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06/23/2017 01:54 PM 



This is maybe going to sound a little weird, but I digress. I'm posting this blog so that people know that I'm legit (I've been here, on this particular profile, since October 2013 (and was around as far back as when the site was created - I come from the time of MySpace roleplaying), I have a lot of profiles on this site, and I can point you in the direction of those or my multiple examples of writing and storylines from over the years so that you know I'm an active user of this site if you're a suspicious kinda person). But, long story short, I have a friend who is a casting director for reality television. She knows I'm active on sites like this, and she's currently casting for a very specific type of show about people who are dating online but have yet to meet in person. She's having some difficulty figuring out where to find people that would work for it. She got in contact with me because I've been in a very similar situation and I've offered to reach out to people on here as best I can and see if I can find anyone who might fit the bill for what she's looking for.

Basically, I'm going to post her information and flyer for the show here. If it's not at all relevant to you, it would still be SO awesome if you could repost it for me. If it is relevant and it's something you're genuinely interested in partaking in or you have any questions, you can either contact me, sign up on the website link provided, or contact her directly. Tell her where you saw the show advertised - if you're not sure how to reference it, you can say that you saw Lauren's post on I'm going to keep this blog public and linked to my statuses/bulletins so people can read it alongside the information she's provided me with.


THE PRODUCERS OF MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT & SEVEN YEAR SWITCH are now casting online couples for a new project for a Major Cable Network.

We are looking for couples who have fallen in love with someone over the Internet, and have you spoken on FaceTime or Skype, but NEVER MET IN PERSON.   If you have found someone online and have a committed relationship and would like to take your romance offline, the casting team want to speak to you. 

For any questions or for more information please contact the Casting Producer, Heather Allyn at or call at 424.293.5808.

Or if you just want to apply directly go to:



06/23/2017 01:22 PM 

The Beginning

I remember chocolate chip pancakes. I remember them so clearly, standing on a stool in the cottage kitchen; my father hovering beside of me, my mother behind me stealing chocolate from the bag. I remember the way the light would stream in through the window and from that angle I could see the clothes line cutting through the back yard and the wobbling shaking of tees in the breeze which I had called ‘wiggling’ at that age. We used to watch the trees ‘wiggle’ together, often. Our family.

I’ve never understood how I can call back the vividness of that point as a boy when everything else is so hazy though I can recall distinctly when it began to fade. Mom and dad were scientists. I knew this, because they told me the beautiful love story of how they met in school; each some fiery haired do-gooder holding science in one arm, protest signs in the other. It was still a strained time for them, politically, before the walls all fell.

They jointly worked at a little facility, which was a short train ride away. I’d go to work with them often, tooling around with microscopes and goggles, oversized lab coats in a lesser used room emptied of anything hazardous. It was a playground for me, a rotation of other people that would frequently come in to entertain me. Other scientists, lab assistants, quality control. I never quite knew what they did there, only that everyone was smotheringly nice. 

Then one day, I was told I had to go to a different school and that mom and dad got a new job for new people. It was all palatable to my little ears, however disagreeable it left me. I recognized the change in them then, the darkening, as if someone had smothered out the light in their eyes.The school I attended was equally as somber, other children my age being taught in a stark room with a ferret faced woman who kept her hair pulled back tight over her skull. I loathed her, orders barked harshly and her teaching agenda more like an echo of a nazi regime. It made me uncomfortable. It didn’t feel right, so most of that time was spent lost in my head, drawing in notebooks I’d have to hid from her less they be confiscated like radical material. 

My folks were home, less and less. I was  in some kind of cold after care with many of the same children who were all just as confused as I was. Scared. We all sensed the wrongness here.  I only found out later that they’d been threatened, beaten to work for a government facility. A harsh right-winged agenda keeping in line with the old fuhrer’s efforts. His dark interests. This, a particular facility constructed for the research and dissection of living or deceased extraterrestrials. It took a long time and a lot of heartbreaking research to dig out the dirt they tried to put over its existence later in life.

