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About me:

I was sent to earth by way of a ship and found by a nice couple who wished for a child and found me as a baby in the woods...blah blah. Now I know what you are most likely thinking that you have heard this story before and I must have grown up in a nice family on a farm some place to be the hero of earth. Truth,justice and the American way and all that but seriously? Who the hell says all that crap? No my story is much darker and no I am not that guy even though I did grow up on a farm.

You see I never knew what I was or who for that matter because my parents kept that from me,I just thought they adopted me and that I was a regular kid,but at the age of 12 all that changed when my ship called to me and made me sleep walk. My father noticed a change in me and my mother cought me sleep walking,but I never knew the truth.

There was a girl in my class who was nice to me and we got along for a time,but never met outside of school. One day when I was helping my dad on the farm I was trying to start the lawnmoawer and when it didn't work I got pissed off and litterly threw it half way across the field and when I found it with the blades showing I put my hand in there as if in a trance and when I pulled my hand out the blade had stopped, but I was unharmed, which of course confused the hell out of me.

I never told my parents about it though and life kept going on as if nothing was wrong,but then one night my ship called to me again and I spoke in my native language and it told me 'Take the earth' and when I got to the ship I opened up where it was hidden in the barn and fell in and my mother found me, but when I got scrached by the ship it cut me which was confusing and that is when my mother told me everything and I was so pissed off I ran away from her saying that I hate her.

The next morning I said sorry about what I said and that I thought it was cool and that made them happy and we had waffles for brakefast and then I went to school. On that day we were doing a trust exercise in gym glass and instead of catching me the boys let me fall and the girl I thought liked me called me a freak laughing with the others so when she put her hand out to help me up out of anger I crushed it so badly that she needed a cast.

I was brought to the pricipal and the girl's mother wanted me arrested but my mother defended me and we left there and she told me that she sees me as her miracle which made me happy.

My parents and I went camping and when they were sleeping I used my super speed to go to the girl I liked room and I said I was sorry for her hand and that I liked her while leaving flowers and when she said her mother would keep me away I smiled and said I will handle it.

That night I took my blanket that was in the ship with me and created a cape and a mask from it and then I went to the diner where the girl's mother was and I used my speed to mess with her and after that she ran into the freezer and I used my Heat Vision to brake the door in half and I took her leaving only the symble of my family on the windows and no it's not a stupid S like the man you might be comparing me to right now,it's a line with two triangles going through it. Oh and before I forget,no that man doesn't exist in my world nor do any others for that matter...there is only me and the destruction I cause.

Any way the next morning the talk of the town was the missing woman and only I knew where she was. I was sent to talk to my aunt who is also the guidence conciler and she asked me questions saying that she had to report my answers to the police so I begged her not to but she didn't listen,so of course I killed her but first her husband who wanted to tell my parents about me coming to see my aunt in the middle of the night.

I over turned his car leaving my family crest or whatever it is in his blood by the crash site and then I took care of her too. My parents were never the wiser but my father started to suspect eventually and he dared to turn my mother against me.

He took me out to the woods pretending like it was a camping trip and then he shot me,but of course all that did was piss me off and I used my Heat Vision against him...right through his eyes and through the back of his head.

When my mother called I was dissapointed to hear what she had to say,so I came home to make her understand while I destroyed some of the house but when the cops came I killed them all and went after my mother again.

Ifound her in the barn and she sweet talked me into thinking she loves me but then she had the odacity to try and kill me with a part of my ship. There for I flew her up to the sky and watched her fall and then to explian it all I saw a plane coming my way and I made it crash on my home making it seem like I was the only survivor of the family.

I started my reign of terror after that and was dubbed as Brightburn because of the town I grew up in. I moved from family to family until I am free to do as I please because unlike then I was only 12 but now I am 18 years old and I love to see you humans suffer,run away in fear and yes even die.

Well now you know my story I am Brightburn and I am your worst nightmare come to life so come and get to know me if you dare but be careful not to piss me off or that will just get you killed...I am the bad guy,the super villian if you will and I love it.

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Jan 10th 2022 - 5:50 PM

Brightburn was a name that had been circulating lately. A new kid on the block in Gotham city was typically bad news as rarely took off but rumors had it the male was dangerous. He’d been flying the skies but unlike the Batman, or even Superman, it wasn’t a symbol for justice or peace. The Joker had wanted his share of the new fun, almost jealous of the male’s notorious rise to fame in Gotham’s underworld and he’d sent his goons to come after him. Harley had been keeping an eye on them but dropping this guy into the hands of the Joker seemed dangerous, and Harley doubted he was someone who wanted to be controlled. 

Then the chaos unfolded, as bodies dropped to the floor. Harley took a step back into the shadows, hoping she wouldn’t be caught up in it. It was almost fascinating but she didn’t want to come out of this a victim. She watched him draw his call sign as sirens started to whirr in the distance. They were probably busy with something else but they’d find these bodies soon enough. 

