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07/02/2020 10:08 PM 

Owes and Dues List (7,2.20) UPDATED.

Owes and Dues List (7.2.2020.) UPDATED.***IF WE HAVE NOT STARTED SOME KIND OF DISCUSSION, AND YOU WOULD LIKE TO; PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND ME A MESSAGE AND LET ME KNOW THAT YOU’RE INTERESTED.***I HAVE AN STORYLINE GROUP THAT I KEEP ALL MY REPLIES IN, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD YOURSELF TO IT; PLEASE ALSO FEEL FREE TO DO SO, THE LINK IS BELOW. ALL ARE WELCOME.***CROSSOVERS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. (:Click here for my SL Group. (: Who I owe:Davina. (Damned Mirrors.) (7.2.20.) I owe you a reply. (BL Member.) A C T I V E.Hope. (Scarlet Witch.) (6.25.20.) I owe you a reply. A C T I V E.Kai. (Siphoned Psycho.) (6.22.20.) I owe you a reply. (BL Member.) A C T I V E.Who owes me: (Most recent replies are at the top of my list.)Damon. (Blood Drunk.) (7.1.20.) Starter Sent. (BL Member.) A C T I V E.Niklaus. (Rembrandt.) (6.9.20.) You owe me a reply. (BL Member.) A C T I V E.Freya. (Stoic.) (6.7.20.) You owe me a reply. (BL Member.) A C T I V E.Leyla. (Truth Bomb.) (6.7.20.) You owe me a reply. A C T I V E.Madeleana. (Imperfect.) (6.5.20.) You owe me a reply. (BL Member.) A C T I V E.Camille. (Apuleius.) (5.28.20.) You owe me a reply. A C T I V E.Josie. (Resilient.) (5.25.20.) You owe me a reply. (BL Member.) A C T I V E.Kate. (Freckles.) (5.23.20.) You owe me a reply. A C T I V E.Jack. (Baby Wings.) (5.18.20.) You owe me a reply. (BL Member.) A C T I V E.Misha. (Misplaced Actor.) (5.3.20.) You owe me a reply. A C T I V E.Landon. (Legacies.) (4.15.20.) You owe me a reply. A C T I V E.Enzo. (Ardent.) (3.28.20.) You owe me a reply. (BL Member.) A C T I V E.Josie. (Unconditional.) (3.26.20.) You owe me a reply. A C T I V E.Camille. (Hey Bartender.) (3.19.20.) You owe me a reply. (BL Member.) A C T I V E.Rebekah. (bell cruaute.) (3.15.20.) You owe me a reply. ON HOLD.Hope. (HOPE.) (3.2.20.) You owe me a reply. A C T I V E.Kol. (Mirror Hog.) (2.19.20.) You owe me a reply. ON HOLD.Stefan. (Holy War.) (2.16.20.) You owe me a reply. ON HOLD.Stefan. (Hero Hair.) (12.26.19.) You owe me a reply. ON HOLD.Bonnie. (Hex Girl.) (12.16.19.) You owe me a reply. (BL Member.) A C T I V E.UPDATE: I HAVE CLEANED OUT MY STORYLINE GROUP AND REMOVED A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT I HAVEN’T BEEN WRITING WITH. IF YOU VIEW MY GROUP AND NOTICE THAT YOU CANNOT AND STILL WANT TO WRITE WITH ME, PLEASE MESSAGE ME AND LET ME KNOW SO WE CAN GET SOMETHING GOING SO I CAN ADD YOU BACK AND CAN GET SOMETHING GOING. I REMOVED PEOPLE BECAUSE THERE WERE A LOT OF THREADS THAT HAVEN’T BEEN ACTIVE SINCE OCTOBER/NOVEMBER OF LAST YEAR. I WANT TO WRITE WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE AND I WANT MY STORYLINES TO BE ACTIVE. SORRY FOR THE INCONVIENCE OR IF IT UPSETS SOME PEOPLE BECAUSE I’M SURE IT’S GOING TO. ANY ISSUES THAT YOU SEE WITH THAT ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO BE SET TO ME IN MESSAGES. I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT.Happy Writing!-Hayley.♥


