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04/09/2020 12:20 PM 

The person Behind Silas. Pt. 1

Hello There, if you're here you've probably got an interest for my rl self. Well thank you for taking the time to get to know me I guess. I've always been an open book, and I wrote this mainly as a distraction from my ex-boyfriend (I'm not speaking as Silas, I'm speaking as me here since this all about IRL ME)Buckle up cause well, meh.   So the name is Kyle but I go by Kaden. I'm 30 years old and live in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm male and gay, also I'm a witch, though I'm not part of a coven like my ex-boyfriend. I'm very open about myself, but I don't trust people anymore, due to my ex-boyfriend, and that's a long story, a long story which grosses even me out and I've usually got a strong stomach but that just creeps me out. Sadly I live alone with mine and my ex's daughter (A Fur baby) we've named well I named Yunalesca (most gamers would know where I've got that name from), I have a very close relationship with my family mostly my grandmother as she has been there for me throughout my life, more than myt mother has been.  I still have a close relationship with my mother just not as close as me and my gran. I'm 6 foot 1, taller than most of my ex's. I'm also a demisexual homoromantic meaning I'll only date someone of the same gender and have sex with them as long as there's a bond there first so basically another way of saying "Ships with Chemistry of the same gender" I have brown eyes. I'm of American/Mexican descent, as well as Scottish and English (I know what a weird mix), I'm probably of other descents from different countries considering my family is all over the joint, both living and deceased that is. I don't have a close relationship with my dad's side of the family and rarely visit them as they're too judgemental for my liking, especially when I came out, and about my weight. I'm not exactly the most skinniest guy in my family but neither is anyone on that side, and they REALLY liked my Ex-boyfriend hoping that I'd marry him. I'm a blogger, and with that being said I usually blog on Tumblr, but I never roleplay there, I mean why roleplay there when I could roleplay here? I've also been roleplaying for years since around 2005 say. Also I'm a lyricist and so write lyrics only for myself, I would never part with such personal creations as they came from my experiences in life and I will only write from experiences I've felt or been through. I have slight OCD when it comes to tidying things have to be put in a certain way/order or I'll get really irritated and won't settle.I like to study new things such as new languages I haven't learned, psychology etc. Before this pandemic broke out I was thinking of going to college to do psychology. If it wasn't obvious from my rules I'm a gamer (Xbox One) and only play that one console. I'm currently unemployed (Just as well considering the state of the world)I'm the first openly gay person in my family, but not the last. My cousin in Washington (Last I heard he lived there) is Gay and so is my younger brother. I'm your typical Magnus Bane, I love my make up as well, meaning I do occasionally apply some eyeshadow and eyeliner, but never more, though ironically my idol is Jeffree Star, my friends would love me to embrace the inner Kaden but the world stops me from doing so. I'm also a writer in my free time, writing things that would normally interest me, or creating OC's for different shows and whatnot, but never using them, kinda lost them all when my last laptop hit the bucket. Permanently.I'm an animal lover, as obvious by my love of my little Yunalesca, an 8 month old Tuxedo cat who is highly clingy and demanding. I said to my ex-boyfriend, that I would love to dabble in the works of Voodoo, now more than ever to dish out punishment to my ex. I'm a white/caucasian - I know race isn't important but was something to add so in it went. I've known since I was 7 that I wasn't straight. I came out at 16, and my mom wasn't accepting whereas my Gran was further showing why my bond with my gran is stronger.I have dated people all around the world, from Sweden to America, to Australia. I once was engaged to an Australian model who's only model work was for Australian airways. I've never been married though. I have different various hobbies most I've listed above like writing songs or stories, gaming, I also like watching TV & Movies/Films, I play various TCG's including Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic! The Gathering, Dragon Ball Super Card Game, Cardfight!! Vanguard. Disney is amazing. I'm the one who's always going the extra mile for others, giving them the advice they need, or being their ears or going out of my way for them, as I do with my relationships. As my ex-boyfriend describes me I'm a nerd, and have a lot of taste. My music taste is very wide range from Pop to Dance to R&B to the likes of Heavy Metal. People need to understand the feelings of songs to understand me. I also watch anime, oh bite me. WE all have a hobby. I'm not going to divulge kinks here either. Let's just say I have some limited kinks, and a lot of dislikes in the kinks scene. Because of the way my ex's family was and the fact he wanted kids in the future, I often thought about if we did or if I and anyone else did want kids (I don't but if my partner does then I'd be happy to consider it) that I'd teach the kids a different language and thus make them bilingual or trilingual therefore making conversations private between the kids and I in front of others especially if I'm giving them in trouble, my ex's family were very lingering of people in trouble and would watch, also it was a way for me to badmouth people to my children about their potential grandfather (If me and my ex stayed together) because he wasn't a very nice man and issued a death threat towards me. There's also no middle ground with me If I like someone I like them, If I don't, that won't change.I secretly bide my time with people and deem if they're worthy to talk to or hate for eternity as proven when I heard my ex was friends with his ex, I knew he was bad news and was later proven right.That's all for now might do a part 2 if more comes to me.


