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⊗ Pʀᴇsᴛɪɢᴇ ⊗

11/20/2018 08:08 PM 


[ ⊗ Please do not come asking for OOC information as such my real name, my phone number, my location etc. I've come here to escape real life, not to involve my real self onto the internet, and also I'm not looking for a online fling either so don't ask for social media accounts either, don't like it? Block me then, buddy. ]

[ ⊗ Sorry but I do not absolutely do er*t*ca by any means, I'm not looking for a quicky nor am I looking to downgrade my character to that low sorry point. If you try to pressure me or threaten me with stalking then I'll have no hesitation to block and report you to the site. ]

[ ⊗ My Rachel is a multi-ship character which means each private storyline is different from one another but romance is not a big subject I'm looking for, but I depend on chemistry between characters over how quick you'll try to bed my character so....I'm a pretty picky person when it comes to people. ]

[ ⊗ Please do not godmod me, it is about weaknesses and strengths of my character so you should have the same, if you continue to godmod me despite reading this then be prepared to be removed. But if you ask for permission for storyline sake then I'll make an exception but it is a rare deal. ]

[ ⊗ If romance does surface between Rachel and your character, know that I will NOT write that subject with anyone or their characters under the age of 18, along that lines if you are an legal adult then good for you! If our characters do happen to get together know this; you and me as writers are NOT romantically involved. ]

[ ⊗ My Rachel is going to be done in my own version, at least how I'd see her in a MCU or perhaps AU is closest to it which means her own personality and etc, thought you should know. :3 ]

[ ⊗ Marvel is the only fandom I know and will do but I am definitely open for crossovers such as DC, Supernatural, etc all the other fandoms that I might be familiar with. So don't hesitate to ask for a crossover, I'm not that picky! ]

[ ⊗ Please take note that I have a very busy hectic life taking care of family, have other hobbies besides writing and have a pretty tough job. So there will be times I won't be able to reach you or not feel like doing so due to exhaustion, if you can't deal with that and expect me to reply within every 10 seconds or so then please remove me and find someone else within your expectations. ]

[ ⊗ I'm usually in character unless I deem it necessary to be out of character so don't be all butt hurt if my character says something you don't like hearing. What goes on here is fiction, please understand that. ]

[ ⊗ Guess that's it! Just comment below what your favorite quote from your muse/favorite comic book character to show you've read and understood my rules, thank you! ^^ ]

~ ⊗ Sincerely, Rachel Grey.


11/20/2018 06:55 PM 

interview. // E! News.

Press of E! News: Motherfvcking Everleigh! It's nice to see your pretty face again. How have you been? Show us the ring!

Everleigh: Oh, I've been great. /We've/ been great. He's great.

P: I take it you're /great?/


E: It's still so surreal; I can't believe I even have him, never mind getting to marry the guy I'm madly in love with. Isn't it pretty? *extends left hand with engagement ring*

P: Oh god, it's beautiful! He sounds like he's really good for you, doesn't he?

E: He really is, he helps me more than he knows. I don't know what I'd do without that punk head in my life.

P: You two are adorable, when's the wedding?

E: The date is set to December fifth, it's coming up so fast, I'm so excited.

P: Nervous at all? Do you fully trust you'll be in love with him for the rest of your life?

E: Not at all, I couldn't have more faith in us. Knox James Reed is everything I could want and more. I don't know how I've gotten so damn lucky.

P: Well, the Reeds seem to be thriving, we're all so happy for you. Does everyone approve of this relationship?

E: Even if they didn't, I wouldn't care. He's so fvcking special. I trust him more than anything.

P: Any other big changes or plans coming up?

E: Well I can't tell you everything! But, we /are/ building our own house in LA, and planning on maybe adding a puppy to the family. After the wedding, we'll have things more settled down and we can move into the beautiful home.

P: You heard it here first, guys. Everleigh Sharpe is settling down; who knew she had the potential to lay low and stop getting herself into as much trouble? Maybe Mr. Reed really is changing her ways. Stay tuned for a more in depth interview soon.


11/20/2018 04:57 PM 

What is the Hunger?

The zombie contagion passes via a bite from an infected being. The infected became an undead flesh eater but retained their intelligence, personality and special abilities. It caused a hunger in the host, a hunger which could only be sated by ingesting the flesh of the living; the flesh of other infected tasted foul to them and could induce illness. The hunger affected the infected's self control; the more hungry they were, the less rational and intelligent they became. Once sated, the zombies' personalities re-emerged, and the more humane and moral individuals often felt great guilt at this point.

