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About me:

Many millions of years ago I was born into a time that that was still new to the world. The family that gave birth to me had never even wanted me so I grew up as their slave rather than their child. I did all of what they wanted and if I didnt I was punished severely for it. My life was a brutal one as I grew up. I had many scars inflicted upon me, even when I was a good child. Didnt seem to matter to them how they treated me, until finally I grew tired of it and ran away from home. Life outside was better than what I had lived with my family. I hunted animals to survive and slept in caves, surviving this way until I was about seventeen. Then one day while I was hunting I was surprised by a bear.

I tried to fight it off but it was far stronger than I was. It took away my weapon and tossed me like a lifeless doll. I got scared and attempted to run away, but tripped over a tree root. I tried to crawl away but I couldn't. So as I waited for the bear to end my life someone jumped in and saved me. He fought the bear and killed it with his bare hands. I had never seen anyone who had such amazing strength. He helped me and fixed me up until I was completely healed. His name was Krilik and we became the best of friends. He was like the family I had always wanted, but never had. He took me in and introduced me to his friends and we did all kinds of things. We stole food, pulled pranks we would gather materials we would need.

It was all fun but no one ever got seriously injured. Then when I was in my mid twenties he again surprised me with something. It was on the night of a full moon he took me into the forest and I watched in surprise as he transformed into a werewolf before my very eyes. I probably should have been terrified but instead I was mesmerized. He could have killed me at anytime, but instead he took me in treated me as a brother. Then to my surprise he turned on me and before I knew what was happening his teeth were already digging into my neck and ripping away my flesh. I tried to yell but couldn't I struggled to pull myself across the ground but my vision was blurring and I grew weaker from the loss of blood. Finally I succumbed to the darkness and passed out.

I awoke several days later completely healed, even the scars I had received from my parents were completely gone. I confronted him about it and he told me what he had done. I was now a werewolf just like all of them. He explained that from then on I would never age and that my body would heal from any wound, and then he began my training. for the next several months he taught me how to deal with all the urges and how to control the beast inside me. He taught me how to hunt and survive. When he felt that I was ready he told me that I would soon be part of a war, one that has been going on since long before his existence. So then he began to teach me how to fight and kill and when I was ready I joined the war. This was no ordinary war however, this was a war between werewolves and vampires. It was a bloody war with no end in sight.

Krilik was the leader of our army and I started out as a lowly foot soldier, but as hundreds of years passed and I won battle after battle I worked my way up until I was his second in command. Our army consisted or different levels of soldiers starting from the werewolves who lost the fight against themselves and turned into save beasts unable to return to their human form again, then their were the ones who could transform but hadn't fully mastered their transformations, and then there were soldiers like me who were savage warriors and had master control of their transformations and could utilize them in battles. Though hundreds of thousands of years dragged on and we werent getting any closer to ending the war. We lost many comrades old and new and the fighting was finally starting to affect me.

Finally I decided that after the next mission I was going to leave and not tell anyone. I was tired of all the senseless bloodshed and losing comrades left and right. So we readied for the final mission was to ambush a caravan of vampire food supplies, but as we got to our destination and began to prepare we were caught by surprise by the enemy. We were caught off guard and separated from each other. Many comrades were killed in that fight, I took on as many as I could and tried to get to Krilik but couldn't. So then it was there I decided to just leave and never look back. I fled the battlefield killing all enemies that stood before me. I never looked back so I don't know if he saw me running away.

From then on I roamed the Earth as a drifter moving from town to town sleeping outside and hunting for food. If I couldn't do that then I took on odd jobs in the towns I visited so that I could afford food and a place to sleep. I started doing it in every town I visited. I even started taking on jobs to rescue people for profit. Then after thousands of years had past while on a job I was attacked. He had been a bounty hunter who had heard of my deeds and told me their was a bounty on my head with a good price. He was strong and I barely managed to win. I was heavily wounded and when I healed I began to train myself so that I could handle any more people like that. As the years went on I pushed my body beyond its human limits increasing all of my abilities.

In the process it made my transformation all that more powerful. I was able top take on bounty hunters of all kinds, but this has driven the price of the bounty higher. Even now I am still targeted by them, but that is not all. Turned out Krilik found out about my betrayal and he had sent soldiers after me to kill me. So not only did I have to fight bounty hunters I had to fight members of my own kind. Even worse still there were vampires out there that would hear my name and would attack me in hopes of making a name for themselves if they managed to kill me. And to this day i still continue to fight to survive traveling from city to city. I have collected a vast fortune that the entire world could live off of for thousands of years and I but I continue to live.

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