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Back to You.

allison argent
these violent delights
She gets back on her feet and looks through the boxes around her for a notepad and something to write with. It is not worth the risk for her to try to keep everything in her brain because there are too many things for her to monitor, too many potential catastrophes to prevent, and too many people who need her assistance. What if she leaves anything important behind? Or is it possible that the longer she remains here, the memories start to slip away?

Allison gives a knowing nod to herself. First, she must record all she can remember on paper, just in case the passage of time causes her memories to become hazy or even completely evaporate. After that, she can work out the remainder of this situation. She begins with the timeline that she has been using for the past few years in her head. If tomorrow is the first day of school, then Laura has already passed away, Peter has already assumed the alpha role, and Scott has already been bitten. Derek is already at Beacon Hills or is very close to being there. Allison is still determining the precise time when he showed up in the city. Lydia continues to behave as though she is an airhead to divert attention. She is currently seeing Jackson, who is still struggling with abandonment issues and behaving offensively. However, that was ingrained in his nature from the beginning. Stiles will likely start piecing together what happened to Scott in the not-too-distant future. And at the same time, as she was writing everything down, the memories were running through her head. Every time Scott says, "I love you," each and every teeny-tiny second. she experienced. She makes a mental note on her list while leaning back in her chair and pressing the palms of her hands into her eyes. She is suffering from a throbbing headache and extreme exhaustion due to all that has happened tonight.

First, Allison comes up with a plan. She feels ragged at the edges, like she's been stretched too thin, weary, and trembling. Her unsteadiness has become even more severe since she passed away...or was taken...or whatever else may have transpired in the previous few weeks. The past few weeks have not precisely been restful in any way. Tonight is not the time to go off half-cocked and attract attention she does not require because hunters, werewolves, and wild alphas are rampaging around Beacon Hills.

On the other hand, Beacon Hills is not the place for her to go off half-cocked. This indicates that she needs to get some weapons as soon as possible. She wants her bow, but wearing it in public would draw too much attention to her. She does not want her parents to ask questions to which she does not have the answers since she does not yet know what she will do regarding the situation with her parents. Her parents are not at a point in their lives where they are able to accept the idea that werewolves do not inherently behave horribly. Even though he is a stickler for the rules, her father does not consider werewolves to be human. She will have to deal with it at some point in the future, but for the time being, she cannot confront the gravity of dealing with that situation.

She is the first one to dress. It was dark, and the pants and jacket were simple to move in. She searches silently among the boxes strewn about her room to locate her hiking boots or tennis shoes. After some time, she looks under her desk and finds a package with a pair of black tennis shoes stuffed inside of it. She reaches for them and puts them on before tiptoeing over to the door.

Allison gets down on her knees to remove the case, and as she does so, she releases the clasps and carefully lets the lid drop to the floor. She gives a little grin, which is more of a twitch of her lip than anything else, and gently runs her hands over her bow. Allison is being cautious with it out of respect for it. She moves to pick it up but pauses as she realizes there is no place for her to conceal it in her current location. Carrying a bow in such a way is far too apparent; it will attract glances, inquiries, and attention that she does not require at best and will identify her as a Hunter to anybody who is knowledgeable about the subject at worst. She pulls her bow out of its case and places it on the ground with extreme caution before opening the second compartment of her case. She stores a few smaller items, such as sharpeners, spare strings, and a little knife set that was a gift from her father in that compartment. Once she had reached a level of comfort with the bow, he gave her them and encouraged her to try them out. The previous version of Allison had disliked them because she thought them to be cumbersome and clumsy compared to the grace she displayed with her bow, but now? Allison takes out two of the knives and juggles them in her palm before putting them back in the sheath. Now, Allison has put her life in danger more than once, has been willing to give her life for her friends, and has gone through the training required to become a Hunter. Although the hours of practice have worn away at the muscle memory, the information has been recovered. Just before she goes, she detours her notebooks to add to her list the task of putting herself through Hunter training.

She needed to reach Scott. Before everything went wrong, only one person could assist her because of the migraines before her memory completely vanished, and she swiped. She was aware of it. It never failed to circle back around to Scott. It was Scott all along. It was always going to come back around to Scott in the end. It was essential for her to communicate with Scott. Irrespective of whether or not they were involved in a romantic relationship. Someone who was thoroughly familiar with her.


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