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Prince Of Devils Asmodeus

01/18/2020 02:49 PM 

For Starters love

  I have not written on here in quite some time. I must assume Jason is getting one over on you. Likely payback for some girl you caused him to lose. Since when you two go at it. That always tends to be the reason.  I truly can't remember why I also told Kim. The same thing I had Johnny and Fran. Its been too far back for me to recall.  Likely assumed they had already told her.   I just remember I always chose you when it came down to it. Over Kim, Lisa, Beth and even Crystal.  Then when we gave it a go again. You kept f***ing with Kim. Cause you thought I had loved her more than you. Which never quite made any sense to me. Since clearly my actions outspoke all my words.  I was more heartbroken than I like to admit at times. Its why I left this place. I always felt there was empty hole inside me. I couldn't feel no matter what I tried.   The real question you need to ask yourself. Which one of us did you truly love? You Lockes and Russo's are more bloody alike than either you ever admit.  This dream of yours that all of us could love the other. Is beautiful in theory. But love is greedy, Love is envious. No matter how alive or dead inside it can make one feel. And the second one you need to ask yourself. Are you going let all this stop you from finishing what you started? Even I can't deny I am quite curious to see its ending.

》drowning man.

01/18/2020 02:43 PM 


envy has taken a hold of me.hate has taken residence within this heart.another year spent without you. i'm on my knees and plead; if i had one last chance i'd place a tender kiss on your forehead, lips parting to confess an i love you.a soft touch to grip your face, keeping you close to hear the soft giggles that follow. your smile warms my soul in this moment of reflection; breaking the chains of misery if only for this moment. oh, the things i'd endure under your name just to see you again. i'd have this moment for closure, but reality sets in with a painful exposure. you're gone, this moment is over. i'm left in this world drowning in the sea of grief. your departure has taken everything away from me. i'm fading into a shell of emptiness and so i'll dream of you to save my are my angel, cloaking me with protection steering me in the right direction so i won't lose my way in the hollow grounds of sorrow. i hope and pray my poetry sings to you of a love divine and true cause daddy will always love and miss you. until we meet again;my love is a soaring dovereaching you from above.


01/18/2020 02:33 PM 

Making Wishes [Closed Role-Play] by Tara Corleone

Tara woke in the morning her and her father Vinnie Corleone were back home in Italy after a private Christmas Party at her cousin Gabriella's home in New Orleans. Tara stretched as she watched as the sun rays came through the window and smiled. She got up and decided to get her exercising and some training and sparring done. When she finished she went back to her bedroom where she took a long hot shower enjoying the feeling of the hot water on her skin. Once she was done washing and rinsing she turned off the water, grabbing a towel she wrapped it around her head for her wet hair, then she grabbed another towel as she dried herself off, then wrapped it around her body. She then went to her sink in her bathroom as she brushed her teeth. Once she finished with that she went into her room, and put on matching pair of bra and panties, then she went to her walk in closet as she looked for and outfit to wear. She didn't have plans for the day, so she went for a casual look. Once she had the outfit placed on her bed, she went into the bathroom and blow dried and styled her hair. She put on very little makeup as she went back to her room, and got dressed.When she finished dressing she noticed a gift on her bed with a note, and she frowned as she looked at the gift, and noticed her father's handwriting, then smiled as she read the note.Tara,I found this while I was out today, and I thought of you, I hope you like it.Love,DadTara shook her head as she put the note down as she did she looked at the gift and noticed it was a bottle it looked like an antique, and she smiled as she looked it over.She smiled as she looked at it, and she rubbed it some to get a little dust off of it, and when she did the bottle began to shake and soon a mist came from the bottle and suddenly an extremely handsome man was standing before her, and she was in complete shock.Tara realized she was staring, and probably drooling as she shook her head to clear her thoughts, she cleared her throat as she looked at the man. "Umm, hello. Did you just come out of this?" She asked as she held up the bottle awaiting his answer.

18+, Closed Role-Play between Tara and Xavier, First Meeting, Vampires, Djinn, Mafia Lifestyle, POSSIBLE Triggers, POSSIBLE Violence, Mature Theme


