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sᴜɴsʜɪɴᴇ ʙᴀʀʙɪᴇ

09/18/2018 10:25 PM 

writing group xo

Lena Luthor

09/18/2018 10:04 PM 

Supercorp Wedding

Lena put Sam in charge of L-Corp and James in charge of Catco while she was away. Kara and Lena invited Clark, Lois, Alex, Kara's adoptive mother all to their wedding on Argo. Lena was 8 months pregnant by the time they left to Argo. The flight was short since the ship was so fast but the whole time Alex and Louis were rubbing and talking to Lena's baby bump. Lena looked at Kara, "Love... can you make them stop please? This is weird."

Clark goes to Lena and smirks, "Not as weird as a Luthor and a Super getting married to each other." Lena laughs, "I mean you and Lex would have been a cute couple, but Kara and I are hotter." She goes and kisses Kara deeply as Clark laughs. They arrive at Argo and land safetly. Kara's Adoptive mother meets Kara's real mother and hit it off right away. Alex and Lois were next making quick friends. It wasnt until Clark came out that Kara's mom was overwhelmed. "Kal-El. You really are okay." She said hugging him tight. 

Kara comes out after and was warmly greeted by her mother and Lena finally comes out very nervous. Kara goes right to Lena and wraps her arms around her and whispers, "You do not have to be afraid Lena, I am right here and I am not going anywhere." Lena kisses Kara's cheek and was introduced by Alex, "This is Lena..." Kara's birth mother; Alura interupts, "You are my daughter's love, I know who you are. I also know what you are, your ship gives it away. A sith on earth? How?" Lena was a bit taken back by that and spoke, "My mother was a sith, she was murdered when I was 6 years old." Alura looked deep into Lena's eyes, "The dark side is in you, but so is the light. Remain balanced and things should be fine between us." She looked down and saw Lena's very pregnant belly, "Tell me you two are at least married..." 

Lena looked at Kara then at Alura, "That is why we are here. For a true Kryptonian wedding." Alura looked at her daughter, "I trust your judgement in this Force user my daughter. I would love to help you two with your wedding here. There is a little scrap book in Kara's box of things of stuff she wanted in her future wedding Im sure you two would get a kick at." Alex was the first to dive into that box, "What embarrissing stories do you have of Kara? We can share stories, I have plenty." Alura laughs, "I can tell you a lot of stories." Clark, Lois, Alex and Eliza all sit with Alura and go through stories about Kara and all that has happened since they sent her away. 

Kara takes Lena on a tour of Argo, They get some clothes to help them blend in more and even go as far as look at wedding dresses together but pick the final ones withouth the other knowing. Lena loved how beautiful the city was, they visit the hospital and got Lena checked out just in case she was to go into labor while there. The tech was so advance compared to Earth and so was the science so Lena was asking so many questions and soaking in all the information. They let her have copies of text books and lucky for her she started to learn the language and the second they returned to her mother's home Lena was in bed reading the text books while Kara had time with her mother to plan the wedding. 

The next day Lena was either resting or reading, she was tired from the travel there so she was resting while she could. Everyone else got a tour of the city while Alura and Eliza helped plan more of the wedding. It was on their 3rd day there that the wedding was held. Lena was ready to call Kara her wife, so she was excited the day was now. They get ready seperately and the wedding was small but perfect. Flowers everywhere, the setting was just like it was out of a movie. The vows go by fast and the rings were placed on their fingers and the famous words were said, "You may kiss the bride." Lena didnt hesitate and kisses Kara deeply. "Welcome to the family, Lena." Alura said hugging her as the reception starts and everyone starts to party and drink. 

Lena sneaks away to change into something more comfortable when she felt arms snake around her. She jumps at first but relaxes knowing the arms belong to Kara. "You are my wife now, I love the way that sounds." She said turning around and smiling at Kara. "Care to help me undress? Its hard to do anything with this big belly now." She said turning back around so that Kara could help her undress.


09/18/2018 10:02 PM 

I'll gladly help. {HC}

Even though Kolton was stone cold, couldn’t even find how to empathize with anyone — for a moment it was like he had with Kinzleigh. As her cheeks stained with the tears that fell from her eyes as she asked Kolton for the one favor he wasn’t sure he could actually follow through with. He was going to have to tell his best friend, his brother that the girl he loved wanted to break up with him. It was a little unfair that she would ask that of him, but at the same time, he knew she couldn’t actually face him. That little part of him that was wired wrong, had the thought of making her do it and allowing him to watch. Watch his two best friends fall apart and watch the demise of their relationship, but it clicked that’s why she was asking him — she couldn’t face him and she needed someone who would have no issue breaking a heart. That was when he decided to pretend he cared as if it bothered him.

