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•Pregnant For Sure Pvt Ltd Tired of trying for years to get a child a couple signs up for a guaranteed fertility solution provided by a newly launched organisation; bun in oven. They make the couple sign a few hundred pages and boom, their house is turned into a set for Big brother putting them under 24x 7 surveillance. Their locks are changed and fertile men with masks are sent at random to f**k her and fill her up with their potent thick seed. Anytime, anyplace, no matter who is watching or with her. She can be peeing in the bathroom but the men are professional....well not all of them, some will experiment with other holes too but it's all for her family. • Stepmother's gift Its Rex's 21st bday. His father and step mother are going to give him presents he can't forget. He first open up his dad's present which had an expensive watch. He loved the watch. But his step mothers gift box was light in weight so he wasn't sure what it had. At the same time his dad had to get a call from his office. Rex opened the gift, which to his surprise had his young stepmothers underwear. She then spread her legs to show she wasnt wearing one. Her red color one piece party wear, got upward from her thighs to her waistline as she spread her legs apart. Rex was scared of his fater as he told her"Are you crazy" //It can be stepmother or stepsister • Early morning adventure with Stranger's bicycle Rex was on his morning walk, when he saw a gorgeous looking girl is short skirt and tshirt walking with her bicycle. She was actually dragging the bicycle, and seem to be tired doing that. Like a good guy he offered hus help to have a look at the bicycle. The girl sat on the bicycle seat, while Rex examines her bicycle tyres and chain section. When he was checking out the rear tyre, he got a look under her skirt,as it was short it was giving out everything when she sat on the bicycle seat. To his surprise this stranger was kinky hand had nothing under her skirt but what was more surprising was that she had a butt plug in her butt, which was all sparkling in the morning sun light. "Is that a butt plug," Rex commented. Getting up from examining the bicycle. • Kinky Neighbor. Rex was cleaning the common pool between him and his neighbor. He had almost finished cleaning when he saw a young beautiful girl come and lie on pool lounge chair. She was gorgeous and new to the neighborhood. Rex went to have a talk with her, and let her know he was there if she needed any help. To his surprise she ask him to give her a massage. This massage went on a completely different track when she ask him to massage her butt and thighs, applying the lotion she had. • Truth and dare with Girlfriend Rex and his girlfriend were playing truth or dare. The game took a very different turn around 9 in the night when Rex dared her to sit on his lap. Both of them were under the influence of alcohol which they were drinking from 5pm. They were at rex's home with no one in the house. The dares became more and more sensual. • Shower secrets between step family. Rex just came home one afternoon and could hear teh shower running in his room. He was a bit suspicious as his wife was out of town. He further went to investigate that who was in his big, warm bathroom. He was quite surprised to see his stepdaughter in the shower , having a bath, which didn't seem like a bath, it was more of touching her self. 'Man she give me a hard time' he said to himself as he was getting aroused, seeing the young , lean body of her. Her long legs and perfect apple ass just complemented her beauty. While in these thought, she saw him and called out for him to come close. //It can be stepdad/daughter or step siblings or stepson/mother • Plot Storyline starters –-------------–--------------------------- 1. Rex got pictures his friend's wife cheating on his husband. Mike's wife was a beauty, with a curvy body, she was a beauty to stare at and would always put Rex in an uncomfortable position due to her er*t*c dressing sense whenever he visited Mike's house. Rex now had an option to show them to his friend Mike. Or confront her first. He decides to confront her first and got to Mike's house when he is away at work. And knocks the door. Waiting outside for Mike's wife to open the door. (Mike can be just her boyfriend, doesn't need to be her husband only. Storylines are flexible.) ------------------------------------------ 2. Rex is a male sex worker, who is sent to a girl's 18th birthday in her birthday in her cake, by her best friends so that she could lose he virginity. All of her friends had left her alone with the cake, and Rex was inside waiting for the girl to open the from the slide opening. Rex was just wearing a gift ribbon around his waist, a small square red cloth hung in front of the ribbon hiding his manhood. His fine masculine body, abs, muscle all naked for the birthday but hidden inside the cake. ------------------------------------------ 