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Remote Future
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Remote Future: Possibilities


Warmth of the rising sun broke through the leaves of the nearby forest, wandered over the crowns of the trees, further towards the glade. Soft light licked over the green grass and flowers, fed nature with everything it needed on a beautiful day like this. A deer, aware of its surroundings, snuck out onto the clearing, approached the small but crystal clear lake, located next to a large castle like building. Not a single cloud moved over the azure sky. Rain would not come anytime soon. A soft warm breeze rustled through the woods, leaves danced beautifully as they fell from the trees, carried away towards the end of their life. Winter would approach, but until then the seconds, minutes, hours, days of the following months ticked away slowly, peaceful.

A sound broke the silence of this morning, faint and only for a mere second. A door of the castle had been opened. A slender silhouette stepped out on silent, bare feet. Robes of silk wrapped around the males frame like water, protected his smooth milky skin like a shield. Golden shimmering eyes gazed over the setting within his sight, came to a halt on the precious deer, drinking water from the lake. Not a move was made, at first glance it seemed like the timid animal could run away. The head lifted, onyx met liquid gold in a gaze that lasted a felt eternity. One minute or two? How much time has truly passed by? It was hard to represent the seconds that flew by, until the young man moved.

Graceful steps carried him down a couple of stairs as though he was flying, light-footed he paced towards the deer that never looked away. It would seem the animal was captured in a daze, a magical spell, unable to run. Though in fact it was another way. A deep story connected both, the male and animal. One no one would be aware of without observing what would happen next. In a slow pace the deer approached, head nuzzled in a featherly affectionate touch against the palm of the males extended hand. By now it was clearly recognisable, trust, loyalty, friendship filled that little touch. A warm-hearted smile brightened up the males face, his body barely moved, crouched down onto eye level with his friend. A voice sweet like honey, full of care spoke "I am finally home, my loyal friend. With your lead I found out who I am, where I come from, what I am. With you by my side I can face every upcoming storm. Thank you, my guiding light."

Arms tenderly laid around the animal in a tender embrace, thoughts of the deer entered the mans mind with ease. "I will always stay by your side, Noah. You can count on me, I will always be there." A bright light swallowed the silhouette of the deer, a second or two passed by. And as it faded again, a young male of the same age laid within Noahs arms, whispering "I've been your guardian since your birth, and will fulfill my duty until the end. I will protect you, give you strength and guide you through this new life. You, Noah, the prince, have returned home to take the throne, to reunite the fairy folks of light and darkness. To lead this kingdom back to its past glory. Today, together we take the first steps to protect our kind."



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