”Kinz, that’s not fair. You can’t ask me to do that.” He stated only to meet the eyes of his lifelong friend, as the tears rolled down her cheeks. It was like she wanted him to feel guilty or guilty enough to just do it — but Kolton felt nothing.

”Please, Kolt….. Plea—“ her voice broke and she couldn’t even finish her sentence. With a roll of his eyes, he then turned to leave digging his phone from his pocket to call Kaden.

Kolton took himself as far away from Kinzleigh as possible to make this call and in a way, he wasn’t even sure why. Maybe his cold dead heart felt the slightest bit of empathy for her and didn’t want her to see or hear the conversation he was going to have. The trills of the ringing filled his ears as he awaited his best friend to answer the pay-phone he often stood near to make or receive phone calls since he could never manage to stay near his family home.

The click in the line broke his train of thought. ”Hello?” He heard Kaden’s voice, trying to refrain from a satisfactory smile in about to break the hearts of two people were so loyal and caring for him. ”Kade, its Kolt. Listen, man, I got something I gotta say and tell ya.” He said, sighing as if it were going to show any amount of emotion. ”It’s about Kinz,” Kolton added quickly before Kaden could say anything.

”Did something happen?” The concern in his voice evident, but Kolton could tell. He was still learning different emotions and trying to place what was what and where. At that moment, as the question resignated in Kolton as he tried to figure out how to really say this or what reason he could possibly give for Kinzleigh breaking up with him. ”Nah, nothing like that… Um, but… She doesn’t wanna see you anymore…” Kolton said as he tried to put that sadness or empathy in his voice, but his face contorted into a smile and had joy all over his face. Pain and suffering of any kind of others were what got Kolton off and he couldn’t help it, but he also didn’t try as hard as he could have to find emotions.

Silence filled the air between the two boys on the phone. Kolton was sure what to say, considering he couldn’t give any consoling words. ”Kade,” the redhead spoke softly before pausing to see if he’d answer. He heard nothing but a sigh and he knew the dark-haired boy was upset, but wouldn’t let up on that. Knowing he should probably try to mimic an emotion that he has picked up over the years. ”You okay man?” His voice low and almost apologetic.

”I’m cool. I gotta go.” Kaden said bluntly as he quickly hung up the phone. As Kolton pulled the phone from his ear, watching his best friends name disappear; he was almost feeling sadness for him and Kinzleigh. Kolton could only imagine how Kaden was feeling right now.  — mostly it had to do with the fact he always imagined how anyone felt. Kaden was sliding slowly down the glass inside the telephone booth. His hands balled up into fists as he would place them against his forehead and sob; looking like a broken little boy. That picture stayed placed into Kolton’s memory as he finally dialed Kinsley’s number to let her know it was done.

As the trilling filled the ears of the red headed male. He sat bracing himself to hear the voice of a broken girl — not that even any of it could phase him, he had to act to feel normal. ”Hello?” Kinzleigh answered her voice low and raspy which was always a sign she was crying or had been. ”It’s done,” Kolton stated, his voice not having any emotion behind it. On the other end of the phone, Kinzleigh couldn’t even speak, she completely broke; but all at the same time tried to stay composed only because she knew she was on the phone with someone who didn’t care either way about how hurt she felt by her own actions to dump her boyfriend. All Kinzleigh could do was cry as she slowly pulled the phone away and hung up without saying a word to Kolton.


09/18/2018 05:50 PM 

End of the Innocence.

end of the innocence. Sam
Summer 1998
Cherokee, NC

The crackling branches broke free with the sudden rush of  young feet in complete flight mode.  He stumbled over an outstretched branch falling to the ground in an unceremonious heap.  His heart was racing.  Perspiration beaded his forehead.  Samuel William Winchester was all of 15 years old and he was afraid for his life.  The young boy had been on hunts before, but only under the direct supervision of his father and his brother.  This was a helluva time to be separated from them.   

The sound of footsteps increased behind him.   His skin grew a pale white.   He scrambled back up to his feet and started running again.   Little did he realize that when he fell to the ground, the knife his father always told him to keep on him had fallen to the ground to be lost beside a hollow log.   He clawed his way back upward to a standing position and tumbled forward like an awkward fawn.   He ran faster than he ever had before.

In the fight or flight mode, Sam felt like time was slowing down around him.  He was serenaded by the sounds of his footfalls and his beating heart.  Was this how it was going to end?  Why did he insist on going with his dad and his brother for this particular hunt?   He wanted to be with his dad and Dean.  He didn’t like being left alone in those hotel rooms with nothing but ten cable channels and no books around for miles.   He didn’t like this anymore.  This was quite enough.  But was it too late?