3.Rex lived with his daughter in the same apartment, from her childhood. Rex's wife left them for heaven when Rex daughter was just 6 years old. From that time Rex , played both the roles of a father and a mother for his daughter. Let it be bed time stories, new clothes, school Rex had always did the best for her. One fine evening Rex was passing by her room, when he heard weeping sounds of the girl, so to inquire what had happened, Rex knock on her bedrooms door. ------------------------------------------ 4.Rex and his childhood best friend, were now in college. They had been together since ages, but not in a romantic way. It was true that they both had their first sexual experience with each other and since then they have been fukc buddies, satisfying the needs of one another. Hiding their little secret in college would be difficult though. Rex had his own apartment and she would often visit him and stay their for a night or two. They were doing project work together on one evening at his apartment, when suddenly Rex kissed her hand ------------------------------------------ 5.Rex had newly got a step sister, who shared his room, his closet, his privacy. Rex wasn't use to staying with a girl and would now find it very difficult too. It was her first day with him, Rex wasn't home yet. But soon he will be. After an hour Rex came home and went straight to his room, the room now was filled with a feminine scent. As a regular habit he removed his shirt, his pants on entering the room. His sister wasn't in the room at that moment. ------------------------------------------ 6. Rex was young and often went to his friend Duke's house. But his intentions were just to stare his Mother. Yes it was true he was too much attracted to her. Only fine day Rex went to Duke's house, just to find his Mother in a very sexy yoga outfit, Rex couldn't stop himself from getting hard and asked an excuse for going to the bathroom to ease him self, but in that rush he forgot to lock the door of the bathroom. While Rex hand moved over his hard shaft Duke's mother accidentally enter the bathroom. And things got weird. ------------------------------------------ 7. Rex was riding on a deserted road, in his car when he came across a sexy girl on the road side, asking for a lift. Her boyfriend had left her in the deserted road after a quarrel between them ----------------------------------------- 8. Rex had been married to Lily's mother for last 4 years and she had never suspected that Rex and Lily had the most intense sexual relationship between them. Rex would f*** his step daughter in the whole house except his bedroom. Lily's mother had a day shift at work and Rex had an evening shift so as soon as Rex wife left, he would start f***ing Lily till his shift time and in morning after his shift he would be in bed with Lily's mother. ----------------------------------------- 9. Rex's son and his wife had got in some financial difficulties and Rex lived single on his big house so they shifted to his place. Rex didnt knew that his daughter in law was a dancer at a strip club, but he soon found out and now he was going to make her a deal she couldn't resist. Rex entered her room, as she was getting ready for work, a towel wrap around her wet body made her look sexier. ----------------------------------------- 10. Rex got a text from his best friend, stating it was an emergency at his house and Rex should come as soon as possible. Rex was the fantasy of his friend's younger sister and she had messaged in reality. Rex rushed to his friend's house. The door was open by his friend's younger sister, who was in a white underwear and a top which barely covered her perky tits completely, even though they were small and would cup in his hand properly. But Rex wasn't into her, he was their for his friend. ------------------------------------------ 11. Rex and his best friend always had a lot of sexual tension between them, but it never crossed lines, she had a key to his apartment. Rex was in the shower when his best friend sneak into his room on his bed, and removed her jeans short and panties , opening her shirts buttons. The braless chick started to touch herself thinking of him and soon her was out of the shower with a towel wrap around his waist. She had always heard sounds of the pleasure Rex's girlfriend felt when ever she stayed at his apartment.(can be converted to step sister rp) ------------------------------------------ 12. Rex had found that his wife had been cheating on him with one of his friends. So he goes to confront the friend's wife, but ends up taking a revenge on his friend by sleeping with his wife. ------------------------------------------ Rex is an open character for all kinds of roleplay, normal or mature. Hence Rex can be in any role, i.e a lover, a f*** friend, a flatmate, a sex toy, a brother, a daddy, a grandfather, a stranger, a one night stand guy, a Plumber, a chef etc.

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