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11/20/2020 05:36 PM 

I know you care.

serpent juliet Sometimes I feel like I'm nobody at all But you make me feel like I'm someone, you do 'Cause I know I'm someone to you Make me feel like I matter, you do
I know you care
She was clearly still visibly shaken, tears staining her cheeks and her usually pristine ponytail forsaken as blonde curls fell loosely and wildly around her face. Her body responded to a wide range of emotions, shock setting in as anger bubbled to the surface, but Betty was scared most of all. It had been one thing when she'd written an article in The Blue & Gold defending FP Jones, resulting in an anonymous perpetrator defacing her locker with pig's blood and accompanying voodoo doll. However, now with the Black Hood threat still at large, everyone was a target, and Betty felt as if a bulls-eye had been turned directly on her.

Pulling tighter on the over-sized zip-up she wore, it had been the first thing she could grab after coming across the message. It made the long-ago message of 'Serpent Slut' seem like child's play, and Betty had barely managed to capture the nearest pair of sweatpants and jacket before escaping room entirely, immediately Jughead's number not knowing what else to do. Betty burrowed against his chest, willing his tight hold to erase the horrid details still flashing behind her eyelids every time she closed her eyes. "How did he find me? How did he even know I was here alone?" There was no real evidence it had really been the Black Hood except for the vulnerable sensation of her privacy being completely violated. "Why is this happening to me?"

The messy state of her hair was easily and quickly forgotten as soon as she'd smoothed it over several times, tucking strands behind one ear. As the rest of her wavy locks fell in a half-partition to cover her face as she stared down at the pages Jughead had recovered from out from under her. Betty's eyes scanned over the familiar print on the title page, mulling over thoughts in her head as he reached up to press the button and bring the computer to life. She listened, stealing a glance at the stiffness in his tone but remained receptive and silent as he spoke and continued to give her feedback on her paper. Even as he scrolled through in search of somewhere to start helping her fix it and put together something better, something much more her. Betty took a deep breath, more for calming herself and her already frazzled nerves more than for his benefit as she watched him tape the pages on his knee. She finally gave him a firm nod, giving herself a pep talk that if he believed she could do this, then she should too.

11/06/2020 02:01 PM 

Do me a favour.

Ultimate Wild card

Do me a favour Whatcha say?

All night it felt like Betty was holding her breath, convincing her dad to come home when he surprised both her and her mom with flowers before opening night, the pre-show jitters backstage with her best friends before her brother mysteriously appeared to ruin their fun. Waiting. It wasn't a feeling Betty was accustomed to, unsure of what exactly she was waiting for beyond the rise of the curtain and the first opening number. Things with Veronica were beginning to feel normal again, mended after taking a long hard look at herself through the lens of the characters they'd been cast and seeing the position of herself. Through Veronica's bad girl character when she thought she'd been the innocent girl-next-door the entire time.

The sins of Hiram and Hermione weren't to be laid at Veronica's feet, and she'd lashed out on more than one occasion with the intent of hurting the other girl so severely and what did that say about her? Of course, all was forgiven in the eyes of the raven-haired princess, just as easily if the tables were turned, and perhaps Betty was cautious in everything feeling right again. Archie and Veronica seemed as happily together as they'd ever been, and Betty finally felt like she had both of her best friends back in their rightful places in her life. Apart from the foreboding feeling she couldn't precisely pinpoint surrounding her brother, her parents too were trying to make amends, and that was all she could have hoped for.

Betty was never used to the spotlight, not like Cheryl or Veronica, who seemed so well suited for the stage, but it was fun for her to do her hair, do Sue's costume, and get to be someone other than Betty Cooper for a while. When Kevin first approached her for the show, she'd been quick to decline, claiming that just because she enjoyed singing in her bedroom didn't mean she should be put in front of an auditorium full of people. From the first rehearsal forward. Betty, too had been bit by the acting bug, and apart from the drama of their social circle and high stakes, she was glad for the reason for everyone to come together, including the Serpents and when her mother had been cast as Carrie's mom.