It appeared to be 100% infectious,  those with any kind of accelerated healing appear to be able to fend off the zombification longer after being bit than others; however, the virus would eventually take hold of them and their healing factor would fade after the zombification was complete. The disease was also shown to affect Asgardians, such as Thor. The virus is sentient in nature and focus on infecting the super-heroes because they are the most probable beings to breach the dimensional barriers of their realities to infect others. It's obsession to infect other realities is a way to "spread the gospel", also considering the food supply will eventually end in each universe.

The contagion appeared to have an addictive element to it, as the hunger was entirely mental; it's infected hosts don't need to eat, as they are already "dead"; severed zombie heads still had the gnawing hunger, despite not even having a stomach, implying that, as someone addicted to drugs or alchohol, the infected hosts are addicted to human flesh. Also, like any addiction, the hunger could be cured in a sense. If a victim could be isolated from a food supply, within a couple of weeks the cravings disappeared and the subject was able perform a functioning role within society, but with necrotized flesh and near-immortality. This addiction could be explained by the virus messing with the chemical balance of the brain, having this "need" to feed. After having eaten nothing in weeks, this balance is restored.

delirium tremens.

11/20/2018 03:26 PM 

character musings.



11/20/2018 02:46 PM 

Ulfeid3's Terms of Service & Conditions


    Bullet; Yellow Any payment must be done upfront, in € (EUR) currency on Paypal. Sorry but there's no chance I'll start work on anything until full payment is properly received.

    Bullet; Yellow
    Any payment must be completed within 15 days after receiving my PayPal invoice, otherwise it will be canceled and removed from the commission queue; if you can't do so please notice me upfront via note, so we can discuss.

    Bullet; Yellow
    Change between currencies may variate from time to time! Please be sure to carefully check them yourself before placing any order for avoid any issue; all the USD pricing shown in my journals/comm sheets are for your convenience only.

             ABOUT RIGHTS, TIMING AND ORDERS :writing: 

    Bullet; Blue I retain full rights to my artworks. I obviously don't claim your characters/character designs, but I do own the final graphic result.

    Bullet; Blue I usually complete any commission in a very reasonable time, but I won't always be able to: whenever this happens, please, don't rush/pester me. Important: I can't work on weekends due to personal reasons, please keep in mind before questioning yourself about my timing (example: if you complete payment on friday, I'll start working on the commish next monday!)

    Bullet; Blue I reserve the right to display my products where I please to properly represent my work (personal blog, forum, socials, websites, galleries, etc.) I also have the right to post any of my products in the original, as well as edited form, in their finished or unfinished versions (work in progress, previews, etc.)

    Bullet; Blue I have the right to cancel a commission/order at any time and for any reason; I also reserve the right to don't provide explanations about. Whenever an order is canceled but already started I may re-use it in it's original or edited form.


    You are not allowed to claim my artworks as your own nor resell them; you may not remove/crop/blur out my signature or credits from my graphics, for any reason!

     When using my artworks anywhere you must always give credits (even if asked by someone) the better way to do that is link back to my RolePlayer profile, but you can also link back to to my any other social. You'll find them listed on my profile page.

    Please be sure to download/save any commission file on your computer; I will not be responsible of any data loss - because I usually store commission files for a few weeks, but I do regular and frequent clean-ups on my HD.

           ABOUT REFUNDS AND REVISIONS Penny saved is a penny earned 

    Bullet; Blue Please take notice that a complete refund will be given only if you already paid the commission but I can't complete it for personal issues; you'll be, of course, informed about that asap.

    Bullet; Blue If you don't like something don't be afraid to notice me and ask for a modification (example: “I don't like that font, can you use this one instead?”) I'll be more than happy to make some revisions when asked, just notice that I'll apply a LIMITED amount of edits/fixes. I don't want to set a precise limit - I'd only want to be clear that you can't ask me to change your icon 15 times or make me change 20 different fonts on a blend.

    All my ToS are subject to change without prior notice. LAST UPDATE: 19 NOV 2018

terms and conditions, policy, terms of service, service, tos, TOS, policy conditions, credits, rules, guidelines

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