Sh*t. He spotted her, no matter how quickly she darted behind the wall Harley knew the male had spotted her. Heart beating loudly in her chest she had already established that she wasn’t going to win if she fought him. So that left option two. The blonde raised her hands. “Look Gotham City didn’t exactly need another bad guy roaming the streets but ya took one extra and’ went fer the skies as well. Good on yas, better than most of us have done. Those dudes, they work for the big guy. And no I don’t mean Bats I mean the other one, the Joker. He’s trying to recruit you so you can help him takeover the city before either throwing ya under the bus or finding other ways to take him out. I know that ‘cause he used t’ do it t’ me ‘cept I couldn’t handle myself as well back name. I’m Harley, Harley Quinn. Nice t’meetcha!!”

Oct 12th 2021 - 11:43 PM

Jordan wondered what the kid was going to tell the nurse about how he broke his arm. He knows that both of them will probably be called into the office to answer questions. Not something that Jordan was looking forward to. He figured he would just say the kid fell off the bleachers or something and he didn't know anything. If that excuse would work, even if it didn't that would be the story he would stick to. He was brought back to the here and now, his attention going back to Brandon. 

"Being half-human, we think it might have slowed them from emerging. We're not sure, they just kind of started to manifest slowly. Started with the superhuman strength and rabid healing, then I got the super hearing and ice breath. I can do without the pain that comes with each one of them. I just have to wait and see which power decides to come out next. " He said as he shrugged his shoulders. "My powers are showing up differently than how my parents did. Theirs were easier to control, I guess being an alien helped with that." Jordan was careful not to say which parent of his was the alien with powers. If people knew it was dad, then they would put two and two together and realize that Clark Kent was Superman. 

"It's really hard to have extreme pain when a new power comes to the surface. I am dealing with it as best as I can. I mean it's not like it's pain that feels like I'm dying or anything. Like with the hearing, I got migraines from hell. The ice breath, I was sneezing frozen snot which hurt worse because it was freezing my lungs. Had to have the virus that I got burned out of me, which I never want to feel again." He didn't want to give too much away. "I try not to let it bother me too much. Though the first time my heat vision went off, it hurt my eyes. I couldn't see for a little bit until my healing kicked in. Now I can use it and not get red puffy burning eyes, which is awesome."

Jordan listened to him talk about how great it was to fly. He could only hope that he gets that power soon. "I just hope I get the flight power soon. It would be cool to be able to fly somewhere quickly." He knew saying to wait until after school would get the response that he got, but he had to play it safe. "With my dad being the assistant coach, I can't too well ditch classes. I don't feel like getting into trouble and grounded."  He wasn't surprised or scared when Brandon said he wasn't human, his father wasn't human so he really couldn't judge. "So no hints in your spaceship as to where you're from?" He asked as he remembered that his dad had the stone thingy that he used in the Fortress of Solitude. "Yeah see ya after school. We can meet back here if you want." 


Sep 1st 2021 - 1:48 PM

Jordan looked back towards the school then back to Brandon. "I'm sure he did deserve it. He is always bullying new kids and smaller kids. I just hope he learns his lesson to leave kids that are different alone. I know there are reasons why people act out the way they do, but it's not other people's fault. I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Until they prove to me that they're not going to learn or change." He said as he shrugged his shoulders. 

"My powers just kind of sprang up on me. I caused quite the explosion out at the mines. A few people got mildly hurt. No major injuries. And luckily no one saw it was me. In the videos of the incident, it's hard to tell how it happened. Cellphone cameras are not the best quality especially at night." He said as he shook his head. A lot of this was so new to him, he was still learning how to use his powers and wasn't sure how many more he was going to get. "I'm slowly learning how to control my powers. I'm not even sure how many more I will get. It would be cool to fly. So I hope I get that power eventually." 

Jordan nodded as he spoke about when his powers first showed up. "That's how my powers showed up. I got mad at my parents for lying to me about who I really was my whole life. I went to the party, miss read some signals from Sarah. Kissed her. Her boyfriend had seen it, didn't like it, so he and the whole football team attacked me. Luckily my brother showed up, but when half of them started to beat up Jon. That's when my powers kicked in. Ever since that day, every so often a new power will manifest. Sometimes there is pain involved." 

He thought for a moment, did he want to ditch school and go off to practice which would leave to him possibly get him into trouble, or wait until after classes are over and just tell his parents he was going over to a new friend's house after school. "As much as I would love to skip school, it might be best if we wait until afterward. One of my parents has powers like me, so they would be hard to fool. Actually, their powers are a bit more advanced than ours, since they are not from this planet. So meet here after school?" He asked as he hoped his new friend would understand his reasoning. 


