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Chris Steele

06/11/2011 01: AM 

Character History (Volume Four: Fugitives)

2008-2009 Second Half of Season 3: Nathan meets with someone in a limousine in Washington, D.C. Nathan says their only option is to get the U.S. government involved. The other man is going over files of Tracy, Micah, Mohinder, Chris, and Hiro, and says that there are many others with powers. Nathan says all the evidence the man needs is there, and he wants to put them in a facility where they won't be a danger to anyone. The man agrees to get them whatever they need. Nathan gets out and says, "Thank you, Mr. President." During this time, Chris and Peter have trying to live a normal life. About a week later, Chris hears from his contact in the government, who gives Chris some interesting news. Contacting Peter, Chris tells him what's going on and he runs into Elle again. Taking her ability again, he tells her what's going on and to run. Both Peter and Chris agree to meet up, but before they meet, Chris is knocked out. He is then taken on a plane, with his powers temporarily suppressed. During this time, the drugs begin to wear off as Claire releases both him and Peter. Fighting the guards, the two take them out, but not before Peter absorbs Tracy's ability and causes the hull to bust open. The plane crash lands and explodes, not before everyone is released. With whatever remaining guards on the way, Chris tells Peter goodbye, promising that he'll talk to him soon. Peter, going after Chris, finds him gone, just gone. After much thought, Chris travels back in time and revives his uncle, Arthur Petrelli. Explaining the situation, Chris brings Arthur to the present, hoping that his uncle would help him take care of Nathan. Unfortunately, Chris is double-crossed as Arthur takes away all of his abilities. Not sure what to do, Chris returns home and talks to his mother. Much to his surprise, Chris learns that Kathryn can restore his original ability. Deciding to get his original ability back, Chris absorbs both his mother's ability and Elle's ability. Leaving again, Chris goes to confront Nathan. Heading over to Nathan's office, Chris confronts his cousin and learns the truth, that Nathan did indeed sell Chris, Peter, and others out. Not sure of what to do, Chris does something desperate. Absorbing Nathan's ability again, Chris grabs his cousin, and flies out of Nathan's office. Up above the city, Chris gives Nathan a choice, expose himself to the government by using his ability to save himself, or die. He then lets go of Nathan. With Nathan saving himself, and fooling his men, Chris takes off from the roof that Nathan landed on, but not before promising Nathan that he'll find a way to stop him. Once back in New York City, Chris runs into his friend Adam Mako. Warning Adam of what's going on and absorbing his ability again, Chris is soon forced into an abandoned building, running into Mohinder Suresh. Absorbing Mohinder's ability, the two fight their way out from Nathan's men. Meeting Mohinder again, the two try to leave New York City and decide to split up. Meeting up with Peter and Claire, the three decide to have Chris take Claire home. Chris and Claire make a detour to Odessa, Texas so Claire can spend one day there. Arriving back in Costa Verde, Chris teaches Claire how to defend herself. Leaving, Chris visits Tommy Oliver and Ethan James in Reefside, California, but not before visiting Samantha Miller. Warning them on what is going to happen, Chris absorbs their abilities, figuring that they might be useful later on. Mimicking Samantha's precognition, Chris sketches himself in New York City with a man that he used to know. Feeling that he has to meet the man, Chris leaves and goes to New York City. Once back in New York City, Chris runs into an old high school friend, Leonardo Lawliet. Absorbing and mimicking Leo's ability, Chris asks Leo to come with him to his mother's house to try to stay under the radar. Leo agrees and the two travel and meet Chris' mother. Once at his mother's house, Chris finds his birth certificate and finds out that it's fake. Asking his mother, Chris learns that he is adopted and that a mutual friend of theirs, Samson Gray, offered to give them baby Chris in exchange for money. Both Ben and Kathryn agreed and adopted Chris. Remembering that Sylar's last name is Gray, Chris goes realizes that he and Sylar are brothers, and takes off to find him. Before Chris can meet up with Sylar, he is captured by his men and taken to Building 26. Learning that his friend, Matt Sullivan is an evolved human, Chris absorbs his ability and escapes. After about a day of searching, Chris finds Sylar once more. Along with Sylar, Chris meets Luke Campbell, who's traveling with the killer. Saving himself from the two, Chris learns that they are looking for Sylar's father, Samson Gray. While on the road to meet Samson, Chris decides to do something that could possibly end the hunt for evolved humans. He learns how to use Sylar's original ability, Intuitive Aptitude. Now having "the hunger", Chris kills Michael Adams and takes his ability of magnetism. Finally meeting his father, Chris learns that his biological mother is Kathryn Steele. Once Kathryn found out that she was pregnant, Samson agreed to keep quiet, in exchange for money. Learning the truth, Chris leaves, leaving Samson to die alone. Running into Peter again, the two decide to team up and go after Danko, who unbeknownst to them, is working with Sylar. After barely escaping Danko and Sylar's grasp, Chris flees to Mexico, where he meets up with Nathan once more. Learning that Nathan's secret has been revealed, Chris reluctantly teams up with his older cousin in order to fix things, suppressing the hunger as he does. Before he and Nathan can do anything, the two, along with Claire and Noah, are summoned to Coyote Sands. Remarking that it's in Arizona, Chris, Nathan, and Claire fly to it. Digging, Chris, along with the rest of his family, discover bones and soon learn what happened there back in 1961. Discovering that his other aunt, Alice Shaw is still alive, Chris along with the rest of the Petrellis and Mohinder, attempt to bring Alice with them. Getting hit by lightning and knocked out, Chris misses his aunt leaving. Waking up some time later, Chris goes with Angela, and attempts to find Alice and bring her with them, in an attempt to reconnect their family. Approaching the hotel as quick as possible, Chris, Peter, and Nathan attempt to stop Sylar from taking control. Giving into the hunger temporally, Chris fights Peter, leaving Nathan alone. Before killing Peter, Chris controls the hunger and the two plan to take Sylar out. Chris, along with Peter, and Nathan, attempt to kill Sylar. The plan backfires and Chris is sedated and telekinetically knocked out the window. Landing on fire escape and being knocked, Chris wakes up hours later and flies to the Deveaux Building, confronting Peter. The two have a falling out of sorts before they learn that Sylar has "died" and go back to Coyote Sands, along with his family, Mohinder Suresh, Matt Parkman, Hiro Nakamura, and Ando Masahashi, watches as Sylar burns. Chris gets a feeling that something isn't quite right. Afterwards, he tells Peter that Arthur is alive because of him. Angry, Peter tells Chris never to talk to him again, and leaves.

