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11/18/2017 04:55 PM 

My Rules

Please take a look at them! They are here for a reason. 

1. Writing & Writingstyle:
I am not a Fan of One-Liners and so I won't write them, I am more the literate Type of Roleplayer.
I will write paragraphs, how many paragraphs this will depend on your reply and the situation.
I don't expect from you to give me a whole novel as reply but I ask you to put at least some effort in our Roleplay.
One-Liners are okay as long as I see you are still interested in our RP.

2. Language:
I am not a native English speaker which will display in my sentences and there will be mistakes then and now. I always try my best but I can't know every sentence or/and proverbs in english please consider this. If you are not interested to roleplay with me because of that I accept it but please don't pick on me because of it.

3. Pairings & other Informations about it:
Like almost any of you out there I also have my favorite Pairings with Ashley but that doesn't mean I will only accept People with this and that special Character.
I am open to see where a great roleplay leads, I am also open for crossover Characters but keep in mind that I will ship with chemistry and that only. I won't let you force me into a pairing i don't want to have.
My Ashley is heterosexual, so please don't try to turn her around I won't do a pairing with a Female!

My favorite Shipping is:
Ashley Costello x Chris Motionless/Cerulli

Also don’t start drama over my ship please. I won’t judge your favorite Ships so please don’t do this to me.

I have no problem to include romantic Interactions and of course some smut in my Roleplays but let the feelings grow between our characters! I /hate/ it when someone is just a smut hunter, trying to collect all the Girls and Boys. It should fit into our storyline and so please don't rush it!

I will only do a Singleship, means if Ashley is into an relationship you have to accept it! She won't have romantic or even smut Interactions with another Character then.

4. Have Patience with me! We all have a real life and I'm also active on other sites. If I am only Tweet without replying to you I expect you to accept this! I will go to your reply but I won't rush it. So if someone keeps spamming me in comments or direct messages you will be blocked, easy as that.

Also, if you feel like I really forgot about your reply just tell me it. That happens to the best of us.

5. In & OOC:
Everything what is not written behind // is in Character and in character only! If you will see something written with '//' infront of it, it means I am talking out of Character.

6. You add me? You talk first. Easy as that.

Rules can be edited from time to time - 




11/18/2017 04:13 PM 


↞ Full name: Keira Patricia Obi
↞ Age: 27
↞ Birthday: 11 April
↞ Location: New-York
↞ Orientation: Bisexual (male lean)
↞ Relationships
Parents: Mother - Una Obi (deceased)
Father - Jonathan Obi

↞ Appearance

Hair: Raven
Eyes: Grey
Body: Thin
Tattoos: Some
Piercing: Ears
Injures: Some scars after car crash
↞ Habits
Smoke: Yes
Alcohol: Yes
Drugs: No

* Keira is daughter of American Lawyer and French Artist. She was born in Nice and already surprised her parents with unusual birthmark between her collarbones. Its form reminded the flower of chrysanthemum. 

Keira is the only child in her family and parents love her by giving anything she needs. Luckily, Keira is loving and responsible daughter. She always helps her family. As being half-French she is bilingual.
They moved to USA when she was 7 years old. They came to New-York, so her father could work there and become more successful as there are a lot of galleries. For Keira it was a little bit stressful as she had to find new friends and get used to new educational system. 

When she was 8 years old, her parents were on the edge to divorce: constant fights and argues as her father didn’t succeed at his art career, so they had problems with money. Her mother worked hard to provide her family with everything they needed. One argue was so global as Una took Keira and managed to leave her husband by going to her parents. However, they didn’t get to the airport because the taxi got to the car crash. Her mother and the driver died before they got in the hospital. Keira magically stayed alive despite all serious injures. She stayed into come almost for a month. Though, her brain expressed activity what surprised doctors. When the girl woke up, she felt lost because didn’t remember anything except the bright car lamps and loud grinding sounds. Slowly her memory was reestablished. And there were additions...

Since then Keira has suffered from nightmares. In the childhood they alarmed her a lot and she couldn’t remember them all until started writing them down. Once her father read that diary and was impressed by what his daughter had seen. Her imagination was so rich and unusual for kid. Keira dreamed to become writer. 

At the age teen she realized her dreams were real. They predicted future. It happened after the terror of The September 11 attack. It scared her for the first time and she burnt her first nightmare diary. Mr. Obi didn’t know what exactly she saw. Keira explained just it was really bad dream. Of course, later Keira understood there was no her fault. Except she had to investigate it more. 

Nowadays Keira is successful journalist in secret internet newspaper who dared to write what most of people dislikes to be written. Of course, Keira works for famous editions. She also helps young writers. This young woman is hardworking to help her father who has become designer not to depend on her completely. 

↞ Personality:
Advantages: Hard-working, Curious, Loyal, Smart
Disadvantages: Closed, Self-insecure, Sarcastic
↞ Preferences:
Likes: Work alone, Indian and Japanese cuisines, Hot bath, Red wine, Classic Literature
Hates: Liars, chocolate
Wishes: Equal possibilities and rights between men and women, Find what shouldn’t be found
Fears: Disappoint her father
↞ Interesting facts:
1. Has can named Baffkin
2. Is good at shooting
3. Had one miscarriage in the past
↞ Play-by
Rooney Mara



11/18/2017 01:58 PM 


Strike through means the connection/sentence starter has been taken.

The sentence starters are there to help create a storyline idea. 
Connections are set storylines (can be tweaked to fit with character) that are ready to go.


1)Rival business owner - Prudence and Muse don't get along as Muse is a competing business and likes to rub it in Prudence's face when she has little customers in her small cafe, as does Prudence when some of Muse's regulars come into her cafe rather than going to Muse's business. 

