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06/26/2019 08:53 PM 

The Rules

coming soon

Child's Play

06/26/2019 07:06 PM 


TWISTED BOB ROSS: COOKING The chaos was manageable until the smoke detector began to chirp. That’s when the proverbial sh*t hit the fan. The chirping smoke detector set the babies off and once they got to crying Andy’s brain rattled in her skull. She turned down the heat on one burner and bounced over to make sure the oven wasn’t on fire. She shushed and cooed at the twins and climbed on a chair to waft the smoke away from the annoying machine screwed into the ceiling as she looked back for Rory, who was supposed to let her know if the room got too smokey. “Why didn’t you tell me that…” but when she looked back she saw the frustrated look on Rory’s face. She had been signing and apparently giving Andy warnings about the smoke all along. “Oh… okay, I got this. You try and distract the babies and calm them down, I’ll make sure the house doesn’t burn down.”SO DARK: Signing “Oh no, I learned when I was a kid,” Andy spoke with her hands as she sat down across the table from Jai. When they had met back at her cabin all of those months ago things were too hectic and nonsensical to really get a flavor for one another. It was much nicer without all the violence and screaming. “I picked up ASL when I was ten or so. I had a foster sibling who was deaf and unlike a lot of the other kids I met in the system we actually got along. I’m a little rusty though, so sorry if this is only half making fork. I mean sense. Sorry.”RAVEN TALONS: Summoning The whirlwind on the ceiling was only getting bigger and thicker and purpler and scarier with every passing second. Some thunder-adjacent noise boomed from within it and blood and frogs rained down, splattering and croaking on the table in the middle of the room. Andy backed away and looked to Samuel with the expectation that he was going to do something about this. “Any day now, buddy,” she said, “I’m not sure what other signs you need to know that this is backfiring on us but… I’m pretty sure that a rain of frogs means quitting time under most summoning circumstances.”CLAIRE: Loving Every bone and muscle ached in Andy’s body, even the ones she forgot she had. Why did her elbow hurt? What was up with that? But the twins were finally down and resting like angels even if they were crying up a storm only a few minutes earlier. Andy collapsed onto the bed and nuzzled into her wife’s arms. They were both frazzled — hair a mess — and covered in spit up, and drool and a tiny amount of baby pee. The exhaustion was so strong and pure that Andy couldn’t imagine ever getting up from the bed again. Maybe she would die there. Then, she felt a gentle kiss on top of her head, and listened to the steady, calming heartbeat that thumped under Claire’s chest, and she knew where she was going to find her strength to get up again when she had to. She had everything she needed right there.DEATH DEALER: Fighting“The thing about chainsaws is that you can’t think of it like any other weapon,” Andy said, pacing around Aurelia while the chainsaw in her hand hummed and rumbled in its idle setting. The chainsaw Aurelia brought with her to learn how to use it in a fight did the same, though the teenage werewolf held it in a crooked, odd sort of way. There would be time to work that out later. “It’s not a sword or a fist or anything that you should think of as an extension of yourself. It’s a tool, a beast of machinery made for intimidation. It chews up anything that gets too close, and that’s the key to it, kiddo. You’re not fighting with grace… you’re fighting to f*** sh*t up.”


06/26/2019 04:01 PM 


Welcome. Before we get started there are just a few rules that we would like for to read and follow if you are thinking of joining us here.


