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Louis Michael (M&L Tori Audrey)

01/23/2018 03:34 PM 

Current mood:  adored


Rebel Princess

01/23/2018 03:05 PM 

Echoes in Echo Base

Echoes in Echo Base
Rebel Princess and Rebellious Princess

“There isn’t enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser!” – Han Solo

“But a settler would have to be crazy to stake his claims on Hoth. This planet doesn’t have a thing to offer anyone – but us.” – Luke Skywalker

Neither of them was wrong. Hoth was inhospitable, to say the least. Its surface was completely covered by a frozen ocean, with the exception of volcanic fissures that opened up steam vents. There were a few mountain ranges and the tidal pull of Hoth’s moons caused other fissures that sent ocean water into the air, the intense cold freezing them into spires of ice. Daytime temperatures rarely ever reached above freezing making it unbearable to sustain most life. Intense snowstorms regularly occurred and only made the extreme cold even worse.

It was the perfect place to set up a new base after the battle of Yavin 4 and the destruction of the Deathstar. While this had been a victory for the Rebels, the Empire’s sights were now on set firmly on them, on Luke in particular, and this required a new setup, a new place to hide and make further plans. The ice planet was perfect for this. For who would be crazy enough to try to inhabit such a desolate place?

After two years, Echo Base was finally finished. There were two main entrances at the north and south ends of the mountain range the base was built into, large bay doors covering them. The base included a main hangar for an inflow of resources, perimeter defense trenches, Barracks and Living Quarters, a Briefing Room and a command center. A medical center complete with two medical droids and a bacta tank also resided inside as well as a Tauntaun pen.

Alliance members patrolled outside Echo Base on Tauntauns and snow speeders and frequently warded off wampa attacks. The perimeter contained Echo Stations, scout posts designed to protect the main base. There was also a Rebel Alliance Fortress and other military buildings located outside to achieve this same goal: protecting the base. The ion canon was protected by the trenches and one of the many tunnels connected the control bunker to Echo Base.

Designed to be quickly evacuated should a discovery and attack occur, the base was as well designed as it could be, as protected as they could make it and as livable as an unlivable planet in the Outer Rim could possibly be.

And life went on. As much as it could. A battle had been won, but the war still raged on. The Deathstar was only the beginning, as terrible as it had been. And it had been. Leia had seen its destructive power with her own eyes. A tragedy of epic proportions that would always rest heavy in her heart and mind. The loss of her home, her parents and her people all in one fell swoop, just to prove a point and attempt to make the Rebels knuckle under and admit defeat.

It had had the opposite effect, however, fanning the flame and igniting the righteous anger that spurred them on to battle. Alderaan was an example, but not the example the Empire had meant for it to be. ‘Remember Alderaan’ became a mantra, a sort of propaganda to offset that of the Empire. Don’t let the deaths of millions of people, the destruction of an entire planet be in vain! And they hadn’t. They had risen up, fought back, and the Deathstar had fallen as a result.

Almost anticlimactic, it was likely that this defeat would only drive the Empire as Alderaan drove the Rebels. They would be stronger, more determined and the Alliance would be in even more danger than before. This was another reason Hoth was such a fitting retreating point. You can’t destroy what you can’t find, and finding was what they were trying to do. Not only did the Hutts have a bounty on Han Solo’s head but the Empire was diligently searching for Luke Skywalker, her brother. Once fully functioning, she thought they had to make a move before the Empire could. Maybe an offensive rather than a defensive would serve them well for once. What was the point in having a battle-ready base if you weren’t going to use it?

She was silent as she made her way to the barracks and living quarters after what had been an exhausting meeting. Right now, she didn’t want to think about anything. She only wanted to take a moment to rest and let her mind slow down. She didn’t get a chance to do so very often, and when she did, she didn’t usually take it. A return to her quarters seldom meant actual rest. It just meant a chance to mull things over on her own and come up with her own plans and ideas. A chance to work in private because that was what she did. Constant work meant no time to think about everything else, to mourn losses, to let anger consume. Work was a distraction that was often needed and one she embraced with her entire being.