2)Neighbour - Prudence and Muse live next door to each other in the apartment complex. The two are really good friends, and always pop next door to each other for a cup of tea/coffee, and go shopping together and what not. It's great having your best friend right next door.

3)Bad Roomate - Muse has been living in Prudence's apartment. Prudence took in Muse on the condition that they would be gone within a month. Three months later Muse is still living in her apartment, rent free and eating her out of house and home. Prudence demands they leave but they keep giving excuses. Prudence feels sorry for them and allows them to stay. However, when Muse breaks an expensive antique that she had been trying to fix up. Prudence looses her patients and packs up Muse's things and throws them off the balcony and onto the complex grounds below. Muse and Prudence argue before Muse storms out. When the two see each other again it is a little frosty, but Muse realises what they did was wrong and apologises and the two try to rebuild their relationship. 

4) Saved Your Life 1 (FOR DOCTOR/NURSE ROLE ONLY)- When Prudence is in Compton meeting a potential buyer for an item she fixed up, she is caught up in a drive by. Prudence is shot through the chest, and is rushed to the hospital. Muse is her doctor/nurse and helps save her life. As she spends weeks in the hospital recovering Muse visits her regularly before and after their shift as they noticed no family came to visit her. Through this they build up friendship and bond over common things they like/are into.

5)Saved Your Life 2 (FOR ANY ROLE) - Muse is eating in Tea for Two and begins to choke. Prudence rushes to them and performs the Heimlich Manoeuvre, and the piece of food becomes dislodged and leaves Muse's throat. Muse is extremely shaken as to be expected. Prudence calls for an ambulance to be on the safe side, who give Muse the all clear.  Muse is extremely grateful to Prudence. 

6)Dog Walker - Prudence and Muse meet in the park whilst walking their dogs and get to talking. They realise they have a lot in common and become friends, make it a point in their week where they meet up with their dogs. Their dogs get to play and have fun and Prudence and Muse get to catch up. 

7)Help - Muse goes to Prudence for help. Muse's favourite item (jewellery, vase or whatever) is broken, and they hear about Trash to Treasure and ask Prudence to fix up the item for them. Prudence does a good job, and Muse then takes other items to her to fix up. Sometimes selling the items to her, other times paying her to fix them up. From this business exchange the two become friends.

8)Childhood Friend (FOR THOSE BORN IN LONDON ONLY) - Prudence and Muse where best friends during their childhood. They lived across the street from each other and would often be found riding bikes, heading to the lake, and what not. When Prudence suddenly moved to LA they lost touch. Now Prudence and Muse have found themselves both living in LA and rekindle their friendship.

9)Friends With The Ex - Prudence and Muse broke up based on a mutual decision (that can be decided upon), and the two remained friends. Both still care deeply for each other, but there is a reason why the relationship didn't work out. But now that the two have matured who knows what will happen. But right now, they need to work on being friends before they could ever become anything else.

10)Pen Pals - Prudence and Muse have been pen pals since Prudence was a child living in London. Even when Prudence moved to LA the two continued to write to each other. One day when Prudence messages Muse online she hears a ding in the cafe and looks around seeing Muse with their messenger open. She walks over and sees her message on their screen, and the two finally talk to each other in real life. 


1) "I don't want to be with you anymore"
2) "Sorry that was totally my fault"
3) "What are you listening to?"
4)"You come here often?"
5)"Didn't anyone ever tell you not to play with a freaking Ouija Board? You know you asking for the devil to come a kill you right?"
6)"What are you doing here?"
7)"Want to dance?"
8)"Get in loser we're going shopping"
9)"What's your favourite scary movie?"
10)"I love that outfit where did you get it?"


1)Murder Mystery- Muse A and Muse B are dressed up in old 20s style clothes and go to a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Neither know each other, but get to talking when they meet at a murder mystery event. After dinner the cook screams and says there has been a murder. There are ten people there, each been given a description for their character. Muse A is rich bitch, that doesn't care for anyone else. Muse B is a cleaner, of lower class, and speaks with a southern accent. Muse B and Muse A have a disagreement, and try to get the group to believe the other is the murderer. In reality it was person x. 

2)Jigsaw - Muse A and Muse B get kidnapped and locked in a room with ten other people. A voice over the intercom asks them if they want to play a game. Muse A and Muse B then have to complete different tasks in order to make it out alive.

3)Hunted - Muse A and Muse B have been friends for a while, as they are going on a late night hike they discover a dead body. After calling the police and waiting for them to arrive and take statements they return to their individual homes. The next morning both receive a note that has been slid under their doors saying 'I'm watching you'. The two don't think much of it, until they again go on a late night walk and they pass the spot where the discovered their body. They see two dead bunnies and their names written in blood along with a message that says 'run'. The two run and realise a man with a machete is chasing them. The two need to work together to return home alive.

4)Ghost Busters - Muse A and Muse B meet on a ghost hunting tour of an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Both have never seen ghosts before so are a little sceptical but when things start going bump in the night, the two get very excited and scared about what happens.  

5)Saved Your Life 3 (FOR ANY ROLE) - Muse A saves Muse B from being hit by a truck, pulling them away just in time. Muse B is incredibly grateful and asks them how they can repay them. Muse A tells Muse B to go to lunch with them, and the two get to talking and build up a friendship.

6)Under Fire - Muse A and Muse B are at a restaurant, dining separately. A gun shots sound and screams can be heard. There is a stampede of  people trying to escape, or hide. Muse A and Muse B end up hiding together in a broom closet. The two are scared and just hug each other without saying a word, only breaking the silence to ask questions about what happened. After a while of being stuck in their, they are rescued by a police officer. After the event occurred, they meet again by chance.

