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02/23/2017 09:58 PM 

Current mood:  bouncy

The Purge:


ó the night the purge begins.

The name is Pool. Deadpool.


I know what you're thinking. What's a nice, wholesome girl like you doing in a place like this? That's a long story, but you guys like TL/DR's, right? Let's give it a whirl. Boy meets girl, girl wants complete and utter world denomination, boy isn't paying attention because the steamy plate of enchiladas that's just arrived is too distracting, girl offers to pay for lunch, and that's how friendships are made. 

I'm kidding. It's Friday night and I didn't have anything better to do. Besides, I hear the pizza's good.


Getting here was easy enough, although now that I think about it.... Does anybody know if we get reimbursed for travel expenses? The Avengers have the Quinjet, but if there was a party shuttle, I must not have gotten the e-vite. I'm pretty sure I submitted my email address to the team directory department. It's pretty memorable. Well, at least I think so. Don't they get my twitter updates? [ MACHOANDTACOS@POOLIOANDTHEGANG.COM, check out my mixtape. It drops this week. ] Hm. You think they left us out on purpose? Nah, couldn't be. Spidey of all people wouldn't have done that. We're sympatico. My brother in red from another more - attractive - and - much - more - in - tune - with - her - maternal - instincts mother. The kid practically idolizes me.

Speaking of, my web-headed compadre, wasn't he supposed to meet us here? I had the scenic route all mapped out. It's not everyday that best friends get to lead a heist together, and what kind of friend would I be if I wasn't there to ride shotgun at the beginning of his villain origins story? He was ruining what had the potential to make for a really awesome Spider-Pool comic cover.

Can't you see it?


2pac's California Love announces us as we ride through the chaotic streets of Chicago, standing in the saddles of blazing bestiomorphs, flipping our middle fingers to the sky in perfect synchronization?

..Ah, Spidey.

"I've got to say, there's not nearly as much stuff on fire as I thought there'd be." It's true. I mean, we've all seen the movies, haven't we? That humdinger of a siren kicks off and it's all downhill after that, right? This...This is kind of a slow start, and a little underwhelming. Then again, this is probably the first time in a blue moon that a few villains geared up to get their asses kicked. Oh sh*t. Am I a villain? Guess that bonafide hero arc isn't gonna stick. It's not nearly as chaotically blissful as Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Now that's a series worth picking up.


On the hood of a wrecked jeep, I sat, scrolling through the feed on my phone, three red vines hanging from my mouth as I gnawed aimlessly. How did I get stuck on the welcoming party? [ EASY, OL' PAL, YOUR EASILY THE MOST APPROACHABLE OF YOUR TEAM. True. I think it's my award winning smile. Tyra Banks recommended smiling with your eyes, and it took me a while to figure it out, but I think I've finally gotten the hang of it. My only complaint is how long it takes for them to grow back. Still, Tyra knows best.


We were late too, Wade. Remember? We stopped and played with the cast of the Sopranos, and then we grabbed a bag of tacos for the road ...


Sighing, I nodded. I make a really valid point, and I know better than to argue with myself. Weren't your friends supposed to be alphabetized? I don't think he has any of those special characters in hisó there he is! 


... Is he on a date?
With Jessica Drew? [ HOW SWAY? ]
That explains the tardiness.
This is a city-wide event.
Get it together

Now that we've taken care of that...I guess we wait. I tend to fidjit when I'm asked to wait. Sitting still? Not in my bag of tricks. Unless we're talking about the movie theatre. If you're one of those people who can't sit still in the movie theatre, you're an a**hole and I hope you get purged watching your favorite re-run of Malcolm In the Middle I wonder how things are going on inside? The building doesn't look like much, but apparently the magical doo-hickey thing was in there, and I'm not under any circumstances, supposed to touch it. Go figure. That's all fine and dandy though, because Daddy brought his own tools for destruction.

I just needed my playmate, and he was due any minute.




02/23/2017 09:49 PM 

Roleplay Anyone???

Is there anyone that wants to roleplay with me?


URIJIAH KĀNE | Hawaiian Simba

02/23/2017 02:36 PM 


What is your full name?
Urijiah Simba Kāne 

Where and when were you born? Honolulu, Hawaii

Who are/were your parents? Mother
Naomi Aurora Kāne (Anoa'i)
Aapo Ioane Kāne

Do you have any siblings? 
Younger Brother
Ansoul Samael Kāne
Younger Twin Brothers
Abel Lamar & Abdiel Joseph Kāne
Younger Sister
Aniyah Naomi Kāne

Where do you live now? 
Long Beach, California   

What is your occupation?  
Unground Fighter
Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter (UFC)

Write a full physical description of yourself:
245.3 lbs.

