a dear and fetch Tara for me?”

Jiang Huang was a plant creature that could walk. Created via Ivy's prowess with botany and Tsung's biological experiments, the monstrous looking creature was totally devoted to his Mama. He made some sort of grunting sound and went to do what Mama wanted.


Tara was in a dojo that was set up by Mr Shang under Ivy's specific instructions. Ivy and Shang both promised that she could be safe here so she could learn how to use her powers better. She'd been unruly and awkward before even though she had actually been able to save the Titans from Slade. Was it really murder if the guy you took out was alive again? Semantics

This little sanctuary was near Ivy's underground greenhouses actually on the main island level. It was actually a pretty nice set up. There were plenty of wide open spaces and even a lava pit in the center of it all. A few plants that Ivy said thrived in these harsh conditions were on the ledges just as you crossed the threshold. Tara walked inside heading straight for the lava pit.

When she set her first boot on the lava, her powers immediately formed the first of a rock path that would lead to the very center of the lava pit. In the center, a solid area of about 3m in total as it resembled a circle. Tara stood in the center. She extended her arms out to her sides with palms facing the walls. These walls were made of igneous rocks and simple earth packed together with deliberate intent.

She brought all her mental focus into one area. Tara could feel the earth all around her just by her mental concentration. Her cerulean hues shut as her golden locks framed the face of the exiled Princess. Molars ground tightly as she started to imagine the walls of her dojo being scooped like ice cream.

The intensity of perfect concentration was scripted upon her face as if the gods themselves had used her as a blank canvas. Eyes on fire thrust open as two massive scoops erupted from the wall in flawless spheres. This was the scene stumbled upon by Jiang Huang. The rock spheres hurtled at him were met by what would be called a Thunderclap if he was Banner or Jennifer Walters. Pebbles scattered everywhere at the display of raw power by what Ivy and Shang considered their first born son.

Tara's concentration was shattered at the loud explosion. She stumbled forward subconsciously summoning a piece of limestone to lift her in the air above the lava. “A little more warning next time, J?” She spoke. The limestone platform floated through the air until she stepped off it to the ground next to Jiang Huang. “I guess Mama needs me or something?”

The plant golem made some noises and started out of this earthen dojo. He trusted that the girl would follow him to Ivy. She had no other choice.


Ivy was holding her daughter Juhua when Tara entered the greenhouse. There was a playpen of sorts for the twins that looked as though several flowers had meshed together to form a safety cocoon for the little princesses. “Ah! There you are Tara!” Ivy moved to put Juhua in the playpen with Lian.

Both girls were gurgling happily speaking in their twinspeak. Ivy found it fascinating to watch. She looked to the girl that had obviously been working out rather intently. “Mr. Shang is ready for his next package in Gotham. Are you ready?”

Tara inhaled sharply. “Yeah. That cop, Stryker, I don't like him. I don't want him threatening me again.” Tara knew what was in the deliveries and frankly, she didn't care. What she didn't like was Kurtis Stryker trailing her like a lost dog.

Ivy paused for a moment. “You'll have to tell Shang. I'm sure he's got a nifty little surprise for nosey GCPD officers. Try not to kill him, alright?” She smirked. Ivy used her necklace to create a portal from the island back to Gotham City. Once Shang received the package from Tara, he'd be able to send her back to Ivy.

Tara pursed her lips into a thin line. She grumbled a bit before stepping into the portal with the box in hand. Outwitting Stryker was more of a workout than she ever imagined. He was cute too. Maybe she wouldn't kill him today. Tara stepped into the portal.

After Tara vanished, Ivy sealed it from her end. She sent her beloved husband and Emperor a message. “The courier is on her way. Seems she's encountered a little bit of a problem. Kurtis Stryker, an old friend of ours, has gotten a little close.” Stryker had often been the GCPD officer that had escorted Ivy to Arkham a few times. She knew he'd had run ins with Shang as well.

It was time to eliminate a pest in the garden, permanently.
"I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison "
credit: james kriet

11/06/2023 06:43 PM 

MMM - Terra [Teen Titans CN]

My Sacrifice

She just couldn't let it happen.

Molars ground together in ultimate anger. The blonde girl focused all her energy into the earth around her. The sounds of the rocks as they separated from the earth's crus1t were like thunder erupting from the sky.