Chris Steele

06/11/2011 01: AM 

Character History (Volume Three: Villians)

2007-2008 First Half of Season 3: In the beginning of Season 3, Chris is still in his cell when Sylar attacks the Company, going down to Level 5. Once Bob is dead and his aunt, Angela Petrelli, takes over, Chris is freed and learns of the escapees on Level 5. Agreeing to work for the Company, in exchange for his freedom, once all the escapees are returned. Chris is given a partner, and sent out on his mission. On his first mission in the field, he encounters Benjamin "Knox" Washington, the two fight, with Knox badly injuring him. Sometime afterwards, Chris is visited by his future self, and knocked out. Chris awakens later by a future Peter Petrelli and accidentally absorbs Induced Radioactivity, in which he starts to glow. Calming down, Chris theorizes that his future self somehow gave him a new ability, which allows him to absorbs other people's abilities. After being brought back to New York by Future Peter, Chris decides to go to Costa Verde to get Claire's ability to regenerate. After briefly catching up and gaining Claire's ability, Chris leaves back for New York City. Sometime later, Chris then receives a phone call from his distraught mother, who tells him that his father is dead. Going back to his home, via Future Peter, Chris meets Devon, an escapee from the Company, who murdered his father and wants to kill him. After a brief fight, Future Chris arrives and tells Present Chris who he got his abilities from. He is about to tell Present Chris a secret about their uncle, Arthur Petrelli, but stops and leaves. Chris returns home and tells Future Peter what happened. The two are about to leave when Future Chris arrives and takes Future Peter, their fates unknown. A moment later, Peter from the present returns from the future, changed. Peter attempts to kill Chris in order to see how he works, but Chris stops him, using two new abilities (Sound Manipulation and Pyrokinesis). After which, Chris learns that Sylar is Peter and Nathan's brother, meaning his cousin. He also learns that Peter can now use Sylar's original ability and it's dangerous side effect. Chris meets with Nathan, hoping to get his help to bring the Company down. Gaining Nathan's ability and getting no help from him, Chris leaves. He soon returns to the Company and begins to hunt all the escaped villains, making enemies along the way. Encountering Hiro Nakamura, who is trying to get his half of the formula back, Chris decides to sidetrack and help out Hiro. After accidentally gaining Hiro's ability, Chris decides to try to control his power absorption ability. After gaining partial control over it, Chris encounters Daphne Millbrook, who after absorbing her ability, gives him a card to Pinehearst, before speeding off. Chris is left there trying to figure out what exactly is going on. Returning to the Company, Chris learns that Peter has gone to Pinehearst to find out what exactly is going on, but hasn't been heard from him in a few hours. Making up his mind, Chris quits the Company and teleports over to Pinehearst. Sneaking in, he finds Peter, who tells him that his late uncle is the one behind all of this and that he took all of Peter's powers. Confused, Chris hears his name and turns around. He is surprised and shocked to see his uncle, Arthur Petrelli, alive and well. Facing off with Arthur, Chris learns that he and his future self got their power absorption ability from Arthur. Escaping and meeting up with Samantha Miller, they begin to think of a new strategy. Chris soon learns that Arthur and his team are on the move, and going after him, Peter, Claire, and Angela. Soon, Knox meets up with Chris, who tells him that Arthur sent him to kill Chris. The two soon begin a one-on-one battle and the second eclipse begins. While this is happening, both of them lose their abilities and Chris learns of his true power, like Arthur and Peter, he can absorb other people's abilities, as well as information at a much faster rate, like a computer. Defeating Knox, Chris calls his mother to tell him what he knows. Kathryn tells him that he is one of the four "powerhouses" (him, Arthur, Peter, and Sylar), people who can use multiple abilities at once. She also invites him over to see someone. Arriving at his parents' house, Chris is surprised to see his brother, Steven there. After a brief family reunion with Steven, Chris senses that Peter is in trouble and teleports to Primatech. Learning from Angela that Peter and Nathan hadn't returned from retrieving the Haitian, Chris teleports to Haiti and finds Peter in the jungle. Finding out that Nathan left to join his uncle, Chris and Peter begin searching for the Haitian. Meeting Baron Samedi, the Haitian's half-brother, Chris absorbs Samedi's ability of Impenetrable Skin, but learns that he can't mimic the ability (due to the fact that he can't have both Impenetrable Skin and Rapid Cell Regeneration active at the same time). Holding off Samedi and his men until the Haitian arrives, the three subdue Samedi and teleport back to Primatech. Splitting up, Chris travels to Pinehearst in hopes of finishing Arthur first, but fails. Learning of what happened to Hiro, Chris travels into the past and is confronted by Kaito Nakamura. After a brief encounter and not finding the Hiro from the present, Chris returns to the present. Going back to Pinehearst, Chris encounters Sylar once more. Getting the upper hand in the battle, Chris absorbs all of Sylar's new abilities, but doesn't know what they are. After the Haitian subdues Sylar, Chris goes back to Primatech to make sure the killer is locked away. With Sylar escaping, the Haitian tells Chris to go get help, but instead, he encounters Matt, Daphne, and Ando, who hopes that Ando will get an ability that will rescue Hiro. Injecting Ando with the formula and absorbing his new ability, Chris travels back to Pinehearst, just in time for Mohinder's lab to explode. Seeing Peter and Nathan fly out just as the explosion happens, Chris goes after them. Getting there as Nathan flies off, Chris finds out the Peter took the formula and has his abilities back. Chris and Peter wonder what will happen now.

