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35 years old
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States

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July 27 2021

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The Basics


Full Name: Kacela Singer.
Nickname/Alias: Kace/Kacey (Everyone) Jellybean (Dean Winchester)
Gender : Female.
Orientation: Pansexual.
Real Age: 35 years old.
Birthday: October 26th, 1985.
Deathday: December 20th, 2012.
Birthplace: Bulgaria. || Found in Romania.
Location:Sioux Falls, SD || Northumberland County, UK (When on Earth Prime)
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio.
Species: Vampire with sliver of Angel's grace.
Hair Color: Brunette.
Eye Color: Brown.
Weight: 122 lbs.
Height: 5'7.
Occupation: Hunter || Scrapyard owner
Addictions: Smoking. || Alcoholism.
Affliations: The Winchesters. || Book Club. || Demon Defeaters || Sioux Falls Police
Languages:English, Latin, Romanian, Enochian, Japanese.
Pets: Bayonetta (Egyptian Mau) || Bezea/Orphan (Feline) || Bast/Potato (Feline)


There is no exquisite beauty…

Super Strength || Super Speed || Bat Swarming || Super Agility || Advanced Healing Factor || Super Senses || Immortality || Enhanced Emotions || True Face || Prayers


...without some strangeness in the proportion.

Broken Neck-Incapcitates for few hours, up to 72 hours || Sunlight || Heart Extraction || Werewolf Venom || Silver || Wooden Stakes-Puts in a coma-like state until removed. || Deadman's Blood || Deadman's Stake || Angel Blades || Susceptible to higher level Magic || John Constantine

Love Life

Culvintele nu pot descrie dragostrea mea pentru tine.

status:It's Complicated
by: John Constantine
since: imput here.
memories: Wonderful times.

"We loved eachother with a love that was more than a love."

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They meant e v e r y t h i n g to me.

I have great faith in fools - self-confidence my friends will call it.


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Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Kacela Singer
Verses: Supernatural
Playbys: Nina Dobrev
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Supernatural,
Member Since:March 10, 2016

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

John Constantine

I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.

John, a Warlock from a different Earth. The snarky Brit never fails to get a smirk from Kacela, finding some sarcastic thing to say, or just in general making a joke at a situation. The words would never fall from her lips, but John gives her a sense of comfort that she had almost forgotten existed. The two can be found blackening the lungs together, or giving their livers a complete workout. Common nicknames Kacela has called him are, "Johnny, Johnny Rockstar, Lancelot." Most of the time, when she is poking fun at him, or mocking his accent. Even though many would consider Kacela's actions mean, with John, they are anything but. Her guard can lower around the Warlock, and for that, she is more than appreciative. There are times when he annoys her, as she will say, but deep down, it's because she sees her own stubbornness in him. Even she cannot say why she wants to protect him so much, why she cares so much for his well being. However, if it came down to it, there is no doubt in her mind, that Kacela would lay down her own life to keep John's going. Even for just another day. Even with her heart guarded with barbed wire and stone walls, somehow, John managed to make a permanent home in her heart. Intense feelings for him had sprouted, feelings that had been thought to have long died with Marie Laveau.


Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.

Bayonetta, affectionately called "Bayo" by her owner, is an Egyptian Mau. Found a month after the Bobby's dog, Rumsfeld, was killed by the Demon Meg. Kacela had been working on her Chevelle in the garage, when a small mewing pulled her attention towards the ground. There, sat a small grey kitten, with bright green eyes staring up at her. Throughout the years, Kacela and Bayonetta had become friends, Kacela finding she could confide in the small cat much easier than anyone else. After her turn, the two became almost inseparable, Kacela only not being near her furry friend when a hunt pulled her away from home. When the cat's life came close to ending, the Vampire pulled a favor from a redheaded witch. Rowena gave her a small hexbag to attach to Bayonetta's collar, but there was a catch. Kacela could trade another's life force, so long as the ashes of the chosen person's life resided in the pouch. However, there would be no way to tell how much she gained, until after the deed was done. The feline could receive a day, a week, a month, a year. This sacrifice is one that she does without complaint, to keep Bayo by her side. There are days where Kacela talks to the cat, acting if a full conversation is happening. She will go to the cat for consul, comfort, and everything in between. Bayonetta is one of the three of Kacela's circle that should anything happen to her, God protect the one who harmed her.

Jade Valacari

I do not suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat.

Sophie Jordan

Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.

S ophie, a fellow Hunter that has a normal disdain for Vampires. The two still are decent friends, Kacela growing to trust her through everything they go through. The two usually end up in some weird adventure, even if it seems to be some normal to others. Sophie helps Kacela to see the good in the world, even when she just wants to clam up inside her home. Commonly called "Fluturaș" by Kacela, meaning little butterfly in Romanian. Sophie has able to pull Kacela further from her shell than any other, letting her emotions and feelings be known far more with her. If there is anyone out there that Kacela refuses to believe would betray her, it's Sophie. The Vampire views her as the sister she never really had, even though she refuses to openly admit to it.

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Charm Wolfie

Gym Freak.

papa smurf,

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silenced madness.

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Mackenzie Taylor


Ellie Bishop




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The DeSimone Mafia™ {EDL} {M}


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Casper Somer


Evie Rose

ғʀᴏᴍ ʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴛᴏ ᴅᴀʀᴋɴᴇss.

The Phoenix

Hon Galad ➳ Loves her ғαмιly☆ (тғα)

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ᵇºʐº ⁿ'ᵍʰᵗᵐᵃʳᵉ

Jun 13th 2021 - 4:56 PM

Cherry County, Nebraska.

”So you got me here. You want to explain your morbidly vague text and why I have four dead women on my hands that all point toward you?”

Kacey smirked and rose up from her chair. Despite the seriousness of Jason’s roundabout accusation, there was a playful mischievousness to her tone that only cemented her guilt in the hunter’s mind more.

“What? No friendly hug? No…’Oh, Kacey! Been a really long time! Haven’t seen you around the local watering hole lately. How’s the family?’”

The hunter rolled his eyes as Kacey took another sip from her tumbler. A deliberate punctuation to accentuate her snarky opening, though by the look of the curl of her lips the alcohol had not provided her whatever she had expected.

