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About me:

I was once like you, I had a life and was a cheerleader but all that changed on one night when I found out I couldn't die.

I have helped save the world more times than I can count and I have been chased for being what I am and yet I keep going on because I am immortal so it seems.

I have lost much in the time that I have seen and many people I cared for as well, but I never give up because I know that the world will always need saving and for the most part those like me will never be accepted in the eyes of the world.

I love my adopted parents very much but they can not fully understand the things that I have gone through,the things that I have seen and done.

I am now still in collage living out my life but when ever someone needs help or the world needs saving again I am always there,some think that I am dead and I let them think that because this way I am no longer wanted but in truth it's hard at times to keep under the raidar but I do so for those I love.

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Jun 17th 2020 - 6:27 PM

Perched atop a high balcony off one of the nearby skyscrapers, a local Avenger was looking out for any nearby crime that was neighboring crime that might be happening. Often Hawkeye was out and about with the Avengers, helping to save the world or going on some covert missions. But tonight was not one of those nights, tonight was a slower night where he could go out and just patrol the streets for the common criminal. As much as Hawkeye loved doing the world-saving gig, he was even more comfortable, down here, in the streets with the common folk. Because behind his mask that's all he was really was, just another common folk. He didn't have any superpowers, he didn't have a super powered suit. All he had to him was his wits, an uncanny aim, and some fancy arrows

Sure there was probably the chance he could have just borrowed a type of suit from Tony Stark or given some cybernetic enhancement, but that just wasn't Hawkeye's style. And also he would not give Stark the satisfaction of knowing that he owed him on something, he was entirely too proud for that. Plus he liked being the guy that made his own way through the hero world without being picked up by everyone else. People always worried about how he would fair in those big fights, but frankly he was never worried, he always had an arrow up his sleeve.

Though he liked that today was a slow day.. it was coming along too slow. He had been sitting up here for hours it felt like. He had a comm piece (which also served as his hearing aids), in his ear to listen for any nearby crimes that might be happening by patching in through the police radio (which they may or may not have known about). But nothing was coming up, he just there with an arrow in his hands, flicking the tip out of boredom.

"Ugh maybe Stark is right, maybe I just need to get my some wireless ear pieces so I can listen to an e-book or something while I'm doing these stakeouts. I just don't know what new book I would listen to...."

He paused as he started to hear some commotion down below, he smirked in satisfaction at hearing. "Oh finally something to do!" He then went and looked over the edge to see what was going on and where it was coming from. As he did, he saw some men attacking a lady so he drew out an arrow to fire a shoot... but couldn't get a clear shot. This was especially the case when a blonde came into the picture to confront the men apparently. She did not look like a superhero he had seen before.. he hoped this wasn't a civilian trying to intervene, especially since she was also in the way of any shot at the bad guys. 

"C'mon.. get out of the way girl," Hawkeye muttered as he pulled his arrow in his drawstring, aiming down below. But that's when a strange seen unfolded, the newcomer got stabbed in the hand... but shrugged it off and he saw the wound just dissappear. He looked at it puzzled for a second. "Well that's like some Wolverine level healing right there... must be another mutant," he said to hmself as he saw her quickly take out the thugs.

He was gonna put his bow and arrow away when he saw a couple more guys try to sneak up behind the mutant newcomer. "Oh no you don't." He quickly aimed and fired two arrows at them, one for each. Both arrows fired right into their kneecaps. They both hit the ground on their knees crying out in pain. As they screamed for their mommy, Hawkeye fired a zipline arrow to a nearby building so he could drop in on the action. 

Using his bow to go down the zipline, he quickly slid down before jumping off. he landed betwee Claire and the two baddies he just shot in the leg. He kicked one in the jaw and punched the other in the face, watching as they both collapsed to the ground. Hawkeye turned back to Claire, his gaze curious. "That's quite the quick healing ya got there. You don't happen to be another daughter of Wolverine by chance would ya? I don't think he's ever had a blonde daughter... or please don't tell me your Deadpool's daughter," Hawkeye said with a cringe. "I can't imagine anyone who would want to have his kids."

Jul 14th 2019 - 6:45 AM

Seeing Claire healing herself should be a shock, but not for Mia. She has seen so much in her life this was noting. Her boyfriend, James was possessed by a demon who was after Mia to bring him a new vessel as he called it. What he wanted was for her to basically kill someone young to get James back. Even her aunt Laurel was a meta-human well she wasn’t from this earth she was from earth-2, her best friend Nora was a speedster. Claire being different with gifts however she got them, wasn’t going to be an issue with Mia. She actually thought it was pretty cool. 