Chris Steele

06/11/2011 01: AM 

Character History (Volume Two: Generations)

2007 Post Season 1/Pre-Season 2: Several days since the explosion occurred had past before Chris found Nathan. After learning that Peter was missing and presumed dead, Chris decided to travel the world searching for his friend, in hopes of finding Peter. Three weeks after he set off on his quest, Chris blacked out once again and woke up a month later in Paris, France, with no recollection of the past month. When he does wake up, Chris notices that the Symbol is tattooed across his back. Particularly unphased by this set back, Chris once again travels the globe in search of Peter Petrelli. Season 2: As he travels the globe in search of Peter, Chris gets a call from Angela Petrelli, saying that Nathan has been released from the hospital. Going back to New York, Chris spends some time with Nathan before hearing that Angela was arrested for the death of Kaito Nakamura. Going to the police station, Chris meets Detective Matt Parkman, an evolved human with the ability of telepathy. Soon, Chris, Nathan, and Matt are on the hunt for Kaito's killer. After hearing Angela's "confession", Chris travels to Arizona to find his mother and father, hoping that nothing has happened to them. Before leaving New York, Chris encounters Adam Monroe, who claims to know him and is searching for Peter. The two split up, looking for Peter, but Chris having an uneasy feeling about Adam. After four months of searching, Chris finally finds an amnesic Peter Petrelli living in Cork, Ireland. There, Chris as an encounter with his ex-girlfriend, Elle, and discovers her ability and how deadly it can be. After escaping Elle, Chris finds himself at Caitlin's (Peter's new girlfriend), apartment. Seeing a painting of himself, Peter, and Caitlin, the three go to Montreal in search for clues into Peter's past. Once at Montreal, Chris receives a text and picture message from a Samantha Miller, who claims she can paint the future. Getting the ok from Peter, Chris travels to Lake Arrowhead, California and meets Samantha Miller, who turns out to be 84 years old. After spending several days with Samantha, Chris contacts Peter, who comes to Lake Arrowhead and sees the paintings for himself. After meeting with Peter and Samantha, Chris and Peter split up, looking for the strain of the Shanti virus that will kill 93% of the world's population. During this time Chris is unable to access his ability (he is infected by the Shanti virus, a strain of the virus that is very similar to the one Niki and Sylar has). Soon, the symptoms of the Shanti virus get worse and Chris contacts Mohinder. Meeting with Mohinder, Chris is injected with the cure and eventually feels better. After being cured of the virus, Chris learns everything there is to know about the virus and learns that his blood now is a cure for the strain of the virus that he had. Thanking Mohinder, Chris once again sets off to find the fatal strain of the Shanti virus. Post Season 2/Pre-Season 3: After destroying the Shanti virus, Chris hears from Peter and learns that Nathan as been shot. Rushing over to Odessa, Texas, Chris comes up with a daring, yet dangerous idea. Chris injects himself with Peter's blood, hoping to remember what happened to him a month after Peter exploded. Shortly after doing so, Chris recovers his lost memory and learns that Peter, Nathan, and he are related (they're cousins). He soon realizes that he can regenerate, though Chris theorizes that this is temporarily. After that, Chris learns that Nathan will recover from his bullet wounds. Shortly afterwards, Nathan tells Chris that Peter has went off with Adam. Telling Nathan that he will find Peter, Chris leaves to go find Peter, but is confronted by Bob Bishop, who offers him the job of finding Peter and bringing him into the Company. Not wanting to turn in his own cousin, Chris refuses to work with Bob and the Company and begins to walk off, but he is soon knocked unconscious, and taken back to the Company. After spending a few days with Bob, Chris agrees to help find Peter, but soon ditches the Company after he is back out in the real world. After a while Chris attempts to take down the Company, which eventually leads him to be captured and under Bob's orders, put into a cell on Level 3.