It was now, hair feathered out perfectly to frame her face as she watched from the wings as her mom sang her solo part for Midge's entrance from behind the staircase door. The blocking was fabulous by Kevin's hand and the sets even better, having thanked Mr. Andrews at least a hundred times for all of the hard work he'd put into the production from his own construction company. Toni and the others all hovered around, eager to watch the performance while also remaining concealed behind the curtain, but suddenly there were gasps from the crowd as the set rose up, a shrill shout from somewhere in the front rows following. It was Cheryl's voice screaming out for someone to help her, and suddenly everyone was surging forward; Betty carried in the throes of her castmates as everyone caught sight of the horror of their friend pinned to the blood-smeared wall with various sharp objects.

She could feel her stomach drop, instant disbelief shielding her from the horror of it all but shattered suddenly when her mom screamed from across the stage, throwing the entire auditorium into chaos and panic. The lights were shut off instantly to keep Midge's body from remaining on display, but suddenly everyone was pushing and shoving, running away to safety as a mob ensued. Still, Betty found herself moving through everyone else, not away from the scene of the crime but closer to the set where her friend's body remain limp and lifeless, smeared in her own blood.

10/28/2020 03:28 PM 

But it's all love.

Ultimate Wild card

But it's all love

Despite their back and forth witty banter, the two girls seemed to fall into a perfect rhythm even as the food arrived to distract them; they were both very focused on the task at hand, and to Betty's consolation. Cheryl continued to take her words as seriously as she needed to. She fleetingly wondered if this wasn't such a lost cause after all. There was a genuine concern growing within the colder heart of the blonde Serpent for the sake of the other girl, in wanting her to know the information so well that whatever she was forced to endure during the initiation process that she wouldn't come up empty with answers. It was likely the other Serpents were going to be much harder on the Blossom than others who sought to enter their ranks, a level of her need to prove herself to them given her wealth and overall Northside background and previous affiliation. .

Betty believed in the strength she seemed to possess, so long as she could learn when to keep her mouth shut and not spout off so many sassy remarks in an attempt to always gain the upper hand over someone. It was a survival tactic, carefully cultivated throughout years of the necessity of needing to assert herself as the dominant queen bee in the environment she'd grown up in. Still, there wasn't going to be a place for it amid her Southside family-to-be. It was one thing for them to be joking in a booth at Pop's because Betty seemed to gauge when it was bordering on severe and when it was just wordplay. Still, all it would take was the wrong Serpent taking Cheryl's words the wrong way as a means of disrespect, and there would surely be hell for her to pay.

Betty snaked a fry from the basket sitting on the table between the two of them, popping it into her mouth and chewing thoughtfully for a moment as Cheryl finished rounding off her notes with her ridiculous pen before turning the page and readying herself for the next law. "Alright, so law number two is pretty self-explanatory. If a Serpent is killed or imprisoned, their family will be taken care of." Betty shrugged, letting Cheryl's tease roll off her shoulders easily though she couldn't help the smirk she tried to fend off as she reached for her milkshake to take a sip.

"Of course, that is if any of your family you deem worthy enough to be taken care of." It wasn't a comment intended to injure the other girl, bright eyes flashing across the table in earnest to offer her some semblance of an olive branch. A lot of the Serpents came from less than idyllic families. From what she knew of Cheryl's past with her father and brother's loss, it might not be such a far-fetched concept for them to share, though not entirely sure where Cheryl's relationship with her remaining family members stood. And especially after choosing to join the Serpents.

10/21/2020 12:15 PM 

You're my safest place to hide.