The security measures to enter her room were second nature by now and she went through the motions without much thought at all. There was far too much going on in her head to even consider the possibility that anyone could enter when such measures were programmed specifically to her. Her handprint, her eyes…no one could duplicate those after all. Not perfectly. And who would make it so far into the complex without detection anyway? No, these were a few of the things Leia didn’t worry about here.

A sigh escaped her lips and her shoulders slumped a little under the heavy burden she constantly carried. A slight show of weakness that she would never allow anyone else to see. Free to be let loose here in the privacy of her own place. Rubbing her temples against an oncoming headache, she made her way to the bed. It was very likely that she wouldn’t find the solace of sleep anytime soon, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t at least rest for a little while.

Leia Organa SoloRebel Princess
"Stay afraid, but do it anyway."


01/23/2018 02:26 PM 

Just A Dream

The smell was getting fainter with each moment that passed. The scent of expensive Italian cologne suddenly fading from the space around her, the warm touch on her flesh suddenly void of heat. He was gone. Her heart sank in her chest and straight down to her stomach. What had she done wrong this time? What words had she uttered? What demand had she made? 

"You're an idiot Reina... you ruin everything you touch. You're toxic. You're vile...."

Her own words cracked in her throat as she spoke to herself, desperately searched the house for her husband. Doors opened and every room was empty. Every trace of him gone, missing. It was like he had simply been deleted from her life without warning.  A lifetime of love, or strength, all of it gone in the blink of an eye. If this was a taste of what death felt like, she rather it embrace her now than let it linger any further.

"Everett please.. please I'm sorry...."

For what she wasn't certain. She was what every wife was meant to be. Loving. Caring. In need of the touch that stirred her soul. If that was a demand that was too much, then perhaps she was just a fool for love, a fool for falling for a man and giving him her heart. Legs that weighed her down carried her down the stairs, her mind telling her that maybe he hadn't left. Maybe he was still packing up the car and readying himself to drive off. A single hand grabbed for the door, only for her vision to be flooded with light, a brightness that blocked out anything else in front of her.


From the hospital bed Reina sat up, her eyes wide as tears streamed down. Confusion on her face as she tugged at the wires that linked to her veins, "Everett? Where is Everett?" A panic on her face as she desperately looked around the room, and then down to her hand, her finger naked, only for he to whimper out, "Where's my ring? What in the f*** happened to my ring?"

From the corner of the room Kia rushed to her side, hands on her shoulders as she eased Reina to lay back, her voice soft, gentle, a rare twist for the young assassin, "Shhh, Reina... Everett isnt here, neither is Nate. They... they haven't been here for a really long time." The look in her own eyes reflected how the hope of their return was starting to dwindle from her heart. "You don't have a ring...listen  you've..."

But her voice was cut short by Reina's protest, her head shaking rapidly as the tears continued to fall, "No... no we got married. He married me on New Years. We were going to start a new year together. We were going to be happy. We had it all planned. We were happy. You and Nate.. you were both happy. You wanted another baby. You..."

Pain echoed in Kia's heart as she sat beside her friend, fingers lacing gently with Reina's, giving it a squeeze, "No..." Her voice cracked in a rare show of emotion, "Reina, they've been gone since the summer, probably longer...its only been us, Reina." She did her best to comfort her, to calm the pain she saw in the others heart. "You.. you had an accident in the beginning of December. You've been in a coma..."

Reina struggled trying to take in the words, only to shake her head in refusal of the truth. "No.. no we got married. We were happy. In love. I swear to you Kia, it was all real. All of it." Or was it? Her eyes moved down to her hands, the bareness of her ring finger only to swallow hard, a lump in her throat that wouldnt go down no matter how hard she tried. "So none of it was real? The wedding? The beautiful ring? The dress? How happy our babies were?"

