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01/21/2017 04:18 PM 


Links here


test lyt.

01/21/2017 11:24 PM 


home // audition for salem

Name: Sabina King
Species: Mermaid
DOB: October 1, 1882
Physical age: Late 20’s
Occupation: Owner of Black Lotus
Traits: Savvy, unsymphathetic, fun-loving, adaptable, sharp.
Face Claim: Rihanna Fenty (negotiable)

■ the unofficial mermaid den mother of salem

■ owner of black lotus, salem's tattoo parlour

■ should be the queen of south salem (or of anything, really)

■ shines bright like a diamond

Name: August Murdoch
DOB: January 23, 1974
Education: SIM- House of Psyche, class of 1992
Occupation: Everything
Traits: Good-hearted, quirky, ambitious, emotionally stunted, clumsy, talented
Face claim: Andrew Garfield

■ has a thousand jobs

■ lucinda van kirk's personal assistant

■ need someone to do something weird or really last minute? better call gus.

■ mama's boy

■ has a bet ferret named lulu

■ aspiring filmmaker

■ knows your full name, family, and probably your coffee order

Name: Jeremy Gunn
DOB: June 1, 1972
Education: Salem High School, class of 1990
Occupation: Hunter and bartender
Traits: Seemingly superficial, impulsive, humorous, guarded, loyal, enigmatic.
Face claim: Sam Claflin (negotiable)

■ comic relief of the hunter squad

■ youngest member of the gunn show

■ flirtiest bartenter at the werehouse

■ show-off with a heart of gold

■ has a tragic backstory you'll never hear about

Name: Kiera Stone
DOB: April 1, 1977
Education: SIM- House of Athena, class of 1995
Occupation: Hunter, lifeguard, and server at the Salem Country Club
Traits: Responsible, selfless, cynical, brave, compassionate, mistrustful.
Face claim: Kat graham (negotiable)

■ don't let the face fool you

■ truly a phoenix rising from the ashes

■ not your baby

■ weapon of choice: vervain laced bullets

■ not a mermaid, but she sure swims like one

Name: Lincoln Blackwood
DOB: August 7, 1968
Education: Salem High School, class of 1986
Traits: Wounded, pessimistic, responsible, paternal and tough.
Face claim: Stephen Amell

■ one legged man, three legged werewolf

■ owner of the werehouse bar in south salem

■ there is most certainly not a secret fight club in his basement

■ lone omega wolf (by choice, seriously)

■ honorary vampire hunter

Name: Camilla Davenport
DOB: August 27, 1979
Education: SIM- house of Hermes , class of 1997
Occupation: Heiress
Traits: Deceptive, charming, brilliant, flirtatious, fearless, callous.
Face claim: Antonia Thomas (negotiable)

■ the marcia frickin brady of north salem

■ filthy rotten rich

■ model student who happens to be addicted to hemlock

■ house of hermes '97 murder clique

■ expert at concealing the truth

Name: Layla Winters
DOB: July 2, 1979
Education: SIM- house of Hermes , class of 1997
Traits: popular, outgoing, uninhabited, bright, selfless, conflicted.
Face claim: Shay Mitchell (negotiable)

■ california health nut, but we still love her

■ looks like a cinnamon bun, is actually a cinnamon bun

■ is she the only one that thinks murder is like... wrong?

■ so charming, it might just be magic

■ aspiring restaurateur

■ weakest link of the house of hermes

■ she's just trying her best, someone help her



01/21/2017 10:05 PM 

Brother Nero

~ Global Force Wrestling
GFW Tag Team Championship (1 time, current) - with M. Hardy



01/21/2017 09:57 PM 


Global Force Wrestling
- GFW Tag Team Championship (1 time, current) - with J. Hardy


Hella. The Norse Hell

01/21/2017 08:22 PM 



 photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif


  "And yet you have counseled me to not adventure on the road that I had chosen, because is perilous?" The light was still grey as the sun had not yet climbed, there he was on Heavens Mount, surrounded by all manners of treasures in his mind, talking to the rocks, he tough them to kindle them as he steeped over, well organized as his ancestors, the ones I cared for, for those who died and for those who bring me all the provisions.

