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05/25/2022 11:38 PM 

All The Good Times.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

All The Good Times.
I don't know who can see you If you've ever learned how to let someone in Well, I've tried to come find you But I just don't know where to begin If you've ever been open, there's no way of knowin' With the way that knowin' you has been Was it always so broken if these thoughts were spoken Would it bring us together again?

And the way that you said, as heavy as lead "You've always known how to get straight to my head" Thanks for the free ride And all of the good times Thanks for the free ride And all of the good times
"If you've ever learned how to let someone in"
As she took another hesitant drink from the glass that she clutched between her quivering hands in her lap, Betty just nodded, which was the only response she thought was required or could utter while she was doing so. She slowly coiled and uncurled her fingers over the glass as he talked. She clung to his words as he served as a reminder that she had fled and was no longer being kept against her will, and it was one of the most crucial things to grasp onto when everything else seemed so overwhelming.

'You're still you.'

Betty mulled over the words in her thoughts, well aware that she did not fully believe them; nonetheless, she felt a softness residing in her breast that suggested he did consider them and was fighting for her when she did not feel strong enough to do it for herself. When he came to lay next to her, unlike in the past, she wanted the security of his proximity once again. She automatically leaned into him as her knee rested against his, and she craved the comfort of his nearness. She could feel his eyes on her, but she kept her concentration on his hands, spread out over his thighs. This gave her someplace else to direct her attention, which made it seem less unsettling and exposed to meet his gaze. When he said he didn't care what their plan had been, there was a familiar flare of spirited defensiveness ready to fight back. He implied that it somehow trivialized what she'd gone through if it was all for nothing. However, he continued until he posed the obvious question to her, to which he certainly already knew the answer.

"For some time." she finally glanced up then, eyes searching. A ghostly smile pulled lightly at the corners of her lips as she remembered the route of memories with him intermingled in the photos throughout her whole life with the grin of the redheaded buddy was her best friend. She finally accepted it, even as she could feel his trademark sarcasm coating her words. However, the comfort of the sense of humor that they shared was one of the first normal emotions that she'd had in days.

The single giggle broke the stillness and loosened the tight tightness of her muscles as she once again finally started to relax and ease against him. There was an involuntary scoff of amusement that occurred due to the situation. It was not a secret to either of them exactly how obstinate they could be; yet, she did not see her stubbornness as necessarily a strength until now, when he framed it for her. Neither of them could hide the fact that they could be stubborn. She followed the movement of his hand as it made its way to her wrist, and as she did so, she became much less concerned about the glass that she was still holding. Instead, she let go of one of her hands and grabbed hold of his hand to pull his arm back around her, after which she nested herself against his chest and closed her eyes. "Even if that's the case, you're helping to end all this noise," she said. She confessed it, her tone gentle as she concentrated on hearing his pulse with her head pressed against his chest. Her voice was no longer riven with the anguish and sense of failure she had felt before.
Well, I've tried to come find you,

05/24/2022 11:07 PM 


serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

And I, just want to feel you're there And I don't want to have to share our love I try, but I get overwhelmed When you're gone I have no one to tell And I, just want to feel you're there And I don't want to have to share our love I try but I get overwhelmed All wrapped in cellophane, the feelings that we had

But I, just want to feel you're there And I don't want to have to share our love I try but I get overwhelmed When you're gone, I have no one to tell
"And I don't want to have to share our love"
Her overalls' pant legs were rolled and cuffed up to her knees, and she was armed with rubber knee-high rain boots. These leather work gloves were several sizes too large for her hands, and she was wielding a wrench more like a weapon than an essential home repair tool, and her overalls' pant legs were rolled and cuffed all the way up to her knees. Her usually impeccable hair was pulled back into a tangled, disheveled ponytail at the nape of her neck. There were also damp enough, lose strands about her face that the ponytail was no longer really serving a function. The fact that she was completely wet from head to toe was made clear by the heavier hue of purple on her short-sleeved sweater top and the denim that her overalls were made of. There was still very alarming and noticeable several inches of standing water covering the floor of the entire apartment as far as the eye could see. Even though the front door had been left open and some of the water had leaked out onto the bristly welcome mat in the hallway. There was still a portion of the water that had seeped out onto the carpet.

