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07/18/2018 12:25 PM 

diarmuid stebbins 2.0,

Image result for sam claflin and elizabeth olsen gif

"I refuse to believe it will all end like this."

Leaning back in the high-backed chair, her ankles crossed behind the leg, one elbow rested on the chair arm as her face leant on her upturned hand. Once again nothing was getting done. This small, secret community were not working in harmony at all and their plans for helping Apollo with his task were not coming to fruition in any way.

It had been months. In fact if she thought back, she was pretty sure it had been almost a year now since they had all met for the first time. Carys still didn’t know many of their real names, but that was the point. They were safer if they didn’t know. She knew some members, obviously. She had gone to school with a few of them and others she knew because of her status in the Wizarding World itself. But some of them, specifically those that were more than two years younger than her were practically strangers. For all she knew they could be like her.

She twirled a strand of vibrant red hair around a lone finger as she watched the chaos unfurl in front of her. She would have to get involved eventually. Stop this madness before anyone got hurt, she really wasn’t in the mood to actually be healing anybody even if it was her job. But as second-in-command of this bumbling band of rag-tag misfits at least they would listen to her if she rose and told them to shut the hell up. For the moment though the rising voices were giving her the chance to observe the other members.

The younger women, the ones she was sure were new graduates of Hogwarts, had all banded together in one corner. From the looks of things they actually were working on the mission they had been given a few weeks earlier. They had pulled away from the round table the group normally convened at and seemed to be discussing their progress, no matter how non-existent it was. She was proud of them. It was nice, for a change, for someone in this group to actually be doing something.

To her left sat people she actually did know, and if it wasn’t for the fact that their hands were clasped together, and their heads were leaning towards each other as if to block out the world she’d be surprised that Sirius wasn’t involved with the current chaos. Instead he was focused more on Marlene. It had taken him long enough to admit his feelings for her. Years, by her count. She was happy for him, ridiculously so, but it would be nice if they actually took time away from each other to focus on the problem going on right now.

As she looked across the table she caught the eye of their leader. Diarmuid looked just as irritated by their lack of progress as she was, if not more. Added on top of that he just looked exhausted. His work at the Ministry and this entire issue battling against his father was slowly turning him away from the bubbly, upbeat, mythology fanatic she had known as a teacher.

This was the first time she’d seen him in three weeks, their work schedules giving them no time for personal time. She missed him, she did. And she really needed to get some potions down his neck to make him look better. She shook her head slightly as he winked at her, obviously having watched her observations for the past few minutes. Tilting her head towards the rabble, she raised a slender brow in question.

His lips pursed for a minute before he slowly nodded and smiled in appreciation.

Sighing softly she finally rose from the chair that she had sequestered herself in over an hour ago. She took a deep breath before her quiet voice rose over the crowd.

“Everybody. Sit. Down. Now.”

After her order you could hear a pin drop as the remaining members rushed back to their seats, those working in the corners returning to their spaces to listen to her. Staying stood she placed her hands on the table and looked around at all the faces individually. She had the attention of every single person in the room.

“I know that you’re all scared. This is not going how we planned and we’re struggling. The war is raging around us and many of us are involved in that as well. People are dying. Some that we love, some that we don’t. Some that we have known for years,” Her eyes flickered towards the couple on her left and the man seated in front of her, respect shining in his eyes. “And some that we may have just met. But I can tell you one thing right now. I refuse to believe that it will all end like this.”

She took a step back and circled the room, weaving around different members. “We may be a bunch of misfits,” she smirked in Sirius’ direction as she heard a snort leave his body. “But we are also fighters. We all joined to fight for justice, to save our kind. Pure-blood, half-blood and muggle-born alike.”

She came to a stop next to Diarmuid’s chair, her hand resting on his shoulder giving him a soft reassuring squeeze.

“If you’re out, you’re out. None of us will blame you for leaving right now and spending whatever time remains of your days left with your family. But if you’re in, then you can proudly say that you fought until the end. Because one day it will end. But not without our input. We are fighting for the future, for our children, for our family.”