Brion forgive me.
Gregor, I'm sorry.

Tara Markov, granted powers of the earth by Dr. Helga Jace, was a traitor. Working with Slade Wilson against the Titans she saw how it crushed Garfield Logan that she showed her true colors. Rachel Roth had been right about her. She was nothing but a piece of garbage and she knew it. Born the bastard daughter of the King of Markovia, no one wanted her. She had to make this miserable life count for something after all.

Tears were running down her face. "TARA NO!" Gar was screaming at her with his own cries of desperation because he knew what she was doing. "COME OUT OF HERE, NOW!"

The rumblings of the ground were getting worse. Tara was holding it all back with everything she could. "GET OUT OF HERE GAR! YOU KNOW I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN STOP IT!" She focused all her power on keeping the volcano together as best she could.

The other Titans pulled Gar out over his objections very reluctantly. They knew this was going to cost Tara her life. Stopping the massive loss of life was the better option. There was nothing else that could be done.

Tara screamed once the Titans were clear. The outburst of energy at her disposal was massive. The Earth based powers she possessed erupted from her body in every direction. The sheer agony was more than she could take. Everything around her went black.

The volcano had been stopped from erupting. The Titans made their way inside to see that Terra, the Titan, had been turned to stone. Tearful eulogies given, the Titans left behind their fallen comrade who had been turned to stone.

It was a touching scene with even Raven swearing they'd find a way to reverse this and save her. He was watching unseen by the Titans just waiting for a chance to move in to accomplish his task. If he cared for the kids who had lost a comrade, he'd shed a tear. He just wanted those brats out of the way.

After a sufficient time of mourning and introspection, the Titans left. The statue that was formed from the young woman with extraordinary powers still possessed a soul. A snake slithered out from behind a rocky ledge heading for the statue.



The bright light stung her eyes. She inhaled sharply and immediately sat bolt upright. "What?Who? Where am I?" There was the sound of two babies giggling nearby. The smell of exotic flowers was a helluva lot better than brimstone.

"Ah! You're awake!" She knew that voice. It had been one she'd seen on TikTok preaching the evils of mankind as they polluted the precious beauty of the Earth. "I'm Poison Ivy. You can call me Ivy or Pam if you want." The giggly laughter of two happy babies made Ivy smile more leaving Tara Markov more confused.

Tara moved her feet to the edge of the cot letting them finally rest on the cot. "Where am I? The last thing I remember was a volcano about to erupt." She squinted trying to remember what had happened.

"It was but you stopped it." Ivy told her. "You were quite the hero." A giant plant monster covered in honeysuckle blossoms looked like it stepped out of 50s horror movie. It held up a plaque. The inscription read.

Terra. A Teen Titan. A true friend.

Tara's eyes were glistening with tears. "So I'm dead?" She asked. One of the babies had made their way toward where she was sitting. They were crawling around exploring their surroundings. One baby decided to pull herself up next to Tara. There was an eruption of purple that covered the cot making the baby laugh harder."

Ivy scooped up her baby and grinned. She touched her nose to that of the baby and spoke words to her. Tara didn't understand the language. Was that Chinese?


Ivy looked back at the girl and gave her a motherly smile. "No sweetheart. You're alive thanks to my husband. He brought you here for your own safety. Your former friends, the Titans can't protect you from the vengeance of Slade Wilson." She placed the baby she'd called Juhua back down so she could crawl around again. "I can!" Ivy's lips curled into a confident smile with a glow to it.

Tara thought for a moment. If she wasn't dead, Slade probably wasn't either. "Okay. What do you want from me?"

"I need someone human to help me in my greenhouse. My babies are too young and my son is essentially a plant golem. So you see what I mean." Ivy was being completely honest although there were some aspects being withheld from the girl only for now. "You'd be given plenty of space to sleep, food to eat and a place to practice using your powers where no one would get hurt."

Tara pondered it a moment. She didn't want the Titans in the crossfire if Slade came after her again. "Alright. I'm in." She answered. How bad could a safe haven actually be? With Ivy and the Creature from the Black Lagoon keeping an eye on her she could have finally found a home. Why give it away when you could grab it with both hands?



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