01/18/2020 02:13 PM 

The Cafe [Closed Role-Play] by Scarlett ✧Savage✧

Scarlett woke in the morning as soon as the sun rose, and the rays came through the window and it stirred her awake. She smiled as she stretched as she remembered the conversation she had with Markus last night. Meeting the android who happened to be one of the leaders of Jericho had intrigued her. She wanted to know more about him. She didn't know what it was that lured her to him, to want to talk to him and hear his voice, she just found herself walking towards him and introduced himself. She smiled and shook her head as she got out of the bed, and then made her way to the bathroom as she took a long hot shower. Once she was showered she put a towel on her head to dry her hair, then dried herself off, going into her bedroom, she put on matching panties and bra, then looked in her closet for something to wear. The weather was getting colder, but it didn't actually affect her, but since she didn't have an LED light, she blended in more naturally. She wasn't ashamed of being an android, on the contrary she was proud of who and what she was. But she didn't like the stares, since she already just barely tolerated humans, for them to judge and stare would probably make her snap. She cleared her thoughts as she got dressed in a warmer, but casual looking outfit. She then took her hair out of the towel, blowing drying it, then styling it. She brushed her teeth and then placed on some makeup. She looked herself over and smiled. "Not bad." She said smiling. Scarlett didn't know why she cared a little more than usual on how she looked, as if she were trying to impress Markus, was that something she was trying to do? She felt confused with certain feelings, when she deviated it took her a long time to figure out and comprehend most feelings. But something like nervousness, impression and things of that sort she was still trying to figure out. She cleared her thoughts as she grabbed her long coat, and her purse. She put on her heels, and then headed downstairs and out the door. She went into her car, and put the information in, letting the car drive, for she was becoming anxious. She only knew that was what she was feeling because she looked up the 'symptoms' if you will of what she was going through and it was considered anxiety. She couldn't understand why she felt that. She took a deep breath to calm herself and cool down her components. Once she arrived at the Cafe, she got out, and as she was to reach for the door she saw Markus and she smiled. "Good morning." She said as she watched him closely.Markus The morning sun’s rays was sifting through the blinds in the bedroom where Carl Manfred had been sleeping and Markus duo coloured eyes fluttered open. Sitting up the male android kicked off the blankets but remained in the bed for a while longer. Today it was the day he was going to spend with the female that had approached him yesterday, introducing herself as Scarlett. That she was human had never crossed his mind since that anyone of the creators of his people would do such a thing seemed very farfetched. The LED was easily removed with a sharp object and wasn’t necessary for an android to work properly. Nor was the clothes needed and to be honest the telltale triangle was only going to attract the attention of humans that was still holding grudge against his people. Markus remembered the encounter of hatred on his way to the paint shop where he was picking up a package. The hotdog vendor had simply pushed him after finding him staring and standing in the way for paying customers. Shaking his head he then got out of bed and entered the bathroom where he took a long, hot shower. Originally androids was unable to ‘sense’ hot and cold but the optional sensory cells deepened the experience of being able to experience what it actually felt like to have hot water trickling down his android skin, which could be turned off by touching a spot behind the right ear. He had done so once when he along with North, Simon and Josh had infiltrated Stratford Tower, dressed as android janitors. With a soft sigh Markus exited the shower and dried himself before wrapping the towel around his waist. Leaving the bathroom he first went to the dresser, picking a pair of boxers, before heading over to the closet. His choice of clothes to wear today was a black tee, blue worn jeans and sneakers. On top of this a trenchcoat, a newly purchased one instead of te one he had found after literally getting back on his feet and was able to follow the trail given to him that led him to Jericho. Back then it was a rusty old freighter, blown up after its location was compromised due to Connor’s sudden appearance, having followed the same trail. Returning to the bathroom he put the towel in the hamper and then checked himself in the mirror. After brushing his teeth and dabbing his neck with eau de cologne it was time for him to leave. Connecting with the CyberLife server one of the driverless cabs stopped outside his house and he told it to take him to the Café where they had decided to meet. Nothing about this meeting made him nervous, but at the same time the expectation of going on date felt overwhelming and Markus couldn’t exactly describe what this emotion was called. The deviancy and emotions was supposed to be a malfunction in the software, and according to Connor it seemed like it had triggered on purpose, for some unknown reason. No one know how it started but it could explain why the phrase rA9 had been scribbled where android had deviated before finding their way to Jericho. Once the cab pulled over Markus knew that he arrived a bit early, or so he thought, when another cab stopped and Scarlett exited. Her smile was contagious and he smiled back, dipping his head. “Good morning to you as well”, he said, holding the door open for her, and went inside. There was no longer a sign on the door forbidding androids to enter, but then again, no one could tell that he was an android since his model is unique, being a gift from the former CEO of CyberLife to the old and rich man Markus had been caretaker for and that was now buried; Markus was visiting his grave once in a while to put flowers there. “I have never been to this place before, but something tells me that you come here often”, Markus said with a smile, waiting for her to find them a place to sit. Scarlett  Scarlett smiled as she walked into the cafe with Markus she looked around and found a booth for them, it was more facing the door, and she put her back to the wall on that specific side of the booth so she could see who was coming in, something she always did since her deviancy, she believed it had to do with what happened, but she never spoke of what happened to her, so she couldn't really be sure if that was why. "You look nice today." She said smiling as she looked at him. "I have been here a couple of times, but mostly for coffee not actual breakfast, and I am a little hungry, so it is best to try it sometime, right?" She asked smiling as she crossed her legs under the table as she waited for him to sit and join her. Soon a waitress came over with menus. "Can I have a caramel mocha coffee please?" She asked as she looked at Markus to order something to drink. Markus Just like cafes Markus had never set his foot in neither a restaurant nor a night club for that matter. Any food was prepared at home, but as a single it wasn’t necessary for him eating out. It was the same with his friends down at New Jericho; their bad experience with humans had made them reluctant to be around humans unless they were in one another’s company. “Thank you, and you don’t look that bad yourself~” Markus smiled, as he sat down opposite her, with his back facing the door. “It is my first time actually and if you wonder why I had no real reason to visit such establishments~” It surprised him to hear an android talking about experiencing hunger pangs; it had never crossed his mind before. It did of course explain why the food he used to make was mouthwatering. “I want the same as my friend here”, Markus told the waitress, well aware of her reaction to his peculiar eyes, before adding their order to her tablet and left the table. “So you never had breakfast here before?” Scarlett  Scarlett smiled softly, it was what humans would call a 'shy smile', which some would consider a blush, then she bit her bottom lip, and her cheeks turned a slight blue showing that she was blushing. She saw Markus' reaction, as if he was shocked to see the blue tint and she frowned some as she looked at him, she thought that he looked confused and she cocked her head to the side. She smiled as she looked at Markus. "Did you expect a red blush, because I