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11/16/2022 02:28 PM 

Girl Interrupted; post 3

Girl Interrupted
attn: Mason, Bonnie and Josie
After waiting outside his uncle's office door, Tyler realized Mason was either ignoring him or just not in his office. He felt like an idiot just standing there. Where was his Uncle anyway? Mason was not one to ignore him. His father ignored him and used him as a tool all throughout his life. Tyler shrugged his shoulders and continued on his path. Mason would eventually come looking for him. He'd irritated the head nurse plenty of times for her to have a proper and frequent path to Mason's office.

He was standing outside the utility closet where his voluptuous ginger was waiting. He reached for the knob but stopped. He could enter the closet and continue on his journey to heaven, but he stopped. Something held him back. Normally he'd shrug everything off and indulge his carnal nature, but something was stopping him. He could've just ignored his attack of consciousness and just did whatever the hell he wanted. This was just something he didn't like. It felt like a lousy case of indigestion. This was Mason's influence on him and he hated it. He started grumbling as he released the knob and turned around.

Tyler followed the hallway back to the main nurse's station. He was practically stomping like a child pitching a fit the entire time. He pulled a chart off the shelf and started looking at it. His brow was furrowed and his jaw clenched. It was the responsible thing to do, but he hated it. He was thumbing through the chart muttering to himself. "Where is this patient now? Josette Laughlin?" He asked the nurse on duty.

"She's in group right now, Dr. Lockwood." This nurse was an older female with white hair and a pair of red framed glasses on her nose. She handed him the list of the patients in the group session led by Dr. Bonnie Bennett.

Tyler started to look through the list, but stopped for the moment. The name Bennett meant something to him. He arched an eyebrow as he tried to remember the name. It was nothing but a haze clouding his mind. He didn't like not knowing something as trivial as a girl's name and why he couldn't place her. No matter how hard he pushed, that path to the name Bonnie Bennett was clouded. This absolutely infuriated him. The nurse on duty could have sworn he had just growled like a dog. "Thanks. I'll be around if I'm needed." He knew that statement was one of responsible actions. He shook his head before beginning his little investigation. Tyler left the records at the desk to head toward this group therapy session that was happening. Tonight, he was going to break out Mason's oldest bottle of Scotch and drink every last drop.

As Tyler arrived, the door to the group room had opened. There were several patients leaving. Most were heading back toward their rooms supervised by various orderlies. He stepped aside to allow the hallway to clear. It also gave him the chance to blend in with the crowd. He was trying not to be noticed but failing. Tyler slipped past them toward the door. He could overhear Dr. Bennett speaking to whom he assumed was Josette Laughlin. He pressed his back to the wall for a moment before finally getting closer to the open door and peering inside.

With a clear vision of both of them, his chocolate hues narrowed. They seemed unremarkable to him. They were just any doctor and patient to his best recollection, yet that eerie feeling of deja vu wouldn't leave him be. This was nonsense, right?
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

11/12/2022 06:38 PM 

Fear Everything

Fear Everything
attn: Enzo, Landon / mention: Klaus, Caroline, Jeremy
They were a motley crew alright, but with the current state of affairs, it couldn't be helped. Tyler Lockwood never imagined that Klaus Mikaelson of all people would sit in this position of authority over so many. Being driven to the Crescent Lands for Sanctuary was a risk to others around him, but he had to take that risk. He couldn’t sit around and let Klaus get close to his Uncle Mason. For the first time in his life, Tyler actually did something to protect the most important people in his life. Mason was the only one that actually gave a damn about him when he was a kid. Klaus wouldn't lay a finger on him if he could help it.

Stepping out of the old beat up truck, the werewolf wrinkled his nose. Varying smells assaulted his senses. Disregarding the smell of ash and death from his companions, Tyler turned his gaze toward the others in the Quarter. He was safe for the moment as he determined that most around them were mere humans. That could buy them some time and help keep them from being noticed, or at least he hoped so. There were those hidden amongst various members of the supernatural community who knew who he was and would gladly expose him to curry favor with Klaus. He stood less chance of being spotted amongst the humans though. He had to admit that.

Tyler knew stepping out like this would irritate The Armory. He didn't honestly care. He had worked with Enzo and Jeremy more than once. Gilbert was his partner, so to speak, when hunting vamps and other monsters before the world went to hell. Now that EVERYONE knew that vampires, werewolves and such were real all bets were off. Did humans have any ideas who he was and his connection to Klaus and Caroline? It was likely not. If he could maybe find his Uncle then his remaining caution could be more alleviated. Tyler was not known to be cautious in the past, but it was strange what being an adult did for a trust fund baby like the Lockwood heir.

