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Prompts for Julian II

Prompt: In a hospital

They were both worried. Alister was sick and nothing could be done to make him right. Alissa’s magical concoctions couldn’t heal her poor baby as he cried and clung to Julian. He didn’t even stop crying when Jade tried to make him feel better he only held his arms out to his father. With both parents having lack of sleep Jade gave the wailing toddler up who quietened somewhat when Julian held him trying to soothe his sick child. He was so red in the face it worried her. “We’re taking him to the hospital.” She decided.


“He’s not mortal. They’ll figure it out.” Julian protested. But he looked down at his son’s face, seeing the tired drooping eyes and his heart felt wrenched. Ali let out a little pathetic cry and turned his face into Julian’s sleeve. “Alright. You do the magic on them Willow taught you.” Jade nodded and they gathered Alister’s baby things together. Jade told Violet where they were going. “Is he gonna be ok Mama?” Her daughter asked, touching her baby brother’s head lightly.


“He will be.” Jade said with a confidence she didn’t feel. “I’ll call you here soon. Go to bed.” Both Jade and Julian kissed Violet before they left feeling helpless. Julian drove as Jade buckled them both up. She kept twisting around to ensure Alister was OK. He was still red in his little face, but he was actually sleeping. “I feel so bad.” Jade moaned.


“Don’t. Kids get sick. Even magical ones.”


“Did you?” She asked.


“If I did I don’t remember it. I lived in Hell Jade. You forget that. Did you get sick?”


“A few times, yes. But I went to a school with other children.”


“All magical and they got sick and were just fine.” But still Julian felt her concern. Alister wasn’t growing at the quick speed Violet did which he was thankful for. So they were experiencing growing pains of parenthood. This was one of them. But he didn’t like the red color of his little boy’s face, either. Finally the couple arrived and were admitted by a nurse even if it took ages. Alister had his pulse checked, all the things were done.


“His fever is 100.4.” The doctor said. “It’s typical in children but this should help him.”

He prescribed some over the counter for Alister. “And give him a warm compress, some soothing Vick’s baby rub. It should help.”


Julian glanced over at Jade as if to say “I told you so.” But said nothing. He took the prescription and nodded. “Thank you.” They were dismissed after that.


Back to the car Julian drove them to an all night pharmacy where they picked up the goods for the baby. Once home Jade administered the medicine though a fussy Alister nearly threw it up twice. Finally after the third try he got it down and she rubbed the Vick’s on his chest and redressed him in his sleep wear. Jade lay down on the couch with Alister on her chest, watching him sleep.


Finally the little one drifted off. Carefully as to not wake him she put him to bed. This whole hospital experience had been enough and she was one tired mother. She put Alister in his room and turned on the baby monster, not wanting to move. She heard a noise and turned to see Julian in nothing but rainbow boxers even sans binder. “Come to bed. You have the monitor on and you need sleep.”



Come. To. Bed.” It was an order from the sharpness of his voice. But Jade felt herself fold a bit and nodded. Julian held out a hand and Jade gratefully took it. She allowed herself to be walked to their bedroom and put to bed like she was a child herself. Julian leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead, covering them both up as they got in.


“He’ll be fine. And if he cries we’ll hear him on the monitor. So sleep.” Julian held his arms out to her. Jade snuggled in them, determined to catch a few moments rest. Going to a hospital had not been her idea of fun at all.


Prompt: You're in a hospital isn't this a sign?

Jade was furious. Julian had got himself injured and was laying in a mortal hospital. Her mother couldn’t hide it from her this time and she knew. She had Violet babysit her brother and stormed to the hospital. Her fury was quick and she was sharp with the nurses demanding to see him. Jade lied and said she was his wife, which they accepted. She had a ring already she basically was. But if she said who she was, they wouldn’t let her in. She was shown down a long hallway and finally into Julian’s room.


He lay prone in a bed his arm up on a splint. Jade sucked in a breath seeing the bruises on her husband’s face, around his eyes. His eyes were closed and she felt worry encompass her. “Jules?” Jade whispered as the nurse discreetly shut the door and left them alone. She felt her heart skip a beat anticipating the worst. She prayed to...what, as she was a goddess now but some higher than she was power that her love was OK. He looked so hurt, so small in that bed now.


“Julian?” Jade tried again. She pulled a chair up her anger forgotten at the moment. She wanted him to be OK. She needed him to be OK. They were planning a wedding, they had children together...he couldn’t leave her alone. He couldn’t. She was thinking this as bright sky blue eyes opened and turned to her. “Hey beautiful.” The voice was hoarse.


“You a**hole!” Jade exploded. She forgot her intention to be sweet to him. “Look at you! You’re in a hospital bed, isn’t this a sign?”


“Of...what? This is nothing. I’ve been mangled far worse before I met you baby.”


“Don’t baby me. You know exactly what I’m talking about!” Jade raged on.


Despite his banged up appearance, Julian smiled and then laughed. But it came out strangled. “Don’t make me laugh babe. It hurts. I’m fine.” He told her. “I’ll heal so quick they will wonder what’s going on and I’ll need your help to mind control them.” Julian said.


Jade narrowed her eyes. “You’re an ass!” She was mad at him. It showed in every movement she made. She saw Julian smile.


“Shut up.” Jade snapped.


“I didn’t say anything!” Julian protested. “I was just thinking how hot you look when you get pissed off. Maybe that’s why I provoke you.”


Jade’s response was hitting Julian’s leg, hearing him go “ow” as she did so.



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