Kia eased to sit directly beside her, an arm around her shoulder pulling her in close, lips pressed to her temple in comfort. "You're alive, Reina. You're awake and you have three beautiful little ones who are waiting for their mother to come home. /That/ is real. /That/ is beautiful and /that/ is the only thing that really matters. Now, lets see what we can do about getting you home...."

torva prodigium.

01/23/2018 01:04 PM 



Leandros Wyvorns tale is nothing special at the start, born into a family that made an honest living and prospered because of it. He knew little of hardship, having charisma and natural-born talent right from the start; few things found themselves difficult for Leandros to pick-up on and master. Born on the planet of Aargau, Leandros naturally – even if his family was neither royalty or overly rich – had little concern for money; it was plentiful given his family’s mid-class status on the planet. Little to his awareness at first – at an early age – Leandros had a certain gift that he would later have to hide from others besides his immediate family: the Force. Neither of his parents wished him to be treated differently due to the gift, nor did they want any Jedi or Sith to come and steal him away due to said gift. Be that as it may, even with such limited knowledge of the Force, his parents and siblings were aware of how powerful he was with it. And as difficult as it should be for those who knew naught of teaching, Leandros – with his family’s help – had come to teach himself how to control it, to hide it as well of course. It truly added to the fact of being born with natural talent.

Tragedy befell the Wyvorn family on the rare day of bullying. Off-worlders came, completely ignorant of the Three Statutes of Aargau, and completely too arrogant. They had of course complied to the first Statute, handing over weapons that were not capable of being hidden. However, for all their arrogance and straight-forward attitudes, they held a modicum of cunning and as such were able to carry pieces of weaponry not recognized by the Aargau security forces. Despite how unlikely it is to run into such brutes on such a populated planet, Leandros and his family had the misfortune of indeed running into them - - literally. Being that Leandros had two other siblings, both younger than he, they were of course playing despite being aware they were on a business trip. How could they help it, their childish minds often wandering from the importance of adulthood? When his two brothers collided into the leader of the thugs, Leandros’s father: Kairos Wyvorn, sped to the front to console the bandits and offer compensation for his children being rude.

“Tch! Yer brats’re lucky that I don’t skin ‘em alive! If ya’ weren’t here ta’ soothe my anger, ya’d be without two kids!” The rough voice of the leader, whose name was Than’el, and the words that came out of his mouth, sparked an uncharacteristic rage within young Leandros at the time. And even more uncharacteristically, he spoke-out against someone who was superior to him.

“You shut your filthy mouth! If you had tried, I’d have ripped your head from your body without a second thought!” The shout was louder than it ought to be, as Leandros unknowingly gathered the Force in his rage. The abnormal volume and authority of his voice did not go unnoticed and Than’el shoved Kairos aside without so much as blinking.

Before all this, the bandits had hidden to assemble their weapons; assassins you see, though obviously not organized (or smart for that matter) ones, had come to kill some rich folk for an unknown reason. A blaster was revealed, much to Leandros’s – and everyone else’s around them – surprise. Than’el sneered when he noticed Leandros take a step back, but then widened his eyes when a small dagger was produced from the boy’s boot. Naturally made of cortosis and deadly, anyone who was experienced could kill someone twice their size and with a bigger weapon. Then again, despite the practiced stance Leandros took, Than’el held the advantage due to the distance and his blaster. However, Than’el had lived long enough to know that with the fire burning in Leandros’s eyes, the distance would do him no good if he missed the first shot. Clearly Leandros had been practicing whenever possible, but so had Than’el, so why the caution? He didn’t know of Leandros’s gift of course, but Than’el had the gut feeling that he wouldn’t get away unscathed if he fought the boy; if not because of authorities then because of young Leandros himself.

The bandit leader showed cowardice then, as the laws he personally followed found no flaw in using what was around him to win. He grabbed the youngest of the three boys, Centaras, with lightning speed and hoisted him up and brought the barrel of his blaster to his temple.

“Drop yer dagger kid or yer lil’ bastard o’ a brother is gonna get it!”