07/02/2020 09:19 PM 

Sentence Starters

❝Why do you have to be so stubborn?❞  ❝I know you better than you know yourself.❞ ❝You don’t have to be so rude.❞ ❝You’re so dynamic, that’s what I love about you.❞ ❝You need to learn to put yourself first.❞ ❝F*** love.❞ ❝Well that was brutally honest.❞ ❝Perfectionism only ends in disappointment.❞ ❝I have to be perfect.❞ ❝You don’t have to act so tough.❞ ❝Why do you pretend not to care?❞ ❝Don’t you believe in me?❞ ❝I don’t think you’re as apathetic as you think you are.❞ ❝I love your zest for life.❞ ❝You’re really brave.❞ "That took a lot of courage. Thanks.❞ ❝Life really isn’t as great as you make it out to be.❞ ❝Life really isn’t as bad as you make it out to be.❞ ❝I don’t understand you.❞ ❝You don’t understand me.❞ ❝I know you’re only mean because people were mean to you but is this really what you want?❞ ❝Your smile is contagious.❞ ❝Why are you so self-critical?❞ ❝Thanks for trusting me.❞ ❝Of course I trust you.❞  “ I know I’m not the best, but… ” “ Why can’t you just give me a chance? ” “ I’m nowhere near as good as them, but if you could let me try? ” “ Why does everyone leave me. ” “ I feel so… you know? ” “ Sometimes it feels like my world is falling apart. ” “ I feel so unlovable. ” “ What’s it like being loved? ” “ Are you trying to tell me to believe you? It’s not that easy. ” “ I don’t think you understand what it feels like, hating yourself. ”  "At this rate I’ll just ignore everyone and everything. ” “ But you know what? F*** you, that’s what. ” “ It’s not like I care, you know. ” “ Why do you always do this? ” “ What gives you the right to do this to me? ” “ Is this all I’m good for? ” “ Your lips says one thing, your eyes says something else. ” “ You dare come here and — demand such a thing? ” “ You’re not good enough for me, face it. ” “ I’m not good enough for you, I get that. ” “ Am I good enough for you? ” “ What is it about me that makes you hate me so much? ” “ Why can’t you look at me? ” “ It’s not that easy, ( name ). ” “ Well, if you could just be HONEST with me then we wouldn’t be there. ” “ Honesty? Really? Is that what you want? ” “ You won’t even look at me. ” “ I am trying my best here, (name)! ” “That’s a lot of blood…”  “That’s not good…”  "I think that’s more than a little cut.” “You’re looking rather pale.” “You’re bleeding!” “That doesn’t look good…”  "I don’t think that’s suppose to come out.”  “That’s a bit of an interesting angle for that to go at.”  “How do I get it to stop?!”  “How are you still standing?!” “Don’t get up, you’ll make it worse.”  “What happened to you?” “I can’t feel my fingers anymore…”  “Everything hurts.”  “Is everything supposed to go dark?” “Ow, yeah, okay, that’s starting to hurt.”  “It’s just a cut.”  “I’ve had worse.”  “You’re bleeding all over my floor!”  “You better not die on me.”  “They got a lucky shot…”  “Next time don’t call me to come over only to find you in a pool of your own blood!”  “You need to keep pressure on it.”  “Don’t move!”  “That looks nasty.”  “Am I dying?” "I can't believe you would do that to me!"

