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serpent juliet And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt And when we go crashing down, we come back every time
"Jug… it's for two weeks. And it's summer camp." She reminded him, amused by the romantic theatrics but trying to conceal the smirk on her lips for the sake of not trying to injure his already visible vulnerability and subsequent foul mood. "It's where Polly and I always went for sleepover camp when we were kids, and they asked if I could sub in as a camp counselor just for a few weeks after one of the other girls got mono."

She was softening, the effect he always seemed to have on her anytime they were in proximity to one another. Her hands gripped onto the loose arms of the flannel he wore tied around his waist to pull him closer to her. "Besides, you and Archie are going to eat a bunch of junk food, go to the swimming hole, and play video games. You'll barely realize I'm gone at all." She added sarcastically, knowing there was more truth in that statement than she wanted to admit when the two best friends were left without her supervision.

"We can be like a modern-day Romeo & Juliet, will you be my pen pal?" She asked coyly, aware of her mother waiting for her in the driver's seat of the family station wagon and approximately two-second away from honking the horn to hurry her youngest daughter's goodbyes. Betty reached up on the tiptoes of her sneakers as her arms snaked around his neck to pull herself entirely against him and kiss him in a preferably not parent unfriendly way.


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