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08/13/2020 07:16 PM 

king of my heart.

serpent juliet And we rule the kingdom inside my room Never took me quite where you do
King of My Heart
Betty was too observant, attuned to every detail from the keyboard's hesitant clicks when he was lost in connecting her thoughts to the way his lip curled inward in concentration. While busy highlighting and copying and pasting texts to various parts of what was likely now her entirely butchered document. Nerves remained frazzled despite the welcomed distraction of food to occupy her. Still, her eyes remained trained on the back of the laptop. They every so often flickered upward to check in with him even though he appeared to have all but forgotten her presence until he demanded nourishment from her with an outstretched and expectant hand. She was quick to comply, scrambling to grab another slice of cold pizza from the box and stacked on top of the other before putting it in his hand. Just as he retracted enough for a sip from the soda can she'd given him before he leaned over to set it on the ground and immediately back to work from where he'd asked for her word choice substitution.

The anxiety she was experiencing had next to nothing to do with him. Everything to do with the fact that while she had infinite faith in him to resurrect her paper, she lacked every bit of conviction he seemed to have in her work and naturally, the confidence in herself that had been floundering since she'd first stepped foot on campus. College had proved more difficult than she'd expected in more ways than one, academics that had once come so easily to her in high school somehow now turned on its' head and one of her biggest challenges when she didn't excel instantaneously. He seemed to understand that, at least on some level apart from his very passionate personal feelings about the entire world of academia, it was vital for her to succeed in her own chosen arena. He knew her, first and foremost, and he was the one who talked her down from stressed out and anxious phone calls in the middle of the night when everything felt like it was beginning to weigh too heavily down on her.

This assignment appeared to be no different, but he seemed to realize how much more she needed him to comfort her than his work or words alone as she watched him set aside the laptop to shift across the bed towards her and take hold of her hand in her lap. It was all she could do to nod as he spoke so confidently and held her eye line and squeezed her hand. It was far from easy for her to accept that it was so simple when it felt so far from just being one assignment, but she trusted him more than anything, and this instance was also no exception. She believed that he would accomplish what he promised and set out to do, and with a deep breath, she tried to calm herself down made easier by the hold he had on her hand to keep her more level-headed.

08/11/2020 04:43 PM 


serpent juliet And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt And when we go crashing down, we come back every time
"Jug… it's for two weeks. And it's summer camp." She reminded him, amused by the romantic theatrics but trying to conceal the smirk on her lips for the sake of not trying to injure his already visible vulnerability and subsequent foul mood. "It's where Polly and I always went for sleepover camp when we were kids, and they asked if I could sub in as a camp counselor just for a few weeks after one of the other girls got mono."

She was softening, the effect he always seemed to have on her anytime they were in proximity to one another. Her hands gripped onto the loose arms of the flannel he wore tied around his waist to pull him closer to her. "Besides, you and Archie are going to eat a bunch of junk food, go to the swimming hole, and play video games. You'll barely realize I'm gone at all." She added sarcastically, knowing there was more truth in that statement than she wanted to admit when the two best friends were left without her supervision.

"We can be like a modern-day Romeo & Juliet, will you be my pen pal?" She asked coyly, aware of her mother waiting for her in the driver's seat of the family station wagon and approximately two-second away from honking the horn to hurry her youngest daughter's goodbyes. Betty reached up on the tiptoes of her sneakers as her arms snaked around his neck to pull herself entirely against him and kiss him in a preferably not parent unfriendly way.

08/08/2020 01:01 PM 

So she tries to cover up the pain.

serpent juliet Deeper than the eyes can find it Maybe we have made her blind So she tries to cover up her pain and cut her woes away
So she tries to cover up her pain
With enough attention paid to sensory details, she was grounded once more in the reality that she was no longer trapped within the sterile walls of her so-called dormitory and overly starched stiff sheets of the twin bed at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. The mattress's softness, the afghan covering the comforter which she still held white-knuckled in her hands, all reminded her that she was finally in the one place that felt most like home since she'd been dragged kicking and screaming from the kitchen of her own house, with him. From the lack of memory, she fell asleep in the first place and the groggy nature of his voice even as he tried to provide her comfort, she knew sleep had evaded them both for far too long.