04/09/2020 12:07 PM 

What goes Bump in the night....(open Roleplay)

-Oz plugs guitar into amp starts tuning walks over to the microphone and clears throat taps on the microphone making sure it is on it makes a puh puh puh sound every tap I make Oz then says " thank you all for coming tonight we are Dingoes Ate My Baby !" And then suddenly they start with their song an original they played for 2 sets and then it was time for Oz to call it quits because sun was setting soon and it was a full moon that night so he ran up to the mike and yelled " thats all for tonight good night! " he played a quick solo to finish it off and then quickly unplugged his guitar and and through it in the case and ran out he made his way to where this big heavy duty metal cage was he caged himself as the sun started to go down and locked him up and then chained him up in heavy chains he sighed looking at the clock suddenly he groaned as his body started to shift he then opened his eyes his eyes were get black he had fangs he let out a growl the Werewolf easily ripped off the chains and after a few tugs he got out of the cage he ran upstairs and let out a loud howl to the night he smelt the air catching a scent he headed over to it on all fours Oz moved fast and appeared behind he let out a snarl and growl at what he saw he dug his claws in the sand ready to attack.

π•·π–Žπ–™π–™π–‘π–Š π•°π–’π–‡π–Šπ–—

04/09/2020 09:38 AM 

Current mood:  adored

Disclaimer: I'm not Sabrina Carpenter or Dizzy Snow i'm just the writer behind Dizzy Snow. And i'm not making this page for guys to enjoy using Dizzy's play by against her.1. Drama: OOC Drama is not allowed or accpeted on my page sorry but I don't need Drama to add to what I am already doing or going through. Now IC drama is fine because it does make for a good story. 2. Sex: I will NOT rp sex with every single guy on this site hell no a lot of guys on here are either taken or gay. And I'm loyal to my boyfriend Jay and he is the only guy I will have sex. I will not do Cheating sex, Ghost sex and just plan out regeave sex either sorry not sorry.3. Real Life: I am taken outside of rp and my boyfriend is fine with me role playing. I used to help my brother and sister out with watching my niece then this stay at home thing happened and she is with her family at home so with that being said I do have more time on my hands.4. Distractions: I do have one more Disney Pixar movie to watch called Onward and I do get distracted like everyone by things like music, movies, talking to friends, finding pictures and other stories so if I don't reply right away and it annoys you well to bad cause I'm not going to work on a reply or starters just because you don't have time or a life or know how to way. 5. Character: My character is Drizella *Dizzy* Kailani Snow daughter of Elsa from the Frozen Movies and i have seen both of the Frozen movies. Her dad is not choice yet. And if that again annoys you to bad cause this is my character and i will not let anyone tell me how to rp her or how her parents should be unless i ask for advice on that. 6. Verses: Descendants 1-3, Frozen 1-2, Once upon a time, Sons of Anarchy Season 1-7, One Tree Hill Seasons 1-3  Titanic, Harry Potter movies 1-8 and others just please give me the time to see the show or movie so I can know the movie or show I am going to be apart of.7. Comments VS Messages: I really like role playing in comments because its seems easier on me and I like chitchat in messages or status comments but that maybe just me its fine. 8. Writing: I write para to Mutli para so I do 8 sentences per paragraph for me its easier so I would do 2  to 3 paragraphs for para 4 to 5 paragraphs for Mutil Para. Sign my rules with your favorite descendants 1, 2, or 3 song.Dizzy

Natalynn Borden (S&L)

04/09/2020 11:21 AM 

Please Read Before Adding, Gentleman

All right, here's the deal.  I understand that everyone joins this site to find people to role-play with and be friends.  However, as of late for me and since I became, I have been getting a lot of friend request from guys or men with no info about their character or that they want, which usually means they want sex.Here's the thing: If any men want to add me to be friends and role-play, I don't have a problem with it.  But keep in mind, boys: If you're adding me just to be a friend collector or to make love with me, then please don't bother adding me as I am on here to make friends and role-play, not to be a number or a sex toy.Thank you for taking the time to read this!Natalynn


04/09/2020 09:57 PM 

Full Moon Rising.