don't have an LED light, you thought I was human, I am only assuming because of that look on your face." She said as she looked at him. She heard his question and she shook her head as she looked at the menu. "No, I haven't had breakfast here; I am glad that I get to have something from here with you. I don't know why I feel that way, but I do. I am still trying to figure a lot of things out." She said smiling softly. She brushed her hair behind her ear and looked at Markus, "So tell me about yourself. I know you're one of the leaders of New Jericho, but I want to know about you." She said awaiting his answer. Markus  Markus decided to feign his reaction when the telltale blue tint coloured Scarlett’s cheeks, since he had for a while known, or rather, suspected that she was an android. North had on the other hand never blushed but then again, she was hardened by her previous experiences from being a sort of captive while she was serving as a sex android at Club Eden, not having a say in the matter if she wanted to be there. “No, I knew that you weren’t a human since it is highly unlikely one of our creators will approach us with the intention of wanting to getting to know me”, he told her with a faint smile, and then picked up the menu in front of him. It was obvious from what she had said about being hungry was that her intake of food was the source of thirium 310 and that she wasn’t taking it orally.                                                          Leaning backwards in his chair a thoughtful expression showed on his features. “What is there to tell; I wasn’t the one that found Jericho in the first place. I was an android specifically created and given as a gift to an old, rich man by the retired CEO of CyberLife, Elijah Kamski, and I was treated like a son, not some servant, and although I was sometimes told to run errands I was also encouraged to think for myself...” Then the waitress approached their table with their order and Markus took his first sip of what was known as caramel mocha coffee. “What about you then, if I am to ask the very same question?” She had told him that she was starting to get hungry but just like with the coffee he was curious what sort of food she was going to order. “If there is anything you don’t want to tell me I will respect it of course~” Scarlett  Scarlett snorted, a sort of knowing laughter like sound as she heard what Markus said about humans and she nodded. "This is true, I know the feeling." She said as she looked at him as she looked over the menu and found what she wanted, and put the menu down as she listened to Markus as he spoke. Scarlett was shocked as she listened to Markus and his past about his encounter with the human named Elijah, she wished that she had the same background, but she didn't.                         When the waitress came back Scarlett smiled as she ordered a sausage and cheese muffin with hashbrowns and a bowl of fresh fruit. She waited for Markus to order and when he did she waited for the waitress to leave as she heard his question about her life and her small smile faded and she cleared her throat as she looked at him. She liked that he would respect what she didn't want to tell him. "I was made for a rich boy, I call him a boy because he didn't know how to be a man. I was made for his pleasure, and at the moment I think talking about good things would be best for getting to know one another, before we get into the deeper how and why we deviated, if you don't mind that decision that is?" She asked as she took a sip of her coffee and awaited his response.Scarlett snorted,a sort of knowing laughter like sound as she heard what Markus said about humans and she nodded. "This is true, I know the feeling." She said as she looked at him as she looked over the menu and found what she wanted,and put the menu down as she listened to Markus as he spoke. Scarlett was shocked as she listened to Markus and his past about his encounter with the human named Elijah, she wished that she had the same background, but she didn't. When the waitress came back Scarlett smiled as she ordered a sausage and cheese muffin with hashbrowns and a bowl of fresh fruit. She waited for Markus to order and when he did she waited for the waitress to leave as she heard his question about her life and her small smile faded and she cleared her throat as she looked at him. She liked that he would respect what she didn't want to tell him. "I was made for a rich boy, I call him a boy because he didn't know how to be a man. I was made for his pleasure, and at the moment I think talking about good things would be best for getting to know one another, before we get into the deeper how and why we deviated, if you don't mind that decision that is?" She asked as she took a sip of her coffee and awaited his response. Markus Elijah had long since retired from his position as the CEO of CyberLife. According to Connor he was now living secluded and was surrounding himself with the first android model perfected by CyberLife to pass the Turing test. Chloe was the name of this particular android that had greeted him and Hank while they were investigating the deviancy.              It was before the police android had become deviant after finding the location of Jericho, following the same trail as he had. In his case it was a dying android at the cemetery who had transferred the information after grabbing his hand. It had led him to Ferndale and then to the docks where a rusty old freighter was his destination.                                       Reaching for the tablet with the menu Markus scrolled through it, and then decided to have the same as Scarlett. Since it was his first time at a café they could visit this place often and try the other things on the menu. While waiting for their order to be prepared he picked up the cup of coffee and was taking small sips, waiting for Scarlett to share with him what she wanted him to know about her past. Markus listened without saying anything since it would interrupt her and it was considered impolite. As her words was sinking in he could just imagine what she had been going through, and he considered himself lucky to have such a caring man as Carl Manfred. If it hadn’t been for his son, however, Markus wouldn’t be sitting here right now and the androids would never had earned their freedom. “Of course, whenever we both are ready, we can talk about it”, he told her, as the waitress approached with their order, placing it in front of them both. Taking his first bite Markus was surprised that it tasted so good and smiled at Scarlett. “I am sure we can spend more time together before getting there, and I have nothing planned for today in case you want us to go someplace afterwards~” he said, curious what she was going to say in response to his suggestion. Scarlett Scarlett smiled as she heard Markus' words about him being willing to wait for her to tell her story. "Thank you for understanding." She said as the food came and she smiled as she took a bite of her food, once she tasted it she knew that she would be back to have more food at this cafe. She smiled as she heard Markus' suggestion as she took a sip of her coffee and thought for a moment before she spoke. Scarlett smiled to herself before looking away from her plate to look at Markus and she shrugged some. "I am free all day, and I wouldn't mind spending it with you." She said smiling some. "Where would you like to go after we eat?" She asked as she went back to eating awaiting his response. Markus  Smiling back Markus nodded in response to Scarlett’s words. Whatever she had gone through it must have really been bad and she had process it before feeling ready to share it with him. And the same went for him, he assumed, and in case she wanted to hear everything, from his deviation and what happened before their paths crossed. Since she hadn’t been there during the android revolution. “Perhaps we can go back here and try something else”, Markus smiled, and then took his first taste of the food he had ordered, finding it exceptionally appetizing. Before he had become a deviant Markus had only been making and serving food, as a part of his job as a caretaker. After humans had accepted that androids was more than they originally been many roads had opened, and with that the opportunity to add new functions. “How about the park?” Markus suggested, eating while waiting for Scarlett to answer. On his way to pick up paint for Carl Manfred the park had been ‘blocked’, since he was programmed to fulfill his errand and wasn’t allowed to take any detours. There had been a hot dog vendor there too, and Markus remembered the man told him to move along, since he was in the way for his ‘customers’.