7)Outbreak - When a disease similar to chicken pox breaks out in a local preschool, it leads to a quarantine. Though it seems harmless at first, it turns out that its symptoms include violent outbreaks that cause the children to break loose and terrorise the town. Muse A and Muse B find themselves stuck in quarantine together, and both must venture out to get supplies. Can either one kill a child, even if it means saving their life?

8)One Shot, Two Shot, Three Shot, Floor - Muse A and Muse B are at a bar. Muse A has been stood up, Muse B is just out for drinks. The two get to talking and of course drink a lot together. Muse A gets incredibly drunk they can barely stand. Muse B looks through Muse A's bag and finds their ID and bundles them into a cab and takes them home. Muse B leaves their number on a piece of paper and explains what happened. Next to the note is a glass of water and paracetamol. Once able to understand what is going on Muse A texts the number, and the two meet up again.

9)Tinder - Muse A and Muse B match on Tinder and agree to go on a date. The date doesn't go to plan when Muse A or B's crazy ex turns up and causes trouble. The date promptly ends with neither one really knowing each other. Muse A texts Muse B later in the night to try and set up another date. 

10)Thats My Pet - Muse A purchases a pet from a rehoming shelter. Muse B sees Muse A with pet (either in person or in a photograph online) and tells Muse A that the pet is there's that they lost. The two then go back to the rehoming shelter to try and find out what happened, and try to figure out who the rightful owner of the pet really is.

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Dawn W.; The Other Vessel

11/18/2017 02:26 PM 

Dawn Mary Winchester

❝Better to fight for something, than to live for nothing❞


Image result for amber heard dean winchester gif


▻G e n e r a l   i n f o◅

Full name

►Dawn Mary Winchester◄


►D, Jerk, The Better Vessel, babe◄


►late 20's to late 30's◄




►Half Human half angel (Nephilim)◄


►January 24th 1979◄





❝Together we make a family.❞


Image result for amber heard dean winchester gif


▻Physical Apperance ◅

Eye color

►Princess Green◄

Hair color

►Dirty blonde◄





Body build

►athletic and toned◄


►anti possession tattoo◄



Clothing style

►Flannel need I say more?◄

❝I know how you look in a mirror... and hate what you see.❞


Image result for amber heard sad gif




▻ None





Physical health

She is rather healthy as she is a hunter full time, but with her unhealthy habits it does pay off to be brought back from the dead good as new every once in a while.

Mental Health

PTSD, Anxiety, Depression are her big issues. They affect her daily life but she will usually cover it up with something sarcastic. 

❝Demons I get, people are crazy.❞


Image result for amber heard fire gif



Positive traits

▻ Loyal



Negative traits

▻ Self righteous 

▻ Combative



▻ Beer

▻night clubs

▻ hunting


▻ Being questioned

▻ Demons

▻ Opening up

Introverted or extroverted?


Serious or Light hearted?

▻Can be either◅

Fears and phobias

▻Fear of flying◅

how does it affect them?

▻She will have a panic attack if on an air plane.◅


▻ Drinking

▻ Running off on her own

▻ humming music when nervous

Pet peeves

▻ Hell hounds

▻ Cocky demons

▻ Best friend being right


►There's too many to count◄

Soft spots

▻ Mom/Dad

▻ Best friend

▻ Castiel

❝Demons run when a good man goes to war.❞


Image result for amber heard spn gif tumblr



▸ Intelligence ◂

▻Insert answer◅

▸ Friendliness ◂

▻Insert answer◅

▸ Wisdom ◂

▻Insert answer◅

▸ Confidence ◂

▻Insert answer◅

▸ Memory ◂

▻Insert answer◅

▸ Creativity ◂

▻Insert answer◅

▸ Obedience ◂

▻Insert answer◅

▸ Patience ◂

▻Insert answer◅



insert pic











insert pic




Insert pic

►Name|Age|Life status◄

Write about their relationship.


Insert pic

►Name|Age|Life status◄

Write about their relationship


Insert pic

►Name|Age|Life status◄

Write about their relationship


Insert pic

►Name|Age|Life status◄

Write about their relationship


Insert pic

►Name|Age|Life status◄

Write about their relationship

Enemy | Enemies

Insert pic

►Name|Age|Life status◄

Write about their relationship


Insert pic

►Name|Age|Life status◄

Write about their relationship


Insert pic

►Name|Age|Life status◄

Write about their relationship

Past Lover(s)

Insert pic

►Name|Age|Life status◄

Write about their relationships


insert pic



Insert edgy childhood and current lifestyles



insert pic


▻Theme song◅

►Insert song name◄

►Insert Song artist◄

Insert link to youtube video



insert pic



Dawn comes from an alternate time line where she was actually joined with Michael when she was a baby and her, now best friend Samantha was joined with Lucifer. Her mother Mary and father John are still alive and taking care of her as a hunter living the life trying to find Lucifer, little to they know he's right under their noses. 

 In order to stop the apocalypse in her own time she contacts a Castiel from another time line to take her away so she can fight the apocalypse somewhere else, in turn sending her to Dean and Sam Winchesters time line. 

Sooner rather than later Samantha comes after her through Gabriel bringing two apocalypse' to one time line. What will happen next no one knows. 



11/18/2017 12:55 PM 

Connection Ideas.

Love me like you do: Now this isn’t going to just be handed out to anyone. Jess would want to make sure that it is right, and that she could trust them around her son.

