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About me:

My name is Maya Stark, though I have gone by many others in the past as well to keep myself safe from our many enemies. You want to know my history? Alright then but not all of it is happy.

I was born as the third child to Catelyn and Ned Stark and second daughter to them both after my sister Sansa of course. I never really gave much thought about being a highborn child as some have come to call it and I never saw myself as a princess either.

I was there for our mother's lessons on how to be a lady and I always listened to every word she had to say and I sat through the history lessons learning all that I could of the other houses around us. Of course the history of those conciderd our enemies I paied close attention to and learning all that I could about them and those conciderd our friends,even though I never trusted any of them.

When our other siblings were born I found myself being very protective of them like a big sister should be and when Arya wanted to learn to fight I would take her some place where we couldn't be seen and teach her how to do so until our mother called us back home again.

I know much about being a lady that is true, but like Arya I am the warrior wolf of the pack, my spirit has always been in the way of sword's play and archery as well. Our father knew this and mother did as well, because one day when I thought no one was around I took up the arrows and fierd them at the target,never missing, even tough at the time I was only twelve and there they both were standing behind me and clapping and when I turned around I quickly put down the bow, but our father came to me and gave me a hug saying that a lady should always know how to protect herself, but also know her place and afer that mother hugged me as well and we went to eat supper.

I was always respecful to my parents, but I often would sneak out of the castle when no one was looking and go hunting on my own to get more food for my family and learn the skills,but one day when I was doing so I ran into some bandits in the woods and they attacked me so I used my arrows to fight them off and the last man that was standing I shot first and then took his sword from him cutting off his head.

On that day I took back my arrows and took the man's sword as my own going out to the woods and finding a good boar to kill and one shot was all it took and after that I cleaned the arrows again and took the boar home with me placing it in the kitchen without anyone seeing me.

I went back to my room and looked at the sowrd I had taken, it had a black wolf's head on it's hilt and was powerful steel,perfectly balanced in every way and I smiled deciding to call it Dark Slayer because the blade was black instead of silver and it had writing on it in an old language that I had learned saying 'One can always find the light in the darkest of places' when father came in I tried to hide it but he saw the sword and asked how I got it and so I told him and of course I got scolded for sneaking out and fighting with no guards around me, but then he praised me for being so bold and such a skilled warrior and then I told him it's name and he smiled saying it's a fine name for a sword.

When we found the Dire Wolf pups I took the one that was black like the color of my new sword's blade and called her Shadow and from that day she never left my side.

When Robert came to visit we all linned up of course and he spoke highly of us all and I was at awe with the knights he had and their armor as well. My eyes then met with his queen Cersei and her brother Jamie who was by her side and just from that one look I hated her,but some how her brother seemed to have some goodness in his eyes.

The day that Bran was climbing the tower like he always had I was there with him to watch over him as always, but that day was different for that was the day he saw the queen and her brother Jamie making love.

I tried to get to him on time, but it was too late and he was thrown off the tower, but unknown to them I had seen Jamie do so and when Bran was taken to be healed I prayed to the gods to keep him safe and help me one day get revenge on them both.

I never liked the prince Joffrey and when Arya's Dire wolf bit him I was there laughing about it,but then we left Sansa and Joffery to be alone...why she loved that monster I will never know.

Any way I could go on for hours about what my family has been through, but I don't wish to bore you so I will go to the day our father took us to King's Landing, such a glorious city it had been and of course in that place I played the part of the lady trying on dresses and learning to sow, but I always had my sword hidden just in case.

I was like a viper in the grass just waiting for my time to strike,but sadly that time never came and when father was banned a traitor I pretended to be angry at him for such an act and played the part very well if I do say so myself.

When my father was killed I was forced to watch them take his head,but I fled sortly after that knowing that I might be next,but I hated leaving Sansa behind with those monsters and it killed me to do so.

I travelled through the lands since then, changing my name when I had to and I even found myself in Dorne at one point where I met the princes because they knew who I trully was and had no trouble with it, I came to admire the one they called Red Viper, but he told me his true name was Oberyn and I met his wife as well.

He tought me many skills and I learned to fight like them, I also learned all about poisons and the many uses for them as well. He became like a father to me in some ways and when I met Mycella Lansiter I came to see that she was nothing like her mother and she and I became friends.

I left Dorne after a while and sailed to many other places as well, I heard of the mother of dragons and I knew that she would one day take what was her's and of course I was all for it.