18+, Closed Role-Play between Scarlett and Markus, Androids, Cafe, Getting To Know One Another, Meeting, Talking, Friends, POSSIBLE Triggers, POSSIBLE Violence, Mature Theme


01/18/2020 02:02 PM 

Where Is North? [Closed Role-Play] by Liam James Forrester

It was a Thursday morning when he woke, he had been back to the right and appropriate time of 2038 for some time now. He sighed as he looked at the rays of sunshine that came through his window, he still hasn't found North. He went to Club Eden, and found out that every android there was wiped, meaning their memories of when he was last here were gone. No one remembered North, Traci; the name she went by while in Club Eden. He had planned on getting her out of Club Eden, and giving her a real life. Though the androids didn't remember he searched the Club, but North was nowhere to be found. As he let that last thought run around in his head, he got up, heading to the bathroom, as he turned on the hot water, not adding any cold water, he didn't feel the heat like humans or androids did. He took a long hot shower. Once he was done, he dried off, and then grabbed his boxers placing them on, then went to the closet to pick out his suit for the day. Since he was a detective he didn't need to wear a uniform. He fixed his hair, brushed his teeth, put on his socks and shoes. He looked at himself in the mirror and liked that nothing was out of place.  He slightly fixed his tie. He then grabbed his badge, and his gun, placing it in his shoulder holster, his wallet and keys.  Liam then went to his car after locking the doors to his house, he then got into his car, and he backed out of his driveway, and he sped down the street. About twenty minutes later he was at the Detroit Police Department. He parked his car, getting out, closing and locking the doors to the car. He walked into the building and was greeted. His thoughts wandered back to North, everyone at the DPD acted as if they didn't know who Traci was, when most if not all of the men in the department didn't go to Club Eden. He asked a few android police officers, but they honestly didn't know. It wasn't because their memories were wiped, all of them never stepped foot in Club Eden, and never met North, also known as Traci. He went and got a cup of coffee, while he was sipping his coffee, he saw Officer Chung come in. He hadn't been able to talk to her, since she was on maternity leave, and today was her first day back. He went over to her, and gave her a brotherly hug. "Good to see you back Chung." He said smiling as he could see the happiness of having a family glowed on her face. "Listen before you start work, I want to talk to you." He said as he led her to his office, closing the door behind him, and had her sit, as he leaned his hip on the edge of the table as he looked at her. "I know you've been on maternity leave, but while I was gone, do you know what happened to Traci?" He called North 'Traci' to the other people in the department, because no one there knew her real name. He took a sip of his coffee as he listened to Chung.  (Chung): She sat down as she heard Liam's words and she sighed, she had hoped that someone else would've told him, she didn't like giving bad news to Liam. She cleared her throat as she looked at him. "Club Eden was wiped, which included Traci, and then she just disappeared, I am not sure if she got deactivated, or became a deviant." She said honestly.  Liam was pissed, not at Chung, but everyone who played stupid to his questions. He nodded. "Thanks Chung, again it's good to have you back, I'll talk to you later." He saw her smile and nod as she left, closing the door behind him. He went to his desk, and rubbed his eyes as he thought for a moment. "Where would you be my love?" He silently asked himself. He let memories of their conversations run through his head, as if they were currently happening. His eyes snapped open when he heard the word 'Jericho'. He logged into his computers, he did a few typing, and found there was bug on his computer to see what he would be looking into. Which made him think that the a**hole who sent him away; had his claws in one or more of the officers in DPD. He disconnected and destroyed everything on the computer that would trace him. He then looked up Jericho, finding the location, he smirked as he got up. "You have to be there...." He said to himself, as he went to his car, backing up his car, and he sped down the street. It took him close to forty minutes to get to Jericho. He parked as he got out of his car looking at the place.  He looked around for a moment, then his head turned as he heard two people talking, they momentarily stopped to look at him, and then they went into the Jericho building. "Alright my love, please be here." He said as he took a deep breath as he walked into the building, and he saw a female android at a desk welcome him. He pulled out his badge showing it to her. "I am looking for North." To his surprise she picked up the phone, spoke, and then hung it up, telling him that she would be right down. He nodded as he placed his badge back to his inside jacket pocket. Less than five minutes later he saw her North. His heart raced, and he felt this gut feeling of wanting to run to her. But if she was wiped he knew he couldn't do that, but he looked her over as she walked towards him, as usual she was breathtakingly beautiful.  Liam felt his throat and mouth get dry, and he shook his head and cleared his throat. From what he assumed by her look, she didn't recognize him. He pulled out his badge and showed it to her, so she would know that he was indeed who she was looking for, and that he wasn't a fake. After she looked at it, he placed it back in the inside pocket. "Sorry to disturb you while you are working, but I was wondering if I could speak privately with you, about a case I am investigating, and your name came up?" He asked looking at her, as he awaited her response. North {Traci} New Jericho was located in a high rise on the top floor. Now that androids was finally starting to get accepted as individuals instead of slaves to humans they had been offered to have a place where the business relations between the two people was taking place. Thanks to Markus she had got to know not that long after escaping from the man that had hired her at Eden Club, they had succeeded. While she at that time only knew that violence was the answer she had hindsight realized that a peaceful resolution had been for the best. With her ex-boyfriend somehow mysteriously missing North had taken over the leadership. This time she was going to walk in his footsteps. And she was no longer the same android she had been earlier. Thanks to Connor, the male android working down at Detroit Police Department she had got a few friends among humans. When Tina Chen had been looking for a roomie North had asked if it was okay for her to move in. After this she had been a different person, smiling a lot and was actually nice to humans that did approach her. The way she dressed was different too; she was wearing either dresses or jackets, pants and blouses plus high heels. Today of all days that unbeknownst to her at the time when she woke up, starting with a shower and putting on a makeup, she was wearing a black dress with spaghetti straps and sandals with high heels as she was told that someone wanted to talk to her. It did make her curious of who it was, especially since he or she knew her as North. Stepping out of the elevator there was no sign of recognition when her brown hues noticed a man that was apparently waiting for someone. Her obviously. Rather handsome for a human. “Yes of course. This way!” Beckoning him to follow to her office she was rather confused what sort of investigation he was talking about. As far as she knew North had not been involved in anything police related since when she had strangled that man and ended up as a case of missing androids in crime related cases against humans. “Well, I am all ears”, she told him, waiting for him to explain his errand. Liam James Forrester Liam followed her to her office, he sat down, without an invitation; something he did everyone, and to everyone. He cleared his throat as he looked at her. "As I said I am Detective Forrester, and I am here on a case about Traci, from Club Eden." He said as he looked at North, wondering if she would try to deny being that person. "Apparently she went missing some time ago, and I have had a few people tell me that the best way to get answers was to speak to a 'North' at