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March 18th, 2018

Gender: Female
Status: In a relationship
Age: 19
Country: United States

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January 04, 2017


02/13/2017 07:53 PM 

f*** life
Current mood:  scared

Would any of you care if I feel asleep just to never wake up agian.....

*To Live Is To Fall Asleep*
*To Die Is To Awake*

02/09/2017 11:47 PM 

Current mood:  artistic

I love you so f***ing much daddy ♥

02/03/2017 12:33 PM 

Current mood:  betrayed

No One Dies A Virgin.....

Life, Life F***s Every One In The End

01/31/2017 10:22 PM 

Current mood:  nauseated

So, Iīm in Sociology. I am so tired, and I donīt  Feel good... Any one wanna pick me up from school and take me home. Lol Jk Jk. But for real I just want to curl up and cry.....

Every one I love you so sorry if I donīt end up replying back to you right away. ♥ xoxoxox

01/31/2017 08:21 PM 

Current mood:  adored

Im just waking up i love yall.♥

01/27/2017 12:25 PM 

Current mood:  cold

No-ones On Oh well. I love you all. Cold as f*** thought. Some one wanna cuddle...... Im f***ing freezzinggggg

01/26/2017 12:56 PM 

Current mood:  cold

This school, Is a f***ing ice burg. It is so cold in here.!!!!!!

01/11/2017 08:06 PM 

I love you all!
Current mood:  artistic

Hey Lovelies. How are all of you doing today? I hope all is well. Please stay safe with all this wacky weather going on. If you know what I mean. Well I love you all so much!! Well if any of you every wanna talk, Or RP, message as well as friend me. Okay? *Smiles Shyly looking at the ground*.

01/05/2017 02:08 PM 

im new
Current mood:  adventurous

Hi, every one.How are you all doing, on this fine day?

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