Wrong Bed, Wrong Place: Neighbors, Must live in downtown. The two have only spoke here and there, either because they are never around at the same time. Well one night after a long night out, Jess has made her way into the wrong house by mistake. She made it into the bed to only find someone in the bed, freaked out and accusing someone of being in her house only to find out that she had entered the wrong house.

It was wrong, but damn it’s right: The two had came across each other in the bar, continued drinking and things escalated, or so they think. Waking up in the same bed, clothes scattered all over the place, but they can’t remember what had happened the night before. They play it off as they didn’t do anything, but they always seem to question if they did anything.

You can always count on me: Jess met this person when she first moved to L.A. She didn’t think much of this person, but knowing that she had no friends, she quickly made a friend with them. They clicked and after that it was history, a secret? They know none. Always spilling to each other about whatever comes to mind.

Why can’t you just leave me alone? Neighbors, must live in downtown. Jess and (enter name here) don’t get along. They live by each other and they just don’t get along, fighting, arguing is all apart of their daily lives. Why they don’t get along is either not known, or they have just forgotten about it..



11/18/2017 12:36 PM 

this is how a heart breaks. // drabble.

Darkness loomed overhead, an inky black sky sparsely dotted with stars bearing down on them; a sigh left Leah’s lips as her fingers adjusted on the steering wheel of the car. Soft music — sounded like Bob Seger — filtered from the stereo, soft twangs of guitar among a raspy voice. Not a word was exchanged between the two people as the car slid along the ribbon of asphalt lined on either side by tall rows of trees, those whose canopies were full enough this time of year to blot out the moon. Neither of the two in the car — Leah or her daughter Elizabeth — knew what lay ahead, what fate seemed to have in mind. If you believe in that sort of thing.

The tension hung in the passenger compartment of the vehicle like a fog, thick and heavy and suffocating. Every time Leah attempted to open her mouth, to maybe say something to assuage the feelings of anger her daughter now harbored toward her — they had a fight, because Leah wasn’t interested in letting her 12 year-old daughter sleep over at a boy’s house — she was stopped short. Each time she made an effort, the breath was caught in her throat or she noticed in her periphery the look of young hatred Elizabeth shot her.

You’re her parent, not her friend… she had to continue to remind herself, the words bouncing around the inside of her skull like super-balls. Why couldn’t it be both, though? At least sometimes? Sighing instead, she reached a hand over — keeping the other steady on the wheel — and touched her daughter’s shoulder; the girl winced away, and Leah felt the heart splinter in her chest. This was the first major fight they’d had, and she attributed it to her daughter approaching puberty and yearning for independence, to feel like an adult. If only the young listened when the old told them not to wish their lives away.

Rounding a bend, the silver-haired woman was forced to hit the brakes, a hand instinctively shooting out to press her daughter back into the seat as a deer ran across the road. That was close, thought Leah as she wondered what Ralph would have done, had the car been wrecked because of a deer; hell, he’d probably get pissed at her for not shoving the thing in the trunk for him to skin and eat.

Pulling her hand back slowly, she looked down into her lap briefly before hitting the gas again.

“Sorry,” she muttered quietly, “if I hurt you.”

“You didn’t hurt me.”


The last few miles flew by beneath the wheels, and the last light at the last intersection was blazing green. She didn’t see it coming.


It was that sound — crunching metal and breaking glass — accompanied by an almost eerie silence. Leah had been knocked unconscious by the impact, hands falling limply from the wheel as the car, having been t-boned by a driver that would later be determined as having had five times more than the legal limit in his system, careened through the intersection and into a ditch. Luckily there was a resident to witness it and call emergency services.

“Mrs. Kramer?” it was foggy at first, that voice. “Mrs. Kramer? Please wake up…”

Pain. Pain in her head, neck, shoulders, and down the entirety of her body; she was laying on a stretcher having been lowered to ground level, and there were three EMTs hovering over her. One had a flashlight aimed directly into her eyes.

“She’s concussed,” the man with the light murmured to the rest, “we’ll have to keep her awake on the ride to the hospital.”

The hospital?


“You were hit by a drunk driver, ma’am.” said the one on Leah’s left; he had pretty eyes and a kind face. “You have a concussion and a broken arm. We’re gonna take you in to make sure everything else is okay.”

“M-my d-daughter…” she rasped; it felt as though her throat was on fire. She tried to raise her hand, but couldn’t. “Where’s my little girl?”

The man on her left and the one at her feet looked at each other, and a one-ton anvil dropped directly into her stomach. Hot, salty tears welled in her eyes; she couldn’t believe it.


“I’m afraid she… she died on impact, ma’am. I’m so sorry…” it was the man on her left, and he was crying too; as her eyes scanned the trio, all of them looked to be some degree of distraught.

“No, no, nonononono…” if she’d thought breathing was hard before, it was near impossible now; every breath burned, coincided with a throb of her aching skull and breaking heart. She didn't recognize her own voice. “Oh, go-gods, why?!” she couldn’t hear herself screaming, emotion taking her over as a man — her eyes were squeezed so tightly shut she could see stars — petting her hair and she could hear him sniffling. “My baby…” she whimpered, “my b-baby…” sobs worked their way through her, making her weaker than she was; or they just made her realize how tired she really was. “It shou-should’ve… b-been… me…”

Snot and tears coated her face like a mask, and she couldn’t tell if the trembling she felt was her own or the movement of a stretcher until she heard the click of the wheels as they loaded her into the back of an ambulance. She felt like sleeping; her head hurt, she felt sick, she was crying harder than she could remember having cried in the last decade. It felt like a piece of her had been ripped away; in all reality, it had. The very life she’d spawned had been taken away much, much too soon. Why was she spared? Why wasn’t it her that died in that accident?