Mia watched her in awe of how she could handle herself with the jackasses. Maa smirked as she got into the fight. She did like a good old fashioned fight. She rolled up her sleeves and got into the fight. She had kinda needed this to blow off some steam. And that better way than to get into a fight. She took down a guy easy. She frowned a little, since it was far to easy. She wanted a real good fight. She shrugged a little. Going back to watching Claire. She was handling it. 

She knew better than to get into the middle of someones fight. But her blood was pumping and she couldn’t just walk away. That wasn’t her, and besides now that she was taken up the mantle of her late father Oliver. She couldn’t just leave without helping. Mia was yet to get herself an outfit. So that she was hidden and could do her hero thing without people finding out, and she got arrested. Ever since her mom left Mia had this urge to take over from Overwatch and Green Arrow. She had help from her brother, William, Zoe and Connor her best friends. 

Once the fight was over and the guys had ran off. Mia walked over to her and shook her head. “I wasn’t going to ask. You have gifts none of my business.” She said looking over to Claire. “I have seen my fair share of people with gifts. I wouldn’t flat out ask you” She said smiling a little. 

Mia was of course a little of what other things she can do. Mia wondered if she would be a help with something she was trying to find out some information on. She had no idea how to get a demon out of someone. Would Claire be able to help her? She wasn’t sure, and she had no idea how to ask her for help.

“Wait. I don’t care. Believe me my life is always in danger.” She said as she followed her. “I’m not bad or evil or want to do you harm. I am needing some help. I know we don’t know each other, but I feel like we were meant to meet. My name is Mia Smoak. I am from Star City and I have been going for city to other to find anyone with powers or knowledge of the supernatural ...” She said looking at her. She knew that she sounded crazy telling this woman that she has just met about needing help with the supernatural world. She hoped that she would listen to her and not run for the hills like a lot of people have done with her the past few days. 

May 18th 2019 - 9:06 AM

Mia decided that she was going to go and do some training. Her mother was starting to annoy her. It had only been two days since Mia and her brother William saved Felicity from galaxy one, she thought that she could pick up from were her and Mia left things. Mia was happy that her mom was okay. She was still mad at her for lying to her all her life. And now she found out that she was pretending to be the calculator in aims of taking down the bad guys. Which Mia had a problem with. 

All her life she was raised to believe that vigilantes were bad and should be arrested. Little did she know that wasn’t the truth. Galaxy one had designed it that way for years. For their end game destroying Star City and rebuilding it into a police state using super soldiers to run the city. Mia knew that something was going on. You could feel it in the air a lot of tension. 

People were on edge it wasn’t even funny right now. Mia was walking to the city gym. It was the closest one to the base that the canaries had. Were Felicity was working with them to find out what was going. Mia knew she should be helping them, but she would just get in the way. She was more of kick a door in first ask questions later kinda of girl. That wasn’t what her mom and the others needed right now. 

She was almost to gym when she heard someone call her out. “BLACKSTAR!!!! We want the money you owe our boss. Time to pay up.” He said walking towards her. She smirked. “Oh boys you have picked the wrong night to start shi/t with me” She cracked her knuckles as one of them ran at her. She moved to the side slightly she able to get a hit in and knocking him to the ground. “Now, now you should know better” That’s when one of them come out of nowhere and grabbed Mia holding her in his tight grip. He was a meta-human. “Let me go you fu/ck trad” 

Little did she know that someone was coming to join in the fight. She watched as Claire started to fight them. ‘Damn what they hell… she just healed herself’ She thought to herself. She could feel the guys grip around her slacking off. She took the chance and she back head butted him. He groaned in pain and let her go. She turned around and punched him in the face. 

She turned to see Claire taking out the other and them running away.  “You just healed yourself? How did you do that?” Mia asked totally forgetting her manners to introduce herself to her. She was just trying to take in what she just seen. Sure she has seen metas but none that can heal themselves.  

Oct 13th 2018 - 7:58 PM

He looked to her before he fully took his leave and heard her words as he smirked then to this as he held onto the book he had gathered from the library"I've been a lot of places, A lot of dark places and I am aware I see things better then most in this world, But I'm still only a child in a sense, but i understand the darkness in peoples hearts and minds.Its my gift.I do believe you may be correct to understand you to understand anyone at times fully takes time, a lot of time.Then there people you just get right when you walk into the room."he said as he left her to do her things and he had gone to do his thing .