Jul 29th 2021 - 10:56 AM

Jordan watched the bully run off and he could hear him crying the whole way into the school. In a way, he felt bad for the bully but a bigger part of him didn't. He knew it was wrong to feel that way but after being bullied your whole life and made to feel like crap or that you didn't matter just made it hard for him to feel completely bad for a bully. He shrugged it off and just played it as to the guy who had it coming to him, maybe it would teach him to stop being such a d*ck to other kids just because they're a little different. 

"Yeah, half-alien. Believe me, it was a surprise to wake up one day and find out that you're not completely human then later that night have your first power goes off at a party and hurt a bunch of kids accidentally." He said as he was sure that Brandon didn't hurt kids on accident but more on purpose. Though he wasn't going to say anything to him about it, he wasn't sure how he would react to him making that kind of a comment.  "My powers just started to manifest, so I am slowly learning how to control them." 

Jordan smiled as he listened to Brandon talk about how he had pretty much every power that he did. "I turned fourteen and then all of the sudden I am manifesting powers. My twin brother hasn't gotten any powers. At least not that I am aware of." He said as he shrugged his shoulders. "It is interesting meeting someone else with powers that isn't a parent and tries to control how and when you can train and use them." He agreed then looked from the ground then back up to his new friend. At least he thought they were bonding on some level and becoming friends since they somewhat understand each other. 

"It would be great if you could help me control my powers. Thanks. I think I might be able to relax better around someone that isn't a parent or family. I might be able to focus better than having them urging me and urging me to do it when all it does is frustrates me and then I can't do it." He said as he wondered where he would want to train him. "Where would you like to do the training? I usually do it at my farm, but if we do it there, my family will find out, and then we'll have a lot of questions to answer. And I don't feel like being asked a million questions by my parents." 


Jun 30th 2021 - 11:59 PM

With Jordan's newly enhanced 'super hearing', he heard what Brandon had said to the bully, but he didn't say anything. He acted as though that he didn't hear anything, he learned a long time ago to keep to himself and not let people know when he knew or overheard something that he mostly didn't need to hear. He watched as the bully ran off before he turned his attention back to Brandon. It was nice to see bullied kids stand up to their bullies. Though he was sure that the bully would head straight to the nurse's office and report what happened then Brandon would get into trouble. Jordan did tell him that when they came to talk to him that he would be on his side and say it was self-defense. 

Jordan followed him to where they couldn't be seen or heard by others. He had to be careful with his secret about his powers, it wouldn't take people long to put two and two together. They would either think Lois had an affair with Superman or they would figure out that Clark was said superhero and he didn't need that to get out. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard Brandon ask him about having powers. He hesitated a moment before he answered.  "Yes. Mine just started to manifest a few weeks ago. I'm... I'm uh... I"m half-alien. I know it sounds crazy but it's the truth." He said not revealing which parent of his was the alien. 

He smiled slightly when the boy told him his name. He made a mental note so when the time came he could defend him when the school came to question him about the incident. "Well, for one I've been on the being bullied side more times than I can count or remember. Though my twin brother always has my back and usually defends me. As for what I can do like I said my powers just recently started to manifest. As of right now, I have fast healing, laser eyes, heightened strength, advanced hearing, and most recently cold breath." He said he didn't use the names that Superman used for his powers because then that would give away his father's secret identity. "Granted I'm still learning how to control most of them. Of course, the healing thing does it on its own. The only one that I can control somewhat is the heightened strength. What about you? I mean it's obvious that you are similar to me. I'm sure we can both keep each other's secret." 

Jun 19th 2021 - 1:02 AM

Jordan knew that starting a new school was hard on anyone, it didn't matter if he was Martha Kent's grandson, he was bullied and picked on. He never understood why people singled him out, it had to be his looks. He had wild curly hair that never seemed to look like he brushed it, even though he did, and he wore all black. He was the complete opposite of his twin brother Jonathan. Everyone loved him and wanted to be his friend, Jordan always had a hard time making friends. He knew that was because of his social anxiety disorder. He would have panic attacks if he felt too uncomfortable and when that happened he would get made fun of. 

During the free period, Jordan had just got done talking to Sarah about hanging out later. Which she couldn't because of some family crap that she was forced to do. After she walked away, he saw the school bullies making a beeline towards one of the other new kids. "This isn't going to go well." He thought to himself. Sure he was glad they stopped picking on him, but he didn't want them to move on to their next prey. He decided that he was going to stop them, and try not to use his powers too much. Just enough to knock them on their butts to leave the other kid alone.  He wasn't sure how well this was going to go over for him. It might end up being him getting his ass kicked as well as the other new kid. 