Iris color
Collider scope of Gray

Forearm Hawaiian tribal piece
Hair Length
Long, shoulder length dark brown locks
Polynesian Brute, Heavyweight (Bodybuilder) 

Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses?
Years of wear and tear. 
Many bruises, scars.
A scar above one eyebrow

Dominant Hand?
Right handed

What does your voice sound like?
A smooth dominant rhythmic deep rasp

Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?
A devious grin
A beard that would envy most men, and attract most women

How would you describe your childhood in general?
Urijiah's childhood was far from perfect.  With a strict, powerful, crooked, and emotionally absent father; Urijiah has a very strong love/hate relationship with his family.  At a very young age witnessing the horrors of a Royal corrupted family, and being forced to fight.  Witnessing murders, drugs, molestations, and many of the vile scenarios that came along with the underbelly of society.  Unlike his siblings, he resented his family and their ways.  Being the eldest of 3 brothers and 1 sister, he often feels responsible for not helping his brothers and sisters grow apart from the family ways

High-school graduate

While growing up, did you have any role models? If so, describe them.

Urijiah's uncle Sammi Kāne;
Urijiah's uncle is what Uri wishes to be.  He always seems to have the right answers, and generally lives a positive life that goes against the family tradition.  A humble man, with an expansive and open mind that oozes wisdom and kindness Urijiah wishes he could emulate but feels he cannot due to already being sullied.

Are you a virgin? If not, when and with whom did you lose your virginity?
No. None of your business 

If you are a supernatural being (i.e. mage, werewolf, vampire), tell the story of how you became what you are or first learned of your own abilities. If you are just a normal human, describe any influences in your past that led you to do the things you do today.

Depending on the SL the story can be tweaked.  If given a supernatural setting, the crime like dynasty of the Kāne family has deeper roots within the islands of Hawaii.  This further explains their royalty and their elusive wealth and control and reputation.  If just a non-supernatural story, then the story is much more contained and realistic.  Urijiah was quite traumatized by his fighting history.  Father forced him to fight extremely young, although it began as bearings before Urijiah could defend himself and fight back.  Uri was bred to eventually take over the head of family dynasty, being the eldest.  He hadn't followed his father's directed path and left Hawaii to pursue his fighting career as a cover up to abandon his family. 



02/23/2017 02:16 PM 

Pet peeve.

Another day at work and Cassie couldn't wish for a faster work schedule to be over with so she could go home to see Ty and spend the rest of the evening with her boys watching tv and eating fast dinner. She had grown accustomed to the way things were and that's how she liked it, but when things were thrown off balance, out of place, it threw her off and it had been one of those days. Everything was off at the station for one simple thing; Kimberly had called in sick and they had to have someone come take her place so that Cassie could have a partner and the guy was completely throwing her off. To the boys it was funny, but to Cassie she couldn't think. changes were definitely not something she enjoyed but she made the most of it. After cleaning up from lunch that she had cooked for the boys, the alarm sounded that there was a car wreck with multiple victims involved. Everyone got up and set out, Cassie hopping in the driver seat not trust trusting the new guy that was only there long enough for Kimberly to get better, "When we get there, you stick with me unless I state otherwise. We get the worse of them stable before we move on, got it?" The guy nodded and Cassie took a deep breath; Here it goes.

Pulling up to the scene, Cassie counted four cars that had been hit together pretty hard. There wasn't a clue as to who hit who first, but that didn't matter at the moment; What mattered is everyone okay. She got out and grabbed the bag as her partner grabbed another one until they knew where they were going with the stretcher. Cassie wedged in between two cars getting to the first one that was slightly in the middle, "Hey, honey. you okay?" The woman nodded, "I'm fine. I'm fine. That guy in the volvo hit me and I hit the other who hit the other one." Cassie nodded, glad that they had some light shed on the situation. As Chris came over, Cassie explained what the woman told her and he nodded moving over to the volvo as Cassie glanced back at the woman, "Think you can get out for me?" The woman nodded, the only reason she hadn't was that she was too afraid to from her nerves. Cassie had help getting the door open and the woman got out with ease, "Hey, Cass. There's no one in this vehicle." Cassie raised a brow and let her partner deal with the woman while she moved over. Sure enough, no one was in the volvo, "Someone had to be.." She glanced up and around the crowd then moved to the other cars, pushing that though behind her for now.