Ultimate Wild card

You're my safest place to hide

The breaths came shallow as she felt the weight pressing down heavily on her chest. No matter how much she seemed to be gasping for air, it wasn't enough, and the twinge in her chest responded with a sharp stabbing pain as her lungs grew desperate for more oxygen. She'd awoken from a dead sleep, feeling like she couldn't breathe, and her fingernails had been clawing at her neck as if trying to free herself from some imaginary monster that had taken hold of her in a state of dreaming. What had started out as peaceful sleep had quickly turned to a nightmare, and Betty was left powerless against her own subconscious as all of her internalized fears warped into actual evils taking out their revenge on her.

The sudden violent motions had been enough to wake him, as well as the terror and fear emanating from the blonde as she'd been making various sounds and noises in her restless sleep. He was there with her now, as both of his hands took hold firmly on her arms to anchor her in reality but never enough to hurt her. He forced her eyes onto him as he gently shook her, hands moving to grasp hers in both assurances as well as keep her from further hurting herself as she came to. She was scared, the bright blues of her eyes the biggest giveaway, but she trusted in him and merely nodded in reply as she wasn't quite able to form words just yet from being so breathless. Safe. She was safe with him. Her eyes squeezed shut tightly as she focused on repeating details surrounding her to center herself and gain control over the panic she was experiencing. He was here; he was holding onto her for as long as she needed. They were safe, in bed in his trailer, and he'd even drawn up her favorite blanket over the top of her sometime throughout the night.

Betty was all but biting her nails, fingers curling in on themselves but clutching the edge of the blanket for distraction instead of resorting to old bad habits. The marks on her palms now only distant scars ever since not long after they had first become a couple back in high school. She needed him to be okay, to come home to her, but she'd learned long ago that wasn't always a guarantee.

It was Wednesday night, they'd had dinner at Pop's together, and he'd teased her about the whipped cream she hadn't realized was on the tip of her nose from drinking her favorite vanilla milkshake. Suddenly the world seemed to slow, and Betty could feel her breathing evening out as she opened her eyes again to meet his worried and intense gaze." I'm... okay.." She repeated shakily, slowly as she bowed her head forward, forehead meeting his as she pushed herself closer toward him. "I'm safe."

10/18/2020 11:27 PM 

8 letters.

Ultimate Wild card

You know my worst, see me hurt, but you don't judge

Her salvation came in the form of the simplest of words from him, his granting that things were okay when it felt like everything was anything but. Eyes widened in both surprise and disbelief, despite the forgiveness that followed and fell from his lips. She felt herself pulling back further, not entirely out of his reach just yet but enough to stare back at him wildly as if she couldn't comprehend what he'd said. Instantly, Betty began shaking her head, both hands letting go of him as she wiped at her own cheeks as she attempted to regain control over herself despite the futility of it. "I don't deserve your forgiveness... I hurt you, Jug." She met him with confusion, clouding her expression. He'd said it himself in this same garage only earlier that day when they'd been working on the car together. You did the one thing that could really hurt me. They were words that were likely to haunt her for some time, no matter how much they worked toward mending one another's respective wounds, and it stemmed mostly from her unwilling and unable to forgive herself just yet for her actions forced by the Black Hood.

It was her internal fight as much as he was waging war against his own; she wasn't so lost in her own horrors to know his conscience wasn't just as heavily weighted. With business between the Serpents and Ghoulies, especially after the botched race at Archie's hands. The anger she'd seen in him when they'd first arrived, that raging force she was so unfamiliar with, was a new creation of the divide between North and South that continued to be tearing him apart right through the middle. They were separately so broken, and yet maybe there was still some hope in the way he looked at her now, the way his arms fit so comfortably around her and without so much as a second of hesitation that meant their pieces could be put back together. The world around them seemed to have it out for them, but there existed a strength between them, for the sake of the other, that somehow they were going to fight back and that everything was going to be okay again.

Betty took a moment, mulling something over in her own head. She didn't feel the need to voice aloud. But perhaps she wasn't able to just yet, so much of her well past the point of exhaustion and the understanding he always seemed to have with her when her thoughts and feelings were beyond the expression of words. She simply began nodding her head, a slow acquiescence as she began accepting her forgiveness no matter how much she might want to continue to deny and punish herself for her sins.

