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04/24/2018 01:29 PM 

Writing duties:

I owe you:

Amelia West 4/23/2018, Charlie Halliwell 4/23/2018, Hazel Halliwell 4/23/2018
You owe me:

update on April 23rd, 2018

Kaydel Ko Connix

04/23/2018 10:36 PM 

We Could Be Heroes

Kaydel ko connixWe Could Be HeroesHacktivist

When Breha turned to face her, Kaydel was not the least bit surprised to see the smirk that greeted her. Nor was she really surprised by the embrace that accompanied it, returning it without hesitation. “I take it I’m forgiven for my momentary lapse into insanity and degradation?” She didn’t really need an answer, it was clear she was forgiven and Breha was glad she was there. It remained to be seen if she was glad herself, but it was what it was and she wasn’t going to let Breha do this alone.

Following as her friend pulled her over to the pack of hairsprays, her gaze dropping in the direction Breha pointed before returning to her friend once more. “’Grab Creya and get the hell out of here.’ Right.” She agreed. “Sounds simple enough.” Even she could hear the wariness in her tone, the knowledge that things were never as simple as they seemed. But, she did like the sound of no more fighting. The idea that Breha had a plan this time instead of just rushing in.

Breha pulled out one of the dyes and she held out a hand for it as she was commanded to hold it, watching as the younger girl searched her pocket for something and came up with a lighter. Taking the can back, she shook it and then applied heat. In quick strides, she crossed to the other side of the roof, setting the can on the edge before running back to join her. As she explained what was going to happen, the can suddenly exploded loudly enough to be heard over the passing train. Distraction, indeed.

Listening to the rest of the plan, her eyes began to sparkle just a little. It was still dangerous, any plan like this would be, but it wasn’t rushing into a fight they couldn’t possibly win. It was actually better than she had started to think of herself, though she had really only been thinking about getting to Breha before she could do something that might get her hurt. But, this…this was good. Better than good.

She blinked as Breha pressed another can into her hand. This time the dye was silver, the same color she had used on her own hair. She opened her mouth to protest that there was really no point in using the dye for what it was intended for now, but she couldn’t resist a chuckle at Breha’s words. Matching war paint that looked cool? Who could resist that. She ducked her head briefly and then shook up the can in her hand before looking up one more time. “You’ll have to help me. I’m not very good at the whole hair…anything.” She smirked, turning away and offering the can back to Breha.

“Do you think this is a stupid plan?”

Breha was back to prepping the other dyes as she asked the question as Kaydel turned to watch her once more, taking a moment before she answered, though she already knew what that answer was. Even if Breha didn’t. “No.” She couldn’t keep the smile away this time because Breha wasn’t the only one who had a good feeling about this. Maybe it really would work…

“I think it’s brilliant, actually.” She continued, true admiration lacing her tone as she impulsively stepped forward and placed both hands on either side of Breha’s face, while the other girl was mid can shake. “I always knew you were smart, but this…I think we can really pull this off.” She kissed her, quick and chaste, but enthusiastic because she really believed what she was saying and she was proud of Breha for coming up with it.

She let go and stepped back with a grin. “I’m ready to kick some ass.” She nodded once, decisively and certainly. They were going to do this and they were going to win.


She was reluctant to part with Breha, but they had to for this to work and so it wasn’t long before Kaydel found herself climbing down from their rooftop sanctuary to approach the ‘bad guy speeder.’ Disabling it wasn’t hard at all. She had been taught the basics of repairs, very basic, and so it wasn’t hard to figure out what would be the opposite of that, what would mess up the thing the most. And if worst came to worst, she could just rip out as many wires as she could find. If nothing else, that would certainly do the trick.

Once that part was finished, she waited for the distractions to begin, trusting Breha to flawlessly carry out her part of the plan. Or, at least adequately if not perfectly. Nothing was ever perfect. But, this was going to work. She knew it. She could feel it. She bounced slightly on the balls of her feet as she waited for the first explosion and the signal that it was time to go in and retrieve one of the people she disliked most in the world. The girl really was lucky that neither she nor Breha were letting their personal feelings for the captive override the right thing. She would be even luckier when they got her out of this mostly unscathed. They were all going to be lucky.

Lucky heroes.