𝓜𝓸𝓭𝓮𝓻𝓷 𝓙𝓾𝓵𝓲𝓮𝓽

07/02/2020 09:02 PM 


Green eyes opened to a dark forest. Very little light reached the ground and what did reach was merely the dim light from the the moon, dimmed even further by the leaves of the trees that surrounded her. Betty didn't remember how she'd gotten here or even where she had been before. Already her heart was racing, loud in her ears, palms starting to sweat. Why? There was no immediate threat, but old habits die hard, right? A quick glance down showed her that she was, at least, adequately dressed for the setting. Jeans, boots, a t-shirt, but where was her phone? Not even a flashlight? She always had one of the two on her. Weird but she figured, as any rational person would, that her best bet was to find the first path out of the forest. And so that was what the blonde set to work doing, foliage and twigs cracking and rustling under her steps. Then another noise. A noise that made her freeze mid-step. Another set of footsteps making their way through the brush behind her? Is that what she heard or was her mind playing tricks on her, as it had done quite a few times before? Whatever it was, it stopped when she did. 'Breathe, Betty,' she told herself. 'This isn't a horror movie. It's probably just a deer. Fox... bear... animal in general...' Shaking off the paranoia, she started her trek again, careful to step lighter than when she had started. Okay. There was definitely steps behind her. Her pace increased but so did the ones behind her. Again, her heartrate sped, palms growing more and more clammy by the second. She didn't even notice she'd broken into a run until her breathing became labored and she could feel sweat running down the back of her neck. A large tree was spotted and immediately used for cover. She couldn't hear the steps anymore. Had she gotten away from who, or what, ever had been following her? She allowed herself a shaky breath, an even shakier hand raising to wipe at her forehead. The silence remained and a sense of safety set in. As soon as she was sure, her walk began again, slower and even quieter than before. Get out. Her mind was screaming for her to get out of this wood and back to her home with the bright red door. Funny how Betty had always hated that stupid door but was now longing to see it again, longing to walk over the threshold and into the realm of her overbearing, close-minded mother. Into the living room where her mother had beaten a man over the head with a lamp, resulting in his death, where her father had shown them horrible, awful home movies and not in the sense of them being cringey. These were the thoughts racing through the girl's mind as she wandered through, avoiding spiderwebs where she could, growing ever annoyed with the briars that clung to her jeans and shoelaces. But finally, she stepped into a clearing that was divided by a dirt path, clearly well traveled. She stopped again but not from relief, not from exhaustion. There, in the middle of the path and almost directly in front of her, stood a large, broad figure. The figure wore boots and jeans much like Betty, but they were matched with a familiar paid button-down shirt and... 'Oh god. Oh no.. that's...' Her eyes widened. A black hood, holes in the perfect place for Betty to see the green eyes of the figure. How could they show so bright in the dim light of the clearing? "Dad...?" she managed, though her voice was barely above a whisper. Somehow, the man heard her. He didn't speak, instead letting his head tilt just slightly to one side. "That's impossible. No. You're supposed to be dead. Aunt Penelope shot you..." The all too familiar voice rang out, deep and intimidating. "Betty, did you really think I would leave my work unfinished? That I would go to my grave without taking you with me after all that you've put me through? You can't actually be that naive," the man said simply, finally taking a tiny step towards her. It wasn't the voice of her father, even though she knew he was the one under the hood. How? How was that possible? As her eyes adjusted further, she could see the bullethole in his hood. As much as she wished she could say she was surprised, Betty couldn't. At all. This, as far as she knew, was Riverdale. A town where the dead never really stayed dead. Whatever the case, the man infront of her allowed her a moment to take in the information before speaking again. "I'm going to give you a head start. Like you did for Chic. Do you remember?" Of course she remembered. How could she forget? A few steps forward were taken, intimidating and heart stopping. "Right now you have about a fifty percent chance of outrunning me... That chance goes down the closer I get..."  He didn't have to tell her twice. Betty was gone, feet pounding against the dirt as she ran. She wasn't sure where she was heading or what she was going to do but anywhere was better than standing in the clearing as her father advanced. And so her legs carried her, fueled by the pure terror and adrenaline that coursed through her body. Safety. She needed to find some semblance of safety, but how the hell was she supposed to do that if she didn't even know where she was? Her breathing picked up again, heart pounding heavy in her ears as she darted between the trees, leapt over fallen branches, and tried not to trip on vines that littered the ground. 'This is what I get for selling Chic out. This is how I die.' the thoughts repeating in her head, damning her for every bad thing she'd ever done, insisting that she deserved. Would they ever find her body? Would Jughead ever know what had happened to her? He'd make sure The Black Hood paid for this, she decided. 'Goodbye, Jug... Mom... Polly... Archie... Vee... You're already saying your goodbyes, Betty? Really? Don't give up, yet. You've gotten out of stickier situations. Run faster.' And so she did. It was like the forest started to morph around her, less and less trees to dodge and in the distance? She could see a light. A light that she recognized as a street lamp. She didn't have to look behind herself to know that Black Hood was still on her trail, still following her with much heavier footsteps than her own. Soon, the grass was gone and her boots hit pavement but she knew she wasn't out of the metaphorical woods just yet. She turned, following the street she'd landed on until houses started to come into view. It was only then that she started screaming, calling out to anyone in the houses for help. As soon as she was sure enough distance had been put between herself and her assailant, she approached a door, fists banging against the wood in hopes for help. The only response she was met with was the porch light being switched off. Back to the street she went, staring the process all over again.   Suddenly, she started to recognize her surroundings. She was on her own street. In the distance, she could see that hated red door and her feet carried her towards it all on their own. A glance back showed that the man had slowed to a walk but was somehow closer than he had been before. She reached the door, only to find it locked. Quickly, the blonde grabbed the key from the top of the doorfram and let herself in, slamming the door behind her. Green eyes disappeared behind heavy lids and when they opened again? Betty was safe in her room, tucked away in bed. She was still panting, could still hear her heart beating rapidly, found that she was drenched in sweat and so were her sheets. She sat up, reached for her phone to check the time, and breathed a heavy sigh of relief as she did so. Three in the morning... It had all been a horrible, disturbing, guilt-ridden nightmare.

betty cooper, riverdale, drabble

𝕡𝕣𝕖𝕥𝕥𝕪 𝕓𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙 ♥

07/02/2020 07:37 PM 


I obviously have no life, so Im allowing people to use my Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly) Resources. I only have a couple rules that I ask tha you follow. I've worked hard on these in the past. I will be updating this whole blog if I find people are using them. Do NOT use without giving credit or at least commenting that you're using them. If using on multiple accounts, thats fine. Make sure EVERY account you use them on has me added as a friend. Bonus points if the account(s) comments as well. Any Icons, GIFS, Headers, Etc are welcome to use for anyone page, even if you have a MGK/C.B As a love interest. Do not send any of them to your friends. Ask them to add me & this blog public for them to use. This can & WILL be shut down if people dont follow my essy directions. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is watermarked. Just because you can't see if doesn't mean I wont see you stealing. If you need anything re-sized for default pictures or layouts, feel free to send me a PM. You can also get ahold of me on Discord: 𝕡𝕣𝕖𝕥𝕥𝕪 𝕓𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙#6258  ClickyClick.