Betty drifted forward again, this time with measured softness, and folded herself against his chest, her arms wrapping around his back to secure herself tightly against him as she tucked her head beneath his chin. "I just wish this whole nightmare was over." Her voice barely above a whisper; he might have missed her words if he hadn't been paying attention. Thoughts drifted to the day at Pop's when she'd been so close to confessing everything to him, the sad joke about both of them just skipping town to escape from all of their demons, and Betty found herself wishing it had been a plan enacted into reality instead of just an ill-timed attempt at comedic levity.

It was what she struggled with to explain to leather-clad boy standing merely feet from her now as he gravitated toward her. It was the sickness she felt in her stomach towards herself and no matter how he tried to rationalize that anyone would have done the same, it mattered most because she wasn’t everyone else. In that moment, the Black Hood had seen her true self, that darkness that permeated her very being no matter how much she fought to hide it away from the world that she would stop at nothing when it came to protecting those she loved. It was a bitter truth to swallow, one Betty had never really confronted or coped with in the past even when it surfaced with revenge for Polly on Chuck Clayton and now it has resurfaced with a vengeance ten times stronger.

10/05/2020 12:25 PM 

If I'm being honest.

Ultimate Wild card

If I'm being honest

She was a faint traced outline of her former self, the lines still there but no definition or color left to recognize. Betty had refused sleep that first night, and the night after that and the night after that. Collectively over the last several weeks, she'd slept only a small number of hours and only when she pushed herself to the point of physical exhaustion. Concerns came flooding to her ears from family, from friends, and yet none of it seemed to ever really reach her. She didn't care. If she started caring and feeling one thing, it would spiral into everything, and she'd be left defenseless and out of control just as she had been that first night on the kitchen floor.

Food had been another battlefront entirely, refusing herself even the slightest bit of nutrition, somehow determined to punish herself to the point of starvation for, in her mind, not having been able to provide. Betty had been admitted to the hospital for several days during that first week for observation, particularly after the doctor's concern for Betty's health and force-feeding her through an IV bag. But soon, she returned to the same empty house.

What the BlackHood had forced her to do in the preceding weeks, psychologically manipulating her to his will and forcing her to commit atrocities against those he loved most all for the sake of isolating her for his own sick and twisted purposes would never feel right, they would never be okay. She was getting stronger, now that the hold had been broken from the psycho, but the scars still remained, and every so often, they cut more profound than even she realized when randomly they could be triggered by a word, a sound, or an image that took her right back to where she'd been standing in that abandoned house with the black hood over her own face staring at her own morbid reflection in the mirror he'd forced her to look into..

Betty had taken to holing herself up in the guest bedroom upstairs. Every few hours or so, the door would creak open, and she would descend the stairs in search of only one thing: coffee. It had become her necessity as much as it was her only remaining life force.

And so her feet carried her, weightlessly down the steps as silent like the ghost she'd become and into the kitchen as she opened the overhead cabinet above the coffee pot in search of a mug.

09/21/2020 08:49 PM 

That nobody could take your place.

serpent juliet Oh, oh my heart hurts so good I love you, babe, so bad And you need to know You're the only one alright
That nobody could take your place
Betty shifted, taking a deep breath as she moved to sit up a little, suddenly all tiredness erased with the question hanging between them in the air. This was part of her road to recovery, forcing herself out of her level of comfort in the safety he provided her if it meant she was willing to talk about it. Therapy had helped her learn these tools to confront and address the feelings she might otherwise not understand or the lingering dark desires she might feel tempted to give into. Despite the nerves growing in her stomach, it was necessary for them. She leaned into him still, nestling against his side now and allowing him to secure his other arm around her side, though with the material of his t-shirt still firmly in place.

