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Hi, there! If you’ve stumbled across this blog, you’re looking for our current point system (which is also located on our discord server for easy access, as well!). Currently, our standard is this: 40 points must be achieved every two weeks; 10 of these need to be from writing.

That can look like an extremely daunting number, we know, so below we’ll break down what everything is worth so you can plan ahead or even keep track of your own, if you so wish.

Please also remember that most of this needs to be turned in via your member’s box.

Owes – 10 points each

Owes are considered replies and starters sent on site. These must be three paragraphs or more to count and proof must be sent to us via your box.

Discord banter (1x1) – 2 points per paragraph

These are 1x1 banters on discord in your own servers or the like and you must send proof. Every paragraph will be 2 points unless it is over 3, in which case it will actually count as a full reply and be worth 10 points.

Discord banter (group) – 2 points per paragraph

These are banters that happen in the group chat that we will count for you. Every paragraph will be 2 points unless it is over 3, in which case it will actually count as a full reply and be worth 10 points.

Drabbles – start at 5 points

Drabbles are usually done for some sort of prompt and it is a narrative of your character, usually a memory or even just a day in their life. These will start at 5 points but every additional paragraph after your third will give you an additional point. So for example, if you write 8 paragraphs, you would receive 10 points. You must send these in.

Biweekly tasks – 5 points

Every other week, we’ll post some kind of task that is geared toward character development. We usually give you several options of how you can respond in a bulletin, blog, or tumblr post. These must be sent in for points.

Updated owes list – 2 points

At the end of every week, we’ll check to see if your owes list was updated. As long as you have no overdue owes, you’ll receive 2 points. Since this is required, you should get easy points every week. These don’t need to be turned in unless they are hosted in a discord server.

Cleared owes list – 4 points or # of connections

When you clear your owes list, it means you owe nothing. You can only do this once every week (they need to be 7 days apart) and you will be rewarded by the number of storylines you currently have, with the minimum being 4. These must be turned in.

Connections – 1 point

When you make a new connection, if you want to receive a point, you have to write out a little blurb and send it in to receive that point. It needs to be at least two sentences to count.

In-character status – 1 point per day

Once a day, if you post a status that starts with your social handle, be it an “instagram” or “twitter” post, you will receive a point. If at the end of the week, you’ve posted every day, you’ll receive an extra 3, meaning you can earn up to 10 points for this a week. We will count these several times a week!

Commenting the main page statuses – 1 point each

Every time you comment on a status on the homepage, you will receive a point. We’ll keep track of these!

Character study or headcanon – 3 points each

A character study is something like a quiz you can find online that you fill out and post to a bulletin, your characters likes and dislikes, red flags, etc. You’ll need to send these in via the members box.

A headcanon would be to someone else, typically, and involve something with both your characters (for example, they went to the beach today and were photographed by paparazzi). You’ll need to send these in via the members box.

Sharing the group – 5 points

On another page, post our share banner in a bulletin or repost our status and send a screenshot in for points!

Recruiting a new member – 5 points

One of the questions on our audition form is regarding if anybody recommended you. If someone puts your name down on that line, you will receive points for that!

Sending a nice comment – 4 points each

When we say a “nice comment”, we mean at least a paragraph long comment sent to someone else in the group that is meant to make their day. Tell them how great they are, how happy you are that they are here, etc. When you’ve sent it, take a shot of it in your sent comments and send it into your box!

Picture comments – 2 points each

Comment on people’s defaults and send those in for points!

Drabble comments – 2 points each

Comment on people’s drabbles and send those in for points!

Giving gifts – 3 points each (dependent)

This can be various things – for some, it’ll be as simple as sending someone else an edit. If that is the case, you will receive 3 points per edit sent (if you do 4, you get 12 points). For others, such as editing a layout for another member, you’ll get more, but those will be decided on a case-by-case basis! But remember to send them in to receive points for this.

Special Circumstances

Double Point Writing Day

Every week, we will have a day where all writing will be worth double points. These will be randomized days each week in order to try and give everyone a chance to participate. (This is extremely similar to CJ’s point writing day so all credit for the idea will be given to Aubree Dawson.) You will have to turn these in as normal.

Spirit Weeks

Every month, we’ll attempt to have a spirit week. During these weeks, we’ll have special tasks and other ways to earn more points. During this, defaults will be worth 2 points, photo comments will be worth 4 points, and all tasks will be worth 5 points.

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