Chris Steele

06/11/2011 01: AM 

Character History (Volume One: Genesis)

2006-2007 Season 1: In the beginning of Season 1, Chris has just finished training with Dr. Oliver when he gets a phone call from a Mohinder Suresh, who says that he knows that Chris might have an ability. The two set up a meeting for when Chris reaches New York. Before leaving for New York, Chris meets Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi. After realizing that Hiro is Kaito Nakamura's son, Chris decides to travel with them to New York. While he travels with them, Chris learns from Hiro about a bomb that is supposed to go off in New York in five weeks. During this time, Chris teaches , Hiro some English as they head to New York. The three reach Las Vegas and part ways, saying that they'll meet up with each other again in New York. After meeting an interesting family in Las Vegas, Chris heads towards New York again. After about a week on the road, Chris ends up in Texas where he meets a cheerleader by the name of Claire Bennet, who can heal herself. Shortly after meeting Claire, Chris is confronted by a man with horn-rimmed glasses (Noah Bennet). Chris soon blacks out (the Haitian's ability), and wakes up several days later in Ohio, with no memory of what happened to him over the past several days. Chris finds a strange mark on his left shoulder. Not knowing what the mark is, Chris continues his journey to New York. Once arriving in New York, Chris meets Mohinder and after doing some tests, it is confirmed that Chris is an evolved human. After meeting Mohinder, Chris goes to meet Peter and Nathan, and to warn them about the bomb. Meeting up with Peter first, the two quickly catch up before Peter tells Chris about Nathan being able to fly and about himself being the bomb. Revealing his ability to Peter, Chris promises his friend that he'll do whatever it takes to stop Peter from accidentally blowing up New York. The two soon part ways for the time being and Chris goes to find Nathan. On his way to meet Nathan, Chris is confronted by Sylar, who is determined to kill him and take Chris' ability. Chris quickly escapes from Sylar, but is confronted by the madman again. This time Chris and Sylar fight, and Chris barely escapes. After losing Sylar, Chris meets up with Nathan Petrelli, who is on the campaign trail, running for Congress. The two meet, catch up, and when Chris mentions Nathan's ability, he first denies it, but later tells Chris the truth, but tells Chris to keep it a secret. Chris agrees and when he tells Nathan about the bomb, Nathan tells Chris not to worry, unknown to Chris, Nathan already knows about the bomb, but has decided to let the bomb go off. As the time of the election nears closer, Chris meets up with Hiro and Ando again. Commenting that Hiro's English has improved a great deal, Hiro tells him that he has met a woman named Charlie, who taught him better English. The three decide to split up in hopes of stopping the bomb and Sylar. On November 8, 2006, Peter Petrelli exploded high in the sky. Chris was a few blocks away when it happened. Angry that he didn't keep his promise to Peter, Chris rushes over to the scene to see if he could find Peter, but to no avail. He learns from Claire that Nathan took Peter into the sky to prevent the destruction of the city. Angry that Chris couldn't save his friends, Chris takes off, in hopes to find both Nathan and Peter.

Chris Steele

06/11/2011 12: AM 

Character History (Volume Zero: Origins)

(I've decided to put all of Chris' character history into volumes, like from Heroes. The history will be updated as my RP storylines. Also note that I've put the years in which the history takes place in.) 1980-2006 Pre-Season 1: Chris Steele was born on July 11, 1980 in Mesa, Arizona. His father, Benjamin Franklin Steele, was a colonel in the United States Army. An only child, Chris moved around a lot when he was growing up, living on various Air Force bases around the world, but was mostly stationed on the West Coast of the United States, in New York, and in Tokyo, Japan. Chris was about 8 years old when he first met the Petrellis, who were friends of his father. After meeting them several times, Chris became friends with Peter, the Petrellis' youngest son. Every time their parents got together, Peter and Chris would always play together, with Peter's older brother Nathan, coming along to make sure the two were safe and stayed out of trouble. Chris was 15 when his powers manifested. He first noticed he reflectively moved a lawn chair a few feet. Not knowing how his parents would take his story, Chris kept it to himself. Even though he tried to do it again, Chris found out that whatever ability he had, was only reflective and that he couldn't willing control it. Then, on July 14, 1996, Chris decided to attempt to tell his parents that he might have an ability. They didn't buy it and after Chris left the room; his father levitated a spoon off the table, revealing that at least his father has an ability as well. When Chris first started high school, he met a girl by the name Elle Bishop. Chris had instantly fallen in love with Elle, but was afraid to show his love, not knowing if she loved him or not. It wasn't until his second semester in the 10th grade when he finally told Elle about his feelings towards her. Chris was surprised that Elle had feelings for him as well. Soon, the two started dating and they quickly became boyfriend and girlfriend. The two dated until near the end of their senior year in high school, when they broke up for unknown reasons. Shortly before Chris graduated from high school, his family took one last vacation to Japan, where Chris met Kaito Nakamura (Hiro's father), who turned out to be another one of his father's close friends. Having spent a portion of his childhood in Japan, Chris had mastered Japanese and enjoyed the country before returning back to the United States. Six Months Ago: By his 27th birthday, Chris had already moved out on his own, where he was living in an apartment with his friend, Jack Miller, for a few months. Fueled by curiosity on his own, unknown ability, Chris had decided to do some research on people with abilities. It was there that he came across the name Chandra Suresh. Thinking that he had an ability, Chris tried to contact Chandra, only to learn that he was recently killed. A short time later, Chris found information on a Dr. Thomas Oliver, who believed that the human race is evolving and that there may be people with abilities already out there. Intrigued by Dr. Oliver, Chris contacted him and the two met. Dr. Oliver ran tests on Chris and told him that he has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields and with training can also generate magnetic fields. During their training, they make another discovery about Chris. They discover that Chris is more resilient to physical injury and can take quite a beating before succumbing to his injuries. While this is happening, Chris met Ethan James and discovered that he can bend metal using his ability. Chris trained with Dr. Oliver for six months before saying goodbye and traveling to New York to tell Peter and Nathan about his new abilities. As a farewell gift, Tommy gave Chris a metal disc that works with Chris' ability, which could come in handy on his journey.