 Hel, one of the nine worlds are for those who are not killed in battle, it's too cool may say, not as the Greek and Xsis ones, I my self presume to be a Lady, and describe its great sorrowing to be human, not a place of punishment the Underworld is. Odin gave me this place as it's authority in the 9 worlds, meaning the half black and half flesh is me, is everywhere as could be yours.

 At this, who would wake me in the instincts of the realms, who would? as you question your self above the rest and clime further? For the Treasure, when the final resting place of the soul is in my bed.

 photo DWTZd_zps1021bf2a.jpg

Do, not wake me or bother to die for me, while is cold out there, here is freezing bliss, its such an immaterial place that many had wish to want power from while it continued, how many had died without a sacrifice, the Gjoll, the Bridge of Hel is thatched with gleaming gold, and my Maiden who guards it came to stop my peace. 

 photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif photo ertergghk_zps6dc2880e.gif

"Mórgud, over the river Gjöll what does it bother you downwards and northwards?" The gate between the living and the gate of the death she mention, now it was huge as the walls who are extraordinary high. "The Helgring has being opened." She murmured, "Agh! is it an other hobbit with a ring in it's little toe?" I'm a Giant Goddess of death and people do not believe what happens in the reality of the Mirror I see my self with, my mirror of misery, have not I given my vow of poverty to Helblindi, he would not bring me the death, such a lovely water Giant friend, not a soul. "Helblindi, where are you? Who is coming next?"

 photo karen-olson_zps1a4389f2.jpg

  The sickness, all I knew beyond doctoring and mastering, this for I had no friends in the living, they feared I would infect them with my touch, but such information is not much, for instance as you come closer tell me, why do we get thirsty? there was a part in the center of my mouth, who sends messages to the back of my throat with a combinations of salty feelings. I had to confess and look in the mirror again, to drink from it. "If I could come out for you? Would you forgive me?"

 photo wedding_zpsaaed738c.jpg

Five troops of dead men crossing the bridge in horseback, galloped in perpetuation bringing me a release of energy called death in exchange of power. I said that if everything alive wishes to be immortalized the gates of Hel over which Sleipner leaped easily, shall be crossed over and returned alive before freaking out. This for the treasure was hidden here, and even Odin would fear in disguise. AEsir sent messages throughout the Gods and Giants, Giantess too, rumors had being obtained far away onto Midtown, to the Shire too as the Gods of Asgard became bare awaken.

 Little of you have known my name, or why you do you crave looking for me with piercing fear of loosing your highest device, had taught my self to look in the reflection of the soul and every living, of the society and three classes of men, as the female who all bore children, you see there was always a light at the end of the rainbow who connected us, you see there was me as well touching your unconsciousness, giggling to have your whole subconsciousness standing next to me.  Digging in my reflection where most people end.

 Half my face burns and brakes wishing to be seeing,  was ready to rest again, as I have spoken, workmanship and handicraft are all of super sight and hearing, they do bring me smiles with them tempered genius, but you will not wish to pass the Golden Passage and risk what you loved most in a one only single Strike. 

 photo wetrrwg_zps85b74bcd.jpg

"Tell Helblindi to let this one pass, please, and that I wish no Storms nor noise between this icy walls" I had returned now the payment of wisdom towards the shores of mankind, creatures and Gods, to expand the horizons. "Anyone can have it." Laughed fairly as my rounded Jingle, bells the thrill. 


