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10/29/2020 04:59 PM 

A nightmare comes true
Category: Stories

A nightmare comes true


Rushed steps echoed through the air and broke the silence of the night. Heavy, quick breathing sounds, the pounding and racing of a fear filled heart. Shadows stretched out, got smaller, then bigger again under the light of the street lamps. No other person was out. Temperatures had dropped rapidly over the last thirteen minutes, close to crack the zero mark. The slender figure never looked back, not once checked if the chaser, the monster, was still after them. But that was not the problem. Something was not right. Why would a hunter run away, in fear, from something they had killed all their life? A strong young man who never took a break from this job. Why would he be in such a hurry to get away?

Blonde dyed hair played in a wavy mess all around the smooth features of his feminine face. Onyx, widened hues ripped from one detail of his surroundings to the next, in search for an escape. The coldness sunk deeper, the more his supposed to be victim caught up with his steps. Out of breath from the long run, close to fall in a panic, his energy level lowered, like an old battery, about to give out the last percentage before it would die and shut the system down. Nothing but empty streets, abandoned buildings, and in the far distance the forest in sight. No safe place anywhere around. Where was he supposed to go, in his condition? How much longer could he run without having to face a deadly fight?

Clouds pulled up on the black sky, the moonlight faded, hid behind the thick grey cotton, Noah couldnt go much farther. His legs trembled and he stumbled just as he reached the edge of the threatening appearance the forest gave off. A faint sound slipped through soft parted lips, panting for air and not giving up, the hunter pushed his exhausted body back up, crawled first, then ran again to get behind the rows of trees. Nothing reached him anymore. No sound, no scent, his sight was narrowed down, almost blinded and his head spun. Waves of heat rushed through his whole body, followed by waves of pure coldness. Something within him changed, weakened him. A golden color began to break through the onyx of his hues, just before he fell again, not able to get back up. His lungs burned, throat dry and heart about to explode, just from how it felt. But this monster has not dared to take a step closer, it stopped before the first row of trees, as though there was nothing more dangerous than this forest.........

to be continued?


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