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Shepard, Commander.

03/20/2019 09:31 PM 

Most Desired Connections.

Of course, I am willing to talk to anyone in the verse, regardless of their faces. I would just really love to see these guys. Whether they use someone cosplaying when it's an alien, or, pictures from the games. Either work. ♥

-resizing of gifs will come soon. For now, these are just filler!-

Garrus Vakarian;
Image result for garrus vakarian gif

Urdnot Wrex;
Image result for urdnot wrex gif

Urdnot Grunt;
Image result for grunt mass effect gif

Kaidan Alenko;
Image result for kaidan alenko gif
Suggested faces; Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, more to come?

Jeff "Joker" Moreau;
Image result for joker mass effect gif
Suggested faces; Seth Green (since that is who plays him!), but others would work.

Captain Anderson;
Image result for captain anderson mass effect gif
Suggested faces; Samuel L Jackson (because he has pics with Brie!) or his voice actor, Keith David


03/20/2019 08:33 PM 




03/20/2019 08:15 PM 

The Spider and the Fly

The Spider and the Fly,
Indomitable /1493412
It was the Summer of 1980.  The Seventies had been an eventful decade for Mary Campbell.  She’d met John Winchester, lost him, gained him back again because of a demon deal she didn’t want to think about now and then lost her parents.   The end of the decade saw a blessed event in the early weeks of 1979.  Mary Winchester was a new mother to a baby boy she named Dean after her beloved mother Deanna.   She hated to leave the baby alone for too long, but Mary had to do something.  He was 18 months old now and a sweet little thing.  One problem though, she was left with a toddler all day long and no adult interaction.  She needed to get out there and hunt.  

It wasn’t that she was trying to get away from John and her precious baby boy.  She was just starved for some kind of adult conversation and interaction while John was working at the garage.   He still had no idea that she was born and bred to be a hunter due to her pedigree as a Campbell.  It was something she tried to deny but she could think of no other way to get out there and have the interactions that she craved during the day.   

She’d been tracking down a series of hauntings nearby.  All the legwork she’d done had discovered that most of the ghosts that had been spotted had the spirits dressed like Plains soldiers from the time following the Civil War.  Right now, she stood on the edge of a grave in a cemetery that had only soldiers buried who’d died in all the border wars with the Native Americans.   She’d already salted the bones of the solider in the wooden coffin.  Glancing down at the man dressed in the military regalia that was not truly at rest, she waited a moment almost as though she was giving him a final respects as he deserved.  Once a few moments had passed,   she pulled out a lighter.

The sound of a distant cry filled the air.  Mary’s sapphire hues turned in the direction of the cry.  The spirit that stood before her was of that very man who’s grave she’d unearthed.   He was a Caucasian man with dirty blonde hair and a gnarled hand that rose to point at her as she stood there.   What was the flesh of the man had visible chunks missing.   He rose a hand up almost to try and get her to stop.   His mouth opened and closed with no sound coming forth from the action.  It was like he was trapped in the veil.  Mary leaned forward.  Had he been poisoned?  He looked as though he’d been bitten by a rather large spider.   She had no time to really consider what had happened to him and what type of spider bit him.  The spirit began to charge at the hunter as she stood there.  

The twisted horror that charged at her brought an incredible chill to her very soul.  If this thing attacked her, was she going to die?  She had gone on a hunt without telling John.  Would Dean have to grow up without her?   All those thoughts ran through in a split second as her hunter’s instinct took over.  Mary’s lighter flashed upward.  She tossed it into the open grave to ignite the bones.   The spirit vanished in a rolling flame as he was about to strike her.

That was too close a call for her.  She’d been out of the business for so long, she needed to just go back home. The realization that she’d almost died over something so stupidly simple worried her.  She couldn’t just do this anymore.  She was out of the business.  She had to hug her boys extra tight that night considering that she could have lost both of them and they’d have never known what happened to her.   Someone else would pick this up after she left, surely.