When Robb and our mother were killed I heard of this and it killed me inside, I was back in the north at that time and I heard from some men in a tavern speaking of it and like Arya had done with Needle I took Dark Slayer and cut off the man's head and the others I fought as well never needing my arrows at that moment.

When Oberyn was killed by the mountain I was tempted to go back there and teach them all a lesson,but I knew that wasn't wise and so I kept on the move and never staying in one place for too long, though I did find a small village that I liked and that is where I became the apprentice of the Blacksmith, who tought me to forge swords and armor and also the weak spots in all types of armor because he knew I might find that info useful one day.

I have been through many more things, but I will stop here for now though I will say this I have seen the White Walkers and the Night King and I have killed some of the White Walkers with Dark Slayer's blade. Now I am finally home where I belong along side Sansa, Arya and Bran awaiting Jon and Daenerys's arrival, so that we can all stand together against the armies of the dead who are invaiding our lands.

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The Imp

Nov 17th 2022 - 2:06 AM

Everyone knew what an idiot Joffrey was, though whether anyone liked it or not, King Robert would see to it that the filthy brat would be named King after him. Despite the fact that Prince Joffrey was his oldest nephew, that didn't make things any easier for the dwarf. Hell, if anything it probably made things even worse. At least he'd be able to smack the idiotic boy prince a few good times. That alone would be enough to make him feel at least slightly better, though Joffrey wouldn't feel the same way. 

Bran seemed to have suffered from a form of amnesia, saying he had absolutely no memory of what had happened just before he'd fallen from the window of that tower. It was a little disappointing for Tyrion, due to the fact that he would've liked to hear what had really happened and what the boy had actually seen, though for the boy's sake he supposed it was a good thing that he didn't remember. 

At least, that's what Bran had pretty much told everyone who'd asked him what had happened. 

Whatever the case might be, Cersei and Jaime certainly seemed to be at least a little relieved about it. Maybe they were a little too relieved. Of course, he didn't exactly have any actual proof that they'd been doing anything to warrant the need for the boy to fall from that tower window in the first place. 

Sansa seemed to be excited about the betrothal, though Joffrey didn't really seem to care all that much. That wasn't really much of a surprise, especially since Joffrey didn't seem to really like anything unless it involved hurting others to the point where blood would be shed. That and there was the fact that the prince seemed to take great pride in the fact that he was royalty, or so everyone thought. 

"Oh, I'm sure the direwolves will definitely protect you girls from danger." His voice was soft as the words slipped past his lips. 

It was the truth in every sense of the word as far as he was concerned. Direwolves were extremely loyal and protective of their humans, should they be raised by any. If anyone so much as dared to even think about hurting any of the Stark sisters, the direwolves would attack the perpetraters without hesitation. Hell, they would probably even kill said perpetraters. With a place like King's Landing, the girls would need every bit of protection they could possibly get, that was for damn sure. 
The Imp

Nov 12th 2022 - 6:43 PM

Petting a direwolf without getting attacked was something that most people could only ever dream of. Unless, of course, they were in Lord Stark’s family. The same thing could have been said for anyone who wished to either have, pet, or ride a dragon back when there had been a lot of the great winged beasts around. If someone had Targaryen blood flowing through their veins, then it would be easy for them to tame the dragons. Tyrion had naturally assumed that it was the same for the direwolves. If someone had the blood of a Stark running through their veins, then taming direwolves would more than likely be a hell of a lot easier.

So, when he got the opportunity to pet the black direwolf in front of him pretty much handed to him? Naturally, he couldn’t resist leaping at it. Slowly, he reached out toward the magnificent creature, being extra careful to not make any sudden moves or do anything the direwolf wouldn’t like. He was well aware that things would more than likely have to be on her terms and not his. Otherwise, the chances to befriend her were probably going to be slim to none. Ever so gently, he carefully allowed his fingers to slide across the fur, immediately noticing just how incredibly soft it actually was. Seven hells. It was truly the softest fur he’d ever felt before in his entire life and it would be all too easy to get used to petting it.