“Ma’am, you have to stay awake…”

Her eyes slid open slowly, head shaken; the simple movement of her cranium against the pillow made her wretch.

“Someone get her a bucket, please…” the man turned toward her, “is there anyone we should call?”

“M-my… husband… R-Ralph, his number…” she swallowed hard, caught between a wretch and a sob, “is in my phone.” The cold plastic of a trash can felt good on her sweaty hands, and she tucked her chin into it; another wretch forced her to sit up and she puked into the bucket.

They kept her awake the entire ride, despite several protests, complaints that all she wanted to do was take a nap and sleep off the headache. Part of her was convinced that if she did fall asleep, one of two things might happen: either she’d wake up from this nightmare and pull into the driveway with her daughter in tact, or she’d lose consciousness and die.

Leah’s head throbbed beneath the violently bright lights of the hospital, the smell of sanitary cleansers breaking through her stuffed up nostrils to make her wretch again; she never could stand the smell of ammonia.

“Please, ju-just let me sleep…”

“I can’t do that, ma’am. I’m sorry. You have to stay awake.”

“I don’t want to…”

“I know, b-but…” the EMT on her left sniffled, taking her bruised and bloodied hand in his warm, calloused one, “you just can’t sleep… not yet. Soon, though, I promise…

After all the x-rays, the MRIs, the surgery to reset her arm, the blood work — the list goes on — they finally let her sleep, to be roused every thirty minutes. She dreamed of Elizabeth — her beautiful face, the smile falling from it as the accident happened all over again. They’d been in the middle of a fight that they’d never get to make up from.  



11/18/2017 12:07 PM 

Powers and Abilities

Asgardian Physiology: As the son of the Asgardian King Odin, Thor possesses a number of superhuman attributes common among the Asgardians. However, his attributes are considerably more powerful than those of the vast majority of his race. Thor is the third most powerful Asgardian in the Nine Realms, second only to his father Odin and elder sister Hela. With the death of Odin and Hela,Thor is the most powerful Asgardian currently alive. As Asgard's warrior prince, Thor trained and skilled in the arts of battle, which he has practiced for thousands of years. He is recognized to relying solely on his superior fighting ability, strength, and nigh invulnerability. Following his banishment to Earth, Thor greatly withholds his power unless fighting someone with similar strength and durability. Due to his immense power and disciplined perspective, Thor often has to hold back during a fight due to the destruction his strength may cause to his surroundings, such as his fight on the Helicarrier with Hulk. When he does let loose with his powers, Thor is capable of decimating much of his surroundings, such as when he shattered an entire ice shelf during a battle on Jotunheim.