𝕡𝕣𝕖𝕥𝕥𝕪 𝕓𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙 ♥

07/02/2020 07:47 PM 


COMMENT BELOW WHAT ALBUM AND HOW MANY YOU'RE TAKING SO I KNOW WHAT TO UPDATE.GIFSMusic Videos newInterviews newLive Performances newMisc. newExtra Edited newPREMADESPhotoshoots newLive Performances newWith Others newRESOURCESProfile Headers new


07/02/2020 07:34 PM 

The Files. Season 2. Chapter 7

Vita Dumuzi      The Files         The big bed was comfortable enough, its time to work and take a sit back in the chair, the room insulated and high above the city streets so the traffic noises, was simply as a heaven's view, a quiet zone. After I turned my cigar off, followed by a full day at the reflection of me on a rainy day above the clouds said. "You must be a good commander, to inspire loyalty." While reading the file, he was renown by the Federal Bureau of Underworld's Invegiation, as Chaos, Eris, too many names for the same doings. Studding the operational histories, too, non an easy one, no at all. I wanted to know the 110th inside out. Flattening the page inside the portfolio, then against the top of the desk, removed apart half of the scratch papers next to it. Then picked up the phone and dialed.   "So here it is, the pyramid is so complex and misunderstood but I can say one thing, nothing is as it seems to be. Ownership networks could be very boring to study, but as the map circuits the mind it comes easily apparent to filter out." She was hired to do the job and had to take the flight for that day. "3 million dollars to simply open the doors, nothing more, open the door." Placed down the phone. I have a twin sister called Nike, we will have to escort .... and she is the driver.   Now, as a voice over, where is a difference, I'm not against capitalism, the European Bank, the economic system expends billions of dollars trying to understand the reasons of the Universe, instead of Peace, what is happening here, how is this possible? Of course, the answer is very simple the problem is how are you going to do it without any downfalls. Risking the fewer possibilities in the process of actions. We are hired for a position and each of us counts as it's. Playing sports in groups, lets you know who is a team player, experience lets you see who is reliable for certain tasks. I'm only a sort of portal of Viability with vitality. Some said to be the ambassador of Zeus, as a joke. I could travel on time back and forth, but ending up on psychics was not my childhood's motivation to turn to the past, there was a deep desire to travel to the moon and space, a drive. Now finding the world we have vs the Universe it has come for a few of us to draw a thin line to its limit, onto a deadline.    That was left in the suitcase, it would have attacked and damaged the organization, who rules as place as if it's in Olympus has the last word, to have not known it in advance is because you were not there to prepare for it coming out on you. He has us as a Merkaba Star of guardians on all his wars and confrontation to conquer and win, to achieve, what would I give to see his face reading the documents but we work very hard to present it when is only functional with evidence, facts. If Zeus is not an easy God to guard, my boss is too, you have sometimes had to do the dirty work so he walks clean with any dirt on his hands, fixing his deals. You could not present a mere draft and exposè going wild either, not that he wouldn't see. He was simply not bothered at all beyond the hill of madness. His state of enlightenment is unmovable, for him to strike down had to be a movement of one only impact. He would never be going around. So, I won't disturb him if is not proposable for him to approach, is not the right time, could see the multiple meetings and timings on the agenda, International delegations were coming forth and I had to represent the house as a mere businessman, as a mortal among mortals with a pseudonym. Assuming everything is transactional and my relations are reliable to the last decades the gates are open as an author to my own presentations, studied the right words as a key holder, the wrong words, as well as these, came back for from the oppositions, what would they say, what is going on. These charts are working as they are, but these are the charts that are shown and sold to the marketplace. One had to talk like an outsider, as if one knew nothing, even when is involved from the inside. Is part of the protocols found in hypnosis as well, nothing new to marketing, you have to be elegant, not to by a diminished capacity as if you are not capable to answer to a crime. So on one side of the dialogue, someone is playing blackmail and then I enter as the good cop to bring a solution, the same solution the very blackmail proposed. But the company will never listen to threats, and if they want the money to see you in court, the company will fight together till the end. Is all predicted, from years back ahead and connections in between to how I became to be the lawyer of the company. In a matter of time, it won't be me the needy type who stays in the reunion till they get tired of me. I will let them talk, pay fine attention to their concerns. They will never show me the dark cards being played, the blackmail, they will need a representative, they already got the answers and as every ownership of his company, they don't like to be spooned with the truth. Is on their own decisions, they don't even ask for a consultation.Is going to harden, I'm on the crux of a problem that can change the curse of history. And they don't even know it. Could not explain them either, it would be as impossible as delusional and even if they knew is truth, they won't do it. Is how power works. I will defend them and tell them how much it will cost and what the Supreme Court will ask for, the donations being per year to the city, £14M won't be enough if this goes out on the news. It won't only be a scandal, but a loss of trust from the international Head Office in U.S.A. Netflix will purchase the movie script for the documental, I mean the Threat and BlackMail was not coming from a professional, that was another alias which is better to not even mention. S.H.I.E.L.D. has its ways to roll the dices. My performance requires a clean smooth legal defense with rhetorical psychology, the courts, non of the Lords of the Parliament will want to be involved losing their reputation for a few pennies being donated a year. It's me the one who made their pacts, the meetings for their handshakes, to cover it up as if charities are subsidiary to parent companies with closest relations. The gentlest words to suggest that no one will back them in the United Kingdom's Supreme Court will do, and as studied my mind to pick these words days passed, months. I'm talking about lots of money and what is happening in one locality is not only to be found in Britain and the UK, but internationally. It will take a few workers to speak out and a Government's investigation for the allegations.    1. File. The Complexity of Systems is a complex behavior of interaction. Start to understand the system by looking at interactions.    The first file was a kindergarten starter explanatory to launch the party, we all knew the net worth of representatives in a complex system. But who had the analytics to explain the charts in Christian, in Hebrew, they well known years and decades to filter in and the program is already in the Parliament, that hit worked to backup the plan against supporting them in the Supreme court. I find them the most beautiful people on earth to defend the Environment. The social science to think straight step by step onto the strings behind the White House, from the Head Office in Chicago. The leader of the Illuminati to call it as in populix media. A joke to myself. More seriously now. Who had ownership of the shareholder of relations to such institutions, foundations to control looking at these networks can see the known players of who controls the world.   