Deeper Than Blood; RPG

06/11/2011 01: PM 

Members only Blog

DEEPER THAN BLOOD MEMBERS BLOG. Like it says above this blog is for MEMBERS ONLY. This blog contains the members code, members memories from group events and members personal info like there birthays :D Enjoy members. Member Banner and IconsMembers Group Chat Memories Members Birthday's

Deeper Than Blood; RPG

06/11/2011 01: PM 

Group chats

G R O U P  C H A T SR P G  G R O U P  M E M O R I E SMoments on Aim/Chatzy.Memebers memories. Some will be scheduled group chats others will be unscheduled lets have fun!... Joined the madness of our group chats. Read the Rules Click hereFor members Enjoy our memories.First Group chat 5.1.2011  Click here 

Deeper Than Blood; RPG

06/11/2011 01: PM 

Member Banner and Icons

 MEMBERS BANNER AND ICONSWe have a resizable banner code  just adjust it to fit your layout. Need help don't hesitate in asking Rose Or Lissa. when we get a new members the code will be updated and we will inform all members when that happens so you can update yours as well. Here's your code:<center><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a></center>

Louis -

06/10/2011 07: PM 

Some rules, expectations and stuff
Current mood:  adored

Louis is a complex character and I play him to the best of my abilities and with the utmost respect for his creator.  I have read the books up to and including Merrick.  I am well versed in the Anne Rice Characters.  Although Rice saw to have him resurrected and heightened, I do not emphasize those traits in my writing.  I do play him physically strong with enhanced senses and intuitive but, he cannot read minds, fly, set you on fire etc.  I leave those powers for the ancients to enjoy. Many see Louis as a weak, whimpering poor excuse for a vampire.  I do not play him as the brooding, feeding on rats, crying over his lost mortally portrayed in the movie.  If that image (which by the way is a very short scene) is stuck in your head please leave.  I will only allow such arrogance from a VERY GOOD Lestat.  Why?  Because I know Lestat and the love hate relationship the characters share.       I keep it canon but am open to playing with non-Rice characters.  Regardless of what character you portray, I expect for you know my character.  I can assure you that I will study your bio, look at your pictures and read your bulletins. Here are some character traits to keep in mind as we play:  A loner to a degree.  Religious but questions his faith. A lover of beauty in nature, creativity and above all mortals.   A romantic and emotional nature (not to be confused with boy toy or emo)   He can be a vicious killer (that's right.  He's a vampire.) A pondering and questioning mind. He does not trust easily.  Trust must be earned and I assure you if it is it will be eternal, even if we go our separate ways (properly of course).  Yes, it happens.  Nothing lasts forever.  A current day plot will have Louis assimilated in everyday life (butcher, baker, candle stick maker...all depends on the collaboration). Role play in general: I am a para/novella writer.  I make an effort to spell and grammar check.  I appreciate the same effort from those I write with.  I have no problem with sending the starter.  Just ask and give me time to look at your bio. Not the fastest writer in the role play realm.  If you can't wait then don't play with me. Don't hesitate to message me with any questions or concerns.  I can't read your mind.      In closing I'd like to say that writing should be a joy, not a chore.  It is an ongoing learning experience and sharing through role play can be very rewarding.  The ability to inspire a co-writers creativity is a thrill.  If it's not fun, respectful and productive, it's not worth the effort.  I thank my mentors for their patience.  I have learned more from them than any instructional book.  And, thank you for taking the time to read this. NOTE: Not RolePlaying at this time.            