“Come on, Kacey, enough of the horsesh*t…” Jason sighed as he remained standing near the closed door of her motel room, hands lifting up then dropping down again noisily against his skinny, jeans clad legs in his growing frustration. “Four women are dead. I’m not in the mood for your crap so just tell me why I’m here.”

The next time her eyes lifted from the glass in her hand, Jason saw a transformation in the vampire. Gone was the snark. So suddenly that he wondered now if he had imagined the whole thing in his head. Her bruised features that had been a mask of smirks and eye rolls had been replaced instead by a more real visage full of defeat.  Her downward gaze of one exhausted by the game she was usually so adept at playing.

“Hunter came after me. Several, actually. But, you haven’t heard about any hunters dying by my hand, have you? Because I haven’t killed a damn person.”

The automatic comeback stilled on Jason’s tongue, the retort that if she killed the hunters that had gone after her and didn’t want them found, they wouldn’t be. But that statement in itself was a direct contrast to what had been going on in Cherry County. And was enough to keep him silent as Kacey continued to speak, her words inadvertently echoing his thoughts.

“Look at me. You know, you know, that this can’t be me. Daughter of Bobby Singer, paranoid bastard. If this had been me, I would not have been so damn careless.”  There was a slight pause, a look.  Jason kept his expression carefully neutral, bouncing a little on his heels and hands tucking into the pockets of his gray wool jacket as he tried to work out whether he believed her or not.

“This person, whoever the hell is doing this…They know…They know things about me. Things normal people would not know. I’ve been trying to follow the crime scene when I can, when a machete isn’t threatening to give me another haircut. They know things about me, Jason. So they know who I’m around. How many times does a hunter have to lose their prey, before they go after someone close to them? To draw them out? You know as well as I do that will be the hunter’s next step, and hell, maybe even this damn Vamp that’s dragging my name through the muck. Lives are on the line. I wasn’t kidding. Who’s to say that none of the hunters will turn to Sophie? Mick? Ellie? Or even the Vampire. To try and make me seem like some uncaring, f***ing monster!”

The last word spat from her lips, Jason’s jaw set more firmly with each name included as potential targets for the hunters Kacey stated were after her. Still he kept his silence, his mind working through all that Kacey was telling him. Comparing it to the facts and trying to see how they all gelled together. The weight of his gun at his back waistband was growing heavy to remind him of its presence, and yet even with the forensic proof he had so far—admittedly not enough to condemn Kacey indefinitely—he found himself less willing to pull the weapon free and use it.

“I’ll admit one thing to you. Just this one thing. If anyone, and I mean, anyone, goes after Constantine because of this…I will start dropping bodies. So, please…I’m asking you as a friend, please. Help me take care of this before anyone else gets hurt.”

“No one is going to f*** with your other world boyfriend so quit with the dramatics, already.” Jason rolled his eyes, decision made at her last word spoken. Of course he was going to help her.  As much as it was going to bite him in the ass with the local PD and possibly even his parents and other hunters that might be in the area, he’d known Kacey too long by this point to condemn her fully unless he actually saw her fangs sinking into another woman’s neck. He stepped further into the room, sidestepping around the vampire to drop himself sideways into one of the two vacant chairs by the table she’d initially been sitting.

“These hunters after you are Nebraska hunters… or, at least, they’re in Nebraska right now hunting you down.  They’re not losing you completely because you got roughed up so they aren’t going to go out of their way out of state to go after anyone to find out where you are when they already know.  No hunter worth their salt is going to waste their time like that, and if they do?  Well…Rest in peace to them, I guess, because none of our friends will go down easy.  And whoever you’re saying is looking to smear your name, they haven’t tried going after anyone you know, either, because they pretty much think they have you where they want you.  I mean, I just got here to investigate and you were unfortunately the first person come to mind when I heard about the forensics…so…no reason for the vampire to go after our friends in that regard, either.”

Jason lifted his hip and pulled out his phone, half hoping he would have a text from his father or a missed call from the medical examiner but there was nothing from either yet. Heaving a frustrated sigh, he placed his device on the table’s surface. “I can tell you what I know so far as forensics, though I’m still waiting on more information on the third victim and the one just found today.  Two small wounds located at the neck that anyone that has ever seen any type of horror movie would know what they’re from.  Completely drained, brown hair matching yours both in color and length clutched in their fists and puncture marks in the ground consistent with super killer heels.” Jason motioned first at Kacey’s hair and then vaguely in the direction of a pair of her boots—sharp high heel and all—discarded near her bedside. “You aren’t exactly unknown in hunting circles.  As you said; you’re Bobby Singer’s daughter. You said yourself these hunters know things about you, so of course they’re going to immediately blame the only vampire they know with super long brown hair and those specialized heels. This crap level of forensics may not necessarily be enough to definitively say it’s you as far as if there was a court of law for situations like this…but the hair and heel marks are enough of a push in your direction for hunters looking to avoid any more deaths.  And if they’re wrong?  Then oops…oh well.  One less fanger in the world.”  He shrugged helplessly. “Putting aside the hunters though for a minute, as far as this vampire?  Whoever the vampire is that’s really doing this and trying to point the finger is clearly good at keeping themselves off the radar or they’re new to the area and just trying to clear the way to mark this area and Sioux Falls as their territory.  Or…they just hate you.”

Jason frowned then sighed again, shook his head and stared down at his fingers that had started tapping lightly against the table’s surface.  It was a sure sign that the hunter’s mind was working overtime.  “I can…I don’t know. I guess I can reach out to my mom and dad and see if there’s any talk of a new vampire in the area. Or an old one moving in. But, Kacey…”

Cerulean blue lifted and looked directly into Kacey’s deep brown. “…if I’m going to stick my neck out for you…you better be straight with me. One hundred percent. None of this snarky riddle-me-this kind of information, if you know who is doing this even remotely, I don’t care what kind of history you have or what kind of revenge plans you might have in your head…you need to level with me. Constantine level trust needs to happen NOW, because my helping you? It’s going to rain a whole lotta sh*t on me across state lines. If I find out I get bent over a barrel because you decided to be f***ing mysterious…if I find out that Ellie or Mick or Sophie wind up hurt because you left even one bit of information out of what you know? Whatever friendship we have here will end and I’ll take your f***ing head myself.”