For anyone else, the choice would be obvious, but Leandros would not stand for his little brother’s screaming and crying. A newfound feeling welled within: Hatred. And the ground beneath everyone’s feet began to rumble. At first most thought it was due to some subterranean creature, but eventually everyone drew their eyes to Leandros. Smaller objects were rising, even his hair defied gravity, and his otherwise emerald optics took on an unnatural golden hue. Temporary as it may be, the sight was enough to unnerve Than’el and he dropped Centaras, but it wasn’t enough.

Just as Centaras and Huranth – the second-eldest of the trio – ran from the immediate presence of the leader, Than’el loosed a bolt of energy from his blaster. Instinctively Leandros rolled forward, just second sooner than the bolt was to hit, and came up running faster than he had ever before. The bolt struck someone, but he didn’t have time to look back and see who; he moved at a speed that gave him tunnel-vision, but also at a pace that got him to the thug before anyone else could. A second bolt, but the Force that Leandros summoned around him deflected it off to the side and into someone else. Two lives this man had to answer for, and twice the pain Leandros would return unto him in kind!

A savage scream ripped from Leandros’s throat and he lunged at Than’el, dagger leading and the Force unconsciously concentrated around its body. He struck Than’el in the stomach, toppling the large man over due to the sudden impact and pain, and both went rolling. Leandros was put amid the other bandits, but he was already moving before they could even draw their weapons. Some to this day think Leandros had already planned out his next move, but the truth was that he was acting purely on instinct. His mind had unknowingly become akin to an animal’s, his body responding in kind and in another scream, unleashed the Force gathered around him in a wave similar to a Force Repulse. Obviously, no one died from it, but bones were snapping under the pressure. Cleared of the others, Leandros barreled down on the still recovering Than’el, snarling the whole way.

“Leandros, no!” Kairos screamed, unable to help or even move as he had been struck by the wave of Force.

Too late did the warning come, as Leandros had been deceived into thinking Than’el was still recovering. Than’el had given up on getting to his feet from the moment of impact and instead acted, having dealt with worse pain and suddenly loosed another shot at Leandros. This time, without the Force around him, the bolt found its mark in his right knee. He tumbled into a heap, screaming in rage, pain, and surprise. Than’el then leaped to his feet and immediately shot twice more, intent on ending this now before the authorities were able to stop it, but Leandros – immersed in his primal-self – had already started to evade on the realization he was an easy target. Rolling towards Than’el at such a close distance wouldn’t let the leader get off more than those two shots, thrown off balance and into the ground again from the aggressive and unorthodox tactic. Most would roll away from their attacker, try to get some distance to find cover, but perhaps it was due to all that reading on past wars and history that he decided on it otherwise. Unpredictability and boldness was often favored it felt like, no?

The pain in his knee had been forgotten and through sheer rage and willpower, Leandros got up and leaped onto Than’el’s back. Climbing to his shoulders before the man got to his feet, Leandros locked his legs as tight as he could around Than’el’s neck and smashed his fists repeatedly into Than’el’s head. At first there was little more than irritation that came from the bandit leader, but as the rage built-up anew within the boy, the Force came again and congregated around his fists. Than’el had the right idea to first pry off Leandros’s legs, but he did it far too late, and Leandros got in one good punch to the temple. Completely disoriented, Than’el stumbled to the side and Leandros dropped down, then shoulder-tackled into the man’s knee, dropping him again. The rest of the scene is often too much for others to recount, as no one would expect someone of Leandro’s upbringing and otherwise peaceful nature to . . . Well, act as he did. To make a long story short, Leandros had grabbed the dagger, incapacitated Than’el, and then proceeded to dismantle his body with weapon and the Force alike until he was restrained by the planet’s authorities.

Following the events of what happened, Leandros came to trial not for his actions against the assassins, but instead for his harm against fellow citizens (however unintentionally it may have been), destruction of government property, and essentially lying about his ability with the Force. While hiding it wasn’t exactly a crime in anyone’s book, the fact it was suddenly revealed in such a violent way couldn’t be overlooked. What if he had decided to use it in another fit of rage? They had deemed it fit to – instead of sending him off in exile or to punish him for his crimes – send out a message across the Core Worlds that told of his existence and his connection to the Force. From there on, Leandros was banished from the city and into the wilderness to be found by whichever faction got to him first; special permission would be granted to those who carried weapons that were in search of him, but only when they were outside of any populated areas on the planet.