06/09/2011 08: PM 

Current mood:  adored

GuidelinesDisclaimer: Not Alex Pettyfer nor am I Theodore Nott. I was the first to use Pettyfer as Nott. Others are secondary.Rules:Be honoured to even be able to read this. My deny over accept ratio is quite high. 1. I control MY character. No god mode. 2. If you cannot conjure up at least 3 paragraphs, then you have no business here. I prefer detail and structure, something that's going to keep me interested. And I'm very hard to keep entertained. I am Multi Para, I stopped Novella because I do not have the time for it.  3. Don't embarrass yourself and write like a bloody clot. At least pretend like you have some education. Please refrain from using text/net talk whilst in para as this is irritating and do make spell check your new friend. I make mistakes, we all do but when I cannot decipher your paras it's a problem and I'll probably delete you. I know people out there speak other languages, but they speak better English then some of you.4. I'm canon, with a few spins. I will not befriend Mudbloods, Blood traitors, and Hufflepuffs. No shippings with such either. Do not care that this is roleplay. I like the world in which J.K created, no need to go and offset it.5. No OOC drama. There can be drama within RP, we'd have to have discussed it first, of course. I will not, however, put up with drama of any sort outside of RP. I'm a fucking adult and I don't want to associate myself with those who have no life and just are here to cause problems like fucking children.6. Theodore does not do relationships. Period.  That does't mean he's going to fuck you, either. (I adore mentally fucking someone rather than physically. Problem? ) Besides, this place isn't about finding relationships or fucks. If you have those intentions, then kindly remove myself from your list. Sex is great and all, but let's be honest the only reason all you people want it from here is because you don't get it in RL. Pity. 7. I have a little thing called a life away from the screen, (I know, shocking!) and will sometimes be really slow on replies but be patient as I am with all of you. I am also what you may call a lazy fuck. My priorities are all sorts of fucked up, so please excuse me when I find college, work, volunteering, and my beloved social life more important than being here. Half the time I don't even turn my laptop on. So if I go missing for a few days, weeks, even a month without signing on.. you'll know why.8. I have a filthy mouth, for those who haven't noticed. I curse like a fucking sailor. I show my feelings through those naughty fucking words. But I am on and off with the cursing in my replies, normally only applying the words in appropriate context.9. People I will not role play with: Multiple character pages. Whores. Open Verses. Offspring of Dumbledore, Snape, brothers of Potter, you get the jiff. People whom use Megan Fox as a playby. (Can't stand to look at that woman's face.) Those with (S&L) and crap like that in their display will automatically be denied. NO CROSS OVERS. 10. Comments only for both OOC/IC. I despise messages and half the time they never work anyway. 11. Keep your RL crap out of my news feed. I don't want to hear you whining about your boyfriend dumping you or someone is in the hospital. Like really? Don't you think that's private stuff? We're strangers, for one, and why would you think we care? 'Cause I sure as hell don't. Nor do I want to hear about your whiny RP drama and shit. NOBODY CARES. Stop looking for attention or sympathy because you won't see any of the sort from me. Also if I see any blacklisting you will be deleted.12. For those who would like to get a bit of a peek on the human behind Theodore Nott, don't even think about it. I will not give out my number, Facebook, and whatever else people are sharing now-a-days. If you are lucky enough to get to know me then I would hope that you keep my personal information to yourself. I'm a very easy going lad, but if you fuck with me... well.. you'll just will have to find out for yourself, now won't you? And by the Angel, whatever you do, DO NOT FALL FOR ME. -sighs- "Lyke omg, Theodore, I'm in love with you, lyke ooc." Sometimes I wonder if females have any brains. It's sad that I even have to have this in my rules, but it has  happened plenty of times to the point where it's fucking ridiculous. You are internet people, you mean nothing to me, get over yourselves, because I won't ever date you. Oh, did I mention most of your mean nothing to me? Okay. Just wanted to double check. -.-NOTE: I'm a prick to EVERYONE. Theodore is not a person people would willingly surround themselves with. He shows no compassion for anyone. He uses and abuses women. As well as manipulates others to his whim. He was never raised by a woman, he does not have that soft spot like Blaise and Malfoy have. His story is full of mature content. I am the only Nott, that I know, whom has him portrayed as mentally fucked up. He was forced to watch his father kill his mother as a child. So, whatever expectations you have of him will be entirely the opposite.Wanna steal my shit? Layout: herePictures: here There. Steal my storyline(s)- that's a different story. 

Louis -

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For those looking for a starter.

