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August 15th, 2020

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07/31/2020 06:24 PM 

MDPD Assigned Sections
Current mood:  accomplished

Ballistics: ғᴇммᴇᴅᴀиɢᴇяᴇᴜsᴇ❤Horatio 
Unsolved: ηαтαℓια вσα νιѕтα. 
Visual/Audio: Eric S&L 
Roof Sniper: ᴏ.ᴇʟɪᴛᴇsиιɪᴘᴇяǫᴜᴇᴇи 

07/29/2020 04:35 PM 

Family For Life

Sister-In-Law #1: Susie Barnham Caine Keaton
Sister-In-Law #2: Yelina Salas Caine
Brother-In-Law: Eric S&L 
Half Sister: Orig. Elite Sniper 
Love Interest: ғᴇммᴇᴅᴀиɢᴇяᴇᴜsᴇ❤Horatio 
Younger Brother: Raymond Caine Sr.
Niece: Madison Barnham Caine Keaton
Nephew: Raymond Caine Jr.
Exes: Julia Eberly, Rachael Turner, Marisol Delko & Rebecca Nevins
Biological Son: Kyle Harmon

07/20/2020 02:01 AM 

Horatio Caine Rules
Current mood:  aggravated

  1.  If you are working under my supervision I do report to Internal Affairs Sergeant Rick Stetler and he is the one who can chose to have you take a urine test, lie detector test or breathalyzer test & if you refuse you will be asked by me to hand in everything such as your badge, gun, identification & credentials plus I will be assigning your case to someone else until I find a way to get you reinstated to Miami Dade Police Department & back on the clock.
  2. Do not come to my town to cause trouble or there will be trouble cause I do arrest all troublemakers.
  3. If you are requesting to work night shift instead of day shift cause of too much stress please let me know 24 hours in advanced so we can fill out the paperwork so I can see to it that you are in fact swapped to night shift so you can sleep in during the day shift working all day until night time.
  4. If you pass the urine test with a negative result your job is safe. If you fail the urine test with a positive result you will be suspended pending investigation.
  5. If you pass the lie detector test with the result of telling the truth you will continue the case evidence. If you fail the lie detector test with the result of telling a lie or not being honest your evidence willl either be destroyed or written off as compromised/tampered due to investigation.
  6. If you are asked to report to court in the middle of working on your evidence you are to turn your evidence over to another CSI team member until you return to Miami Dade Police Department.
  7. You will make sure that when you report to the Morgue you get all evidence & take it to either Unsolved Lab, DNA Lab or Ballistics Lab
Please sign these rules after you read them so I know that you understand each of these rules that I have posted on here so we can roleplay together.

-Miami Dade Police Department Lt. Horatio Caine-

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