Days once again would pass as it now was so much closer to halloween, he walked into the room she was in and put the book away then spoke to her."Well the time draws near, I think there all ripe with desire to outlive or outsmart another to gain there spot on my list into the sanctuary.Then we go into a world where not many live but those i have gathered for the sanctuary and i'll send them there and do my own thing as i'm suppose too.Watch it fall and rise again.See who gets the top.Then you'll be filled with boredum once more and need something to do to keep you entertained.If you weren't so stubborn i'd ask you to come with me.see what I see."

"Evil and good, because it still exist there will always be good for evil for as long as the world can get over the death of itself and the world, nature its acute at fixing itself.Rains, wildfires washing and burning away the disease, The world will live, humans on the other hand may or may not get as far as nature has come.I look forward tot he trees burning as they fix themselves and the waters from the sky washing away what the bomb did.They say the end of the world, but in a nutshell maybe more so humanity at times."Langdon said as he smirked and took a seat across from her."As i said evolution it fixes things."

Oct 13th 2018 - 7:25 PM

"Do much interest and then so much discontent seems to swirl about inside that mind of yours doesnt it?Its not cause i can, It's cause some people need to be purged from the world to make room for those who better deserve it.I pick who will go on and perhaps better it, But to act as if it is my choice is a bit much even for you Claire?Its in the blood, In who we are.I don't care if your impressed or not by me, I was put here to do one thing and one thing alone.And your intrigue kinda conflicts with your unimpressment Claire, perhaps your confused and unsure oh how you should feel about things, You say you font care and it is what it is the naturel order of things."Langdon got up and walked around the table she sat at as he moved his hand along it.

"Were all here for a purpose and there will people that survive and are better off dead, As you may or may not think had that fully been your take on all things that are then your family in your mind would be better off dead?Your a strange strange woman and perhaps your inability to feel is why your so angry at yourself and this world.Don't downplay what i may or may not be here too do.WE all have a purpose remember that.You think your better then those people that are dying out there cause you what cannot die?No your still just as shallow as all these humans in this world.You care for family, thats selfish even if you think it isnt."

"Its convinent for you, Judging anothers work cause you do not understand it nor ever will, cause a task is given and a mark is made. Theres no easy answer to anything Claire."Langdon said and grabbed a book from the shelf then left to go do his own thing, but before he did tien backa nd say one more thing."I'm sure youll be right back out there trying to understand it all once it's ended for some others here."

Oct 13th 2018 - 6:35 PM

A few days one could say had passed and he was getting closer to his goal and then soon he'd be sure to watch most those in the outpost die of course he wouldnt watch it watch it, But he would however be quite pleased with the end game, though he wandered the halls as he looked to people some would look down and scatter when he walked by them, and some would just stand there, then others couldnt even be int he same room with him he scared them terrified them and they ran before he came close enough still he entered the library now as he had looked around , as most were sitting and reading and he found Claire he wasnt sure why he found her but he had as most left the room now 

And he sat on the table as he looked to her then took the book from her"I didnt take you for an adamant reader then again what else is there to do in this boring place."he looked up to see if everyone was gone and sure enough they all scattered like roaches when the lights got turned on in the kitchen as he smirked he loved that kind of presence he held over these humans.It pleased him, and well those he didnt effect at all, well that didnt much bother him all that much ether still he sat down now by her a she spoke

"So upon intrigue of me and not knowing fully what i am, tell me why stay in this place its so boring, so stuffy, and pretty soon it'll be as silent as a grave once there all killed.You stay with all these boring people, you take the stares of Miss veneble and her armed goons, and yet here you are, no care in the world, Well aside form the family thought you hold.Tell me Is this the idea of a way to pass the time?Knowing im sure in time they may all or none at all would die here in this place?I mean people are dying and theres only like two at the most i desire to take with me.Still i'm just going to make sure there all dead."

Oct 12th 2018 - 11:59 PM

Langdon smirked to her now, as she spoke to him and said some things then answered the question "There isn't an essential to evilness Claire , I think that's something projected onto someone and as you said society decides weither its evil or good.I would appear interesting to one that hasn't met another such as myself but had seen a great deal of other things."Langdon then smirked and went to his papers and turned a few pages as he checked it now then closed it and looked to her as he had the shadow take away her food when she was done."Finally someone not aroused or turned on by the darkness within me, "

"As i said it was an question doesnt really mean anything, but a pleasing one nonetheless."Langdon said to her as he had been successful in almost stirring up all's sexual inhibitors and desires fro him seeing lust wasnt her go too sin.So he had to find what would be and at the same time he did have things to do too as he smirked to her."Alright that's it for this day, I'm sure ill call you in again if i have yet more questions."Langdon moved to his door and opened it as meade was now there and he smirled to her"Miss Meade good come in, and Claire have a good evening."he said as Meade entered and he closed the door to talk to her.