"There was a break in the building's main water line." She admitted it, sounding monotonous and fatigued at the same time in the very same breath. "I attempted to turn off our water supply, but the valve broke, and I haven't been able to replace it," Betty said. She glanced at him with eyes wide with concern, both terrified of the amount of damage occurring to their living space. And their goods as a group and more so trying to gauge how furious he was with her for attempting to aid the issue and only making things immeasurably worse.

The skin beneath her eyes was marked with what appeared to be black streaks of runny mascara. These marks were most likely leftover from the first time she was drenched by the sudden onslaught of spraying water from the pipes, but they had dried enough now that the event had become more of an ongoing struggle. "I phoned the landlord, but he said it would be a few hours before he could even get to us, I started when the landlord responded to my call." As she stood before him in the enormous pool of water on their living room floor, her bottom lip protruded in a manner that was just as pitiful and dejected as the rest of her look. "I couldn't think of anything else to do..."
And I, just want to feel you're there,

05/23/2022 11:39 PM 


serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Matilda, you talk of the pain like it's all alright But I know that you feel like a piece of you's dead insidе You showed me a power that is strong еnough to bring sun to the darkest days It's none of my business, but it's just been on my mind

You can let it go You can throw a party full of everyone you know And not invite your family 'cause they never showed you love You don't have to be sorry for leavin' and growin' up You can see the world, following the seasons Anywhere you go, you don't need a reason 'Cause they never showed you love You don't have to be sorry for doin' it on your own
"You can see the world, following the seasons."
Her grin was courteous but forced, and it didn't quite reach her eyes. This was done to conceal her astonishment at jughead's constant presence and her effort to find some kind of middle ground in terms of cordial behavior toward him after she had been so unkind to him in light of recent occurrences. Betty hadn't quite found a way to verbalize her gratitude for everything he'd done; she'd hardly allowed herself even a second to process everything that had happened. Let alone the pivotal role he'd taken on in looking after her and her entire family. Betty hadn't quite found a way to verbalize her gratitude for everything he'd done. She shifted awkwardly on her feet, removing the strap of her purse from her shoulder as she set her bag down on the couch cushion against the armrest. Slowly shedding one layer at a time as she readjusted to the warmth of her own living room as opposed to the pervasive sterile chill of hospital rooms. She was relieved to be home. After he had finished speaking, his eyelids began to flutter closed for a brief time. This was an expression of forgetfulness with a hint of self-berating for having not remembered the sheer number of casseroles, phone calls, and cards that had flooded their doorstep ever since the news of almost getting captured again had spread to every corner of the town. "I'm hoping that today's serving was tastier than yesterday's," Betty said. She continued on sarcastically, a tinge of dark humor bridging the lost gap between them as her eyes darted immediately to meet his. She was trying to make up for lost ground between them. Betty was aware that the upper-middle-class residents of Riverdale did not know anything other than to share dishes with their families in the event of a catastrophe or disaster in the hopes of alleviating the real anguish and suffering.

It was the proper thing to do to store the meals that would lie untouched until they reached their expiration date. Betty added to the mental list of tasks she needed to do the inevitable task of cleaning out the refrigerator before she could return home to heal. There would be no tempting heavy carbohydrates or unhealthy cholesterols on her watch to be detected. She let out a long, irritated sigh as he went back into the kitchen to pursue something that she was unaware of. Her grin didn't become more real until he emerged wearing the knit beanie she'd seen him wear throughout her whole life. Before that, it was fake. It was subtle, barely detectable, yet even from his distance, it was utterly impossible to miss when it came to the one and only person who knew how to watch her and truly see what she was feeling. He was the only one who knew how to protect her and really see what she was experiencing. Once the key was discovered, Betty's mannerisms and facial expressions made it crystal clear what she was feeling or, more accurately, what she was trying to keep herself from feeling. Betty's emotions were always hidden behind a thin veil of code, but it was impossible to misunderstand what she was going through once the code was broken.