If the dwarf could have had his way about things, the Stark family wouldn’t ever have to be separated. Hell, they wouldn’t have to even worry about anything at all. It didn’t matter if House Lannister and House Stark were on opposite sides, surely the children were all innocent. What Jaime had done to Bran was in no way excusable, though because he was a Lannister, he was a part of one of the richest families in all of Westeros. Tywin wouldn’t let anything happen to his favorite son, nor would he allow anything to happen to his daughter. On numerous occasions, the oldest Lannister had made it clear that he’d always wanted his youngest son to die, however, because Tyrion was a Lannister, he wouldn’t allow any harm to come to him either.

Of course, Tyrion himself hoped that Bran would end up waking up from the coma he was in. As he’d told his older brother, he would be quite interested in hearing what the boy would have to say about what had happened just before he’d supposedly fallen from the tower window. Would the boy remember anything about the incident? If so, what would he remember? Ever since his oldest nephew, Prince Joffrey, had been born he’d speculated that the boy wasn’t a true son of King Robert. Of course, there was no way to be absolutely certain of it. Neither Jaime nor Cersei would openly or willingly admit to anything.

For the both of them to be worried about what Bran might tell people if or when he ever woke up, well, it was a little suspicious. However, no one would think too much of it since the Lannister family as well as the Baratheon family were in Winterfell as special honored guests. Only when Shadow moved to follow after her master did Tyrion seem to come crashing back down into the cold cruel reality that was known as life. Not exactly wanting to get left behind, he quickly followed after the both of them back to the castle.

Upon arriving, he took a deep breath and slowly let it out again. The huge feast was sure to be filled with all sorts of fun and entertainment. Not to mention there was bound to be more than a few stories that would be tossed around while everyone laughed and had a great time. Hell, even King Robert had gotten himself into the middle of it, drinking wine and laughing as he had fun kissing multiple different women, despite the fact that he was married to Cersei. Cersei, on the other hand, just sat next to Lady Stark and watched everything with an unamused expression written across her features. It was clearly obvious that the North didn’t suit her as well as King’s Landing did.

Once Tyrion had taken a seat next to his brother, he watched as Ned stood up and made the announcement. While everyone else seemed to be thrilled at the announcement that Prince Joffrey would be married to Lady Sansa, he couldn’t exactly help but feel sorry for the poor girl. Sansa was sure to be excited about that, however, she didn’t know Joffrey the way that he did. Joffrey was nothing but a spoiled rich brat who was doted on by Cersei every time something was even remotely wrong. Whenever he was upset about anything at all, he pitched a hissy fit until he got his way. The boy was an absolute idiot and he was completely unfit to be the eventual king, though no one dared to admit it out loud to anyone, especially not in front of the King and Queen.

Hearing the news about Bran finally being awake sent a silent wave of relief flooding through his system. At least the boy had managed to survive through everything he’d been through. That in itself was more than enough to cause anyone to feel a certain amount of relief and happiness. The Stark family was still whole and it needed to stay that way. After a while, he’d started drinking the wine and feasting on the meal, surprised by how delicious it actually was.  

Getting to his feet, he headed outside for some fresh air. At least, that’s what he’d told a few people who had actually bothered to listen or inquire as to where he was heading and why he was heading outside. Most of the people there hadn’t even bothered to realize what he was doing or where he was going. Was it because he was a dwarf? Or was it because they simply didn’t really care?  If he had to guess, he’d say it was probably the latter, which wouldn’t surprise him.  

When he reached the outside, he stepped out into a relatively cool breeze that seemed to be flowing in from the side. He had to admit it felt pretty good, especially after being surrounded by a lot of different people. Plus, there were a lot of fires that had been lit within the castle, so of course it would get rather toasty pretty fast within the castle walls. What he hadn’t been expecting was for anyone else, other than Jon Snow, to be outside at the same time. He’d managed to get a few words in with Ned Stark’s bastard son and he’d even managed to give the young man a piece of advice.

The two had just managed to part ways when he heard the familiar voice of Maya breaking through the silence that had surrounded him like a blanket. Quickly shifting his attention toward her, the corners of his lips curved into a bit of a grin. “I suppose you could say that.” He was enjoying the wine, though he wasn’t sure if he should look forward to Lord Stark riding for King’s Landing or not. In a way he kind of expected that it would happen, though he wasn’t sure when it would happen.

