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01/12/2022 08:07 PM 

Depravity [TW: Suicide attempt]

TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE ATTEMPTWhere had all the years gone? Every light in his house was off and Ike was sitting alone in the darkness. He was staring out into the void. His cerulean hues were glistening as the emptiness of his soul broke through to the outside. Cassandra Marie Bradford had been the most beautiful baby in the world. He could recall the first time he saw those ten toes and those golden ringlets. He wasn't even aware of the burning rivers that raced down his cheeks. He inhaled sharply smelling the salty tears that had landed in his beard.The most primal scream erupted from deep within his soul as his mind continued to be assaulted with images from his memory. He still lived in the same house in which they brought their baby girl home. Everywhere he looked, he was assaulted with the images of a child that was on loan to him from heaven. He started to stumble through the house wearing nothing but his underwear. He reeked of alcohol as he carried the half empty bottle of whiskey in his right hand. Somehow he wound up in the bathroom staring at his reflection.He had no idea how many days he'd been on this latest bender. Ike ran a hand over the mirror across the glass to look at himself. He couldn't even bear to look at himself. Ike's bearded chin was unkempt. His hair was matted to his head. He was not anywhere close to being Cassie's daddy like he used to be. He was some miserable drunk.Ike's hand pulled open the medicine cabinet. There sitting back on the shelf was a bottle of 0.5 mg of Xanax that the doctor had prescribed for his wife soon after Cassie died and the trial started. They'd been sitting there for a while. He reached for the bottle and ripped off the lid. Looking down into that bottle of pills, he saw his way out. He did the unthinkable raising that bottle to his lips and tipping it back into his throat. He followed it through by dumping the last of the whiskey down his throat.Ike slumped down into the floor between the commode and the bathtub. His head bobbled around on his neck as he waited for death to claim him. His body was numb and his vision was starting to cloud over. He could see someone coming closer to him. "Cassie?" He muttered. He wanted her to be the first one he saw when he entered the afterlife.What looked like five year old Cassie Bradford was surrounded by an otherworldly glow. He watched her come closer to him and place a sweet hand on his chin. "Daddy no. It's not time for you yet okay? Not like this. Please Daddy."Tears formed in his eyes. He had no idea how it happened, but there his cellphone was in his hand. The screen showed the numbers 911. The call was on speaker. "Hartsville 911. Please state the nature of your emergency." The voice reached out to him through the haze. Cassie's image kept stroking his chin and smiling bringing him comfort and the will to fight.••••At the Hartsville Medical Center, the paramedics were running as fast as they could through the doors. Strapped to the gurney was Ike Bradford with a tube down his throat and oxygen being pumped into his body. The lead paramedic spoke to the triage nurse on duty. "Thirty-five year old male suicide attempt with unknown quantity of Xanax and Jack Daniels whiskey."The nurse was already springing to action. "Take him to Trauma 3 and get Asher Hastings down here. She's on call right now." Ike was barely able to process what was going on around him at the moment. As his eyelids fluttered shut, he knew that Cassie was right. This wasn't the right time for him yet. As he fell asleep, he hoped that he wasn't too late.  created by creativian


01/12/2022 01:58 PM 


Name: Penelope   EmersonAge: 21Gender: FemaleOccupation: College Cheerleader & Waitress 

oρen ρalm.`

01/12/2022 12:52 PM 

bonding. [drabble]