She felt her hand sliding unconsciously to his jacket, and she lay a palm over it almost protectively to prevent him from reaching for it just yet. As he declared his approaching departure, the look changed to a worn stoicism, and she realized that her hand was moving to it instinctively. "To Tell You the Truth, I Was Thinking.." Her words came out laboriously and slowly as she fought against her own lack of bravery to seek his companionship. "Would it be possible for you to stay for a little while?" Even while it was evident that she was exercising significant control over her tone of voice, she nevertheless managed to sound quite timid at that moment, with eyes wide open and full of begging hope. Betty had an impossible feeling that she didn't belong, that nothing felt right, and that his company seemed to be the only thing that was keeping her from the fearful thoughts of loneliness and isolation. Even though the firelight and the cozy atmosphere of Alice's plush living room made it feel like the perfect place in the world to be.

"If I were to eat... Since yesterday, I haven't had anything to eat or drink." She confessed it while lowering her eyes in embarrassment as she counted the number of cups of coffee that she had been relying on as her source of fuel rather than anything that provided actual nourishment or substance. "Is there any possibility that there are any leftovers of that chicken noodle casserole?"
Anywhere you go, you don't need a reason,

05/21/2022 11:13 PM 

I am a survivor.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

I am a survivor.
Down to the wire, legends are made Every reaction ignites our fate I feel that power deep down in my core

I've played with fire, stung by the heat Broken and shattered but I'm still here They thought I couldn't take it anymore
"What once was weakness is now my strength."
She would have been satisfied with the way he squeezed her shoulders and his fingers twisted into her hair at the nape of her neck as he always seemed to do. At the same time, his thoughts were otherwise occupied, but then he spoke, and Betty let out a defeated sigh at the words that were not surprising. Betty rotated her neck, which caused her muscles to crane, which allowed her to tilt her head away from him without blatantly pulling away violently from him. This was a hallmark Betty Cooper avoidance method that she had been practicing since they were kids. Yet, even though she knew he was right and that the other was always correct when they gently poked and pushed one another to communicate when they were at their least communicative, she found herself being obstinate not just with him but also with herself.

Jughead coerced her into giving him her hand as he sought to elevate her chin, refocusing her attention and eye contact on him after he had been looking at the headboard of their bed while she turned her back on him. Her shoulders raised themselves into the beginning of a shrug. They froze in that rigid position for a considerable amount of time before they relaxed back into their normal position, and Jughead took his seat beside her. "Jug, I don't even know what I'm supposed to tell you," She said. She turned to him with a pained expression, the torture she was putting herself through trying to grapple with the thoughts and emotions. Betty couldn't put it into words for him, evident in her expression as she shook her head, a frustrated hand slapping against her knee as she turned to him with a pained expression.

Betty never felt that words flowed to her as readily as they did for him, and it was times like this that she found that defect within herself to be quite frustrating. However, his compassion for her had no boundaries, and he never lost patience with her. " I haven't slept in days, my emotions are driving me crazy, yet I wouldn't have it any other way but- " She interrupted herself by gesticulating with her hands as she was talking. "Does it seem to you that I'm going a little crazy over here?" She dared to cast a peek to the side, almost as if she were checking to see whether he was gazing at her as if Betty had finally gone insane as she had anticipated.

"Ugh. I'm at a loss to explain what's wrong with me." She let out a moan as she sank back into the bed and began to rub her eyes with her palms since she was so sleepy. " I started having a panic attack, and then it developed into all of this..." She moved with her hands toward the tears and expressions of emotion on her face. It was almost as though she had a nervous breakdown.
My will to fight back, it never ends.

05/19/2022 07:03 PM 

Better Off.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Better Off.
The sky is fallin' And it's early in the morning But it's okay somehow I spilled my coffee, it went All over your clothes I gotta wear mine now

But so what, I'm better off everyday When I'm standing in the pouring rain, I don't mind I think of you and everythings alright I used to think I had it good But now I know that I misunderstood With you I'd say, I'm better off in every way
"When I'm standing in the pouring rain, I don't mind."
Betty was too perceptive, paying attention to every little thing, from the halting clicks of the keyboard when he was immersed in linking her ideas to the way his lip would curve inward when he was concentrating. While she was busy underlining material and copying and pasting it to other portions of what was now her completely mutilated paper, she was doing all of this. Even with the much-appreciated diversion of eating to keep her occupied, her nerves continued to be frayed. The back of the laptop continued to hold her attention throughout the whole conversation. Even though he looked to have almost completely forgotten her existence, they sometimes fluttered upward to check in with him. This continued until he sought food from her with an extended palm and an eager expression. She complied with his request almost immediately, scurrying to get another slice of cold pizza from the box and placing it on top of the one she had just given him before handing it to him. Just as he pulled back far enough to take a swig from the Soda can, she'd handed him before bending down to place it on the ground and going right back to work from where he'd requested her to change the word choice.