Chaos will know the risk, now his pattern would shade right into a raw release for the distress, as the impulse of an epidemic assassination made by a virus from unknown precedence, conspiracies without evidence. While facing his papers. And the plan is studied to detail, nature repeats, as the biblical epidemics, it all went to the thoughts of the minds who stoped to concentrate on other planetary issues pausing the clock of Olympian civilization. Giving space for another to enter in. An isolating time of peacefulness indeed blended with sirens.    There was a lot of ring tone among the last decisions, but they all expected that. Cell networks can take seconds to route a call and very few sleepers jump in, most people wake up slow, and then blink and fumble. But I answered eventually on the second affiliation of the first file, a legal electronic file that contains all the evidence with the witness from the company, and witnesses who are not payable as there are two more within the Government. Only this proves the case is not absolved and will enter in the Supreme Court. Laboral Rights, Explotaitions, Sexual Harassment from mediocre managers, Discriminations in Afro-Arab neighborhoods, lack of control in human interaction among employees, with tones of rubbish per day, unnumerable for the forest being burned. False Publicity. Homeless workers in court, and many cases for eviction. One question for the Judge to bring forth all the eviction cases and employees who worked in this company would be a downfall to pursue their lack of character towards their workers and the earth. The majority of the investment goes for marketing, infrastructure, and the CEO members to open more chains and conquer. Believe it or not, Eris has done an immaculate job. But this is only one multinational amongst the 300 key holders. Not in the top 146. (not naming the company) Oil and War, Banking comes in the top ranks.     The financial district has a top building, they made up to 95% of all TNC's, so I had analyzed the structure of the shareholders of control with different models to compute, to control. With more than 50% you have control but depending on the distribution of shares. A few years ago Mr. Tronchetti Provera had 20%, we have the influence to move in the shareholdings. On the other side the Gates and Chanzucherberg pushing another envelope for Bitcoin and Renewable energy, Amazon's owner the electronic brotherhood empowering donations to their organizations to aid the evolving countries. Blending the past pages of history with the new investors which will note in a friendly manner, after the objectives are obvious.    The Mex Weber's idea of potential power which is one of the imposing one's own will, despite the oppositions of others, let me explain my own thinking to get the right words from the trillion words, in the analogy of water pipes, we already worked with the Oil Energy, and why is it not working for the average deals. So, these pipes have different thickness, to control it's flowing in the only network, and it accumulates at the nodes, 737 shareholders have 80% of the top value in the TNCs. Now, remember our team started with 80.000 notes. 0.01% from the US and the UK, where 146 top players control 40%, nearly half.     The structure is such of self organization, It's an emergent property that depends on the rules of interaction in the system, nothing against. I'm bringing them a suggestion so they word the solution. A solution I can't word when you work with the top, now we are in. Is probably not the result of a global conspiracy of the "Illuminate". As you see the Impression of the Moon Surface, there is not a street Map. What you see as the Umbral shadow or light at a maximum eclipse, means not the darkness of the Universe mingling in before the moonshine, nor the shine's reflection from the sun to the Moon, but the very Shine of the moon itself. The Umbral of Decodification is not as abstract as it shows to be or fictional. We are people becoming involved, the tip and shine of the diamonds if this world knew everything that would come out from their possessions and for the world's possessions.    It was in the Bank of England research who gave me a more tantalizing option to a brave financial investment and tendency, this has slowly started against the New Science, we had seen the emergence of a long term and longed founded programs if is Judged as false Publicity with all the money being charged from clients it will publicly lose the trend. But this journey has only yet begun. The problem in regards to finance and political economics, so the multitrillion dollar question is, who is the leader? It's not who is, but who are the leaders. The leaders of the world who control everything, the Rothschild and the Rockefeller family tree and their connections are in the homes, anyone. I have never seen a family tree that goes beyond mankind as mine or anyone could be. The Bilderberg, the UN, UE, US basically everything that walks on earth, members of HYDRA shaking hands with Jews for money. They where a secret society before, before they were disbanded, fleeted and flee, I know it from my Grandfather and his, from the foundations from Rome to France, where others moved to United the Kingdom and so on the United States. Always evolving and escaping for investments, intensely unstoppable, counting our inner wars as collections of paintings in our finest museums with the Getty in the Art Gallery in London and in California.    Is not a billionaire or trillionaire, but multi trillionaire, in this direction the remaining unknown terrain of the Umbral will be charted in the future, and this is exactly when a law has been passed. And with it, a new chart flow of currency. Invest or Invest. Paying a smaller amount avoiding Court Drama, Press, Clients, and owners going wild, which signifies saving worldwide trillions. And the rights words for the smallest amount of a meeting, so I take my leave as if I'm not interested in their decisions, will be...     My mind was buzzing and had a sense of disquiet from the memory when Nike left, 6 years ago, might be due to the work on that part of the world, but it wasn't that. Something was wrong between us, and she didn't know how naive it was to trust in a smart arse genious, that's another file. I was upset with her, she could feel it, even though I denied, and she didn't know what to do about it, was in my way to pick up influential documentation (remember<-- note to self) but my mind is stuck. So return to view and check the second.    2 file. The blacklist of murders, including Jacob Rothschild, everything was fine, in the third file, there is a third Document to have a signature back from a global agreement with a program we would later examine (<--note), nothing much. I will not drain the tension and be done with it, we spend sweat and tears on this mission, it was not the progress of finding out a horny hacker going all over the place. (note to remember -->) I have to go personally with a printed document. Or to leave the trade of a serial killing to end with a group blocking the agreements. Missing Jabon would tension the board, that's for sure, why? Is that type of information that goes unresolved but is noted. But the change to unveil an inhuman reputation is against the plan. I have to find the right words, and I know what they are going to tell me, the deadlines before court agreements are over.Tiktok, Tiktok.Stood up getting on with character to play my role, by the time I get the signatures on paper, the words shall click O'clock, I know the missing pieces of the puzzle are not there, it won't let me access till is concluded to bring it forward. They must be grooming for a final settlement as I'm thinking. I'm Vita, the opener of channels a diplomat of sensitivity and tactful ways. Listening is so important. Paying fine attention to the details, see them jointed by excellence as a Rolls Roice on the highway, parked without projecting, reflecting their thoughts coming together as they speak.   


