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Axel - NY Attorney  (17  photos)
Photos of Axel - NYC business attorney at work and play.
Count Fersen and Queen MA (Older RPs)  (7  photos)
Images of Count Axel von Fersen and the woman he loved Queen Marie Antoinette
Queen Marie Antoinette  (17  photos)
Images of the most beautiful and glamorous Queen in all Europe as she reigned in splendor from the palace of Versailles from 1774 to 1788... before the upheaval of the French Revolution that began in 1789 and would spell her doom.
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GeneralI typically set up a SL where I play a New York attorney, seeking to meet an attractive, confident woman, equally accomplished in her own way. My female counterpart might be a journalist, business owner, actress, scientist, model, politician, painter, teacher, physician or other professional. I would like to RP as two professionals in their 20s or 30s. It is not my intention to RP with anyone under 21 in RL. If you are under 21 in RL, please do not reply to my invite. American and European History are great interests of mine. My older RPs used to (and a few still do) center on the French Revolution and the life of Queen Marie Antoinette and her lover Axel von Fersen.

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Orientation: Straight
Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:Grad / professional school
Member Since:December 23, 2013

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About me:
I like mature romance RPs. My writing is in multi paragraphs and I appreciate receiving back comparable from my RP partner. My character is always Axel. My RPs are here though each RP private, separate and unique. I do multiple SLs and hence multiple love interests with different women RPers.
Who I'd like to meet:
Women who like mature romance RP. I like to start the mature romance RP quietly in an intimate setting and then build passions from there. Additionally, I am seeking women who are like myself, available for romance that could develop and become intimate, and thus women who are , like me, multi-love interest RPers. If you are in a committed exclusive relationship, I wish you all the best. However, if that is so and I do seek you out, it is because I was unaware of your relationship - so please do NOT reply.

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dαrĸ pαѕѕeɴɢer

Aug 2nd 2019 - 10:19 AM

Marlena Rosenbluth
Follow your Heart as you live.
Welcome into my World.Change your Thoughts and you change your World.Grew Up… an orphan, passed around from home to home. Marlena was never particularly attached to one place. Then, the circus came to town. She met August Rosenbluth and fell in love with him almost instantly. They married and Marlena has been travelling with the Benzini Brothers Circus ever since.Life is too important to be taken seriously.Living… on the road, as part of the Benzini Brothers Circus during the Great Depression era. Times are tough. Many circuses have gone belly up and August will do anything to make sure the Benzini Brothers don’t meet the same fate. According to Marlena, “everybody works until they’re run into the ground. Nobody stops, nobody dies until August says so.Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.Profession… performer. She is the Benzini Brothers’ star attraction, trained by August himself. Marlena and her horses can amaze like no other. She mesmerizes audiences with her skill, grace, and professionalism. With the addition of Rosie the elephant, Marlena stands to bring in more money for the circus than any other act has before.

Interests… taking care of her animals. Marlena has a soft spot for her fellow performers. While August treats them akin to slaves, his wife tries to ensure that Rosie and the horses live as comfortable as possible.
Keep your Eyes on the Stars and your Feet on the ground.

Life is a question and how we live it is our answer.

You only | live once
Pretty Girl, MD.

Dec 29th 2017 - 8:48 AM

*morning smoochies and cuddles, yawns falling back asleep in your arms*
Cha Do Hyun

Mar 28th 2017 - 3:06 AM

Thanks for the friend request and welcome to the page.
feel free to share it out if you like. all info will be added soon so i hope you will like what you read once it's been added.
timezone in UK so i hope that's not an issue. i also maintain other rp pages along with this new one but who doesn't.
Is currently reading the book series for this character and thought she would make a good rp character. Am gonna try at least an see what happens.
NBH Vampiress Rayne *L&M Sexy Sam*

Jan 29th 2017 - 6:35 PM

 photo 136211735660532_zpsa0be492a.gif

Hey thanks for accepting the request, I want hold you long so I'll make this short and sweet. My name is Vampiress Rayne but most just call me Rayne or Ray-Ray but anywho I hate intro so I'll just tell you a little about myself I'm half vampire half human I'm an awesome person to rp with I'm not picky or anything I'm real laid back and I hope you and I can set up something real soon. I am also AU person Rayne can fit into any storyline that is wrote up. But anywho take your time on gettin back to me I'm not in no rush or anything and I also know we all have a life outside this site where we can't be on 24/7, I also know how busy we get in rl so when ever you have time that is fine with me...
Lady Lumiya

Dec 29th 2013 - 4:21 AM

"Let me have a look" I had pull to the side the curtains of the grant opera that maroon velvet material was kind of heavy.

"C'est normal?" What is normal? there is nothing here... as if a void or a dream of those who wished to experience per la memoire.

I know of a Queen who always wished to be Queen of France and even her Emperor had grant her the chance with million wars, and yet she could not pass the love they all had for their whole royal families. When I was girl, The Chamberlain used to tell me this stories. C'est ton journal personnel. I knew the indecency of Babylone by his tales but I was never there? I could not relate to non of this invisible labyrinth. But I would pass the dream on as wishes are respected.

"Axe, Come and seat with me while I play the Harp?"

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