As Jordan walked up, he saw the new kid use a karate move and break the leader of the bully's arm. He could hear the kid's bones snapping, and it reminded him of when he accidentally broke Jonathan's wrist. He would never forget that sound. He ran up to see if he could help. "What the hell happened here?" Jordan asked as he looked from the bully to the new kid. "That freak broke my arm, that's what happened." The bully said as he held his arm. "Like you didn't have that coming for a while now. Maybe now you'll leave others alone and not pick on them." Jordan didn't feel bad for the kid now, the way he called the other kid a freak. He knew what it was like to be called those names. 

"Hey, are you alright?" He asked as he turned his attention to Brandon. "I will make sure that you don't get into trouble. I see everything. I'll tell them it was self-defense, Which it was. He's been bullying me too. I'm Jordan. Jordan Kent." He said as he tried to let him know that he wasn't alone. "I know what it's like being called a freak. Or a weirdo. Just because we're... special." He said, his use of the word special was his way of hinting to Brandon that he knew about or saw him use his powers and he may have them as well. 
Dιαвσℓιcαℓ Bυтcнεя

Dec 18th 2020 - 4:45 AM

Butcher just stood there as he continued to listen too the men and when he said that he just raised a brow, he wasn't scared of anyone honestly especially not those cunt supes, and he wanted nothing more then for them too be dead, but when he heard what Brightburn said he rolled his eyes and then he shrugged a little bit.  "Oh a villain, so I guess you are kinda like the seven, but you don't pretend to be heroes like them." 

Billy just growled at the thought then when Brightburn said he wanted too kill that they got his attention, although he wasn't one too join forces with anyone especially a caped person supe or not but maybe this is what he needed another person with abilties on his side, he had Kimiko and Starlight was leaning towards there side, he just stood there and looked at the guy again.

"No, they don't give two sh*ts about this city or the world actually.."  He went quiet then he looked around and he saw they was a crowd growing and they all wondered what was happening, Butcher just stepped closer too the Brightburn and he looked at him.  "Seems you have a bit of a audience."  He let a small snicker out then he saw the people scatter before him and he just scowled a little bit.  "Wow, that was fast."  He shrugged.

They'll be here.  He thought to himself, then he turned back to the Brightburn.  "They will be coming soon, they can't stop not too be in the spotlight."  He said as he walked over too the side.  "Homelander is the one you have too look out for, he is the most powerful member of the seven, and nothing can kill him."   He said lowly as he sighed a little.  "Nothing I know of anyway."  Butcher rubbed his chin.  "Just warning you pal." 
Dιαвσℓιcαℓ Bυтcнεя

Dec 11th 2020 - 4:50 AM

Billy couldn't help but to let a small laugh escape his lips as he listened too the man, he wasn't afraid of him he walked towards him as he continued too stare coldly at the strange masked man,  then he stopped leaving enough room between them and he shrugged a little.  "Most likely extremly stupid, but I am not one of those cunt supes and I am not afraid of you." 

Butcher then looked the man over and he couldn't help but to laugh another small snicker out.  "What's with the costume mate?"  He asked.  "I've seen alot of supes, in strange outfits but you'res is a new one I will admit."  He looked at him questionably.  "I imagine you are a supe?"   Billy growled at the thought of another supe coming along.

"If ye are waitin' for those pathenic cunt supes, you will be waitin a little mate."  He shrugged again, as he saw the peopel runnin around and screamin ans shouting.  "Why all the commotion you ain't even doin anythin."  Butcher just looked at the people and he shook his head/

"See son, the thing about me is that.. I don't scare easily."   Billy said as he looked at the guy and he chuckled.  "What are ye here anyway?"   He paused.  "Oh lemme guess?  Ye here too join the rest of those cunt supes the seven huh?"  Butcher glared not lifting a finger or even a weapon, showing just how fearless he really was.
Dιαвσℓιcαℓ Bυтcнεя

Dec 3rd 2020 - 3:50 AM

It wasn't a secret that Butcher hated Supes with a passion, he wanted nothing more then to rid the world of them he thought they were all egotistical cunts,  today was a normal day for Butcher he sat in his apartment alone eating a pizza pop and watching the TV and his surveillance camera's that he had installed.

Yes, he was paranoid and with good reason he had been threatened before and he was sure he was on Homelanders sh*t list by now, especially after he took his son away,  he finished his meal and he sipped his scotch as he checked the cameras nothing unsually.

He stood up and grabbed his gun and and knife and put in his thigh holster and he put on his long black trenchcoat, since Hughie and the rest of the boys were busy with a mission trying to find certain information Butcher was on his own today.

He walked outside his apartment and he walked through the crowd, that is when he saw people running away he wondered what was happening, he couldn't be a supe they wouldn't show there douchebag side in public, he continued to walk through the crowd and that was when he saw a strange figure or a man wearing somekind of costume.

"Oi! Who or what exactly are you supposed too be?"

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