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Ever since he was young, Sebastian knew that he was smarter than the other kids growing up around him. They’d be watching some cartoons and helping some spanish conquistador explore a world with her talking ape, and immediately, at a young age, Sebastian knew he was to grown up for the activity. Instead he found himself wandering through his grandparent’s home, almost always finding his way into his grandfather’s study and listening to the older man tell him stories of ancient heroes and their escapades.As he grew older, Sebastian began to soak in information from the past, always striving to learn as much as he could about who lived far before him. He would spend hours upon hours in libraries, be it at the poor high school he attended, sneaking into the campus at NYU I'm eighth grade, or stealing a new release from a small book store, the boy was obsessed. So when he had finally secured funds for college, it was obvious what he was going for. He was excited, thrilled to learn as much as he could.But now, after nearly a decade of higher education, Sebastian has become nearly a different person. Instead of wanting to learn for the joy of it, he sits in his small flat, reading just so he could know more than the next person. A bottle of pills on the counter as he would flip through page after page. His life definitely didn't turn out the way that he thought it would, oh no, his dreams of exploring the world, going and seeing Aztec Temples and the Pantheon had fallen apart.Now he was just a teacher with a need for pills and plenty of debt to the wrong people


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ℓady ѕovεrειgη

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Me & The Devil | Drabble No. 1