Jun 7th 2021 - 8:13 PM

Lmao exactly, And i tend to get in these moods where I don't want to get on and I get lazy lmao. And You know if you want you can send me a random starter and we can wing it. I kind of find that to be fun sometimes instead of working out a whole plot etc. 

May 23rd 2021 - 10:17 AM

Lmao,  No no that was perfect. And I apologize for taking so long to reply. But I would love to be friends and get something going if you like.
ѕнarp dreѕѕed мooѕe

Apr 10th 2021 - 11:11 AM

Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

"But dad, I want to hunt, I don't want to go to Bobby's!  When can I go with you and Dean on hunts?  I know how to shoot, I know how to kill things.  And I've been researching all sorts of monsters and I started even doing a book just like yours!"  Small fingers fumbled for the zipper of the backpack beside him to present his journal to his father, but his actions were stilled as the brusque voice of John Winchester filtered back over the large man's shoulder.

"I'm not having this conversation again, Sam.  You're going to Bobby's and that's it.  I can't trust you in the goddamned motel rooms by yourself anymore, now can I?"

Sam scowled but said nothing, knowing from experience over the past months that trying to defend himself against his father's displeasure regarding his youngest's recent attempts at solo hunts would get him nowhere.  Instead he ceased trying to open his backpack, slumping in his seat and looking down at his hands where he twisted his fingers together in his lap.  Feeling Dean's eyes fall on him from where he turned around from the passenger seat.  He'd graduated up there over the past year, which now left Sam alone in the vast backseat of the Impala where "the baby" had to stay. 

It wasn't fair. He'd been the one to come up with what his brother and father had needed to take out that last vengeful spirit!  He had been the one that found that hoodoo spell that Dean wound up using when he and their dad had run out of salt rounds and the ghost had kept coming.  Of course, Dean took all the credit for it to avoid the ass whooping both would have received if their father had known Sam was looking at actual hoodoo ritual books.  A reminder that had the youngest Winchester's frown deepening, a humph of displeasure escaping quietly from his lips as he glared toward the window with arms crossed over his chest and his hands--already obscured by the unrolled sleeves of the too big flannel he wore--tucked into his armpits.

At least at Bobby's, he wouldn't treat him like he was some stupid little kid.  Maybe it wouldn't be so bad getting away from his brother and his dad for a while.

"Come on, Sammy.  It won't be so bad.  Hey, at least your little girlfriend will be there!  You two can nerd out about books and play with protractors."

"Shut up, Dean!"

Dean grinned seeing the instant irritation on Sam's face, knowing he'd struck a nerve and so did what any older brother would do.  He poked at it some more.  "Hey, it's nothing to be embarrassed about!  She's...I guess she could be a looker one day when she hits pub--"

A smack to the back of Dean's head from their father ended that conversation quick enough.  Sam pouted and looked out the window again.  Yeah...it would definitely be nice to get away from his father and brother for a while.

And besides, teasing aside, Sam was admittedly excited to see Kacela Singer again. The two had been spending more time together than he and Dean since he'd lost interest in the more childish things with official admittance into the family business and the discovery of girls. It left Sam with a lot more free time in the towns that the Winchesters called home for a spell.  Especially since--more often than not these days--Dean wound up slipping out of their shared motel room not long after their father left on his cases despite being told to watch over his younger brother.  Taking advantage of the precious time where they were both free of the watchful eye of their father to go on dates or do his own thing without John Winchester's militant strictness cramping his style.

Sam had become very lonely.  Miserable.  Nothing to do but page through the pitiful amount of reading material in the room--mostly consisting of monster lore books John had collected over the years and a few books purchased for a quarter or a buck at secondhand stores--and watch the basic cable channels that never much had anything that kept his interest for long.

John had started dropping the boys off at Bobby's more and more over the years when they happened to find themselves in Sioux Falls.  He was one of the few men the hunter seemed to trust enough to keep his boys safe, and he knew that he was also one of the only men besides himself that could get Dean to mind properly.  It had grown so often that the brothers even had a room there; a small converted guest room with bunk beds and actual possessions that stayed put.  Sam--who over the last several years had begun staying there on his own with Dean now accompanying their father on his cases--had slowly started to fill it with random items he didn't want to lose during the constant moving around.  Creating in the Singer residence as much of a permanent home he could manage since losing the one he couldn't even remember back in Lawrence, Kansas.

Bobby's adopted daughter Kacey and he had started really noticing each other about four years ago.  He had been eight years old and she was six.  Before that, arrival at Bobby's had the brothers holing up in their room at the back of the house.  They'd talk shop or go out into the junkyard to run among the piles of old cars and other forgotten things, Sam and Dean so wrapped up in the other that neither acknowledged the tiny little girl with more than the passing word to remain polite.  But as Dean grew older and lost interest in doing these things with Sam, it left him with a void that little Kacey had suddenly been able to perfectly fill.

At first, with his newfound love of reading, she was the perfect partner to act out the stories of rescuing a damsel in distress.  She had the princess costumes.  And she was more than willing to play out his hero stories.  They pretended that she was stolen away by a dragon (An old Chevy in the junkyard that had seen better days) and he was the brave warrior come to rescue her.  When he got older, their roles became more defined as both she and he read more detailed stories.  She remaining ensconced in her fairytale books filled with princesses and he had grown obsessed with the stories of Sir Galahad and King Arthur with his Knights of the Round Table.

"Sam, you remember the rules?"

Sam blinked and pulled his eyes from the Impala's window to look over at his father, forced from his thoughts to stare back into the unwaveringly stern gaze that had fixated upon him.  They'd crossed the state line into South Dakota a little ways back and had just rolled into the Singer Salvage Yard lot.  And--as always when either both or one of the boys were dropped off--Sam was being tested to see if he remembered how he was expected to act.

"Mind Bobby.  Don't give him any trouble."

"And?"  His father responded sharply, not in the mood to repeat the speech he had been giving Sam and Dean both for the entirety of their whole damn lives.

