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A&B Members only page

06/22/2017 09:19 PM 


In order to keep our members muse going. We have a blog for you all to post your drabbles so the others could read it and even feel inspire. All we ask is you write your drabble in a bulletin or in a google doc and link it in the comment section
We will also do our best to post themed drabbles for those who are hungry for a challenge. If you have any suggestions please send them our way. Whether that be in a message or on LINE



06/22/2017 09:19 PM 

R U L E S ;;

1. No drama. IC drama is allowed, of course, but if things get OOC - I will warn you and ask you to stop. If you've not stopped, you will be deleted.

2. Roleplaying is about writing freely and letting our imaginations run wild. Don't complain to me about roleplaying with other twilight rps if I've got mains. Yes, my mains would come first though people should be allowed to Roleplay with others. If I have an Edward, I would only Roleplay romantically with him.
3. Please, be patient. At the moment, I am mobile. I don't have a laptop, so until I get one - there won't be much on my profile.


A&B Members only page

06/22/2017 09:19 PM 

Group Roleplay

In order to keep the lot of you active. We will be having 1-2 group roleplays. One in the Originals universe and the other in the Vampire Diaries. You are allowed to choose whichever one you'd like to participate in. In order to do so, comment the blog to let us know if you want in and which one of the scenarios.

The OriginalsThe Vampire Diaries


A&B Members only page

06/22/2017 09:10 PM 

Activity Checks

Fill out this form and send it as a comment in the message

Activity checks are to be sent out every 5th of the month. If you are unable to do so, all we ask is for you to inform one of the owners. Fail to do so will result in your role being re-opened. This does not count for new members or those on a hiatus. However if you didn't fill out the hiatus form then we will re-open your role.

1.How many active storylines do you have going?
2. State their names.
3. With whom are you discussing with?
4. Are you active in the group chat?
5. Are you responding promptly to aim/site inquiries about storylines?
6. Which members have you spoken to recently outside the group chat?
7. Do you have any aim/line role-plays going?. If so then please state their names. 
8. How long have you been a member?
9. Do you have any complaints about any of the members?.
10. Do you have any suggestions to make the RPG more successful?
11. For group activities or events. Got any ideas?
12. Please rate your activity based on line/groupchat/the RP.ME site (please be honest):

MOTM (Member Of The Month)& why?:
ROTM (Relationship Of The Month. Keep in mind this does not have to be only about a couple. It could also be siblings, friends,etc.) & why?:


A&B Members only page

06/22/2017 09:05 PM 

Playby Switch

Fill this form out and send it in a message here or on the main page

Current playby:
Desired Playby:
Character's name:
Reason for changing:Why do you want a different face
How long have you been a member? Remember you have to be a member at least 2 months before you can change. 


A&B Members only page

06/22/2017 08:56 PM 

Hiatus Sign Up

Before going on a hiatus, fill out this form and post it as a comment in the blog

Type of Hiatus:Semi hiatus,Temporary hiatus or long term
Start date:00/00/00
End date:00/00/00
If you're not back by your given date, are we allowed to open your role? yes or no
If you are certain you'll be back then you are allowed to ask us to hold the role for you. But we will only do this for a week time. After that we will re-open it



06/22/2017 07:27 PM 

Heavenly Word.


Disclaimer: I am not Misha Collins nor Castiel. Nor do I own these amazing beings. It sucks, really.

1. I am not here to do edits or anything crazy fancy, I am here to write. Do not expect a lot of that out of me.
2. I don't mind making friends outside of Castiel but over all OOC love interest is a no go. I am single and I like it that way. Friends are just always nice if you meet any along the way.
3. I will write love interests/some smut but that is stuff worked up to. If you try to touch Castiel wrongly in the first few messages, I will block you. 
4. I am not a grammar nazi or spelling nazi but please make it to where I can understand AND when people are talking a from an action. 
5. I have line and skype, if wanted, just message me.
6. I do have another profile but I hope I will find more activity here. Things have become dull and boring and I wish to fix my muse.


Melinda Halliwell

06/22/2017 05:51 PM 


Rules here


Lauren Jones

06/22/2017 03:01 PM 


1.Not the person in the photos, just an rper. Given that it is an rp site that should be obvious by now. The Character is fictional from a tv show and the actress is too busy acting and hosting to even be here to rp a character she already played in a tv show.  I am not affliateto her or the show or the characer, I am only rping her as I like the character. No more nor less, so no asking or assuming as it should be a common sense by now.

2.I rp a character from Xiii the tv show, even if it's based on books and a game as well as mini series  but rp by the last tv show that aired with that name and those characters. much different than the mini series, as well as the books and games but with small things that are the same. Xiii is  connected to crime, law enforcement, govarment consiracy, conspracy, mafia, cloning, etc. However, I am open to other verses and themes too but no sex or erotica, not wth adults and definitely not kids, especially as it is sick and off character, and I will never do that, end of story. No assuming or accusing me of it. I will block you if accuse me of it without reading rules and and you will be blocked if you add/ request me for that. I am nice unless I am provoked, so don't.