“At least you will get to bring your direwolves with you.”
The Imp

Nov 12th 2022 - 1:54 AM

Perhaps the girl was right about the direwolves being the last of their kind, or perhaps she was wrong and there were a lot more where the she-wolf had come from. Either way, it would be interesting to find out. “She looks extremely soft.” Okay, so maybe that was quite the understatement. Direwolf fur always looked incredibly soft. It was probably softer than most other furs that existed, though he didn’t know if it was true or not. There was no way he was about to risk possibly losing a few fingers or even his hand or entire arm for that matter. No, it was best to play it safe. Besides, he was rather attached to all of his body parts and he didn’t aim on losing any of them any time soon.

Ned Stark could always refuse to go along with his friend, King Robert, however, the chances of that were highly unlikely. The two were practically like brothers because they’d grown up together. Besides, King Robert would always be able to get his way. Since he clearly wanted to name Ned as the Hand of the King, that was exactly what would happen. Maybe it would disappoint a lot of people, particularly Catelyn Stark, but that was the way things worked, especially around there. Sure, Lady Stark had every right to be upset about it. There was no question that she wanted her husband to stay at Winterfell, where he belonged. That way, their daughters would be able to remain in Winterfell and the family would be able to stay together. Families should always stay together, at least that was what he believed.

Oaths mean nothing to those who crave money, fame, and power…

If that wasn’t the truth, he didn’t know what was. It was sad, though. People who swore oaths to certain houses were expected to keep those oaths and stick by them, no matter how bad things ended up getting. They were supposed to stand up and defend the houses that they had sworn their allegiance to, no matter what. They were supposed to fight side by side with their friends in combat and protect those that needed protecting, regardless of what happened. At least, Tyrion had always believed that with every fiber of his very being.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case. The minute money, fame, or power were thrown into the mix, all bets were off and it was every man for himself. Even the women and the children weren’t safe, which didn’t set right with him at all. Of course, there was nothing he could do about it. Hell, there was nothing that anyone could do about it. That was just the way things were and quite possibly always would be, whether anyone liked it or not.

Since there must always be a Stark in Winterfell, Lady Stark was expected to stay behind with the sons, Robb, Bran, and Rickon while the girls, Sansa, Maya, and Arya would travel to King’s Landing with their father, Lord Stark. If he had to be completely honest, even if it was only quietly to himself, he would have to admit that he felt bad for the girls having to travel away from what was quite possibly the only home they’d ever known. Sure, their direwolves Lady, Nymeria, and Shadow would be traveling with them, though that probably wouldn’t make it any easier for any of them.

After a while, he watched as the girl had already started dragging the dead boar back up to the castle. She seemed to have a goal in mind, which was getting the carcass to the castle so the cooks would be able to start preparing the meat in a way that everyone would be able to feast on it. Of course, there was sure to be either beer or wine, which was perfectly fine with the dwarf. Getting drunk tonight sounded like a great plan and he fully intended on following through with it. He’d need all the alcohol he’d be able to get his hands on, especially if he wanted to at least attempt to stay in the same room as his family and the Stark family for more than a few minutes.

Upon hearing the comment slip past her lips, he shrugged lightly with a shoulder before starting to follow after her, already whistling a tune. He might as well go with a good song in his heart, right? Besides, there were no laws against trying to have fun. Once he reached the castle, he immediately headed over to the pitcher of wine and grabbed a goblet, pouring the contents from the pitcher into it. Lifting the goblet to his lips, he took a sip of the dark red liquid and let it linger in his mouth for a few moments before he swallowed it down his throat. It wasn’t quite as good as the wine in the Capitol, but it wasn’t exactly the worst tasting wine that he’d ever tasted.
The Imp

Nov 9th 2022 - 10:57 PM

The soft grin grew a little wider as he nodded lightly at the words that slipped past the female's lips. "It's true. Direwolves such as her are truly marvelous creatures." As far as he was concerned, it was the truth in every sense of the word. Shadow was indeed a fine animal as far as he could tell. Maya seemed to be so innocent, yet so full of adventure it was probably not even funny. Ah, to be young and pretty much carefree. Those were the good ol' days, so with any luck, she'd get to enjoy it while she could. 

While King Robert was no doubtedly trying to plead with Ned Stark to say yes being Hand of the King, Tyrion didn't exactly relish the idea of any of the Starks going to King's Landing. The Capitol wasn't exactly the safest city in the world, especially for dwarves and young children. Even adults weren't entirely safe from the cruelty that commenced within the city limits. He knew that better than anyone, and he hated it. Despite his strong distaste for the city, it was still his rightful home, along with Casterly Rock, though his father would do everything in his power to see to it that Jaime inherited that place instead. 

