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August 07, 2022


11/13/2022 07:01 PM 

Character Deep Dive #1


Tyler lives in a relatively expensive home in Nob Hill, San Fransisco. He doesn't like to admit it, or let anyone know. but the house is one that his father brought for him, though Tyler pays for all the day-to-day expenses that come with living there. It is a nine-bedroom, twelve bathroom home, but his favorite room is his games room. He has a PlayStation 5, an X Box, as well as a couple of arcade games, a computer, and a pool table. It is the room he spends most of his time in and resembles the games room that he had when he was still living with his parents as a teenager. It is his escape room and it is the only room in the house decorated completely with neon lights, rather than traditional lighting. 


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