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A happy soul is the best cure for a cruel world.

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LEGAL NAME ✥ NICKNAME(S): Charlotte Joy Simmons is her full legal name but she also goes by Charlie. This was the name given to her at the time of her birth.
GENDER ✥ SPECIES: She is a female, () and is Homo-sapien, otherwise known as Human.
DATE OF BIRTH ✥ AGE: She was born December Third of 1996. This would make her exactly Age; 23 years old.
PLACE OF BIRTH ✥ HOMETOWN: She was born in New Castle, Deleware. This is also where she grew up.
MAIN RESIDENCE ✥ OTHER LOCATIONS: She mainly resides in Manhattan, New York in a type of home in the city.
HEIGHT ✥ WEIGHT ✥ MEASUREMENTS: She is 5 ft 5 in, or otherwise 165 cm. She weighs in at 50 kg, or 110 lbs. Waist size is 32-23-33 in or 81-58-84 cm. Dress size 0 (EU), and cup size is 32 A, with her shoe size is 6.
HAIR COLOR ✥ EYE COLOR: She has brown hair, and has hazel eyes.
OCCUPATION ✥ EMPLOYMENT: Charlotte is a waitress for the Morning Star Cafe.
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND ✥ DEGREES: Charlotte studies at Julliard.
SOCIAL STATUS ✥ FINANCIAL STANDING: Charlotte is middle class.
LANGUAGES ✥ ACCENT: She speaks mostly English, but also knows sarcasm.
ETHNICITY ✥ NATIONALITY: She is caucaisin. She is this American.
RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION ✥ POLITICAL STANDPOINT: She was brought up Christian. She is part of the Independent Party.

FAMILY ✥ PARENTS: Name’s father was Father’s Name (alive/deceased), explains a bit about him and what he did. Names’s mother, Mother’s Name (alive/deceased), explain a little about her too and what she did.
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PERSONALITY ✥ SELFHOOD: Talk about your personality here.
INTERESTS ✥ HOBBIES: Share interest and hobbies here.
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ADDICTIONS ✥ DEPENDENCIES: You best not have any addictions, but if you do put them all right here for shaming purposes.
CRIMINAL RECORD ✥ PRIORS: You goddamn criminal, put your negative behavior here.
WEAKNESSES ✥ FEARS ✥ SECRET(S): Yes also tell the world about your fears and weaknesses, along with your deepest darkest secrets.

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I'll let you into my soul,
but wipe your feet at the door.

It was a cold and snowy night when Charlotte Simmons was born. Immediately she with hardships. When her mother was six months pregnant, Charlotte's father walked away. Her mother made the bold choice of raising her alone, and maybe that was the best thing she could have done. Together the pair lived in New Castle, Deleware. A small, country town where life was slow; it seemed everyone knew everyone. From the moment she was able to walk and run, Charlotte's mother knew that she needed to put her energy into something.

The first option was gymnastics. Charlotte attended three full classes before she made it clear to her mother that she wasn't a fan. The next immediate step was dance. There was no doubt it was the correct step. Immediately Charlotte fell in love with the idea of ballet. The classes were a little more expensive than her mother would want to spend on a hobby, but even she could see the sheer joy in her daughter and made the right choice. As time went on, Charlotte was constantly at the top of her class.

One of the hardest parts of growing up for Charlotte was the fact that all of her friends started school a year ahead of her because she was a December baby; her birthdate was after the cut-off date. Dance class was her social hour, and on her bad days, those hours were what kept Charlotte sane and happy. She needed happiness as she entered high school and her future began to loom over her. She knew what she wanted to do; Charlotte just didn't know how she was going to make it happen. The only thing she could do was throw herself more into her studies, as well as her dance.

While most of the students in her class were applying to multiple colleges, Charlotte had only one on her mind, Julliard. The only issue came down to the cost of the tuition. Her mother could not foot the money for the art school. Her only hope was the annual scholarship award. As graduation grew closer and closer, she anxiously waited by the mailbox just waiting for the acceptance letter to come through to her. It felt like a lifetime had passed when finally she opened the small metal flap and saw the big envelope inside.

Somehow she had won the full scholarship award out of all the other applicants. At the age of twenty, she would be attending the school of her dreams to follow her dreams. She was trading the sparkling night stars of the country for the twinkling lights of the city. To say she was excited was an understatement. A full-ride meant she'd only have to cover her expenses. Before she even got to Julliard, she was scoping out jobs. Quickly she landed a waitressing job in an upscale cafe. The best adventure of her life was about to start.

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Charlotte Joy Simmons I've always liked tomorrow, you haven't made any mistakes yet in tomorrow. Sometimes I grow tired of life, and long for the next great adventure.
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Charlotte Simmons.
You deserve to be the person you were meant to be.

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Nov 22nd 2020 - 3:45 PM

Well please to meet you :) Did i send you my info?

Nov 20th 2020 - 2:23 PM

Hello Charlotte,

I hope all is well. I received your comment and I am willing to work a storyline for us. Perhaps we can meet at the cafe you work at?