Jericho, since this is where refugees come." He said looking at North. He planned to play stupid to see how much she didn't remember, and he cleared his throat. "There is another reason as to why I came." He said as he went into the opposite side pocket as he pulled out a picture of North as Traci. He looked at North, and once again cleared his throat. "I just noticed that she looks like you, however I am aware there can be many that look like you, due to the models they produce. I was just curious if this woman; Traci ever came here for help?" He asked looking at her, watching every reaction, as he awaited her answer. North {Traci} Before North had time to respond this man was sitting in her chair, but she decided not to make it into a big deal. As an android she did not really get tired from standing nor walking. There was a chair opposite that was meant for visitors, where she took a seat, crossing her legs. Hearing his errand she arched a brow, but there was no other reaction to her features that what he had said came as a shock. “A case, eh? Well since I am this North, perhaps I can give you the answers.” She was just but one Traci model. Some had, like her, long hair, while another model, also Traci, had hair in a page. When Connor had been there she was long since gone, and there had been another crime against a human male found dead along with a Traci. “And this is New Jericho; the old Jericho was destroyed in an ambush; but yes, it was a place of refuge for deviant androids like me~” She wasn’t going to deny that she was a deviant, but only her closest friend knew about it and how she had fought her programming to be obedient and submissive to the human clients that hired her to be their sex partner. After each time her memories was erased and depending on location, she was transported back to Club Eden, where she was waiting for next customer to hire her, trapped in a glass casket. Both male and female androids, with different hair colour and appearance. Some was even programmed to pole dancing and not for hire. Taking a deep breath she figured what to tell this man that was looking for her and what is purpose was for doing so. “Yes, she did, and you don’t have to look further, because you are talking to her~” The only way to find out what this man wanted was to reveal herself as that Traci. Her crime for strangling that man was no different from any other crime committed by deviating androids. “And as for help no. There was no one able to help until Markus showed up, following the same trail as every other android did.” If he did not understand anything of this she would do her best explain, but he had to ask. “And what is your business with me now that she is found?” She asked, wondering if he had come to arrest her for murder, although it seemed rather farfetched. Liam James Forrester Liam sighed as he looked at her, as put the picture back in his jacket pocket, and he ran his hand through his hair as he looked at her. "Because I knew and I know you from Club Eden, and I went, shall we say 'missing' for some time, and when I came back; you were gone, no one knew of where you were, or if you were deactivated." Liam said honestly as he looked at her. "I know you don't remember me, but I was your friend, your lover and confidant. And someone who knew I was trying to get you out of Club Eden, they wanted you for themselves, and they were able to send me back in time. It took me time to get back, and when I came back I was devestated and heartbroken to know you were gone." He said looking at her, he couldn't make out any facial reactions and he sighed. "And I am probably sounding like a crazy human right?" He went into his pants pocket, and pulled out his cellphone, he pulled up a picture, he got up and he handed it to her. "That is you and me, two days before I disappeared, and before apparently you got your mind wiped." He said looking at her and he knelt in front of her. "I loved you North, and I still love you, but if you don't believe me, and tell me to get lost so you can live your life, I will respect your decision." He said looking at her as he awaited for her response. North {Traci} His story did seem a bit farfetched but then again, someone that was working for the law enforcement had no reason to lie. Everything that she had been through was wiped and her only recollection of Club Eden was of the man that had hired her and how she had strangled him. The reason thereof was because she couldn’t take it anymore. After the murder she had written ra9 all over the bathroom before getting this vision of Jericho and followed the same trail every android had taken. Simon, Josh, and Markus. The latter had been shot by the police, assuming that he was the crook just because he was an android. It was thanks to him androids was finally recognized as individuals and not slaves. Hearing that they had not only been more than friends but also that he had planned to break her out came as a shock. But it wasn’t all. She had been willing to leave and none of this she could remember. From looking at his face it was obvious that he was telling the truth. When he sighed she shook her head, guessing that he was disappointed that he couldn’t read her facial expression. It was possible for androids to express feelings but it required practice. She knew that androids could cry but she had not been in that situation herself. Before she had a chance to say anything in response her brown eyes dropped to the picture on the display on the phone. Her breath hitched in her throat from seeing kneel in front of her but it was his words that made her metal heart skip a beat. “We were on a date?” The woman on the picture was dressed up, unlike androids from Club Eden. So it could be the truth that she and this man, Liam, did plan to have a life together. “It is not that I believe you, but since I don’t remember any of this, we need to figure out what to do~” Perhaps there would be something that could spark her memory. Waiting for his response she kept staring at the picture of them together. She was smiling and it was long time since she had. Liam James Forrester Liam smiled and looked at her as he cleared his throat. "Yes, we were on a date. And we were falling for each other. I had already fallen deep in love with you, but you were getting to that point." He said as he heard her words and he nodded. "I believe it will take time, but I don't know if you'll ever remember." He said as he looked at her. "I DO have an idea…" He didn't wait for her to respond, as he placed his hand on her cheek, and he raised up and captured her lips into his, as he kissed her softly but deeply, and he could taste how sweet, and amazing she tasted, almost like strawberries, he remembered that taste, and longed for it. He soon pulled back and looked into her brown eyes. "Anything?" He asked in almost a breathless manner, as the kiss was deep and passionate. North (Traci) It was his words that they had been on a date and not being intimate that made her realize that not all men was alike. Since most men that came to Eden Club it was only to hire an android to be their sexual partner, nothing more. If Liam had not disappeared from Detroit then perhaps things would have been different and she would never have joined the android revolution. Listening to his words that it was going to take time she nodded. But before she had time to come up with a response his lips had captured his. Not even Markus had kissed her like this and being an android as well they have connected through touch this kiss made her not only weak in the knees but also breathless and her metal heart started beating faster. “Whoa!” There was a smile that had not been there before and she met his gaze. “Maybe, but I do want us to pick up where we left off~” With having friends in the police department whoever had tried to keep them apart would perhaps try to make a second attempt of keeping them apart, and this time she wasn’t going to get her memory erased. She recalled with a shudder though that Kara had mentioned a device that could erase androids memories too and she hoped that whoever behind this wasn’t that desperate. “So, perhaps we can meet up later, after work, unless you have time off~?” She asked, waiting for his response, expecting him to say yes. Liam James Forrester Liam smirked with her reaction, he found it to be a good reaction, and if she wanted to go further with trying to remember, then he wouldn't hesitate. He heard her words and he nodded. "I am off at six this evening, is that a