"And don't talk about hunting or that monsters are real around Kacey."  Sam recited dutifully, pushing up the sleeves of his flannel before he laid one hand against the back door handle of the Impala.  He had barely concealed patience twisting his features as he awaited his father to allow him out of the vehicle.  There were no child locks beyond John Winchester's stare keeping him in place until he knew for certain that his youngest wasn't going to do anything stupid or break any rules that might have the Winchester clan no longer welcome in the Singer home.  The most important--and one of the few real rules of Bobby's place--being that no one shatter Kacey's innocence with talk about a life that could give her nightmares for months.

"Alright."  John said by way of approval, chin lifting as he regarded Sam with a hard-to-read expression
that  his boys had long ago come to accept as much of a show of approval or pride that he would ever reveal.  Maybe sometimes an accompanying hard pat on the back or fingers ruffling through hair, which happened now.   Sam scrunched up his face again at the heavy fall of his father's hand at the top of his head, calloused fingers shuffling through his shaggy brown hair.  "Go on and get out of here then.  Your brother and I are headed a couple states over and shouldn't be more than a few days but if things get crazy, could stretch to a week.  I'll try and keep Bobby posted but otherwise we will see you when we get back."

Sam surreptitiously glanced over at Dean, who had been studiously examining their father's journal trying to read up on whatever it was they were hunting.  They never told him anything until after it was all over.  And even then it was only once their father had fallen asleep with the aid of a whiskey bottle, Dean sharing his new stories in excited but whispered tones.  His big brother turned now in the passenger seat and gave Sam a wink and a smile that twitched with barely concealed laughter.  Dean hadn't missed the little face with the big brown eyes  staring out from the living room window when he'd first looked up toward Bobby's house.  It was his turn to ruffle his fingers through Sam's hair.  "Have fun storming the castle, Sammy."

Sam rolled his eyes at his brother but said his goodbyes to his family as he slid out of the vehicle.  Closing the back passenger side door, he had barely stepped away before John Winchester was pulling back out of the lot, his faith that Sam would be fine and Bobby there to receive him so certain that he didn't even bother to wait for his twelve year old son to climb the steps of the front porch.  The young boy sighed his acceptance, hiking his heavy backpack up higher on his shoulder.  Scuffing his sneakers that has seen better days in the dirt then taking a moment to once more re-roll the sleeves of his hand-me-down flannel that was at least three sizes too big. That done, he turned toward the house proper at last.

"Hey Kacey!"  Sam smiled and waved at the tiny face he recognized framed in the living room window. He had a bounce in his step now, his feelings of being left out of yet another hunt forgotten as he saw his one friend he'd managed to keep over the years.  Up the stairs he ran, reaching the front door just as it was opened by Bobby himself.  "Hi Bobby!"  Sam smiled up at the gruff man, who was the third person in just about the same amount of minutes that had ruffled their fingers in his already hopelessly disheveled hair.

"Hey son.  Kacey's been waitin' for you.  Go on in and say hi, I'll let you two know when lunch is ready."

"Thanks Bobby!"  Sam refrained from running in the house but certainly walked as fast as he could into the living room, dropping his bag to the floor with a heavy clunk as the books inside made themselves known from within.  He paused when he saw her on the couch, grinned and did his customary bow in greeting to the Princess of the Scrap Yard.

"Princess Kacey of Sioux Falls!  I've traveled many miles to return to the Singer Kingdom to lay eyes on the fairest in South Dakota..."  He straightened up again, his grin lopsided, the preteen in him a little self conscious at his boisterous display that he never would have done if Dean was there to see it.  Reaching one hand up, he brushed his hair out of his eyes and took notice of the crown of white flowers beside her.  Curiosity had him swiftly breaking character as he stepped closer the better to see it.

"That's neat, what is that?  It looks like what Maid Marian or Guinevere would wear...did you make it? Hey, you can wear it when we play Save the Princess if you want..."

Mar 26th 2021 - 12:13 AM

Kacey! My tag team partner in annoying the shiat out of Dean ^^ How the heck are you?!

Mar 21st 2021 - 6:29 PM

Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
June 2016

"Yo Bobby!"

Hotch scowled, backpedaling on the porch when he didn't initially hear the returned bark of his friend as he called out to him a second time.  Drunk maybe?  It wouldn't be a stretch.  Stepping down off the sagging wood, he shielded his upturned gaze with one hand as he peered up into the sun toward the second floor windows that remained sealed with curtains drawn.  No movement.  Cigarette placed back to his lips, he pulled in a lungful of smoke only to exhale it again with a shake of his head.  Drunk or not home, though he knew other than traipsing around now and again with Rufus still, the old man had been sticking closer to home these days so it made the previous option more viable.

"Figures your ass is out cold when I need you for somethin' important..."  Hotch muttered under his breath with a second shake of his head, ready to accept the man wasn't coming out until he heard the click and groan of the front door slowly pulling open.  He lowered his head, smiling expectantly and ready to roast his old friend only to be startled by a pair of dark brown eyes framed with equally if not darker curls that instead stared out at him from the open portal.

"Hotch? Is that...Is it really you?"

Kacela Goddamned Singer.  All grown up and standing there answering Bobby's door.  Hotch was momentarily distracted from his initial purpose in coming here as he brightened with recognition of the little girl he'd known now housed within this beautiful young woman.  Slow at first in his repeated approach to the door but quickening with his ascension of the creaking old steps the better to greet his little Kacey.  But he'd barely cleared the landing before that hopefulness and excitement he'd seen in her eyes had withered faster than his cigarette could burn to the filter on a sharp pull.

Initially his first response had been to open his arms, lowering them slowly back to his sides and his own expression growing uncertain as he shifted from one foot to the other.  Offering her a more guarded smile while he wondered what it was he'd done to elicit the response she was aiming his way now.  "Hey, Kacey...how--"

A delicate little fist rose up and clocked him in the jaw with the speed and strength of a goddamned freight train.  His head jerked painfully to the side causing a crick in his neck that ran down his spine and blood filled his mouth where he'd bit down on his tongue.  Immediately he spat the metallic tasting ichor to the floorboards, long shaggy hair hanging across his eyes as he examined the red puddle that would inevitably stain the wood as Kacey's snarling and accusatory tone washed over him.