They had a little girl out of all of them that needed to go to the Hospital. As they were loading her up, Cassie glanced up for a second seeing a man sitting there that looked a bit beaten up and cut up. "Hang on.." She moved over to the man and crouched down, "Sir. Were you the driver of that vehicle?" The man grinned a bit and shook his head, Cassie smelled the alcohol on his breath, "Nope. No ma'am. Just a looker!" Cassie licked her lips, "Sir. I'm going to ask you one more time.. Were you the driver?" He laughed, clearly drunk out of his mind, "Sir there's a little girl that's hurt over there. I suggest you quit lying and tell me the truth." One of her greatest pet peeves was liars. Throughout her life growing up, it was one lie after another. We'll find a home for you and your brother, you two won't have to worry about anything, we've got you, it was constant one lie after another. It hurt, always being let down and now she wasn't about to allow this little girl to be let down on finding who to charge for her sake. 

Judgement was clouded by anger towards the drunk driver, the liar, and she grabbed him by the collar slamming him to the ground, "Do you see that little girl?! You put her there in that situation! You hurt her!" the man grunted from how she held onto him and as Chris ran over there, "Cass!" "I'm sorry!" "Cassie, let him go!" "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to!" "CASSIE!" Chris got a hold of her and she was pulled back as the Police came and arrested the man. Chris held onto her tightly letting her calm down in his arms, "I'm fine. Bastard tried to lie his way out." She was angry, to think that someone was trying to lie to get out of something they've done that was extremely wrong on so many levels. Once she was calm, she rubbed her nose and headed back to the Ambo, getting in the driver's side as Chris came up, "Gonna be okay?" Cassie nodded and with that, she lit up the lights and sirens then took off towards the hospital. Lying was never something she liked, Liars always lied to cover themselves up no matter who they hurt in the process. Throughout her life she had to deal with that, that's why she promised herself she'd always be as truthful as possible; to prove to people that not everyone breaks promises.


ANSOUL KĀNE | Kāne Dynasty

02/23/2017 02:29 PM 

Basic Information

What is your full name?
Ansoul Samael Kāne

Where and when were you born? Honolulu, Hawaii

Who are/were your parents? Mother
Naomi Aurora Kāne (Anoa'i)
Aapo Ioane Kāne

Do you have any siblings? 
Older Brother
Urijiah Simba Kāne
Younger Twin Brothers
Abel Lamar & Abdiel Joseph Kāne

Where do you live now? 
Islands of Hawaii

What is your occupation?  
High-school Football Star
Military Experience 
Family Businessman  

Write a full physical description of yourself:
265.5 lbs.

Iris color
Shades of Gray (Make a 50 shades reference and I'll cut you, twice.) 

Long original Polynesian TŠtua Sleeve
Hair Length
Long voluminous shoulder length raven hair.
A Polynesian, Herculean Brute. (Bodybuilder) 

Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses?
Damaged Knees

Dominant Hand?
Right handed

What does your voice sound like?

a soothing melodic calm

Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?
Flexing of the jaw

How would you describe your childhood in general?

Ansoul's childhood wasn't as rough as his brother's.  Ansoul is the second oldest son.  He was often neglected by his father due to his father favoring his oldest son instead of Ansoul.  Like all the boys within the family, at a young age Ansoul was forced to fight.  Not as good as his brother, Ansoul found his natural talent within sports.  He quickly became a high-school phenomenon.  Breaking records, as a defensive end.  Natural carnal aggression from the support of his early fighting days.  The success continued further into college off of a scholarship.  After 4 years of college he eventually left to takeover and support the family unlike his brother Urijiah.

High-school graduate 
Additional 4 years of college (Florida State)

While growing up, did you have any role models?
 If so, describe them.
Ansoul's own father was his role model.  The man wasn't perfect, but he held power and was so sure of himself that Ansoul couldn't help but envy his sheer presence.  He was feared, and respected.  Ansoul could relate through his football career.  With his aggression; many feared, and respected his game and and carried over to him as a person.  He follows his father's footsteps, and devoted .himself to the family

While growing up, how did you get along with the other members of your family?

