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March 21st, 2019

Gender: Female
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Age: 47
Country: Spain

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March 28, 2016


03/06/2019 01:21 PM 

Treason against King of Spain.....
Current mood:  adventurous

Anyone gets caught plotting or move strike against your king whom is me King Philip III of Spain will be put to death by hanging until you are dead. Anyone gets caught in Fraud will be punish by jail serving 30 years in prison but allow to plea their case and will be heard. Sudden Death rules Spain and no one else does and trying to be me I will have you banned from Spain never to walk the cities again.

King Philip III of Spain

05/11/2018 05:02 PM 

King of Spain ( shorty story )
Current mood:  creative

Philip III of Spain, son to Philip II of Spain and Anna of Austria who became king to Spain after his rightful age and was trained to be king like his father. When King Philip III of Spain married to Margaret of Austria whom became is queen bore him 8 children he was lucky to produce to male heirs to the throne of Spain along with daughters as well. As king he kept up the guilds his father had put in for the people of Spain to serve and protect the people. He knows he wants to be the wise ruler for the people just like his father because he father told him a wise ruler takes care of his people while protecting them as well. After his children have grown up while having their own children while his marriage to Margaret had ended now the King of Spain wonders if he should fine another worthy of his heart yet won't use him for his title.

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