Oct 12th 2018 - 11:21 PM

Langdon looked to her then and moved closer to her as he touched her leg as he spoke to her"Dont use it against you , you say and yet you feel you need to say this, and well sex does do things for a person at times, and well when all you have is darkness and books and paper and music i imagine many think sex will also pass the time, as for his fantasy upon you, i think in a way he felt you too connected and he may have even loved you cause well he was sick and saw in you what he saw in him even if it was a false sense in his mind it was pretty real to him."he moved his hand then and got up and grabbed another bottle of wine from under his bed as he then sat back down and poured some.

"My other father use to say its a filthy f***ing world, and when the end comes i want to spare people from this filthy f***ing world, cause i love and care about them and dont think they need to live within it, so i'm sure if he had it his way it'd all be alive and the ones he loved would be the dead.But my real father took it another way and see's it as a place he wants to conquer, i mean sure its awesome, but then again some people need to die and some corporations need to be wiped out with some presidentcy and senates, I mean no one should have that much control.Theres always the fact of with that much power you want to corrupt it.Then you do just that once your in there and have the power to do so."Langdon said as he sat back and grinned then looked to her

"Tell me Claire would you have sex with me?Is that appealing as i am rather interesting to you and i'm curious, mind you dont be fooled its merely a question i desire to know the answer too.Everyone else seemed to have said yes, or deeply desired too, maybe its how i come on, then again thats kinda what i do, but i'm curious about you."

Oct 12th 2018 - 7:26 PM

"Not so much cringe as more so be like wait whys that even a question, thats more my thinking on it, still its nice to know you go both ways, As well as one should, sex is sex after all."Langdon said as he was sitting there eating as she was eating too and she did tell him some things he was fishing for which is usually how it goes everyone seems to let something drop.That drop may be a bit of a coming back to factor in his mind as he then looked to her as she was eating too and he took a swig of wine then spoke to her."So he saw the darkness within himself within you as well?He could always spot another with darkness just needing to get its way out,"

" I mean he thought he was good until one day he took things  a bit too far and then from there he had to be a god, its always the downfall wanting to be a god, all that power and the hunger for it and giving into his main ability."Langdon said as he sat there then went back to finishing his food and relaxing a bit back with his wine as the shadows creeped in and moved around the room and he dropped the plate as it was caught then taken away"Lets be honest Claire , I'm not like anyone cause there's only been a few born like me in all of history, I came here to do what my father asked of me, and i'm a lot younger then i look, but my growing was quite the alarming detail to some that were taking care of me."

"He said best to make sure you have anything planned out for the end of days is coming and its fast approaching and here we are."Langdon said as he smirked, then he moved to some papers as he organized them and then looked back to her"It seems miss veneble and miss meade both wanted me to kick you from this place cause they feel as if you are not apart of it nor do they recall you when they took people in, I told them if a person can find there way here then they deserve to be safe ust as anyone else who came to this door wanting to live, of course there unaware you could go out there and be uneffected by it, as they do not know of meta's but well i'm handling miss veneble soon enough i would say int he next few days you may want to stay close to the room you had been given, things may begin to take off and people will be dying, thats just the way it works."

Oct 11th 2018 - 11:04 PM

"Interesting so procreation though that's not your thing you just like sex, don't we all?Ah well interesting concept so you've had sex and you like both sexes, oh yes now actually that wasn't for the darkness that was for mere consideration , call it a needed to know and i wanted to know.I enjoy tossing in a few questions just cause well they can always be answered .Okay so next question you eat i imagine i mean after all you may heal but you still feel hunger."he slide her a plate of food as he then sat down in a chair himself with his own food.

He had a swig of the wine then looked to her  while he spoke to her"Tell me about the first time you got your powers? howd it happen? you said your parents were fed drugs and you got some of there ability which made your own unique ability?"Langdon asked a she then had some of the food and more wine while he sat there as he ate, now he knew how she got them and what and how sylar took her power it was all up in the minds eye, even if forgotten theres still traces but he wanted to see what she would say."Also sylar taking your power howd that feel?"Langdon looked to hispalte and had more then as he then leaned back in his seat.
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