"I'd say the chances of the King asking Lord Stark to join him are pretty good. The chances of Lord Stark actually saying yes, well, are probably just as good." Taking a deep breath, he slowly let it out as he glanced toward the trees of the forest as well as a few forest paths that seemed to show up from out of nowhere. 

As much as he'd love to enjoy being in Winterfell longer than a few days, he knew all too well that the chances of that happening were pretty much slim to none. Should Ned end up agreeing to the whole thing, the chances of him traveling alone to the Capitol were pretty much zero. All three of the Stark girls would more than likely have to make the trip with their father, along with their beautiful direwolves. 

If he had to guess, Sansa was probably the only one that might really want to go down to King's Landing. Probably because it meant she'd pretty much be betrothed to his oldest nephew, Joffrey, though he couldn't for the life of him understand why anyone would want to marry that spoiled, arrogant brat. Arya and Maya? Well, they probably wouldn't exactly like the idea of going to King's Landing, or having one of them possibly being betrothed to his youngest nephew, Tommen. 

Tommen wasn't anything like his older brother or even his older sister. The boy was sweet, though it seemed as though he could easily be manipulated into doing things he might not normally want to do. Poor boy. With any luck, he'd be able to grow out of that and start being able to make his own decisions with his life. If the dwarf had to be completely honest, even if it was silently and only to himself, he'd have to admit that neither Arya nor Maya seemed like the kind of girl that would willingly marry a man just because it might be expected of them. 

Of course, they were all still just kids, so there was plenty of time for each of them to figure out what they truly wanted out of life. He just hoped, for all of their sakes, that they would end up making the right decisions instead of the wrong ones, though mistakes were bound to be made every once in a while. After all, they were all only human, and humans made mistakes occasionally. 

Maybe the young female did have a pretty good point, though. It really wasn't safe anywhere, even in the North. Sure, the Starks had a lot of allies, but did any of those allies actually want to serve the Stark family? Or were they doing it only because they'd sworn an oath to serve under House Stark for as long as the Stark family was in power? "You might have a pretty good point there." 

After a while, his head tilted slightly as a confused expression washed over his features. The girl wanted him to be quiet? What for? 

Then he heard it. 

It was the rustling of the leaves in a few bushes down by the river, though he wasn't exactly sure what was making the rustling noises. He soon found out, however, when he watched the girl take a few arrows and fire them in that direction. Seconds later, the squealing of a boar filled the air, until it fell silent as it took its last breath when the last arrow had slammed into it. 

"Incredible..." He muttered under his breath as he stared ahead, watching everything unfold before his very eyes. 
The Imp

Nov 9th 2022 - 3:59 PM

It seemed as though the girl was alone in the forest, save for him and, of course, the beautiful direwolf that seemed to always stick by her side. The loyalty of the canines was unprecedented and the bond that often formed between the pups and their humans was legendary. Honestly, it was all truly fascinating as far as Tyrion was concerned. Out of his entire family, it was true that he could very easily be the most trustworthy one. Jaime could be trusted, at least up to a certain point and Cersei… Well, it was entirely possible that she couldn’t be trusted at all.

Especially since she, like their father, blamed him for their mother’s death and despised him because of it.

He hadn’t even been aware of what had happened, due to the fact that he’d still been a newborn baby when it had happened. For years, he’d been told just how horrible of a person he was, all because he’d supposedly killed his own mother upon his birth. Jaime had been the only one who had stood up for him and defended him when no one else would have. Was he truly deformed? Perhaps to most people he was. After all, he was a dwarf and all dwarves were bastards in their father’s eyes, even if they weren’t truly bastards.

There was no doubt in his mind that the direwolf would tear him apart if he appeared threatening in any way, so he was careful to keep calm and not seem threatening. Yes, the direwolf was indeed beautiful. Almost more beautiful than anything he’d ever seen before in his life. Hell, it was even almost more beautiful than the many dragons he’d heard and read so much about while he’d been growing up.

“Such a beautiful direwolf, you are.”

His voice was quiet and gentle as he spoke to the pup.

Shifting his deep blue gaze toward the younger female, the corners of his lips tugged up into a soft grin. He knew all too well that what she said was true. One could never be too careful anywhere, especially down in the Capitol. Slowly moving over to a fallen log, the dwarf managed to take a seat.