"How dare you.  How dare you come back here, after all these f***ing years.  How dare you come looking for Bobby after...After..." 

Blue eyes lifted, her vehemence catching him more off guard even than the punch.  He still couldn't figure where this was all stemming from.  Hell, he and Bobby were always flitting in and out of each other's lives, neither ever held a grudge in the past.  So what the hell was going on here that he was missing?  He shook his head, trying to play catch up.  Took one more drag off his cigarette with blood specked lips before he flicked it over the railing to sizzle out on the dry dirt in front of the house.  Turning back toward Kacey opening his mouth to speak as he felt his own ire starting to rise up.

"Now wait just a goddamned--"

"Bobby's dead, Hotch...He's been gone for four years now...But you woulda known if you gave a shred of a damn, now would you?  Rufus is gone too..."  Kacey's tone softened but was no less harsh, Hotch shaking his head again only this time in disbelief as the woman slammed the message home one more time. "...All of them are dead..."

The three piece suit he'd worn at the crime scene suddenly felt suffocating.  The tie around his neck a noose that choked him and forced his index finger behind the knot to loosen it at his throat to try and regain some semblance of breath returning to his lungs.  The cold sweats of his nightmares returned, only this time he was awake.  He knew he was awake.  He was here.  He was in Bobby's Salvage Yard in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Little Kacey Singer all grown up but with a cruel streak like nothing he could ever imagine Bobby instilling in her that she would so carelessly look to break an old man's heart like this.

"What are you...?"  Mary.  Bobby.  Rufus.  He'd only just talked to Bobby though.  How long...?  Had it really been four years?  He shook his head vehemently with incomprehension, the idea that anything could manage to take out that tough old bastard something he couldn't understand much less accept.  "Nah, I just talked to Bobby..."  Hotch spoke up weakly, felt the emotion rising up that much more easily from the lack of sleep over the past three months.  One arm lifting up to grind the heel of his hand into one of his eyes, closing both lids to rub away the sensation of tears with index and thumb next.  A gruesome visage rose up as soon as the darkness enveloped him even for that briefest respite, and the face of the Rake loomed up ugly and leering with empty sockets staring into the depths of his soul.

Eyes shot open once more and he tugged again at his tie.  It was too tight.  It was too f***ing tight!  The sudden panic he felt that he might strangle himself with the length of fabric had him tearing it from his neck.  Balling it up and throwing it aside and yanking free the first few buttons of his shirt with such need that one pinged off from the garment altogether while he felt like his breath continued to escape him.

It was the Rake.  The f***ing Rake did it.  The manic and incoherent reasoning of the thought meshed together to create the illusion in his mind that it had been Bobby torn apart at that crime scene, not Marie.  It had been the Rake all along.  It was coming for him...and it took Rufus.  It was going to take Kacey, too.  Widened blue gaze darted upward again toward the young woman's face, her image swimming in front of his eyes then dimming at the edges.  Everything was becoming blurred.  Reality was fading and the Rake was once more rising up to try and take him.  He rubbed at his eyes again with the back of his hand, then turned that hand to rub his fingers hard over the closed lid almost as if he meant to claw the orb from inside his head.  His other hand reaching out for something to grab on.  He managed to catch the railing that ran along the porch.  Lowering himself onto the steady surface while his heart hammered in his chest so hard it dragged a sob of panic from inside him. 

"He can't...Bobby can't be dead..."  Hotch gasped out.  He felt a sharp pain down his left arm.  He couldn't feel his fingers because they'd gone numb.  The Rake continued to rise up from the darkness, stronger presence than before.  Grabbing at him, dragging him down into the abyss.  Feeding off the unexpected despair that had drained the fight out of him so suddenly and completely that there was no way for Hotch to drag himself back and fight against the clawing of the creature's nails on the insides of his body.  Ripping him apart.  Sucking in a shuddering breath as blue eyes pleadingly sought out Kacey's face from within sunken sockets smudged with shadows more prominently displayed with the lack of color in his complexion.  "I...I f***ing need Bobby...I need Bobby!!!" 

The final words dragged from his lungs before Hotch crashed to the floorboards not to move again.
Tɯιʂƚҽԃ Dҽɱσn

Mar 21st 2021 - 3:42 PM

Ruby wasn’t exactly sure what to expect the moment the old door opened up, Kacey looked as if she where just having an inner conflict, just as he did on the way over to her house. Chestnut colored hues stared down at his friend as she pulled the cigarette from between her lips to say his name, even then it felt like she struggled to speak, tears were threatening to shed. Ruby stiffened some when her arms thrown around him for an embrace. It wasn’t like the pair to share a hug. He frowned as he gently returned the hug. Something bad must’ve happened. He comforted his best friend in silence, he hoped that his demonic presence was enough to drive any hallucination, even if it were his own demons.

“It’s going to be okay..” Ruby knew that line was always thrown around to make others feel okay, but when it came to supernatural beings like himself and Kacey, it almost always never okay.

He let go of Kacey, hands dropping to his side as she pulled away with slight embarrassment, before pulling him into her home. Ruby closed the door behind them, he then turned to follow through the hallway that led to the living room.

Having a night...That’s laughable. It’s been a weird few days, more like. Just today…”

There was a pause in her words. Ruby knew what was about to come. He took a seat in a near by chair and looked up at his friend.

“Today was the icing on the f***in’ cake. I was out, getting sh*t we needed for the house. I had gotten such a bad headache from the-the heartbeats, can usually tune them out.”

Kacey’s words had started to pick up in pace, turning frantic, Ruby’s brows furrowed, and his lips pressed into a thin frown as he allowed her to continue with her story.

“But today. They refused to be quiet, and then...Then Johnny cut himself. Just a little papercut, nothing bad. But, oh god...Had that little cut been so damn tempting. I got the gross thought to put his finger in my mouth and clamp on until every drop of his blood was out of him.”