[ Some season 4 spoilers ahead. ] “Come on, Anthony. It will be good for us,” Daniel said, throwing his sport coat over his arm, as he grabbed his keys from the dresser. His free hand gestured gently toward the front door.  “Dad, come on. We don’t need to have a car ride,” replied the youngest LaRusso child, who begrudgingly grabbed his own coat and walked through the door.  The February weather was warm, despite it being late winter. Gone were the days of seeing your breath in the air, and present were the buds of the burgeoning spring. The All-Valley Tournament was behind them, and hopefully with the new growth present on the earth there would come new life in the LaRusso house and Miyagi-Do dojo. Daniel’s eyes didn’t leave his son as he made his way to the driver’s side seat of his sedan. He studied the teen, trying to gauge what was going through his head. The days following the tournament were quiet, even for a kid who spent the majority of his time locked in his room with his electronics. He came to dinner, but played with his food. Swam in the heated pool, but just floated along there.  He couldn’t help but notice the adolescent nursing his side as he got in the car, worry colored Daniel’s features but he hesitated to comment on it. He wanted this to be a period free of judgment and accusations, just the old proverbial father son time. He turned the radio, with much chagrin, to the local pop station. Everything he knew a middle schooler today would love, or at least he hoped. He couldn’t help but grimace as the most recent Lil Nas X song played over the speakers, as a result he turned it down a smidge. He was trying to reach him on common ground, but at least he could make it as bearable as possible.  The minutes ticked by, indicated by the lights on the touch panel, and still neither of them spoke. The only sound was the faint whisper of the tires on the pavement, and for the first time Daniel wished he had a louder vehicle. Anthony sat there, his arms folded in defiance. Neither of them were willing to budge, a result of Italian stubbornness, and the occasional bullheadedness of the family, but Daniel knew, like many times in the last few months, that if something were to be done he would likely have to swallow his pride and do it himself.  “So… How’s everything going?” It wasn’t much but it was something. Daniel adjusted his face to look as eager as possible to listen, while still being casual, and just hoped it didn’t come off disingenuous.  “I knew you were going to try and have a stupid talk with me. Look, I learned my lesson, alright. I’m taking the trash out now,” he said while adjusting his body so far to the right it looked as though he was trying to will himself into the back seat. “No, no, there’s no talk. Unless you want a talk, I’m just trying to spend some time with you,” his voice likely sounded too eager, but he didn’t care, he had to reach his son, “I know things have been bad between us. For someone who preaches balance so much… I’m not always the best at applying it. But I’m really trying here, Anthony. I just want things to be better between us.”  The car ride returned to its deafening quietude. The two fidgeted at the discomfort of the force proximity as more vapid music blared from the speakers. After what seemed like hours, Anthony’s breath slowed, and became somewhat labored. His fists were clenched in his lap.  “He beat me up, dad.”  “What, who?”  “The kid who I bullied. I went to the locker room after his fight at the tournament to try to apologize, and he beat me up,” Daniel could tell that this was hard for him to say from his body language and the strain on his words, so he did everything in his power to not pull the car over and demand more details. He tried to keep his breathing in check, knowing that Anthony was waiting for the inevitable freak out, and it would have been a natural response to. A parent’s biggest responsibility is the security of their child. But as he labored through these thoughts, Anthony spoke up again, “I - I know I said a lot of stuff about Mr. Miyagi before. And about how I didn’t want to hear another one of his lessons. But do you think he has one for me now?” It took everything in Daniel to not raise a fist in victory, and even more to not let a smile dominate his features, but a little one still creeped across his features. “You remember Tom Cole?” “The guy who bought all those sausages and had them sent to the dealership when you had the… thing drawn on your face?” He could tell Daniel was not impressed by the reference.”Sorry.”  “There are three things you never have to wait very long for in California. Taxes, wildfires, and Tom Cole. But before we had competing dealerships we were actually really good friends. You see, Tom and I started together at Melroy Nissan. And we were the best salesmen on the floor. We used to dominate the valley. Tom was there a lot longer than me. When I was still pining over girls and trying to sell Bonsai trees, Tom was working his way up the ranks. And he always told me that his biggest goal was to get the partnership Gerald Melroy had been waving in front of the staff for years. He said he never found someone worthy of it, and Tom was determined to be the guy to change that. He started getting really cocky when he felt the position was his, and we stopped hanging out. It really got to me, so I started working harder to take it from him. And you want to know what happened? I got it.”  Daniel paused for a moment, the image of an utterly disheveled Tom Cole resonating in his mind. He took a deep breath before continuing, “We had a Christmas party that year, and the big news of the night was my promotion. There was Tom in his best suit, and he was destroyed. He got belligerently drunk and made a complete idiot of himself. To make matters worse, he started harassing some of the girls. So I escorted him out. He resisted and tried to fight me, so I took him down in front of everyone. I never laid a punch, he really defeated himself, but it humiliated him. I taught him a lesson, and made a spectacle of him. Joking about how pathetic he looked. I took the one thing he was living for from him, and I was fully aware the whole time. It was his fault, but that didn’t really matter in the end. I could have handled it in a better way, but I wanted to make an example of him, and I did, and he’s hated my guts ever since,” Daniel paused for a moment to let his words take hold in the young man’s mind. Anthony blinked a bit, and he could practically see the gears spinning in his head. “Now, I know what you’re thinking. What does any of this have to with Mr. Miyagi?” Well right after that I felt something terrible. Sometimes it hits us right when we’re in the act, and we know we should stop, or help, but we don’t. I watched him stumble down the road until I couldn’t see him anymore, and then I went to Mr. Miyagi’s,” he turned down a road at last, in front of him the darkness was illuminated by street lights and restaurant signs. He parked the car in front of a little gelato store. Before long the two emerged with matching helpings of stracciatella. They found their way back to their warmed seats before Daniel continued, “There he was, in his humble little house, with his humble Christmas tree. Just a Bonsai with some strings of lights and a few Disney ornaments thrown on it. I always offered to get him a fresh one, but he just said he could come to my house if he wanted that. Now, Mr. Miyagi was almost never visibly upset. You could just tell that he was disappointed. Or maybe it was just me. Either way, you always felt like you needed to do your best around him, that he deserved that. So I told him everything, and this is what he said in return.”  And in a flash Daniel was a younger version of himself, standing near his best friend. His top button undone and his tie askew, his hair slightly unkempt from running his hands through it, something he did when he was stressed. And there was Mr. Miyagi, who almost never looked different, always the same stern but jovial man, just with a little more white in his hair now. He stopped pacing around his home in his late night slippers, and  directed Daniel to a couch where he took the adjacent seat.  “One day, when Miyagi boy, he and Sato were each given silver coin by father. American sailor come to town with many thing. Sato and Miyagi spend many hours talking about what we buy. When day come we make way to docks. Pass by big rice paddy. Middle-age man work field, do so for long as Miyagi remember. Big, big family. Very poor. Every day man remove boots, leave them by dock, and go out to work. Miyagi come up with idea to play prank on man. Say to Sato, ‘steal boots’. But Sato much better man than Miyagi. Instead, Sato ask Miyagi for coin. Miyagi reluctant to give it up. Eyeing candy. But he give up. Sato take his coin and Miyagi coin and put one in each boot. Then he say to Miyagi, ‘let us hide and wait to see what happen.’ Miyagi and Sato wait few hours, long, long time. But man finally return for boot. First put one foot in, feel coin. Shock. Then put second foot in second boot. When foot feel coin, and man remove it, emotion overcome. Man start sobbing. Fall to knees and thank heaven.” Mr. Miyagi smiled and placed his hand on Daniel’s shoulder before standing, as his back was turned he made his way to his makeshift Christmas tree and began trimming it as he finished his tale. “Miyagi’s life change that day. Very clear money mean great deal to man. He very glad Sato better boy than him. Never spend dollar better. Never underestimate the impact a kind action have, Daniel-san.” And then he was back in his car, and the air was thick with emotion. Anthony still stared blankly out the window, his expression mirror in the glass, but indistinguishable. Finally he broke the silence and spoke, “what do we do when we’re trying to be different, but people still want to think of us as the bad guy?” A tear escaped his eye, though it was clear he was fighting it. Holding on to the last vestige of pride, but all of this had brought a wave of memories to the boy, though Daniel did not know what they were.  “Then we try… we try to live in such a way that people know who we are. That there’s no question. We try to be the type of men Mr. Miyagi was. We learn from our mistakes… and let them make us better men.”  “Dad?”  “Yeah, Anthony?”  “I love you.