"I'm... okay." It was a cop-out answer, and she knew he was going to call her on it, but it wasn't for the sake of evading the root of the question; it was for her to take a second to better quantify and explain her answer. "Today at lunch with mom, I got the pasta primavera and even the slice of cheesecake for myself." She grinned, proud of herself, and her efforts to rebuild a much healthier relationship with food even as she worked towards gaining her weight back with carb-loading. There were still good days, and bad days, her therapist had warned them both they might come in varying shades and to be patient with not only themselves but each other. Sometimes it really was the little victories, and that was the most they could ask for.

Eyes closed in both defeat and exasperation as a sigh escaped her lips. "Because honestly? You've been the only person willing to put up with me today." She admitted feebly, her head cocking to the side as her blonde ponytail swayed along with the motion, her features contorting to a look of contrition. "I'm tired, and we've been trying to figure out this for hours now without any leads." She tossed the notebook she had in hand down onto the trailer floor. "Not that any of that means you deserve it." she was seated on the floor and turned toward where he was sitting on the edge of the old worn couch. "Forgive me?

09/20/2020 03:09 PM 

like it's medicine for the mind.

serpent juliet I remember that time when you took my hand Looked into my eyes said, "i got you, darling" Shivers up my spine and down my back
like it's medicine for the mind
Her head turned sharply to meet him full-on, the fear and desperation still wildly vivid in the comprehensive set of her eyes, pupils dilated from the waning adrenaline from her all-too-realistic nightmares. "I mean... we don't know that it's over.." Her voice was still soft, feeble, and if he wasn't sitting hunched over her so closely, he might not have been able to make out her words. Betty swallowed, trying to collect herself for the first time since being jolted awake, realizing how thirsty she was. The back of her throat parched, almost painfully dry and raspy from her body's innate flight or flight response to conserve energies from what her brain perceived as a threat, even if it was only reliving the worst of her trauma instead of actually experiencing it. "He's still there. They could find out I'm here; if they see me again, they could just do it all over again. Drag me back to that place-" She was rambling, a nervous habit she'd always had but this time taking on a new life of its own as she spiraled before cutting herself off, eyelids squeezing shut tightly as if she could somehow hideaway and if she couldn't see, then maybe she couldn't be seen.

Betty curled into him more, already feeling the heat of her body, shifting to cold sweats. If her teeth weren't clenched together from anxiety, her teeth might have actually chattered from the sudden drastic change in body temperature. There were too many physiological responses happening at one time, too many thoughts flooding her mind, and she felt the familiar panic rising up in her chest. "I can't go back there, I can't ever go back." She repeated the words to herself, not him; the mantra she'd promised even from inside the walls while she'd been imprisoned against her will. All of her muscles were tensed, bracing herself for something to happen other than the gentle and protective hold she had around her. Betty was working herself up all over again, the residual waves of night terrors she had still gripping her and closing in around her throat.

She swung her legs over the side, toes barely brushing against the worn carpet below but allowing her to sit up to her full height and take a full deep breath, head dizzy with sudden replenishment of oxygen but better than she'd felt moments before. "I'm too hot, too cold, too scared, or feel nothing. I can't sleep, or I sleep all day... I'm a mess, Jug. I'm a mess." She shook her head slowly, hanging down in defeat.

09/14/2020 04:04 PM 

She's the steady that'll keep you sane.

serpent juliet She's never been one to hold back If there's something on her mind you're gonna know that And you're gonna wanna listen to everything she'll say
She's the steady that'll keep you sane
" I HAD TO !" the words spilled from her lips so quickly, with no hesitation, that betty wondered why she had antagonized so over it. Archie had never admitted the whole truth about what he said. He had informed the blonde it was terrible. Rash words are caused by the sudden appearance of the serpents. Of course, betty had been frustrated, maybe a little angered, by the news. She had explicitly told him not to be cruel. Archie couldn't even do that one thing for her. And now, well, she could only imagine what Jughead thought about her. None of it right, she was sure. But she wanted to change that. He needed to know none of it came from her mind or mouth. It was finally time to tell him the truth.