Tyler took a seat in one of the tables of the outdoor cafes that were off the main drag. He kept his back toward the buildings and his attention focused around him on the massive throngs of people. He had learned this little technique from Gilbert about how to watch a crowd. It seemed like his former rival for Vicky Donovan's attention was actually good for something in his life.

With the approach of the setting sun, Tyler anticipated the arrival of supernatural creatures at any minute. He flashed a handsome grin when a beautiful blonde came up to take their order for the cafe. "I'll take a cheeseburger and a beer." The werewolf was turning on the charm so thick that it was almost palpable. She turned to his companions to inquire about their orders. Tyler winked at her. He was prepared to pay for anything the others wanted.

In anticipation of being exposed like this, Tyler started to assess their chance should something transpire. Tyler already knew he could hold his own given the situation. Enzo had been in a few scrapes in his life. He wasn't a concern to the wolf. The boy Landon was not known by Tyler. He hoped that the boy wouldn't be a liability. He'd watch the kid to make sure he didn't get in trouble.

Tyler noticed that there was a couple; a man and woman, that seemed to be watching them a little too closely. Tyler motioned toward them with his head. While wolves had a powerful sense of smell, vampires had superior hearing. His instinct was that they were being watched. His muscles rippled. He didn't relish being in a fight so quickly upon their arrival in the Quarter. Then again, Klaus Mikaelson spoke loudly. Bounty hunters were not just relegated to monsters. Humans could be pretty low when it came to this profession too.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

08/24/2022 10:46 PM 


attn: Damon, Enzo, Bonnie, Elena / mention: Caroline
His inner werewolf was snarling at being around so many vampires. “There will be plenty of time to pick on Damon and Tyler, just because they both make it so easy.” Bonnie's two cents were always that…two cents. Tyler kept his cool however like he always did. Knowing his infamous Lockwood temper, he knew it wouldn't last long.

Bonnie and her dog jokes were something he expected most of the time. Those didn't really phase him all that much. What annoyed him more was the fact two of the girls he went to school with were involved with vampires. Honestly Tyler had no room to pass judgment. His first real love was the missing member of this group, Caroline Forbes, who just so happened to be a vampire. He muttered something under his breath and stumbled forward a bit.

His Zorro costume was pretty epic, or so he thought. He wrapped the cloak around himself and moved forward into the haunted house. He let his old school pals deal with their vampire boy toys. He stayed in their line of sight, but put a little distance between them. Being a wolf was something that none of them could understand. Sure, he knew some of what vampires went through because of Klaus and his obsession with creation of a hybrid army. Not one of his better moments, that was for sure. It wasn't his fault Klaus snapped his neck, but that stupid sire bond cost him everything.

Tyler stopped for just a moment. Something had happened to Damon. Tyler honestly didn't care. The whole haunted house aesthetic was cheesy as hell, but it was something that appealed to those poor fools who didn't know monsters were real.

The others were speaking behind him. He could hear them. He had accentuated hearing as a wolf. In a manner of speaking, Tyler looked like a dog sitting in place with ears raised and the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. He could feel the change starting to happen like it did every month before he gained control over it. His eyes flashed golden and his fangs were starting to erupt.

"No…" He growled low, not sure if anyone could hear him. He was able to keep himself from fully transforming but something was trying to push him over the edge. There was something here in the air that pricked at him. Wolves were not created by witch magic. He knew this. He shouldn't be affected by anything magical that was happening to him. Something WAS happening and he had no idea what. He buried his head in his hands for just a moment. His digits covering his face were starting to get covered in the same dark fur that he had in full wolf form. He was also gaining his canine claws. It was taking the sum total of all his strength and mental training to stop from wolfing out completely against his will.