Blurry. My mother woke me up in the middle of the night, dressed. My father cradled me with one arm to his side while carrying luggage with the other. My mother was equally burdened.  “Sind wir Urlaub?” I’d asked, wiping sleep from my eyes as I was stuffed into the aging Volvo. “Ja, wir werden die Großmutter sehen,“ I was told, mention of a grandmother I’d never met. Stars passed in a blur, I was lulled to sleep only to wake to horrendous noise. Twisting metal, glass crunching and grinding on pavement. I only remember a prick of skin, pain.. like acid running through me from something she’d injected in me.  „Mama liebt dich,“ a sweet coo and then light. So much light, exploding behind my eyes and ears; swirling around under my skin. I remember hands on me that felt like trapped bees buzzing and then........ I woke up, kilometers later in an entirely different part of Germany with an old woman singing some folksong in my native tongue, rocking in an arm chair by my bedside.  

Der Sandmann ist dader Sandmann ist da
Er hat so schönen weißen 
Sandist allen Kindern wohlbekannt
Der Sandmann ist da!Der Sandmann ist da,
der Sandmann ist da!
Da guckt er schon zum Fenster rein,
zu all den lieben Kinderlein:
der Sandmann ist da!

And that was it. She’d said nothing more than my parents were in an accident. Naught about how I’d come to be here, or what happened. Just left me plagued with questions, though her eyes always seemed to hold all the answers. I was left, burdened with homesickness and a mystery that never, even now, had all the answers resolved. 



06/23/2017 01:15 PM 

OOC and such

Still quite new on this website, but so far enjoying the options. With time, I'll probably get into how things work around here.


new, ooc


06/23/2017 12:57 PM 


Cause she's a bitch, I'm selfish, want every girl, can't help it And it's tough for me to shelf it, it's you I see myself with Right now I know you felt it, I touched her then she melted We shouldn't chill but we do it still, gotta play the hand if you dealt it She said she can't feel her face, right now I can't feel my heart


Cяiminαℓ Lαwyεя.

06/23/2017 12:06 PM 

Lawyer's Contract.

Be sure to read the FINE print.
This your contract. 
Think of it as your will and testament. 
Each and every statement listed below shall be followed at all times.
If you break the contract, you shall be punished by:
Deletion, blocking, being sued, paying me a bunch of $.
Trust me, I'm a Criminal Lawyer, I can make it happen.
Now see those fancy roman numerals down there? 
Get reading! Why are you still here?
Alright enough of this legal mumbo jumbo.
Let's begin with the fun stuff:

I.) Literacy is required when writing with me. I accept any kind of writing from multi-paragraph and up. Do not one-line me, whatever that is, I don't do it. Right, fancy kind of writing, detail, that sort of thing. Be creative, that's what I ask of you.

II.) Storylines are also required when writing with me. I don't accept just anything. So approach me with your ahhh problem, and I'll try to help you with my services. Everyone is need of my services. Who can you sue you ask? Well I'm glad you did! Just about anyone! Your old English professor you once banged, believe it or not you can obtain money from him or her. Your next door neighbor, some people-hate their neighbors. Trust me, nothing worse than a neighbor problem. Your brother or sister, any family member. I know from experience, family always disappoints you. Your doctor, oh you better believe it! Nothing more awarding than receiving cash from your doctor. Just don't keep the same doctor afterwords. In need of getting a get out of jail free card? I can help you there as well. Just let me know about something, and we can get creative enough to get something going.

III.) Verses: Where else do I write? Well since Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are limited verses, I can write just about anywhere. I think every verse you could require a lawyer in so if you want to write in another world, just ask. Yes, I believe even the dark lord of the Sith could of used a lawyer at one point. Just don't try to kill me. I'm only your lawyer. I didn't do anything wrong. I only gave you solid advice.

IV.) Mature Content: BB and BCS are both adult shows, as such, so will be my writing. I do not do any foo foo sort of writing. Blood, violence, sex, guns, gore, swearing, drugs, and rock all are all part of my contract. I mean where would life be without that stuff? Only I don't sell crystal meth, but I could point you in the right direction to someone who does...If that's your thing that is.

V.) Time: Is pretty important when it comes to my replies, starters, and out of character talk. I have many clients, and they all require my attention. As does my life outside my duties as a lawyer. That sort of thing comes first. So sometimes my replies to you might take a couple days, or weeks depending on my time. Hey, you'll here from my secretary if I'm too busy to pick up your call telling you I'm out of the office. Be patient, if you want the best services, good things come to those who wait. 

