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10/20/2017 06:24 PM 

Roleplaying Rules and Regulations

Three simple rules.

1. Common sense f***ing have it.
2. Respect f***in show it.
3. Maturity f***ing use it.

Other than that go nuts.


Unhinged. 🎀

10/20/2017 11:20 PM 

Welcome || Guidelines

Hello and welcome to my page, I'd like so say a thank you if you've added me first, it's appreciated.
This is the downside of writing but since I'm an OC, it would be necessary I suppose.

Roleplay Business

Admin:- Twenty something from the UK. I'm up to date with Gotham currently despite it not even airing over here {I watch it live on a Thursday}. I might not know everything to do with Batman or DC Comics but I used to watch the animated series as a child and the older films. I've seen a couple of the new ones. I'm not unfamiliar with most of the villains anyway. Please don't be rude if something doesn't make sense, Marvel has always been my passion and I'm still learning about DC Comics characters. I'm a friendly person who's here to meet other people. 

Character:- First off, I'm not Alice Tetch, I'm an OC / Non Canon. Yes, my character's alias / alter name is 'Alice' due to her nickname and her connection with Jervis {I'll explain more later}. Despite being in the GCPD at first, she /will/ become Alice of the Wonderland Gang but I don't always have to play her this way. She only goes along with Jervis because she's naive and what he's done to her previously. As her name is 'Alyson Barnes', yes, she is indeed the daughter to Nathaniel Barnes on the show but I haven't came to a conclusion who her mother is, mostly unnamed for the most part. Nathaniel only just met Alyson, so I won't go into too much detail. My main face claim for her is Imogen Poots but my fc changes like the weather due to previous edits I've made so please take no notice. 

Connections:- I'd love everybody from Gotham, DC Comics etc. 
Feel free to ask if you'd like to work something out, I'd be happy to have friends in the verse.

Drama:- Not here for that, quite simple really. 

Edits:- All edits, manips and graphics were made by yours truly, so please don't steal them. 
I don't mind making people things if that's the case. I used to have an edit / premade site on here but stopped, I also have a premade / resource page on Facebook. 

Friends List:- Not selective at all. I'm actually up for most verses anyway, hence why I'm accepting crossovers. Everyone's welcome and encouraged!

Relationships / Ships:- Of course as I've said, Jervis Tetch is a very big part of her history and would be preferred but I'm open to other people. If the two characters get on, then I see no problem shipping her with them. I have no preference to gender. 

Replies / Starters:-  I can't be on 24/7, nor do I expect anyone else to be for that matter. My health sometimes fluctuates due to me having to take medication for my moods which makes my muse go the same way so I might not want to write when I'm like that. Just don't annoy me to get me to reply / work faster because it doesn't just happen. I hate random starters, I just do. I don't have a clue what's happening - especially if I don't know your character. 

Storylines:- Up for anything really. I have no lines that shouldn't be crossed really.

Writing:- I normally write between a paragraph or a couple of paragraphs although I adapt to other people's preferences. I don't expect to write a novel however, I don't expect anyone to either. I guess it depends on how I feel.


∂ɕνíℓs ƒaηgs

10/20/2017 06:17 PM 

Rebekah's Content

Hello and welcome to my content.

TV Charater
Shannara Chronicles


The Dark Knight

10/20/2017 04:23 PM 


(Sign with a gif or picture of your character)

I. Disclaimer
I'm not Batman. He's owned by DC Comics. I'm not Ben Affleck either who plays Batman in the films. Just a roleplayer like everyone else here.

II. Staying In Character/Some OOC Info
Listen I prefer to be in character most of the time unless of course I have to break character to say something serious. Because of this I don't share a lot of information that is real life. I will say I'm a guy and I'm a seasoned writer. I'll share more if I'm comfortable with doing so.

III. How I Write 
I'm a multi-para to novella writer. I'm mostly a multi-para writer. 3-5 paras is my usual M.O. however if I want to write more I will write more. Which is why I say I'm a novella. I like a lot of detail in my writing. I write in comments and messages only. I over spelling and comments.

IV. My Take On Batman
My Batman is a mix of DC Films that currently portray Ben Affleck in the role. I am also mixing him with the comic books. 

V. Time Online 
Listen I'm an adult and because of that responsibilities are priority as it for everyone else. Not to mention life isn't lived on this site either. When I am online I will try to write. I want to make known I rp as well too so they need my attention just as much as this one does. So please be aware I'm slow. Real slow. I take my time just like everyone else.
VI. One on One RP
Due to the fact I can't be in groups unlike most who prefer it. If I join a group it would be one or two at the most.  I do one on one roleplays. Sorry if that's old fashioned. But that's how I'm doing things.

VII. Content 
See the NC-17 in my headline. It's there because I'm an adult. So expect the adult stuff. - Violence, swearing and sex. Now as far as sex goes listen I'm no prude so yea I rp it. If it comes up it is strictly with women and done in messages. Be warned I'm graphic here as well.

VIII. Multi-Storyline
Yea. I'm a multi-storyline or multi-love interest account. I'm keeping options open when it comes to romantic pairings. If I decide to change my mind I'll make it known. If I do go into a relationship it doesn't mean we as writers are together. I am happily taken.

IX. Crossovers 
I'm an open to crossovers account. I'll add just about any verse. The most fun I think one can have in rp is crossing over with other verses. 

X. Adding Connections 
I don't do mains. I'll rp with more then one person playing your character. I only add connections.

XI. No Godmoding
I control my own character thank you very much. 

XII. Don't Waste My Time
Listen I have no issue with people who status play. However if all you do is goof off in statuses and you actually aren't going to roleplay or let alone speak to me. You're wasting my time. I added you to write. It can be small intreactions, drabbling or serious storyline writing I don't care. But if you're gonna ignore and goof off whenever you are here then I might feel like I wasted my time adding you. 