The creature chasing him stood on two legs.  She had the face of a cat wearing deerskin over her slender frame.  Hair the color of the night fell behind her head as she continued in pursuit of this young one who had dared to carry out such an offense against her people.   In life she was called Running Deer, in death she was the Wampus Cat.  She had protected what was hers for years.

The humans encroached on sacred land for far too long.  New settlements rose on holy ground near the river.  This was the land where she fought to protect her husband centuries before.  When she killed the beast who took her husband’s sanity, she faced a curse of her own.  She was now the thing she killed.  The protection of her people from the white men who had forced her people into tears and destruction was now her duty.   She gave no thought to the fact that this was a boy she chased.  This boy, his brother and their father would all pay.  She would see to it.  He would die first.

He fled for his life.  That pleased her.  It made the hunt more satisfying.   He would die well this day.  She’d see to it.


Sam’s side was hurting.  It wasn’t going to be too much longer before he would have nothing else to go on in this flight for his life.   Something caught his vision out of the corner of his eye.  It was a bright pinprick of light.  Was he going to die? Or was he going to just pass out? Knowing he couldn’t run anymore, he started to scale up the nearest sturdy tree.  He raced up to the near top of it as fast as he could.   He clung to the branch as tightly as he could.   He was panting heavily as he waited there essentially to die.   Would his father miss him?   He honestly couldn’t believe  his father would show much emotion other than what came out of the end of a bottle.   Dean would miss him.   Dean would be angry and hurt things.  Uncle Bobby would be broken.   At least he’d finally be with the mother he’d only seen in pictures and in his dreams.

Dilated pupils strained through the darkness.  Deep breaths silenced as the footsteps grew closer.   He couldn’t see anything at the base of the tree.  It was all too quiet.  He couldn’t see it or hear it anywhere.   Where was it?   He kept trying to scan the ground looking for it, when he stopped.  A chill raced down his spine and his skin prickled.   He couldn’t see her, but he suddenly knew exactly where she was.  She was standing right over him with hands extended.

He started backing up toward the tree bark itself.    Fight or flight was powerful right now.   He bumped hard into the back of the tree stunned momentarily.    In the flash of an eye, or the beat of his heart, she was on top of him with her clawed hands around his neck squeezing the life out of him.

She was the stuff of nightmares.  Sam had had nightmares as a child and ever since they had arrived here in Cherokee, he couldn’t stop having these nightmares.    This concerned John Winchester, so he bought a dream catcher and hung it over his son’s bed in the hotel.  “There Sammy.  Now the nightmares wouldn’t have anywhere to go.  You’re going to be just fine.”   Sam had known enough to be aware that this charms and such from anywhere usually worked.  Too bad not everyone knew that the things that go bump in the night were real.

Sam’s hand drifted down onto his legs.  Fingertips brushed against something in his pocket.  Dean had plucked a smaller Dream Catcher from one of the Native Vendors and slid it over to his brother.  “Keep it on you Sammy.  You never know when you’ll need it.”   He thought it was a long shot, but he had to try it.

The Dream Catcher that came from the boy’s pocket was only the size of his palm.   He pulled it out in the last act of a dying child and gripped onto it tightly.    He held it up pressing it against the living nightmare that had decided to kill him on this day.    The sizzle sound of the item that his brother had stolen from upon her skin caused her to scream in terror.   She loosened her grip on his throat recoiling in pain.  Sam fought his dizziness to move as quickly as he could to tie it around her arm in a knot that his father had taught him.   He hung onto the branch tightly with the last bit of strength he had.

The Wampus Cat continued backing away from the boy.  The dream catcher was burning through her.  She couldn’t get it off because she fed off the nightmares of children.  She was being drained of her power.   She kept backpedaling until she fell off the tree branch to the ground below.

The sickening thud was something that Sam would never forget as long as he would live.   He was too petrified to look for what seemed like forever.   Finally he opened his eyes.   The wiggling carcass of the Wampus Cat was impaled through her back on a broken tree stump as her flesh burned.  She kept struggling until her skin melted away leaving the skeleton behind.  The bones fell down succumbing to the passage of time.

The death throes of this creature bore itself into Sam Winchester’s memory.   Years on down the line, he would wake up in a cold sweat in a dorm at Stanford while  remembering this as Jessica Moore would press the back of her hand to his forehead.  He didn’t want to be a hunter.  He didn’t want to do this anymore, ever again.  For now, the boy clung to the branch sobbing silently into the night not knowing who or what heard him.  The pinprick of light hovered over him but did not reveal itself to him.  All Sam wanted was to just be a regular kid.  Was that too much to ask?