Nov 19th 2020 - 7:23 PM

Well hello there my cute little humans, I would love to figure something out with every single one of you guys if we can come up with something. If not well that’s alright too. But first, let me tell you a few things about myself so you can get to know me some. Firstly My name is Darsey Sanchez, I am 22 years old and I am a photographer at my own shop called A Beautiful Day. And of course, on top of that, I have my own blog online that I love to do when I'm not taking pictures. Taking pictures is my life and I don't know where I would be without it. Here are also a few facts that you should know about me.


Darsey was left in the alley when she was just a baby. And a guy named Paul who is a firefighter found her and took her home to his husband as they both fell in love with having a baby around the house so they decided later to adopt Darsey.

Darsey was called names and beat up all throughout school due to her parents being gay. Ever since her dad took her to a picture show, she knew that she wanted to take pictures for the rest of her life. And she had started blogging to let out her problems and to try to help others that were just like she and no one accepted them.

Darsey now owns her own Photography shop called A Beautiful Day. And on the side, she is still blogging about anything and everything. You never know what you’re going to read on her site.

Well now that you know a little more about me, I would love to get something amazing going with you and can’t wait to write with you all.

@[Darsey Sanchez]

Nov 15th 2020 - 11:58 PM

Ryder tried to focus on a few of the other dancers, but they were making it hard for him to want to take pictures of them. Most them were too worried about how their hair was or that their outfit was perfect. He found it odd because it didn't look right through his lens. They didn't look like ballet dancers, they looked more like models pretending to be ballerinas. All but one, the one he kept going back too. She didn't seem to care about her hair or if her tutu was straight, she just went with it. He found her movements to be graceful, as if she was putting her heart and soul into her dancing. About he did with his music and all things he was interested in.  

He decided that he was going to try something that he hadn't done before. Stopping briefly for a few minutes, he went back to his bag and pulled out a tripod and set it up to where it would get most of the stage. Going back into his bag, he grabbed his other camera and attached it to the tripod. Ryder made sure it looked right and was in focus before he set the timer and left it alone to get other shots that he couldn't. Brining his camera up to his face he began taking pictures again, He found himself going back to the pretty brunette that he couldn't seem to stop taking pictures of. Figuring he could get some pictures of the other dancers from the tripod and he could do his cropping and editing magic to make it look like he had gotten a lot of shots of all the dancers and not the same one. 

Before Ryder knew it the director was calling it a night. He took that as his que to start packing up his camera and getting home to his laptop to see what all he got.  He began to take the camera off the tripod when he froze as heard a female voice speak to him. "Oh sh*t, of sh*t.. " He said in his mind as he wasn't use to talking to girls that weren't teachers or relatives. Ryder grabbed the camera that was hanging around his neck as she asked him if he got any good shots. He glanced towards her, his mouth fell open like he wanted to say something but no words came out for a few moments. "I.. uhhh.. I hope so. I.. um won't know until I can get the memory card into my uhhh laptop at home." He said nervously, though he wasn't sure if she understood him with his mumbling mixed with his accent. He thought for sure he sounded like Ozzy Osbourne when he spoke when he was around girls, especially girls he thought was pretty. He knew he was starting to blush, he always thought he would out grow it like his mother would say but apparently he hadn't. His eyes fell on hers for a few moments as he waited to see if she would laugh at him or continue to talk to him. 


Nov 8th 2020 - 10:13 PM

Of course! Sorry for the delayed response, but I hate rushing replies on these sort of things, so I take my time to do so. Though yes, we could have it that she is on the way out of an interview for an internship and bumps into Christi, or maybe, she is on her way to the internship and she isn’t sure where she is going. Charlotte goes in, has it with Brooke Astor, and then Christi meets her on the way out to see how she did, and yeah, we can slowly build a friendship up. In a way, since Christi is older and has been with the Met longer, Charlotte could maybe see Christi as a mentor of sorts. Before becoming a leading soprano, she was a chorus girl, so she has been on the dancing side as well and could help Charlotte out. Sounds like a good plan to me!

Nov 3rd 2020 - 11:00 PM

Hi! Thanks for reaching out! I was trying to think of some ideas and the best one off the top of my head would be that perhaps Charlotte could have a dancer or performing internship of some kind at the Metropolitan. It could be a way for the two to meet, since Christi is the leading soprano at the Met. Here is my bio summary as well:

Christi Nelson was the daughter of a renowned classical violinist. Her father had played for the orchestra for the Manhattan Center which became the central focus for Christi’s upbringing and later career. With her father’s passion for music and her mother, who was a ballerina; it only made sense that Christi would grow to be a musical prodigy herself. Unfortunately, life at home was not perfect and tragedy seemed to follow Christi from an early age. Her mother abandoned the family shortly after she was born as the trials of motherhood had been too much for her to handle. Leaving Christi’s father to raise her on his own. Though tragedy struck again when she lost him at the early age of seven when her father was mugged and killed. Leaving her to then be raised by her uncle. Life under her uncle’s roof was difficult. Her uncle spiraled slowly into depression throughout the years while trying to make ends meet. Christi and her cousin, Adam, had to mostly rely on one another to get through the difficult times. Since money was tight, Christi started working from an early age to pay for the things she wanted in her life, most of all her education. Her goal was to be a great performer at the Manhattan Center. Singing and music had always been her first passion, acting came naturally along with it. Though it has been a hard road to get to where Christi is now, she currently has a great job, rising fame, and a happy relationship. For now, Christi is in a good place, but for how long will her state of happiness last?