06/26/2019 02:12 PM 


“This is how everything went wrong last time.” Emilia repeated once again to her brother over the phone, leaning against the kitchen counter, head resting in the palms of her hands, fingers running through her hair. She was almost pulling her hair out with all of the stress she was under. She had multiple parties to plan and finalize with clients as well as one of her biggest clients to date coming up, a very high maintenance bride to be and her big day around the corner, the last thing she needed was him adding more stress. ”Just don’t show up, it’s what I did.” Once again Emilia rolled her eyes at her older brother’s words. “Oh yeah, and it worked out sooo well, eh? You already got booted out for what happened years ago and then when you didn’t show up to your wedding there was hell!” It was like August wasn’t listening to her. She understood what point he was trying to make - their father couldn’t force her to marry someone she didn’t know, nevermind love but it was worse for her. After what had happened when she was just fourteen years old - you know, almost dying and that sh*t - and August was shipped off to live with their grandparents, Christian was on lock down with his daughter.He nearly didn’t even let her go back to boarding school to finish her education. She was barely ever allowed out the door. It wasn’t even that he cared if she died, he was barely around to even see her anyway so why did he have to be so anal about it? Their father had always been on some sort of power trip, always trying to enforce some new rule on the siblings and ruin their dreams. What’s new, eh? It was the main reason why Emilia had finally had enough and packed her bags and left London and followed her brother over to the city that never sleeps. That and the fact that their mother had passed away not too long ago. Without her there to fight their corner there was no chance of Emilia being able to talk their father down. “What if he does something August? Like, what if he decides to come to New York and try put my business under so I’ll feel like I have no choice but to go back. I don’t want some f***ing arranged marriage, jesus christ why can’t he just understand that?” Once again her head was in her hands and she was holding back the tears. Some kids wish for wealth growing up, but sometimes money doesn’t bring happiness. Look at the two of them - both turning their backs on the money from the family just to be away from it. ”Don’t be so dramatic Em, he’s just going to pester you and threaten to disown you.” Emilia laughed at the thought of that conversation. “Yeah, and I’ll tell him to drop me off at the court house on the way so I can change my last name and be done with the a**hole.” ”Yeah, yeah. I got to go, I’ll talk to you later.” With that the phone call ended and Emilia was left on her own to deal with her thoughts. Luckily for her she wouldn’t have to sit and stew on them for too long as she had a client waiting to discuss their ideas for their grand event at the company. She had been hired by the IMG Modelling Agency for their New York branch as they were celebrating another birthday and wanted to “go big or go home.” As far as she was aware, they were letting some of their models in on the planning of the party - after all, who knew better than them on how to put on a good show? Lets be fair, most people don’t go googling images of models in clothing for the actual clothes. Nor do most average people care about the clothes on the models on the runway - just the models. She quickly fixed her hair and makeup, grabbed her phone, keys and her folders, shoving them into her bag as she left her apartment and headed down the stairs to leave the building. It didn’t take her too long to get to the location that she had set up to meet the clients at. The appointment was for 1pm, she got there with almost fifteen minutes to spare and sat down at the table after pouring herself a glass of water. She pulled out the folders and placed them in front of her, each containing so much different information - catering services, bands, color schemes. Most of the time clients had an idea of what they wanted but sometimes it was hard for them to explain their vision in words so Emilia found that having the folders to use as a rough guide always helped because most people would say things like “that’s it! That but in a different colour/pattern.” It always worked in helping figure out the harder decisions too. She took a sip of her water, flicking through the pages in front of her as she waited for the clients to arrive. She had no idea what any of the girls looked like but it wouldn’t be too hard to spot them, right? A couple of tall, beautiful girls walking through the doors of the almost empty restaurant - it wouldn’t be too hard to figure it out for her.


06/26/2019 02:23 PM 

◜ BIO. ◞

✧ ° ∶ ✧ ° ∶  finley rhee.Born in Sydney, Australia to two lovely parents. Of course, he never got to enjoy life by himself. He shared the womb with a twin sister (role is open -- brother is negotiable). He’s led to believe that fairy tales aren’t always made up to what they really are. His father, CEO of a global hotel & resort chain. His mother was a beautiful woman who held their family together for as long as she possibly could. Perks of his father’s job, he’s given free board at hotels and resorts across the world.Expanding his business out of Australia, he moves his family to Los Angeles, California. Finley being the young age of ten, Finley is annoyed with the idea of having to start all over in an entirely different setting.They lived in a massive home overlooking the Pacific ocean. Every single day, Finley missed Australia and he was certain he’d never forgiven his father for the god-awful move.Instead, he invests in other things besides school. He begs and pleads to be put into dancing classes at a young age. Once he hits the age of fourteen/fifteen, he becomes fairly popular on a video game streaming site, supplied with top-of-the-line consoles and unreleased games thanks to his father’s financial standing.At the age of sixteen, the largest tragedy happens to their family. His mother and father announce their divorce. (Father having an affair with one of his young assistants). The divorce led his mother down a dark road. Drugs and alcohol. After a year, she overdoses. Sending Finley to spiral down. Sadly, his father had no remorse for their mother or Finley. It caused him to find a lot of resentment in his father. Drowning himself in his dancing and video games, he learned how to fend for himself without his father’s attention. Oddly, the attention wasn't equaled out between him and his twin brother. (Insert name) was getting treated better. --- It takes a toll on Finley when his twin brother is getting treated differently than him. Assumingly better, but not all that better (secretly). Dabbling in drinking at a young age, he also dives into the exciting life of drugs. Eventually, his father is marrying the young assistant. (WHICH only makes things worse.)Current Day: Finley is eighteen and currently living with his best friend (Elijah) in an LA loft apartment. Finley is an exotic dancer at a club downtown LA. In his spare time, he also does cam shows online. He’s heavy into excess drinking, as well as drugs. He doesn’t care how reckless he becomes, as long as he can forget his name by the end of the night. Aiming for bigger things, he constantly posts videos of himself dancing up on his YouTube channel. He also dreams of owning his own dance studio. ˗ˏˋ There's still a lot of development with Finley. Some things I do not have listed in his bio. They don't necessarily need to be added in unless talked about in our SL. OR. I feel the need to bring it up. I do have tons of ideas and I want to develop way more things for this character. I'd love to have help from other writers. ˊˎ˗

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