  • Superhuman Strength: As an Asgardian, specifically the son of Odin, Thor is the strongest Asgardian alive, apart from Odin himself. His incredible superhuman strength enables him to easily overpower hoards of normal humans, Frost Giants, Chitauri, Marauders, Dark Elves, Ultron Sentries, and various other species within or beyond the Nine Realms. He can lift or move immensely heavy objects effortlessly, such as when he was able to easily catch a falling car with one arm during Battle of Sokovia, saving the family trapped inside it, and flip a large, wide ceremonial table over on Asgard. He can also easily crush extremely durable objects - such as Iron Man's gauntlets - as if he was crushing a soda can. Thor's strength extends to his ability to leap great distances. With his strength, Thor is able to take on multiple enemies at once, using Mjølnir to send large groups of enemies, like the Frost Giants, the Chitauri, or Ultron Sentries, multiple ones at once, with each strike. Using his weapon Mjølnir, Thor's strength is compounded, as he is able to swing his mighty hammer with great speed and force. Thor's strength is so great, that he can throw his hammer with enough force to break through nearly any barrier, whether it be stone, metal or dark energy. His strength is so great, that strikes with Mjølnir are usually fatal, knocking out opponents with one hit, and only beings of incredible power, like the Destroyer, Hulk, Malekith, Ultron, Fenris, Surtur, and Hela can take multiple direct hits from Thor. Hence, Thor was able to shatter a massive Kronan Marauder, take down a Leviathan, and even break the Bifrost Bridge, all with only several blows of his hammer. Thor's immense strength also enabled him to break out of an extremely durable confinement capsule (specifically designed to hold Hulk), stop a mighty punch from the Hulk with his own hand, and punch the latter in the face hard enough to make him stagger. Thor also went toe-to-toe in a prolonged battle against Malekith, whose strength was greatly compounded by the Aether, and ultimately defeated him. After receiving visions from Odin's spirit, Thor's strength, combined with his newfound ability to generate lightning, allowed him to gain the upper hand against Hulk, generating a shock-wave that visibly dazed the Hulk. Thor was later able to almost match Hela's strength during their final battle. However, it is shown that despite Thor's incredible strength, he was overpowered by the likes of Kurse, Ultron, Hela, Hulk (albiet, only temporarily right up until the Contest of Champions) and Surtur.
  • Superhuman Speed: Thor can move at superhuman speeds. Thor tackled Hulk through the wall of a Helicarrier in a split second, visibly appearing as a blur.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Thor can react and dodge objects traveling at high speeds, with him dodging many of Hulk's blows during the Contest of Champions
  • Superhuman Agility: Thor's agility, dexterity, balance, and bodily coordination make him a great warrior for battle. He moves with incredible grace and speed despite his considerable size and body density. He was able to dodge the wing of a jet fighter thrown at him by the Hulk, as well as dodging many of Hulk's hammer and battle-axe blows in their second battle.
  • Superhuman Durability: Thor's skin, muscle, and bone tissue have many times the density of the same tissue in the body of a human being, making him extremely durable. Even when he was stripped of his powers, Thor was still amazingly resilient due to his dense body, withstanding being hit by a van with ease, and only being seemingly killed by a punch from the Destroyer. When he is at full power and armed with Mjølnir, Thor possesses nigh-invulnerability, including resistance to powerful energy blasts, immense blunt force trauma, falls from great heights, explosions and various other opposing forces. He withstood the extreme cold of Jotunheim, the extreme heat of Muspelheim, survived a direct near point-blank range blast from Gungnir blasting him out of Odin's chamber, and falling several hundred feet to the ground, showing no visible signs of injury. Thor withstood a 400%-charged repulsor blast from Iron Man, was barely affected by Quicksilver smashing into him at supersonic speeds, took a mighty punch from Hulk with only a minor nosebleed, and even withstood the full force of the Destroyer's energy blasts. During his final battle with Malekith, Thor was even able to survive being hit by quite a few tendrils of the Aether Infinity Stone energy, and later a blast of Surtur's Twilight Sword flames without any permanent damage, though it should be noted that Thor had not been facing off against Surtur while the latter was at full power. Whenever he is injured, Thor's physique allows him to shrug off minor injuries such as small stab wounds from Asgardian blades, or allows him to withstand a direct blow in the face from a massive Frost Giant and laugh afterwards. He resisted the direct destruction of the city of Novi Grad followed by one kilometer drop in the sea, and was only momentarily unconscious. However, when matched with a rare enemy that is stronger than himself, like Kurse, Ultron, or Hela, Thor will eventually sustain injuries, and increasingly show signs of exertion and fatigue. He also withstood numerous blows to the face from Hulk during the Contest of Champions, and remain unscathed after jumping out of the window in Hulk's room.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his astounding resistance to injury, it is possible to injure Thor. However, due to his Asgardian physiology, Thor is able to heal at a rate much faster than a normal human. After seemingly being killed by the Destroyer and proving himself worthy of Mjølnir once again, Thor regained his full power and immediately healed himself in seconds. Despite receiving mild to severe stab wounds from Asgardian blades on several occasions, after working past the initial pain of the injury, Thor was able to quickly recover and continue fighting. After the brutal beating he suffered from Kurse, upon arriving to Earth several minutes later, he had nearly completely recovered from his bleeding wounds. While fighting Hela, Thor was painfully pierced multiple times by her Necroswords, getting his right eye gouged out in the process, and while Thor was unable to regenerate his eye, he recovered from all of the stabs mere minutes later, despite the Warriors Three all perishing from a single stab from Hela each.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Thor's advanced musculature is considerably more efficient than that of a human and most other Asgardians. As a result, his muscles produce practically no fatigue toxins during physical activity compared to those of humans and most other members of his race. His virtually inexhaustible stamina enables him to exert himself at peak capacity for an undefined period of time without tiring at all.
  • Superhuman Longevity: Thor, like all other Asgardians, is not truly immortal. It is possible to kill an Asgardian and other beings in the Nine Realms. More accurately, Asgardians are extremely long-lived beings. Thor ages at a pace far, far slower than a human, as he is at least 1,000 or more years old; more than likely, like Loki, born shortly before the last great war between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants.
  • Electricity Manipulation: Thor can generate, control and project electrical energy, with him thus being dubbed the "God of Thunder". Following Odin's death and visions from his father's spirit, Thor's electrokinetic powers are further enhanced to the point where he could generate electrical energy from his own body and summon thunder and lightning from the sky, all without the use of Mjolnir. His new ability allows him to seamlessly integrate lightning into his fighting sequences against Hulk in the Contest of Champions, and then later against Hela and her undead army. Indeed, Thor's generated lightning bolts were powerful enough to take down a Chitauri Leviathan, to blacken an Aether-enhanced Malekith, to send an enraged Hulk flying back, and to even temporarily stun Hela herself, all with a single respective blast.
  • Natural Powers: Though Thor's Asgardian physiology far exceeds the abilities of a normal athletic human, when he was stripped of his power and found unworthy of Mjølnir, his god-like abilities diminished so much that he was able to be tasered into unconsciousness. It was only when he was found worthy of wielding Mjølnir did Thor recover his god-like physiology and therefore could go toe-to-toe with extremely powerful beings like the Destroyer. Thus, the hammer enhances a person's physiology to that of Thor, the "God of Thunder". It was later revealed Mjølnir was never the source of Thor's power, but a tool to help him focus his power until he was able to master and wield his powers freely. Thor is able to cast supernatural abilities when wielding Mjølnir. These abilities include:
    • Weather Element Manipulation:
      Avengers - Thor's Lightning
      Wielding Mjølnir grants Thor the ability to control the base elements of a storm. It can control the elements and can create giant raging electrical storms complete with thunder, lightning, hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, tidal waves, earthquakes, and torrential rains on a moment's notice. He summoned an isolated class 5 tornado while battling the Destroyer, as well as summoning a lightning bolt strong enough to destroy a large piece of landscape in Jotunheim. Thor was able to keep rain from touching Jane Foster as a downpour occurred. The Norse myths and legends regarded him as a Thunder God because of the hammer's influence over the weather. After discovering that Mjonir was only used to focus his power and was never the source of it, Thor was able to summon thunder and lightning from the sky and from his own body.
"You got the lightning. Light the bastards up."
Captain America[src]
    • Lightning Manipulation: Thor's main weapon while using Mjølnir is the ability to summon a lightning bolt from the surrounding skyline. As well as being able to channel electricity on its own Mjølnir is able to attract the ambient electricity from the surrounding atmosphere and redirect it towards a given target, such as when he summoned electricity from inside of Avengers Tower and used it to bring Vision to life. While on Jotunheim, Thor summoned a huge lightning bolt, strong enough to destroy a large portion of the landscape. During the Battle of New York Thor used the spire of the Chrysler building to channel a tremendous lightning bolt, which he directed at the portal of the Chitauri to deter a portion of the enemy reinforcements, managing to bring down two massive Leviathan and numerous Chitauri aliens with the blast. During the Battle of Sokovia, Thor was able to generate an incredible amount of lighting, helping Iron Man swiftly smite the hovering Sokovian capital city into oblivion, thwarting Ultron's plans in the process. It was later stated by Odin, that Thor didn't require the hammer to be the "God of Thunder", as a result of Thor discovering this, he could easily defeat a swarm of Hela's allies and summon multiple lightning strikes from above and from his own body during combat. In addition, he could destroy an area of Rainbow Bridge that Hela was standing on to ultimately send her crashing down into the water beneath, and pull enemies towards him using lightning.
"Is this how you normally look?"
"More or less."
Jane Foster and Thor[src]
    • Armor Generation: By summoning lightning from the sky into Mjølnir, Thor's clothes are transformed into his combat armor.
    • Weapon Summoning: Mjølnir obeys Thor's summons as though it were driven by a form of intelligence. Mjølnir went to Thor when it was in a crater miles away, arriving in seconds. Mjølnir will return to Thor whenever he throws it at an opponent. While battling the Hulk in a hanger of the Helicarrier, Thor summoned Mjølnir from another room and it came crashing through the Helicarrier to get to him.
"Of the two of us, which one can actually fly?"
―Thor to Loki[src]
  • High Speed Flight: Thor is capable of hurling Mjølnir with great force and, by holding onto the leather thong, is capable of flying through the air at immense speeds. How fast exactly is not specified, but he was able to remain aloft in the middle of a Class 5 tornado, and traverse the distance from his father's chambers to Heimdall's observatory and back again in seconds. Using Mjølnir, Thor can also move across the New Mexico desert in a matter of seconds. While flying, Thor can use his speed to strike enemies with immense force, such as when he tackled the Hulk through a wall, tackled Malekith in and out of portals, and when Thor killed a large creature on Jotunheim by flying through it's skull.
    • Weight Manipulation: Mjølnir's enchantment allows its worthy wielders to swing it nearly effortlessly yet in reality it is extremely heavy to an average person. Its ability to manipulate its weight allows Thor to hurl Mjølnir at great speeds or alternatively by holding onto the leather thong and whirling it like a flail, use the hammer as a thrashing vortex. In Jotunheim, he bashes the Frost Giants around him, then throws Mjølnir, making it hit multiple Frost Giants in it's path in moments. Quicksilver, Loki and Hulk were pinned down by Mjølnir's awesome weight, though also due to them being unworthy to wield it.
    • Energy Projection: With Mjølnir, Thor can project blasts, waves and bolts of electrical energy of various sizes and intensities. While the hammer can generate electrical energy, it can channel more energy from the lightning storms it creates to summon its lightning for powerful energy attacks. With Mjølnir, Odin could project a powerful beam of golden light, using it to take away all of Thor's superhuman powers, destroy what was left of Thor's armor after stripping much of it off of him, and ultimately sending him flying into the Bifrost.
    • Resurrection: Mjølnir possesses the ability the revive people back from death and to restore them to optimum health like when it resurrected Thor as he was passing away due to being injured by the Destroyer while he was mortal.