The Succubus

01/21/2017 01:22 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

  • Disclaimer: I am not Vera Bambi (the play by) nor am I Alison Le'Saunt. Alison is a character I made, she's an original and not restricted to any single universe. I did not make my layout, I just hid certain sections of my page through HTML Coding. The photos on my page and in my folders are not made by me. Alison's story is created and written by me.
  • OOC: When discussing a storyline I will be speaking about my character in third person, I do this all the time in order not to confuse what I am saying with what my character is saying. It makes things easier all around.
  • IC: I always roleplay in third person narrative with speech quotations, italizations, and boldings. Speech quotations are for when my character speaks. Italizations are for when my character thinks. Bolding is for emphases or texting speech, depending on the situation.
  • Roleplay Style: I am an experienced writer averaging about 10 years on roleplay sites. I am what some consider a veteran of roleplay, not as old as some, but back from myspace days. I am the type, when I get into a storyline, to write an average of 5-10 paragraphs. I think this is considered mega/novella....I was never clear on the rules between those two. With that said, my style ranges on the storyline. I am comfortable anywhere from Para-Novella.
  • Grammar: I am NOT a grammar Nazi. I am not an English native myself, therefore I do not judge. As long as I can understand what you're saying to me, I will be fine. One thing I do not tolerate is IC text talk....Unless it's a "text" within the storyline.
  • Limits On Character: This is NOT an erotic site where every single storyline I build will be smut and nothing else. Please get this through your head right now. I love writing, I excel at a good story, and as we all know amazing stories tend to get steamy in the middle. I am fine with that, but I am not fine if a story has ONLY that. I am not here to satisfy some creeps handy, if you know what I mean.
  • Bullying: I am not the type of person to give two damns about what you think of me or my character. I honestly couldn't care less about 99.9% of you, therefore, if you harass me, my friends, or try any stupid kid sh*t you WILL get blocked and reported. I do not want to deal with bullies, and I don't have time to.
  • About the Writer: I am a recent college graduate, I am currently in the transition period where I am trying to find a job. This means, I am not on here every day, I will not answer my messages or comments the moment they come in, I can be gone for a day or four out of the week (usually during the weekends). This doesn't mean however that I am ignoring you. I do not ignore people. I get back to every single one of the messages that are sent to me in the order they were sent. Don't rush me, don't bitch at me, I am not the person who will coddle you. I have a life outside of this, most of us do. Respect that! Other than that, we will be fine. If you haven't noticed yet, I am not a very kind or bubbly person, but it's just who I am. You don't like it, delete me now. Thanks.
  • For all those who are still left, leave me a gif of your choosing so I know you read through this.

The person behind Alison Le'Saunt 


Got -A Secret RPG

01/20/2017 11:33 PM 


Related image

1. Name Of Character:
2. Book Or Television:
3. Posting Limit:
4. Sexual Orientation: Don't have to answer.
5. Are you going to be on every day? A couple days off is fine.
6. Please post at least a paragraph sample.


Got -A Secret RPG

01/20/2017 11:11 PM 


Image result for pretty little liars gif

Don't get surprised, bitches, of course it will have rules. But don't worry, my darlings... they will be straight to the point, and there will be no bullsh*t "hidden" areas.

Related image

1. This RPG will not solely be based off the show. I am giving open access to all characters and aspects. Love the book series? Make a book character if you want to. I love the books as well. I even rped Jordan, Emily's killed off girlfriend, from the books. I had her on MySpace and even brought her into the Chatzy rooms. As for the different aspects? I know some people have their thoughts about the time jump. So if you don't like the time jump, go ahead and rp the first years before the jump or even make your own AU storyline.

Related image

2. I know everyone expects the worst when it comes to dark and graphic themes. Me? I think the darker and graphic indosed roleplays, the more imaginative they get. You know? Don't worry. You won't get killed off unless you fully want to. But if you're against dark themes, which I guarentee some people will cringe at. Don't worry. You don't have to be into dark themes, just tell us. We are reasonable people.


Image result for pretty little liars gif

3. I do prefer that everybody in this group knows how to do at least ten sentences to complete a paragraph. Even better? I prefer everybody do multi-para. Three or more paragraphs. The more paragraphs, the more thinking some of the elite rpers will love you!!! Got it? Moving on.

Image result for pretty little liars gif

4. I understand not everyone likes the pairings made on the show, or even in the books. So, if you see your character with someone else? I am all for it. Don't judge me, but I will give my five unusual ships. Mona/Alison, Hanna/Emily, Mona/Spencer, Aria/Jason, Toby/Mona

Related image

5. I am not a grammar nazi, but sometimes things get so hard to read that you have to give people their criticism. A lot of sites do have spell check, and  I am sure everyone needs to learn how to spell. That is one of my more pickier ones.

Image result for pretty little liars gif

6. Just a warning, and this may throw some people off. There are a lot of elite Pretty Little Liar rpers around. I have seen them. You all know who you are. We have have two to three of each character. How are we going to do this? Well we know that not everyone can be here every day, so we will have Chatzy's going on, or you can seek them all out individually. It is all up to you. Also? Side note, here. The Chatzy's aren't mandatory, but they are fun.


ℂapo ᴰᴵ ℂapi.

