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Are you so naive to right and wrong? How could you watch innocence forgone? Does what we've done ever really belong? It wasted me away. I feel so wasted away.

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October 24th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 31
Country: Egypt

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January 11, 2019


10/17/2020 08:49 PM 

Head Canons

Nubia is one of the first and only female guards that was assigned to Ahkmenrah. This was due to the fact that his father, Merenkahre, liked seeing how the two worked together so well and he also trusted Nubia with his son's life. Specially after watching the two of them grow up together.

Nubia doesn't trust anyone right off the bat, specially when they're around Akhmenrah. Though after getting to know them, she'll trust them a bit more.

She is skilled in hand to hand combat, she has often taken down other guards to prove herself worthy. Specially after they claim that guarding the royal family isn't something a female should be allowed to do.

Nubia still has nightmares from the past and she'll wake up scream at night and rush to make sure that Ahkmenrah is okay. There has been a time when Ahkmenrah has actually awaken before Nubia and when she finally awakes to see that Ahkmenrah isn't there, she freaks out and goes off to search for him. Often leaving a trail of destruction in her wake, which Larry has to clean up before the museum opens.

She has a love for the stars and galaxies. Though her sight is now limited due to being inside the museum. Yet, once they museum introduced the planetarium, she goes off and spends a majority of her time in there.

Upon first meeting Roman Sionis, Nubia had tossed him and Victor Zsasz over her shoulder as they were far too close to Ahkmenrah for comfort.

Roman has often come to the museum to try and hire Nubia to come work for him. She denies him every time. Even going as far as tossing him over her shoulder when ever he tries to ask her to work for him.

When ever there is a holiday that the museum celebrates, Nubia often finds herself questioning Larry about why they would celebrate such a thing. This often leads Larry to asking Ahkmenrah to help him out with it, but Ahkmenrah also questions Larry about it as well as the both of them are still trying to get used to the whole modern day era.

Coming into contact with Kahmunrah, Nubia threatens him in their native tongue, often calling him a snake for what he had done. There has also been a time when she has tried to stab him, but was stopped by Larry and a few of the others that Kahmunrah surrounded himself with. Nubia swears to this day that she'll hurt, and possibly kill Kahmunrah for what he had done to not only Ahkmenrah but also to her.

At one point in her early life, Nubia was stung by a scorpion. Lucky for her the venom was extracted in time thanks to Ahkmenrah seeing what had happened. She is now wary of all poisonous animals.
Ahkmenrah finds it amusing to watch Nubia dismantle animatronics when ever the museum holds a Halloween attraction inside of it.

Larry has often brought movies from his house, or goes and rents movies for the exhibits to watch. Half of these movies are children movies, and some are documentaries. Nubia particularly likes the children movies, more so The Emperor's New Groove, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Lion King (Though this was after getting over Mufasa's death).

Nubia does enjoy listening to other's sing, and she does find herself singing a few songs mostly Disney songs. Though she only sings within Ahkmenrah's exhibit.

Larry once brought Nubia a stuff animal. Though at the time she didn't know it was a stuff animal and tore it apart leaving nothing but stuffing every where. After realizing it wasn't alive, Nubia demanded Larry to bring her another one, to which he did, as she had felt guilty for tearing up a gift.

Roman has once snuck Nubia out of the museum to his place. Upon arriving at his home, Nubia started to build a fire as Roman tried to get her to stay and when he realized what she was doing he started to throw a fit. She claimed that none of his things were worth value, besides the Egyptian sheets. Regardless to say, Roman keeps more of an eye on Nubia when ever he has her at his place.

More shall come.. And if you're interested in being in one, then merely banter when ever I put a status up or if you have my discord feel free to banter away on there~!


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