  • Master Combatant: Thor is the greatest and most skilled warrior in Asgard since Odin, and is one of the most skilled fighters in the Nine Realms. Thor is thus an extremely skilled warrior and combatant, trained in the arts of war and various Asgardian fighting techniques. He is therefore masterful in many areas of combat, including hand-to-hand and various forms of weaponry available in Asgard (primarily swords and spears), though he usually prefers to wield his hammer Mjølnir. Thor is known to be very cunning and intuitive in battles and in warfare. Even when rendered mortal and stripped of his strength and powers, Thor utilized his sheer vast fighting skills to overpower nearly a dozen highly skilled S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives, as the very impressed Phil Coulson stated "[Thor] made [his] men, some of the most highly trained professionals in the world, look like a bunch of minimum wage mall cops." At full power, Thor is has fought and defeated over a hundred Marauder warriors in Vanaheim, battled hordes of Frost Giants with great ease in Jotunheim, as well as numerous hordes of Chitauri aliens in the Battle of New York. During the Battle of Sokovia, Thor fought and destroyed many Ultron Sentries effortlessly, prompting an irritated Ultron to tackle him away and deal with Thor personally. Thor was also able to overpower the extremely formidable Destroyer, which even the combined might of Lady Sif and the Warriors Three failed to do, maneuver around the larger Hulk and strike the latter with ease. Thor even went toe-to-toe with the equivalently extremely skilled Dark Elf Malekith, and ultimately defeated the latter after a prolonged battle. Later on, Thor defeated hordes of Surtur's Muspelheim warriors, took down a weakened version of Surtur himself, defeated hordes of Hela's undead soldiers, held his own against, and ultimately stalemated the Hulk in the Contest of Champions (briefly gaining the upper hand), and even held his own multiple times against the more powerful Hela. While Hela easily outclassed Thor in close-range combat during their first fight, Thor proved capable of defending himself better against her in their second fight, although he was still defeated, with Hela gouging out his right eye. Upon gaining his full powers (after seeing a vision from Odin's spirit), however, Thor was able to fight almost equally with Hela in their third and final fight.
    • Master Martial Artist: While Thor prefers to fight with weapons, he is an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant, with him managing to stalemate the Hulk (after gaining his full powers by a vision of Odin's spirit), to easily defeat hordes of Hela's undead troops, and to almost stalemate Hela herself in their third battle, all with his bare hands. Even without his powers, Thor proved capable of defeating several SHIELD agents unarmed.
"It's all in the swing."
Thor vs Cap

Thor attacks Captain America.