Encapsulated within the concrete walls of the self-isolation room once more, the young maiden struggled against the binds that held her wrists behind her back.  Tanned skin now marred with abrasions both old and new from each attempt to free herself.  Surrounded in a shroud of pitch-black darkness, she sat upon the cold ground in her birthday suit.  Every passing minute feeling slower than the one before it.The soft but undeniably clear sound of feet shuffling from the other side of the wall indicated his approach.  The one and only man she had come to fear in her twenty-one years of life.  From the moment she became James’ captive, her life became a living hell.  Consisting of endless sexual pursuits of him forcing her to be his submissive and enduring punishments.  Though the treatment she received on a daily basis would more-so be considered abuse.  With each sound, her heartbeat begins to climb to an accelerated rate.  The jingle of his keys, the clicking of the locks, the flick of the light switch.  Anxiety filled her very core as she wondered what fresh circle of hell awaited her today.Light green eyes squinted as her pupils dilated in the minimum light filtering the room.  His own brown hues studying her as he crouched down to her level, blowing a puff of cigar smoke in her face.  “Are you going to cooperate today?”  His low voice gravely and firm.  Her lungs began to spasm from inhaling the toxic fumes of his cigar; each breath she expelled sounding more like a wheeze.  This wasn’t the first time his smoking had caused an asthmatic attack and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.  Her lack of response only infuriated him further. The next instant, his fist slammed into the side of her face.  Stars swam in her vision and a bitter metallic taste filled her mouth.   “Answer me!  Unless you enjoy this punishment, then by all means I’ll keep you locked in here until you are ready to comply.”  Unless her reply was exactly what he wanted to hear, she would be forced to endure more physical torture by his hands.  Damned if she answered and damned if she didn’t.  Yet she was the type to fight until the very end or die trying in the process.  With his face only inches away from hers, now was the time to strike.  She was quick to spit the pooled blood in her mouth right at the monster that loomed before her.  It took him aback for a second to be sprayed with the bodily fluid.  But in return, he took the lit end of the cylindrical cigar and pressed it to the flesh of her left thigh. His large hand holding down her quivering leg as if she were livestock being branded.   Her screams reverberated off the walls, filling the atmosphere around them.  Tears surfacing along her eyelashes as the smell of her own skin being burned infiltrated her nostrils.  Soon a third circular scar would join the two others he left behind.  “There’s more where that came from.  Let that be a lesson.  Don’t provoke me.  That’s just a small sample of what awaits you when I return from work…"

Jeff McDaniel

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"Ávē Marī́a, grā́tiā plḗna, Dóminus tḗcum. Benedícta tū in muliéribus, et benedíctus frū́ctus véntris túī, Iḗsūs. Sā́ncta Marī́a, Mā́ter Déī, ṓrā prō nṓbīs peccātṓribus, nunc et in hṓrā mórtis nóstrae. Āmēn." Jeff McDanels softly spoke those words as he knelt in one of the pews near the front of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in LA. Despite being an NCIS he still managed to make it to mass and confession. While it surprised many when they found out he was a strong Irish-Catholic, Jeff didn't let it get to him. He continued praying softly as he knelt in the pew, gently running his fingers over the rosary he held in his hands.Jeff felt at peace as he knelt there and prayed, knowing how much it helped him to be in the church given what he did for a living and the things and people he saw while out riding around. It wasn't long before he finished praying and sat back in the pew, looking to the front of the church while still holding his rosary in his hands. His eyes came to the crucifix that was near the front. A slight sigh left his lips as he sat there, his thoughts coming back to a recent fugitive hunt he was on and how it almost didn't end well. While thinking about that time, Jeff didn't know who he would soon meet.


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Spirit Week 0720

Spirit Week Album

Adventurous Soul

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Guidelines. Rules. The Stuff.

I'm going to try and keep this quick and simple. I don't use my blog for anything besides rules. So here goes: 1. My writing ranges from para, multi para and novella. If you give me a lot, I'll give you a lot. If you prefer short writing, I'm game. I pretty much match whatever the person I'm writing with is doing. I write first person as well as third person. 2. I'm always IC. I'm not going to talk about who I am OOC. I don't have a Discord and it's staying that way. If we need to talk for discussions, that's fine. If you want to talk OOC that's fine, but I have boundaries. 3. I'm here to be supportive as much as write and I will support you, like your posts, read your writing. 4. Shipping. Technically he's married. And no, I don't want someone to write his wife's role for me. I'm not interested in shipping him at this time. That's the furthest thing from my mind right now. 5. In my writing Misha is bisexual, into men and women. I may write LI's into his story but don't be surprised if some of them are men. 6. He can be anywhere in the timeline. I'll be writing across his whole life span. 7. His verse is an open one, I can fit him in anywhere, just remember he's human. 8. Talk in messages. Write in comments. I don't use fancy templates and no one else has to either to write with me. Remember it's the writing that matters not how it looks. 9. No bullsh*t, no OOC drama allowed. No excressive negativity and toxic behaviors allowed either. 10. Let's have fun.  


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Connection ideas.

