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About me:
Samael, who is also know by the name of Lucifer, and whose name means the venom of God, declared a rebellion against God Himself after he defied to kneel to humanity itself. However, before this even occurred, another rebelled before him. Sphinael, who is also known by the name of Rosaria, and whose name means the thorns of God, demanded God Himself for humanities free will to demonstrate that humanity itself did not deserved creation. As this angered God Himself, Sphinael was punished and incarcerated from the rest of Heaven for such proposal and thoughts.

During the rebellion of Samael, Sphinael was freed by Samael himself and fought beside him. Together with Samael, she was cast out into the deeps of Hell, which she became the architect of Hell and sin, and was the advisor of Samael himself. She orchestrated every level of hell and each of the torturing techniques for each level. For this, she held a second command after her brother Samael to a point of being considered the Queen of Hell, which title was later on taken by Lilith. However, while no longer considered queen, she maintained her positioned status, which was supported by Samael himself.

Sphinael's description was one that was not common. Her wings, unlike the others, were made of literal thorns combined with feathers. The thorns held roses, making her wings very unique. She also held a rose scent, especially when expressing her wings, in which such scent made the mind weaker to do Sphinael's biddings. It is said that with this scent, she endorses humans to fall into sin, arguing that it demonstrated humanities inferiority for her. Her demonic form was herself covered by thorns together with horns made entirely of thorns. This was painful for her, but the pain strengthen her demonic powers. Lastly, her eyes changed entire into fully black eyes.

Personally, Sphinael was elegant and modest. She had no interest in demonic perversions or sins, though she was a wrathful archdemon against sinners. Her hatred was only directed towards humans while only saw God and his loyal angels as ignorant and fools. However, just like Samael had a dispute with the archangel Michael, Sphinael also had hostile dispute with an archangel called Jeremiel, who was the archangel of forgiveness. Besides that, her sweetness and softness personality was a deceptive, though she was not doing it intentionally.

As every angel and archangel, Sphinael had also her own arsenal of powers beside tempting humans to sin with her flowery scent that emitted from her thorns. She held a sword that only she could wield as the handle was filled with painful thorns. Even Sphinael bled when she held it, but the pain only made her strikes stronger. She also held a strength above human strength, which made the strikes of her sword more dangerous toward humans. Sphinael was curiously resistant to many human blessed and cursed artifacts, like holy water. However, cursed or holy fires were her biggest weakness to a point of making her fatally vulnerable.

A skill Sphinael held but highly ignored was her incognito presence toward humans. She is not directly mentioned by any theologian or holy scripture. She is not even mentioned in demonology books or satanic writings. The reason was that, while Samael loved the spotlight, Sphinael preferred to work in the shadows. While glimpse of verses speak of thorns in various holy scriptures, like the Bible and the Talmud, Sphinael is either confused with another demon, like Belial, or with difficulties for the people they are referred to. However, in one verse of the Q'uran, Sphinael is summoned unintentionally to torture the wife of Abu Lahab, which she abide only because it serves her argument of corrupted humans and her desire to torture.
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