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08/20/2019 01:13 PM 

Jimin's backstory

Park Jimin. He was born in a hospital, like most people. But, he wasn't born in the normal hospital. The streets of Busan were normally quite safe, until you went deeper into the city. Near the northern end of Busan, the streets were filthy, dangerous, and infested with crime. The hospital that stood there was no different, for all the doctors and nurses were partially criminals themselves. Jimin was born human, until one doctor decided to do some experiments on the baby. His mother couldn't protest, since she was having trouble breathing after giving birth. The doctor took the newborn into an operating room, where he did three hours of awful experiments on the poor child. Once he was done, he had turned the child into a hybrid. He was given white cat ears, and the same colored tail. Now the boy was like any other hybrid who roamed the streets of Busan. He had cat-like reflexes, could wag his tail and droop his ears. He could hiss, scratch, and purr like a cat due to an increase in his senses, which would develop better as he got older. The doctor had even sharpened his teeth into cat-like fangs.When he took the baby back to the mother, he had found that she had died soon after giving birth due to lung failure. So, he gave the baby to his father, who was convinced the baby was born a hybrid. He didn't want the child, so the doctor left the baby in the nursery, only to put him in an orphanage at 3 weeks old.After he turned 5, Jimin was aware of his surroundings. He was able to communicate with the other kids, the oldest being 14 years old. But, the other kids never wanted to talk to him. They found him creepy and annoying, especially since he was from the bad end of Busan. Of course, the orphanage he was sent to was all the way in Seoul, but he didn't know this, so he always questioned why they didn't like him. Once Jimin was 10 his senses had increased greatly. He could hear, see, smell, and taste better than he ever could. He was faster, too. The other kids realized how much better he was at everything, and started to grow scared of him. The lady what watched over the children noticed this, too, and started to think that Jimin was just being a show off. So, she thought she needed to "teach him a lesson" by constantly hitting and beating the young boy with sticks or rulers.After he had turned 12, Jimin had grown tired of being bullied by the kids and beat on by the headmaster. He ran away one night, getting lost in the streets of Seoul, since he had finally found out he was no longer in Busan. He found an alleyway to take shelter in, but was found by some drunk man in less than ten minutes. The hybrid was stripped of his clothes and r**ed, beaten, then left for dead. (Sorry for anyone who doesn't like that word. I blurred it like a curse word for yous.)The same thing continued until now. Now, he was 19, still living nowhere. He slept in different alleyways each time someone found him. He wore the same oversized shirt and ripped jeans he wore the night he ran away, and could only bathe whenever it rained, or when he found some source of clean water. What was odd about him was that bright colors always seemed to fascinate him, since he grew up in a dull place. He loved the pastel colors. Pinks, purples, blues, all sorts. Stuffed animals he loved because he grew up with one friend in that orphanage: a stuffed baby chicken, which he sadly lost since the lady had burned it since he was "misbehaving." What Jimin didn't realize was: he had little space. The reasoning behind it? He was neglected. He was only ever treated as a small child. A toy. Nothing more.


08/20/2019 12:09 PM 

Together is our favorite place to be.

Together is our favorite place to be 1.Chase rice - Ride - Rhett – Die a happy man - 3. Florida Georgia Line- Talk you out of it - 4.Ryan Follese - Put A Label On It - Lynch - Ridin' Roads - Davis - Slow Dance In A Parking Lot - Hunt - Body Like A Back Road - Sam hunt - Cop Car - Moore - Young Love - 10.Jason Derulo "Marry Me" -

black magic

08/20/2019 06:07 PM 


black magic

08/20/2019 06:07 PM 


Gwendolyn Octavia GothelBLACK MAGICDAUGHTER OF MOTHER GOTHEL & rumpelstiltskin Verse; Descendants, Tangled, Once Upon a Time, DisneyFace; Claire HoltBirth Name; Gwendolyn Octavia GothelNicknames; Gwen, Mini GothelAlias; Madelaine Towers (Storybrooke), Rebekah Weaver (Hyperion Heights)Gender; Female, of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring Sexual Orientation; Straight, person who is sexually attracted to opposite sexBirthplace; Rapunzel’s Tower, Tangletown, United Kingdoms of Auradon (Descendants), Misthaven, Enchanted Forest (OUaT)Homeplace; Isle of the Lost, United Kingdoms of Auradon (Descendants), Storybrooke, Maine (OUaT), Hyperion Heights, SeattleBirthdate; The tenth day of the sixth month in an unknown yearCurrent Residency; Isle of the Lost, United Kingdoms of Auradon (Descendants), Storybrooke, United Realms (OUaT)Species; Witch, HumanMother; Mother Gothel, Eloise GardenerFather; Rumpelstiltskin, Mr. Gold, Detective WeaverMother-in-law; This has been yet to be decided uponFather-in-law; This has been yet to be decided uponSpouse; This has been yet to be decided uponDaughter; First Middle LastSon; First Middle Last NameSiblings; Ginny Gothel, Neal Cassidy, Gideon Gold, give me moreSibling-in-laws; This has been yet to be decided uponMaternal Grandparents; Mother Flora, Unknown humanPaternal Grandparents; Fiona, Black Fairy, Malcolm, Peter PanRelatives; Henry Mills (Nephew), Belle French (Step-Mother)Bestfriends; Ginny Gothel, Mad Maddy, Anthony Tremaine, Gaston Jr.Personality Traits; Intelligent, Determined, Manipulative, Charismatic, Glamorous, Violent, Cunning, Sarcastic, Arrogant, Overprotective Occupations; Stylist at Gothel’s Tower, Student at Dragon Hall, Student at Dragon University, Waitress at Frollo’s Creperie, Student at Storybrooke High, Student at Storybrooke University, Waitress at Granny’s Diner, Bartender at Roni’s PubAcademy/Education; Dragon Hall, Dragon University, Storybrooke High, Storybrooke UniversityAbilities;Black magic /1543330template credit.


