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Winterfell, Westeros

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About me:

My name is Maya Stark, though I have gone by many others in the past as well to keep myself safe from our many enemies. You want to know my history? Alright then but not all of it is happy.

I was born as the third child to Catelyn and Ned Stark and second daughter to them both after my sister Sansa of course. I never really gave much thought about being a highborn child as some have come to call it and I never saw myself as a princess either.

I was there for our mother's lessons on how to be a lady and I always listened to every word she had to say and I sat through the history lessons learning all that I could of the other houses around us. Of course the history of those conciderd our enemies I paied close attention to and learning all that I could about them and those conciderd our friends,even though I never trusted any of them.

When our other siblings were born I found myself being very protective of them like a big sister should be and when Arya wanted to learn to fight I would take her some place where we couldn't be seen and teach her how to do so until our mother called us back home again.

I know much about being a lady that is true, but like Arya I am the warrior wolf of the pack, my spirit has always been in the way of sword's play and archery as well. Our father knew this and mother did as well, because one day when I thought no one was around I took up the arrows and fierd them at the target,never missing, even tough at the time I was only twelve and there they both were standing behind me and clapping and when I turned around I quickly put down the bow, but our father came to me and gave me a hug saying that a lady should always know how to protect herself, but also know her place and afer that mother hugged me as well and we went to eat supper.

I was always respecful to my parents, but I often would sneak out of the castle when no one was looking and go hunting on my own to get more food for my family and learn the skills,but one day when I was doing so I ran into some bandits in the woods and they attacked me so I used my arrows to fight them off and the last man that was standing I shot first and then took his sword from him cutting off his head.

On that day I took back my arrows and took the man's sword as my own going out to the woods and finding a good boar to kill and one shot was all it took and after that I cleaned the arrows again and took the boar home with me placing it in the kitchen without anyone seeing me.

I went back to my room and looked at the sowrd I had taken, it had a black wolf's head on it's hilt and was powerful steel,perfectly balanced in every way and I smiled deciding to call it Dark Slayer because the blade was black instead of silver and it had writing on it in an old language that I had learned saying 'One can always find the light in the darkest of places' when father came in I tried to hide it but he saw the sword and asked how I got it and so I told him and of course I got scolded for sneaking out and fighting with no guards around me, but then he praised me for being so bold and such a skilled warrior and then I told him it's name and he smiled saying it's a fine name for a sword.

When we found the Dire Wolf pups I took the one that was black like the color of my new sword's blade and called her Shadow and from that day she never left my side.

When Robert came to visit we all linned up of course and he spoke highly of us all and I was at awe with the knights he had and their armor as well. My eyes then met with his queen Cersei and her brother Jamie who was by her side and just from that one look I hated her,but some how her brother seemed to have some goodness in his eyes.

The day that Bran was climbing the tower like he always had I was there with him to watch over him as always, but that day was different for that was the day he saw the queen and her brother Jamie making love.

I tried to get to him on time, but it was too late and he was thrown off the tower, but unknown to them I had seen Jamie do so and when Bran was taken to be healed I prayed to the gods to keep him safe and help me one day get revenge on them both.

I never liked the prince Joffrey and when Arya's Dire wolf bit him I was there laughing about it,but then we left Sansa and Joffery to be alone...why she loved that monster I will never know.

Any way I could go on for hours about what my family has been through, but I don't wish to bore you so I will go to the day our father took us to King's Landing, such a glorious city it had been and of course in that place I played the part of the lady trying on dresses and learning to sow, but I always had my sword hidden just in case.

I was like a viper in the grass just waiting for my time to strike,but sadly that time never came and when father was banned a traitor I pretended to be angry at him for such an act and played the part very well if I do say so myself.

When my father was killed I was forced to watch them take his head,but I fled sortly after that knowing that I might be next,but I hated leaving Sansa behind with those monsters and it killed me to do so.

I travelled through the lands since then, changing my name when I had to and I even found myself in Dorne at one point where I met the princes because they knew who I trully was and had no trouble with it, I came to admire the one they called Red Viper, but he told me his true name was Oberyn and I met his wife as well.

He tought me many skills and I learned to fight like them, I also learned all about poisons and the many uses for them as well. He became like a father to me in some ways and when I met Mycella Lansiter I came to see that she was nothing like her mother and she and I became friends.

I left Dorne after a while and sailed to many other places as well, I heard of the mother of dragons and I knew that she would one day take what was her's and of course I was all for it.

When Robb and our mother were killed I heard of this and it killed me inside, I was back in the north at that time and I heard from some men in a tavern speaking of it and like Arya had done with Needle I took Dark Slayer and cut off the man's head and the others I fought as well never needing my arrows at that moment.

When Oberyn was killed by the mountain I was tempted to go back there and teach them all a lesson,but I knew that wasn't wise and so I kept on the move and never staying in one place for too long, though I did find a small village that I liked and that is where I became the apprentice of the Blacksmith, who tought me to forge swords and armor and also the weak spots in all types of armor because he knew I might find that info useful one day.

I have been through many more things, but I will stop here for now though I will say this I have seen the White Walkers and the Night King and I have killed some of the White Walkers with Dark Slayer's blade. Now I am finally home where I belong along side Sansa, Arya and Bran awaiting Jon and Daenerys's arrival, so that we can all stand together against the armies of the dead who are invaiding our lands.