  • Hammer Mastery: Thor is a master of fighting with his battle hammer Mjølnir, due to centuries of practice wielding it, and he is also extremely proficient in hammer throwing. He even had been able to use Mjølnir as a defense tool, blocking energy shots from the Destroyer, Loki's Scepter, Chitauri weaponry, Malekith's Aether, and even Surtur's Twilight Sword (though Surtur was notably not at full power then). When Mjølnir was destroyed, Thor used a far bulkier Sakaaran hammer to battle the Hulk in the Contest of Champions and proved able to defend himself adequately against Hulk and even briefly gain the upper hand.
  • Master Swordsman: Thor is a highly skilled swordsman, with him choosing a pair of blades out of all available weapons for the Contest of Champions, and managing to block several strikes from the Hulk with them, though the swords broke in the process. Thor later used another pair of blades against Hela in their second battle and was able to momentarily hold his own against her, though Thor was quickly disarmed.
  • Master Spearman: Thor is extremely skilled at fighting with a spear, as he notably wielded Gungnir in his second battle against Hela, and managed to put up a fairly good fight, but was ultimately overpowered.
  • Master Leader: While not as skilled a leader as Captain America or Loki, Thor has led Asgard, including highly skilled warriors such as Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, into battle against forces with great leadership, employing strategies and tactics in the process - adapted from various civilizations across the Nine Realms, including forgotten ones. However, after defeating Malekith, Thor refused to be King of Asgard, since despite his leadership experience, Thor claimed not to have the same understanding of rulers as Loki did. Later, despite multiple difficulties along the way, Thor was able to successfully lead the Revengers in defeating Hela and saving Asgardians from Ragnarök. Afterwards, Thor would finally accept his birthright as King of his remaining people, and confidently set out to re-establish a new Asgard on Earth.
  • Skilled Pilot: Thor has demonstrated being able to pilot various types of alien spacecrafts, such as a Dark Elf Harrow and the Grandmaster's ship, the Commodore.


Thor Book

The Vikings' depiction of Thor in one of Johann Schmidt's books about the Tesseract.


"You want me to put the hammer down!?"
―Thor to Captain America[src]

Thor has been entrusted with the mighty hammer Mjølnir, that was forged from the heart of a dying star. Thor's mystical hammer Mjølnir, which resembles a mallet rather than a traditional war hammer, has a number of elemental based powers. It has been stated by Odin himself that Mjølnir's power has no equal. Mjølnir itself is extremely durable and combined with the various enchantments placed upon it by Odin, it is, for all intents and purposes, indestructible. It has deflected three blasts from the Destroyer (which was able to disintegrate anything that it hit) and return the blast back into the Destroyer. Thor often uses the hammer as a physical weapon, with almost nothing being capable of withstanding a hammer blow or throw (with the exception of Captain America's Shield).

  • Worthiness Enchantment: After Thor disobeyed Odin and nearly caused a war between Asgard and Jotunheim, Odin banished Thor to Earth without his powers and placed an enchantment on the hammer Mjølnir. "Who so ever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." This enchantment surrounding Mjølnir prevents it from being wielded by anyone save those who have been found worthy. When Thor sacrificed himself to protect Earth from The Destroyer he proved himself worthy to wield Mjølnir once again and gained full use of his powers. Only Thor, Odin, Vision, and Hela are known able to wield Mjølnir. Other than that, only Captain America was able to nudge it slightly in his attempt to lift the hammer. Indeed, not even the Hulk's incredible strength could lift Mjølnir, as the hammer did not deem him worthy.

Other Equipment

  • Armor
    • First Set: His first set of armor had a collared blue tunic with red piping, and black pants. Over the blue shirt he wore a black vest emblazoned with silver overlay. He wore a bright red cape that connected at the shoulders of his vest. His arms were covered in a form of chain-mail and he wore detailed, black, knee-high boots.
    • Second Set: Thor’s second set of armor worn while fighting in the forest with Captain America and Iron Man. It was sleeveless with a black top covered in silver plates. It has blue pants and black boots. It had red wrist bands covered with silver arm bracers. It also had a bright red cape. During Thor's stay on the Helicarrier he removed portions of his armor such as his cape, larger arm bracers and part of his chest plate, while in the more relaxed setting. While heading into the Battle of New York he re-donned his cape and heavier portions of his armor, adding to it a set of chain-mail sleeves as seen in the first set.
    • Third Set: The Third set was a layered, collared, black vest with gold plates and blue accents worn over a chain-mail shirt. The vest continued into a loincloth which hung over chain-mail and leather pants. The sleeves ended at arm-bracers similar-looking to the vest with a red underside. He wore knee-high brown boots with gold piping. The fifth set also featured a bright red cape that was attached to the vest by two gold disks.
  • Megingjörð: Thor's magical belt. He left it on Midgard, in Iron Man's hands before departing to learn more about the Infinity Stones.



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Ares *AOB*

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Ares Powers

Ares' special powers were those of strength and physicality. As the god of war and murder, he was a superior fighter in battle and caused great bloodshed and destruction wherever he went. Ares has common godly powers (flight, immortality, the ability to change form, teleporting, healing, super strength, and could materialize items), but he can also shoot fireballs.

Impulsive, Bloodthirsty, always raring for a fight regardless of the consequences. Ares main love was war. 


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