“Yes, I suppose that’s true. I also suppose it’s true that one can never be too careful anywhere, for that matter. Especially in King’s Landing.”
The Imp

Nov 8th 2022 - 7:10 PM


It was absolutely nothing like King’s Landing, but it seemed to have a certain kind of mystery to it. After all, it was in the North and that meant it had to be far better there than it was in the Capitol. Tyrion had heard all about it and what he hadn’t heard, he’d made sure to read up on it as often as he’d gotten the opportunity to do so. He’d also heard quite a few tales about the girls in the North and he fully intended on finding out for himself whether or not any of those tales were actually true.

Getting to head up North was truly an exciting experience, especially since he almost never turned down an opportunity for any sort of adventure. Not only would he and the rest of his family be getting to meet Lord Eddard Stark, but they would also be getting to meet his entire family as well. There had also been talks of the Starks having a few direwolves, which was an interesting thing to imagine to be sure, especially since there were supposedly no direwolves south of the Wall.

Upon finally reaching their destination, Tyrion could see that Winterfell could actually be everything he’d heard of and more. Certainly, it wouldn’t be too hard to find some fun and entertainment around the area. King Robert seemed to be having a great time around there, despite the fact that it had taken the entire lot of them a month to reach their destination. Almost immediately, it was obvious that Queen Cersei was completely out of her element, though she remained quiet and calm, the way Queens normally were.

There was only one reason why King Robert Baratheon would even consider riding all the way from King’s Landing to Winterfell: he needed to gain Lord Stark’s help with keeping the Kingdom he’d fought so hard for. Was it because the two of them had practically grown up together so they were like brothers? Or was it because Ned Stark was the only person in the world that the King trusted with his life? Maybe it was both.

Either way, it didn’t really matter much to the dwarf. Almost immediately, he’d managed to find some pleasuring entertainment with Ros, and the fun was only beginning. Jaime had interrupted briefly, informing him that their sister was requesting his company. Shortly afterward, he’d learned that the Starks were throwing a huge feast at sundown for them. That was before three more women had been let into the room to pleasure the youngest Lannister sibling.

Once the entertainment was over and Tyrion had gotten dressed, he’d slipped out of the room he’d been staying in to take a bit of a stroll. The scenery at Winterfell was vastly different from that of King’s Landing, which was something that he found oddly refreshing. He’d even gotten to slap his nephew Joffrey around a few times just to get the boy to pay his respects to Lord and Lady Stark and offer his condolences to them after what had happened to Bran.

While on the stroll, he’d taken a path that led to the forest. Being surrounded by nature and trees was something that simply didn’t happen down in the Capitol and there was no telling when the whole group of them would be heading back to King’s Landing. It was another reason to enjoy the most of it while he could. After a while, he’d started hearing some noises which drew his attention, though he was almost certain that there was nothing to really worry about. Upon reaching the area where the sounds were coming from, he realized that it was one of the Stark girls, Maya, he believed it was, along with her direwolf.

Realizing that she’d possibly become aware of his presence, it didn’t surprise him much. Upon hearing the threat, he held his hands in the air and slowly started walking forward into the clearing.

“Don’t shoot. It’s just me.”

The worst to come

Sep 19th 2022 - 7:31 PM

Reply to Maya Stark
I arose from the collection of rags and haggard materials I called a bed. I sat up after a restless night — eyes burning into the ceiling of the stable where I laid. I often laid among the horses, taking up jobs as a stable keep to earn coin and bread. Beyond these things, however, was the intent to conceal my identity. To become something familiar. Here the privileges of a Manderly are naught. Hiding in plain sight was my best course of action. I have pulled my weight taking care of this stable for sometime. I pulled my weight elsewhere — as a sea fairer and merchant, before reaching Dorne. I earned the trust of the royal family, though my presence among them I make a scarce one. Only when a favor is absolutely necessary. Such as today.

There came a time where the young Prince paraded around as though royalty had meant he was beyond the dirt and grime of the city he served. Of course I would have the benefit of providing information on saving him — being the very one who orchestrated the plan to begin with. The Dornish severely underestimate who are in their midst. Their pride is my ticket — and now I am set to cash in. I readied myself. I would not be returning to these stables again. I arrived to the palace — greeted by guards who curse me in their native tongue. The stench and smell of the stables reeked upon me. It was exactly what I needed to make myself believeable.

