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Prison World #2

Prison World
post #2
Making his way into Lockwood Manor's main hall was mind boggling for Tyler. He'd seem pictures of how the place looked in 1985. His dad had been the dutiful son being groomed for a political career in Mystic Falls while his Uncle Mason was the rebel. He knew his Dad was a d*ck but now he walked through the house as it was when he was being molded into that bastard that Tyler knew all too well.

Silent footfalls echoes in the hall that had been the nexus of several high society events. Tyler actually noticed decorations were in the process for the engagement party for his parents. Congratulations Charles and Carol! The decorations were done up in the most elegant design. The Lockwoods never did anything half-hearted. That stuffed shirt strict society world had been ingrained in Tyler since he could walk. He hated it with a passion which was why he could relate to Mason as easily as he had done. Speaking of Mason, Tyler had a stray thought run through his mind. His face illuminated brilliantly. He had to see if it was here. He turned from what would be the beginnings of his childhood and focused on the front door.

He knew Mason wasn't exactly overly fond of the world he'd been born into, so his father, Tyler's grandpa, compromised with him in a sense. The Lockwood heir opened the front door of this mansion to see in the driveway a most welcome sight. It was a 1985 Jeep Wrangler that was a beautiful Navy blue in color. It looked as though it had come straight off the showroom floor. Tyler immediately felt relief. Granted his own truck was gone, but Mason's jeep sat in its place.

The young man practically ran to the Jeep to inspect it. It was absolutely beautiful. Tyler ran his hand along the sides of the vehicle just taking in the reality of the situation in which he was trapped. He was really in 1985, but why? Instead of just wandering around here, he had to get the hell out of whatever place this was. He didn't have to just sit here either. He now had wheels! He reached into his pockets. The keys he had were for his own truck left in the future. He cursed under his breath and headed back into the house.

Tyler didn't take all that long to get back upstairs. He was fumbling through his/Mason's room to try and locate the keys for the Jeep. It was during this search, he felt like he could really understand Mason a bit more and this world that had temporarily trapped him. He had to admit however that he was jealous of his uncle. Mason got out of the family business. The Lockwood Family Curse had actually claimed him and his uncle. Tyler's dad died before he became a fully realized werewolf… or at least he'd assumed that his dad had escaped that part. Tyler saw a most unusual picture in Mason's room of the two together. He stuffed it in his pocket for now. He had not seen this picture before. He'd take time to find out more later. The keys to the Jeep were right in front of that weird picture. Tyler took the keys in hand and left the room to go eventually outside again.

He left behind that bag he'd been packing when this whole mess started as he climbed into the Jeep. Sitting behind the wheel of the car, he pulled out the keys and slid them in the ignition. The engine purred like a kitten for him. Tyler cheered at the sound. He backed the Jeep out of the driveway and headed down the road.

The houses looked as they did in the current day but a hell of a lot younger. They hadn't been through the hell of Tyler's recent memory. Up ahead was the Salvatore Boarding House. Tyler knew the secrets now of what went on there. It was curious to him however. Did they know all these things back in 1985? Chances were they sure as hell did. Tyler decided that would be the logical place to go to find out more answers about what the hell happened. Was he the only one trapped? He was heading straight for the proverbial fire to figure that out for himself.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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