She took another roving look around the room. “So, who’s with me?”

For a moment there was silence and in that split-second Carys’ heart dropped. And then a cheer rose through the ranks, every member climbing out of their seats to applaud her courage. To her right, her fellow ravenclaw rose to his feet, suddenly towering over her and wrapping his long muscular arms around her tiny back.

“Thank you, Artemis.”

She smiled softly as she buried her face in his neck, a blush obviously covering her entire face. “All in a day’s work.”



07/18/2018 08:56 PM 

amos diggory 3.0,

Image result for henry cavill and elizabeth olsen gif

"You don't look so bad yourself."

Sipping on the tall glass of champagne that had been shoved in her hand practically the movement she had walked through the door of this extravagantly decorated hall, the blonde sighed. The mayhem of the day was starting to catch up with her now that she had finally slowed down. After the day she had had at work she wasn’t surprised at how extremely tired she actually was.

When she had returned home to change for this unnecessary event she had been contemplating skipping out on it altogether, but as it turned out Liam had still been out on his ‘mission’ and being alone wasn’t really what she wanted at the moment. Now though? Now she wished she had just climbed straight into bed with a glass of wine and a good book. She would have woken up in his arms and it wouldn’t have mattered that he wasn’t there when she fell asleep.

Instead here she was, schmoozing up to potential donors for her research projects. She had been struggling with results lately, as had many of her colleagues with their own projects. Obviously St Mungo’s had money, but much of that was allocated for the actual healing of patients rather than the research for future healing methods. Which is how she found herself at the third medical fundraiser of the year. She was pretty sure it was the third out of five. She was actually quite accomplished when it came to swindling old crones out of their large amount of gold, in fact Faith had been quite proud to tell her that she was the largest earner of research funding. Whether it was down to her name, looks, skills or the actual idea of her project she did not know.

To be honest, she didn’t really care. As long as she got the money.

That didn’t mean that she didn’t just want to go to bed. She’d been up 52 hours already, for Godric’s sake.

“If I hadn’t seen you dolled up at the Potter wedding I’d be shocked at how amazing you look dressed to the nines, Cooper.”

Twisting towards the voice that had called to her, she took another sip of the bubbly concoction as her eyes roamed over his lithe figure, taking in the soft grey robes he had adorned himself with.

“You don’t look so bad yourself, Diggory.”

A cheeky smile stretched out across her face as she stepped forward to embrace him in a large hug, the violet of her own robes swishing about her ankles as she moved towards her childhood best friend. She squeezed tightly as she breathed in his familiar scent. He was actually the first person she had seen her that wasn’t a Healer or a donor.

Pushing away from him she slapped her hand against his shoulder. “What the hell are you even doing here, Diggs?”

A smirk crossed his unnaturally symmetrical features and she frowned at the sheer perfection of his look. It had probably taken him five minutes to get ready, she didn’t even want to know how long it had taken her to hide the terrible bags that had surrounded her eyes.

“Guard duty, love.”

Raising a slender brow, she surveyed the room as she took in the few aurors that had been patrolling the room in a subtle manor. She watched as Gawain and Amelia spun each other round in a waltz in the centre of the dance floor, obviously trying to blend in. Due to the fact that they were both ridiculously good-looking they were failing drastically. Kingsley Shacklebolt had taken up position by the bar and he somehow, with his bright blue robes, looked even less inconspicuous than the two parading their beauty round for the world to see. The precautions of auror guards was obviously due to the attack on St Mungos three months ago. This was the first even that had taken place since.

“I thought I’d use my time wisely and annoy my date-less little sister.”

She growled in frustration as she leant her head on his shoulder, her lack of sleep finally starting to catch up with her. “M’not your little sister.”

His chuckle reverberated through her body as he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “You might as well be, little chameleon.”

Her head shot up suddenly as his previous comment registered in her brain. “And I had a date… he’s just working.”