π˜Ύπ™€π™ͺ𝙣𝙩 π˜Ώπ™š π™‘π™žπ™‘π™‘π™š

01/11/2022 11:38 PM 

The Beginning

    history is written in blood   History is written in blood: Vlad Tepes the Impaler: 15th Century: Wallachia: Romania Prince Vlad stood upon the darkened fields. They believed they could take him. The war was long and bloody, but he had to send them a message. The Prince would not allow these savage beasts to rule his land, so he did what any good ruler would do. He sent a message to the others. Placing the dead bodies awkwardly on stakes, impaled, blood running down the large piece of wood, this gave him the infamous name the Impaler, and this also gave him the reputation of being a savage and bloodthirsty ruler. However, impaling was not his only method of torture and murder. Vlad was as creative as he possibly could be. People also knew him to boil his victims or cut off their limbs and other body parts. Additionally, Vlad mutilated organs, skinned and scalped people, or simply had animals eat them. It is not clear where he initially got the idea for this kind of torture. But the reports say that he even used these methods on innocent women and children. Saxon records indicate that Vlad Tepes killed between 40,000-100,000 people. The Order of the Dragon: Formed in 1408 and modeled after the Order of Saint George, which was founded a century earlier. It was the brainchild of the king of Hungary. The order stood God and grace, but like all things created with good intentions, things changed. Vlad and his entire family were proud members of the Order of the Dragon. Because of the Vlad family, the reputation of the Order of the Dragon was mostly violence, and bloodshed. Becoming Dracula the Vampire: Not much is known about how Dracula became a vampire. Some say he made a deal with the devil for immortality, some say he stumbled upon a cave with an ancient creature there who attacked him and turned him, but the stories will all remain the same. He became a monster, living for many many years, and killing and drinking blood to live. Immortality comes with a price, but the Count does not care. He will kill whomever he pleases. The story of Jonathan Harker and his fiancée Mina are famous, and Dracula is very aware of the book. He lives all over the world, making his home mostly in London England. He has worked with many villains throughout the ages, but most always end the same way, the villain dying and Dracula disappearing into the night. Present Day: “You will obey me in all things. You have no choice -- For I am the lord of vampires. Forget your former life. You belong to my nation now.” There are monsters among us: Monster Metropolis was known by the sorcerers. Dracula made a deal to started a war in NYC using all of the monsters from Monster Metropolis. He wanted to take over the world and all of the monsters that existed on it. This would fail, even after acquiring the serum from the mutants, but he knew after a failed war he would have to rebuild his Vampire Nation. Chernobyl: The Vampire Nation: Having decided to start his vampire kingdom anew, Dracula orchestrated a plan to seize a portion of Russia's territory. This was not easy, especially after the Monster Wars, but he knew he had to protect his people. After seizing the location by committing mass genocide, he then became ruler of the new and improved Vampire Nation. Where ever he may roam: He is very fond of New Orleans and the vampires there, so he purchased a plantation home there. Dracula has several places he resides. Often times he would go back to his castle in Transylvania, but he also has a flat in London. He has houses all over the world. He does love to travel, pose as a businessman, or lawyer, but everything ends the same with him. Once he has you in his grasp, you will never leave alive.  

- ᴅʀᴇᴑ

01/11/2022 11:36 PM 

never felt so safe.

you know the moment i knew i loved her, that i was finally safe in the presence of another being once again?when she soccer mom'd me. she was driving, nothing wreckless or crazy. but a car had pulled in front of us from an exit on the highway. she had hit the breaks really hard to avoid slamming into it. her hand pressed firmly to my pectoral muscle as she secured me down into the seat. i've never felt so safe in a soccer mom embrace.

Gionna Liv Morgan

01/11/2022 10:03 PM 

Boyfriend Application Apply If Interested

1. First and foremost i am not into erotica so if thata problem please do not continue to fill out the application.2. i love romance. please in your own words tell me what we would do on a date? how would you sweep me off of my feet?3. if you were to become my man how often would you come online or keep in touch with me? ive been ditched and abandoned and i cannot handle that.4. would you be able to one day commit and us get married?5. would you accept any and all of my family?6. would you remain faithful?7. would you surprise me with random gifts and dates?8. will you text me or get discord to message me?more to come if i think of anymore


01/11/2022 08:35 PM 

RP Wish List

Some SL ideas I'd like to make happen: Fairy Tale Adventure:  Fairy tale versions of our characters, high fantasy, fantastic journey.Time Travel:  Paleolithic, ancient history, Roaring 20s, the fuuuuutuuuuuure...Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic:  Mad Max, AoA, zombies, dark, gritty, and all happening after the fall of civilization.Werewolf Vs Berserker:  Berserkers, Norsemen who dawned bear pelts into battle and whipped themselves into a frenzy, were sometimes depicted as having actually transformed into bears.  This mythology and that of the werewolf goes back to a common ancestor called the kóryos.  Something interesting with a wealth of history.  I picture it as a love/hate type deal, lots of fighting and snark.TBC.

ℬπ“ͺ𝓭π“ͺ𝓼𝓼 𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱.

01/11/2022 09:12 PM 

Owes List.

I OWE YOUYOU OWE MECheryl-R-1-11-22UPDATED AS OF 1-11-22

π˜πŽπ”ππ† ππ‹πŽπŽπƒ.

01/11/2022 12:48 PM 

smells like teen spirit, part i.

[SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT--PART I. ]   [early tuesday morning, 2018]  UGH, SCHOOL sucked. and fifteen-year-old dennis foster despised school with a passion. the longer he sat in the chrome and wooden seat, head buried in his arms on the desk below him. dennis’s head thumped with a wild headache. he shouldn’t had stayed up all night playing dead by daylight but he did. he shouldn’t have stayed up drinking caffeine and watching porn. but he did. now he was suffering. pain shot through his forehead, itched its way through his skin like a black ink, twisting and curving like a horrible and unfriendly visitor. a low clank tapped against dennis's forehead, forced him to awake from his small slumber as a marker collided with his head. he snorted, body jerking upright as his eyes opened. the clear Biology classroom around him. he looked around, ears picking up the sound of chuckling and giggling from his fellow peers. his eyes fell ahead, staring at the whiteboard and his teacher--mr. montgomery. a skinny of a man, wearing his lime green suit and tie with glasses to match. dennis blinked solemnly as he sat up.“glad you could join us in the living, mr. foster,” mr. montgomery said, sarcasm slewed in his voice. his statement caused a few more chuckles from his fellow classmates.“sorry, mr. montgomery,” dennis replied in his low, rasped voice. “late night studying.”“yes, I’m sure you were up all night face first in your books, but that’s still no excuse to be sleeping in my class. If you aren’t keen on paying attention, perhaps you would like to let the principal know why you were sleeping while I was giving a lecture. I’m sure you can find it.”dennis said nothing in response to his teacher’s sharp words. he only swallowed the dry pill lump in his throat and stood, grabbing his backpack from the floor. without another word, dennis exited the classroom and entered the hallway. dennis made his way to the principal’s office, needing to cross a bridge to get to the other building. midway through, however, panic struck dennis’s chest. he’d never been to the principal’s office before. only bad kids go to the principal’s and dennis was far from a bad kid. he was a good kid. one who got straight a’s. one who was bullied because of his geeky nature. from what he heard from other students; the principal was a bit of an a/ss to students who ventured passed his domain. was it really like they said? was it like the lands of mordor where one doesn’t simply walk? was he as just as vile and vicious as the dark lord, voldemort? or was voldemort kittens compared to what the principal was? what was he going to say? what would his mother say? dennis’s heart pounded furiously within his rib cage, the tension building and suddenly became too much for dennis as he knelt in the middle of the bridge, gripping hold of his chest. anxiety tore through him, stabbing him like a hot blade. sweat dripped down his forehead like a jagged river. his breath became rough and shallow, his vision slightly blurring. dennis reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue tube—his trusty inhaler. he popped open the cap and shook it, stuffing it in his mouth. with one push of the top, he inhaled. once. twice. three times. dennis leaned his head back against the glass behind him and closed his eyes, feeling the oxygen return to his lungs with each breath he took. he licked his lips and closed his eyes, mind racing with countless thoughts and scenarios. he tried to calm himself of the anxiety pushing through him like crashing waves. he didn’t know how long he stayed there, seated, but he knew his a/ss and legs grew numb from the wasn’t until a gut wrenching scream violently shook young dennis awake, and what he saw next—horrified him beyond belief.  

π˜πŽπ”ππ† ππ‹πŽπŽπƒ.

01/11/2022 12:45 PM 

list of drabbles.

LIST OF DRABBLES.  smells like teen spirit, part i.


01/11/2022 08:38 PM 

letter to a lost love

a letter to a lost loveShe was never very good with words. Never could a coherent sentence form on her lips in the way that she really wanted to express what she wanted to say. She was by no means mute or incapable of speaking at all, but putting her emotions to anything - that wasn't the easiest of things.She knew that Sam wanted something from her. Anything besides the odd cold remark, the death stares, the objects being thrown at his head. She just...found it difficult. Who could really say though that their world had been turned upside down by the arrival of someone they thought was dead? What would they do in her shoes?He sat on the couch, every now and again she could feel his eyes burning into her. Maybe with expectation that she could open up, would open up. She chewed on her lower lip, nervously as she ran her hands across a handwritten letter, maybe a little too close to the edge as she gave herself a slight papercut. Clearing her throat, she crossed the invisible threshold, that barrier that kept them apart in the apartment. Her hand thrust outwards, the paper in his face. "I wrote this. I want you to read it." She cleared her throat slightly. "I can't...I'm not very good at speaking, and my therapist thought it would be a good idea to write things down to make it easier to say what i need to say." Her finger shot up almost instantly. "If you say one word about the therapist thing, you will be in an insane amount of pain before you even finish your sentence."Stepping back, she walked towards the window, sitting on the sill to allow him to read. If he could understand the chickenscratch she called handwriting - that would be a bonus. In her defence, english wasn't her first language, Hebrew was. Not that her hebrew handwriting was any better, because - it really wasn't. But that was beside the point.    Sam,I know, you probably think it's weird that i wrote you a letter when i could just talk. Talking gets me nowhere. I can't finish a sentence, and it's hard for me to say what i really feel, what i really want to say. So, I need you to see what I'm saying. When I first got here, it was such a strange place. I didn't know anyone, it wasn't a very good place. I regretted taking my job until i met you. Everything changed that day. It stopped being an extended work trip and turned into a life, a home. In my head, I had a life mapped out, a goal to reach. I had so much that i wanted to see and do, and all of those plans involved you. My life was so different with you. I know I'm not the easiest person, and I can have a temper, and i can be a bitch, but you made me a better person, and i liked that version of myself. I felt like i was comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life.When the police turned up to tell me that you were gone i felt like the air was torn from my lungs and i couldn't remember how to breathe. I didn't think that it was real and I thought that you were just going to turn up with wine and takeout as though nothing had happened, and you never did. I felt myself slipping into my old life again. I never felt so alone.  A splodge was on the page from where a tear had dripped onto the paper.   I was homesick for a long time. I needed you to come back so badly. And I'm not blaming you, this is not what i'm doing, i'm not blaming you for my being a d*ck for the last eighteen months.There are a lot of things that I want to say, but i'm not sure that I have the emotional energy to write you war and peace (that's the long book right?), but i'm sure that given the time i probably could have. I want to say that I don't hate you, I could never hate you. You are and always will be the love of my life, and i could never stop loving you no matter how much i want to. I think if i could stop, i wouldn't feel so much. I just feel angry. I wanted you to come back, i wished for it. And i should be happy that i got my wish, and i am happy, i'm just so angry. You disappeared and didn't say goodbye. I told you to go f*** yourself and you let those be my last words to you. You didn't reach out, not even in a subtle way, a sign just for me that you were out there and that you were safe. That's all that i wanted. Just a little sign, even a blank postcard, a snowglobe, heavy breathing down the phone - anything. I want so badly to go back to how things were before, the petty arguments, being able to hold your hand when there's no one looking, being in your arms, lazy sunday mornings with bad coffee. I want to go back to us. I have written so many of these things and thrown them out, but the truth is that i do want you, please don't think that I don't. I just need to breathe and to trust that you're not going to leave again. The truth is i'm terrified. The truth is that I do love you. Yael