04/23/2018 09:48 PM 

EC - Worst date

Cady rolled over on the bed as the phone connected and with no preamble began to speak
enthusiastically into the phone. “You will never guess what happened to me today! No! Don’t even try …
you can’t guess!” the distant chuckle of Brennan was heard through the somewhat staticky line of the
old wall phone. It was pink and fluffy, it appealed to her secret girly side. “Steve Jackson asked me out
for Saturday. I didn’t even think he knew that I was alive!”

Cadence wasn’t exactly what one would consider the in crowd. Or any crowd in all fairness. She often
spoke in class and while managing 3.8 GPA and working part time as an EMT or as dispatch it didn’t
leave a lot of time on the weekends to actually be able to party. Though occasionally her best friend,
Brennan convinced her to head out and let her hair down at some teens house where the parents had
disappeared for the weekend. It was at one of these parties that she had spoken to Steve the first time,
what she didn’t know was that had also brought her to the attention of Amber, his girlfriend.

Her few friends had all been happy for her, it was one of the first dates she had been asked out on since
her dad had passed in junior high. When she had been as out spoken and brazen as a 14 year old could
dare to dream of being. That part of her had been left behind when suddenly her mother and brother
had decided she needed to grow up and start working to help the family. Well mostly her brother but
since her mother was rarely home from her job as a nurse she mostly let her son rule the roost.
Brennan’s sigh vibrated through the phone “Look, Steve isn’t a bad guy, he’s just … he’s kind of a push over. He’s not good enough for you. Cat. It’s great that you want to get out but we can get a group
together and take you dancing, you don’t need to go with this guy.”

Cady went still for a moment, Brennan always had one girl or another on his arm and she was generally
the third wheel even though Bren tried his best to not make her feel that way and for once Cady wanted
to be the girl on someone’s arm. She wanted to get dressed up and have someone appreciate it, have
someone look at her in that special way. So for the first time in long time she shook her head. “Sorry
Bren, I already said yes to Friday. I’m going. He said he broke up with Amber and it’s been all over the
school. Maybe we can meet up for a double movie or something after?”

She should have listened to Brennan. Cadence had told all of her friends about the date who had of
course mentioned it to others. She spent hours on her hair and makeup before slipping into her favorite
blue dress. First she waited in her room, then down on the couch before heading out to sit on the porch
swing. He never showed and she was too proud to reach out to anyone, to tell them about being stood
up. Brennan showed up unexpectedly, he took one look at her face before sitting on the swing beside
her and wrapping an arm around her, pulling her tight against his side.

The blonde haired woman child didn't cry just say there, stony faced and calm. The storm was worse on Monday when she got to school and heard the rumours. He had told his buddies that he hadn't even had to pay for dinner before her panties were around her ankles and she was begging for it. So know even when she told people that he didn't show up 90% of them just thought she was lying about sleeping with him. It slowly became a joke between and Brennan that her picker was broken and that B had to start choosing her dates for her, or running background checks. 


04/23/2018 09:33 PM 

The Guidebook.



04/23/2018 08:35 PM 

Everyone leaves.

Have you ever almost drown before? Water fills your lungs, burning it. Your chest tightens, your head spins. Most would thrash around and fight for air, but when it's life drowning you, all you can do is float.

How are you doing?

He got asked that question a lot, by now when he answered he felt like a robot, repeating a script he'd practiced so many times before in his bathroom mirror. When the words left his lips, he felt a void in the pit of his stomach. Everyone who he'd lost in his life, Natassia, his mother, Dominic... their death's were unfair. Untimely. Without goodbyes. All Bowie did now was cling to the hope that maybe he would wake up from this incredibly long nightmare, or they would come out of nowhere and tell him it was one big prank. He would be angry with them, for being so cruel, but at least they'd still be alive.

He'd had nightmares before. Natassia's brains splattered all over the wall. His mother's head being held underwater while she thrashed around. The graphic, and gorey image of Dominic strung up at the church. Dull. Lifeless. Dead. They haunted him, no matter how many pills he swallowed with his whiskey, they'd never be enough to numb the pain of loss. They'd never make him the same person he was months ago. A reckless, angry mess, but at least oblivious to what his future held. In a heartbeat, though, he'd trade his own life to have all of them back here.

The warehouse walls were hollow today; it smelled of blood, mainly because of the corpse laying limp on the floor. The sounds of a woman's scream as she thrashed about on the dirty cold floor drowning out the ringing in his ears. This was his day of reckoning, because despite Trent having released her, Vivian was in his clutches again. His brother. The raven haired secret his father had kept from his mother, in an attempt to prove himself to Bowie, caught Vivian on the borders of Sloane, trying to flee. She knew d a m n well the Empire was gunning for her, and instead of coming after Bowie, she ran away like the coward she was.