01/20/2017 11:32 PM 



I. My iteration of Jackie Estacado keeps all of his comics in canon, including the crossovers. He will be mainly portrayed as resurrected after the two-part "Darkness Falls" series. The events of this resurrection will be touched on at a later date. For now, just know this is an extension and maturing of Jackie after David Hine's run. That said, David Hine and Phil Hester's runs are the definitive inspirations for the writing that will occur.

The video games were wonderful adaptations, in my opinion, but that's a source I'll draw only a few things from; None of the events in the games are canon to my character, except those events that translated directly from the comics to the game (Or vice versa, with Jenny becoming the Angelus in the game first, and then the comics later). I will be bringing an enemy from the second video game into my canon, but under different circumstances.

II. Jackie Estacado's identity as The Darkness is not largely known. It's a secret that he has intimately kept, to the point where even Batman hadn't figured out who he was during their run in-- not that he made any attempt to discover his identity. Very few canon characters outside of the Artifacts Universe know who he is. Among those that do are Superman (And if a conversation about The Darkness comes up between them, likely Batman), Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Wolverine, The Hulk, Vampirella, Tomb Raider, Pitt, Eva (Daughter of Dracula), Painkiller Jane, and Darkchylde (Ariel Lynn Chylde). Remember this; If you're none of them, your character does not know.

III. Just because Jackie is part of the Artifacts Universe doesn't mean he knows the backstory of the other wielders. He simply knew who his enemies were when the 13 were being drawn together. There's room to build with all of the characters beyond fighting to the death. Each character has a humanity to them while being monsters just the same. So, anyone portraying Artifact Bearers, know that I'm interested in exploring that humanity as well.

IV. Mouth of a sailor. Crude humor. Womanizer (Less so in later years). Don't take offense to it OOC, but feel free to be mad as Hell IC.

V. The Darkness has always seemed to play well in the DC playground. Marvel? Not so much. I'll attempt to write with both, but will be more DC minded. This is purely from a character standpoint, as I personally like Marvel more than DC. But DC makes the most sense for Jackie. That said, Gotham can look forward to seeing a lot of Estacado.

VI. I'm not one of those people who likes Original Characters geared toward being long lost siblings of Jackie Estacado. Original Characters are fine, but I won't acknowledge anyone being related to Jackie who isn't said to be related to him in the comic canon.


I. Multi-Para to Novella only, but I will post as I see fit. I won't be held to anyone's "Minimum" and if that displeases anyone reading, you aren't obligated to roleplay with me. 

II. Literacy is key, but don't worry -- you don't have to be a master with words. Competency with the English language is all I ask. If I can't get an idea about what you're writing, there's a problem... and that goes for the people with a thesaurus on hand, too. 

III. Patience is key. I do have a full-time job and a life, so I can't be around all the time. I'll do what I can.

IV. If we add one another and we don't write... eh. It is what it is. I won't make a big stink about it, if you sit on my list. I know that's an odd guideline, but I'm not going to stress anyone for this.

V. I'm not about that T1 life; I indulged in that during the Yahoo! Messenger days. I'm writing, not fighting, so you won't see me appear in Tournaments or anything of the sort. I'm not looking to stroke my ego by beating someone in T1. Conflict arises through story, that's it. 

VI. Mirrors. I'm not sure. I'm going to have mains, especially when I kick off "Artifacts". If you can't respect that I'll be writing with others, don't bother. 

VII. I like to RP in messages and on Group Pages. Comments are reserved for OOC. I'll only make an exception to this for certain people -- Close friends who may prefer RP in comments.

Out of Character

I. No personal information will be shared.

II. AIM? Yeah, I have it. That's given out sparingly and not just on a whim. Don't be surprised if the only contact you have with me is on the website.

III. Linking to no personal info will be shared, understand that I am not here to form any kind of 'relationship'. If my character is in one, it is purely IC. OOC, my life is entirely seperate from here.

IV. Drama? Not a fan, although I have caused it from time-to-time or been a part of it. It's what we do. If something is started, let's try to work it out. Otherwise, let's do our best not to drive each other mad with nonsense on a website. I've been here before, so if you didn't like me then, I really don't expect you to like me now; I do expect you to not cause problems.

V. I interact with who I want to, whether you have a problem with them or not. Whether you suspect some past connection or anything of the sort. If you see me writing with someone I may not have liked before or I disrespected, know that it's because there's no need for me to hold a grudge.