The worry that she was feeling was almost entirely unrelated to him. It had everything to do with the fact that she lacked every bit of conviction he seemed to have in her work and, naturally, the confidence in herself that had been floundering ever since she'd first set foot on campus. She had infinite faith in him to resurrect her paper, but she lacked that conviction herself, even though she had faith in him to revive her writing. Academics that had previously come so easy to her in high school had somehow suddenly flipped on its' head and one of her most significant obstacles. When she didn't flourish instantly, the college had proven to be more difficult than she'd imagined in more ways than one. It seemed as if he understood, at the very least on some level and away from his very fervent personal sentiments towards the whole world of academics that it was essential for her to achieve success in the field she had selected for herself. He was the one who calmed her down from stressed-out and nervous phone calls in the middle of the night when everything seemed like it was starting to weigh too heavy down on her. He knew her, and that was the first and most important thing.

This assignment appeared to be the same as the others, but he seemed to realize how much more she needed him to comfort her than his work or words alone as she watched him set aside the laptop, shift across the bed towards her and take hold of her hand in her lap. Although this assignment appeared to be the same as the others, he realized how much more she needed him to comfort her than his work or words alone. When he talked with such assurance while maintaining eye contact with her and gently squeezing her palm, all she could do was nod her head. She trusted him more than anything else, and this case was not an exception to that rule. It was not easy for her to accept that it was so simple when it seemed so far from being just one task, but she trusted him more than anything else. She had faith that he would be able to do what he had promised and intended to do, and she took a long breath and attempted to calm herself down, which was made more accessible by the fact that he had a grasp on her hand to help keep her more levelheaded.
I think of you and everythings alright,

05/17/2022 11:04 PM 


serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

You'd probably think I was psychotic (if you knew) What I still got in my closet (sad but true) I slip it on over my shoulders Something I'll never get over It makes me feel a little bit closer to you

I'm still rocking your hoodie And chewing on the strings It makes me think about you So I wear it when I sleep I kept the broken zipper And cigarette burns Still rocking your hoodie Baby, even though it hurts Still rocking your
"I used to put my hand in your pockets "
"I need your help, Jug."

She proceeded to take a seat on the couch. As she sat, her back was perfectly aligned, which was a glaring indicator of how she was feeling at that same time. She calmed her racing heart and sat down in the chair next to him. Betty inhaled slowly and deeply, then held her breath for a few seconds in an effort to calm her jittery nerves.

"Will you read my mind?" she asked without hesitation.

"What?" he replied, raising an eyebrow, "I don't know... This sounds like a trap."

Her response was, "No, it's not, and I swear, The other day when I was at work, a strange incident occurred. At that exact moment, a janitor was cleaning the hallway in my office, and the smell of the bleach brought back a memory of my father."

"At first, I couldn't recall, so I went back to Percival's property to try to collect my diary. Although I wasn't successful, I was still able to read it." She twisted her fists together and murmured, "Jug, it was a recollection of him wiping out the back of my mom's car with bleach."

"I believe he began murdering a great deal earlier than we believed he did, and none of us picked up on it." Her thoughts were rushing at a rapid pace. Her feelings of dread, contempt, hatred, and depression were washing over her like waves as they left her body.

"And you think me reading your thoughts will help? To what end?"

"These are not only my thoughts, Jug. I need you to delve far more than that. I need you to go over my memories, specifically those that I may be having trouble recalling, and see if you can find anything significant." She went on to add that "while I was in his office, Percival had a bottle of bleach sitting on the counter, and he began talking about how strong fragrances may evoke memories. The more I've given it some consideration, the more I get the impression that something is tucked away in the recesses of my subconscious mind. I just feel like an open wound. A reopened wound, and I'm trying to stitch myself. Back together, but I need the missing pieces. The things that my memory is suppressing, and I can't get to them on my own."