He answered her question in truth, though as she continued to steady her breathing, she could feel the familiar scratchy pain at the back of her throat that revealed all she needed to know. Since the first night spent with the Sisters, Betty had started having night terrors, promises made by the nuns for her reformation to come in the following days, weeks, months. However long it took for them to find Betty's salvation under the guise of God's ever-present watch. She leaned into his touch, the squeeze of reassurance on her shoulder even as her head bowed forward, and she buried her face into the palms of her hands. Still tender and raw from the freshly forming scabs over the familiar crescent-shaped scars that forever seemed to haunt her in every chapter of her life.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, where the logical reasoning part of her brain was stashed away, and hidden Betty knew he was right. It was over. She wasn't committed to the Sister against her will, she wasn't trapped and kept away from Jughead as she'd suspected her severe lack of visitors even from the first excruciatingly long week of her stay. She wasn't in her house, under threat of Chic of his powers of persuasion that had worked against her on her parents to get her taken away in the first place and yet she couldn't shake the same feeling that had her feeling cold to her core despite the heat radiating from her skin. Unsafe. There was only but so much comfort to be found in tentative touches from Jughead. It would take time for it all to truly feel over, and it was too soon for her to trust in the fact that if she were found to be there in the Jones trailer, that she wouldn't merely be hauled off again with Jughead unable to do anything to stop them.

08/06/2020 03:52 PM 

You should see me in a crown.

serpent juliet You say Come over baby I think you're pretty I'm okay I'm not your baby If you think I'm pretty
You should see me in a crown
The smirk that spread across the lips only infuriated the petite blonde further. The pent-up aggression she'd been harboring was beginning to unravel her one strand at a time, the other person in front of her just happened to be the unfortunate target stupid enough to pull in the provocation. Betty pulled back in reproach at the mention of Archie, and his mishandling of the task she'd begged him in putting distance between her and Jughead to keep him safe from the hands of the Black Hood. Broke him into a million pieces. The air was suddenly sucked from her lungs, and not for the first time, the weight of truth hit her full force. Jughead's heart wasn't the only one to be left in pieces, his had only been broken in view of witnesses while Betty had been forced to bear hers alone, hide it from the rest of the world, her only confidant the raving lunatic on the other end of a phone line.

Betty wasn't sorry for joining the Serpents; she didn't harbor the same resentment as her mother for the group as a whole. Her worry for his safety wasn't one and the same as prejudice as most people assumed, but then again, no one gave the blonde pony-tailed Northsider the time of day to be understood. At least no one until Veronica came into her life. Her rancor resurfaced with a vengeance as she rounded on them.

She scoffed darkly at Their defense. "Yet there you go, insisting I'm just another Northsider. Grouping me together, assuming I'm the enemy with the worst intentions. I'm my own person with or without a relationship. No one has to speak for me, And I have a name, by the way. It's Betty. Cooper." She enunciated; her words were harsh as her anger rose to match their own.

"The only one asking for a change in the serpents is you-" Betty growled over her shoulder, determination flashing in the glare she cast.

08/05/2020 11:56 PM 

No, I don't wanna sit still, look pretty

serpent juliet Oh, I don't know what you've been told But this gal right here's gonna rule the world Yeah, that is where I'm gonna be, because I wanna be
No, I don't wanna sit still, look pretty
Betty suddenly feeling slightly cornered, the defensiveness rising up within against her will as she bristled at the list of possibilities. "I don't try to be perfect, I'm not trying to be anything!" She snapped, harsher than she'd intended but feeling every bit at the end of her rope, which Betty was sure the other one understood though she flashed an apologetic glace her way nonetheless. A breath, inhale, exhale as she focused on the expansion of her chest and the rise and fall of her shoulders to calm her nerves and the inexplicable temper flared up in her so easily taunted by merely trying to help. "Would any of that really be so bad?" Betty's voice softened, with transparent vulnerability and telling of some of her innermost insecurities. "Not opinion pieces, but a life here. I wanted as a little girl, this town, my home that I believed in until suddenly all at once everything feels to mixed up and upside down." Betty shrugged, shaking her head and unable to pinpoint the shift accurately, but so much of it tied to the reveal of truth-telling from Jason's murder.

The next question posed to her was much harder: silence the blonde into introspection and left her coming up empty without any real answers. "I don't know..." Her words were as shaky as her resolve appeared: sudden fear lighting in her eyes as she looked to the other in panicked desperation. "I don't do anything for myself, except joining the Vixens." Betty rolled her eyes, realizing the singular choice she'd ever made for herself paled compared to the questions of character, purpose, and moral fortitude they debated now when it was a matter of going out for the cheerleading squad. Was that really what Betty Cooper could easily be so reduced to? She'd heard them all before, the tropes and names for the good girl next door, but she'd never felt they were so applicable until now.

Nobody's perfect... the words repeated over and over again in her head, the same recorded loop on repeat that had always been drilled into her head except this time it was as if it were being spun in reverse. Perfect, wasn't that how Betty had always been cast in ever role of her life? It had never felt like she'd made a conscious choice, merely following rules and order, doing as she was told as a good student, daughter even upstanding citizen of Riverdale. She played it safe, never straying too far from the rule book by which she carefully dictated her life.