01/11/2022 08:37 PM 

death is only the beginning pt. 2 [TW]

TW - buried alive. please don't read below this point if it'll trigger you.Desperate, cold and alone.She was in a hell of her own making. Unfamiliar surroundings gripped onto her tightly, not allowing even a small reprieve through which she could escape. This was a fight, one unlike any other that she had faced before.Fists pounded with desperation against the box she was in. Six feet underneath the earth with no way to escape. How had she gotten here? Desperate pleas for help came out in a croaky voice that no one could hear, no one wanted to hear.There had to be away. She was never one to give in so easily. The box was just big enough to contain her, and not much wiggle room to allow her much movement.Trapped. This was not how she wanted to bow out. It was supposed to be something worthwhile, maybe even in a fight. It wasn’t meant to end this way.‘Yael.’ A voice echoed in her mind. A figment of her imagination it had to be for no one would find her here. Fists pounded against wood again, a light sprinkling of soil beginning to seep through the cracks in the wood. Her voice began to turn into a shriek. Maybe if she screamed loud enough, someone would hear her. Just maybe.Hope wasn’t something that came easily to her, and things were looking pretty f***ing dire right now. ‘Yael, can you hear me?’ That voice again. Where was it coming from? Her wriggling subsided as her eyes tried to navigate her dark surroundings. Someone was speaking to her. They had to be. ‘Yael, please - come on.’She felt an intense pressure on her chest, as if being trapped in a box wasn’t bad enough – someone was pinning her the f*** down. Panic set in once again, but this time for a different reason. Hands reached out wildly, trying to grab onto something…anything-something to take the pressure off.That was when reality set in. A sore throat, a woozy feeling, and burning pain in her side. The darkness of her wooden box subsided to reveal a blindingly bright light from a nearby window. How had she gotten there? How long had she been out? Eyes drifted around the room cautiously - it wasn’t exactly like she could get up and run out of there. Home? She was at home? She couldn’t have walked there, considering she could barely stand before. Her vision was a little out of focus, but she could make out who appeared to be Cammie nearby. Well, this was awkward considering she hadn’t planned on going back at all at this point. The second silhouette though was unmistakable as he stepped towards her. She was hallucinating, had to be.You have got to be sh*tting me.


01/11/2022 08:36 PM 

Death is only the beginning Pt.1

Death is only the beginning.The pain would be short lived, she knew, but the fear would stretch out for an eternity. What could become of her? Was there anything after this? The fear took hold of her almost as firmly as the icy cold grip of death itself. Yael was never normally one to fear anyone or anything, but things were different now.Feet staggered clumsily through back streets, eventually bringing her to meet the cold embrace of a brick wall, allowing it to prop her up, providing a little stability and tactical advantage. She could wish for death to consume her faster - it was much better than the alternative of being captured, tortured even. Her eyes closed as the warmth of the blood seeped from a wound on her abdomen, her mouth becoming dry, almost like it was filled with sand. How had she even wound up here?Her back slid down the wall, one hand firmly pressed against her wound to apply pressure whilst the other cradled her gun. Some good it would do her with the blurred vision that had set in and the darkness that passed before her eyes faster than she could control. ‘Yael?’ A firm hand on her shoulder shook her awake, the voice concerned and familiar. The face had a warm familiarity to it – what she could make out. There was a fleeting moment that she could swear that it was Sam. Not possible. Unless of course she was dead, and this was the other side? Well, the other side sucked. Her wound stung like a kusamemek- ‘Yael, stay with me.’Her skin was cold and clammy, she shifted uncomfortably, her hand raising slightly to point her gun. Movement didn’t come easily though as her consciousness faded in and out. The figure was somewhat unrecognisable in her bleary vision, but she knew she had to be delirious to even consider it being Sam. Delirium at least was a welcome sight. “Sam.” Darkness crept over her swiftly, like a fog rolling in and taking her into the unknown.

