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10/26/2020 11:25 PM 

bronwyn stark

Bronwyn is the eldest Stark daughter, born almost a year after Jon. Though she may not be considered an extraordinary beauty by some, she possesses a natural charm that draws attention. It's not entirely unwelcome attention; she can be quite vain and often craves the validation. She's a social chameleon of sorts, with a warm disposition and is able to get along with most, but tends to come off a bit twee to some. 

When all the Stark children are given direwolves, she chooses the one that seems most timid and apprehensive, naming her Ilva. With her being a wolf and not a domestic dog, Bronwyn sees it fit to let Ilva roam freely and consequently has frequent 'wolf dreams.' At some point, she begins warging so often that she sometimes exhibits feral behavior.


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