3. Currently she is single but once with someone she won't cheat. I request the same in return, unless it was discussed prior to rp. Now about romantic relationships, also, she is single but she will be with a Xiii/ Ryan/ Jason only as I ship them, that means she will not date anyone else. If you are taken good for you, don't assume that  I requested you or added you for sex and erotica as well as romance and to break you with the one you are with, as it's not true and never will be. So don't assume that and attack me about it or will block you as that is provoking. If you request me or accept friend request aka add me in hopes to cheat on your other half with my character, forget it as it won't ever happen. As I said I am nice unless provoked.

4.My character is single mother, so keep that in mind when we rp. Don't you dare accusing me of making things out of the blue during rp or such because it says that she is a single mother in my profile bio. If we rp and you ignore the fact that she has a child with her or make them know each other for  long time or such without  talking to me about it, you will be warned but if you ignore the warning you are gone. Like you hate others changing stuff about your character, so do I.

5.No power playing or god modding. You move your character and I move mine, unless we talked about it before.  I know how Lauren Jones acts and you know how yours, so let's stick to that. Also, don't use powers your character doesn't have, especially in a fight when you assume I do, I know what she can and can't do because I seen Xiii more than once and she is pretty touch as well as a good fighter. For an ex C.I.A and an ex head of securety, as well as an ex army  woman and ex securety team member it makes sense for her to be tough and smart, good with martial arts and things like that. Even if she isn't either of those anymore, she still has the knowladge she had before. So don't assume things, do research about her and the show before accusing me of things. As I won't accuse you or things that aren't true so do the same. If needed will do a research about your character too.

6. I rather multi and up, but I do less too. If you do para, semi para or one liner let me know we will rp too but there won't be a connection so. Don't judge me and I won't judge you. I will rp with all but multi para and up rpers would be chosen for connections as it make it easier for me. Nothing personal to those who do less but  those who do more then para/ semi para and one liner bring more than you to the story, for me but you are good rpers to your style of rp, just I need rpers who love to write to be mains, to help the story progress is all.

7.I need mains and connections. They will come first. If you wish to rp a sister, daughter, neice, brother, sister or brother in law, etc. Talk to me first before deciciding we are mains or connections or both. Unless we talked about before you won't be family unless we agree. Except with husband as she isn't married, so the answer is no. Same with wife.  one Jones is straight and two the onnly man she is  ever going to marry to, is Rayn/ Xiii no more nor less. If you are not him and not my main Xiii/ Ryan then don't bother with it. All mains, including Ryan/ Xiii, etc. And Connections would be rpied by multi and up rpera.

8.Activity is a must. Now if you are busy and  can't be on because of it, it is fine as real life comes first. However, no treating me as a number and talking to others, as that is rude and wrong. Don't delete when I ask you about a storyline as you will be deleted. Don't request or add me unless you are willing to rp as I won't be a number. I am patient but won't stand to be treated like a number. Take as long as you need to send a starter,  or a reply or a greeting and I will do the same but no ignoring me as I won't ever ignore you.

This is all. Will add more if I see fit.   

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06/22/2017 04:05 PM 

RP Ideas

1. She's the princess of a kingdom (human or elven work well) and while she's out all alone my character finds her. He's the commander of a demon scouting party from hell sent to gather information on her kingdoms strength. She doesn't know he's a demon and he seduces her, revealing himself afterwards. He makes her a deal that he'll spare her kingdom if she agrees to be his queen. Years later they return to her former kingdom to conquer it and her people are shocked at what she's become.

2. Her and her family are some of the original vampires and my character (He's a demon) is brought to her family as a child to hide him after Lemuria falls. They grow up together and are put into an arranged marriage even as they fight in the war against the Lycans who inadvertently unseal the Ing. (this would take place in modern times and they'd both age slower once they hit a certain age)

3. She's a witch and is found by a demon sent to protect her while they hunt down and destroy other evil creatures. They soon discover they've been lovers in her many past lives (she's died multiple times but is always reborn with her memories erased) and after the first couple times Hell has recalled him and erased his memory but they always find their way to one another. She won't die in the rp, that's just backstory.

4. She's a famous Asian k-pop star and model (can be non Asian too) on vacation in Hawaii. She meets my character and he seduces her. They spend the rest of their vacation together and when she returns home she finds out she's pregnant and tracks him down. They'd decide on where to live together but while away from one another they realize they've fallen for one another.

