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Death Wish.

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February 6th, 2023

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Gender: Female

Age: 33
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January 22, 2023


01/22/2023 05:32 PM 

~ Rules ~
Category: Guidelines
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1. Don't steal from me. 
2. Don't cause drama in my circle.
3. Don't ask me for a layout or edits. 
4. Do not ask me for personal information. You can call me "Jinx" or "Kasper" either is fine with me.
5. I don't mind talking out of character but we must be roleplaying first before a friendship can form.
6. I have a life outside of roleplaying and it is a strict schedule so I will not be online 24/7 so do not expect me to be at your becan call all the time. Although that is the case, I will often post on stream when I will be leaving and when I return. 
7. If Audrey is in a relationship, which will be RARE! please LEAVE THEM ALONE!!
8. I am a literate writer. I write in complete sentences as you can see and write with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and in THIRD PERSON format.
9. I am open to pretty much any plot or story you would like. No erotica, I have my own reasons for this other than that is the general site rules that this is NOT an erotic roleplaying site. If you want that, slip yourself into someone else's discord dm's.
10. Be respectful - respect is EARNED - if you respect me, I will respect you. Simple as that. Kindergarden stuff, right?
11, Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
12. Obey and read the rules - when you have finished reading them put a signature down in the comment section below.
13. I have seen all movies of Halloween, Scream, Scream MTV Series, Nightmare On Elm Street, Prom Night, My Bloody Valentine, The Hills Have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Ring, The Ring Two, The Hole, The Killer Mermaid, Enough, etc. I've got a love for horror movies so much that people think I'm evil for watching it. Oh well; to each his own. Anyway, that being said there is a number of things we can do in the roleplay. Just be open-minded and let's have some fun!! I'm in need of a fresh start and this is just the thing I've been looking for!
14. NO MINORS -- I am 33 in real life and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing here since I'm old enough to be someone's old lady on the side of his right arm woman, but I'm still here because I love to write and I love to write horror and ghost stories.
15. Keep an open-mind! Be open to new things and it might surprise you that you did not know before!

That is all for now. Please read these before messaging me!!



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