XIII. No Drama/Trouble/Disrespect
I don't put up with drama or direspect or trouble making of any kind. Save the drama for the storyline. If you're gonna be a problem I'll delete you.

XIV. Means of Contact
Even if I don't rp everyday. I do check ins and pop ins to say hello. If you need to contact me send a message. I am also gonna be available on Discord. I don't want my Discord public but just ask for it.

XV. Have Fun
Pretty self explanatory. If you ain't have fun. Then why are you here?


red bottoms,

10/20/2017 04:47 PM 

character development [s t a t s]

status; married to leonardo dispici.
high school; high school diploma.
college; Massachusetts institute of technology [ bachelor of science - computer science and engineering / master's - computation for design and optimization ].
family; leonora denunzio [mother/deceased]  // vincent 'vinny' denunzio [father/deceased]  // vinny denunzio ii [twin brother/deceased]  // theo dispici [son] // viviana dispici [daughter].
favorite animal; wolves.
favorite shows; sex in the city, how to get away with murder, period dramas.
ambitions; avenge the death of her mother, grandmother, and brother [pending] // take over her father's mob to ensure his men don't harm her family [succeeded] // ensure her children aren't harmed by her association with the mob [failed] // have a fairly normal marriage [subjective].
quirks; fiddles with her switchblade when she's annoyed, has a snarky answer for any and all comments, digs her nails into her palms when she's nervous, always fixing herself up when she finds a mirror, recites binary in her head when it's too quiet.
flaws; narcissistic, judgemental, spiteful, stubborn, tends to reach for the nearest weapon when she's angered.
drugs; formerly addicted to prescription narcotics. she stopped using them after almost losing theo when she was pregnant. // marijuana on occasion. // tobacco in the form of cigarettes.
drinking; vodka and white russians are her favorite. // at least one glass of wine at night in her later years.
fears; losing leo or her children.

[copied from she war.]



10/20/2017 04:04 PM 

Share Code


Share Code Here



10/20/2017 02:36 PM 

EC 1 Home sweet home

Nicky lives in West Hollywood at 931 N La Jolla Ave with Charlie and his children and her own child. They share the home and Nicole loves it.  Nicole's room is her favorite room in the house with its pink accents. Nicole never thought in a million years she'd be able to afford a home like this one but with the help of Charlie and her own money from the model agency Nicole manages, she loves her home. She's very proud of it and how she has it decorated right now. She decorated for Halloween, her favorite time of year. Nicole loves the lap pool for losing weight its a good way to stay in shape.



10/20/2017 01:28 PM 






10/20/2017 12:34 PM 

Owes List:

who I owe: 

Name Here, Name here, Name here
Who owes me
Ryan Westbrook [r] 10/20/2017, Name here, Name here

updated 10/20/2017



10/20/2017 11:20 AM 

Rabid Dog & Little Blossom

“When the time comes, I can put him down like a rabid dog.” Daisy Elizabeth Dixon spoke with calm conviction and she could feel her husband's approving gaze. His hand slid around her waist from behind, his lips touched her throat and somehow, feeling the scratch of Lucille at her leg only added to the heat rising within her as it always did at his touch. She turned in his arms, catching his mouth with her own. “I...I would like some time with him first. Please?” She requested when they parted.

“ know I can't deny you anything.” He smirked. 

Daisy smiled softly and thanked him, promising to make it up to him later. When he left, she turned back to the man on the gurney. Before Negan, this man had been her entire life, her reason for living. “You idiot.” She tried to quell the grief that was welling in her chest, but it was a battle she knew she wouldn't win. “You cocky, stupid sonuvabitch!”

“You don't have to do it, Daisy. Just leave me a gun and I'll do it.”

His voice was already so weak sounding. It scared her. He had always been strong and brave...her knight in shining armor that protected her from monsters, long before the dead started walking. “Don't be stupid. Everything you've done for me...this is the least I can do for you.” She took his hand, pressing it to her cheek. She shivered at how feverish he felt.

“I'm sorry.”

“You should be! We were finally together again, a family again and” The tears were suddenly spilling, falling down her face.

“I didn't mean for it to happen...”

“No one does, Daryl. You were supposed to take care of us, not get yourself bitten!” She continued to hold his hand to her cheek. Her free hand covered the oozing, torn flesh on his side. No way to remove it, no way to treat way to save him. 

Daryl coughed as his body fought its losing battle. “You don't need me to take care of you anymore. You done good, little blossom.” He didn't mean Negan or any of the people here in the place she called home. She had survived, she had gotten here, she stood her own. She had a son who was growing up healthy and happy as this world allowed. She had done that without him.

Daisy managed to curl up with him, feeling as young and small as ever, as when she had needed his protection at all times. She started talking, reminding him about their walks in the woods, him teaching her how to use a crossbow to hunt, how he had lowered himself to playing with his stupid kid sister almost every day for so long. She covered every good memory she had and every single one until she was in her teens involved him. She felt it when he stopped breathing – she felt something inside her shatter. Just the same, she felt when his mindless body shifted the first time. It threw her off because it was only minutes. She kissed his cheek, even though she knew it wasn't him, put her gun to his temple and pulled the trigger.

She lay there for a long time, until she had cried herself out. Then she got to her feet, took the brakes off the gurney and pushed it down the hall. She dumped his body in the burn pile then walked away without looking back, without another tear. Her brother was no more. She had a husband and child to take care of. She knew that she left part of herself there in that burn pile, just the same.  


The Walking Dead, AU

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