Connection idea's These are just a few ideas that popped into my head with gifs I found on tumblr. Feel free to mix and match any of the ideas, or if it sparks something for your own character, please reach out and let me know!credit for the images goes to their owners, I did not create any of the pictures below. Davina & KaiMuch like what happened with Micheal, Davina tries a spell to contact the dead and instead of her mother appearing, Malichai Parker becomes bound to her and attempts to trick her into bringing him back to life.||A story with lots of angst, bickering, and Davina's verbal lashings at her new, annoying companion. Davina & MaliaMalia finds herself in Mystic falls, no memory of how or when she arrived. Davina tracks her down, because of a string of reported 'animal attacks' not too far from the Salvatore school.||Story can go any direction really; friends, foes, Malia could take residence in the school. Idea is that she is innocent and might aide in catching whomever it is attaching the humans. But open to her being the villain if that's your style. Davina & JeremyDavina has decided to turn her curse into something that can help others; since she cannot die, she makes the decision to reach out to Jeremy and become the hunters apprentice. Together, they protect the city from the supernaturals who abuse their power and endanger the secrets of others.|| Connections really open aside from hunting the baddies. Open to ideas on this one to add more to them. Davina & ScottScott finds himself in Mystic falls, no memory of how or when he arrived. Davina tracks him down, following a string of reported 'animal attacks' not too far from the Salvatore school.|| This is the same idea from Malia. Being that Scott can create wolves, due to being an alfa, it can take a whole different turn as well. Davina, Allison & LydiaThe amount of death and supernatural activity in Mystic Falls leads Lydia to town. With the arrival of a Banshee, Davina feels tensions rise to try and figure out why they would have been called.|| Really open to any kind of connection with these girls. Lots of mystery vibes and possible angst with figuring how to solve the problem once they figure out what lead them all the way to virginia. Davina & Sam|| DISCLAIMER! I know absolutely nothing about supernatural.... BUT, would still love to collab with those interested on a story. If you have any ideas hit me up. (This goes for any character from the show not just the one pictured. Davina & Her fatherOC idea (face semi negotiable)- Davina's father returns after being gone her whole life and presumed dead (as told by her mother.) Saves her from a mission gone wrong where she was ambushed by a group (could be witches, vampires, wolves, anyone really since she has plenty of enemies.)|| If you have an oc and would like to fill the role I can totally work around what you already have for your character. Not really looking for anyone to make a page solely for this role as I don't want to force anyone to come up with anything on their own and I don't have any backstory for him. Davina & Edward|| Really no solid idea for what to do so this is open to anything, but I would love any connections with Twilight characters as well. If you need a witch, hit me up! Friends, foes, lovers, ex's, partners, everything is on the table. (Give me something painful.) Davina & Stefan/SilasAfter a few messy kills/feeds, Davina takes it upon herself to make the town safe again and begins tracking Stefan/Silas down. Not very skilled yet she gets abducted by her prey and tries to fight her way back to freedom.|| Again, connection is open to be anything but really is influenced by the gifs from the show Paul and Danielle are in (tell me a story). Let me chase you around with a gun and all that. Lots of twists and turns with this one. Dark themes, and possible triggers, so looking for someone open minded.

RES Family

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RES Meeting

RES  MEETING WITH Goddess Lilith..Thank you everyone for coming today. . Today is a meeting Will Goddess Lilith Hellfire and RES.Everynoe knows why we are here except for Lilith.  So I will address the issues at hand.As everyone knows our new Alliance with SKE..has brought light on some subjects that were brought up to meby Empress Shani. a couple of days ago. To say the least they were very upsetting. I spent over an hour on discord with her as she told me of things which I have told as well to Vlad,  Along with Lucy and Evie our new admins to RES.1. Lilith I was told by Empress Shani, that you had told Skullblaka. You were leaving be in SKE. Empress Shani has no reason to lie to me about this. For one you two are not even friends. Skullblaka went to her about this. I find this most upsetting.  I feel this as a betrayal. On our friendship..and RES. I have stood by you, Even taken your side on things. To do this to our friendship..and to something I cannot over look. It is very disturbing to me. When I asked Shani would you accept Lilith into SKE...her response...F*** NO! I will admit our friendship has been harned by well as the trust2. Your status post. About visulizing dead bodies on the battlefield. Skullblaka saw it as a act of war on SKE and Shani. He felt that because he had just said to you that you two could only be friends.  He found you were jealous of Shani and thought they were together.  Shani has informed me. That they are very good friends for years. They have no romantic feelings toward each other.3. The new alliance between SKE and RES has already been threaten because of that status. However, Shani does not want this alliance to fail. She is tired of the bs. And wants to from a friendship between the two groups. It will take time of course..however I feel it can be accomplished. Which is a very good things. Because both sids. (Me included) have trashed talk and bashed each other for long enough., and I agree. Stats talking of war or hate..cannot be tolerated. Let me make myself will not be tolerated..4..These are my issues Lilith. I know there are others here..that have theirs. If anyone wants to speak about those issues...Please do so now.

∂ιzzу кєηzιє мυισ (мαяяιє∂)

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Lost in the woods (Drabble)

Dizzy is sitting at her bay window listening ot her uncle Kristoff sing Lost in the woods and she feels lost. Everytime she tries see the good she sees the hard and bad. She feels like she is trying to hard.  She finally had her break down to hopefully help her handle her pain. Dizzy hears her uncle as she is sitting at her bay window. She smiles at him. And said "Uncle, are you okay?" Kristoff looks at his niece and said "I don't know anymore since things are just hard and complicated,"Dizzy looks at her uncle and said "I understand that well, things for me are good just feel like since its getting closer and I didn't get to say good bye i feel like I will be crying the day away,""Yeah just know your grandparents are looking down on you everyday," Kristoff said as he sat next to my at the bay window."I know that uncle. I do miss them both its hard on my mama and aunt then is for me," Dizzy said as she lays her head on her uncle's shoulder trying keep her tears inside.

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