good enough time for you?" He asked looking at her as he awaited her response. North (Traci) The smile on Liam’s lips did, to North’s own surprise, made her heart skip a beat. She had never felt it before and was honestly looking forward to their date later tonight. What else would it be, she mused. “Where will we meet up? At your work?” Making a brief pause while thinking she wetted her lips. “I don’t know where it is. On what floor I mean.” Knowing that the male android Connor was working at Homicide she knew how to get there. It was with bated breath she awaited his response. Liam James Forrester Liam smirked as he heard her words, and he looked at her. "I am in homicide, but it's the third floor, I will meet you there, at six in the evening." He said as he took her hand and kissed her knuckles as he looked into her eyes, as he then left her office, as he headed back to his work. He had things to do. North Nodding North couldn’t help but feel her knees almost buckle when Liam took her hand and his lips brushed against her knuckles. His eyes was absolutely mesmerizing and she could understand why she had fallen in love with him. The only thing that was disturbing her was that she did not remember anything and only his words plus the picture he had shown her to go on. Once the day at Jericho was over North went to her place which was in the same building. It was a luxury to work and live at the same place. After a long hot shower the redhead female android put on an elegant dressed that was more suitable for using while going on dates. Before getting into the high heels she put on a light makeup and then went to call a cab. Being self-autonomous she gave it the address to the Detroit Police Department. Exiting she told her errand before heading towards the elevators. She was aware of the gazes, and it was an obvious explanation, since she had never been seen around there before. When the elevator arrived on the third floor North went to sit down on a chair, waiting for Liam to show up at any moment and what his reaction would be to her looks. He had after all told that he loved her so she should have an impact on him. Liam James Forrester It was a quarter to six, and Liam needed to go home, shower and get changed. Good thing he didn't live far from work. He left, going home to take a much needed hot shower, he dried off, and then got dressed appropriately for the date. He looked at himself in the mirror and wondered what North would think of it. Soon he was back in his car and back at DPD. He went to his office for a moment, and when two women passed by he heard them whisper about wondering why an android was just sitting in the lobby. He smirked as he left his office and entered the lobby, for her to see him the first time dressed the way he was. When he saw North he stopped mid stride, because she was breathtakingly beautiful, more than ever before. He cleared his throat, and he made his way to North as he extended his hand helping her up. "Forgive me for being a little tarty." He said as he brought her hand up to his lips and gently swept a kiss over her knuckles. "Shall we?" He asked as he offered his arm. Traci  The clock on the opposite wall told North that it was getting close to six. And Liam had told her to come by his work at this hour. From what he had said to her it couldn’t possibly mean that he wasn’t going to show up as promised. So the female android was waiting patiently. Everytime someone walked past her North recognized the look in their eyes. Being a Traci mostly anyone knew what she was, or rather what model. Taking a deep breath that not only helped her cool down the biocomponents it also made her more like a human. Then a movement in the corner of her eye got her attention. And turning her head, hair brown now instead of red, she couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of Liam standing there, all dressed up for their date. Getting up with his help, her legs feeling rather wobbly, she shook her head in response to calling himself tarty and then nodded, gently placing her hand on his arm. Clearing her throat before asking her brown gaze was on his handsome face. “Where are we going?” It had struck that their destination perhaps was the same restaurant where they had gone before their paths unfortunately had been separated; in hope that it was going to help jog her memory. She hoped that it would although having her memory erased countless of times it might require special ways to make them resurface. Waiting for her response wondered if he was taking her to the garage. Liam James Forrester He smiled as she took his arm, and he walked her out to his car, and opened the passenger door for her, once she was in he closed the door behind her, then went to the other side getting into the driver’s side, as he turned the key in the ignition, and he sped off, he was going to answer her, just once they were alone. "I am taking you to where we had our first and last date. We only had one before everything happened. So we're going to Giovanni's." He said smiling. "Which I know you’re aware is in Downtown Detroit; and very exclusive. I just figured you might of looked it up the moment I mentioned it. You always did that, I guess it was your way of hoping if you could 'fit in'. Which one thing I love about you, is you being you, no matter what. Because I don't care what others think, I only care about you and what you think." He said honestly, as he took her hand into his as he drove. Traci “Our first and last date?” The look on her features showed confusion, since it made her wonder if they had spent a lot of time at this Giovanni’s. And Liam was correct about her looking it up. Unfortunately having her memory erased since then she did not find the environment the slightest familiar. “I guess it was our favorite place then?” she asked, while looking through the front window, wondering if there was a chance for her memory to come back. Listening to him talk about her from how he remembered her a faint smiled touched her lips. His words about not caring about what others thought about them as a couple caused her cheeks to flush blue. As he took her hand on his she felt that strange flutter in the pit of her stomach again and how her heart started to beat faster. “I guess that this must have been our favorite place?” she asked, clearing her throat as it got thick from unfamiliar emotions, wondering if his response would be yes. Liam James Forrester He sighed as he heard her question. "When I asked you out; you denied me at first thinking I wanted to give you dinner before I commanded you to have sex with me. But I proved to you I wasn't like that, and we went on our first date. After that date is when I was sent away, and your memory was wiped, so yes that was our first and last date, back then." He said with honesty. He chuckled and he nodded. "Yes, it was one of my favorites and you mentioned that you liked it there as well; so that's why I decided to take you there." He looked at her in the eyes as he heard her question. "Our 'favorite' place was with one another." He said smiling as he looked back out the windshield. Traci That he was sighing made North thinking that it pained Liam to talk about it. And it was rather painful to hear him mention how she had been back then. But then again who could blame her since the purpose with her existence was to be hired by men and women that wanted to have demandless sex. Just like they would with a prostitute. The only difference was that androids that could not spread sexual transferred diseases. “Why were you sent away?” Hearing him chuckle made her feel less tense and she found herself smiling at his words. Now no one was going to wipe her memory, and if he wanted to ask her something she was going to be honest. Even about Markus, the male android that had entered her life and helped her people get the freedom they had fought for. “So, if so, then what will happen after our date?” If he wanted them to move in together or anything she was not going to say no. Liam James Forrester He sighed when he heard her question. "I wasn't; someone knew my attentions and planned on stopping me, and they did, by sending me back in time." He said as he shot a glance at North, then back the road. He smirked hearing her words, and he chuckled softly. "I believe whatever we want to happen will happen, and to enjoy the moment together, and find out where it goes from there." Traci It was a bit of a shock learning that someone actually had been desperate enough to keep them