VI. Deleting me, for any reason, is all good. Don't think I'll try to put you on blast. I might go "What did I do this time?" though. Hah.



01/20/2017 11:24 PM 

This is my idea.. SBK read my f'n blog..

No Spoilers, No Spoilers, No Spoilers

Think I covered it. Obviously, this is a customized version of the Henry Mills character.

Anything we do, will be A.U. from the show. I am aware of the characters, who they are, and how they relate to the Henry character

I do not want the twists and stories within the series to be revealed. Any surprises, of any kind, I don't want to know.

What you see is what you get, what I see is what I get. Obviously, I am aware that characters evolve within the series. People want to make their characters in role-play who they represent in the series at that point in time.

I am willing to write with them, but I don't want the details of how they came to be. I have the unique perspective in not being too deep into the show, so I can take the characters/evolved characters as they are in face value.

As long as there's no spoilers in it, or the story.. then, I am fine with the role-play. Remember, this is a custom, evolved character as well. I don't do series time-line, or events.. I do A.U. within the Once Upon a Time verse..

I've opened him up more as a comic book anti-hero/hero character to expand the character to other verses as well. I am based within the Once Upon a Time Verse, but.. that doesn't mean, I'm not capable of writing in others.

I am not, the Sons of Anarchy character, but.. I know that verse really well and that's why I wrote crime as a part of my verses. I can put him anywhere really.

Main details you need to know..

During an intense battle in Storybrooke, a portal opened due to the intense magic being cast around. Henry fell through, not being able to stop the power the portal cast. During this time, he grew up without the support of his family and friends. He learned how to be a seamen, an accomplished pirate.

It was a different world and time.. It was the same world and verse that he knew back then, but none of his family was around anymore. Killed in an intense war, by the time he grew up under being Merlin's Apprentice, he was the only one left able to defend against the dark magic plaguing the Earth..

Since then, he's had military training.. Archery training, weapons and hand to hand combat training. He's a master of Sorcery, the most intense arts of it. Everything Merlin knew, he taught Henry. By the time Henry was powerful enough to cast a portal through time, he was an old man.

A warrior, the world he lived in was an alternate time-line, he knew.. once he left, he could never go back. It, and him.. would forever be parted.. The family he cultivated and known since then, would seize to exist. They would disappear all together.

He wanted to use the knowledge he acquired over the years of his training/life to help his current family out. To ensure that the world he left, would never be that same world again.. He goes by the title/handle Warlock.

In all sense, he's still Henry from the series. He's more battle-hardened and wiser due to his life experience and the things he's gone through. He's a powerful believer, and practitioner of the most advanced arts of magic/sorcery.

For example.. He has all of Merlin's power and magic ability now.. Meaning.. He's capable of handling himself against the likes of Maleficent, Merlin himself and others with the same powers, including the Dark One.. any version.

All relationships will remain open, I do not do mains/connections.

My character is a very dark/intense version of him. Kind of like, Batman/Punisher with magic. He's been through Hell literally and back. He also wields the Keyblade.. Yes, I am a Kingdom Hearts fan. I may/may not incorporate that material in our stories either.. but, it's my choice and decision to do so..

The Henry I play, had a family.. he lost during an intense battle. He has a slight drinking problem, and suffers from p.t.s.d. from time to time. He's still pure of heart, so he can wield the blade. The laws of the blade are still intact.

He does not need the blade's magic for combat. He can wield and control magic without the blade. The blade just makes his magic stronger. No one else but him can wield the blade. It's just a random weapon in someone else's hands. He can use the blade to open portals between worlds easier then trying to conjure on his own.

Like I stated before, I most likely will tie the Kingdom Hearts story-line into the Once Upon a Time verse as well. It's a good idea, most don't do it.. and it still maintains that whole, "real-life" "Disney Magic" stuff, that Once Upon a Time does.

My on-line time varies, I am really relaxed about my reply time and my replies. I wanted to combine two worlds together, and it's a pretty good match. I most likely will be doing that. Just remember, it's an idea and a base to go on, so when people randomly ask me if I have ideas.. they can see that..

Keep the drama to yourself, I'll add anyone who wants to write with me. I just ask that you keep it A.U. no spoilers, and just keep it entertaining is all I want. Looking forward to all the great, future stories..


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