Most of the last century was spent traveling the world in search of knowledge and history.   My passion for art and ancient architecture was bottomless.  The more I saw the more I craved.  At first, it was the paintings of the masters.  DaVinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo.  You can't imagine the layers upon layers of colors that the hand of man labored within each work.  The vampiric eye can see deeper within the canvas.  Many times I uncovered the mystery that lay beneath the final work.  The first attempts that were discarded with a mere coating of whitewash, for the artist to begin anew.  The follies were invisible to the human eye, but most revealing to me.  Ah, the secrets I could expose, but choose not to.  Why?  What was the point?  I had respect for the artist's secrets.  Yes, that is what they shall remain.    The exploration of the ancient ruins of Rome and the pyramids of Egypt which Armand and I explored together temporarily filled the growing emptiness that time had ravaged me with.  Only the sensual landscapes of these lands so rich in history, pain and beauty eased my soul.  But even if only for a short lived moment, a moment which was but a spec of dust in the immortal timeline, could I forget what I was...a soul damned to walk in eternal darkness, tied to me with no hope for escape.  Armand, I think of him now and then.  These were good times, for lack of a better term I guess, for this short span of time.  But we drifted apart.  Further and further till there was nothing to keep us together.  It was my doing.  I will admit to that.  And now I walk this road alone.   Perhaps it is because I no longer believed what Armand tried to instill, that God had a purpose for our existence.  I questioned God, but got no response.  I questioned his existence over and over until I could ponder it no more.  The little humanity that I guarded shattered within me.  I had finally and fully succumbed to this nature, the beast that I am.  For that is my legacy now, my truth.  It is the reality that I loath, a life I can no longer share with another.  Yet, to this day I still cannot bring myself to take the final walk into the burning rays of dawn.  Somewhere, buried in the depths of my mind where my brothers beliefs of eternal damnation brought about with the act of suicide.  Such a quandary to be caught in.  Ah, Louis...Damned if you do, damned if you don't. So I continue to travel.  To explore life's mysteries.  To take from it only what I need to survive.  That is all.  I always wanted to visit the ancient churches of Germany.  One in particular beckoned me, the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew.  Its majestic Gothic form took hundreds of years to build and all was almost lost in the great fire in 1867.  It was thought to be a sign from God to the people of Frankfurt.  A sign of their conquest to Prussia.  'Would God show himself in such a way?" I thought.  "No.  Because he does not exist.  God would not suffer me to exist.  And, truly, only man is capable of destruction."    I did my research.  Frankfurt would be next on my list.  There were many sites to see.  Several museums and opera houses to satisfy his lust.  Such a wealth for its relatively small size.  And of course, the Cathedral.  I preferred to travel in the more modern mode of today, the airplane.  It was quicker.  And although my need to feed has lessened over time, I would rather not be confined to ship travel.  It only brought back haunting memories of the past.  Fleeing New Orleans for Europe with Claudia in hopes of finding others of their kind.  I pushed those thoughts from my mind when they arose to the surface like drops of oil in water.  What good was it to dwell on the past, the loss.  It could not serve any purpose but to plunge me further into abyss of loneliness.  But I could not fully wipe the memory of his Claudia away.  She will remain always in my heart.  Her tragedy an eternal life lesson for me. It was early evening and my arrival in Frankfurt was without incident.  The sun was just setting in the west.  Although, I could tolerate some exposure, the skin would still blister and require me to feed for healing.  Why provoke the need if it was not necessary and I had already feed before boarding so my look would be more mortal.  Time has a way of leaving a definable mark upon the immortal person.  The more perceptive human can sense it but not explain it.  Hopefully my victim was an evil doer.  I no longer made the effort to try and read their minds.  I take them quickly, painlessly.  But of course it is never without gratification.  The sensual thrill of it always slid into me with each draught of blood that flowed into my mouth.  I cannot deny the ecstasy of the kill.  That would be impossible.  I traveled lightly, not needing much in the way of luggage and quickly left the crowded airport.  Stepping outside, it always amazed me how the air was different in each place visited.  Was it not the same Earth, the same sky and atmosphere?  It was unique and intriguing mystery.   Instinctively I made my way to the Church, as if I were being summoned.  I entered the great through the grand south portal graced with the figure of St. Bartholomew himself.  My footsteps echoed as I slowly graced the main walk.  The Crucified Christ hung high before me, the altar ahead.  The great art and sculptures came alive with my vampiric eye.  I reasoned this to what I believed to be that the work contained the essence of the artists' soul.  Yes, I believe that immortality does exist in this fashion among mortal men.  I took a seat in the pew and tried to imagine the morning rays of sun shining threw the magnificent stained glass the adorned the walls.  I was lost in this tranquility.  That was until the sound of  footsteps echoed in the shadows.  Ethereal steps have their own unique way of resonating the night.  Yes, somewhere within these hallowed walls was another.       

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Owes List

I Owe to... Starters; Replies;Hysterical SpidermonkeyRenesmeeDazzling Vampire Esme


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My Rules

Here is the way I do things...... *Rp is to be in comments unless otherwise told so.  *oocs are to be in messages.  *Comments and messages get deleted after I read them. *I don't rp according to the WWE. Storylines are on my own ideas.  *Once I am with someone in rp I DO NOT cheat. *I will not cyber. Basic "They had sex" is fine. Details on kissing and and basic touching is fine. After reading these please use the words title.

Guardian Reaperę

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Starter [[reply in messages with the last paragraph copied and pasted]]

The sound of thunder and lightning cracked along the sky. Rain fell from the skies in a mass of pounding and noise. The ground almost shakes with the force of the elements above. The night was black and the moon herself was covered by the feuding winds and clouds. A small town below was dark and what lights that were on flashed barley able to keep on. No one moved in the streets afraid of the things that crawled in the night and in the storm. This town was a haven for everything deadly and townsmen watched from there windows with rifles.Along a road entering the city was a figure dressed in a black coat. a hood covering his face. The flashed from above showed that the only feature that could be seen was his mouth and on it was a small smile. He walked into the town toward the center which made way to a small park. In the center was a canopy and the only dry part of the land. There he walked and when he was under the shelter he looked up to the waring skies and gave another smile. His gloved hands flexing to his sides and waiting for what he knew would come. He spoke, and his voice sounded angelic yet held power This is going to be one hell of a night