  The full moon was coming. Cliché, right? Such was the life of a werewolf. A real werewolf, not some sh*tty werewolf knock-off that co-existed with sparkling vampires. (What was the crap about? Seriously!) Full moons were especially complicated for the urban residential werewolf, such as herself. Only herself? Noxy really didn't know any others within the city limit, but she didn't exactly know too many werewolves, period, end of sentence.To answer the call of her lunar cycle took extensive planning. Work, school, traffic and travel time all needed to be taken into account. Any social engagements had to be canceled, lies needed to be told, so on and so forth for a two day absence every month. Why two days? Well, she had to get out of the city and travel far enough to hit forests. Getting out of the city was like escaping the Twilight Zone in of itself. But then reaching far enough for rural, forested area? A lifetime of driving…at least, that's what it felt like. (Actually, it was about a two hour drive--to a state park.) And that also meant a return trip of equal time.Locking up her shabby apartment, the white haired werewolf shouldered a black, unassuming backpack with a set of new clothes, some bottles of water, and a snack. Mornings after a full moon weren't too much different from nursing a hangover--which was pretty hard for Nox to fathom, seeing as how she'd had never encountered the amount of alcohol that could affect her like that. But people had explained it enough for her to gather it was much the same.Dusk was rapidly approaching when Adelphe Nox parked her car off the beaten path, away from the roads so not to be spotted, but not so far that she'd be stuck. Undressing began the second she walked away from the car. Pulling loose the messy bun of silvery white hair, the tresses spilled down her back. Next came her shoes, cast aside in the high grasses with hardly a backwards glace. Grass between her toes sent a shudder up her spin, the anticipation for the change growing by the second. Movies painted lycanthropy as a curse, but Nox relished the change. It was beautiful and as natural to her as breathing.Far enough into the woods, the white wolf finished removing her clothes. Dropped them in a heap at the base of an old pine tree, they would remain there with her book bag until morning. Liberating herself of clothing was symbolic to her. She was casting off the burden of humanity! The night belonged to her lupine side; animal instincts ruled, humanity buried beneath eons of animal evolution. There was no wrong or right, morals and responsibility. There was only survival…and a celebration of that freedom in the wilderness. She kept walking, trailing her hands through the high grasses, until she could no longer hear any traces of human activity. No cars, music, voices. Just raw, unspoiled nature. By this time, night had settled in. The moon still wouldn't rise for another hour, but she could feel it calling her to change. Imagine the old cartoons when a character smells something like pie and the smoke formed a hand beckoning them to float over to the tasty treat. That's about how Nox felt the moon's summonses.Sure, she had considered maybe trying Central Park for the full moon. But even in a city as big as New York, a white wolf running around the park miiiiight just be noticed. No, Harriman (Heh, Hairy Man? Shut up, don't judge me!) State Park was a much safer bet. At 47,527 acres, it was insanely unlikely that Nox would encounter any hapless human on the hiking trails in the middle of the night. And, to her knowledge, there weren't any residential packs--werewolf or wolf--in the area. Solid plan, right? She's only had a few years (All her life, in fact.) to work out all the kinks.Standing at the tree line, looking out to a clearing, Nox strained her ears to make sure no human activity could be heard. Nothing. Sucking in a lungful of air, her delicate olfactory senses processed the scents on the air. In her human form, her sense of smell was superb! Unfortunately, living in the city, that was a constant sinus-oriented headache. Humans, cars, garbage, all dulled her senses to the point that she questioned why she even lived there at all. With the assurance that there was not a human in sight--nor had there been in hours--the silver haired rougarou surrendered herself to the change.Transforming from human to wolf was an agonizing process, even for the seasoned wolf as Nox. You could either cry about it or embrace it. Maybe that's why werewolves all had a little bit of masochist in them. Snow white fur sprouted from the skin on her arms, spreading with all the veracity of a wildfire overtaking a dry brush. This was probably the easiest part of the change. Then the sweet agony of her bones twisting from one shape to another began. The grinding sound echoed in her skull--which was also moving around!--invoking a low, garbled growl from her morphing vocal cords. Her features distorted, rearranging themselves into familiar new positions as woman became wolf. And when Nox couldn't grit her teeth any harder against the pain, it abruptly stopped. She was fully wolf with miles and miles of open space…all for her!The night was spent about how you would expect it. Running, hunting, rolling in the grass like a puppy out of the den for the first time. And by the morning, Nox had made a nest of grass to snooze. When the first golden ray of sun fell upon the sleeping woman, the fog from a long night set in. There was some indigestion, probably a deer or something dead. Caked in mud with brambles in her hair, the white wolf staggered back the way she had just come the night before. Her head was aching and her reactions slow. Would someone get the plates on the truck that hit her? Fuuuuck! She put on fresh clothes from her book bag, combed her hair as well as she could, wet wiped the visible muddy spots. Look a little presentable. Relatively clean, relatively tidy, Nox climbed into her car and off she went…to find coffee.

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