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The Jewel of Naath

Jul 18th 2021 - 11:25 AM

Sansa calmly waited in the hallway outside of the Dragon Queen's rooms. 

"Her Grace will see you now." 

Missandei's words broke her musing and Sansa walked slowly but confidently into the solar that was adjacent to Daenerys's bed-chamber.

There were many tasks ahead of Sansa but the first was to get the Dragon Queen to agree to stay at Winterfell a little while longer. Not just for the northern armies to rest and gather their strength, but to give Sansa more time to gain her trust. The North was at stake and some difficult choices lay ahead. 

Missandei was well aware of Sansa's desires and she warned her Queen to be careful. Sansa was smart and dangerous. Her mistrust grew even more in the night of the battle, down in the crypts.

Daenerys was sitting quietly, nobly, in a chair in front of the hearth. An empty chair was across from her. They both regarded each other with the practiced appraisal before Daenerys raised her arm to the chair, indicating that Sansa should sit. She wordlessly walked over and sat across from Daenerys.

Missandei closed the door behind her to rejoin the celebration in the Great Hall, leaving them alone in the room. She stood alone, wondering what will happen next, not really in the mood to celebrate. 

That's when she heard a voice behind her. She turned around and saw a girl with a large black dire wolf. "Lady Maya..." she said softly. "I could ask you the same question." 

Lara Targaryen

Feb 21st 2021 - 3:49 PM

"I'm going too have too send her a message and let her know to come too fight for us well me.I'll let her know in a letter.Thank you Maya you may leave i'll figure everything out."Lara said knowing she didn't wanna talk about war as Lara sat there and begins to write a note too her sister in black Pen Lara was feeling overwhelemed already and she needed too relax indeed but somethings were certian that she didn't want nothing more than to end the knight king and his armies.
Lara Targaryen

Feb 21st 2021 - 3:25 PM

"You are right we have to find the others first and reunite them here and all other kingdoms to follow we have to try and figure out something Maya. I know that for a fact I want to be a better one than my sister.I was hidden before my sister and Khal Drogo brought me out of harms way from my brother Visery's now i'm here thanks to them and hoping I have your blessing just like Jon. You see I never knew what love is or still it's hard for me to understand."She spoken gentle towards Maya trying to get her to understand about her since it was true she didn't know much about love at all and she was lucky too have Jon and Maya at her side for that matter she didn't really care too much about the others like Lannisters or Boltons.
Lara Targaryen

Feb 20th 2021 - 6:07 PM

"I'm not going too push you if you don't wanna do this darling.It's up too you."She spoken knowing Jon was not happy but Lara was family person and everyone didn't know what love was so Jon had too remind her and Maya at the same time she was with Jon since she could remember and it was obvious Lara didn't know what love was. She looked at Maya while sitting down she rememers how Sansa didn't like her either so this was hard as it is.
Lara Targaryen

Feb 20th 2021 - 3:03 PM

Lara held his hand and new that he was worried and such things as she kisses his cheek firmy nothing will take this from her heart that she would protect Maya."Maya come sit your brother and I been talking and I need extra hands to take the throne dragons are tough yes but they also have their weakness I was talking to Jon and with his premission you could join me and fight with me what do you say.?"
Lara Targaryen

Feb 20th 2021 - 2:42 PM

"I know how you feel Jon look at my brother Visery's for instances he didn't want to let me go either in this world cause he only knew that men would use me to get too the throne I didn't want that I wanted too see the world and go run and about but honestly look where I am now I meet you and I couldn't ask for someone better don't threat with you here we will protect her I promise."Lara said as she told the guard to fetch Maya from the training grounds she wanted too talk to her about something she didn't know what love meant still and Jon still had to show Lara what it meant."Jon you okay you haven't been talking to me much speak to me please have I done something wrong.?"
Lara Targaryen

Feb 20th 2021 - 2:14 PM

Lara looked up towards Jon who just came back from out side and knew that Maya wanted revenge for everything just as much as she did on Cersie and of course Lara would grant it if Jon would allow it."Jon My sweet I had an idea and I wanted to know if you let me have Maya on my side so that way me and her could take our revenge on Cersie I know you protective of her cause of Rob I was only thinking of it but if you don't allow I won't let it happen."Lara said looking up towards him gentle.
Lara Targaryen

Feb 19th 2021 - 10:05 PM

Lara was trying too figure out what move too make next she was rather scared without anything or help but she had the stark family well some of them and whoever was around still and Jon who was King of the North.She stared at him looking at the map playout as she was wondering how she would get the throne.
Lara Targaryen

Feb 19th 2021 - 1:56 PM

It was snowing starting too snow as Lara was getting quite cold. She looked up towards Jon and told him she was heading inside she didn't want to hold up Maya on her fighting and such as she was trying too figure out what to make her next move next because of her sister she was known as Mother of Dragon's and Lara was known for it as well she had her children too protect.Her and Jon been so close since after her sister and she takes off her jacket and places it on the chair.
Lara Targaryen

Feb 19th 2021 - 1:35 PM

Lara heard Jon and smiled warmly than back towards Maya there nothing in her mind that she wasn't strong Lara could tell she was strong.  Lara looked up towards Jon Lara was so happy to be here at winterfell it was nothing like she wanted to be and be at home with the new family thank god that she wasn't with her brother or the Dorthoki."Well you are very well trained and i'm sure Rob will be so proud of you."
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