Here she was now, sobbing at his feet, a barbaric mess as she tried not to look at the dead body Bowie had recently executed only moments before. Steven CarMichael. In other words, Vivian's 19 year old son.

"You see," Bowie spoke rather calmly, the dark circles under his eyes illuminating the apathy he felt, "I've learned you can show no mercy. I really didn't want to kill your son, he had a life ahead of him, but you took someone from me, and I have no symphathy left. Today, Vivian, is your final one. So pray."

And be the prey.

The door to the warehouse opened, flooding in the smell of rain and wet grass in like a punch to the face. Vigor and Saul walked in, the older Russian henchmen wielding a long rope that was hanging from his shoulder. Saul, who could easily lift a car with one hand, walked over to the corpse, grabbing the dead boy by the hands to drag him away, causing Vivian to stir. She lunged, screaming at the giant, only to be met by a swift boot to the jaw. She fell in defeat, whimpering as she sputtered up blood, and Saul continued carrying her son away. "He didn't do anything," She said in a near whisper, slowly raising her head to look at Bowie, "he was innocent."

Any other day, he would have laughed at that mentality. Instead, he sighed, lowering himself to the floor. "Vivian," He said, "I'm sure you weren't born a monster. I'm sure you didn't grow up thinking you were gonna drown someone's mother with Alzeimer's in her own bathtub. I'm sure you didn't think you'd marry some creep who raped little girls, and then start a cult to kill me because we killed him. I'm sure that somewhere along the lines, something shaped and molded you. Something turned you into the person you are today, but I've learned something from you. A valueble lesson." The tension in the room had already built up enough, and now, as Vigor used his fingers to tie a noose in the rope he'd carried in, Bowie felt it himself. "You taught me," He continued, "that if you are fighting a war, you can't show any mercy to win."

His slender digits locked with her dark hair, a scream passing her lips as he yanked her up and dragged her to where Vigor now stood. The older Russian gave the rope a good toss, getting it over an old pipe in the ceiling, before letting the noose fall back to them. Bowie threw Vivian to the floor, trying to calm his heaving chest, and closed his eyes for a long moment. Words, they were surfacing. Everything he wanted to say, but had no time to. The unfair cards life had dealt him, he was tired of it. He was tired of letting bad people get away with dealing them.

"My mother was so pure," He said, taking the noose and placing it around Vivian's neck, "so sweet. Would give you the clothes off her back, money if you needed it. She came over from Russia as a little girl, same age as the girl your now dead husband raped and killed." Pushing the knot tighter, he ignored the woman's pleas. She knew that there was no changing his mind. He'd lost her once, came so close to not having her life. He wasn't going to risk that again. "I had to kill your son, because just like him, my mother was innocent too."

His fingers delicately wrapped around the loose end of the rope, and he didn't even hesitate to start to tug at it. Slowly. He didn't want this to be quick. He watched as her cries became louder, the sound of the rope pulling over the rusty pipe as the other end that was wrapped around her throat pulled up. She didn't fight, because she knew that one way or the other, she wasn't walking out of here tonight. 

Finally, her toes left the ground, and crying turned into muffled chokes as she began to dangle. "I'm not...the leader..." she said through choked gasps, fingers trying to tug at the rope, "you're wrong. He will find you." Dark, cold, dull eyes watched, lips pressed in a line as she went higher and higher above them, all at his hands, until Bowie gave it one final, rough tug, the sound of her neck snapping filling the otherwise silence.

Everything stopped. Her cries. Her thrashing. Bowie still held firm to the rope as he watched her, high up in the sky, her words hanging in the air, her black soul leaving her body. His hand was red, bleeding mildly from the burn, and it took Vigor saying his name softly for him to snap back to reality. He let go, watching with a blank expression as Vivian's corpse came falling to the floor. He heard her bones break as she hit the cement, blood trickling out from her cracked skull, and in that moment, he felt relief wash over him.

"Put her in the wood chipper with her son," He said, turning towards Vigor, trying to push what she'd said out of his head, "I need to be alone." 

Everyone leaves. Everyone dies. 

© 2018 All Rights Reserved.