She could hear his emotions in his voice, no matter how he might have tried to hide them. She knew him too well for that, as he knew her. She didn't need to see such things in his face. In his eyes. She didn't want to see those emotions change as she admitted the truth. After all, it wasn't pretty, and she certainly wouldn't blame him for thinking ill of her. It was pathetic, really, letting an anonymous voice on the other end of the phone control her life. But she had no choice. If she hadn't taken him seriously if she had denied his request and something had happened to Polly and the babies.. betty would never forgive herself.

Hands linked her lap, thumbs rubbing over one another as she searched for the perfect words to say. The silence became suffocating. It stretched on for too long and threatened to ruin everything. He might think she was backing out. She couldn't have that. " the black hood.. he's been calling me. " suddenly she felt lighter. Like the weight she had been carrying around on her back was finally lifted. More so than when she had spoken to Archie or veronica. The person she wanted most to know in the entire town was finally being told the complete and total truth. " he knew where Polly was, jug. He threatened her… the babies. if I didn't do what he said, he was going to hurt them. "

Desperation seeped into her once soft tones. She needed him to understand. Betty loved her sister more than anything in this life. There was nothing the younger cooper wouldn't do to ensure her sibling's safety. " the exposé on my mom, what I said to veronica, the breakup. It was all because of him. I didn't want to do any of it, but -" her voice broke, betraying the raw emotion running through her veins. Her vision blurred, tears pooling in their corners. A dainty hand lifted to hastily wipe them away before they dared to fall. " I couldn't risk it. if anything happened to them.. to Polly and the babies, it would be my fault. "

Finally, she looked at him. Really looked. Trying to convey everything she felt. The hurt, the loneliness, the desperation of the situation she had found herself in. She had been playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with a serial killer, and she had, for the most part, lost. It didn't make any of it right. it didn't excuse what she had done, but she hoped he could forgive her one day. " I'm so sorry, Jughead."

" Jughead." his name felt strange on her lips, almost foreign. Her mouth had dried up. Possibly in fear of what was about to leave her lips. They were back together, finally. She had fought so hard to get them back to this place... she couldn't keep looking at him and wonder if there was more he didn't tell her. " if we're going to make this work - and I want to make this work more then anything.. there can't be any more secrets." her body gravitated towards his once again, one hand reaching up to brush a rogue strand of blonde hair out of her eyes. Blue irises. It wasn't even the tattoo itself, nor his new connection to the serpents, but the fact she hadn't known about it. After everything. Their chat in the car, the days they had spent together since. She had found out by chance. " I support you, juggie. I know the serpents are important to you… and you're important to me. I love you. But I can't carry on only knowing half of the story. I can't be here for you if you don't let me in. I can handle it."

09/10/2020 12:36 PM 

I need you here right by my side

serpent juliet They don't hear the way you say my name I swear Nothing compares to you From that first kiss, I knew I wouldn't be the same
I need you here right by my side
There was no denying that he was right; when it came to letting anyone help her when she needed it most or letting them see the worst parts of her, she'd always fallen short. Betty felt the need to be the resilient protector for everyone but herself, and she was a fool to think that the self-proclaimed observer couldn't see right through her guise.

She didn't know she needed his reassurances until he spoke them, addressing insecurities she'd always held deep within. Part of what made his more permanent move to the South Side so scary wasn't just his safety, though that would still be paramount to anything else in her eyes. But there was a fear of losing him in other ways that Betty hadn't even admitted to herself, allowed to dwell in the possibilities though they often snuck up on her unsolicited.

Their roles were reversed; she reserved to be forthcoming with her feelings, and he the one promising that everything was going to be alright despite all that was against them. "It's so hard..." She finally confessed, her voice uncharacteristically soft and unsure of herself. "Maybe I'm just scared, talking about things.. it makes me feel open, vulnerable when I feel like I can't afford to be." Her shoulders shrugged along with her words. "There's a murderer on the loose, I can't be scared of that or else he's already won. If I'm scared about one thing... it spirals into everything."


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