His raised brow caused her to frown as she laid her head back down. “When he could be here showing you off?”

Slapping against his chest, she chuckled softly though he wasn’t actually funny. “Leave him alone, Diggy. I’ve been working for two days, I wasn’t even going to come.” She sipped her drink once more before finishing. “You know he hates these crowds anyway. It makes him anxious.”


The silence washed over the two of them as she ignored everyone around her, and he, she assumed, was surveying the crowd for any threats possible threats. It would not do for all of the healers that took part in major projects to die while surrounded by Aurors. And damn good Aurors at that.

“Hey.” Her head shook off of his shoulder as she squinted up at him, her eyes blurry from lack of sleep and her brow raised in confusion. “He hates these crowds, huh?”

Running her hand gently down her face she followed his gaze towards the overly large oak doors, she could see Amelia grinning out of the corner of her eye, an expression that confused her even more before her eyes landed on what they were seeing.

A natural, happy smile spread across her face, scrubbing away her previously tired expression, her eyes glittering at the sight of him wrapped in the navy robes she had bought him for Christmas. She couldn’t believe it.

A hand squeezed her arm gently and she looked back up into Amos’ proud face, she was pretty sure she could see a tear glistening in his eye, but she pushed that observation away… for now. “I guess you’re more important than anxiety, little one.”

A blush spread across her cheeks as he pushed her towards the door. “Go have fun.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck once more, standing on her toes to do so, and placed her lips against his cheek. “See you later, big brother.” Pulling away, she winked slowly before running in the opposite direction, not caring in the slightest how childish she looked as she launched herself at her world.

Joel Kettleburn

07/18/2018 02:37 PM 

Current mood:  artistic

Just a bit of a rant, or conversation if you will.

First off, lemme tell ya that I prefer writing MLI and MSL for a variety of reasons that your ass doesn't need to worry about, because it's not your character it's mine. We all do things the way we feel most comfortable with and nobody should be able to come along and chastise you for it. If you don't like it, then don't add me, or if you're already here, delete me. No sweat of my back, baby.

I have a quite a few friends that I've been writing with for years and they take precedence. We all have those special people who have stuck with us through our creative growth, mood swings, and various dramas. This is not to say that you'll be ignored because we haven't know each other for as long, or because you think I don't like your character just because I don't reply within a day or two. I'm extremely sporadic and sometimes write for days on end and will send replies immediately or maybe not for weeks. It's called a muse, and mine is schizophrenic. It's also called a real life and if you don't have one, I highly suggest you find one.

If you're a f***ing grammar Nazi or someone who thinks they know how to be a professional writer, (or has been published, which btw is pretty easy these days) and therefore you're as judgy as a college professor about the way I do things, then go away. Please just leave me the hell alone because I have zero patience for that sh*t and will likely ignore your ass. Everybody has a different style of writing and expressing their character. Open your mind and you might find people who can give you a great story, even if they aren't up to your unusually high standards. And if you're the type who thinks quality over quantity is best, I get it. However I'm long winded and I let my fingers do the typing and my muse do the rambling. You might get a paragraph or a novella. I don't expect you to return the same, but have an understanding for the way I work. Having said all that though, don't waste my time with a one liner. I hate that. ;P

I have people on my page that I never speak to and some that I only chat with in stats. That's because I'm busy and sometimes I just like the idea of your character but have no idea how we would truly interact on a deeper level. If you're on my list, there is a reason even if it doesn't make much sense to you. Believe me if I don't like something about you or your muse, you'll be gone. I frequently go through my list and delete people because clutter makes me crazy. Nine times out of ten it's no personal insult to you.

If you post a gajillion stats or bulletins a day, I'm most likely gonna hide your stream first, then delete you because I frequently go back through things when I've been absent for awhile, and if yours is the only one viewable after 5 pages of backlog, Buh bye. I just don't have time for all that.