08/20/2019 04:31 PM 

Chasing ghosts: a drabble.

Monroe studied the scar wrapped around her flesh, a constant reminder of who she once was. Or, still is, rather. Because that’s the thing about demons: they never truly leave you. No matter how fast you run or how far, they’re still there, waiting to embrace you with open arms. Part of her had wished she had succeeded; had wished that Drew had come ten minutes later. But she didn’t. And, neither did he.Her doctors at the hospital had told her the only way up was from where she was sitting at but Roe didn’t think that was true. She thought that no matter how many times she stood up, she’d fall back down one more time because that’s just who she was as a person. Her mind drifted to her father. At least he had succeeded in his attempt on his life. And, leaving behind a twelve-year-old kid who was traumatized when she found his body.To say that she was mad at her dad for years was an understatement. She was simply livid. And, no, not at the traumatic experience of being the one to find his body. Her dad had left her. He left her. Had left her to fend for herself in a cruel world where people sucked the energy right out of you. So yeah, to say she was pissed would be the understatement of the century.Sighing, Roe brought herself back to the present moment when she heard a knock sounding throughout her apartment. Wrapping her sweater more tightly around her, she made her way to the door and opened it.“Can I help you?” Roe asked acerbically.Drew smirked. “Nice to see you too, baby sis.”It was too much for her to be standing here, looking at her old brother. She was still angry as hell that he saved her life and he didn’t seem to care. He just stood there with that damn, inexplicable smirk across his face. Like he knew something she didn’t.“You going to let me in or do I have to stand in the hallway all day?” Drew asked, eyebrow quirked.She folded her arms and thought about it. What she wouldn’t give to slam the door in her brother’s face but she had promised her therapist she’d try and mend the fragile relationship she had with him. So, slamming the door in his face was a no go. Sighing, she opened the door wider and stood back, granting him entrance to her home.“Coffee?” Roe asked stiffly, and Drew nodded. She made her way towards the kitchen and turned on the coffee pot. She drummed her fingers against the countertop to fill the silence as she waited for the coffee to brew. Roe could feel Drew’s eyes on the back of her head and sighed. “What?”“When are we going to talk about what happened?” Drew asked.Never. “Can we just not?”“You can’t expect me to walk in on you bleeding out in your bathtub and act like nothing happened,” Drew insisted, and Monroe sighed. She could feel a migraine coming on. Just then, the coffee pot beeped and she bought herself some time as she busied herself with pouring the coffee.“What do you want me to say?” Roe asked tiredly, staring unseeingly into her coffee mug. “That I’m sorry? That I’m grateful you came when you did? News flash, I’m not. For both of those.”“And, what? You just thought it’d be okay to leave me behind the way dad left you? You two are more alike than I thought,” Drew sneered, and Monroe knew he was trying to get a rise out of her; trying to provoke her.Her hands shook as she gripped her coffee mug tighter. “Don’t talk about him like that.”“Or what?” Drew demanded.“Stop it,” she said quietly.“Or what, Monroe?” Drew asked. “It’s not like you’ll fight back. You’re M.O. is to give up and then feel sorry for yourself when you can’t even do that properly.”“Get out!” Monroe screamed, heart thumping harshly in her chest. Her ears were ringing and there was a fire starting in the pit of her belly.“Fight back, Roe!” Drew yelled. “Show me that you’re sick and tired of all the sh*t life has thrown your way and you’re finally going to fight back instead of giving up because God help me, if I ever walk in on you dying in your bathroom again, no place on earth will protect you from my anger.”She rushed at him in the next moment, fists pounding against his chest.“What about my anger with you? Why did you have to fight for me? Why couldn’t you just let me go?” Monroe screamed as her fists hit her brother over and over. For his part, he just stood there and accepted the beating.“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you,” she cried.“And, I love you baby sis. No matter what you say,” he said, and the fight was drained out of her. She dropped her fists and accepted his hug as he wrapped his arms around her tightly.“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “God, I’m so sorry.”Her father hadn’t been able to apologize for his actions and she hated him for it. Not as much as she hated herself for not being able to help him in the first place.“Shh, it’s okay,” Drew said softly.No it wasn’t. And, she didn’t know if it ever would be again.

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