She jumped into the grave after the flames died down to retrieve her lighter.  Closing the coffin was next even as the events raced through her mind.  She’d gotten sloppy since she’d been out of the business.   Mary couldn’t afford to make those mistakes.  Mistakes for a hunter usually meant that the hunter was dead.   She couldn’t risk that anymore.  She had far too much to live for with her husband and her baby boy.   She picked her shovel back up and started to fill in the grave. Once that ghoulish task had been accomplished,  she climbed into her little AMC Gremlin and drove back home.   As fate would have it, this would be the very last hunt that Mary Winchester would ever do.  Three years later, she would be dead.


The year was now 2019.  Mary and John Winchester had spent far too much time apart and now they were reunited.  They’d been fortunate enough and blessed by whatever powers that be to once again see the birth of two children. This time, they had a set of twins.  Some would call her sweet little twins Amanda and Gus, oops babies but she called them her little angels.   She and John along with the twins were living in the Bunker in Lebanon with her boys Sam and Dean.  They’d also been blessed enough to have John’s son Adam among the family unit housed at the Bunker.

It was certainly a new world for Mary Winchester being a mother again after all this time.  A span of thirty years had been taken from her, but with the young woman’s body she was still able to conceive the twins.   It was like a renewed life again for her to have her entire family under one roof.   The Winchesters were certainly not your typical family unit, but one thing mattered most.  They had each other.  They were the first family of hunting and everyone knew it.

Mary had left the nursery that Dean had built for the twins in the bunker heading for the kitchen.  She grabbed a huge glass of orange juice and started sipping it.  She’d persuaded John to head out to the nearest convenience store on a regular basis to get the local newspapers.  She and John were still old school and loved to read the newspaper.  The feel of the actual paper and the smell of the newsprint was something that she’d always relish.  

A story caught her eye.  Mary lowered her orange juice and set her jaw.   Nearly 40 years ago, this same headline had sent her on the most bizarre hunt of her life.  The spirits of American Soldiers who had passed during the Era of the Expansion of the West were being reportedly seen once more.  Mary closed her eyes before opening them again.  The rest of the story made her blood run cold.   The ghosts that were spotted by witnesses were bloated and swollen as if they had been bitten by a huge spider.   She inhaled sharply and felt her stomach grow queasy.   It was back and she had to finish what she’d started.

Speaking to Hannah the angel Mary asked her to watch over the babies.   She had an errand to run.   She didn’t want to worry anyone.  This was a job she had to finish herself.   She didn’t like misleading the angel that she called a surrogate daughter, but she couldn’t just let this continue.  If she was right, this was going to get worse before it got better.

Mary was packing her gear as quickly as she could.  She didn’t want to alert John, Sam or Dean as to where she was going.   They’d immediately stop her from going;  at least John and Dean would try to stop her.  Mary had to go.  She had really no choice.  If she had just stayed long enough in 1980, then this wouldn’t be happening again.  Iktomi was back and she had to go stop him once and for all.   

I always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
credit: james kriet

wσlf σf míschíєf

03/20/2019 07:05 PM 


A Moment of peace. Seila
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03/20/2019 04:16 PM 

come back, be here.

come back, be here.
This is when the feeling sinks in...

I don’t want to miss you like this.” The words come out in a tumbled rush, breathless and broken. She's speaking out loud in the silence of her room—never a good sign. Her fingers wind themselves in her tangled mess of blonde curls, her eyes squeezing shut as she wards off the pain that she’s unwittingly allowed in with those eight simple words.

Suppression, denial—none of them are healthy coping mechanisms. But sometimes, they’re the only line of defence that will do a damn thing. And for Caroline Forbes? She relies on them heavily. She's no use to anyone if she allows herself to fall apart, and these days, she has an alarming amount of people counting on her.

She's good at it, too. Usually. But there's something about that two A.M. hour that can break even the strongest of souls in two. The oppressing silence pushing in from all corners, the heavy darkness that blankets everything as far as the eye can see. It's then that her heart aches the most, when it threatens to spill over the tall walls she’s built up over the years, trying to convince even herself that it doesn’t affect her anymore.

But it does. Oh, it does. She could deny it until she's blue in the face, swear up and down that those wounds were long since mended, but it would just taste a lie, no matter the sweetness of its delivery.

A groan escapes her lips as she sucks in a shuddering breath, wrapping her arms around her waist as if that simple gesture would make her feel less alone. “It’s not fair that you’re not around,” she whispers.

Oh, but when does the universe ever give a damn about fairness?


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