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Hermione and Jackson
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THE UNFAIR FIGHTMy Reply-THE UNFAIR FIGHTThe sight of seeing Hermione speak to another male, in a way caused Malfoy to growl under his breath as his mother patted his shoulder to calm him down."Draco, come on, do you really think that boy is any threat, he is not. Not for you,he's a Clearwater, and you know they are lower than we are, well not that low, but in any case, they are not of a Noble ancient house, they are newer. In any case, do not worry. Your precious, Miss Granger would not stray, not after all this time. Now come on, we have to make a withdraw so we can go get your school things." Narcissa reassured Draco as he looked back at the classmate of theirs. Then walked on with his mother towards a teller. While they were doing that, Hermione would nod at the boy's words and replied, "Well, I guess I will say it's nice to meet you, again...formally. Jackson. So , are you ready? You know for the new year? I heard there is a new Defense Against the Dark arts professor, though it's sad, I was kind of rooting for Professor Snape to get it, like he has always wanted. In any case, so you know what classes you are taking yet?" Hermione asked as she stood there, messing with her outfit. It was a nice one, but it , well not her and she was not all that comfortable in it. Not to mention, having her hair up wasn't either. She only really did her hair up for special events, mostly, or if she did, well it wasn't this neat. While she was fidgeting , Narcissa and Draco came up behind her, "Miss Granger, stop fidgeting, it's not proper." Narcissa said as Hermione did as she was told. Hermione took a deep breath as she smiled as Draco laced his arm around her waist. "Time to go get our school supplies, Granger" he said, nodding at Jackson with a sneer. "Clearwater..Good Morning and goodbye." Malfoy said as he would slightly push Hermione ahead of him glaring at Jackson before turning his attention back to Hermione keeping his hand on the small of Hermione's back as she turned and waved bye to Jackson.Regardless of her morning, Hemione at least was well prepared. She had all she needed for school and such, even some new robes, though to her she didn't want or need them. It was just the way Narcissa was apparently. Though it was only because Hermione saved Malfoy and the fact that , well she was unsuccessful after the battle was over, she could not find her parents, and so to show her gratitude, Narcissa took Hermione in. Allowed her son to take Hermione as his girlfriend, or to Narissa his future wife. Through this part, only Draco and Narcissa knew of, Hermione was not aware of the plans that the Malfoys had for her. Once they got to the train, Narcissa had said her goodbye’s to Draco and Hermione, as they went on to the train. Once on the train, Hermione rolled her eyes as she followed behind Malfoy and let him go off to where he usually sat in the compartment with the Slytherins. Hermione walked on until she found Harry, with a smile, she took a breath of relief when she saw Harry and she opened the compartment door. “Harry! You decided to come back?” Hermione asked as He smiled brightly seeing his best friend. “Of course I did, I couldn’t let you have all the fun. Though Ron won’t be back until at least next semester. His parents have him filling in for Fred at the Joke shop until Seamus can take his place. In any case, how's life been with Malfoy?” Harry asked as Hermione sighed and took her hair down, and shook her head as she sat down.“Oh that feels better. Oh that, well it’s not that bad, except with the wardrobe Mrs.Malfoy has for me. Like she wants to mold me into a mini version of her, without the black hair stripe. I mean I know she means well, but harry. Something has been off, to me . It's like they are planning something, or have already got plans for me, which I have no clue about. In any case, enough about me, how are you and Ginny doing?” Hermione asked him as she sat back and looked out the window. “Oh, it’s going good, she got accepted to a female quidditch team after she finishes school. After I finish, well you already know where i’m going, because we’re both going to Aura school.” Harry said as Hermione nodded, “ yeah, I do, I mean can you believe it? I mean we did it Harry. We beat a powerful wizard, and sadly lost two and more in the process. Though at least Dumbledore and Snape had not died in vain, I can honestly say I am proud to have known Snape.” She said as a tear fell from her eye, and Harry, seeing this, hugged his best friend.It seemed at first like forever, as Draco and the others were on the train to hogwarts. At this moment all he could do is miss Hermione in secret, though it was no secret about them, just with his friends that were still alive, well only one who was grateful to Hermione, besides him, was Blaise. Who asked about Hermione. To where Draco told him she was sitting with Potter. This in a way was no surprise to him, but Blaise didn’t agree she should be sitting with him, regardless if they are best friends.“What? Draco, that is not a good idea, I mean, anyone else it would not be a bad idea, but Potter. You know his track record since after the battle. What makes you think he wouldn’t try anything on Granger.” he told Draco as he smirked, “Ha, he can try, it won’t work, not after what my mother did this morning when she took us out for breakfast.. Hehe, let's just say, if anyone tries to kiss Granger, they will wish for death.” Malfoy said as Pansy and some others heard this, “Draco, you can’t be serious, she’s a mudblood! Or well she is an abomination to say the least, you know it’s been found that Granger’s real parents are of Romanian descent, not that is the problem, it is that she is the true daughter of Vlad the III! She could be dangerous, she should be locked-” with hearing her words, Draco silences Pansy.” YOU will not speak ill of my future wife, or I will have you thrown in Azkaban with your father!”Draco told Pansy, nearly choking the girl. As the train stopped, Draco let go of Pansy and left the compartment as Blaise glared at her, “You best watch your tongue Parkinson, or next time you won’t make it out of here with your tongue intact! Do you not remember it was Granger who saved him! While you cowered in a corner during the battle.” Blaise said pushing her back down in the seat as he walked off behind Malfoy, who as he walked down, as Draco met Hermione half way, “Malfoy” Harry said walking out of the compartment first. “Potter” Draco said as Harry walked past him and Hermione came out from behind Harry. “Granger,” Draco said as he kissed her hand before escorting her off the train with Blasie walking behind him, and Harry behind Blaise.By the time they arrived at Hogwarts and they all were in their robes, Hermione stood with Harry as they watched the first years go through the doors in a single file line, like they did all those years ago. Hermione looked at Harry as she began to cry, thinking of their first days at Hogwarts. Harry placed his arm around her and hugged her, “I know, it seems like yesterday, that you, Ron and I were in their place.” Harry said as Hermione nodded, Draco laughing across from them at the first years. Once they all entered and then went to their house seats were assigned. After the first years were sorted, the feast began, and though it was a bit odd, not having Ron there, Harry and Hermione dealt with it. Neville sat in his place beside Harry as the three of them talked amongst one another Draco watches Hermione like a hawk as he ate his food. Little did he know, Pansy had a plan, she loved Draco, and she refused to sit there and allow an abomination like Granger take him away from her.Once the feast was over, Hermione, being head girl for Gryffindor had been walking the halls doing her patrol when she came across the Room of Requirement and walking past it, was grabbed and brought insideThrown to down by Pansy, who Hermione saw and and thought she was the only one there, so she used her wand and hit Pansy with a spell, knocking her out the doors. Hermione then got to her feet and pointed her wand at Pansy, and as she was about to speak, Hermione was hit in the back of the head by Bulstrode and fell to the floor. “I don’t know what you think you're doing, Granger! I know what you are and you are an abomination!” Pansy said as she was helped up by her lakies. Hermione rubbed her head as she sat up from the floor. “Oh for the love of Merlin! Parkinson! Don’t you learn? He doesn’t love you, he never will!” Hermione said as she made her way back to her feet, pointing her wand at Pansy, backing up slowly, knowing she was out numbered. Wish she had some help now.Feeling the stress and nerves erupting from her own frame as she stood there in front of Gringotts bank, he smiled, knowing full well that she was panicking inside... even though she had no reason to. Taking her hand within his own and squeezing them firmly to help reassure her, he smiled, hoping that she was able to sense the confidence from him, to help sense the reassurance from him, as he knew she would smash the interview and get everything she wanted for the job role. "Trust me Pen... You are going to be okay... just remember to breathe, and I know you will give them a run for your money... and if Bill is still working there, I'm sure he has already put in a good word for you... because he knows how good you are as well..." Feeling her relax whilst her hand was still within his own, he smiled, releasing it and watching her walking inside with much more confidence than she had a moment ago.Whilst standing outside of Gringotts, he knew he needed to head inside at some point, especially if the supplies this year were more than the previous year... but the worst thing that could happen, was him entering into the bank too early and putting his sister off if she was in sight and in her