Urijiah and Ansoul never got along.  A sibling rivalry brewed since the youngest of ages.  Ansoul had aspirations to be a talented fighter like Urijiah, which is why their father favored the oldest besides being the firstborn.  Although beef between the two, family is most important to the dynasty.  He loves his brother, but both cannot see eye to eye.  Ansoul and Urijiah's morales don't mesh.  Ansoul is much closer to the family and other siblings.  The twins love Ansoul, and the youngest child; Aniyah, although more of following in the footsteps of Urijiah, she has a closer bond with Ansoul.  Ansoul is also the favorite of his beloved mother and the two have a strong bond amongst the family.

If you are a supernatural being (i.e. mage, werewolf, vampire), tell the story of how you became what you are or first learned of your own abilities. If you are just a normal human, describe any influences in your past that led you to do the things you do today.

Depending on the SL the story can be tweaked.  If given a supernatural setting, the crime like dynasty of the Kāne family has deeper roots within the islands of Hawaii.  This further explains their royalty and their elusive wealth and control and reputation.  If just a non-supernatural story, then the story is much more contained and realistic.  



02/22/2017 10:36 PM 

American Horror Story: Asylum character bio

Jakob Gruber grew up in a very tough home. Being the only child of Dr. Arthur Arden and never knowing who his mother was, he had been left in a home with her very strict father. His father had been a doctor and a Nazi, but he knew his father was purely evil at a very young age. He saw what he did to people, it was a gruesome scene he had to relive again and again. Once the war ended, him and his father had to go under aliases. Jakob Gruber had now become Jerod Arden. Jerod never had a good, or healthy relationship with his father. Jerod didn't have a normal childhood. He didn't go to public school, nor did he know anyone. His father thought that being home schooled and learning whatever he taught him was most appropriate.

When Jerod found out that his father got a full time job at a mental asylum, he got super excited. He thought that he'd see less of him and get more time by himself, but he was wrong. His father always took him to the asylum with him, and he hated it. The noises, smells, and people scared him, almost scared him as much as his own father did. Jerod thought the past of his father torturing and killing people had been over with, but Jerod was wrong. Jerod had walked in on his father injecting and torturing the patients at Briarcliff Manor, turning them into gruesome beasts.

One day once his father thought Jerod was old enough, he tried to get him to do his work, but Jerod refused. He couldn't kill people like his father, and that infuriated his father. He had already been a disappointment in his fathers eyes, but now he had been an even bigger disappointment. After several attempts at trying to get Jerod to inject patients, Jerod finally broke down. Arthur had forced him to inject them, and he didn't have enough strength to fight back. Once it was over Jerod broke down and cried, causing his father to be very upset.

After realizing how 'soft' his son was compared to him, he decided to lock him up. Jerod is now a patient at Briarcliff Manor, and he has high hopes of escaping one day, if he had someone to help him. After spending a few years in the asylum Jerod felt himself begin to go crazy himself. He lay in bed and hit himself on the forehead at all the screams that echoed throughout the building.

[[. Things may be removed/added later on. ]]

Name: Jakob Gruber/Jerod Arden
Age: 22
Relationship Status: Single
Parents: Dr. Hans Gruber/Arthur Arden
Mental Illness: Beginning stages of schizophrenia
Hobbies: Playing checkers, playing cards watching movies, reading.
Friends: Sister Mary Eunice McKee, Sister Jude Martin, Lana Winters, Dr. Oliver Thredson
Enemies: Kit Walker, Monsignor Timothy Howard, Dr. Arthur Arden, Grace Bertrand



02/22/2017 10:59 PM 


Chase Adams = open Brooke Davis = open Clay Evans = open Rachel Gatina = open Jake Jagielski = CLOSED Quinn James = open Taylor James = open Chris Keller = open Cooper Lee = open Peyton Sawyer = open Jamie Scott = open Lucas Scott = open Nathan Scott = open *characters above are most needed. other OTH characters are welcome as well, so if they are not listed, please message me and we'll set something up.


Elemental Mystria

02/22/2017 08:59 PM 


So I thought about it and I might as well put some guidelines for you all Well for one I don't claim to be Alyssa Milano or even Phoebe Halliwell.