To the casual observer, it would look as though he was just getting into the spirit of the holiday. Those who knew who and what he was could tell something was very wrong with the young man that had been called Lockwolf one too many times by the elder Salvatore. His control was slipping more between wolf and human. Some outside force was pushing him harder. He was able to keep it under control for now, but that wasn't going to last long. Tyler was fighting a losing battle. If he didn't get help fast, he was going to wolf out completely and rip Damon's throat out with not so much as a whimper.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

07/29/2022 05:24 PM 

Fear Everything (3W group post)

Fear Everything
attn: anyone on Crescent Land / mention: Hayley, Mason and Caroline
Tyler was definitely stir crazy. The Beta to Hayley Marshall was feeling like a caged animal. He paced back and forth in his cabin on Crescent Lands. Enzo St. John and a kid named Landon had the misfortune of seeing him getting all growly like this. “All we’re doing is just sitting here and waiting for Klaus and all his goons to come get us. Frankly, I'm tired of waiting.” He started toward the door of his cabin. It had been far too long since he’d seen his Uncle Mason. Hell, he didn’t know if Mason was even alive at this point. “You’re welcome to come with me if you want, both of you.” He told both of them. “Just be ready for a fight. I want to stir up some noise. I’m tired of just sitting here waiting for Klaus to come and get me.” Tyler’s eyes glittered gold. He bristled like a wolf did when they were ready to attack. Enzo and Landon were safe. He wasn’t going to hurt them. The threat of Klaus Mikaelson in his life had been hanging around for far too long. “It’s either him or me once and for all…” He growled as he stormed out the door with no idea if either one was going to follow him or not.

Tyler made his way across Crescent Land to where he had hidden a pickup truck that had seen better days. Hiding a gas guzzling vehicle like this on the ancestral land and sanctuary of the werewolves in this day and age was an accomplishment in and of itself. He started to pull away the brush that covered the car. He caused his right hand to turn wolf-like so he could use the extended claws to cut away the kudzu vines that had covered it. He knew that if anyone saw him, they’d either try to stop him or go with him. He welcomed it.

Tyler knew he was a hot head. He’d always been a hot head. Ever since that first day he’d been cursed, he knew that werewolves were always more passionate after they had their first transformation. Senses were heightened, emotions more volatile and passions ran exceptionally high. His only calming influence had always been Caroline Forbes. Caroline loved him enough that she stayed right there when he had that first transformation in the old Lockwood cellar an eternity ago. He’d never wanted to hurt her ever, but then Klaus Mikaelson got in the way. Klaus had turned him into a hybrid. Tyler had a standing in the supernatural community as Klaus’ first successful hybrid. He hated it more than anything. If he could go back in time and change it all, he would. He lost everything when he lost Caroline. That’s what made him so dangerous.

Tyler climbed into the front seat of the truck and tried his damndest to turn the engine over. The pathetic sound of the older engine made him growl louder, uttering a few more expletives in the process. He wasn’t so sure what going out into the town in New Orleans would do. Without a doubt, he’d had a target on his back because of who he was. How could he not? Tyler dreamed of the day he could pull Klaus’ heart from his body and eat it right in front of all his lackeys and sycophants. The world would be so much better without Klaus in it.

Tyler slammed his hands into the steering wheel when the engine wouldn’t turn over. If he didn’t calm down soon enough, he’d wolf out and run all the way to New Orleans as a wolf. He was that agitated and emotional. Sitting on the sidelines was never his cup of tea. He was the star wide receiver in highschool for a reason. “WHAT THE HELL!” He growled in a very hostile voice in general. He needed to get out there and rip some heads off of some lackeys so he could stop living like this. This wasn’t living. This was existing.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

07/15/2022 03:20 PM 


attn: Ardent, Hex Girl, Made of Ruin
There was a conflagration of noises going on in his head. Tyler stood there with the finest black silk outfit complete with rapier on his hip. He was Zorro just for the night for this Halloween, but he felt a little antsy. There wasn’t any other way to describe it. The werewolf started to pace a bit until he heard the voice of Enzo St. John. The smell of death that accompanied a vampire to the nose of a wolf, snapped him back into some form of clarity. “Oh! Hey Enzo! Bonnie!” Tyler had grown up with Bonnie, Elena and Caroline all in the days before they knew that vampires, werewolves and witches were real.

He was not mesmerized at the moment like he had been. The aire of familiarity that came with The vampire and the witch had in a sense snapped him out of what threatened to convince him that he was really a swordsman from Spanish California. He was the same old Tyler that excelled at being a royal pain in the arse again. “You’d think I’d get used to the stink of death that comes with a vampire after all these years, but noooo.” He smirked, drawing his lips into a firm line. He knew when he talked smack about vampires, that usually gained him a glare or two from Enzo or whatever vamp was in his vicinity.