Nov 2nd 2020 - 1:31 PM

Alright so how do you think the two of them should meet

Nov 2nd 2020 - 10:55 AM

is that your bio

Oct 31st 2020 - 9:58 AM

Hey love the name is Lillian Callaghan 
I am 29 years old 
im a freelance model 
and i live in Brooklyn 

here is her bio

Lillian Lousie Callaghan is the eldest offspring out of two daughters and 1 son that were born and raised in an extremely independent Christian household to the parents of Bentley James Callaghan and Stephaine Rose Callaghan on a very cool raining afternoon on October 20th, 1990 in Jacksonville, Florida. When Lillian was just 3 years old Stephanie wanted more children so she ended up getting pregnant once again with a little boy this time and they name their son London Matthew Callaghan that was born on March 19th, 1993. When Lillian was 6 years old and London was 3 they had everything in life, their parents gave them the best life that any child could ever ask for. While they were growing up Stephaine knew she wanted one more child so they and they ended up with another girl that they named Aubrey Skye Callaghan that was born on November 30th, 1996. As Lillian was growing up her mother had noticed that she was always dressing up in her mother's clothing and jewelry so her mother called and got her into modeling classes. Lillian had been taking modeling classes since she was 10 years old and after she did she started to do some freelancing modeling and she has done it ever since. Now that Lillian is 29 years old, she got married and is expecting her first child a little girl name, Julianna Rose Callaghan. Lillian is now living in New York City where she is a big-time freelance model.

Oct 29th 2020 - 11:52 PM

Ryder walked into the school's newspaper room to see what the meeting was for that day. He mostly joined the paper for something to do, as well as to improve his photography hobby. His pictures usually ended up all through the small paper over a few of the other photographers. Most of them didn't like him because they thought that he was 'hogging' the spotlight on the paper, he actually wasn't. He was just a better photographer than the rest of them. Wasn't his fault they didn't know how to focus properly or get the right angle for pictures, and it's not like he chose the pictures for the paper. The editor did that and they weren't exactly buddies. "I need someone who can go take a few snaps of the ballet rehearsals. They have a big recital coming up and I'd like a few good action pictures as well as behind the scenes ones for the article to get the people interested in purchasing tickets." The editor said then went on to say the time of the class. Most of the photographers all complained about the time because they had other classes.  Ryder raised his hand. "I can do it. I have a free period at that time. I'll charge up my equipment." He said as he could feel the glares from the other photographers. 

"Great. You have a few hours to get your equipment ready. They are already expecting a photographer, I'll call the director and let them know who will be there." The editor said as he gave him a nod. Ryder could feel the 'daggers' being thrown at him from the other people, he couldn't understand why they were so pissed off all of them said they had classes and couldn't do it. Ryder checked his camera as he sat at the table and ignored all the whispering and glares he was getting. He read over the assignment sheet for the article on the ballet recital coming up, glad that he didn't have to write the article, that wasn't his strong point. He glanced over as he seen that the editor talking with the students that did the writing, he knew they would be there at the same time. 

When the time came, Ryder grabbed his bag with all his equipment in it. Making one last check to be sure he had everything, the extra battery packs just in case. He really wasn't sure what to expect, though he did some rumblings about how the recital might need a prop guy to help set up and to run the spotlight. If he got asked, he would probably do it. Making his way to the auditorium he opened the door, his eyes widened when he seen all the dancers up on the stage. He walked up to the director and introduced himself. " 'Ello, I'm Ryder. Photographer from the school paper." He said as he shook the director's hand.  After he was told to go about his thing, he nodded and took the steps up to the stage and set his camera bag against the wall. He could hear the dancers whispering, he wasn't sure if it was about him or if it was if it was good or bad. 

Getting his camera ready, he began to snap pictures of the dancers. Mumbling to them act as if he wasn't there. After a while his lens landed on a petite brunette. Ryder kept his camera trained on her, zooming in on her face. Ryder had never seen a girl that so beautiful. She moved so gracefully and he knew her pictures would probably make the article. He knew that he had to get pictures of other dancers, he would move his camera to take pictures of the others but he always found himself going back to her. He really didn't understand it, he's never actually had a complete conversation with a girl his age. Every time he tried, he ended up embarrassing himself as well as sounding and acting like Raj from Big Bang Theory. He knew the guys in the band would love to be a fly on a wall for this, he's actually glad they weren't around because then he wouldn't hear the end of it. Part of him wanted her to come over and talk to him, the other part hoped she wouldn't even notice him. 
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