interview. Allowing a deep breath to escape from his lips as his hand ran across his bare forearm, before he could move anywhere else, he noticed a familiar slender frame approaching him... none other than Hermione Granger... yet she was very different to what he was used to... wearing a black business suit... it definitely wasnt her... it was too formal... and just glancing down at her, he could see it within her eyes as she wasnt comfortable in it either.As she introduced herself, she probably knew she didnt need to considering she was one of the trio who took down the dark lord... but the fact that she was still acting like herself and that the fame hadn't gone to her head... it was comforting. When she asked him to refresh her memory of who he was, that she may have seen him around Hogwarts and couldnt remember, he smiled a little "Well considering I'm in your year... in all of your classes... and was in Dumbledore's Army with you... I'd say you would've seen me every day... I think we even worked together once in Potions class in our second year..." A small playful smirk appeared on his lips as he couldnt help but poke a little fun towards her to help her relax a little with her posture. Of course, after hearing her introducing herself, it was only right that he did so too "Though it's nice to be formally introduced of course Hermione... I'm Jackson... Jackson Clearwater"It had been over a year, and Hogwarts had been restored to its natural glory before the new school year. Even though recurring nightmares had continued to run through one of the three of the Golden trio that survived the second wizarding war. It was the same one over and over. With her during the search for the second to last horcrux. With her and Harry and Ron in the room of requirement,as Malfoy’s stooge of a friend used a spell that nearly engulfed him and the others to their deaths. It always began at the same time, with them all climbing up to get away from the roaring fire that set the room a blaze. “Harry! Watch out!” Hermione said as the three of them called for their brooms, as the brooms zoomed towards them, the trio hopped on them, with Harry catching Blasie Zambini and Hermione holding out her hand as she got closer to Malfoy, which he was as shocked as she was when she saved him. Ron followed and attempted to save the last of Malfoy’s lackies, but due to his coordination being off due to his weight, he tried to reach for Ron’s hand though since his palms were sweaty from climbing, he slipped out of Ron’s grip and fell feet first into the fire. “Bloody hell!” Ron shouted with fear for his own life, he decided to lift up and follow Harry and Hermione out the door, making it just before it closed.Hermione gasped as she jumped up from her bed with a start. She was breathing heavily as Malfoy’s eyes fluttered open beside her and he turned around and looked at her. “Granger, are you alright?” he asked as she sat up and placed his hand on her shoulder. She took a deep breath and nodded, “Yes, I am.” she told him as he sighed and knew she was lying. “It was that dream again.. Wasn't it?” he asked her as tears began to well up in her mousy brown eyes. “Yes.. it was.” she admitted as he pulled her close to him and held her tightly. Hermione hugged ihm back tightly as she cried. That dream usually ended with what happened after they got away from the fiend fire, that part was when her and Ron began to run through the castle fighting while Harry went off to destroy the second to last horcrux, and then.. Well it would be during the duel between Ron and Hermione with the father’s of Goyle and Nott, where out of nowhere one of the snatchers that made it, hit Ron with the killing curse. After Ron had sent Nott’s father flying across the room, and Hermione petrified Goyle’s father, Ron was hit, and fell to the floor...and from there it was apparent why Ron would not be going back this year to do his 7th year.. He died protecting Hermione.“Come on, Granger, I am sorry, I really am. I know you miss Wasley...but he is gone. We can go visit his grave before we hit Diagon alley. We need to get up anyway, my mother will be coming up to wake us.” Malfoy said, kissing her shoulder… So yeah a lot had happened since Voldemort was defeated and after the battle, obviously. More on that later. For now let’s get back to it. Like Malfoy said, minutes after they got out of bed and showered, his mother had knocked on the door.”Draco, Miss Granger, it’s time to go, your school lists have arrived.” she said through the door. With that Draco replied, “Coming mum, just a minute.” Once Hermione was dressed and ready to go, Draco shook his head at what she was wearing. “Come on Granger, at least humor my mother, wear the clothing she got for you, please.” He asked as she rolled her eyes, “Fine, but I don’t think black suits me that well.” she told him using her wand to change into the black business suit his mother had bought her to thank her for saving her son. “I think you look beautiful. “ he told her as they both walked out of the room and down the long stairway.Once out of the Malfoy mansion, Narcissa told them to hold hands and they did, Draco held his mother’s hand and Hermione held his. With that they all dissapperated to an alley on the side of Gringotts. With that Hermione waited outside for them so Draco could get his money for school supplies, Hermione had hers already, since Harry sent it to her three days prior. Before they came out, Hermione saw Penelope going into the bank, and smiled and nodded at her as she turned she looked and saw a young man, she barely recognized him, but the way he had his sleeves rolled up was a dead giveaway. Walking up with a smile, she introduced herself, “Hello, I’m Hermione, Hermione Granger.. And you are? Please refresh my memory since well it’s been a while, you went to Hogwarts before, I think I may have seen you, but I’m not sure.” Hermione said to the young man.MY STARTER:<b> “Crucio!” </b> Feeling immense sharp pain running through his body, through the blood within his veins, he found himself writhing in pain whilst his body laid in the courtyard close to the the deceased body of a 4th year Ravenclaw… his body covered in cuts and bruises from the war within Hogwarts. Once the curse was lifted, giving him an ounce of relief, he was sure his death would come swiftly… Taking a deep breath as he raised himself to his feet, his eyes narrowed at the death eater stood before him, seeing the smirk upon his lips. He could see his own wand on the floor a few feet away from him, but he wasn’t going to give up just yet. Seeing the flash of green light about to erupt from the wand aimed at him, he dived to the side, grabbing his own and aimed it at the dark hooded figure, the flash of red light spark from his wand, knocking the man back and causing him to fall unconscious. Allowing his frame to relax briefly, he didnt expect the bright flash from the curse which knocked him out and off his feet, causing a laceration across his shoulder and part of his chest.His body shot up from the pain he experienced in his nightmare nap… The sharp feeling of pain within his shoulder continued to bother him even now, months after the battle of Hogwarts. A thin layer of sweat glistened across his entire body as he lifted his hands up and ran his fingers through his hair, trying to calm himself down after his night terror, still feeling the moisture within his hair from his sweat. Allowing a sigh to escape from his lips, he climbed out of bed, and walked over to the bathroom for a shower, knowing that in the next few days it would be time for him to head to Kings Cross station and back to the familiar sight of Hogwarts to continue his studies and repeat correctly this time, his final year, to begin his NEWT’s.Exiting the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist, he walked over to his wardrobe, pulling out a pair of jeans and shirt for him to wear, he dried himself off and changed as quickly as he could, as today was the day he needed to go into Diagon Alley for his school supplies. “Hurry up Jackson!! I don’t want to be late for my interview you know!” A small chuckle escaped from his lips as he knew full well why his sister was so insistent of him hurrying… after all, the same clumsy owl was appearing at their house for the last few years followed by a more courteous owl was something he instantly knew about, especially after questioning her about it… she was dating Percy Weasley, personal assistant to the Minister of Magic. “I’m “I’m Coming!” A sly smirk pursed across his lips as he took an empty rucksack and slipped it over his shoulders, sliding his shopping list from Hogwarts into his pocket before rolling up the sleeves of his button up shirt to his elbows whilst slipping his wand into the adjusted pocket on his jeans.Walking down towards the living room fireplace, he noticed how Penelope was wearing her nice business clothing and a smart navy robe Percy had bought her for Christmas last year, he chuckled to himself. “Don’t look so nervous…. You will smash the interview at Gringotts and will come and tell me all about it” Instantly taking hold of the floo powder from the container by the fire, he stepped inside, staring over at her “…. DIAGON ALLEY” Throwing the powder at his feet, the emerald green flames engulfed his entire frame, causing him to transport from his home in Surrey, and into the fireplace of none other than Diagon Alley.Stepping out so the next person could use it, he waited for his sister to arrive, taking her arm within his own as he escorted her towards Gringotts so he could get his money for school and walk her to her interview. Arriving outside of the doors, he smiled down at her, leaning in and planting a small kiss upon her cheek for luck as he smiled “Not that you’ll need it… but good luck…” Watching her enter inside the bank, he remained outside a little longer to give her the space she needed away from him, so she wouldn't be so nervous.