"I don't know, Betty. That sounds dangerous," Jughead stated hesitantly. "I've never attempted to go past surface thoughts before, so I wouldn't even know where to begin. "

"Please, Juggie? Could you?" Because of them, she was confident that her eyes would reveal all to him. It was overwhelming for her, so she buried her head and struggled against the dread rising inside of her. The eyes were big and imploring, and there were so many emotions going on in them that it was. Regardless of the events that took place in the past or how broken their relationship had become, the two of them had a connection that she had never experienced with any other person.

"Alright... I'll help you - but you have to tell me if anything goes wrong. Promise?" Jughead stood and stepped closer, dipping his head low to meet her downcast eyes. "Betts? Promise me."

"I promise, Jug. I trust you," she murmured in a whisper, her voice shaking slightly as she said the words.

As Betty rose and made her way around the coffee table, she tensely pulled on the hem of her vest and muttered to herself. It was clear from her body language (and how she repeatedly clenched and unclenched her fists) that she was more scared of what they could discover in her memories than he poked around in her subconscious.

"Relax, Betty, I've got you. Give me your hands," he said softly. She took a deep breath, placing her trembling hands in his steady ones, his touch instantly calming her. "Alright, now close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice. You're going to need to think of your memories as something visual. I recommend a series of comic books. Then your mind will organize these free-floating memories into a collection. And your subconscious mind will do the same with your repressed memories, which I can then access or read. Okay. Deep breaths. Let's go digging."
The smell of your cologne is still on it.

05/14/2022 11:25 PM 

Love of My Life.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Love of My Life.
You will remember When this is blown over And everything's all by the way When I grow older I will be there at your side to remind you How I still love you (I still love you)

Back, hurry back Please, bring it back home to me Because you don't know What it means to me
"I will be there"
Betty did not give a second thought to leaving Jughead in the living room as she moved swiftly into the kitchen. The objective of her mission was the only thing in her sights as she fought back against Alanna's flailing arms and legs to save herself from Jughead's fate or something even worse. There were certain things that parents picked up just through the process of living, and the most critical lessons in fierce love occurred without any prior warning and often developed out of the need. Betty had been more lenient when Alanna was first born, maybe even too lenient in some aspects, as she had allowed the neediness of their newborn daughter to overshadow her own and allowed herself to be exploited as a result.

Betty's commitment as a mother had become stronger with time, and she was better able to distinguish between what her daughter needed and what she desired. Betty kept Alanna corralled within her arms as she pulled open the freezer with one hand before blocking another foot that nearly connected with her rib cage. What Alanna wanted right now was to be free of both of her parents so that she could wreak havoc on any and all parts of their house at will. However, Betty kept her corralled within her arms.

Her tolerance had run out just as quickly as Jug's, but instead of letting out her frustration, she stifled it and used it to her advantage when she reached into the freezer at the moment when her husband reappeared to provide the much-needed assistance. Betty needed him not just for Alanna to be distracted by him but also because he extended a hand to her back and brushed the tangled mess of sweaty locks out of her face. He was helping to half-support her and giving her a chance to reach into the freezer for what she had been seeking the whole time. It was a DIY ice pack created out of an old washcloth dipped in water and then placed inside a plastic bag before being zipped up. Betty unzipped the bag and pulled out the solidly frozen towel before drifting toward the sink with Alanna and Jughead at her side, all three of them linked physically and in anguish.

Betty had to turn her head away from her daughter and wince at the irritation of the pitch. Still, she managed to turn on the faucet and run the cloth under some warm water to bring up the temperature so that it wouldn't be too cold and loosen the material's stiffness. The screams became louder as the sudden movement occurred. After accomplishing what she set out to do, she positioned Alanna so that she was leaning against her hip, turned off the water, and then pryed Alanna away from her chest. She previously wasn't bothered by being held by her dad in the living room, but now she clung to Betty with an inescapable grip. This caused Betty to roll her eyes as she fought against little hands grabbing for anything from the fabric of her shirt to more painful fistfuls of her hair. Previously, her dad hadn't been bothered by being held in the living room.

