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Age: 28
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March 07, 2017



12/05/2017 11:35 PM 


Image result for pomsky

1) When Finnley was little she always wanted a small dog, her parents told her no because they had little kids running around and it wasn't the time nor place for a small dog.  So when the time is right Finnley is going to buy a pompsky 

Image result for trip to hawaii small
2) Finnley has been wanting to go to Hawaii since she dropped out of college to become a photographer.  She has seen pictures on the internet of the nature and she wants to get in on that action.

Image result for nikon d3300 lens

3) Finnley desperately needs a new lens for her Nikon camera.  She has had the same lens for the past 5 years and it would be nice for an upgrade.

Image result for nikon tripod
4) A new tripod would be nice.  The last one she had fell into on coming traffic and the bastard didn't even slow down.

Image result for chromebook
5) A Chromebook would help Finnley a lot because her laptop now does not have enough room for pictures so she would just transfer her pictures onto the chromebook after she edits them.

Image result for fireball box

6) Fireball is her favorite liquor if you want to get Finnley drunk just put this in a cup and hand it to her and she will be your best friend ever.

Image result for moscato box

7) Wine is Finnley's best friend, she didn't get through college without it late nights when her ex was away she would turn to Moscato box wine to get through the hurt.

Image result for Ford escape

8) Finnley needs a new car, the car that she has now is a beat up '69 Chevy Impala and she wants one that is up with the 21st century

Image result for yoga lessons

9) Finnley desperately needs to find a way to get back to her center.  She really wants to get  yoga lessons for a year.

Image result for three best friends girls

10) Finnley really wants to go on vacation with her sister Preston and her half sister Whitley.  She feels like she doesn't know either of them as well as she would like to and it would be a nice treat for all three of them.


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