During the process of his banishment Leandros managed to have one last get-together with his family, accepting his family’s heirlooms: a pair of DC-17 hand-blasters. The exact legend as to how these were acquired – as they were weapons favored by ARC Troopers of the Grand Army – was lost, but it is assumed that they were bought and simply maintained for show early-on in the family’s history. However, during this get-together, Leandros was made aware of a plan his father – Kairos – had concocted to get his son of the predicament. A smuggler would come to Leandros within three days times and whisk him off-world, all expenses paid for in advance, and would take Leandros to wherever he saw fit.

Left with little way in the form of choices, Leandros accepted and went off, disappearing into the nearby jungle of his home planet. As the plan dictated, the smuggler did indeed come. It was another human by the name of Orion Kastel, and he personally saw to the boy’s safety - - far beyond what he was paid for. Apparently, he just felt bad for young Leandros, who was barely even a teenager at this time.

As they made their way off-world, Orion asked the fateful question, “So, kid, anywhere you thought of going?”

Even before the first day ended of his banishment, Leandros had already decided where to go: Kashyyk. The reason? The lower levels of the planet, said to host horrid and beautiful things alike. He learned of it from both off-worlders who came to Aargau and the plethora of books his father had bought at Leandros’s request. At first Orion protested, worried the boy was biting off far more than he could chew, but the determination from Leandros would not see his choice swayed.

It didn’t take long to get there, nor did it take long to be allowed to the so-called “Shadowlands.” None seemed to be able to coax the young man to another path. Even-so, he was given as much provisions as he could properly carry and sent off, as none who were cowardly or weak would help guide him. Neither would the smart or strong, as they knew he deemed this as his own personal trial and sought no help.

When he last saw Orion, there was tears pouring down the smuggler’s face. He didn’t get why, nor did he really care to ask, but instead gave Orion a confident smile and went down into the treacherous and evil wilderness. He had gone down to the lowest level, determined to either come back alive, stronger than ever, or to die proudly as a man of the Wyvorn family. Little was he aware of what fate had in store for him, or what was lurking in wait for him down below.
“Maybe we’ll see each other again in the next life.”This is the path I have chosen to walk.


Rebel Princess

01/22/2018 11:13 PM 

Quote Prompts

Quote Prompts.Prompts for writing1. "What'd you dream?"
2. Wha'd he look like? You get a good look at him?"
3. "He's turning us against each other so we'll be weak."
4. "There will be no repeat occurance of last night's events."
5. "The man in my dreams, he's real isn't he?"
6. "I know who's trying to kill you."
7. "Nobody has to go in that doesn't want to."
8. "I'm not gonna kid you. This is as dangerous as it gets."
9. "Sorry, kid. I don't believe in fairytales."
10. "I don't think this is something we should discuss here."
11. "How do you handle your nightmares?"
12. "You wanna know the secret of pain? If you just stop feeling it, you can start using it."
13. "He got inside your head. You get inside his."
14. "Your mind was just playing tricks on you, that's all."
15."We were never supposed to make it half this far."
16. "I'm back with a madness."
17. "I'm just young enough to still believe."
18. "If I can live through this, I can do anything!"
19. "I was gonna say something that would solve all our problems."
20. "Oh, the things you do in the name of the things you love."
21. "The world tried to burn the mercy out of me."
22. "It tried to teach me the hard way."
23. "You don't like me the way I am."
24. "Quickly, ready, aim, fire! Fire!"
25. "Belief is not a matter of choice, but of conviction."
26. "Do we take prisoners?"
27. "No, this is not, I repeat, NOT a rescue mission!"
28. "I was leading the mission and it seemed like a good idea at the time."
29. "To live in fear is no life at all."

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