"You're much too hot, sweetheart..." Betty gave a slight shake of her head and then put the washcloth down on the counter so that she could unzip her footie pajamas all the way down the front of her body and start yanking limbs that didn't want to come out of the sleeves. Jug's eyes shot to hers as she silently requested his assistance in removing all of her clothing save for her diaper. She was aware that if they could just get her to quiet down for a moment, then the remainder of calming her down would be a lot simpler.

Because of her outburst, her face was so red, her hair was drenched, and even her pajamas, which Betty yanked off of her as she was walking, were wet with perspiration, tears, and snot. She moved swiftly to take action as soon as Alanna's arms were freed from the onesie, retaking hold of the fabric just as Jughead completed removing the item from her writhing legs. Betty placed it delicately over Alanna's forehead, even though she struggled to resist having it done. She began bouncing Alanna against her hip in the hopes that the reassuringly chilly feeling coupled with the reassuringly familiar pattern that normally comforted her would do the job. "Don't worry, Alanna; your mother and father are right here," Betty readjusted herself and held the cloth to her forehead while holding her head against the top of Alanna's as she laid against Betty's shoulder with softer hitching sobs. She cooed softly as she felt the little girl give in the slightest, her strength relenting as Betty readjusted and held the cloth to her forehead.
at your side to remind you.

05/11/2022 11:11 PM 

I like me better when I'm with you.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

I like me better when I'm with you
To be young and in love in New York City (in New York City) To not know who I am but still know that I'm good long as you're here with me To be drunk and in love in New York City (in New York City) Midnight into morning coffee Burning through the hours talking

I don't know what it is but I got that feeling (got that feeling) Waking up in this bed next to you swear the room Yeah, it got no ceiling If we lay, let the day just pass us by I might get to too much talking I might have to tell you something
"Damn, I like me better when I'm with you"
The hour was late, that liminal period between night and morning when it always seemed like time had stopped ticking, yet everything remained shrouded in darkness, and it was always late. It was the world's opportunity for relief, a chance to take a collective breath before the new day started, and it was an opportunity for sleep and dreams to wash away the anxieties and fears of the long day before. When she was awake at that time, it always seemed beautiful and exceptional since she was defying the universe's rules with no consequences other than the exhilaration of believing she was the only one awake in the whole globe. Betty had previously believed this to be true when she was younger. Before she understood the rotation of the world, time zones, and physics principles, she assumed that when she was up in the wee hours of the morning, everyone else on the planet must be sleeping. She was wrong.

In their bed, it seemed like the world was tucked away, or at least their own small slice of it beneath the roof of their house, with the dog snoozing on their living room rug, unawakened by anything save the tiniest twitch of his ear, and the cat sleeping on their bedside table next to them. He and she were the only two souls on the planet, which was a familiar comfort to her whenever they had time alone together at home. Still, the other half of her soul had hunkered down in his office upstairs in an attempt to meet an impending deadline for publishers who were hounding him for the last few days of the month. After that, it was down the hallway that she walked, her socks silent on the carpet as she made purposely delicate steps to the lit doorway in an effort to sneak a glance in the hope that green eyes would catch her in the act as she was doing so. When she reached for the doorframe, her fingers delicately clutched the frame of the door, dragging herself into the frame of vision barely up to her nose. But instead of the intense rush of hiding and seeking, she was filled with a molten warmth by the image before her. It was the sole source of light in the tiny room, where shadows were thrown on the desk and bookcases around him. The desk lamp blazed brilliantly, and it was the only source of light in the room.

He was still wearing his beanie, which was a little askew as curly hair burst up from the perpendicular angle at which he was perched atop the cluttered desk he was sitting at. It was also black on the screen of his laptop, which was in the same state of slumber as the author, who was sitting in front of it with his arms crossed to support his head. Although it was uncommon for her to get a peek of him napping, as the roles were usually reversed as he frequently watched her sleep before they both awakened for the day, she treasured the brief glance as a private moment with no one else to share it with. As she walked gently into the room, she made sure not to disturb his sleep. She turned on the light at the foot of the bed to envelop him in darkness and provide him with more tranquility for as long as his body would allow him to take the well-deserved rest he so plainly needed.