apart that they didn’t hesitate to send him back in the past. “Did you ever find out who was responsible? And why? I am just one of many Traci’s so I do not understand why go through this effort~” Aware of his gaze North turned her head to look at him with her dark brown hues before her attention went back to the road, seeing that they was approaching Downtown Detroit. Hearing him chuckle made her relax in the passanger seat and she nodded, feeling a smile curve her lips. “For me it feels like the first time, and from my perspective it is”, she smiled, eagerly waiting for them to arrive at this restaurant known as Giovanni’s. It was perhaps a long shot but perhaps it would help her remember. That it would at least give her some flashbacks. Kara had managed to escape a man that had erased her memory and she managed to get her memory back. Liam James Forrester Liam sighed as he nodded. "When I found a way back, there was a trail I could follow and found out who did it, and why, before I took him in. However he had other plans and decided to fight back, and I ultimately killed him." He said honestly as he continued to drive, as he kept his eyes on the road. He sighed. "It's because I had an interest in you, which is why it was done. He was against androids having love with humans." He smiled as he heard her words, as he glanced at her for the moment. "We'll make it your first time, because we are starting over, and it'll be amazing, I promise you." He said smirking as they soon made it to Giovanni's, and he pulled into the parking lot, turning off the car, he got out, and went to the passenger side and opening the door for North, as he helped her out of the car. Offering his arm, he led her into the restaurant, and waited until they were seated, he then pulled a chair out for North, and helped her sit down, and he sat across from her, waiting for a waiter or waitress to appear. Traci While listening found herself North initially found herself flattered by Liam not giving up into finding her. And that he had even killed the man that had decided to separate them made her cheeks flush blue. Since she never felt like this before she was unaware that it was going to make her stand out from the crowd. When the reason for what had happened the smile that had been on her lips faded and she frowned. A soft sigh escaped her. “This is exactly what New Jericho is hoping to change; that humans and androids can live in harmony and with one another if they wish.” The smile Liam then gave her chased those bad thoughts away and the smile she gave him was shy, looking at him through her lashes. Her metal heart had started to go pitter patter from hearing his words and once again she could feel her cheeks flush blue. He was such a gentleman: helping her out of the car and offered her his arm, leading her to this Giovanni’s and then pulled out a chair for her. Perhaps her tongue would loosen later on, right now she was immersed by everything that was going on. Once seated her brown gaze landed on the menu in front of her and she picked it up. It was so many delicious dishes, both written in English as well as Italian. Looking up to see Liam holding a menu as well she flashed him a genuinely warm smile, and cleared her throat. “Even if this is supposed to be our first time perhaps you can tell me what we were having on our original first date?” She asked him, cocking her head, and hoped that he was able to answer before the waitress heading their way arrived.  Liam James Forrester Liam liked the shade of blue upon her cheeks when she blushed, he saw the smile leave when he glanced at her, and he sighed as he agreed. "I know, and I do hope that one day it will all be better than where it is now." He said as he glanced at her once again. Liam smiled as he looked at North, seeing that beautiful smile of hers, and heard her question, and he nodded. "We had the Chef's special, which that night was Shrimp and Squid BBQ Marinade." He said looking at her. "You enjoyed it, just as I did." He said wondering if that was what she was going to go with. Traci The bluish tint on her cheeks was the only thing besides the LED that actually was giving an android away. How strange it may seem her people could actually cry. And it had nothing to do with their deviancy although it made it possible for them to experience emotions just like any human. “I do hope so too and that New Jericho will finally reach this goal~” The blush to her cheeks returned as their gazes locked once more and she gave him a shy smile. Little by little North was finding herself relaxing in his presence and she had to admit that Liam was rather handsome. “I would like us to have the same thing we had back then~” Breaking eye contact her brown gaze went to the menu and then turned her attention to the waitress that stopped by their table. It was not a surprise that there was a look of recognition from the waitress. “Two Shrimp and Squid BBQ Marinade, please”, she told the waitress after clearing her throat. Hesitation a bit she then reached out, her fingertips touching his, waiting for his response with bated breath. Liam James Forrester Liam nodded as he heard her words. "Well if they have you in charge, then I know they will succeed in getting to their goal." He said smiling some. He heard her words and he nodded. "We can definitely do that." He said smirking, as he looked at the menu, though he already knew what they were going to have.  When the waitress came, Liam ordered red wine, as North ordered the food. He watched as she hesitantly reach out to him, and he smiled as he looked into her eyes, as he gently took her hand into his, and his thumb gently ran against the back of her hand. Traci A faint smile touched her lips from hearing his compliment. “Thank you, but I wouldn’t have done it without the help from my friends Josh and Simon~” Here her voice faltered, since the third android was the one that served all the credit. Markus and no one had seen him in years. If it wasn’t for him none of this would have happened and the androids would still be treated as slaves. It was he who suggested them to fight back and stand up for themselves. As he took her hand in his and she felt his thumb stroke the back of her hand North met his gaze, smiling. “Now that I am no longer working for Club Eden then we can plan the next date before parting ways.” She assumed that they had not, despite being friends, lovers and confidents, been intimate yet, even if it was for this purpose alone she was designed and therefore existed. “By the way, I would prefer that you call me Traci~” She smiled, giving his hand holding hers a squeeze. Liam James Forrester He smirked as he heard her humbled words as he looked at her. "You're most welcome." He said as he could tell that there was something else, but he wouldn't press her to talk about it. He smiled as he looked at her. "Oh I planned on making a second date, now I actually have the chance, I won't skip that moment." He said as he looked at her. He heard her words, and he nodded. "As you wish my beautiful Traci." He said smiling at her. Traci This date of theirs did remind North of her short relationship with Markus. Compared to Liam however they had never been on a date. And it later turned out that they were too different for it to work out between them. Taking a deep breath she pushed those thoughts aside and focused on the handsome man sitting in front of her. “Oh, will it be tomorrow?” She couldn’t hide her excitement any longer and it surprised her that she was actually looking forward to a second date. Not to mention curious where it was going to lead. She smiled, and then laughed some. “I have honestly no idea what made me ever consider changing name and call myself a direction of a compass~” Then a movement in the corner of her eye got her attention and she pulled away her hands as the waitress returned with their food and drink. Time had really been flying since it felt like they had just placed their orders. “Well, bon appetit”, she smiled, reaching for her glass and brought it to her lips. The taste of the red wine left a strange, tingling sensation on her tongue and she nodded with approval. “Good choice~” With that said she then dug into her food, eating with good appetite. Once in a while she looked up, waiting for him to do the same, and when he did, she smiled. Liam James Forrester He smirked as he heard her question, hearing the excitement in her voice. "Of course it will be, unless you will be busy?" He asked looking at her. He chuckled as he