Ruby went to speak but nothing would come out, he had a feeling that something like this was happening, it was just like what he was dealing with, back in the cabin, just a few miles just outside of Sioux Falls. He dark eyes remained on Kacey; he could pick up the fear in her tone the longer she spoke.

“So...I yelled at him. Told him to get away from me. The look on his face…”It looked as if she was trying her best not to cry, Ruby got to his feet again, ready to be the friend she needed in this moment, he wanted to forget the mess he had made earlier in the night.

“I’ve come to terms with the fact that….who I am, what I am, is going to hurt the people we love. But him?” The last two word she spoke were barely above a whisper. Ruby knew just how much John meant to Kacey, even though she always danced around the subject of her and John being anything other than best friends.

“If we don’t fix this, whatever it is, I know I won’t stop until Sioux Falls is littered with bodies. And John would be the first. Because that’s what she wants.”

Ruby knew exactly who Kacey was speaking about, that darkness inside of her. Ruby had one of those too. The part that you’re trying so hard to keep locked away. Himself and Kacey were for the most part cut from the same cloth; on the surface they could very well pass for humans. Only problem was they were far from being human. But why, why all of a sudden they were having such a hard time keeping the dark part of them locked away for the sake of the people that they cared about? Kacey’s next words brought Ruby back from his thoughts.

“Why do you smell like you just dumped a bottle of death on you? What happened before you called me?”
Ruby’s mouth opened, but no words came out, he had just seen his best friend nearly crack, and now it was his turn. He hesitated for a moment, trying his best to pick and chose the right words. It was almost as if he were back in the cabin. He swallowed hard and shook his head some.

“It..It started like any other case.” He inhaled shakily. “It ended up being a coven of witches, they were sacrificing innocent people.” He paused and swallowed the lump threatening to form in his throat. “They had someone tied to a chair, ready to sacrifice her. I showed up and, and they were testing me..” His breath was hitched some. “I was trying my best to ignore them, then, then, they mentioned Sam, and I lost it..” Ruby spoke in a rush. “I wasn’t myself, it was like I watch watching myself tear these coven of witches apart, there was a smirk on my lips , a dark, sadistic smirk.” He closed his eyes for a brief second, then opened them as he continued to speak.

“There was blood everywhere, limbs, I fed into the chaos, the chaos that I try so f***ing hard to ignore.” He began to pace slightly as he always did when he would become unstable. “I, I, nearly killed the innocent female that was tied to a chair, it was what he wanted, but a text from Sam snapped me out of it.” Ruby was unsure if there were tears coming down his cheek, he couldn’t feel it due to his always burning body heat, only there was a slight stinging sensation.

“I let her go, only after I wiped her mind of the terrible things that I did. Afterwards, I used my demonic powers to set the cabin ablaze. There won’t be any remains found once the fire goes out.” Ruby took another deep breath as he tried his best to compose himself.

“I agree that we need to fix what’s going on here, cause I fear that whatever this is, is interfering with the switch that keeps us sane.” Chestnut colored hue’s connected with the Russet colored hue’s of his best friend. “We’re going have to do this together, and away from the ones that we care about. It’s going to be a tough road.” Ruby tried to give a smile, but he knew it was faltering. “Maybe we can get some fries and milkshakes along the way.” It was an attempt at a joke to lighten the other wise serious mission that the two of them were about to go on.
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Mar 21st 2021 - 2:32 PM

Cherry County, Nebraska.

Jason's bright blue gaze stared down at the latest of the now four people who'd lost their lives on his watch. His jaw tightened, his eyes narrowed and he lifted his chin up to stare at the leaden sky above then around him at the trees that surrounded him. The victim, 23 year old Gretchen Mason, lay long dead and cold by the time she'd been spotted by a jogger in the small hours of the morning. The call had come in shortly after to 911 and, in extension, the call had come in to him via his mother, whose connections with the emergency operators allowed her to keep tabs on local crimes that may or may not require the services of whichever member of the Rourke family were closest at the moment.

This one was clearly one of the definites needing more his style of approach. There were bite marks in the neck that even the most clueless when it came to vampires would remark upon.  She'd been a victim of exsanguination, her skin so pale it was near translucent, and yet there were no visible veins webbing at her skin.  No spilt blood on the scene itself so that meant one of two things: she was either killed elsewhere and brought here or there simply hadn't been enough blood left in her for there to be any bleeding out.

"Mr. Rourke."  One of the officers came over, nodding in the woman's direction as Jason glanced sidelong at the man.  "Is this something y'all need to take care of?"

Jason gave a grim smile and nodded.  The officer sighed and dragged his fingers through his short cropped hair.  Both stared down at the young woman with their own regrets and concerns, separate in their base of conception but both men's thoughts converging on the same problem.

There was a hungry vampire on the loose.

"I'll let the medical examiner know when they get here to give you anything we have once we have it."

"I appreciate that, Detective Martin."  Jason sighed, let his gaze drop once more over the woman's body. He shook his head, a flash of anger crossing his features that set his jaw firm. Forcing himself to turn away from the crime scene to let the police do their thing as he pulled out his phone to dial up his mother, Lindsay Rourke.

"So was it the right call?" His mother's greeting was all business and Jason responded as such.

"Yeah...definitely vampire. Monster doesn't even try to cover its tracks so it's either that confident or it's a rabid...but the cleanliness of the scene and the lack of tearing in the puncture wounds themselves makes it more the former. What does dad think?"

"I'm waiting on him to get back from the morgue. But from what he saw of the other two, he'd said about the same as you.  Not enough death to be a nest for sure, but whoever this vampire is, they're confident as hell.  Oh, and forensics came in on the last girl as well...."

There was a sound of shuffling over the line as Lindsay rifled through her reports, Jason reaching his beat up gray little Nissan by this time to jam his key in the lock. He slipped into the driver seat and slammed the door shut behind him, head leaning back against the headrest to stare again at the leaden sky.

"Alright, yeah.  So tox screen showed same as the other two. Definitely was out having a good time so the vic was probably walking it off on her way home when the fanger got the drop on her. Long brown hair not belonging to the victim was on the scene, some tangled up in the victim's fingers and the ground around the body was punctured with what forensics are saying are from the heels of some pretty severe high heel shoes or boots."