She couldn't resist the temptation and gently removed the hat from his head, folding it tenderly and placing it on the desk next to him, on top of a stack of manuscripts he hadn't had a chance to go over yet. She stroked her fingers through his hair with loving care, allowing her lips to move away from his forehead as she leaned in to kiss him just above his hairline. It wasn't enough to jolt him awake; all he needed was a reminder in his dreams that she was there and that he was cared for. She took another long look, wanting to capture the moment's memory before leaving the room and tucking the door softly closed behind her, leaving it open only a sliver to keep the sound of the latch from waking him. She took another long look, wanting to capture the memory. She headed back down the hall to their bedroom in search of her journal to commemorate the feeling of this moment, to give thanks to the universe for allowing her to steal a glimpse of its' peaceful limbo.
I knew from the first time,

05/08/2022 12:08 PM 

My Wish.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

My Wish
But more than anything, more than anything My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small You never need to carry more than you can hold And while you're out there getting where you're getting to I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things to

I hope you never look back, but ya never forget All the ones who love you, in the place you left I hope you always forgive, and you never regret And you help somebody every chance you get Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake And always give more than you take
"Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small"
As the tears went lower and quieter, Betty was only faintly aware of her husband's disbelief. Her attention was still entirely focused on Alanna, sniffing and taking in much-needed deep breaths while pressing her flushed red cheeks into her mother's shoulder with a loving embrace. With her head nestled against the top of her head, her blonde curls wild and matted with sweat as a result of her exertion, Betty continued to keep the cold cloth held to Alanna's forehead as she bounced her gently in her arms, a reprieve that both mother and daughter seemed grateful for at the time. Not until he asked how she'd known to do that to break the severe tantrum that wide eyes darted to him in a short second of perplexity, a single second behind comprehending what he'd really said.

While the traces of his grin faded away, she responded with a far more confident one and shrugged her shoulders innocently, her petite figure rising and falling in sync with the motion. Despite the kid dwelling in her arms' width, she innocently shrugged her shoulders. "I really don't know..." Keeping her gaze fixed on him, she traced a little but well-worn route back and forth down the kitchen tile in front of the counter to stay moving and Alanna happy. "I simply knew she needed to calm down; she gets herself into such a tizzy that it's as if she doesn't even have control over her emotions. With those pajamas on, she was too hot, so it was either this or attempt a bath, and this appeared to have a lower chance of me ending up in it instead." Her tone was soft, with a hint of teasing at the end, but they both knew well how easy bath time with their daughter could turn into soaking wet parents instead, much to the young girl's joy. "I'm sorry," she said, smiling on her face. " Perhaps she is not feeling well, and there is no temperature present; instead, she might have an ear infection or something else that is making her agitated, and she cannot tell us what's wrong..." Alanna was talkative for her age, but it didn't mean she could tell either of them precisely where she ached or what was wrong, and Betty's heart sank as much as she was annoyed by her curious nature since she couldn't tell them what was wrong or where she hurt. It wasn't a precisely standard procedure to interview their two-year-old and demand answers as if she were looking for a source for a newspaper piece.

In case Alanna got scraped or bumped while playing outdoors in the backyard last week, she completely forgot about the additional ice packs I'd prepared earlier that day. It appeared as though a mother's duty was never completed. Betty had been so used to caring for Alanna that she didn't stop to consider why she did the things she did or how she knew precisely what their daughter needed regularly. Perhaps this is the result of Mother's intuition. The same reason she'd always heard other moms cite, one that had Polly and Veronica on the same page as her, and one that had Betty hesitant until she was pregnant with their daughter and held her in her arms for the first time.

"How's the chin?" She came closer to him, allowing one hand to release go of Alanna just long enough to reach out and carefully touch the underside of his jaw with the curve of her finger as she got closer. "If you fear it's going to bruise, there's more ice in the freezer..." And she did; she was driven by a natural desire to look after them both and nurture them in whatever manner they needed, no matter how little sleep she had had, how urgently she needed a shower herself right now, or how hungry she was at the time. She would always put herself last, and she was content to do so if it meant she could spend more time with the two people she loved the most.