heard her words. "Maybe you believed you deserved a new name with your new life?" He asked looking at her. He smiled as he heard her words, and he inclined his head as he began to eat his food, remembering his manners, as he used the napkin when needed. He took a sip of his drink when he heard her words and he smiled. "I am glad you like it." He said smiling as he went back to eating his food. Traci Taking a deep breath she wetted her lips, her metal heart beating faster than usual. “I can always ask one of my friends help out, but aren’t you at work tomorrow?” They could always meet up around the same time when he got off from work. And perhaps after their dinner date they could do something else. She smiled at his guess of why she had decided to call herself North. “Maybe, or that I was just one of many Traci’s and I wanted to be different.” Back then she had definitely not been happy with her life, since she was only meant to be a pleasure for humans, nothing more. Focusing on her food and drink she wondered what was going to happen after. And if they only a dinner date before it was time for her to head back to Eden Club when Liam had disappeared. Her memory had been erased; while waiting for him to return North had been stalling this procedure, but when he didn’t show up she had no choice but to let it happen. Liam James Forrester Liam chuckled some as he looked at her. "It would be after work of course." He said looking at her, with a slight smirk on his lips. "If you give me a time, I will come to your work and pick you up, if you wish." He said looking at her. He nodded in understanding. "I completely understand that, but no matter what your name is, I love who you are as a person." He said honestly looking at her, so mesmerized with her beauty and personality. He then focused on his food, and began to eat as he wondered what they should do after the dinner, a few things came to mind, as he continued to eat. He stopped for a moment, wiping his mouth and took a sip of his drink. "How would you feel about seeing a movie, or going for a walk after dinner?" He asked awaiting her response. Traci Smiling at his suggestion of picking her up at Jericho. “Of course, it will be after work, and I was thinking about 6pm?” It was when her work day ended and she figured that the Detroit Police Department closed around the same time. And if it didn’t there was always some paper work to be done. His words was really moving and Traci found herself blushing, and she looked at him through her lashes. No one had ever called her beautiful or even said that they loved her before and it made her metal heart pound harder in her chest. “Thank you”, she said, her voice thick with emotions and she cleared her throat. Turning her attention back to her plate she took a spoonful and then picked up her glass, taking a long sip. “Why not both and in the same order you mentioned it”, she smiled, waiting for his response while eating up and then emptied her glass of wine in small sips. Liam James Forrester He heard her words and he nodded. "Six in the evening would be perfect." He said smiling as he looked at her, he knew his day would be over around that time. He smiled as he looked at her. "You don't have to thank me, I only speak the truth, but you're welcome none the less." He said smiling, as he went about to eating his food, as he looked at Traci wondering what was on her mind. He smiled as he heard her words and he nodded. "Yes, we can do that, I think it'll make this date even more perfect." He said smiling as he went back to eating as he watched her closely. She was so beautiful, he wasn't aware if she realized it. Traci “Then it is decided with 6pm being a perfect time to meet here on after”, she smiled, figuring that neither was working during weekends and both could be more flexible then. But since she had not been spending much time outside of work, truly enjoying herself she wasn’t that knowledgeable about what to do during dates. The smile of his was contagious; and as far as North knew it had been long since she had felt like this. Previously she had been very distrusting towards humans, but somehow she knew that Liam had been honest with her. The way he was looking at her couldn’t be faked. “I couldn’t agree more to what you are saying”, she smiled, aware how handsome he was. It wasn’t like she had ever told it to anyone and never received it either. As far as she knew Markus had never called her beautiful; Liam was the first one to show her a genuine interest. Finishing the food on her plate she emptied her glass of wine. “So will there be any dessert?” Liam James Forrester He smiled and nodded. "Yes, it's agreed upon." He said raising his glass to her, as he took a sip of his drink, and then went about to eating his food again. Liam didn't know what North had been through since he went 'missing' for such an amount of time. He didn't know if she hated humans, or got along with humans. He remembered when she spoke of her dislike of them and what she had to do. But he didn't know how she specifically felt now. He smiled hearing her words and he looked at her. "It was perfect the moment you agreed to go out with me." He said smiling at her. He finished his food, and his glass of wine. He heard her question, and he smiled. "Depends, what would you like for dessert?" He asked smiling at her. Traci Smiling she went back to eating. Every memory she had of Liam and her dating was sadly erased. If it had not been for him disappearing North wouldn’t have been distrustful to humans. It was thanks to Markus that finally managed to make her see that not all humans are bad. Still she only trusted a few humans. Like Hank Anderson, Tina Chen and Chris Miller. And Liam of course. Well, Elijah Kamski too. She had changed opinion about him since he had let Chloe, the very first female android to make the Turing test. “You are flattering me”, she smiled, her cheeks blushing blue in response to his words. It made her wonder if there had been someone else in his life before androids existed. Her brown eyes lingered on his features before drifting over to the menu; reaching for it she looked at the listed desserts. Naturally everyone was Italian and it was difficult to know beforehand what it was going to taste like. “Gelato”, she then said, after learning that it was a special form of ice cream and smiled. “What about you?” Liam James Forrester Liam smirked as he heard her words. "Because you deserve to be flattered, and pampered, and so much more." He said smiling as her. He looked over the menu, and saw the desserts, and thought for a moment, as he heard what she was going to order he smiled. He'd had the Gelato before. He wanted to try something different. He looked at North and smiled as he spoke. "I'll be trying the Tartufo." He said as he saw the waitress come around, after North ordered hers, he ordered his, and he waited until the waitress left. He looked at her. "So what do you think of this place so far? And our date?" Traci North couldn’t help herself from blushing once more from the impact of Liam’s words. “Thank you, it means a lot to hear that”, she smiled, wondering if they in this rate it wasn’t too soon for them to move in together. Right now she was living together with Chloe, another female android that had been one of Elijah Kamski’s servants. The CEO of CyberLife had one day decided to let her go, and it was when Chloe had showed up at New Jericho that she had invited her to live with her. As Liam decided to order Tartufo North’s brown hues found it among the dessert section. It was a sort of ice cream too, but in the middle it could have a cherry. “I enjoy it as well as our date”, she answered smiling, looking up from the menu she was holding, and cocked her head. “What about you? Do you enjoy it as much as I do?” She knew that his answer would be yes, but she wanted him to say it. Liam James Forrester Liam smirked at her. "You don't have to thank me, when I only speak the truth, however you're welcome none the less." He said watching her closely. She was so beautiful, it was like with his time away, her beauty blossomed. He didn't know any other woman that looked as gorgeous as she was, and he doubted he ever would. Liam cleared his wondering thoughts when he heard North speak, and he smiled. "And just to think, that the date is far from over." He said smirking. When their dessert came he began to ate it, and nodded in approval. He looked at North. "How is your dessert?" Traci

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