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09/21/2022 04:24 PM 

The big break ; Trigger warnings

"I told you, you can't hide from me girl." A large figure stood in the doorway of the rickety cabin. He was in shadow as his deep brown eyes scanned around the room. "No one ever does." he practically cooed those words as he took a step inward. A flash off moonlight cut across his face to revel some of his features. He had a large gash across his cheek that was bleeding, and he had the intensity of a hunter written on his face. He took another step this time his boot snapped a twig that echoed through the entire space. "Here piggy, piggy." he cackled and took another step. His large hands were wrapped around an ax the handle stained in crimson. "You know the longer you hide the worse it's gonna be on you girl." 

The brunette was under the table. There was a chair and a few boxes in front of her, but she had a small view of the room. She placed her hand over her mouth to try and quit down her erratic breathing. Her hair was dry and sticky from caked blood.  Skin dirty and sweaty and her clothes nothing more than a pair of blood stained underwear. She had no shoes and her feet reflected that with their many cuts and scars. Tears were streaming down her face, and her body shook in fear. This was the only chance she had gotten to get away, and she feared what would happen if he caught her. 

Her blue eyes peered out of the small opening, she couldn't see him any longer had he gone? No, she would have heard him leave. She pulled away and tried to rest her head against the wall. She had a moment of rest but it was followed by excruciating pain. She screamed as she reached up to grab at the hands that were pulling her off the ground by her soiled hair. "I told you I would find you." he squealed in delight as he raised her three feet from the ground and threw her to the wall on the other side of the room. "Now what did I tell you about getting away from me?"  He came closer this time he pulled her up by her arm and drug her out of the cabin kicking and screaming. "No one can hear you bitch." he growled the rage in him now showing. 

He kept dragging her in the dirt till he came to a large tree. He chained her wrist to a pair of cuffs that hung from one of the branches. He placed the ax on the ground and then went to work hitting her across the face. Each blow making contact and each blow made a spill of blood. When he had enough he went over to his ax and picked it up with purpose. "I'm done with you." He said as he swung with all his might. The ax made contact with her abdomen cutting her body clean in two. A mess of blood and entrails fell to the ground as he walked away."


The director stood from his chair. "That's a wrap everyone good work." everyone on set began to cheer.  "Cecilia you were great." The director walked over and helped remove her hands from the cuffs. "Thanks." she smiled. "I know that ax is fake but I swear it gets me every time." She looked at an assistant who was handing her a robe which she happily accepted. "Listen Cece, I wanted to talk to you." Frank motioned her to follow him over to his chair. "I think it's time for you to actually be the star of the movie instead of just a victim." He placed a script in her hand. "Howling Moon. It starts shooting in a month and I want you to take the lead." 

Cece looked at the script in her hands and smiled so wide it could have lit of the night sky. "Are..are you serious?" she looked up at Frank who gave her a nod. "No need for a screen test I already know you are the one I want. So what do you say?"

Looking down in her hands once again to look at the script with the name "Howling moon" across it. This was her chance she thought, this was all she had worked for coming true. "Frank." She said looking up. "I'm your girl."


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