Kacey Singer was the first person that sprang to mind. Jason wincing and closing his eyes, counting himself a fool not for the first time since he'd first heard of these murders. He should have listened to his gut with her.  Quick to temper, easily agitated Kacey was a vampire living out in Sioux Falls, the adopted daughter to an old hunter named Bobby Singer and stray pup kind of deal to another hunter named Robert "Hotch" Hotchner, a close friend of Jason's and one--he had thought--who couldn't be easily swayed by sentiment when it came to monsters. This one, Jason should have questioned more. Hotch had known her as a little human girl, after all. And the testimonials on her behalf were based off that and nothing else, because he was certain Hotch and Kacey didn't have that many heart to hearts where the old hunter was asking what kind of diet she was keeping these days.

And the dominoes fell once Hotch tipped with the careful twitch of Kacey's polished finger. If Hotch was okay with her, and his daughter Sophie--another close friend of Jason's--was okay with her...then the next domino fell.  Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Mick Helsing, Father Joshua Creed.  His girlfriend Ellie Walsh, and yes, even him.  All human hunters who knew their stuff--more than half fixated specifically on vampires--but had for whatever reason decided to turn a blind eye on what Kacey was. Just like they were doing with Ruben Winchester, a demon who had actually become quite close with Kacey, only escaping Jason's suspicion that he be involved because of the nature of the deaths that showed no sign of demon involvement in the least.

He hung up with his mother feeling as bad as the sky looked, seated in his vehicle staring out as the cops did their thing, a tent erected over the body in preparation for the rain that threatened to fall at any second. Unsure what to do beyond what he had already done, Jason debated grabbing some food and a motel, opting to remain in the state rather than make the drive back and forth.  He'd wait for forensics to tell him what he already knew. He'd wait for his dad to return and call him up with even more of what he already knew. The truth staring him dead in the face with a visage consisting of two deep brown eyes, pouting lips and very long, curly brown hair that looked too much like the kind wrapped around the fingers of the victims to be dismissed.

"Goddamn it, Kacey."  Jason swore under his breath, the palm of his hand hitting lightly and repeatedly against the steering wheel, the cogs in his brain whirring away as he tried to think of anything else this could be but to no avail. As far as open and shut cases, this was it. There was no question who was responsible. There was no question what he had to do because of it. But...did he have the stomach for it when every memory he had of Kacey was anything but a cold blooded killer?

Jason closed his eyes again just as the sky opened up, the drumming of the rain against the roof of his car and windshield the soothing kind of sound he needed to focus on the expected task at hand.

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..."

Speak of the devil. The singer Kelis's voice filled the interior of the car as Jason's phone came to life, vibrating within the center console's cup holder where he'd deposited the device after ending the call with his mother. He shifted in his seat, slipped his hand down and scooped it up, frowning at the text from no other than Kacey Singer herself.

I need your help. Come to the Skyline Motel, room 29. Door will be unlocked. Keep me waiting, Rourke, and lives will be on your hands. Tick-tock.

Jason shook his head, took a few seconds to locate the address to the Skyline through his Google Maps , then tossed the phone back into the cup holder.  Keys turned in the ignition and his beat up little Nissan came to life with music blaring from his speakers blocking out most of the usual rattles and groans that would have made anyone else nervous hearing come from their vehicle.  Ignoring them as the norm that they were, he twisted to check behind him then maneuvered his car out of its space, was on the road and headed to the motel.

Skyline Motel.

The outside of the building was nothing Jason hadn't been expecting.  The Skyline was situated in a U-shape that boxed the parking lot along three sides.  A main office was located just about in the center of the place right beneath the neon sign that seemed to be gasping out its last breath of energy with almost all the letters burnt out or getting there.  Branched out on either side, the guest quarters were all situated with garish red front doors pointed toward the lot, a favored layout for any hunter or monster on the run that needed a quick out with their cars stationed conveniently just outside their door. 

Jason spotted Kacey's car immediately.  Rose was hard to miss when you know what you're looking for.  He forewent the front office for obvious reasons and instead pulled his Nissan beside the restored 1969 Chevy Chevelle, switched off the engine and sat there a beat staring at door number 29.  He'd made it there just under half an hour, the choice of meeting spot not really boding well for Kacey's innocence when she was barely a stone's throw away from where the last body was found.

"Looking more guilty by the minute here, Kace..."  Jason muttered under his breath, reached into his glove box and pulled out a hand cannon that looked as if it weighed more than he did but he handled it with ease.  Ejected the clip, checked for the silver rounds, slammed the clip back home.  Guilt weighing on him despite his sense of responsibility toward the victims that had fallen beneath Kacey's pointy little teeth, he pushed open the driver side door of his car and stepped out into the rain.  The gun shoved at the back waistband of his jeans, he ensured his thin gray wool coat was pulled over to conceal the weapon then dashed for the door to escape the worst of the weather.

Hear what she has to say.

The hunter pursed his lips, his hand resting against the knob as the words ran through his head while the narrow overhang above kept him from getting soaked in his hesitation.  Memories of the fun times he had had with Kacey despite what she was stayed his usual impulse to shoot a fanger first, ask questions later.  Resolution to do what needed to be done though was found, steeling himself against what might not make him too popular with their shared crowd of friends before he pushed open the door--unlocked as promised--and he looked straight over to the small table where the female vampire sat.  Hand wrapped around a tumbler of whiskey and a pair of the darkest brown eyes staring straight into his cerulean blue.

"Okay, Kacey."  Jason let his hand linger on the door, took a few steps forward and swung it shut behind him.  Waiting a beat as he took in the patchwork first aid and her general appearance of discontent, he opted to remain standing and closer to the door rather than sit himself down right across from the possible enemy.  "So you got me here.  You want to explain your morbidly vague text and why I have four dead women on my hands that all point toward you?"
Tɯιʂƚҽԃ Dҽɱσn

Feb 21st 2021 - 1:42 PM

Ruby ended the call when he only got Kacey’s voice mail, he  sat several moments on the chair where  victim sat just moments ago. The bodies of the coven of witches were all sprawled across the small cabin, Ruby pressed his lips into a thin line before bringing his hands up to scrub his face. What he did her tonight was not himself, and he needed to pound that into his head. It was the other side of him, the monster side of him. Of course, Ruby was a demon, but he was far too nonchalant for a demon, even with the powers of a Knight, he still wanted to be human, he craved that feeling. Ruby ran his free hand through his hair, causing it to give off a disheveled look, for the most part, the beast was laid to rest thanks to a text he received from Sam, eyes closed at the thought of what he might have done to the female who was innocent in all of this if that text didn’t come through.

