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11/23/2022 12:53 PM 

prompts & sh*t!

A bunch of starter prompts
(credit: multiple tumblr searches / feel free to share and use with others!)

"I used to come here all the time as a kid. Now I can barely recognise it."
"We shouldn’t eat anything coming out of the ground."
"Don’t you get it? This is our world now."
"I nearly died getting out of that bunker and for what? For this? This sorry excuse for a planet?"
"I know this water looks suspicious, but if we don’t drink it we will dehydrate and die."
"It’s been so long since I’ve seen another person . . "
"There used to be a whole society here. We could build a new one."
"I’ve never seen an animal that looks like that before."
"Water is a luxury. Don’t waste it."
"I wonder what kind of treasure we’ll find out here."
"We shouldn’t ‘rebuild civilisation’. We should let humanity die."
"I don’t want to think about the world we once lived on. It’s gone."
"Hungry people get desperate."
"If you lie to me one more time, I’m gone. You will never see me again."
"If that a**hole thinks he's getting on my boat, after what he did, he’s out of his motherf***ing mind."
"If only you fixed the damn wall then we wouldn’t have gotten into this mess!"
"They’re out there somewhere. I know it’s basically a death wish, but I’m going to search for them."
"I won’t let you sacrifice yourself!"
"Put the gun down."
"If you don’t answer me I’ll blow your brains out where you stand."
"The Dead walk the Earth and you want me to what?"
"If you die, I die."
"I need your help."
"I could kill for a movie right now."


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