I rode in on one of the hoses I had taken care of in my time here. I demanded to see the prince at once, feigning that I had been assaulted by one of the many enemies outside of the palace's walls. They guards thought of it a joke, and drew spears at my neck to ward me off — though luckily the prince spied me himself during the commotion and had them let me pass. We talked breifly. About my travels, about all that I had heard in the streets. He would have me admitted for care. I refused, requiring only a bath which he granted. From there we would meet in the Garden. I was his guest.

I draw myself from the fountain of waters in the chambers assigned to me. I was a new man within the small, trinket mirror I left on a small counter. I breathed in the air of the palace slow and steadily, and dressed myself for the part. Black leathers and silks adorned me now. I was again someone. I advanced back to the company of the Prince. I had come to collect my reward for sparing his life so long ago. Gold. With it I would return to the North. I would build my ships and followings, and then my dream of becoming Red King would commence. As the prince and I walk and talk, I spotted a fair woman — her dark brunette hair stringing on as she appeared enamored with the sword.

My thumb rolled across my index finger. A gesture that occured when I was intrigued or taken aback. She was young, perhaps impressionable. To what reason did she wish to wield a sword? My curiosity got the better or me. The Prince noticed my staring, and from there he offered to introduce me to this girl, and I obliged, as his guest. There is no sword sharper than my words. No sword greater than my pen. I affirmed this. The Prince brought me to her, and I was quick to form conversation — despite the sound of growling I could not quite place. "I too desired to wield a sword when I were your age. My family would have me become a scholar — but alas, fate would rather see me sell goods and clean stables.", I mentioned in modesty. It was important to me to stick to the stories that left my mouth.
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Upon reaching Winterfell Dany was met with nothing but kind greetings, but Daenerys wasn’t a fool. The silver-haired queen knew not everyone that greeted her upon her arrival willingly welcomed her here. There was a hatred hidden beneath the smile Sansa greeted her with, one she’d come all too familiar with, it was the same smile Viserys often gave her before harming her. Dany chose to ignore it for the sake of Jon and claimed what was rightfully hers.

During the tour of Winterfell Dany somehow managed to get separated from Jon and the others, but the Silver-haired Queen wasn’t worried about being harmed. Dany had men everywhere within the walls of Winterfell and all she had to do was scream and they’d come running to her rescue, not to mention she was sure Greyworm was somewhere close by. There was no way Greyworm would ever allow her to wander the halls of a stranger's home alone.

She found her way to the center of Winterfell, the courtyard out of all the places she could have stumbled upon. C*cking her head to the side she clasped her hands in front of her and made her way toward the one she came to know as Maya. A chuckle escaped her lips as soon as the question slipped from Maya’s lips, “Cold.” She replied honestly. 

Dany still wasn’t accustomed to the cold weather of Westeros yet, and part of her wasn’t sure she’d ever grow used to it. In Essos Dany never had to experience a cold winter's night, all she knew was the heat. “In Essos,” She spoke in a soft voice as she moved to stand next to the brunette, “we didn’t have snow or cold weather.” She added as her violet optics moved to look at her.

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A raven has arrived

from the citadel of Starfall!

Dear reader, I hope this raven finds you well. I am Dyanna Dayne, the Lady of Starfall. I am reaching to the corners of Westeros and beyond in hopes to extend an olive branch between our great Houses. The Dayne's of Dorne are a proud House, fierce and strong - and loyal to a fault. This ever changing world has shown us that allies can come from just about anywhere, in the times of most desperate need. And I would not have it said that Starfall hides itself away on it's island and leaves the world to it's own. Perhaps, that is the smartest route. Alas, we were put on this Earth at the same time, so it is my belief we should aide each other where we can. All our lives are dependent on each other, to some extent.

This is a formal invitation to join me at Starfall. Food, drink and hospitality will be provided - if only for a moment of your time. I humbly await your response. .

Dyanna Dayne II, the Lady of Starfall.

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Lara Targaryen

Feb 21st 2021 - 3:49 PM

"I'm going too have too send her a message and let her know to come too fight for us well me.I'll let her know in a letter.Thank you Maya you may leave i'll figure everything out."Lara said knowing she didn't wanna talk about war as Lara sat there and begins to write a note too her sister in black Pen Lara was feeling overwhelemed already and she needed too relax indeed but somethings were certian that she didn't want nothing more than to end the knight king and his armies.
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