Betty detected the deterioration of his features almost instantly. Her eyes hardened in a short moment of unspoken warning, a glance that the two often exchanged to warn him of his approaching danger. Don't even think about going there. "It's all right, Jug..." Her tone was solemn, and she was watching him intently as she laid a kiss on the top of Alanna's head and repositioned the cloth at the back of her neck to the proper position. "She'll be OK," The pledge was straightforward, but she meant it from the bottom of her heart. "Everything will be OK, and everything will be forgotten within an hour. She's a tough cookie," she says. Alanna, who had her thumb in her mouth in a self-comforting motion, which Betty was attempting to break, received a hidden grin as she glanced down at her with her eyes closed. " Can you please pick up her pacifier from the floor of the living room " It was only when she had the replacement in her possession that she began to brush her fingers over Alanna's tiny hand without moving it away from her lips.
need to carry more than you can hold

05/06/2022 11:39 PM 

Hold on.

serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper

Hold On.
Long endless highway, you're silent beside me Driving a nightmare I can't escape from Helplessly praying, the light isn't fading Hiding the shock and the chill in my bones

They took you away on a table I pace back and forth as you lay still They pull you in to feel your heartbeat Can you hear me screaming? Please don't leave me
"I swear to love you all my life."
The car was deafeningly quiet. It had been like that for the last twenty minutes, and Betty was under the impression that it would continue to be like way until they returned to the city.

Having Jughead's fingers gently glide over the inside of her thigh at that moment was pretty much the only thing stopping her from losing herself in thought and wandering too deep into the night as she had been known to do on occasion. Around her waist, where her arms had been wrapped about herself, her hands were clenched into fists, making her seem more minor against the seat. Instead of digging into her hand, her fingernails sank into the soft cotton of her sweater. They hadn't been opened in months, and she was determined to keep them that way for the foreseeable future. Even though it was difficult under such circumstances.

The recollection of the hardwood flooring pressing uncomfortably against her knees as she bent down caused the blonde to shiver involuntarily; her hand gripping Jughead's hand so tightly that it shook; the memory of the blonde's involuntary shudder. Her mind could conjure up images of the breaking glass at Veronica's cabin, and the sound of the breaking glass could be heard again. Or the cacophony of voices that erupted in the living room, pleading with the four buddies to get to their knees.

Perhaps it wasn't the threats that had made her feel so threatened. Betty was reminded of the Black Hood, the serial murderer who had contacted her and frightened her for weeks as she looked at their faces, mostly obscured by black hockey masks to conceal most of their features. Even though the psychopath was no longer alive, she was still terrified. When her phone rang abruptly, she flinched, and her heart pounded against her chest as she answered; even though she knew it couldn't possibly be the Black Hood, she felt a pang of fear. The strangely cheerful music had become a source of constant fear for her, and she had to change her ringtone after a week. Alternatively, if the thought of what those men could have done to them didn't scare her, the idea of what they could have done to her brought her back to the night she'd helped her mother dispose of the body in her home, a night that still made her feel sick to her stomach when she thought about it.

It wasn't until the vehicle slammed into a pothole that Betty realized she'd been jolted out of her reverie. She screamed and clutched Jughead's wrist in terror, her hand grasping Jughead's wrist with instant fright. As she moved behind her boyfriend, her vision was blocked by unshed tears, and she couldn't see anything. However, she felt his hand as it left her calf, and his arm wrapped around her shoulders instead.

"Betty," Veronica and Archie were definitely listening in on the talk, so he kept his voice low against her temple so as not to disturb them. "Take a deep breath,"

As her palm grabbed his sweater, she realized how much she had been trembling, and her lips parted to take a deep breath as she handheld his shirt instead, creating a fist out of the cloth. It was difficult for her to totally snuggle herself into him since her seatbelt was making it difficult, so she lifted the top of it to slacken the belt, which enabled her to scoot closer to him as the tears finally began to pour.

"We'll be back in a little while," He was speaking into her hair as he kissed her on the top of her head, and his free hand went to replace the other on her thigh, softly running his fingers over the flesh once again, as he crushed his lips against hers. "We may come and stay at my place or at your place, whatever you like. I'm not going to leave you alone."
Hold on, I still need you


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