If you wish to discuss a SL please contact my mailbox. I don't mind talking things out first but also like to sorta swing free and let the chips fall where they may. If any confusion about it occurs, feel free to chat with me about it. I'm not one of those uber freaks who never wants to discuss anything. That's too constrictive to creativity and often leads to misunderstandings, chaos, or boredom.

And last but certainly not least, please do not get all bent outta shape over something and then refuse to discuss it. I admit I've been guilty of it in the past and I know it's irritating and confusing. I try my best to communicate openly with everyone I write with. If you are worried that I might be tired of a SL or angry about something your character did, or vice versa, then come find me. I don't mind confrontation and sometimes its warranted when things have gotten complicated. But I implore you, be mature about it. Let's talk in private. Don't threaten me. You can be replaced.
Thank you for your indulgence. Above all, have fun out there!


07/18/2018 01:47 PM 


Ability Manipulation- have the ability to create, alter, manipulate, remove, change, etc, the supernatural energies in all beings, including themselves, thus allowing every variation of superpowers manipulative abilities. Power Bestowal- The ability to bestow powers upon another.(All of Bryn's children can do it, but there are consequences. The being that is given powers may have an altered mind and become crazed like how Valor is.) Enhancements- Strength, senses (awareness), vision, agility, hearing,
Aversion- Weakness. The circumstance in which the user has a supernatural weakness when in contact with a certain Object, Occurring Event, or Emotion. Siren Song- The power to emit irresistible sound that lures anyone who hears it towards the user. May just be seductive talk or singing. Regenerative Healing Factor- When harmed or have body parts missing, the user can heal themselves and regrow body parts if they choose. Smoke and Mist generation and manipulation: The user can generate smoke in various ways and amounts and use them in ways they please. Night Vision- Can see in pitch black darkness. Psychic Navigation- The power to track people/objects with one’s mind and/or create mental maps of an area. Telepathic- User can read/sense another person's thoughts, communicate with them mentally and/or affect their minds/thoughts. Mental Projection- User can project their thoughts, consciousness, emotions into reality, either as images/illusions or fully materialized creations. Danger Intuition: The power to detect impending threats. Cloaking- The power to hide objects/subjects from optical sight. Normally goes with Smoke and Mist Generation. Life Creation: The ability to create living beings. Portal Creation: The power to create portals for transport between two non-adjacent locations Darkness Manipulation: The power to control darkness/shadows to do ones bidding. Absolute Immortality- The power to be eternal and indestructible (Exception to this would be another God defeating her.) Shapeshifting- The power to transform and reshape the form of one's body. Life Force Taking- The act of taking one’s life source to gain power.


07/17/2018 11:44 PM 

Jeffery's Bio

"The Boy is a Wizard and a demon we can't keep him Lucius" 
"This boy can help us all. Imagine what power he could have" responded Lucius
"Give him away, I don't want this embrassment" 
"I rather have Draco, our real and true son" 

Just like that the little boy was abandoned with nothing but his clothes and a teddy bear
Of course, his parent would favor Draco over him. After all he is the true child and a pure blood 
While he was nothing more than an experiment gone wrong in his mother's eyes. 
He was a wizard and a demon but how the demonic DNA came about remains a mystery 
He learn to survive on his own and became his own person. All the stories he hears about his family and others makes Jeffery an angry person however he has a very high tolerance. 
Even while he was in school, he was place in Slytherin just like his brother, He has seen him but he has never spoken to him, he could only see him from a distance. 
Unlike his brother, he gets along well with nearly everybody including the boy who lived Harry and his friends. 

Even Years and after the Battle, His brother found him and ask him for his help. 
Jeffery deny him and he kept denying him through out his teen and adulthood 
Many of his professors compare him to his brother which in returns annoy him. 
He tries his best to hide his demonic side to avoid being kick out of school so he does his best to ignore comments. 
School for him is over and being the young adult he is 
He does his best to be normal as possible. 
His father tried to enter his life but he deny him so many times. 
Jeffery can't forgive him for abandoning him. 
He works in a bar 
Many of his clients describe him as charming and friendly 

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