  1. Writing- I don't care about the spelling mistakes since I am bad at it. But know that sometimes I do ramble on since I have been paying Kala Black for as long as I have roleplayed but her name back then was Lena Blackstorm..
  2. Mains- I don't do that unless I have stated other wise. I am here to write with anyone that wants to write with me that said.. Don't get mad if you see the same character on my status I have enough love and writing skill for everyone.
  3.  Length -I can do one liners up to at lease 10 para I am still working. It doesn't matter to me what length you do just know I am good at my character I know her in and out.
  4. Replies- I do have a job, husband in rl. With that said my rl and my husband comes first. I won't be on that much if he is home. When I am at work I will check on my breaks. I do have Aim. All you have to do is ask for it. I do take my time on really long replies but if I am too fast for you you are more then welcome  to let me know. 
  5. Photos- Alright On this: I take my time on making my pics I don't tag, but if I find out that you took them without asking me. You will be deleted. But if I make a photo of us then that is fair game.
  6.  Page- anything on my page is not to be taken at all, that  includes my bulletins or anything to do with her unique story/background There will be things I post about her background as I go along in any storyline
  7. Love interest - Now on to the one thing a lot of people like to know. I don't see her with anyone as of yet.. She is single. She not ready to settle down just yet. She still has a lot of baggage  from her past. She is a bit insane after everything she has been though. She has trust issue majorly.  
  8. Family- This is a big thing, unless stated by her, she only has Damon, Stefan, Liam, Killian as her sons. Yes I know about my other story I posted in a blog, that is not related to this new storyline at all. She will not be adopting anyone or even having one unless I, the writer decide! 
That is all for now please post a cute pic of the character you are playing as well as your favorite singer. This is what I mean

funny Alyssa Milano photo: Alyssa Milano Gif Sexy Milano_Outer__001_zpse31aef75.gif  My favorite is Jared Leto


Forgotten Twin

02/22/2017 08:41 PM 

Patient MG626

Life as a twin isnít all its cracked up to be you see, Iím a twin but Iím also what you call a Doppelganger. So itís a two for one however I have been deemed the evil twin for what reason I am not sure of it. My life went down hill in fifth grade when a boy I really didnít know tried to kiss me in the back of my head I heard a voice ĎStab him in the eye with a pencilí so I did what the voice told me to do I stabbed the boy in the eye with my pencil the feeling of the blood spraying me was the best feeling I have ever had.


I saw the life drain from his pretty green eyes it made me feel powerful at that moment. However my family didnít see it that way they sent me away to Seattle, Washington to an Asylum ironically named Helping Hands Asylum. There they re-taught me how to be in normal society even going as far to enroll me in a high school in a small town called Forks.


 My parents sent the money for me to buy a house far away from town so I wonít cause trouble for anyone. I was there since the age of ten years old so when they enrolled me in the school I was seventeen years old. I had heard the doctors talking about me making some progress but I was still some kind of freak because now I had weird gifts that I couldnít explain but the voice was ever present ĎYouíre a Witch Miki.í The voice said giving me a nickname it was always a maleís voice.


So one night on my return for a check up I walked to my doctors office but something was dreadfully wrong. He was sitting in his chair but he was silent until I went to check it out he was impaled to his chair my file was on the desk he was writing in my file so being curious I read it.


Patient ID: MG626 

Name: Makayla Natalia Gilbert

DOB: June 22, 1992 

Doctor's Notes: Patient is showing no signs of getting better however it seems she has gotten worse during her stay here at Helping Hands Asylum. Nothing seemed to be helping her its like these 'voices' she hears in her head aren't going away but in fact getting stronger she-

The note was cut off by a drop of blood it scared Makayla she hadnít wanted the doctor dead at all. He was interrupted as he was writing in her file she grabbed her file taking off heading back to Forks. She was shaking the voice was mocking her fear. She couldnít help it but the phone rang it was Elena telling her that Uncle John was their birth father was dead, So was out birth mother Isobel and our Aunt Jenna. It felt like before when Jenna called her the day her parents were killed in the crash it crushed Makayla causing her to slip further into shadows of Insanity.


ďIím coming home Elena.Ē She said softly hanging up before her twin could give any form of arguments then she got her stuff together as she made the arrangements with her other doctors that she would fly out every month for a check up. So with that done she left Forks, Washington heading back home to the small and tragic town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. 

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02/22/2017 08:34 PM 


i owe you
- Calista (r) 15/2

you owe me
-Savannah (r) 14/2
-Joey (r) 14/2
-Daniel (s) 16/2
-Frankie (r) 21/2
-Annora (r) 21/2



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