   " Sam Winchester, The Boy with Demon Blood "


09/18/2018 05:17 PM 

Angels & Demons

Kasumi (left) in her Angelic Form; Ayane (right) in her Demonic Form.

Angels and Demons have been in many myths from many different cultures. Many interpretations present demons coming from angels, while others being equally created by God. However, all seem to agree in the dichotomy between them, where angels are good while demons are evil. However, the reality is that these supernatural beings also hold the same nature of the Yin and Yang, which present the light as containing some darkness and darkness as containing some light. Angels, while mostly good, can do and have done atrocities to what they thought to be right. Some can become fundamentalist in their view, while others fall into the darkness and become consume by it. Meanwhile, demons, while mostly evil, can do and have done goodness toward those who are in need. Some have given power to the weak and innocent, or have taken down other demons or atrocious people by torturing either their mind and even their body.

Kasumi's Angelic Form

Angels are gorgeous divine being that mostly look delicate and innocent. This mostly fool anyone who is ignorant to fall into their looks, and to attract those in the wrong path so they could return to a rightful one. These beings have a strength that can only be challenge by God, Lucifer, and some demons. Each one is based with the seven virtues, which are humility, kindness, temperance, chastity, patience, charity, and diligence. While all angels contain all of these, each one have two higher than the other seven. For instance, when Kasumi reached Angelichood, she received the powers of patience and kindness due to loving her sister and protection toward her. However, every angel also has one very weak virtue, which in the case of Kasumi was chastity as she fell into the the lust of her own sister, Ayane.

Angelic Powers:
-Divine Light: Blind mortals and weak demons. It can also burn and kill some demons.
-Blessing: Protection against dark or demonic curses that eliminates the effects of the curse itself.
-Healing: Curing normal wounds, and also dark or demonic wounds either done physically by the demon, or someone holding an object containing dark properties.
-Highest Virtue: Expressing the highest virtues of the angel, they power-up themselves making their strength and Angelic powers to highest point.

Ayane's Demonic Form

Demons are seductive fallen beings that mostly look tempting and cunning. This is to attract the ignorant that fall into their looks, and to warn those against the darkness. These beings have a strength that can only be challenged by God, Lucifer, and some angels. Each one is based with the seven sins, which are wrath, lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, pride, and envy. While all demons contain these, each one have two higher than the other seven. For instance, when Ayane reached Demonichood, she received the powers of wrath and lust due to the anger with held in her past, and her desire for revenge. However, every demon also has a very weak sin, which in the case of Ayane was sloth as she is very diligent with her goals.

Demonic Powers:
-Shadow Consumption: This turn mortals insane as they are consumed by their own sins, or images of hell itself. This can also weakened angels, and expose their weakness.
-Curse: Hostile consumption done after a physical aggression that penetrates the skin, or also while being touched by the demon where the victim rots alive.
-Carnage: Uncontrollable eating of a victim that inflicts demonic wounds, which can lead to a cursed victim if he or she survives. This can be done to humans, angels, and other demons.
-Highest Sin: Expressing the highest sins of the demon, they power-up themselves making their strength and Demonic powers to highest point. 

Akumi Yukashi, a Fallen Angel

Fallen angels and risen demons are those who either belong to a gray spectrum, or are transitioning from one form to another. They can be gorgeous or seductive, and are the ones who can easily fool an ignorant of their true nature. They contain some of the seven virtues and sins, and have one strong virtue and one strong sin. For instance, a fallen angel known as Akumi Yukashi has diligence as her virtue, while lust as her sin. However, there has been some with two of either virtues or sins, while one strong sin or virtue, respectfully. These are rare, or only present when they power-up their powers. These angels fall either due to a personal reason, or an outside power. The same goes with a demon rising from its nature to become divine. The example of this Akumi, who was once one of the most gorgeous angel, that fell due to a jealousy against Kasumi's beauty that later on became envy. She later on became lustful toward Kasumi and also Ayane, becoming obsess with them. This made her irrational to a point that it was clear to other angels her desires toward Kasumi, banishing her from Heaven to Earth. However, angels and demon can revert back to their proper nature. They also contain a mixture of Angelic and Demonic powers, which either can be both at the same time, or some powers from side and other powers from the other. Akumi, for example, is one who can either bless or curse, depending what goes into her intentions. 

Powers in Angels and Demons alike
-Superhuman Strength
-Hand Blasts
-Magic (Angelic Magic or Demonic Magic)

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