5. It's 2017 but the Axis powers won WWII and America and Canada agreed to a truce though they still carry out commando raids and the like, my character being one such commando. Steven is sent undercover shortly after enlisting in the military due to the fact that he speaks fluent German and his father pulls some strings. He lives in Germany for the next five years and enlists in the military, becoming a German paratrooper. He discovers the existence of an all female group rumored to be a military unit/ CIA type agency and is ordered to infiltrate them. he aids them in various missions and gains their trust but finds himself falling in love with one of them. Likewise she feels an attraction towards him and begins questioning what her government and CO are doing (But keeps those thoughts to herself for obvious reasons) Eventually she finds out who he really is but instead of turning him in she demands that he let her help him and they secretly work to sabotage the organization as well as the German military in general.

6. They attend a school for higher beings (humans that can use magic, demons, etc.) They dislike one another but are forced to be partners in and out of class. She's the popular, queen be type and he's more of a bad boy. They're both stubborn and refuse to work together during their first battle together and lose. Afterwards she grudgingly agrees to cooperate with him but also decides to start teasing him with revealing outfits, etc. They end up having sex and both swear it's a one time thing at first but end up doing it on a regular basis. Eventually he gets her pregnant and by this time they've fallen in love.

7. This is an RP based off of the TV Show The Tudors. He's sent back in time to warn Anne of her fate and what will happen if she gets involved with Henry VIII. They fall in love and are together before she ever comes to court and by this time she's become a demon herself and his queen. They're soon forced to make sure history isn't messed up by the Ing in return for fate allowing them to be together. (This is a work in progress)

8. This is mostly for Final Fantasy characters but can work with any sort of mage or summoner. She finds an artifact at a strange shop run by a strange merchant who sells it to her for next to nothing. After she accidently breaks it a demon (my character) is unsealed and she quickly tries to assert control over him. He's having none of it however and agrees to help her in battle and protect her but in return she must agree to submit to him. Worse still is the fact that when he's summon her powers are locked and he can choose when he wants to leave.

9. Ahri's performing at a concert and my character is there but isn't really interested in her music. He finds her very attractive though and he decides to have some fun with her by teasing her as she performs (using telekinesis), seeing if she can continue to focus even while her arousal grows. By the time she goes into heat he decides to get up on stage and have his way with her.

10. He's a demon hunter in the days of the Roman Empire and encounters a demon that appears as a beautiful young woman (She's also Liliths daughter). She seduces him into sleeping with her and by the time he realizes she's a demon it's too late. His soul is corrupted and the demoness attacks him with an overwhelming number of demons. He dies and goes to Hell but is able to keep his body. He's tortured but learns that pain can be a teacher and eventually overcomes it. He fights a demon that agrees to merge its soul with his and he gains the ability to change between his human and demon forms. Him and the demoness find themselves falling in love and they're sent to the human world to form an order of humans infused with demon blood and tasked with protecting the world from the Ing who have been unsealed by this time.

11. Crime RP. The city she and her family live in is basically under control of four different crime families with her father being the boss of one. A new gang starts to move in though and only adds to the ongoing war between the families and civilians are caught in the crossfire on a daily basis

Steven is a special forces operator and is asked to go undercover and join her family as an enforcer, helping them wipe out the other three families and then dismantle hers while feeding as much evidence on them as possible. When they meet he's given the job of protecting her, accompanying her to clubs, etc. They dislike one another at first but slowly warm up to one another and begin sleeping together. She eventually finds out who he really is but decides to help him since she starts wanting out herself and she finds out she's pregnant.

12. (Sci-Fi idea)

In the year 2217 earth has prospered and unified, taking over the rest of the solar system as well for its rich resources. Humanity has also evolved to the point that 1% of the population has begun to show signs of psionic potential. These psionics become the basis of the United Earths special forces. Mars is also formed as a colony after finding advanced technology and it soon becomes a sister world to earth. Equal yet different. Mars produces far more advanced weapons and technology than earth and forms the back bone of the Sol Empires military but Earth produces some of the most advanced starships the galaxy has seen and forms the SE's navy, though hyper space is untested. As the largest, most advanced ship earth has ever produced is preparing to launch the Sol system is invaded by an alien race: The Ing.
Earth is quickly invaded and burned and its military crushed.

13. Steampunk/fantasy idea
Steven is throw into a giant steampunk based city by a mysterious force. Unfortunately he appears inside a massive bank vault shortly after a robbery has taken place. Your character is on the scene and when she finds him in the vault she arrests him, thinking he's part of the gang of bank robbers despite his protests. Later, she visits him in the maximum security prison, hoping to turn him and get his help with arresting the other robbers. She's oblivious to the fact that he's a demon and he decides to humor her and help her on one condition: He wants her. She reluctantly agrees and he proves to her that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and he becomes her partner after his name is cleared even as she slowly becomes a demon herself. What happens next can be any number of things.


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