There were those along the way, who'd seen glimpses of her, something worthwhile where others had passed her up, deeming her unworthy or irrelevant. Even Jughead Cheryl Veronica had been one of the few to really see Betty Cooper for who she was, yet where Archie, and others had failed. "So much has gone wrong in this town, everything was shaken up along with it. We're in high school; we're supposed to be worried about grades and Prom, graduating, and what colleges we want to go to, not our safety and survival." Betty cast a sideways glance in her solemn reverie. "Maybe that's why I don't have an answer, what future can we really expect when we're constantly on the lookout for the next unexpected?"

08/02/2020 01:28 PM 

invisible string.

serpent juliet then healing me fine Were there clues I didn't see? And isn't it just so pretty to think All along there was some Invisible string Tying you to me?
invisible string
"I had to carry you to bed last night, you were exhausted."

In the haze of memory loss that only occurred with sleeplessness, Betty couldn't even recall when exactly she'd fallen asleep on the couch the night before. It was no secret between them that she hadn't been sleeping well for the last week, nightmares of the Black Hood's torment resurfacing in her subconscious against her will. Against his advice and better judgment, however, Betty had taken to trying to solve the problem herself in all manner of unhealthy coping mechanisms that generally amounted to her trying to keep herself awake for as long as humanly possible until her body gave out. Forced her to sleep and even then for short periods before waking in a cold sweat from another nightmare.

Her caffeine consumption had alarmingly doubled, if not tripled. It coincided with a lack of appetite that was in a constant state of glowering and taking to venting his foul mood out on his fellow Serpents as he was left helpless in trying to protect her from demons residing within. It wasn't as simple as being able to throw a punch or threaten someone with the full force of violence from the Serpent collective, this wasn't a battle he could fight for her."I know…" Betty sighed, leaning against the kitchen counter of his trailer as she pulled the long sleeves of one of his over-sized shirts over her hands into balled-up fists.

There was guilt residing in her gut, twisting together with the ever-present knot of nerves from always feeling on edge. It didn't seem to matter in her dreams that she knew this was all over, that the Black Hood had been eliminated from their lives and shot dead before her very eyes. After weeks and weeks of torturing her, there was always some part of him still residing in the back of her mind, and it was the similarity he'd drawn between them that had planted that seed in the first place."I'm sorry." She found her resolve as she lifted wide eyes to meet him. "I promise tonight I won't pass out before the end of the movie." Her lips twisted upwards, an attempt at a joke despite his apparent disapproval and lack of sense of humor. It was far from fun, and the fact that she was trying to make light of such a severe situation was likely to tip the scale and push him to a wave of anger she frankly didn't have the strength to fight right now.

07/31/2020 06:37 PM 

Wait for it.

serpent juliet Love doesn't discriminate Between the sinners And the saints It takes and it takes and it takes And we keep loving anyway.
Wait for It
FP's reaction to her confession was everything she felt like she'd been holding pent up inside her since that first fateful phone call. Betty thought she could get the upper hand; she was smart enough to solve Jason Blossom's murder, and some twisted psychopath trying to manipulate her should've been no different. But somewhere along the way, she'd messed up. The biggest mistake she'd made was not telling Jughead or even coming to FP sooner though the fates of those she loved most had been threatened. And put on the line, even his own son, which Betty knew the elder Jones wouldn't stand for if his reaction to her in peril was even the slightest indication.

"He... made me do things." She added, hands folding in on themselves again in familiar old patterns as her eyes darted to the side, unable to meet FP's imploring gaze, her voice already faltering. "I couldn't go to the police, I couldn't tell anyone. Especially Jug..." She finally confessed, her voice breaking with emotion on his name. "He wanted to isolate me from everyone, ruin my friendship with Veronica, and break up with Jughead. That's when... that's when he joined the Serpents, I guess..."

She finally released the hold of her hands, blood rushing back to her extremities though her face still appeared pale and gaunt even in the trailer's dim light. "At that house, he made me put on a black mask just like his... and told me to look in this mirror hanging on the wall. He told me that we were the same. Like I was his chosen one or something..." The disgust in her tone was overwhelming, turning almost desperately in her spot to face him as if looking for any rebuttal that would chase away the nauseous feeling rising up in the pit of her stomach.

07/29/2020 07:35 PM 

Big Plans.

serpent juliet Don't matter the circumstance We don't let it change us Fore all the diamonds and rings, we got trust
Big Plans
Betty hadn't anticipated Jughead being asleep, but then again, she hadn't expected to get drunk in the first place. Betty Cooper didn't drink, and if she did, it was usually limited to casual, polite sips in social settings to keep from drawing attention to herself. But that didn't include mainlining shots of tequila and whatever else she'd been offered in red solo cups in what was indeed a magnificent party hosted by the remaining Southside Serpents at their encampment.