VI.) Trying to keep material separated is pretty important and always keeps the clients happy. So I ask of you, keep out of character to the messages as much as possible. After the greeting that is. Writing should always be done in comments. I will do the same for you as well, and accept the same in return. Let's try and keep things professional here.

Well that's all I can think of for now.
If I need to, I'll add more.
Glad your at the fine print part. 
Now send me a fancy gif of your choosing.
As well as your signature.
That will be all.
-Attorney at Law office of:
Saul Goodman



06/23/2017 10:24 PM 

The Beginning

There are many who think that Jim was the first of the twins to kill. And it was so easy to think that and move on.

But he wasn't. Richard was. 

They were fifteen, Jim had already begun the building of what would become quite the Empire of Crime and Ritchie was, well he was along for the ride. They lived with their Da, a man who on a daily basis drank himself to oblivion and beat one or both on his way down. It was usually Ritchie as he just never could get out of the way fast enough. A lot of times Jim would provoke their father to have his ire turned toward him. Ever the protective brother. But one night things went too far. One night was all it took to begin it all for them.

It was cold that night, they didnt have heating like most houses as their Da didnt care if they froze or not. Ritchie, trying to make it a night where neither he nor his brother saw the mans fist up close. He'd made his fathers favorite food and made sure he never ran out of whiskey in his glass. Other than derogative comments about his masculinity, everything was fine...

Until it came time for dessert. He had made a pudding and that was what started it all. To this day Ritchie wouldnt touch pudding. 

"You stupid little fag! What the feck is this? Im not eating this sh*te. Christ you shouldve died at birth instead slowly killin yer Mam, then maybe we wouldnt have to eat this slop!" He roared back handing his son as he stood.

Ritchie got up quickly and tried to fix it before it got worse. 

"Im sorry Da, what do you want me to make?" He tried but Jim had had enough being quiet and he chirped in.

"Shut the f*** up old man, you like pudding, you just want start sh*t. Sit your fat arse down and eat it!" He glared at him with all the hatred he could muster.

"What did you say to me you little sh*te?!" Their father roared coming round the table. 

Jim stood and repeated himself. "Sit your fat arse down and eat it!"

Before Ritchie had time to say or do anything, they were fighting. Fists swinging, punches and kicks flying. Ritchie yelled at them to stop, but they either couldnt hear him or just plain ignored him. 

He grabbed at his hair, tears falling at the scene. He felt frozen. Until Da got the upperhand and soon had his twin pinned down. Hands around his throat choking him. He watched his brothers face go red then start turning blue. It became a blur then.

Grabbing the hand towel from the stove he rushed his father and wrapped it around his neck. He tightened his hold and began walking backwards until his fathers hands werent touching his brother. Until he fell back and his father was struggling against his hold. He didnt loosen his hold, even after his Da stopped moving. 

It was only when Jim was shouting in his face did he snap out of it.

"Ritchie!! Ritchie!! Let go, hes dead!"

Ritchie, chest heaving let go of the towel and looked down. Jim was right, their Da wasnt moving, wasnt breathing. He scrambled out from under him and started retching. His supper came back and he fell back from it, crying and grabbing his hair again.

"I killed him, I killed Da. Oh god, oh god, oh god.." He repeated over and over.

A sharp slap to his face brought him back and Jim was there with a serious look on his face. "Hey, snap out of it, we gotta get out of here. Pack your stuff, whatever you dont want destroyed. We wont be coming back."

He helped him stand and Ritchie did as he was told, holding onto his brothers order like a lifeline. He packed his clothes and a few childhood mementos, including the one family album they had with pictures of their Mam in it. Jim had packed his things quickly and was now in the kitchen again. Ritchie soon began to smell gasoline and he walked out to find that Jim had set their Da in a chair at the table and was pouring gasoline on and around him. He had taken the dishes that they had eaten off of and washed them, making it look like their father had been alone. 

Seeing his brother Jim nodded his head towards the door. "Lets go, Ive got someone picking us up down the road." Ritchie clung to his bag and walked out. Jim lit a match and set the place ablaze. By the time any of their neighbors realized it, the place would be too far gone to save.