The sound of his phone going off made him jump slightly, the name attached to the number was Kacey, she must have got his voice mail, nervous he hesitated for a beat. No. This was Kacey, his dear friend, and someone who was just like him in a way, someone who didn’t act like what they were supposed to be, a monster. He clicked answer and brought the phone to his ear.

“Kacey…” He started and was met with the same panic that he had in his voice mail.

“Ruby, I’m so damn glad you called..Please. For the love of...whatever, get here as fast as you can. I...I…” Her voice had tears in them, and it broke Ruby hearing the pain in his best friends voice. He inhaled some, one of his knees bouncing, something he did when he felt nervous. “Calm down, tell me what happened...” Oddly enough, Ruby’s voice calm out calmly despite the twisting of his stomach. His chestnut-colored hues still focusing on the dead bodies scattered on the floor.

“I snapped at John. Everyone’s heartbeats...Oh god, the damn heartbeats...It’s almost…” 

Ruby frowned at Kacey’s words, it was unusual that Kacey would snap at the man that she called her friend, though everyone could obviously see that the two of them shared something that boarded a relationship, they were attached to the hip almost like Ruby was to Sam. Ruby would often tease Kacey when they were alone, saying how John was Kacey’s ‘boy-friend’, but clearly something happened between the two of them, something he could relate to.

“Just...We have to fix this, Ruben. I don’t give a f*** about the price, and from your voicemail...I don’t think you do either at this point.”

Ruby absent-mindedly nodded in response to Kacey’s words. “Yea, yeah I agree, we have to figure this out,” Ruby’s words trailed off, Kacey’s tone still matched his, trembling, confused, broken, and scared.
“I’m so scared...I don’t want to kill John.”

Ruby inhaled at those words, he pushed back what he had just done 20 minutes prior, to be there for a friend who was coincidently going through the same thing he was going through.

“Listen, you’re not going to kill John, I’m…I’m on my way, you just hold tight alright? I’ll be there in about an hour...” With that Ruby ended the call, it felt like there had been a huge weight on his shoulder,  he pushed himself off the chair, he needed to get rid of this before someone came along to discover it, and the last thing he needed was cops on the trail. Finding some gasoline, Ruby soaked the place in it, he retreated from the small cabin after lighting a match and throwing it onto the gasoline, the house was quickly going up in flames, Ruby quickly made a run for his car. The flames would extinguish after there was no trace of the bodies, Ruby made sure that the flames wouldn’t spread anywhere else.

Ruby felt as if he couldn’t breath until the moment he was in the safety of his car. He watched from behind the wheel, a mixture of fear and sadness written on the expression of the demon. Ruby hated fire, ironically since he was a demon, but the fear stimmed from when he was human. He suddenly closed his eyes. “Focus…focus, you need to get over to Kacey, figure out what is going on, then go from there…” He was telling himself as he started up the car and threw it in reverse, in no time he was back on the road.

The drive was a quiet one, that was until the voice came back.

“Didn’t that feel good…?”

Ruby did his best to ignore the voice, his lips pressed into a thin line, his chestnut-colored hues remained on the road ahead of him. “I know you can hear me, Ruben…” The voice taunted. “You can’t ignore me, I am you…” Came the voice again, it was louder, almost as if It were sitting in the passenger seat, but it was all in his head.

“We’re not the same, be quiet.” Ruby spoke out-loud as if it were the only way the voice could hear him. “I nearly killed someone…who was innocent. I can’t have that kind of blood on my hands.” Ruby’s voice cracked slightly. “Ha, blood on your hands, you DO realize that you’re a demon, Ruben? Blood is always going to be on your hands, our hands.”  The voice was vicious, dark, volatile, the side of himself that he forced away just because he wanted to be human. “You’re not a human, Ruben, no matter how hard you try to play the part. Sooner or later, I'm going to consume you , and we’re going to have one Hell of a ride.” Ruby stopped at a red light and mistakenly looked into the rearview mirror, and there, half his reflecting was darkened, with one pearly black demon eye, his lip curled into a wicked smirk.

The reflection had Ruby shaking his head. “No, no it’s not going to happen, I won’t let it, I..I can’t..” Ruby shook his head again, eyes pressed closed tightly, doing his best to silence that side of him. He placed his hand down on the spot where he marked Sam, he did it out of love, sometimes he would put his hand over the spot to his hip, it served as a connection between himself and Sam, mostly he would make sure that his husband wasn’t in immediate danger, and at other times he would do it just to feel Sam, and it would calm him.

After several moments, Ruby reopened his eyes, they quickly darted towards the mirror, with a sigh of relief he dropped back against the driver seat. That darker side of himself had vanished once more for the time being.

 With that he quickly drove over to Kacey’s place.

Ruby jumped out of his car, the moment he got to Kacey’s house. He stepped onto the sagging porch; his hair was still slightly disheveled. Ruby’s hand hovered against the door, hesitant to knock. It’s Kacey, everything will be fine, she’s your friend, she’s been through something similar as yourself. He kept trying to remind himself as his hand rapped lightly against the door, he could hear a dog barking in the distance.

“Kacey, it’s Ruby!” He called out from the other side of the door until it opened. “I came as quick as I can, I have no idea what’s going, but it seems like we’re both having a night. Take it from the top and tell me what happened, and then I’ll tell you what happened on my end.” He was almost breathless when speaking, Ruby was still haunted by those last words spoken from inside of him.

Sooner or later, I’m going to consume you.

He hoped that whatever was happening to himself and Kacey, they would be able to fight this together.

Feb 14th 2021 - 7:27 PM

Don't give up on love and it won't give up on you.

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