the remarkableϟ

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Disclaimer: I am not Daniel Radcliffe or Harry James Potter. I do not associate myself with Warner Bros, or J.k Rowling. Though I WISH I knew her, I do not. I am not some psycho who is disillusioned enough to believe they are a character from a book, or a celebrity they do not know. I am merely a roleplayer. I don't like it when people Godmode. It is ridiculous how many people do this. Why in the world would I want anyone to kill me? If I did I would have allowed Voldemort do it ages ago. But I'm not suicidal so I don't want you too. And if you hate my guts and want me dead, Get help. Or at least give me a chance to defend myself. Also no one is invincible. Nobody. And don't just throw spell after spell at me, and end the battle before I get a chance to respond. You'll find yourself off my list before you refresh your page.I Multi Paragraph Roleplay which is kind of long if you know what Multi (multiple) and Paragraph means. Which you should or else, why are you even on here? I only Para with friends If they allow it. One lining...ehhhh, not so much. Maybe when the Roleplay isn't serious and it's just joking around. Oh. PLEASE do not use computer grammar. If you don't know what that is it is this; 'hello harry how r u?' that's so annoying and overall, it's lazy. If you don't know how to spell, just try your best, but i won't accept less. I hate Auto-Role playing. Now I don't mind if you say where I am in the first roleplay unless I already explained that in which you have no right. Because it ruins the roleplay for me and like parents, it'll suck the fun out of everything. If you add me, I would appreciate it if you actually talked to me. I cannot tell you what i hate more than people who do not even attempt to associate with me after adding me. There is simply no point and I refuse to be just another person on your 'collection list'.Sod off you stupid muggles! I'm tired of you trying to add me! Or your stupid messages. No one cares. you're not funny comedians, and you can't sing you crackpot, amateur artists. >:[ I am a roleplayer and the sooner you learn what that is the better.Twins? I've done them before. Most people don't add characters that are the same as their own because of thieves. But I'm not a thief. I'm perfectly capable of editing on my own thank you very much. If you add me, or I add you, don't steal from me and don't assume I'm adding you to steal. I think having a Harry on my list to rp with would be awesome. But nowadays It's hardly likely to happen. Sex? Why not, it's natural, I'm not afraid of it. But don't expect me to just sleep around with anyone because I won't. I want NO OOC drama. It's completely idiotic. I don't want to hear it in messages either. It ticks me off. And its pointless. this is a roleplay thing, not some real life crisis.If you are the type of person who cannot make up their damn mind about who you're going to roleplay and continuously change your name and face, do not add me got it? its very confusing and I hate being confused. Anti-Randomist? *covers ears and blocks you out* I cannot stand dead-fish seriousness. Being mature and stuff is good yes, but you don't always have to sound so professional or be so stuck up. This is a place for fun people, not a job interview. Also, I am a random kind of person sometimes, so If you don't like that stuff... -shoots- No I'm joking...Maybe. Non Canon Characters-I'll roleplay with you, but if your character isn't fleshed out enough, and you just send me some random starter, It'll be harder for me to respond, and I might not even respond. So if you are non-canon, It would be better if you talk out a storyline with me and tell me a bit more about your character. You add, you start!!!!!! uhm, no. You added me when I requested, therefore you had some reason to, therefore you my friend can send the starter. I'm not refusing to start, but I'd much rather work out a storyline first. Random starters are stupid. There's no getting around it. They always lead to one thing: me not replying. Like the above said, I can get stuck, not just with non-canon though, canon too. I really like discussing first. Ginny is not my true love! Basically, I'm not just going to go for a Ginny simply because it's canon. I play Harry as best as I can, and I've been told I play him rather well so I'll just go off that. But my Harry isn't destined to be with Ginny. He can be with anyone I want him with; period.Oh first person, how I hate thee. Each time I read a first person thing I just think "ugh, Twilight style." First person annoys and confuses me. When you say "I" I think me? Makes me feel like I'm doing everything you say your character apparently is doing. I don't know why, it's just irritating when people use "I" instead of "he" or "she" or whatever. Not too many books (at least that I've read) use "I" and since I roleplay book style, that's just how I prefer to roleplay, a consistent style and for us to go from third person to first is just puzzling. Character Description: When has Blaise Zabini ever been Caucasian, peurto rican or a woman? Blaise Zabini is a black man. That goes for Dean Thomas as well. Seriously people, it's stupid of you to change them when you know what they freaking look like. And if anyone tries to add me and their character is any other race or gender than they are originally supposed to be, I'm not adding you. You know why? Because that's grounds for people f**king up this world with their nonsense. Did you know I saw the twins with a gender alteration? Yeah, don't even get me started on how wrong that is. For f**ks sake. But you know what? If I do happen to add you anyhow, and we do roleplay, I'll just describe them how they really are despite your default. And Don't tell me I'm wrong either because you're wrong. What's the problem with making them how they are? Yeah i get it that's how you perceived them to be, not J.K. But you aren't the author and it's not your character. You know what they look like, so don't you think putting in your biography if you're a Blaise for example, that you're Caucasian with blonde hair is uhm wrong? because it's incorrect? If that's the case, then I might as well make myself Asian or something. But people wouldn't add an Asian Harry would they? But they'll add a physically incorrect Blaise and Dean, that's just f**king stupid. I don't care how minor the character is, if J.k put time in to tell us their description why the hell do people go around changing it? If you read the books, you know what they look like, you know how they are.  Even if you haven't read the books, Dean is in all the movies, and Blaise was in HBP. You've read about them or you should have if you're playing them. It's not a matter of lack of photos because their are plenty of celebs in this world with all different races, don't even go there. So do us all a favor and play your character with their  looks and personality in tact.------------------If you read all of these, congratulations. you're a hell of a soldier for putting up with my long ass rules and reading them straight through. I'd give you a cookie but i probably like miles away from you sooo -gives e-cookie- If you didn't read my rules don't you dare take a cookie! >:[Signed: Kappy I have the right to change, alter, and create more rules. 

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