She'd been having too much fun, learning, and playing drinking games that Fangs and the others were teaching her to notice that Jughead had left at all. Had he said goodbye, and she wasn't able to remember in her drunken haze? Based on the way everything seemed to be spinning now, she figured as much. Her stomach was beginning to feel unsettled, and she'd been lucky enough to find her way to the right trailer on her own before starting to throw rocks at the window she hoped was Jug's bedroom.

He looked half asleep when he appeared, turning on the bedside lamp and stifling a yawn. He combed through messy bedhead with his fingers before slipping his beanie firmly into place and surprised to see the familiar ponytailed blonde on the other side of the window as he slid it open. Seeing the curls of his hair sticking out from under the haphazardly placed beanie, Betty was reduced to girlish giggles, barely even able to hold herself standing upright. He asked why she was there instead of home safely tucked away in her own bedroom. "I..drink, no, drank too much." She hiccuped, quickly covering her mouth as she swallowed. "I'm too drunk to find my house." She announced with a pointed index finger as if proclaiming some crowning achievement. Without so much as waiting for a response, Betty as already gripping the windowsill and instead unceremoniously trying to climb through his window with what little coordination she had control over. "I sleep here?

07/28/2020 01:43 PM 

this is me trying.

serpent juliet I've been having a hard time adjusting I had the shiniest wheels, now they're rusting I didn't know if you'd care if I came back
this is me trying
Betty had known for too long, perhaps long before she'd voiced her concerns to Cheryl about the Black Hood's true identity, but she hadn't been psychologically ready to admit it to herself. How could someone so twisted, so cruel be her father? It was all anyone talked about now in Riverdale, the race for mayor and escalating gang violence and drug trafficking paling in comparison to the headlines spewing accusations against Hal Cooper and his sickening lineage of killers that poured through the lifeblood of their family tree. This very blood ran through Betty's veins now. The daughter of the Black Hood.

She wasn't merely perfect and pristine Betty Cooper anymore, she was the daughter of a psychopath, and everyone was waiting for her snap, just like dear old dad. Betty had sought refuge in locking herself away in her room, spending time with Jughead and only a few other close and trusted friends with all the media attention always surrounding their house. She didn't get out so much anymore, but with time she was growing stronger again. That first visit, seeing her dad sealed in the cell where he truly belonged and renouncing his evil from her life, helped make her that way.

Betty was not her father's daughter. Things were going to be different, and she would make sure of that for her niece and nephew, too, with Cheryl's help.

Stepping into Pop's should've felt familiar, comfortable as it had her entire life, and yet the crowd quieted, all eyes averted from her. However, phones poised to snap a pick to fuel the tabloids still covering the story even months after her father's arrest. Betty ducked her head down, wondering if she should tuck tail and run, but then a familiar and friendly voice rose up through the sea of others, and her head snapped to see Toni in a booth several seats away. She breathed out a visible sigh of relief, the faintest hint of a smile as she accepted the olive branch and any excuse to shake all the onlookers waiting for her to lose it.

"I've been... better." Betty offered, sliding into the booth to join the other girl as she set her purse beside her in the booth, still smiling but more out of polite courteously than actually touching her eyes. "I could really go for some pancakes and a friend right now. Also coffee, definitely some coffee."

07/24/2020 05:08 PM 

mad women.

serpent juliet And you'll poke that bear 'til her claws come out And you find something to wrap your noose around And there's nothing like a mad woman
mad women
The 75th Anniversary Jubilee for Riverdale had come to pass with little incident after her rather profound, if not somewhat unplanned speech in support of Jughead and FP Jones, calling for the unity and acceptance their town was in desperate need of. The events that transpired following the Jones family trailer's celebration were still fresh and vivid in Betty's mind, bringing a coy smirk to her lips even as she lifted the familiar nondescript ceramic coffee cup to her lips in one of the few populated booths at Pop Tate's.

It was early still, just barely seven o'clock in the morning. Most residents of the town Betty was so proud to call home were still asleep following the previous evening's festivities. Ever the early riser, Betty was too excited, too invigorated to sleep any longer as she thought about not just her intimate evening with Jughead but also the town's reaction after her rallying speech. Perhaps there was still hope for their Riverdale after all.

"I really think things might be different now after last night." There was newfound hope and confidence in Betty's voice as she set down her cup and looked to the occupant in the booth across from her. "Maybe Riverdale really can go back to the way it was…" There was an innocence in Betty's infectious smile as she prodded at the pancakes on her plate just as the overhead bell signaled, her bright eyes coming to rest on a hooded figure as he made his way up to the counter. Suddenly, her expression shifted to confusion as he turned his head, and Betty realized he was wearing a ski mask. And demanding Pop Tate's attention as he swept up behind the counter, a glint of silver flashing and catching her attention as he grabbed Pop Tate by the collar, nearly pulling him across the counter.

"Oh my god…" Her voice a hushed whisper of horror. "I think he's got a gun…" All her brain could do to get the words out as she tried to process the scene unfolding before her.


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