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Lies I have told to hurt someone

Drunk confessions: Sway:   What lie have you told that hurt someone?        Wanda had been drinking glass after glass of wine the whole night, on New Years Eve, when the question was asked of her.  ‘What lie have you told that hurt someone?’   The witch blinked a few times, trying to focus, she was so drunk that she wasn’t sure if she had heard the question correctly.   “Wait, what? Who lied and hurt me?”She asked, a hiccup following soon after. She chuckled, embarrassed, her cheeks were now rosy red. “Oh me! Am I the liar?”She giggled, slapping her hands hard against her knees, letting out a wince right after. “I once black mailed Loki to be my fake boyfriend, to try to get me ex boyfriend jealous. I can’t get  his startled, yet amused expression off of my mind. The Scarlet Witch, an avenger, forcing him to do something so childish, like fake dating.”She giggled again, with a snort, “The worse thing is I’m actually /not/ sorry at all about fake dating Loki, the only thing I’m sorry about is that…well you see I know Loki’s going to blackmail me in doing something so much worse.”She snorted again, “And You can be your ass that he won’t be blackmailing me to paint his toe nails or braid his black locks.”She laughed, “Can you imagine someone daring to braid his hair?  He’d probably give me one of his creepy grins and bite my hand off. And you know what? I kinda need my hands, thank you very much!”      

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