“So are we ready to scope this place out or anything?” He asked Bonnie and Enzo. He was being drawn inside. He just simply wrote it off as being excited for the holiday. He wasn’t even noticing that his voice developed a bit of a Spanish accent as he spoke. He was moving with a bit more of a flourish than what he normally did. It was the flamboyant style of Zorro that was starting to bleed into the werewolf’s personality without him truly recognizing what was happening.

The smell of death assaulted his wolf senses once more. The icy hues of Damon Salvatore connected with him. “And a vampire as a serial killer?” Tyler’s sneer curled his lips in a self assured smile. “Wow… What a stretch there.” Sarcasm was an art and Tyler Lockwood perfected it. “Please tell me I’m not the only wolf here today?” He muttered mostly to himself. “So are we gonna get this show on the road?” He asked. His accent returned to normal when Damon came along dressed as Freddy Kruger.

Tyler had no idea that he was doing anything out of the ordinary. The closer this group got to the front door of the Haunted House, the more he could feel a fog coming over him. The sounds of the populace that was inside the house began to grow louder in his ears. He shook his head briefly. He knew his senses were augmented because of the fact he was a wolf. Damon especially loved to make dog jokes around him. Bonnie got a few in front time to time after everything happened and the wolf curse took effect on Tyler. He was still a young wolf by all standards especially since he had no idea that the Lockwood Family had a curse until it was far too late. Uncle Mason tried to warn him, but Katherine’s mechaninations caused him to spill that innocent blood for the first time all those years ago. Was it wrong that he was happy it wasn’t Matt Donovan he killed first? Needless Death was something that he’d grown to despise as he had gotten older. Death now had to have a purpose. Given the work he did on occasion for The Armory, Tyler was glad he had a way to vent all that primal instinct. A slight snarl curled his lips as his path took him closer to the inside of the Haunted House. Yes, it did sound like his snarl when he was in pure wolf form. He wasn’t in wolf form at the moment even though his eyes were shining that golden amber color. His right hand rested upon the basket hilt of the rapier on his side. His digits began to drum across that same basket hilt. He was growing more and more anxious to pull out that sword.

Zorro and the wolf known as Tyler Lockwood were both inside the form of the young man with a struggle involved to try and gain dominance over one another. He had no idea how it looked on the outside or if anyone even noticed. He was locked inside his own head at the moment. It was a prospect that was downright frightening especially to Tyler since control was something he’d worked hard to establish especially being a wolf. The churning in his stomach told him this was likely not to end well.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

05/16/2022 11:45 PM 

Fear Everything

Fear Everything
attn: Enzo, Landon / mention: Caroline
When did his cabin on the Bayou become a gathering point for all supernatural creatures? The Beta Werewolf adopted by the Crescents had become a confidante to Hayley and her second in command. Protecting Hope was his main priority. He had been out of commission for far too long for his liking. Tyler was still agitated due to his recent transformation into full wolf form. He was doing his best to calm down. The only one in his past that could actually calm him down had been Caroline. Doing it on his own was always a very difficult task. Why did she have to be the only woman that Tyler would ever truly love? Damn Klaus and his bullsh!t

Now it was time to address his new guests. Nobody in this room was human, especially not Tyler. Tyler had to figure out what he was going to do next. It was time to sort them out. Werewolf senses were always greater than an average human. It was no secret. To your average werewolf, a vampire usually smelled like death or rotting corpse. With Enzo in the room (a known vampire to him), Tyler tried to focus his sense of smell. The new kid in the room called himself Landon. There was something very different about Landon. Normal humans had a certain scent to a werewolf depending on their diet, their exercise regimen, or even if they had sex the night before. Werewolves could smell all that on a human. This kid didn’t smell like any of that. He smelled like ash.

There had been another girl that had entered his cabin, but Thomas the werewolf elder had come in and took the girl with him. He was a shepherd of sorts to all the young wolves. He knew that she would be safe with him. Tyler was left alone with Enzo and this kid named Landon. “Yeah it’s safe here. At least for a little while it will be.” The uproar in the city of New Orleans among the supernatural beings there would undoubtedly get back to Klaus and his flunkeys. Knowing that Tyler was not one of Klaus’ favorite people, it wouldn't be long before someone would undoubtedly come after him. Would Caroline even know or care?

Tyler turned to look at his friend and former partner in the activities for the Armory. The vampire had come a long way for some reason. It had been a while since he had any contact with the Armory. More than likely, they thought he was dead. Tyler was unsure if any of his family was alive or dead. He had to admit that it was good to see Enzo. Trusting vampires was not in his Forte. Enzo was different. Tyler knew he could trust Enzo with his very life.

