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No Mercy
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"No Mercy is the PPV name right? So what shall i show to my opponent no mercy... their won't be no mercy found when we come face to face at the PPV. One championship two men battle for the world heavyweight championship one of the most prestigues titles in AUF history held by many of the greatest superstars to ever step inside that ring of AUF. I held the AUF championship before, won many battles lost many of them but heck that's what wrestling is all about you win some and you loose some. Even the great ones loose."

"My name is Jason Payne and this is my journey to No Mercy..."

Shown as he is watching a match from his No Mercy opponent who is competing in the ring Jason watched the match carefully backstage "I can't deny but to admit Joey is really good in the ring who can't deny that he is a great champion and heck of a performer in the ring their is no denying how great he is." Jason watched on the match a camera guy stood next to Jason "Jason are you worried about taking on Joey?" he asked him, Jason responded to him "Am i worried..." Jason looks at the camera guy making eye contact "Let me tell you something when you step inside the ring with someone like that you ain't walking in the ring worried or concern... you have to be 100% when you take on someone like Joey Morelli..  he sure has beaten some of the best even legends of AUF. His Wrestlemania match was fantastic, even his match against Tyler Bate was incredible. The man is a heck a of a champion possibly the best world champion in the roster right now." Jason continued to talk as he turned back to look at the camera sees Joey Morelli winning the match "Very good match, can't wait to step inside the ring with him and challenge him for the world title." Jason turned away as he walked away as he then walks toward the locker room picking up his stuff.

Camera man asked Jason "You mentioned Joey Morelli being the best world champion, what you mean about that?" Jason was picking up his stuff as he looks at the camera man "What i mean about it you have the AUF champion and the universal champion they are good champions i can't deny that. But here you see a man who won a battle royal to win the world heavyweight championship battling against anyone that is willing to step inside that ring with him... That man is a wrestling machine. He is good.."

"What you think about the 30 minute iron man match?" asked the camera man as he walked by the side of Jason who responded to him "What i think about it? I think it's perfect match and i would believe is the second match in AUF history... since the women's match at the Royal Rumble. This wont be an easy walk in the park trust me is going to be a tough challenge for me as a ring performer i am ready for this task." Jason smiled as he then opens the door to his car and then walks back as he opens the back door placing his luggage and then closes it as he then opens the front door and steps inside as he then drives away.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Shown training hard the next day boxing gloves and punching the boxing punching bag as he continues to punch it har as he could as is training with his brothers Hunter, Chase and Willie who are helping him train for his world championship match at No Mercy "Ready for the match?" Hunter pats Jason on the shoulder "I'm ready." says Jason as he took a deep breath as he looks at Hunter "I am ready for this match... not just going to prove myself to the fans but to everyone what Jason Payne is all about in that ring." Jason punches the boxing punching bag one more time. "Bro win or loose you are going to make us proud,  i know you are going to give it your best." says Willie. Jason looked at him "I know." Jason nods as he continued his training staying focus on his big title match against Joey Morelli for the world heavyweight championship at No Mercy a 30 minute iron man match. "When was the last 30 minute iron man match that took place in AUF was?" says Willie. "I believe it was years ago at the Royal Rumble actually was an iron woman match AJ Lee vs Paige. I believe this is the second one to be held in AUF history." said Hunter. as he spoke again "History is going to be made one more time."

The camera crew arrives, Jason stops his training as he takes a deep breath "What does this match means for me? Means everything not just holding the gold but also proving to the world who i am and what i am all about that i have the drive to be competing int hat ring and of course the heart." said Jason in a confident way "What would happen if you win the match?" says the camera man Jason responded to him "If i win this match wow... would be a big goal of mine to come out victories since it's not going to be an easy task especially the opponent i have it's going to be a tough task. All i know i am going to give it my best and all i can tell is may the best man win." Jason replied as he looks at the camera man "What happens if you don't come out victories and you don't win the match?" Jason looks down for a moment "Wins and loses.. ooh boy." Jason looks up as he looks at the camera man "I had many of them won some matches and lost many does it mean i am a winner? No... does it mean i am a loser... no... Win or loose i am going to give it my best don't matter about the record... Screw that it's all about proving yourself in that ring and i am going to prove myself... Going to let everyone know who Jason Payne is and what i am all about."

"Wins and loses don't matter should they? No. Whater matters the most is competing and showing the world what you are all about and what you bring to the table.."

"I don't worry about the loses they don't matter to me, as long as i am happy and getting to compete in the ring that's all that matters to me."

"I worked so hard too make my own path everything that i accomplshied is mine i done it on my own through the tough times competing in the ring solo, or tag team or whatever matches i been... Though tasks but hey that's what life is all about... hard times makes us stronger."

"A game where the strong survive, and game of thrones battle where every man wants to be the top guy."

The camera man asked Jason a few questions "What you think about your opponent for No Mercy the current world heavyweight champion Joey Morelli?"

"What i think about him?" Jason responed "I ain't going to sit here and lie and say oh i can beat that guy easy no. Because i be lying to myself that man when he came in AUF he made an impact out lasting many superstars to become the world heavyweight champion he has held that world title since June 2019. That's like almost a year now he has competed against some of the best, not been pinned or never submitted what a record. He is undefeated... Heck of a superstar sure right now makes things tough at this moment when you have no strategy their is no victory. And when you go up against someone like that you have to bring your A game that's all i can say and quite honestly i been very impressed with his matches."

Camera man "On twitter he mentioned Jason who? What you think about that?" asked the camera man

"What i think about it a cheap shot? Not sure, don't care, and won't mind it if he don't know who i am i am going to introduce myself at No Mercy let him know who is Jason Payne."

"Sometimes in war you take direct shots at people, you may like them or may not but hey it's the game in war what should be sometimes you get direct shots thrown at you and have to handle the heat if you can't then get out of the kitchen then if you don't like the fire thrown at you."

"I can handle anything through it all you can call me Willie's sidekick or hey you are Christian's son it's all i heard many times. Jason who is Jason Payne. The man that is going to challenge for the world championship. A man that's on a mission."

Jason looks at the camera man as he gets up as he walks away the camera man follows him as he looks around as he takes a deep breath as he then places his right hand on the side of the ring.

"This place sure brings allot of memories, it's where me and my brother were trained we train hard non stop. We didn't took a break till we finished our training sessions. It's like if you wanted something you had to work hard for it, if i wanted that AUF championship i worked hard to get it , Intercontinental championship i worked hard for everything i accomlpished and this place where i learned everything. Where i started my career, trained here with my brothers and sisters. And also friends."

"What a long journey it has been especially with the ups and downs that has made me stronger. It's been way too long that i had a title match and it's time i get back in the title picture i seen many guys get their opportunities some have been successful and some didn't measure up to seize the moment for it. You know what i will get that moment go in there and give it everything i got. It's going to be a tough challenge but i ain't going down without a fight."

"I'm not just doing this for myself, my family, friends or the fans. Winning the world championship would be something special for me but proving myself champion worthy is something more that i want to do first test myself."

"Back to what you said Joey is great in the ring and all but is he ready to take on me? We have to wait and find out."

Camera man asked another question "What you like to tell your challenger?"

"What would i like to say to him." Jason took a deep breath and stared at the camera directly as he direct stare at the camera "Better bring everything you got, because i ain't going down without a fight that's not the man i am. 30 Minute Iron man match you and me may the best man win that match, luck will be on the side of the best man."

"Luck, who needs luck i know i don't may luck be on your side. Better be ready because i am ready for our match. This is ain't a story that people will talk and forget, this is the Rise and Fall of Jason Payne... One that People will never forget about."

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