Sure enough, there was a car waiting on them down the road. Ritchie to this day can't remember their face at all. He clung to his suitcase and followed his brothers orders. They spent the night at a hotel. Jim carrying on as if it was all normal and Ritchie balled up on the bed staring at nothing. 

At one point Jim sat down on the bed beside him and forced him to uncurl. He grabbed his shoulders.

"Snap out of it Ritchie, cause tomorrow we gotta go back and act like we were gone for the weekend. We gotta act surprised and like we actually gave a damn about that bastard. You wanna act, this is your chance. Your first part. Are you going to be able to handle that?" He looked his younger brother dead in the eye, searching.

Ritchie looked back, he was absolutely terrified, but he nodded. "I can, I can do it Jimmy...just what is going to happen to us now?" 

Jim smirked. "The world is our oyster little brother. You'll see. Soon we will be at the top and no one will ever f*** with us again."

Ritchie believed his brother. Jim never lied to him. Never. So he nodded and Jim left him to shower. Ritchie lay back down and resumed his staring. Later when his brother joined him, he turned off the light and the room got quiet. Out of the darkness Jim whispered to him. "You're not a monster Ritchie, but I will be. For the both of us."

The next day they did return and the twins gave the performance of a lifetime pretending to be agrieved of their fathers passing. The neighbors all felt sorry for them. As soon as it was all over, they left. To another town where Jim was already gathering lackeys to do his dirty work. They finished school and Ritchie went onto finally see his dream of being on the stage and Jim became one of the most terrifying criminals the world had seen.

Jim and Richard. Ritchie and Jimmy. Two sides of the same coin. Light and dark. It was easy to believe the worst of Jim. It was hard to think it of Ritchie. But even in the light, there were shadows. Even in the most innocent, were the hands of a killer...



06/23/2017 04:46 PM 

Golden rules

A drag I know, they are coming soon



06/23/2017 02:49 PM 

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06/23/2017 01:21 PM 

Regulations & Considerations


Just some points I want to throw out there for those who might be new or whatever. This character is violent and might say or do things that might need a trigger warning. So, here's your trigger warning:

You've been warned.


  • I am not under any circumstances obligated to respond to you. This isn't a job, this is a hobby. If you can't handle that I get busy and might be slow in responding to you, then don't ask to collaborate with me. I need time to respond or I get busy. While on the subject, I am entitled to turn down any story lines should I be not interested.
  • This isn't a rule, but a pet peeve of mine; I get a ton of people who add me then say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yay, lurkers. I am not gonna sit here and tell you. "Don't do it." because honestly, what's the point? I will however delete you on my regular scheduled sweeps. It's not hard to drop me a message, you don't even have to collaborate with me, just say: "HI!" And I'll be happy. The reason for this is I don't like my friend's list getting cluttered. Nobody likes that.
  • I write Void how I wanna write him. He's an AU version, meaning he won't be EXACTLY like the spirit from the show. If I made him exactly like the show, your character would probably die in a heart beat. Either your character or mine. And that just doesn't make for a good constructive storyline. I like thoughtful, engaging plots.
  • If you need to talk to me out of character, please do so, I am not unreasonable, I welcome constructive chatter as well as mundane. (Examples: "Hey, how are you?" "I think we should do this!" "Could we maybe try this?")
  • It should go without saying, but this is a Multiship account. Don't give me none of that bullsh*t about it being "disgusting" or "unloyal" f*** off my page with that sh*t. It's a character I am PORTRAYING. If I dedicate myself to only one person, it get's really weird. Too realistic for my tastes and I am already taken in real life my commitment goes to her. Yeah, this is multiship.
  • Another point I shouldn't have to make, my character, don't control him. DON'T DO IT. Please and thank you. ♥

Thanks for taking the time to read through my rambles, I will be adding more to this page, if you got any questions, concerns, things you want to get off your chest, you can reach me from my inbox. Otherwise, you can sign below proving that you've read my rules (Or don't, just don't complain later.) Sign and oh! Give me your favorite riddle. ♥


Cap'n Whitlock

06/23/2017 05:28 AM 

Owed stuff



- Lady Death: Roleplay



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