Tyler reached for a cabinet to his left and open the door. Inside the cabinet was an old bottle of bourbon that he had managed to carry with him to New Orleans after running from Lockwood Manor in the middle of the night when he was being haunted like a dog. There was a certain irony in that especially considering he was a werewolf. In the next cabinet was two tumblers that he kept for just such an occasion. He sat the bottle down on the counter and pushed it in the direction of the vampire. “Go on buddy. You deserve it. Especially after I nearly ripped your throat out. Let’s not tell Bonnie or she’ll neuter me, I’m sure.” Enzo was an aficionado of bourbon as most of the Supernatural Element from Mystic Falls had been.

He turned his gaze back to Landon. The kid was definitely not any sort of human he'd ever seen. He’s seeing quite a few supernatural creatures especially in his time with the Armory. “You’re obviously not human. Why don’t you start talking? No one’s going to hurt you here. We take in all sorts in the Bayou.” He wasn’t sure what the boy knew in regard to other supernatural creatures that existed. It was going to be best to have a little chat with him to find out what his story was and how he fit into the bigger picture
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

05/12/2022 04:46 PM 

Girl Interrupted; post two

Girl Interrupted
attn: Mason / mention: Caroline
Tyler had gone through the first half of his day with subtle winks and smirks to all the attractive female nurses all day long. He really was a good doctor once he put his mind to it. In all honesty, the playboy attitude of being a spoiled rich kid had been a part of who he was since he was 15 and seduced Vicky Donovan under the bleachers before football practice. It was amazing what some girls did for little bit of weed in a plastic baggie.

A voluptuous red head with legs for miles and a full pouty mouth approached him. "I need your help with this patient Dr. Lockwood. I do hope you can…" Her eyes traveled wickedly over his entire body before turning on her heels and walking down the hallway.

Tyler leaned back in appreciation and admired that which was being offered to him. She was definitely hot enough to send his heart rate racing. "I'll be right there." He insisted as he ran his tongue over his lips. He hurried through the last bit of charting he had to do and started down that hall.

This was the hall that led to his Uncle Mason's office. Tyler caught himself for a moment wondering why Mason never said anything about his trysts in the nearest closet on nearly every floor in the building. Mason wasn't an idiot. He had to know what Tyler was doing. The younger Lockwood thought back to breakfast with his Uncle at Lockwood Manor. The way Mason looked at him. It sent a chill down his spine. Was that relief? It was really creepy now that he thought about it.

Tyler was just shy of the rendezvous closet with the ginger but couldn't stop thinking about his uncle. It was a bit of a buzz kill yes, but that lingering question tugged at the back of his mind. Nothing had happened to him. Tyler was just a normal guy with a normal job. Sure he'd been a jerk more often than not especially to Jeremy Gilbert but Gilbert deserved it. He was a puppy who needed to be taught a lesson or two. Tyler shook off this internal conversation and started back down the hall.

His steady footfalls mimicked the sound of his own heart beating. The pure silence of the facility was Interrupted in his hearing by those Italian loafers carrying him to an illicit rendezvous with a ginger that would obviously make him start to call on the Saints for his redemption. He came to a dead stop in the hallway just outside his Uncle Mason's office. He had to be the world's biggest idiot for what he was about to do, but Mason was being uncharacteristically silent and even morose on occasion.

Tyler thought for a moment, raging an internal debate. A few moments of bliss in a closet or the chance to have a conversation with his uncle. Tyler had his dream job. No one could reprimand him for being a cad because Mason was the Administrator. He had carte blanche to do whatever he wanted and he usually did.

What the hell was he thinking? Mason gained custody of Tyler when his parents both died within a year of each other. He'd been orphaned at 17. It could have been loads worse, but it wasn't. He was a lothario and he knew it. He could have never dated a classy girl like Caroline Forbes in high school. It wasn't that she wasn't hot because she was. Tyler had the urge to roam and he didn't know why.

He ran his hands through his sleek black locks before pulling on them. He let out a desperate sigh of agitation looking up into the sky. Someone up there was giving him a dose of conscience and he didn't like it one bit. There was only one man who could give him answers. That man was behind the door with gold lettering on a walnut background. Tyler raised a hand and struck the door several times just knocking. "Uncle Mason? Are you in there?" He spoke with a loud enough voice that the elder Lockwood would hear him. He had to talk to Mason. This was starting to really eat at him and he wanted to know why.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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